Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 6, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, August 6, 1965
Page 6
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six IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, AUGUST 6, 1965. Medicare and Social Security: 4 Here Is How to Apply tor Cosh Benefits Under Social Security By JOHN TROAN NEA Special Writer Three types of monthly Pay-j^Pf,! 15 merits arc available under Social Security: showinr- your ngo wlien married; a cliiH'*' birlli certificate which show your age; a a military dis- cliarg'i paper; an immigration 1 pastor, with Techny Fath Masses. 7:30 and 9:30. MASS St. Paul's Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. A. A. Lepisto, pastor. : English Holy Communion. 10. PAVNESVILLE i Apostolic Lutheran. Worship ; services. 10:30 and 2, with the I Rev. Usko Petaisto in charge. . -lur Savior's Lutheran (LCA). are categorically or naturalization record: a pass- The Rev. John Linna, pastor. porf a vaccination record: an; Morning worship, 8: Sunday ^.. . _,:...„ .; ri «,i • Rnhnnl O-'in Retirement benefits. Sur v i vors' benefits. Disability bene- \ old insi'rance policy: a certified ; tits. : union vocord: an employment To draw any of them. you , record showing your ago: a ers 1MSI/ Officials, Democratic Party Leaders Deny Charges By AL SANDNER ; resents more a practice of meci- Associatert Press Writer ! ciling in administrative affairs BAST LANSING lAPi —Mich- than it does partisan politics. U?an State University officials i M erriman said that Huff earli- and state democratic leaders er sugg ested closed board meet- "BJf; I Ings without administartors atic rarty i p reseilt "because we would toe is trying to take over state col-; able to ta]k more freely." Mer- legcs and universities — starting r j man sa jd he attended several IMIESQUE ISLE BcUlP , Lutheran (MissiouriK . must apply at a Social Security record from a foreign church or ; Tlie Rev Clifford Brege, pastor. District office. For the nearest office, inquire at your post office or check under "Social Security Administration" in your phone directory. You must be at least 62 years old to get a retirement benefit. But you can never draw government; or a license, per-! Worsnip service, 11. mil or voting record showi n g your age. Generally, the older the clocu- with MSU. MSU President John Hannah, generally regarded as a Repub- of the meetings. Huff denied that any were held. ment the better. And if you j George A. Luc i a n i, pastor. don't have any other satisfac- i Morning worship. 10:30. tory evidence of age. you may; st . Mary's ask the U. P Census Bureau to lican; Zolton Ferency, who] "The only closed meeting ! heads the Democratic State Cen-; without Hannah present was the tral Committee, and Warren. O ne in January In which the Paul 1 * Mrthntlisi The Rev i Hu[f - Democratic chairman of.; chairman was elected — and Pauls Methodist, me Kev. Mgu Board of Trust ees, cle-j that's standard procedure." ROCKLAND Roman Catholic. LaCosse, pas- nied reports of a "power struggle." The Slate News, MSU student Huff said. "There have been no Proxmire said: Proxmire Urges Lakes' Ice Study WASHINGTON (APt — The House Public Works Committee has been urged by Sen. William Proxmire, D-Wls.. to approve a study of how to keep the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway Ice - free during the winter. He said a Senate - passed bill, of which he is the author could lead to year-'round shipping on the Great Lakes ports thereby reducing unemployment and cutting transportation costs. In a letter to the committee, The Doctor Says executive sessions." less you wait until you are at|lee: $•>. least 65 to start collecting it When you apply for your retirement benefit you should take 10:30; weekday Masses, If yen- qualify for retirement j Holy ' Day Masses, 7:30 a.m. and;C |a .v edition. _ :nei'it-F. your wife also may be| 7 . 3 Q D .m.: confessions Saturday,! Frank Mernman , ,, t ._.__•!__ _i __ t : . _ „ i l .„ ,. ,,( ' ' ° " ' *T i 1 1 n n "D ar\t t\-\Hf*OtA monthly board meeting but that "In this age of science and i progress, when the United States sends satellites into space and launches probes to distant planets, it is unthinkable that a thin sheet of ice should continue By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. '(? — A recent magazine arti- le said thai simian lotions cause skin cancer. Is this true? A — You may be misquoting the article. Excessive exposure of the skin to the sun is a factor in some skin cancers. The Food and Drug Administration does not permit the sale of any cosmetics that could even remotely favor cancer o f the skin or any other organ. Q __ What is fflonal hysteri- ca? What treatment is recommended? A — Globus hystericus is a feeling that there is a lump in the throat that is severe enough to make swallowing difficult. Thre is no lump or tumor but a severe spasm of the muscles in the throat instead. It is caused by an emotional upset. The most effective treatment woulc eligible—provided she is at least. 7 , 0 g p m to stand in the way of yea,publican member of "There was no meeting, HUlf .. n , shlp pj n g O f the Great few clays and f )f trustees, charged, insisted. "President Hannah and ™ and the St. Lawrence of life, more pressure on two board members came to my j Seawav •• : Q _ Last • annah by Democrat- room for coffee and social under the Proxmire bill, the j cleared up a e be to use a tranquiUzer for few clays and find a calmer wa.\ illy disappear if the dosage is reduced. ) — I am a 6'-y e a r - o I d housewife. My doctor says 1 have a cavernous lymphanglo- ma. He says I can live with It f It doesn't get any worse. What do you think? A — A lymphangionia is * vessel tumor. It is not malignant. Such tumors usually consist of a group of cysts and so might be called cavernous. If the tumor does not cause any pain or discomfort due to pressure on vital organs no treatment is necessary. If it t» troublesome it can be r e moved. Q What is erythroblastlc leukemia? Is there any treatment for it? A — This is a rare form of leukemia in which large num- Decker-: ville, a Republican member of along: i 62. In such case, she must prove " '" " Me board of Your Social Security card, or I her a c ze and her relations to you SA\O> "There is some record on which your So-i <a marriage certificate will dot.! Lutheran iMissourii. The Rev. j president Hannah cial Security number ap'pears. ! She also should produce hen R. W. Heikkinen. pastor. Wor- \ \ c members through their chair- talk. i de-icing study would cost about | responded Your income-tax "withholding! own Social Security card. if ship service. 1:30. ; man on administration policies: There was no pressure to hiie| $75 _ 000 and take two years to biotlcs. Will continuous statement" 'Form W-21 for the i she has one. so the sovermnent ! Saxon-Gurney Conumimly. The; than at any other time since I Murray, assistant to former i complete. I cause any side effects' 1 ... . „„„,»,„-«„, in ! ( .^ ]ie oi)t whether she '• Rev . Nathan L. Daynard. mln- ! first became a member in I960." Democratic Gov. G. Mennen A — L c v o p r o p o x ypheiu- Could this cause numbness I n previous year. last Some proof of your age. The best proof of age. is (Or if you are jean ticuire out whether she' Rev . Nathan L. Daynard. mln- first became a memoer in iimu. Democratic Gov. G Mennen self-employed, a copy of your (qualifies for a higher benefit on lister. Summer schedule: Worship Gov. George Romney decided Williams, former piimic ieja- income-tax return). I the basif of her own work roc- ' service, 10:30. to stay out of the altercation, tions director for state uemo- lord or yours. , . u , GOP State Chairman Elly Pe- crats and i a! Even'if she's under 62. your' SHJNAU terson said she was "shocked" Department. Methodist. The Rev. Jam e s; bv the sU)rv ger, chairman of the journalism hers of immature red blood cells are found In the blood. It is highly malignant. Although winter N o v r u cl| several drugs have been found cough that had not | to have a delaying action on leu- to numerous anti-i kemin there is as yet no cure. <{ I'm in my early fifties, MY doctor says i have anemia. use birth certificate, or a baptismal certificate issued shortly after birth. If you don't have either, you may some other document to establish your age. Such as a certified hospital birth record; & signed statement from the nidwife or doctor who attended Vour birth: a marriage record said Frank Sen- wife may draw a retirement WUC 111 it y v.iL(lvy <i i^iiiv.. iii v- lit r* u, 1 i • v i*^.- ow * .> • »_• • benefit provided you have in j Billiard, pastor. Sunday School. The new spaper story was department your care 'a child who is under | 10:30: worship service. 6. based on a , ieeti , ng of Acuity ; ^ ••When he^ nmshed his work on iNovracli in the prescribed dosage will not cause side effects in most persons. In a few, however, it may cause a skin rash, nausea, nervous tension, clrow- ', siness or dizziness. These usu- my arms and legs and tongue or is this due to something .\ — N vi in h n c s s with or without tingling in the tongue 18 or is- incapable of self-sup-; port flue to a disability incurred | before age 18. In such event, the : , child also would be eligible for; monthly benefits. So proof of the i child'*"age «or disability'' would 1 be required. TOPAZ iv , l( ,^ members called last June by i his master's degree. I suggested Pnnr. i utherin f Mis-"' Ferency. The meeting dealt with { that he think of going into teach- ThP Re! Divld Musall the hiring of former Democratic Ing. When a position opened, I . The Rev. uauci iviubcui, ...-,„,, „— T ,,i,,, **,,,- • «fin.-oH him nh. hut. we Donald K. Slayton is scheduled —in absentia—to receive an honorary Doctor of Engineering ™5ndB e Y*h£? ^^'^^^^^^^mM^oU^ him the . job. but we %*™'™™< SS i" noon vay by the department of jour- couldn't match his salary re-1 August 25. beiMi-i., '- iiuwu. ,,,,,: 0 ,^ ,,,,ri MIO "ciparincr nf itn- nuirements." he said. biayion, \snu TROUT CREEK na iism, and the "clearing of im- qmrements,' he said. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Here's a check list of important documents you should hav« on hand for Social Security purposes: Q Husband's Social Security cord (or a record showing his Social Security number). Q Wife's Social Security card (or a record showing her number). Q Proof of husband's age. D Proof of wife's age. D Your marriage certificate. Q Copy of your latest income-tav "withholding statement" (Form W-2). Or, if you are self-employed, copy of your last income-tox return. D Birth certificate of each child for whom a benefit is sought. n Certified copy of adoption order (if child is adopted). [j Death certificate of worker who dies. Q Receipted funeral bill if somebody other than widow or widower claims lump-sum death benefit. D Divorce papers (where applicable). Also, if you should become so disabled that you can't work, it is a good idea to keep a list of doctors who have treated you as well as hospitals, clinics and other institutions where you hav* been treated. Assembly of Cod. The Rev.' items with top Democratic lead- Fred Seibert '°f the ! Roger Dissmore. pastor. Sunday ! crs in Michigan." the story said. , cation arts department) that he [School. 10: morning worship. 11 : + * * jwas no longer going to *»*"* ' evening evangelistic service.; The neW8paper also said there ! Journalism law and go venjmjjnt , ™ w resure on administrative a "d that I had to nd someone and extremities is a common 1 symplon of pernicious anemia. To Get Pay Raises 1Mliasc s ,. iu r~y our questions . . , CHICAGO iAPi - Mayor i ami comments to Wayne <J. but we degree from Michigan Tech on Richa rd J. Daley says Chicago's: Branristadt. i>l.n., in care of 14,000 policemen and firemen this paper. While Ur. Brand- W3 ^,«l. ll C i™. i wil1 B el P fl y raises next year.jstacJl cannot answer individual ""•""" letters he will answer letters of general interest in future poUnboarof useea^Ma* ••TlerTl Wa s told by dean; to deliver the commencement He Yays the money likely will yuildlll, iJUcttu ui «BtiiM<* . nririrpss In thp Slimmpr class Of r „ „,.!,„* :„! 1 nrn fo " a come from a substantial I960 j property tax boost. columns. n ^ avch , to Munay, ^ " and ; Gordon Conracl While Qf astronauls , Cooper and Charles! the graduating class S7:30. '; was pressure on administrative! ; Presbyterian. The Rev. Arthur; officials to get Ferency named : | DeVries*. minister. Sunday|t 0 the political science faculty, ; School, 9: worship service, 10.; Hannah, often mentioned as a, Trinity Lutheran (LCA). The| possible GOP senatorial candi-.Post. «*»|"*»• «»«^--anTof! nears the adclress P^pared byj Rev. John Linna. pastor. Wor- date in 1966. denied any parti-;«° Neville .°* n ^ ™" *"* °*,Slayton and later confers the; ship service, 9:30; Sunday: san political pressures. , the money foi Mmray s salary, ^ ^ astronaut will be at It has been my long-held'had _been taken fiom a special Manned Space craft Center i xv \ivoi A conviction that universities, contingency fund administered j- n Houston Tex as assistant " A - ' --- --'by the provosts; office. I director of flight crew operations. Murray's salary reportedly 1 was set at $13,500 a year— ' violated now " Hannah said i highest-paid assistant professor WINCHESTER ; ™^ ™J^ Hanna^sai^ ^ ^ ^ depart <. 9:30; 'School 10-45 bcnooi.uj.ia. conviction . Lutheran .cA, The R.v. A. ' uld «ot : A.I^pisto. pastor. Enghshwor- ll :30. tl,e , St. William's Catholic BI Is- j nated by one party or tne ot]ier sion. The Rev. W. A. Torkild; son pastor. Masses 9:45 and 11. t Confessions before Mass. in on Alma College Appoints Information Director ALMA (API — Gordon G. Senger declined to comment it was never run! on Murray's salary. He said basis And/'there often is a range of several I Beld, 38, former staff member board; thousands of dollars in one rank! of the Grand Rapids Herald and A. ; ship, 8:30 a.m. Ibers, Merriman said, often rep- Information College. Alma BEEF LIVER ±; 39 2 b 1 !• can I HILLS BROS. COFFEE Regular or Drip 49 See MORE FOOTBALL This Fall on CABLE TV 5 Big Undistorted Channels ... No Antenna Problems! Wbere a wife draws a retirement benefit on her own, her husband also may qualify —provided- he Is at least 62 and can prove he depends on her for at least half of his financial support. You may apply for retirement benefits three months be f o r e reaching retirement age (to avoid delay of payments) or any time thereafter. But retirement checks can't be dated back more than 12 months. In case of death, the widow may draw survivors'benefits provided she is at least 60—or has In her care at least one child who is under 18 or was dsiabled before age 18. To claim survivors' benefits, a widow must submit her h u s band's deatn certificate, his Social Security number, her marriage certificate, and proof uf her age. Also, birth certificates of any children eligible to draw school (including vocational! school). Surviviors' benefits also may j ,i:oo-.Mvin show be drawn by the parent or widower of a deceased worker provided the individual is at least 62 and depended on the work-1 er for at least 50 per cent of; financial support. In event of death, a lump-sum benefit also is payable. This goes to the widow or widower —who must present a death certificate to claim it. If no spouse survives, the lump-sum death 1 . benefit may be claimed by the! person who paid the burial ex-j penses. In such instance, a re- 1 , ceipted funeral bill as well as a! death certificate is required. ! To draw disability benefits, \ KDAL Channel 3 SATfllDAY. At-T.l'ST i 7;00-Mi. Mayor vs. Phillies 4:l)0-"No Siicl Song Fur Me" 8:.'iO-Tuxcdo 0:00-Quick Draw 3*.oO-Mity Mouse !Q:OQ-LuiU5 thr Island Lionhcartcd R:00-Sccret Agent MrOO-Gunsmokr lu:OU-News, 3port» ! Il::i(l-Flick;i IO:ln-Kin K ' Family r_'!OI)-Ban(is.-tand 11: lS-"Oclcls Against 1 :UU-Vv'aslltnMUin Tomorrow" Sl'.NDAV, Aflll'ST 8 9:00-Unto My Feet 4::ill-Amate 1 ur H', . 5:011-20111 Century S::iO-Worltl War 1 S:'.'0-Mnvtian TiOO-Ecl Sullivan U:0l)-Thc Fugitive 9:i)D-Cand:i Camera »::iO-My Line? 10:OO.Neivs. Sport* ;n:15-Vtewpotn' S 1 1 ::iU-"SeiTtt of Convict Lake" CKPR Channel 4 CHANNEL 4 9.-:;o-Look Up, Li 10:t)0-Cnmcra 3 Million 12:Of].Holi<lii.v COMPUTE, DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SERVICE MUNARI AGENCY Seaman Bldg. Ironwood Ph. 932-2121 SATfRBAT. Al'Gl'ST ~. rOO-World of 7:Ofl-Aiinouncrd Sports 9:15-Hillbillics :5-l.VFilm 9:45-Man & Car 4-00-Forest KaagcrslO!00-CBC News 4;30-Kids HUH*. 10:10-Laicehead R:UO-Bvigs Bunr.y News 5-30-Spcctrum J 10:20-Hitchcock fi-00-Great War 11:2S-"Wlntl Across 6:30-AH Star Thtr Everglades" ::(i-St'ii ti-V.olts Hunt Intel I G.iine the worker must establish total disability which is expected last at least 12 months or to result in death If you're unable to MOMIAV TllltlJ MUUAV ^ T-AfvFive MinvilcB I :;;0-!lo«se Partj to 7:SU-l'..i-in &: l-'oi!ie3:l)U-Tcll Truth such payments. Incidentally, an unmarr i e d child aged 18 through 21 who is still in school may now qualify for retirement or survivors' benefits but the mother doesn't. Again, evidence of the child's age is needed—as well as proof the child is a full-time student In a college or other bona fide Church Services IRONWOOD Little Girl's Point, Lmmanuel Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. R. W. Heikkinen, pastor. Communion service, 10:45. St. John's Lutheran (LCA), Airport Road, Nortfc Ironwood. The Rev. Oliver A. Hallb en?, pastor. English family worship apply at a Social Security ol-| rice, the agency will send somc-j t , ^.^^ „, _ one to take your application per- ii:25-cB.s NCW sonally. If you qualify, disability bene-i fits would be payable also ^oi'^so your wife if she is at least 02 or is caring for a child under 18 or one disabled before 18. J-OO-J.Tck Lal.anne 2:;;')-t>lge 01 Night . 9::;l)-l Lo\e Lucy MrdO-Kecret Storm tirillith:J::ii)-Triiilmastcr .McCoys.*: Oil-Trail maFier of LIU 4::«)-Thrro The Action I* i\-.30 Search 6;(K)-News tlf4S-G'uidiiiK Light 8:JO-Sporls. t2:f)n.Town,'roiintry 0:l"i-CBS Ncwf ni Id Turns tn:00-New p.Spor :su-nr<l 10'lO-Wcather MONUAV, ATOl'ST !l Playhouse WDSM Channel 6 ' SATI'RtlAY. Al'GL'ST t 7 :{0-Oirtoon* Philadelphia 8:tX)-Top Cat 4-.uti-Hullabaloo 8:oO-lIeathcotr i:0»l-Wenfiy & Me i 9-00-Underrlog' 5:ao-Kenlucky 9-:iO-Fircball SIS Jones lU-00-Dennis the 8:00-M.v 3 Son» Menace Bt.'lO-Flipper ' lO'UO-Reporl From 7;00-Addams | Wisconsin Family 11:00-Bugs Bunny 7:.'!<)-Buekskm 11 •-.'.U-Furv 8;00-"The Ciiteietl - • • • • Affair" 10: no-News. S'lorts 10:13-Tonight St'NDAV. 12:45-L1vinf? vVord l:00-Cnnadinn Swimming 2:OD-Cnnocmg 'JrOO-Timc For Ad vontui f ;i:S7-CBC N'nn« 4:()U-Calcndar 4::in-20'2n 5:OU-Gilly Graham AUGl'ST * «:00-Cine Club B-.iW-PaUy D\ik« 7:00-Ed Sullivan "!:00-Bonanza B:00-Cornpfias 9:3n-Camern rt'rst 10:00-CBC News I0:15-News - Sports lOJ'JO-Tahe A Chanci? ;00-Untouchablej MONDAY. Allil'ST » 12:00-Ne\v.«, Convlvtinn Weater .•S : ;!0-Sepectrurn 1 12:15-Threr Stooges, .._ ,, . j 12:30-Luncheoo 8 : :;0-Dr. Fml«y , Date 7:HO.Smealoi)g j l:no-"The Bear" B:00-D.ini?cr Man I 3:00-Vacation flme 8:30-Educational 4:00-Survival Television 4:30-Look 11 rOO-Cllllgnn 5:00-Comment. ir.30-"Thom" TI'KSDAl. AI'OI'ST 10 S:00-\V. Woodp Ker 5,30-CBS New. Benefits would be pabyable alsoj 8-.oo-R«port to such children plus any ehildi ^ao-Tcn & under 22 who is still in school.! vjyo-s'uinme 1 lOO-Washington' SUNDAY. 8:15-Lisht Time 12:00-New», Wpather I J : 13-Thr« S too 5:00-Pioneir» 5:30-Spectnun 7:00-Uie.-it W.-ir 7:HO-TaIent Si-outs a:;)0-Giclron s Way 9:00-Educatimial TL KSIIA V 5:OU-HucK Houna service, 9; Sunday School, 10. srsn-CBs New« 6::jO-Paily Duke J:tiO-Jocy Bishop The, 7:30-THlunt Scouts 9:»U-CBS neports thlO:iri-Naked City H:15-"PrWr ;\ncl The Passion" AI'Kl'ST III ! 8:30-Rev1val Hour 9:00-Agriculture First KWEN Lutheran iLCA). Junction 9 : DO- Bu rite's Law In: l.vrto.-innq 2U'« 11 . l.")-"Tht' C'nin Rutiners" Rev. -lohn Linna, pastor. Sunday | 5 . nn . B '; 1v '; i School, 9:45; worship service, 11.! 5:3 o.cBs N«WI Methodist. The Rev. James 6:oo-Rcpoi-t dilliard, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30: morning worslup, 11. I St. Mark's Episcopal. Rev. Charles Swinehart Jr., pas-| tor. Morning prayer and ser- o:sn-MunFier» WKUXKSUAY. M'Gl ST 6::iO-Mjster 7tOO-!\!y LIVIIIE Doll 7:aO-Hillhillle» i TIH'USUAY. The ' 5:00-Vogi Bear B:UU-Dlck Van Dyke 5:oO-Onr Private World IDMS-Thrlllrr 11 :13-"Lonely Hearts" Aroi'ST r: Game at St. Paul Lutheran, 9:45. Seventh-day Adventisl Ay e r and Curry. Pastor L. A. Bierlien. Sabbath School Sat- . A. Luciani, pastor. urday, 9:30; worship service, i worship, 11:15. 10:50; children's story hour,) Sl . p e ter & Paul Roman Cath 3:30, at new school on East Cin-jjjf. rlie R ev> Norbert inon, 11. GREENLAND MeC"idist The Rev. Geo r 2 e Morning 7:00-Pprry Mason };:nn-Pa>;;. \vord a-:ii>-Celchritv !• It III \> . 8:00-Prii.ile Worlds Hi- 15-"T;ilenled;nHl" 11 :!.-) "The Marry. int; Kind" At (it ST lil 9:;io-Brciaclsid<- ircnn.Xews, Sporta in; l.'i-Sioncy Uuike I I : 15."Ciivalry Coinmund" Al'OVST i! 4:00-FDR 4::iO-Thc Nelsons 5:00-Jonny Quest. I »:45-Sncrr'd HP.-II-I 5::w-Wagon Train i 10:00-Faith For B:;)0-Walt Dtsney ' Tocla.v 7:30-AlcHale'« I 10:MO-This the Life Navy : ll:0()-f-"ilin 8:00-Bananz» i.l:lo-Knnn Truth H:OU-The Rogue.i ! ll::m-Wide World tO:00-News. W'th'T ! l:00-Buffalo vs. 10:20-"Tar;is j Boston Bvvlba" MONDAY TUIIU KKIOAf 12::;o-Make a Deal l:00-Moment of Truth \:;iO-The Doctor* 2:00-Anothcr World 2:30-Vou Oon'1 Say* <:00-Match Gam« 'l.-UO-Gen. Hospital 4:00-Donna Re.ed i 7:00-Today ! 8:25-Local News j 8:30-Today I 9:00-Truth or i Consequences I >:30-Whaf« This Song 8:S5-NBC New« I0i00-Concentr»- lion 10:30-.! eopardj 11-00-CnIJ mv blu£f5:30-News. W'th'r n-'in-i'ii npi G:00-News ll.JO-Ill Bel io:00-Ncws. Wthr ll:Sh-NBC New« H):20-Dnily Dble 12:OI)-Reh»5 Game 11-nn-Tonlght MONDAY, AI'CrST B 4;:iO-Bo/.o 8:<)(l-Amiy Williams S:M-Cusprt 9:(«i-Bcn Casey '"'"'" ]0:00-Ncws, W'th'r WHY GAMBLE? When you buy a camera at Ronnie's, you're sure 1o know how to use it to its best advantage, You get free PROFESSIONAL ADVICE i KNOW HOW plus PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AND EQUIPMENT! nebar Street, Bessemer. BERULAND Calvary Baptist. The Dougli? McNeil, pastor. Sunday School 10; morning wors h i p, 11; evening service, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. James HllUard pastor Worship service, 9:30; Sunday School, 10:30. St. Aim Roman Catholic The Rev. George Pernaskl, pastor. pastor. Sunday Mass, 9; Holy JDay Masses, 6:30 p.m.; comes- Rev.; sions Saturday, 4 to 5 p.m. KENTON Methodist. The Rev. James! Hilliard, pastor. Worship serv-j ice, 7-jO p.m. | MARLMSCO Community Presbyterian The ] Rev. Winifred Lomas. minister. : Mass. 9-3B: confessions before Mass Trinity Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. David Musall, pastor. No Sunday School until September; worship service, 11. HKUCE CROSSING IRON 1 FIREMAN Custom Mark II THE OIL FIRING THAT MAKES ANY OTHER HEATING WASTEFUL i7:00-Man From UNCLK TI:I.:SDAY. ll):2U-Toinght CAMERA SHOP Michaels Building Dial 932-3301 Dats l:30-"Doubl* Confps.sion'' ,T:00-VaciUion Time Procrams 4:00-Suvvival Jl:3U-"Man of the 4:30-Take ThU-tf Moment'' WKO.N'JiSUAY, Al lil ST II 12:00-News, 5:00-Nallon'.s Weater Business I2:15-Three Slooges B: i 5 .Cartoons 12:3 °-^ l }= heon 5:no-Spcrtrum a l:30-"Powrler fi:aO-Bcu-itcheri Hiyer" 7:00-SwiiiB Ding 3:00-Vacation Time7::!0-Perry iMapon 3:30-Sunshin» 8::)0-Mystcry Thtr Semester 9:00-Educatio-'nl *:00-Survival Programs 4::iO-Two In The ll:OU-"Jiin Thorpe' Bush THURSDAY, ALIUST [t 12:00-Ncws, Stooges Weather a.-30-SpeJti-um I 12:13-Thrce Stooges6:30-AII Star 12:30-Luncheon Theatre Date 7:00-Gonier P,vle l:30-"SatcllHc In 7:ao-Portrait the Sky" 8:00-Dctendcni S:l)0-Vacation Tlme9:00-F.ducationai 4:00-Survlval Program 4:3U-2U/20 U:00-Purbucrs 5:00-The Three 11:30-"JauqucUne" VRIDAl, AUGUST 19 Specially Decorated WHILE YOU WAIT for BIRTHDAYS Anniversaries HOLIDAYS FRESH made CAKES CARLSON'S Carlson's Super Market Ironwood Community System McLeod Ave.. Ironwood Dial 932-1831 WLUC Channel 5 KASTKIIN STANDARD T1M« WLUK Channel 2 SATI'llUA Y. 7:DO-Daxey «t Goliath 7: l.-)-Karloon» RtOU-Supercar H::HI-Hobin ilc".rt 9:tlO-Sgl. Preston 9::)0-M;iRic: Ranch ln:flO-Cnspcr Kl:.':0-Pork Pig ll.'OO-Bugs Bunny 11 :RO-Hopplty 12:0(1.Bandstand l:00-Basehall SUNDAY, 4:(lil-Witle World 5:^10-Hooin for one More SlOO-Knsign O'toole tt:;!0-Kinc I-'ainily 7:30-La\vrener \VeJk 8:!IO-llollywonrt Pnlnt-e 9:3ll-Peylnn Plac* ltl:U(i-Rpport IO::iri-"Orc'i'ii Gr.iss 12:lS-Bob Young A I'd 1ST K Answers SATl'llDAY 8:(iO.AIvln RiUO-'I'tlxedo 9:00-McGt«w »::iil-Mity Mnujt 10:00-Llnu:- Il:l)0-Sky King 1 1 :aO-[."nerid l-'lk-ka 12:00-1, ucy ia::it)-CnH News r.Oy-\Viishington,' j SUNDAY. lO-.OO-Canirra 3 IO:3U-Thls the Lite il :00-Chi i.^tophers , 11:1.VI.iBht Time , i i::;o-r-'.ite \.-mon 12:(»)-\Vire Sn-vit-e l:IH)-C'olts Illtrr- , Sqiuid Cl.une • :;.;,u-Piiii .dcipiiia CJnlf C'.assir i S:0u-20th Century At CU'ST 7 Phil.-ulelphin :i:::»--'The Mob" S:(lt)-Biu Pli'tur* H:l>l)-Cnil Mr. D fi::KI-AI Hirt 7:00-Lav. p renct \Velk 7:no-l.awr. Wflk H:30-Pctcr Uunn 9'iiO-Gunsnioke IO:W>-Secrct Agent 11:OO-News, Sport* 11 .'JO-Show ease AI'Gl'ST * i:30-Jonn.v Qucal J:iit)-Kd Sullivan ::()0-Bonair/.a >:tiO-Camlid Camer* >:30-"U'hat'» My t.llle 10:Ou-CBS News 10:13-Thrillcr ll:l.>-FIeport 11 ISO-Superior Show cas« MONDAY THRU VIUDAf 9-m Lucv J..IU-LIK.V 5:00-Three Stooges 5:30-Sp6etrurn 2 B:30-Double Vntir Money 12:00-Newt, Weather U:15-Three Stooge^ 12:30'Luncheno Dale l:3n-"Lord of ihe 7:00-Oreat War Junylc" Fupnn rl:00-Vacation rime8:.'lfi-TeIescopi' 3:30-Sunshine Semester Progrann 4:00-Survlval 11:00-"DiuiRi'i on 4:IJO-Go To Greece Youth" liilid-Thrillci- Lifc4lOO-r"r(Keo •4:."(!.Scope .-,.00-FDR Si:iO-Add;nn» Tatnilv 6:Oll-Valentiiic'.s Day i ditto-Beany, Cn II TiioU-Hocky Teller worship servrice, 11, with Maurice Bennett, Ironwood. official-' ing. Messiah Lutheran f Missouri. The Rev. Toivo Miettinen, pastor. Worship service, 10 St. Catherine's Roman Catho- Most Complete and Best Equipped SHEET METAL WORKS Cuslom Work — Commercial IndusJrial — Re«iden»ial KAUFMAN SHEETMETAL 7:UU-Tv.ins \ s Ne\\' Yoik I0:00-News. Wthj 6:00-HuntleT. 10:20-'l'oiUght Brtnkley WEUN123UAY, AliliVST 11 4::iO-Bozo 9:00-Combat 6:00-T\vins vs. I0:00-Ncwa. ^V'th'r Ncw Yorlt Ul:20-Tonight llllltSKAY, A.l'Ol'ST r.' tr30-Bo?o and ills B:3ti-Fllin SlOO-Porky Pig Ncw YoiK 6:35- Hockey Teller Q:tHi-Suspense rhtr S-.SO-NcwR rni i) AY Luthermo. The Rev.ilic i'hc Rev. SaniueJ Bottom, i W- Auroro $,. Dial 932-2130 » - -'--> Fre< tfergleld, pastor. Worship' Villa SI. Thomas, associa t e s 5:00.llujjpilv Hopper 8;30-Twms ^*. Cle\ eland I0:20-Tonieht Al'GCST J.H 8:00-Beauty Spectacular 10:00-News. W'lh'r COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE • Residential • Industrial •Commercial STONE ELECTRIC 710 E. Ay«r St. Ironwoot DIAL 932-1530 Franchisee! Dealer for Gogebic, Ontonagon Counties J. W. HUSS DIXL 932.4110 Seaman Bldg., Ironwood Whit* Pine, Phont »|5-2041 Atiociaict Ralph Builtr, Ph. 932-3602 Jim Hun, Ph. 932.2026 7:30-Christophcr» 7:4S-Town Hall B:15-Gospel Hour 8:45-This th 9:13-Davcy *. Goliath HiSti-yiiviT Wuigi 10:nO-Bcnnv *.Cecil lOl.'KI-Bullw inlUr HilKi-Dist-ovi-rv S::i(|.\Vunoii Tisin "tluey Uilig"B:UU-"Tin;i.«, Bulbil" I2:00-Dlscovrry IfliMO-Rcport IZiyO-H'nrm Report 11 iQU-"llcavcn Can l:On-Profile Wait" I .-30-lssties. J: 00-Bob Young MONDAY TBIIU KHIDAV 7:00-Kartoona 2130-Young BiOO-.laoH CaLa:io« Marncds 8:30-PUiy house ,i:00-Trailma»t*r 10:30-Price Right «:00-Alhert's lliOO-Donna Reed Shov.'case II ISO-Father Knows5:00-Keport 12:00-Rebns Game fiiio-l.oeal sports 12::iO-Ronin Honri SMTi-AHC News ): nil-Whir f the S-.'io-n.icliclor Action Is Fallicr 1-30-A Time fat t'sniftfl-RUIellian rS5-Nr\v«: 7 Mill-Cartoons '2'IIIMlospltai HI mi -Npw« Snorts MONDAY, At (it SI il 6:30-V'o\ afte to theSroO-I-'artnct « Bottom ol the Daughter Sea '.r.00-Ben Cysey 7:30-.\o Time lOiOO-Rppnrt (•"or Sgis. IO:25-"Boiitl 8:00-\Veiul.v * M« Street" TUESDAY, ALC;i:ST III S:30-Cotiibat fl:00-I : 'ii8ttive 7'.'JO-McHale'B NavylOino-Rcpori K:00-The Tycoon 10:23-"My Brother 8:30-Peyton Place Jonathan" WEDNKSHAY, AUGUST 11 6:30-Th« Nelsons 8:30-Whu Is Tant- 7:00-Patty Duk» Ame'i-lcV 1 ''"' 7::iO-Shindlg KKOO-Rcport'' 8:30-nurk*'« Law 10:25-"l J ovcs Of Kdgar Allen f'ot>" TUi'R8»AV, A.UOUBT r; B:30-Jonny Quest 8:30-Peyton Plae* 7:00-Oonna Reed 8:00-Jimmy Deau 7:30-My 3 Son* 10:00-Report 8:00-Bewitched 1,l:30-Nightllf« FRIDAY, AUGUST IS ! B:30-Fllntstonc« Day I 7:00-"Doc Hollday"B:ao-"Big Jack" i 7::!0-Addams 10: IS-Report I faintly 10;40-"Molly aiirl I 8:tK)-ValeiUine'« Me" I:00-Cap Kangaroo 1:00-Pais\v on) i'lia.Kw* l:30-HousepartT 2:00-Tc!l the Truth i:;W-Ed(-e of Nitt lOiOO-Andy G. nllthl:00-Seeret Storm IO.-:iU-The McCoys I : ;!0-Jack Benny 11:00-1,ove of Life 4;00-M Squad HiitiiCBS News 4:30-Cartooni ! i•!is-G L u'id^ f 'u ht' :30 ' CBS Ncw> 2-0(>-Rcl)u* Game i'-OO-Local Newi 12::iO-\V'orlrl Turns ll:00-Ne\vs, Sport* MONIIAY. AUGUST » | «::jii-Tell the Truth Family ;:l)0-Got u Secret i:30-Farmer'i ! 7:;;i)-lMH>housc i HiOO-Gl.vnts 'ohm I I:;',!)-Mv .1 Sons Uaughter V8:00-Bcn Case.T .l:00-News Sport* 11 :.')0-Shoucus« TTKSDAY. AL'GfST 10 7::)0-Talent Scout> Island" JcU1 -ll:00-New«, Sporl» H'EUNUSbAY. AUGUST U i.-au-U'all Disney 9:00-Lucy-D«Ii riuU-HillbiHtes lOlOO-Twilltt Aon* 8:00-Dtck Van DykelliOO-NeWi. Sport* 8:UO-Henncse.y 11 •/jo-Showcase THURSDAY. A.UCUST 11 i:"0-Munsters ):UO-McHale'« Navy l::sil-Pcrry Mason lo^o-Defnder. i:"nI lnwlu.1,0 I l!:00-Ncw. Sport. ' !l:(lu-Palt\ Duke KRIIIAY 7::;i)-Bob Hope B:'.!0-Playhouse 11:30-Show/:as* At'GUST IS 9:()0-"SUitU:rys People ll:(IO-News. Sport* 11:'jo-Showcase TV SERVICE DIAL 932-3210 Get mor« (or your money —get professional service on radioi, hi-fi, «lc. Don Nortn'i TV SERVICE CENTER 1BONWOOD

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