The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 17, 1959 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
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Saturday, January 17, 1959
Page 5
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Dr. Larson Lrdmon ••tm, . B!OGRAPHICAL sketches are included in Volume I of Who s Who of American Women," which was released for publication this noon. , . They are of Mrs. Geraldine Rasmussen, business manager of the Austin Dailly Herald, and Dr. Nora Larson of the Hormel Institute. In explaining "The why of this book," the publishers state that "More and more the indications pile up that women are becoming increasingly active in the affairs of the nation. Libraries were searched to get the names of prominent women, then those under consideration were carefully screened. The editors thought they had a good lead in a "Shirley" who Rasmussen was vice president of a large advertising agency, but "Shirley" turned out to be a man. One woman wrote that she was so delighted in being included in the volume that she "forgot and put down my RIGHT age." There are approximately 1,500 pages and at an average of 12 sketches to the page, this brings some 18,000 women's names into prominence. Mrs. Rasmussen is listed as a newspaper executive and a recipient of the University of Minnesota award for distinguished service in journalism. Activity in various clubs is cited. She is a native lowan. Dr. Larson's research in bacteriology is set forth in her biographical sketch. She has numerous scientific connections as well as membership in governmental affairs and civic organizations. Dr Larson was born at Ostrander. * * * * HELP! HELP! Volunteers are needed at the hospitality room of St. Olaf Hospital. Mrs. Eileen Christiansen, only paid employe of the spot where snacks and light lunches are served, needs your assistance. If you have even an hour or two a week to devote at the hospitality room, your services will be greatly appreciated. The hours are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Give Mrs. Christiansen a call if you have a little time to give to a worthwhile project. * * * * IT'S THAT time of year again. Time to start thinking about and looking at the fashion trends for spring. And Zeta Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, is going to advantage of your mood and present its annual benefit style show Feb. 7, at the Terp Ballroom. Members will serve cofiee and cookies at 2 p.m. and after that, Marvin's will offer samples of the newest things for spring. Mrs. D. G. Mlinar, chapter president, has appointed Mrs. Thomas Prewitt and Mrs. Charles Morcm general co-chairmen of the showing. Members have tickets on sale now and they'll also be available at the door. COMING EVENTS SATURDAY Women Needn't Be Afraid to Buy New Spring Dress" By DOROTHY ROE AP Women's Editor NEW YORK (AP)-This spring a woman needn't be afraid to buy a new dress, says Evelyn Dawson, designer for the house of Suzy Perette, showing her collection of budget-priced, high-style fashions for spring during the final day ofj the New York Dress Institute's '• W 'H meet '" the afternoon at the VFW Hall. NEWS for WOMEN PlEPEFITTER'S will meet for 6:30 AUXILIARY p.m. potluck supper at the Sterling State Bank Community Room. MONDAY ROYAL ACRES Club will meet in the afternoon with Mrs. Earl Quam, Austin Rt. 3. JACK ARMSTRONG WRC 23 press week previews. "In the last few seasons," says the youthful, dynamic designer, women have been dragged the evening with Mrs. Gus Ewald, 301 W. Oakland, Apartment 8. BISHOP KEMPER Unit will meet in the evening at the guild of Christ Episcopal Church. MARY IMMACULATE Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs Orville Fingarson, 1517 Grove. ST. GERTRUDE Unit will meet with Mrs. Thomas Seery, 300 S. Kenwood, in the evening. CIRCLE S, Grace Lutheran Church, will meet in the evening REBEKAH LODGE will in the evening at the IOOF Hall. with Mrs. Leonard Swanson, 230fl IE. Winona. meet WOMEN'S MISSIONARY Society YOUNG MATRONS Club will through as many fashion changes :" Ket at the YWCA in the eve- as used to take 1,000 years. No nin S- wonder they're all confused, befuddled and bewildered. Why, I know some women who haven't bought a new dress for years. "We're on the eve of another big French fashion circus, and goodness knows what they'll spring this time. But here in the good old U. S. A. we've already made and sold our spring collections, and they are clothes that are made for people — not trapezoids." The Suzy Perette collection, re- TUESDAY VFW AUXILIARY will meet in the 400 the afternoon for sewing at home of Mrs. Earl Warner, S. Franklin. ST. OLAF Circle 23 will meet 1008 with Mrs. Owen Maloney, Taylor, in the afternoon. ART AND Travel Club will meet at the YWCA in the afternoon. YOUNG DFL will meet in the evening at the community room of Sterling State Bank. BPO DOES will meet in the evening at the B!ks Club, FACULTY WIVES Club will meet in the evening as follows: GROUP t with Mrs. Victor En- tailing at an average of $30 to $50, includes wearable, feminine styles for all occasions. Outstanding in the current group is a white and black polka-dotted silk shantung tunic dress with a black commer- bqnd. Also shown are many vari- , „».„„,., eties of the newly popular shirt- gelson ' 3 ° 4 S " St Paul waist dress — in silks, cottons and I p R °UP 2 with Mrs. Donald In- sheers. jgram, 505 Prospect. Leonard and Andrew Arkin, the! GROUP 3 w il » Mrs. William New York garment industry's; Lewis > ml N - Kenwood. |best-known father-and-son team,' GR °UP 4 with Mrs. L. S. Har|also believe in wearable clothes ! bo> 705 s< Fiftn - will meet in the evening it the youth chapel of the Church of Christ. WOMEN OF Moose publicity committee will meet in the evening with Mrs*. Howard Rasmussen, 1001 Collins. THURSDAY WILLING WORKERS will meet in the afternoon at St. Olaf Lutheran Church parlors. CEDAR CITY Cemetery Assn. will meet at the Donald Wesomnn home, River Road, for n noon potluck dinner. CHRISTIAN WOMEN'S Fellowship Groups, Sterling Christian Church, will meet as follows: GROUP 1 with Mrs. W. J. Fiil- len, 608 Walnut, in the afternoon. GROUP 2 with Mrs. Willis Rine-1 i_i i i r> i r i man, 2111 Parkview, in the eve- lO Hold -Ddke bale 5 Daughters Want to Help Hy ANN LANDERS AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD jSafurday, Jan. M, 1959 Miss Irene Clark, Lawrence Zebaugh Wed at Spring Valley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clark, Spring Valley, announce the marriage of their daughter, Irene, to Lawrence Zebaugh, son of Mr. and Mrs. ., , Clayton Zebmigh, Spring Valley, j lil he met lhia one wc nre Wrllln 8 • , The wedding took place Jan. about; she be spending; the night? Thank Dear Ann: We are two teenage you. — H AND M sisters, 18 and !fi. We wnnt toj Dear H and M: I agree that know if we are right or wrong, | the wftmtin should not be spending Two years ago our mother died : the ni 8 nt in y° uf homc - Not leaving my sister and myself and i ls tMs in P° or tnste . but '* two younger children, now 13 nnd' surel y P™vide choicf- grist for the 9. Dad has never gone out with' |? ossi P mill. Your father, in his other women that we know of, tin- i ; ' n ™cence, probably does not real- 9, at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Three weeks ago lie mentioned •nsunliy that he'd like to bring a i/e It, so I suggest you point it Dear Ann Landers; My husband is an alcoholic. 1 know il and he were Miss Howard Me- Patricia Clark and Farlln. Mr. and Mrs. Zebaugh will make their home in Spring Valley. Mrs. Gene Cafourek Honored at Shower Mrs. Gene Cafourek, the lorm- er Delores Wolf, was honored at a shower Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Charles Dock- han, Nielsen Addition. and slaved wlthi us the entire eve- i ning vhilc dad; went bowlin nnd nvC bo "" rou « h on us tin ' . . „ fc Our friends all know of his «x- P nnnnnp wlt!l llf l |l()r - Ye< wlien we This wns done so|« 0 P laccs wbtrp li( l uor is served ' we coulr' get to, psc s " ""Hed "friends' do every know her a little.' thinR tllpy can lo get llim to have Yesterday he toWj 11 drillk us she was com- 1 : At Pities somecne invariably ing to spend the ' tri(>s to sllovi ' n highball in his Ann Landers 'weekend. She will| haml - ' occupy his room i Always " 10 club, or a dance it's Games and bingo'were plnvcd \ m * h < wil < * !of ' p ,°" the sofa. * * \\lrt tltti-l nlrlriM nil.In • >*.«! Inn i and prizes awarded the winners. Mrs. Rollo Hull received the door prize. Hostesses were Mrs. Dork- ham, Mrs. Charles Wolf Jr. and Mrs. Donald Wolf. St. Helena Unit " lc same old story "Oh i havc J»st ONE- ll won't hurt." We two older girls realize that A few years ngo, after having collaf worker who signed Mfnself 'Robbed." He complained about office col' lections fdf brides, new babies, going away parties, and get-well flowers. 1 know this type of cheapskate. 1 work with them. Just let someone come Around with & punchboard, a football pool, a hot tip on a horse, or a chance on a world series ticket and Big Mouth is the first ono to put his hand in his pocket. 1 am employed in a large office and when I was in the hospital the gang sent a lovely bouquet of (lowers. I'll never forget the thrill when the nurse brought them into my room. When I read the card I couldn't have been more pleased if someone had sent me $1000. I for one am always happy to chip in for those little remembrances — especially now that I know what it means to be on the receiving end. I'm sure there are many more like me, — CELIA CONFIDENTIAL TO T. U.: Yes, it is rude to answer the telephone; DmI is n iirown man and can do '> p e» on thu wagon for a long linn., . as hc plcasea, hut we don't think i one drink started him down u, at i»» someone else s home unless you this v-omnn should spend the' nighlmnrisb road agmn. No one are "quested to do so. Tell ' -night in our because it | will ever know what n horrible wouldn't look right to others, parti- ! year it was frr both ot us. Please puss thir. word along, ;cularly Hie two younger children.; ning. GROUP 3 with Mrs. W. K. Plans for a bake sale Sunday at St. Augustine Church were made; Please don't get te resent Dad going v,ith only thing we question is, CONFIDENTIAL TO GO - GETTER: So where are you going and what are you getting? Stay idea we' Ann. Tell your renders that liquor, in school where 'you belong, Toots, her. The to some people, is deadly and Hi should' Evans, 301 Park, in the evening, j when S t."Helena Unit met Thurs-i BoDtlSt BISHOP WHIPPLE Unit will!., =__ ...=„. ,..._ ,..,„ UU P 1|: » 1 HERE'S A family of flying enthusiasts which spent the past week in Austin. They're Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stephens, Debbie and Kim, who flew from their home in Carthage, Mo., to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmeling, Austin Rt. 3. Mrs. Stephens is the former Phyllis Schmeling. The trip was made in the family's new trim four-place Cessna 172 plane. Stephens, a building contractor at Carthage, took up flying about a year ago as a hobby and now his wife plans to start flying lessons. They moved to Carthage from Austin about a year ago. * * * • » LT, GLADYS Blake of Stacyville is back in the United States after a holiday visit with friends in Okinawa, Iwo Jima and Tokyo. Lt. Blake was stationed at the U. S. Air Force Hospital, Asli- aja, Japan, the past two years and toured Korea, the Philippines and Hong Kong. She's now stationed at the USAF Hospital, Travis Air Force Base, San Francisco. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Blake, Stacyville. » 4 * * "GUESS WHOSE birthday this is," piped an Austin grade school student on a recent morning. The teacher thought, 'Now how did he know this is my birthday?" Then the youngster supplied his own answer, "It's Elvis Presley's birthday." » » » V THE FIRST baby of 1959, born in Murray County, is a boy weighing 6 pounds, 9^i oz., mid he is the son of a former Austin woman. William Joseph was boru to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Reedy, Clayton, at 8:35 a.m., Jan. 1. Mrs. Reedy is the former Shirley Nelson of Austin. The Reedys have three other children. * * * * DR. NORA Larson, Austin AAUW member, will be in Worth- irigton Tuesday to address that branch on "Current Legislation." Dr. Larson also is a member of the AAUW state board. Mrs. William Bauer will accompany her to Worthingk-n. Jan. 24 is another important date for AAUW members. The Winter workshop has been set for the St. Paul branch house. Those planning to attend include Airs. Merrill Rolfson, Mrs. Chester Hy- tond, Mrs. Ernest Jones, Dr. Larson and Miss Thena Sorkill. V * '+ '* ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL embassy has been scheduled by the YWCA and YMCA, Feb. 13-15. About 25 international students from Macalester College are expected to participate. Mrs. Gladys Emerson, executive secretary o( the YWCA, said today that persons interested in having students as guests m their homes may apply at the *WCA office. * « » • MRS. ANNA Rakow received an unusual birthday surprise last week. When she answered her telephone one morning, she received warm congratulations from her son, Sgt. Kenneth Rakow. Birthday felicitations from one's family are the usual order o! tiie day, but Kenneth bad called his mother from Germany, where fc§ i* •ta.Uoned with the Army. GROUP 5 with Mrs. Robert Roberts, 1609 W. -College. and natural waistlines this season. Most important in their collection are many versions of the versatile: GROUP G witn Mrs. Jack Kentta, dress-and-jacket costume, a group' 1010 Johnso "of long-coat-and-dress outfits and a | ST ' OLAF Cirde 28 wil1 meel bouquet of flower prints. j with Mrs - ° 3car R° setf i. 701 Mon- Winding up the day's showings roe ' in the evenin g- are a group of gay junior styles _, CIR . CL ., 1 ? 6 ' Grace Lulheran v B by Betty Carroll, and a collection Church ' Wl11 meet Wlth Mrs ' Env Moen, 2000 Deneen. of charming dresses for little girls, i ery Farnum ' 615 Madison, in the! VVO MEN OF Moose meet in the afternoon with Mrs. Kate Stacy, fill 14 N. Greenwich. ST. FRANCIS Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. Edward Wiese, 704 W. Oakland. ST. BLANDINA Unit will meet with Mrs. Thomas H. Walen, 706 N. Second, in the evening. PIPE FITTERS AUXILIARY will meet in the evening at the Albert Lea Union Center. | ST. OLAF Circle 35 will meet i in the evening with Mrs. Roger! day evening with Mrs. Wilbur, Fisher, 610 Harmon. Mrs Gilbert Meets Qt Lenoch was assisting hostess. During the social hour, prizes The Baptist Dorcas Society of inuring me social nour, prizes • — •' : i / .( were won by Mrs. Howard Slupe.: LoHoy met Wednesdfl y » l tne home! IV\Or\ lyn is no act of friendship to force iti CONFIDENTIAL TO GREEN on someone who says "no thank THUMB: The rest of you is pretty you." — I.N.O.F. i green, too. A man who is known , by three different names sounds Dear Ann Landers: I would! like a suspicious character. The like to say a word to that white I local police can probably tell you , more about this bird than you'll Mrs. Robert Wolfe, Mrs. Robert. Wolfe, Mrs. Robert Larkin, Mrs. Lester Majerus and Mrs. John'; votions and prayer and Mrs. Jit.b Karthaus. erl Price presented UK- topic. Mrs.! oi Mrs. Raymond Medinnus. Mrs. Arlie Vinquist led in Mrs. Slupe, 'M Bauman, will be hostess for the Feb. JO meeting. get out of him. Check up. nnrl J Prrv AI \Pn ! lf akoho1 is robbin S vo « or some- ana j erry AIlen . , 011e you ]ove of health and dignity( Betrothal Announced ;Sencl for ANN LANDERS ' ut-iiumui /^r H luuiiueu. hnnl ,., «».i« «-~. an,- *i- designed by Helen Lee. evening. DEBORAH will CIRCLE, St. Mich- MrS Paul Schllchter ae! ' S Lutheran Church, Waltham, i will meet in the evening with Mrs. Joins Mothers Club Enno Kru11 - m padden - Mrs. Paul Schlichter was welcom-: the evening with Mrs. Joe Kolosa, ed as a new member of the Pleasant' View Mothers Club Thurs day at the school. A donation was Austin Association Retarded and plans discussed for a valentine party. The children entertained with square dancing and Mrs. Schlichter received the door prize. Mrs. Marvin Haskin was hostess. in the evening at the Moose Home. WOMEN OF Moose hospital committee will meet in the evening at the Moose Home. Rome Fashion Designers Start Trend to Abolish Collars in Spring Styles Raymond Volkarl and Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Evald Hanson, Volknrt will eiilertain in February.! Stewnrtville, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marilyn Louise, to Jerry Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Allen, Spring Vnlley. No date has been set for the wedding. By SUE CARDOZO ROME (AP) - A trend toward ST. RITA Unit will meet with i ; abolishing collars in spring and ST. GERARD Unit will meet in M rs . Norman Perl, 209 Herzog, i n i s « m mer styles has showed up A O\*Ontt1tT lUlf ll 1\T*»ff TSYA V n1n*-n . . . Ort*-vi n fruit-. •*-..* -.1.«,...» Tl .. i the evening.. ST, BEATRICE Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. Francis 606 Rochford. CEDAR RIVER Does will meet in the evening with Mrs. Richard Merten," Austin Rt!" 3. made to the | Anderson, 513 Lake. for Mentally! WHITTIER PTA will meet in Mission Federation the evening at the school. i EAGLES AUXILIARY will meel Installs Officers in the evening at the FOE Hall.j WOMEN OF Moose homemaking! committee will meet in the eve-, | Occasionally they were shorter in front. His dresses had unadorned tops, waists. booklet, "Help For The Alcoholic, enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a large, self- addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her ia care of THE HERALD enclosing a stamped, self - addressed envelope.) St. Jude Unit at Peterson Home New officers were installed by the Women's Missionary Federa- angular hips and waists. While Rome fashion shows. But one outlined at their normal position, holdout is going to the other i the waists were frequently built- extreme. up like a corselet. His strapless Vast white collars were shown gowns also were often built up ning"wiVh Mrs. George" Ross j'rl, j tion Wednesdav at the Lutheran 2115 Hope. WEDNESDAY ST. PHILOMENA Unit will meet at the home of Mrs. Darwin Howe, 909 N. Fourth, for a 1:30 dessert luncheon, GOLDEN AGE Club will -n;et in the afternoon at the Moose Mrs. $arold Peterson, Austin Rt. 1, was hostess to St. Jude Unit Thursday evening. Recitation of the Rosary was led by Mrs. Ralph Felsheim and Mrs.i Home Albert Nobbs and Mrs. Leo Skar- PHILOMATHIAN CLUB wi! van conducted the study club. Five hundred was played with prizes awarded Mrs. Robert Morgan and Mrs. Nobbs. Mrs. Herman Eisterhold received the door prize. The February session will be with Mrs. Otto Herlle, Austin Rt. 1. Friday night by designer Barbara. She presented her collection, featuring the big collars and arched hips, at the end of the second day of Rome showings. The collection took its theme from the form and structure of a leaf, and .its color from the lush South Sea island paintings of Gauguin. i A unique feature of the Barbara are: Mrs. Ervin Boe, collection was its relative! y low Church parlors, LeRoy. The Rev. Paul Hanson was in charge of tlie ceremony Officers secretary; Mrs. Norman Orke, treasurer. Mrs. Everett Kinter, on behalf of Esther Circle, presented the des- R. Mrs. Heidlebaugh Gives WSCS Topic Mrs. L. E. Heidlebaugh gave the lesson when the Women's So-i George St'ahl, 503 Southwood Road, ciety of Christian Service met Wed-! MAYFLOWER GROUP with president; Mrs. Lloyd Start, vice! P"ce list. No dress carried a tag president; Mrs. Theodore Maage,j°f more than $100. The collar emphasis was an exception to a developing trend.. Jackets and coats by Luciani ! were collarless. His dresses were, meet in the afternoon at the federation with a gavel. Mrs. Paul;too. Antonio de Luca, inspired by Green Room of the Austin Hotel. Hanson presented gifts to the re-1 j apan ' s C ut and containment, did MC INTYRE WRC 27 will meet! tiring president, Mrs. G. A. Halver, j away with cuffs as well as collars, in the afternoon at the KC Hall.' BISHOP SEABURY Unit will meet in the afternoon at the guild hall of Christ Episcopal Church. WOMEN'S FELL OWSHIP GROUPS, First Congregational Church, will meet for 1:15 sert luncheons as follows: ALDEN GROUP with Mrs. Cecil Black, 800 S. Railway. BREWSTER GROUP with Mrs. nesday at the parlors of Memorial Methodist Church, Spring Valley. Mrs. Floyd Bly announced World Day of Prayer Feb. 13, and the j Rev. Mary MacNicholl told of stu- 'dy classes to begin in February. Lunch was served by Mrs. R. H. Allen, Mrs. Arthur Larson, Mrs. Charles Cady, Mrs. D. G. Merrill, Mrs. A. Corson and Mrs. William Gritzner. 3 Catholic Units Meets at Rose Creek Units of St. Peter's Catholic Church, Rose Creek, met Thursday with Mrs. Isadora Ulwelling hostess to St. Margaret Unit in the evening. Mrs. Edward Merten conducted study club and plans were made for a party at the church school hall Feb. 1. During the social hour, Mrs. Eugene McCloskey and Mrs. Bernard Lammers were winners* in 500. Mrs. Merten also was awarded the door prize and Patricia McCloskey won the travel prize The February joint meeting will i be preceded by a noon dinner with Mrs. Linus Knobbe and Mrs. Henry Cress, co - hostesses. Members will sew for the Pope's storehouse. St. Catherine' Unit met with Mrs. Arnold Nelson, who led recitation of the Rosary. Mrs. Melvin Schnorenberg conducted study club. During the social hour, prizes were won by Mrs. John Thill Sr., Mrs. Gerald Meany and Mrs. Melvin Schwartz. Mrs. Matt Ulwelling will be hostess for the next meeting Jan. 29. St. Rose Unit met with Mrs. John Thill Jr. Mrs. George Schmit offered the opening prayer andi gave the study topic. Winners in cards during the social hour were Mrs. Schniit and Mrs. Nicholas Fink. Mrs. Nicholas Dinneen won the travel prize, Mrs. Fink will be hostess Jan. 22. Mrs. C. W. Wilkins, 1005 N. Sixth. PLYMOUTH GROUP with Mrs. Fred Rayman, 924 Lansing. OUR SAVIOR'S Lutheran Guild circles will meet as follows: MARY CIRCLE with Mrs. Fred Reimers, Austin Acres, in the afternoon. MARTHA CIRCLE with Mrs. Rasmussen, 200 N. 13th, in the afternoon. RACHEL CIRCLE with Mrs. Earl Quam, 2001 Hope, in t h e evening. ESTHER CIRCLE with Mrs. LeRoy Buland, 1803 W. Maple, in the evening. NAOMI CIRCLE with Mrs. Harold Westby Jr., 800 N. Kenwood, in the evening. ST. PAULA Unit will meet in and vice president, Mrs. Herman Blum. Annual reports were made by each department and committees and self-denial envelopes were distributed. Mrs. A. D. Bergland, program chairman, presented a playlet to introduce the year's Bible study. Those taking part were Mrs.^Alvin Malcomson, Mrs. Joseph Leist, Mrs. Kinter, Mrs. Bergland, Mrs. Homer Bucknell, Mrs. Arnet Moe and Mrs. Einer Jacobson. Mrs, Kent Vatne and Mrs. Bergland gave readings and the worship offering prayer was by Mrs. Boe. Division A of Sarah Circle served refreshments. Community Club Holds Regular Meet The Adams Community Club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Oscar Bergene, Adams. Mrs. Conrad Schissel was chair- j man of the program, assisted by! Mrs. Earl Erckenbrack. i SOCIETY (Continued on Page 11 > Sometimes he went so far as to banish sleeves. Luciani's jackets also were slope-shouldered, loose and short. about two inches higher than the | usual strapless line from armpit to armpit. De Luca adopted high-bustled Oriental cummerbunds. He also made use of the kimono-cut bodice and mandarin colors. One silk afternoon-dress was of pale lilac, with a full-length pane) of box-pleats in front and in back. It bloused slightly above the tight, wide belt which bound it. Its decollete was a long slot just too narrow for shoulders to pass through. Concluding the collection on an unexpected note, De Luca showed several delicately transparent gowns in sumptuous materials. They looked like elaborate evening skirts which had been pulled up over the bust. The Rome showings continue today and Sunday. Then the fashion scene shifts to Florence. ' 1 MISSING? urus CHKKYOU8 HOUSEPOWER HOW! CLUE TO INADEQUATE WIRING . . . BLOWN FUSES! If you are continually replacing blown fuses , . . chances ore that your home is not adequately or properly wired. It's a crime not to call us! INADEQUATE WIRING IS DANGEROUS Austin Electric Service, Inc. Hwy. 218 So. Phones HE 3-3269 &. HE 7-2116 !! During Johnson's Annual DRY CLEANINC SALE (For a Limited Tim* Only) Men's Suits 89c Ladies' ^-0 Suits. . . . 89c Hen's Pants 49c Take Advantage of These Big Savings On Top Qualify Cleaning. I'rec Pickup Ami Delivery These prices apply in Austin only ea. ea. ea. SHIRTS LUXURY LAUNDERED (Sport Shirts Not Included) 4 for only Phone HEmlock 3-8161 JOHNSON 104 N. Main CLEANERS LAUNDERERS CLEANING Ladies Plain rants SAVE MONEY ON LAUNDRY Beautifully Laundered (No Sport Shirts) . . MacLAREN CLEANERS - LAUNDERERS Phone 3-2367 1207 W. Oakland WATER a SMOKE STARTS MONDAY Prices Slashed 50% Most Items Good as New • Books • Religious Articles Missals • Testaments • Prayer Books Rosaries • Statues • Staturines Water Fonts • Booklets • Pamphlets — Complete Line Religious Articles ~ Jewelry • Key Rings • Chains - Sundries > Many Ideal Gift Ideas > Many Children's Items > SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! BUY YOUR GIFTS NOW - SAVE 50% Philomathian Library & Book Store New Address — 209 i. Bridge St. PIECE GOODS SALE Starts Monday, January 19 at 9:30 a. m. Famous Name Woolens 52.98 $4.39 Tweeds, Plaids and Solids 60 Inches Wide Regularly to $4.59 Embroidered and Printed Crepes 54 Inches Wide Regularly to $5.95 CORDUROY Plains All Color i Prints and Fancy Weave $1.00 Yd Regularly $1.69 and $1.89 Quilted Cottons $1.39 Yd. LARGE GROUP - VALUES TO $1.39 YD, 2 Yards For $1.00 VOGUE AND MC CALL PATTERNS CASEDY VALUE STORE I N. Chatham

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