Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 8, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 18
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1955 SEVENTEEN Chuck Roast Most Popular Beef Item In Food Stores' By The Associated Press Shopper's will find attractive buys in beef, pork and chickens this weekend. Chuck roast will be the most popular beef item, but'some markets also will feature round roast. In a few areas, steaks and prime ribs will be higher than a week ago. Pork remains the outstanding meat buy and you'll find loins and chops widely featured. One large chain is cutting pork chop prices by four to six cents a pound and more from a week ago. Also in the pork line there'll be specials in scattered cities on smoked picnics, smoked hams," fresh port shoulder and sliced bacon. Frying chickens will be a popular weekend feature, with some stores trimming prices by four cents a pound. Legs of lamb will cost about the same as a week ago. There will be a few specials on lamb chops. Food markets seldom feature veal, but this weekend will find sale prices here and there on rumps of veal, legs of veal and veal chops. Egg prices will be down in most places this weekend. Stores are planning reductions of-two cents or! more a dozen. Butter prices will be about the same as. a week ago. The U.S. Department of Agriculture picks sweet, potatoes as a feature for this week. Production is! 19 per cent larger than last year.j so there are generous supplies for! holiday and everyday meals. From the produce markets comes word that potatoes, onions, turnips, radishes and greens are the outstanding, buys in vegetables this week. On the list of good buys are spinach, old and new crop cabbage, beans, peppers, escarole, endive, reasonably priced and shoppers romaine and iceberg lettuce, sweet potatoes and Western pascal celery. Crisp Apples Abundant Bunched carrots are high while topped carrots arc considered moderately priced. Also labelled moderately priced are cucumbers, parsley, broccoli and squash. Corn supplies are small. Crisp apples are abundant and will find good value in avocadoes and grapes. ' Citrus buys include oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and limes.' Cranberries are selling for about; the same as last week. On the other hand, strawberries and raspberries are'much higher. Corn-Cheese Pie Recipe . This is a good main dish for lunch or supper—it's faintly reminiscent of the French quiches Lorraine. Make a 9-inch pastry shell with pastry mix, adding M> cup grated Permesan cheese. Bake according to package directions. When shell is cool, cover the bottom of it with cooked, crumbled bacon. Beat three eggs and combine with one can of cream- style corn. Season with salt and pepper and V- teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. Sprinkle top generously with grated Parmesan cheese. ' • Place in a 350 oven and bake for twenty minutes. The corn mixture will take on a custardy texture. Serve with a green salad. Louis Dressing Uses Slieny The subtle magic of wine trans-; forms this Louis dressing into a real treat. Easy to make, too. Simply blend % cup chili sauce with a cup of mayonnaise. Add a quart-cup of Sherry wine and season with ' Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and lemon juice to taste..Chill and serve over lobster, crab • or shrimp salad. You'll enjoy it, too, over wedges of crisp lettuce. BENNETT'S SEL « F S ICE ROUTE 40 LA VALE . DELIVERY CALL PA 4-4313 Open 'fil 9 P. M. Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Friday Until 6 P.M. Wednesday and Saturday Kirkman c °™\*™" SOAP 5 25c Lifebuoy SOAP Mrs, Filbert's MARGARINE Golden Pound Keebler's Cinnamon Crisp Crackers box 35c Sausage lb 49c Our Own Home Made Wise POTATO CHIPS 1 JERZEE mi I/ EVAPORATED IfllLIV ARGO SWEET 2 Cfln , 27c Dromedary Fruits & Peels 8-01. jar 31 c i Red Kidney Beans 2«"" 23c A Full Line of Christmas Cards- WRAPPINGS - TOYS NUTS and CANDIES Busy days ahead! Phone UK your order . -. » we'll deliver it fret of charge on $3. Top quality food you can rtly on ... lower priced every day. LARGE SIZE DIAMOND ENGLISH WALNUTS 55c BRAZIL or NO. 1 MIXED NUTS lb: 49c Nesfle't Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bits 2 - 6-oz. pkgs. 43c DEL MONTI Dromedary Dixi» Dromedary Candied SEEDUSS FruitCake FRUITS & RAISINS MIX PEELS Packed in the pan 2 15-ai. f)Qft you bakt pkgi. IN GUI OAltT CASI Isbury Cinnamon Fresh Produce pkg. NO. 1 GRADE DRY NAVY or Great Northern Beans 2 ;3U Cypress Gardens Grapefruit Sections 2 --, 31c CARNATION INSTANT •: Dry Milk ••••• 3 *'• »'" 29c FANCY OCEAN SPRAY CAPE COD Cranberries 2 Ji 45c Pearl Hominy l l /i «•• *"«•• 25c FRESH, SOLID, FORT PITT, SLICING P1USBURY Tomatoes 3- <-27c 2,,,29c N.B.C. Premium Crackers »>• 25c CRISP GREEN CALIFORNIA PASCAL 25c Qe|@ry 24-1 ................. bunch CHRISTMAS WRAPPED— KING EDWARD or BLUE RIBBON «,. , ft co U. S. NO. 1 STAYMAN WINESAP, ALL PURPOSE Cigars box of M $2.59 -EIV.r.o Junior,, box of 25 - S1.69 ' ••' ..... ^ plollit b ° a Juicy Florida White Seedlesi 64s and 70'i f G'pefruif 3 - 25c Large Fancy Golden Ripe Bananas 2 b 29c Extra lean, Skinlen, Shanklc»i Small Freth Pork Hams r.™-;:;; «-63c No Woste, No Pa*, Try a half baked for Sunday Dinner— Rich, Flavorful, Premium Grade Brisket or Plate Boil Beef 2 43c Stokeiy's Honor Brand ) 2 pkgs. j 41c Frozen Foods "The Finest — Always" —Value Priced—Fine for Soup or Slow Swift's Premium or Armour Star Branded Slecr Sirloin Steak Waste Free Cuts Ib. —Cut lo any thickness you wish—-So-o-o good!-— Swift Premium or Armour Star Bonele&s_Rolled_ Branded Steer Aged Rib Roast All Sim Culs. WosH Free Trim " 69C TenH«r Delicious Club Steaks •b. 75er" , Wonderful for Chriitmot Gifti—Swift'i^Premiurn,- Hams 12 to 15 lb ii "- whol « -•••• lb - 49c PHONE Smoll Leon Woit« Free •' HtC DCLIVIKY Prime Rib Beef Roast Whole Rib 25 to 50 lb. iiw Cut ond Freezer Wrapped Green Peas Mixed Vegetables Chopped Broccoli Su «° ta ' h ) 2 pkgs. Wax Beani ( Green Beant , *... Donald Duck Frr*h Frozen Orange Juice 2 Dow'nyfloV* 1 -Mtnule Waffles-.J^f TOO»I -Em 2 p^s*. 35c Swoion's Individual Ready-to-flaks 3ecf r Chicken, Turkey 2 f° r 59C 33c Pork Loin Roast 'S' lb 29c LoinCo, ................... . ........ lb.39c Whole loini— Cut and Fr«.i«r Wrapp.d, Ib. «c Freshly Sliced, Wafer Thin Soil Free Dried Beef '2 49c — Fine Cr»amed er In Sondwichel— PA 2-5960 ONII.MOKMOftt Thrifty Casserole Of Lima Beans With cooler weather here, appe titcs perk up and ask for more hearty eating. "Thrifty Lima Sup per" is an easy-to-make supper dish that brings out all.the goodness of large dry limas. These butter-tender meaty beans give unsurpassed flavor to this budget-minded casserole. Thrifty Lima .Supper V& cups large dry limas 1 quart water 1& teaspoons salt 3 tablespoons bacon drippings 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup canned tomatoes Vz cup tomato catsup Top of bay leaf, broken V& teaspoon dried sweet basil i< cup brown sugar (packed) 1 can spiced pork luncheon meat Boil limas in 1 quart water • 2 minutes. Let soak 1 hour. Cover and boil gently till tender 1 to U'z * hours. Heat drippings; add onion and cook until soft. Stir in tomatoes, catsup, l cup liquid from beans, bay leaf, crumbled sweet basil, sugar and additional salt to taste. Slice luncheon meat, then cut in halves. Put half of limas in casserole, top with half the meat and half the sauce. Repeat layers. Bake- in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) 45 minutes. Serves four to five. Plentiful Foods Listed By USDA WASHINGTON - (INS) - Pork, beef, and grapefruit take top places on the Agriculture Department's plentiful foods list for January. Tangerines, winter pears, and potatoes are also listed as items which should be good bargains for the thrifty housewife next month. Late-crop potatoes, good for baking, mashing and boiling, will be plentiful from now until spring. Still other items in plentiful supply in January will be milk' and other dairy products, poultry and eggs, and canned tuna. Popovcrs Stuffed With Salmon Piping hot popovcrs, brimming with creamed salmon or tuna, make a delightful change for din ncrtimc appetites. They're easy to make, and easy on the budget, loo. Salmon Stuffed 1'opbvm 1 package popover mix 9 ncrcfc - ^we* 5 IVi cups milk 2 cans coidensed mushroom soup *2 cup milk 1 tablespoon each lemon juice and grated onion 2 cans (7% ounces each) salmon*, drained and flaked 1 can (I cup) peas, drained Empty contents of package into bowl; blend in eggs and Hi cups milk. Beat with beater until smooth, Half fill very well greased, unheatcd muffin pans, or custard cups. Bake in hot oven (400 degrees) about 40 minutes. Blend sftup, ',!• cup milk, lemon juice and onion; heat thoroughly. Fold in salmon and peas; heat well. Cut tops from popovers; fill with salmon mixture; replace tops. Spoon extra salmon sauce over filled popovers. Garnish with chopped parsley. Serves 6-8. 'Substitute 2 cans (7 ounces each) tuna fish if desired. Diced ham may also be used. Breakfast fruit: top grapefruit sections with a cooked prune. -^•A V V .. , . V •s^^ij^^j^^j^j^ftfiKr^^K^fiKra^^^^ FREE! CANDY DISH WITH EACH PKG. 12-OX. JUNKET FONDANT MIX FOR MAKING FINE CANDIES CHASE & SANBORN INSTANT COFFEE 2 Z 41C jar KING'S SYRUP 5-lb. Can 2' -Ib. Can 61c 33c McCORMlCK'S TEA BAGS 64 b ::: 59c FREE! Coloring Book WITH EACH JAR OF SWIFTS .. , WIZARD OF OZ ' I ' OZ ' Jar PEANUT BUTTER . . . MANISCHEWITZ GRAPE or BLACKBERRY 1/5 $f -if WINE...Gal. I.ID CHRISTMAS TURKEY DIAL PA 2-6900 ORDER THE EXACT SIZE OF BIRD YOU NEED! IT WILL BE READY FOR YOU . . . RIGHT FOR THE OVEN ! BIG 2 1 2 Ib. CAN CHEF BOY-AR-DEE RAVIOLI Serves 5 47c Santa comes but once a year . . . BUT, YOU RECEIVE GIFTS THROUGHOUT THFTEAR VWTH . . . ALBERT'S ... S&H Green Stamps You save as you spend! S&H Green Stamps redeemable for nationally famous items! Free Premium Catalog I DURKEE'S SHORTENING 73C FLAKO PIE CRUST 2 „,„ 29c pkgs. 1 SWANS DOWN CAKE MIXES 2 pkg s49c WHITE - YELLOW DEVILS FOOD PRODUCE VALUES U. S. No. 1 N.Y. POTATOES 15 lb. JQ Peck **«Jl» Golden Ripe BANANAS 3 h ,35c Tender Pascal Celery *»* 23c Seedless Grapefruit 3 25c Large Florida Oranges 43c Baer Brand Tomatoes c °* 23c Large Tangerines •>»• 33c ATTENTION! CHURCHES, SCHOOLS & CLUBS SPECIAL PRICES ON CHRISTMAS CANDY FRUITS & NUTS - NEW CROP NUTS NO. 1 DIAMOND Ptu. i uiMmunu m ji |i mm t* Walnuts ... 1 C 53C MixeTNuls. 1' b 6 "g° 47c BLACK WALNUT . ,, Kernels ... 1 Wholesome Christmas Candies! LUDEN'S ASSORTED CHOCOLATES S'2.49 2 1 / 2 MADISON HARD MIXED CANDY 29c LUDEN'S CHOCOLATE DROPS 22: FRENCH CREAM AND JELLIES DIXIE MIX '»29c 100% FILLED BRILLIANT MIX 33c OLD ENGLISH ASSORTED TOFFEE 11 BRACK'S ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 3 lb pkg. -TQ -13 KEEBLER'S TOWN HOUSE CRACKERS 31c Quick, When In o Hurry Chef Boy-Ar-Dce SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS 2 ,„ Stokeiy's Finest FROZEN FOODS STATLER FACIAL TISSUES 0 Boxes JC fc of 400 tvl* SIMONIZ FOR FLOORS OT. CAN PT. CAN DELICIOUS SWIFT'S SELECT UCLH_IUUi iWIM i itLtLI • ^^H ••• ROUND STEAK lb.75 c HOME DRESSED f^ fr^ \[ m \M£ 3 *- 95ft Frying Chickens 43c lb Tender Cubed Steaks 69c PORK ROAST RIB END LOIN END Select Club Steaks 73c f W: Our Own Sausage < b 43c Delicious Veal Patties «> 59o \ FRENCH FRIES DICED POTATOES POTATO PATTIES SPINACH, leal or chopped CHOPPED BROCCOLI O FOR MIXED VEGETABLES * PEAS <H A\ f. PEAS & CARROTS -»*«• ROiEPORT PICS E roR BEEF, CHICKEN. TURKEY ** APPLE or CHERRY MIX r £M UP 27c - 33c - to 3 Ib. AVERAGE PAiriMC FAOtmB FOR 350 CAW

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