The Morning Democrat from Davenport, Iowa on May 9, 1870 · Page 2
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The Morning Democrat from Davenport, Iowa · Page 2

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1870
Page 2
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COWARD RITMEX.X* Hotday Morning Bay 9, 1870. A PKOFJJSSIOS IS »AI«ER. The doctors--tbcy of the scalpel tind mortar, not of tbe law or of grare--are in trouble. With what exceeding jealousy they guard tbc honor of the profession-- W«RK OB the Iowa Central is program ing finely between Albisand KddjYiUe. THB borer is ruining mil tbe current btishe* in Ifarshalltowfland vicinity. THE Jefferson county Sabbath School Auoclation meets at Fail-field on the 17th last., for a two days's setaion. A. CHILD died in the arms of its mother in a paaaenger car on tfic DCS Moiues Valley Railroad lut Wednesday. THK ladiea of the Burlington Congregational Church have ordered a great organ u«d being about two-thirds of A pound, equal in bulk to three ponndff of powde and sufficient to fill tbo bole half ful The blast that followed tore out the rod pretty well, but owing to the seamy nw tooae character of the ledge, much of tl power was manifestly wasted. In tli opinisn of those prnutnt one- 1m If or one third of the amount used would have nrr duoed M much effect uj'on tlie Jcdgc * * * * * The second vxpcrimunt was fiirmore fact,ry, H pro , ducinc the mr»st irundcrlol rceglts. About half a pound of tlie cuinpiJund was deposited upon the- flat upjier surface of a aollt! bowlder two fee t in thickness and several f ( fct wiusrc, rested in its natural THE Northwestern charges Lyons three dollars per car for freight over the plug what their zeal against expo an dent of from Clinton--fl per mile. heretical jurisprudence, 'their anathemas! -----*- IUH.UWHJU i , Marenao *re mals for ataiost specialists and etnpenca, and their iww * ^ J " , *· . . .. * , K r , ,- - ., ,,. the terminus ®f the southern extension of holy horror of advertising, cure-alls--the , TM , _ ,. 4 ,, .. , J , ,, , · · T!-.. » tbe Duboque Southwestern Railroad. dear readers well knows. Doth not every ' " uc "-"""i moaf iy meet ing of every county medical surety in the Union bear witness to faithful watch and wari tn these particular?.' What, theu, can ever, by any possibility? aoil the integrity or hazard the purity of tbe associated directors of hunian anat- z Imodred Swedes settled on the railroad lands in Montgomery county last week. THET LATC Kuigbte of Pythias in Keo- kuik* Initiations a:c gaid to be pithy r fc" v TM----i » | _ omy and preservers of hunian health- iu enou S · these United States? Here slooe is au- srper as ffiren at Washington, May 3, A. D. 1870, in report of proceedings jhsd at the Twenty-first annual meeting of the American Medical Association; "Tbe Committee on Crcdent!a!i submitted their report, in which tuey state tbat they have excluded tnft delegates from tlie National Medical Society, D- C.; America* Academy of Medicine, D. C,; Howard Unireraif Medical College; Alumni Association of Aedleti'.IK UORSK thief cs are among the most «n- terpruiug and successful men in Van Buren county, just now, . . · . · a +· . THE gale on Thursday evening, played havoc with church windows and board piles in IOWA city. THE Bes Jloines Bulletin. :s up to March J4tfain it? Tcrbatim report of th«i of the Th^nth G eu cn,l signed is their cot citation with colored iliy- Assembly. sicites." Four Medical Societies, Association and Academies and three hospita's eich with a "nigger" rejoicing with aa M. p.. appendege to his patronymic; and each of these be-doctored niggers licensed dram* of "T*n Nights in n Bar was played in . the Method L. 4 ^f *^ Church at Victor one ni^ht last week i* netting the society $110, to feel pulses, prescribe . boluses ( s or follow to thft'*"in're saw bones, or follow a patient wiled t h f t " n ' r e . ri . ^ . . b j : some B j * -- ^ f c p ^ "inscrutable Providence/' . jiu* .-. »s mfty andean the fairest ikirined disciple of Galen in all the United §t*fes! - Was - , '- - ' ' crer horror like imto thftt horror? TVw c«r sorrow of mortal man like "into the sorrow of the medical practitioners of tbe American Medical Association in 4 B convention assembled, at Washington ? . These be serious facts and momentous questions. Undeniably a great profession is in danger in this Republic. Lancets and pill boxes to the rescue ! SOKEBODT exchanged pulpits Mr Miller tat Marion last Saaday.and the editor of the -B^wter heard tbe stranger ''through the jffr*£ Amr a7idf*-half of bis discourse: 1 * **· --' · * · · . GEK. HEDRICK make* the positive an* bed in' the clay, having never been stirred therefrom. TJJe daulm HOS covered with 9. phoyciful or two of earth, and the fuse ij^.'tteM. Scarcely had tbe company retired to what was regarded as a safe distance, when A trtmendons report was heard, and the air was filled witli dust and smoke. Tbe bowlder was found upon examination to he split cletin in two down the center, and divided l»tcr«lly Several skepticiil siecUUjrs admitted that they had under-estimated its power, and tbe contractor expressed his readiness to yield tbe coop of chickens which he- had staked Against the result Late in the afternoon, General Kingabury and dipt McKIm, of the Watertown arsenal, arrived at the vcene of operations, and a third trial was made to give them an opportunity to see the force of its action. This time a bowlder of similar size, but of les* Solidity was blown into a hundred pieces, and the officers and all the persons present were apparently greatly impressed with tbe force of the explosion. Of course nine-tenths of the exploorre force in tbe two .last cases was lost in the air. The cost of the compound is said t be about $1.80 per pound, while that of nitro glycerine is $1.75 per pound. The exist varies somewhat, according to the powder of the compound. That used In the above mentioned experiments was About ten times as powerful as gunpowder. FROM LUCAS COVNTY. StriDC *tt its Firoftpeclfl-- Ch(urit»i» and it* BvsUesawThe F»lU District COM- Kecorid-- mmtten~\ Crim- POLITICAL Not content with indecent Bute in calling in Polk county a Republican County' Convention, while no call bus jet beerf issued for a Congressional Convention iti that District, the Kasaon fuglei* baye proceeded to forstal F legitimate party, "action in other comities. The of Friday says r -· . ** "W« learn from a private source from Adtl that the fiepublican Central Comroittw ofcD*I- larf'tioimty--or sncb portion of i t A* is In the in- tereft of the BOD John A. Ejutton^-k*ve prepared and issued a call for a Ctfttvif Ceraren- · i tion, to be held at Adel at tae early date of tbe MtJS tnct t-- OnZjr mot days June* !''-. '-.' · ".-'_ '.-'. noanoementthat Secrttary ^Belknap -"wit! deliver the oration at the Iowa Soldier's Reunion. Two hundred soldiers from Scott county will be there to .hear him. MB. Joseph Parsoflty of Mascmt inc Coaatj, was drugged, and; robbed, of $100, by a couple of acotttdrela in Bar* . . . v · lington on Wednwdsy itast. The fellows were arrested mod jailed the flame evening. . THK Citj Council oMobuque, wbich ' . * J*\ · . -^ s-- f - * » ' stands four Repoblicans to siz Democ/ais, appointed the official paper of the city, on'Thncsday. -The Democratic ; the. Herald, refused ,to: bid for the honor. ' . , ' . . This tfHtJBegisttr justly denonncw-A* » jt' nb paralleled ontrage. Ko iatimation of such early assembling of the convention has been given. The farmers" »rc :boay planting corn.. Only the political trick- stezs who have abtmdnt leisure fot Court Boose loungings, can know of, much less gire attendance to, thenecessary township preparatory meetings, and the political gamblezs* may well have ouryibg every thing their own way. But "like matter like men." Where so dirty a politician ss J. A, Knsson is to be served. dirty work must needs be in order. " " ' agent of Skiff Jt Gajlord*s Mm- strels, fell off the Mnscatineat pobnque, on Thnraifty^nd barely escaped drowning. 'He -was taken oat senseless, and laid npon a. plank to dry. - - . ; ------v .«· . ·--.-- - THK feuertble Rcto-Win. "Wliner, D B., after fifty years residence at Ithaca. Jfew York, h*s taken up his residence nt For. / the most ycfew 0r.Wi«b«r was one of ^of : tfete Probyterian , Hay 4. 1870. EDITOB. or TMB GAZSTTE :-- The winter . · . r i r _ is over ana gone, the voice of the turtle do ye Is heard in the vale *nd all nature h« joined the Fcnimns by "wearing of thejrreen." Soon oar prairies-- Nature's t 9r · , - f ArtGftllery-- will spread her pictured of -- flower*-- draped about with own canopy of deep bine. Sum- of PCBM8HKO BY AUTHORITY. CHAPTER 1». . AN ACT to amend chapter 101 of the KerUlon of 186U, perUlnine to man and wife, mikl ren- lating their rlfrhtc and labilities. . SBCTION 1. Be i . 2500 of the Rerblon «f I8W, be Bereb* repealed, and tljere be enacted In Keu thereof the follow- ii»i: as sections 2500 and 2106, to-wlt: (ecUoo K 0 - "JNeithcc liuabaadfior wUa'it liable for the tlcbta or lUblHUes of tko other lucurred before marriafie, and except u heroin not lUble for the »epmr»te debto of the other; nor are the waec*. earning* or property of either, nor U therent -- of of (SecUon 2506.) "Contract* tray be made by a wFfe, and llAbllltie* Incorrud, and the rame enforced by or aeaiovt her to the tame' extent and In the ume manner at if she were nomar- ried." Sue. 3. Thia Act beinjt deemed by the General Assembly of immediate importance, altalt ' ' : «fl«:t, and be in force, flrom and after It* " ' in die /MM State JteyisUr and " Jfotne* Statmutn, newapape« pnbUahed at DCS -MofncB, Iowa. Approved April 14, 1S70. I, Ed Wright, Secretary cf St»t*. her«ty cer . tlfy that the foregoing Act WM publighed in tbe a » owa State Jfyutcr April 26, 1870. and tbc Da Momes Ditty Btotoman April 21st, 1870. ED WSIOHT, Secretarr of StAte. ' ' __ . CHAPTER 137, AN ACT to Atnend section 2532 ^f tbe RcTwion of 3800, in relation to divorce And alimony. SECTIOS 1. JS* if rtwcted by the General A**cm- bly of the SiaU of /two, That wctiofi 2532 of the keviolon of I860, be amended w M to read a* follows ; (Section !?532,) "The diitrict court in tbe county where the plaintiff or defendant rveides, liu jurisdiction o( til cases of divorce and ali- wony, and of Kuard*ansh*p connected therewith/' SEC. 2- This act beinff deemed bytheOener- at A5emb)y of immediate imporunce. eball take effect and be to force from and after it* publication in the 2nva Stale Jtigitftr and Da Jfomet $totesm4n+ ntiirpapcr5piitvlUbed at Deft Moines, Iowa. J, Ed WrJgbt, Secretary of State» hereby certify that tbe forgoing Act waannbUahed in the Jktty lotoa ISfaif Jftffbtcr April Sfl;f870i and the Jfinn« DoSy Statormvn, April 16. J8TO. ED WHIGHT, Secretary ol Slate. mer woold show less fair if it was perpet- The eye could not bear the glare of fields of living green/' and would long to /ary the uniformity witb tbe desolation of winter Cbauge, CQDtiaual change. It is change locomotion that makes our land the foremost in tbe world. And probably we bad better change our subject and s»y that gras does not grow upoa tbe street* ofCL*ritoo, nor dust accumulate upo coasters and shelves of the stores of our ·f * many euterprisiag merchants. Business has opened brbk t and the farmers ar« bav ii}gsp!codid seeding time. Ciianton has a brigiifc future before it, even if it never gets a nortli aod soutb railn^dL Charttoo is tbe only county-seat in Soathern Iowa that has not five or sil railroads--on paper --running in every desirable direction Wft are waitiog and watching and will spring a trap astoanding tbeae $5,000 and CHAPTKX 129. AN ACT to Provide for the Snpport and catiou of tbc Blind, SECTION 1. £t ti enacted by the bly of the State of Iowa* That to meet the ordinary expeoscs ol the institution for tbe education of tbe blind, including furniture, books, and maps, the compensation of principal, mat* ron t teachers, and employees, and to provide for contfogencie*, there if hereby Appropriated the torn of eight thousand dollars annoally, or so nmch thereof a? may be neceaoary, to be drawn quarterly dating from ifie 1st day of April, ISTTQ, a* provided by Jaw, SEC. 2. To enable the trntteea of wUd instl* tution to provide neceMary 0leam beating and ventilating tppartU3 ! the contraction of concrete dr*:ti» two bathing rooma with conre* SPECIAL NOTICES. ·* \-. »r, J. A. SHERMAN, A Btnrnc atfatoov, irKsrKCTFULLY fttihttHtrlOTlaUic application of hi* Ku[»* tat* CtvmUfe AppttucM, ittii office, W7 Boiu- ir.'tarwr of Sfin street. New York. It* ffMl «iwiVac^ ol JJr. SUKIMIAW. result from hU JOB( And conunl dcToiion to the *"«rc 'of tLfa iH*uw«, awurcfl him of , WJIboutfcgjtrd to of the ftftaat or? dotation ofOio inUmilty, or Uia itfteoltloa wblctf (toy may ha?e heretofore cncunn- terefl lo pecking relief, Dr- », ai Principal of (lit- Bflptttic Confirm Institute, New Orlc*ni, for « of tooc» thin fifteen yetrs, liAd under c*r«Uie wont C*MP la tbo country, all of whitti were tftetully rellcml, and many, to their preai Joy. rwrtored to Maud body, Horn of thepmJuftua injuries reflnliintf from tbo HM of other Truirc-, *ic round lii l)r. ApplUCtt; ftQd, with fall knowlede of the Uon, he prootoi greater *eciirity *nd comfort, ibucaiihcob t»in*dof any other pcrroo, or In tbo invention of IT other per*on Iti the United States Price* to tnlt all ClmwCi. It in UHS only. DAVENPORT. SICKLES PRESTOS, No. 21 West Second Street, * r · · Importers nod JobberiOT METALS TINNER'S STOCK. tfi Shelf and Heavy Hardware IKON AND UcUittir.MIti Fiirnlehiau «fx«l«. Corrtigc, Gluos.Ae SKATES the Cheapest remedy, ever offervd Lbe mfllictrd or caaco before and tteat fnraifhcd on receipt of ten cent*. Manhood: How Lost how Restored! a /wafc-rf rnrtlopt. Price* A Lecture on th« Matardl Trcitmcnt, md Care or Spenoatorrhea or Seminal I autarr ExQiMicmfl, Sciunl Ucl'iltty. tod Kits; M«ts! and frota Sftlf-Abnw, by Roar. J, X. D., author of the "tireen Boole 44 A B*4n tft Th00*m4f» of Sufferer*." , in « 1»)ain env^lopfi, to utr ad* on rwelpl or »Si ccntn. or two ftampo, b/ CHAB. J. C- KUMK CO., I«7 ; New York Post Office Boi 4586. Alro Dr. ColwrwoU^t "Marriag* Guide." pric*55ccnt*. ft Card. A Clergyto*», while residing in South America a? ttiwioiurjr. di«c«TQred m ufe And Dimple remedy f»r tbtCoreaf Nefrooj W«kncss, KarJj Benty of tht Urlnmfy and SetQintt Orgtua. and of divordete brought on by bancrnl and AtDtunbe^tuve been cured by this nobte rAtoodj. Froiupted by A dwire to benefit the afflicted tad nnforwmmtft, 1 will *erd the receipt for pnptrtog mnd Miu^tbJeTB^dicineJn » ·esied cnrelope, to any one who need* it. Free ot JOSKPH T. nnUK* Station X, BiDit Honfe* New York City. , slate roof for main building, fornUblng ol the new wing, the purchase of two jrfanos, and one fire proof WLfe» the erection ofwood- fihcJ and fttomge building, and repairs and im provement* on grounds belong to taid tlon, there is hereby appropriated the onm,of twenty-three thonaand dght hundred dollars; to be drmim qnarterly npon ' SEC. 3. 'There is hereby appropriated the ther sum of three thousand two hundred and dollars and fifty-four cwta, tomeetlhe: accrued iodebtedne£S of the infttittttiori. clergymea in the Stite of New- York. ' TM '~ · | - ' J " " v ^ ACEOSS - . ^ - Tbe cominc OCEA5. · THE YoungHcu'* Chnttztn at low* City! thocjiit to cancel sn . * , » ' ^ · · ^ - - - j» mentwith Oiirc 'IvOgau for a the 16th intt. Olive replied " *'maJc« \yonx mrrangemenU; X.ftbali poei- Lively hold-yon to your contact- · Come down with jonr $75, young men. ·*: . . on the Chicago Sontttwateta; is progressing-r*pidly bHveen'-^Vmsblag' ton and Brighton, The Ledg'litj* tbot .Vitni^in I sezjjx ft be * hard matter forrth* ro«d Congressional aflairs in this Fifth District will be warm this fell provided Mr, Kasaon enters the field. Mr. Palmer, our present able member has a record, that few men can make in ODC term, and ** tip goes om- hat ^for his rcturu. Practic 2umor of Bcetioren, will 2«t three d.j% to get into Fairfeld, people mnd at its close tbe firsi «too* of .a. monx= U enonnowlj for the right * W.T.: mCTt to tlic great composer Trill be Uid. The exptosirfe mmchjnes to be used against tbe Emperor, which were recently wizedaitbt houses of the conspirators in Fmri*bj the police acthorities, resembled qaoit The ring ir«s divided in serecil small chambers, each of which contained * f of potash. Fcrcosuon fKinight ending two hosdred and throo^h CoMitdn, JLioco: familin- boend for prairie _d _ homes in that them* most judgment, soadd sense, -statesznamip t ^nd a strict idei of maralitj and right are his attributes. Integrity at all times and places is needful. We need and most lave men m oar Legislative Halls who have Tzolited no "obligation due God and humanity. The Lord, knows, thatcorrnp toon exists everywhere, in palace ud bpVe! T acd hasten the d*r; jet bidden* wbeo every man can stand io 6od aun light, with upturned eves aod witb the hmcd upon the heart, exclaim; ^ I am £ce£L^ Come what maj, let tbe best u*an win the day. Oar people are somewhat religiously inclined, supporting six charcbes besides two societies worsbipinff in tbe^Coart * j - '^ 3fow the Univeralxst* are coant- and arc nuiJUDfr sonic ciiudvor Bishop adroitly. The maker of tbe bomfae taxed bt the police expUios thai they were ordered for America, aad it was repr@enied thatthey they were to be ttaed as wheel* for patent Ttiodpedc?. - " ·-· ' · · · · - Cemtwchi, the Italijn.binkcr who TT« cri»eUcd om Fj«cc for contributing money to tbe anti-PIebiscitom Cooffiit- tec, was, on the .3rd inst, ordered to le*T«' Hi* offeoe consisted in coctrib- a Kcond hnodred thouauid francs from ibis city for the sacw o'jjsct. Before , be received atcle^r-ini Irom-lL Rauiical member of the Corps Tiaffircr^f the 0;m,-rnutin tt* r^ttiut ,,f Tbe Ubor r being * poor man. ftbotlow TObe rc recentlr. and «tamp ^ state Misdonarr, and W. W. Merritt, " SET wolres w miles norti of Charikm OB d»y/two hnmtn BeTeal nf|fl»ri«, were tattled oat of Cas$ arjd Montgomery counties, ma here Imst Wednesday and Thursday prc«checL Marshal where secreted a large tec JCoaat TJcuMit juL - ^f THEH BW UK. '·y borgUnt last 3C«T -tj Tbe Ulc«t *dditkn to tbe vocalnla of mocfaanio uliie jaame DaaJia. wbicfa fhkm eridenc^ in the ffbape of about wOrthof stolen good* found vecreted in lull boow, tbc probabilittci are that Mike will "plmy cb«ke« with his nottT* down at Fort Jlsdwon* MK! our comaanity will *£tt Ahat^ of one vcmndreL ·Tbe low* Supreme Court recently de cidcd * CK-C in favor of T. W. FaircrU agmitttt HsUowdl Cobnrn, IJortoD, Mass. Tbe plaintiff shipped tbe defcodants a of wool, jmlftOTiringthcan to sold Sec. 4. Said appropriation shall -bt drawn npon the order of ihc trnstc**, fti^fled bj U*e preslden V *iwl secrcUry otthe bO*rd f made upon the Aoditor of tbe State, fwho stall d#*^r warrant m the uarae of sucb institnUoii on Trewarer of State a* ordered by the trustees- SEC. 5. That section one (1) of chapter forty- three (43) of the acts of the Eleventh General Asseinfajj- be and the same is hereby ascended by striking oct alt of said section except the enacting clause. SEC- C- This act beinff deemed of immediate importance shall take effect from and after its publication mihtjbma State Sfybter and fk* Xointt JfcCtfm, ncwspapem pablUbed in Des Moines. ApprotM Aprfl 14, 1S70- I T Ed- Wright, SecreUrr of St*t* T hereby certify that the foregoing Act WM pnblUhcd in the IfaSy fowa State Jkffifttr Aprfl £5, 1870. and tbo JAuK* Datly JSvtfn t April 36^ 1870. ED. WIUGBT, Secretary of State, CHAPTER 131 ACT SoppIemenUry to an Act, entitled an act for the Gorernmefit of 'Hospital* for the Insane, defining th* legal relations cf insane persons/ mud providing for their Care and Protection. * * · ir 1. Ik it enwtt tht General A**?*- Batchelor's Hair Dye. Dye U the beet in the world, reliable, inttAntaneonx doen not contain normnyrluJJe poteoto produce . ATold tbe nnntcd ^nd tloo* botvtlng Tirtneft they do not possw. The Bttchtlo^t Hair 1yehjuli»i thirty fctfc -- Blict or Bt OWE. Sold Applied .At 16 Bond sti«et.Netr Holler's Norwegian Cod Liver Oil r vblectfiramble to tht tavte and sincU, it i bj.dallcat* per^oo* and cbildrea, in ·acre easily Mftirotiatcd, and is prodnctlre of more Mefit thmD cthdr kind? of oH aift,; . XAJUOH ix« »y»: : - for come yeani I had op the one of Cod lircr Oil altogether ; bnt my attfttttion WK £»llcd bj Dr- Say r e tu Ptflfrr iCodUvcrOiL,! bate prr^cribrt it Almost d*fly 4 and ha^a *TeV7 rwjon to be' perfectfy whh it** SoMbyDnue Pimples on the Face, BUcfcwonn?i or Grub*, Pimply Eruptions and blotched dijtfguraiion* on the tf^eFerry^OomedoDG *d Firoplc Eemcdj. fejall For Motti Patches, Freckles STan, 0SB " PBBRTS MOTH and FAECKI.K WTION,*- the only BeliaWe and BannJe?* Beiiedyforremov* ing brown diiCQlonRipiu? from, the Face/ prepared * : Bon4 «t, H-,T.' Sold by bly of tftc State bf Iowa, That the amoant of the salaries of the superintendent and officers of the Insane Aiylun at Ht. Pleasant, be deter mined by the board of trustees of tbmt institution. . - . SKATES SKATBS FOU I*A!JKS. 9B.ATKS FOK M UN. SKATK^ FOKCilRIJS. HKA'I'KS POK BOTS. · tt'i- Jwvi- t!i«ccJ(jl)rnt*n New York, Clnti, tliirley, r onrlllumnUcd TOBSTOM. Ulnri:lin Lirt. HARDWARE FOBWiHTEH TRADE, SJUUOHBBLT^. . AXJBS 4JND HAHDLSS. MEAT CUTTBRiJ -\Nu 8TUKKK1» UOU8KrUJ:NI9IIlNO GOODS. . LANTBUNS. aCT;;iElt KNIVBS. T.\ !JLK AFOCKKT In (Tttt Variety. MCKLKS A We bftveao unuriustlly larirennd desirable I3#ort- of ' Table and Pochrt Cntlerr, Carvers, Scj.*f*or? mitl Sh*-if-«, Notion* for tbe Uol- day trade tn srv-t v.u,^jv. Orders carefully ancJ pronrpUy filled. HtrKJ.SS A PRESTON. OUR utov noon IB well stocked with SCH-^"!:LI:C gvod?. Iroii 8Jed Rahnons: Sjjrini: fliccl; Sleigh Wd Ont- ter Stuff: Ltiirdcn'i*' Hor*-- s?oc»; Horw Nidi Bed; BoJtaof «vyri v»rieiy, fitIwe»L rates nots9-d*wtf · SICKLES A PRESTON WOOLEN MILLS, Located V;w«n Bndgtasut Cotkqc Street Cmr* v*m* the door* r H K S B JilLLS ARE BUNKING ON SPRJNG GOODS o!tfcelA*«5t carle* and pattetn^ FANCY CAssatfeKEs. HKOADCLOTHS, mttl or express to merchant* at A direct from the liiH. Oo^h paid for vrW* or iti cxchanijc for uoodar. JON BAMUN6. Ilf 01-JERATIOff In the United States CAPITA!. STOCK |(ino,OOO.OO *7*,OOO.OO ROBERTS BRO., No». 74 and 76 Harrison Street, DAVENPORT, IOWA. - · ^ WHOLESALE DEALERS IN · t Ha vein stock the well-known brand Southern Co.'s St. Louis Strictly Pure White Lead, Cincinnati £ Dayton PAINT BRUSHES, AKVfr IKA M- *HFFORD, l »,C. POHTBR, Grant, or I JAMBS B. S. CARU Edwin 'Smith, James John BctroJdt, Angogt Steifen, 1 -. Thomia Scoi^ Au^nst Wuracbold, T HIS SUver Coim LABGBLY JNGOLD A241 mod 8«lle SzcfutDge on the most ttcufiontuic Terms, · M*ktr lt« o\ra Sl^it trfiftft on Citlefi in Kmjlaud, ScotlmyL'irelAnd, *bd on thu Ccntteeat of £aroj«. Coll^ctionft mide on nJi ecceselble poifitc. Xarket price paid for a 1 ! Icinda of GirremaiemMco QOVJEBNK£2!T BONliS. · ^ + .Bttk rewpectfnil j solicits 4«po#:t5 wrrtot tcconal, or on certificate of dttosu,«i}d to tU of it» csgointis it pledge* the moot liberal treat- NATIONAL BANK Capital, - - - - $200,000 M O COBN PLANTER E WrCKOFF, BABNARD CO., «EO. oy IRS DAVENPORT* J J3*O.H,BEREYHI1JU frtxidttt. ! B. R WoQDWARU, 'jto. L. s ii. i'nce. f,_ Srhrt L. lavic#, John H- BerrjblC, A- J. £. S. mmm wwmm mm mi Tbe Oldest and B*»t Cherk rrln ATTACHED WHEK A Word to the Farmers. I N oPpgKINtf YOU THIS PLASTER AND mm §o. 75 infflnii - 2- Tbis act to lake effect *tul be In force from mod a/ttr its publication in the Approved April 14, 1870. J, Ed Wright, Secretary of Stale, hereby ccr- tifr ttot the forccoinc Act waa pabltsbvd in tlie fit* JfyS*t* IkiBy £vEt*i* t April 30,1370, and the DaBy Ivmt State yiOtr r April 96, 1S70, ' Er WAIGHT; Secrtury of StaOc, H AVJB FOR SAL* A £ood tots df crery LARGE XDKBEK OF en vary OME VKRT GOOD- FABatS TO EICHAN(?B lor city pro you have a discharge from the offeatireor otherwise, partial low of tbc aense of smell, taste m bearing, eye* WAteriogor weak, fed dnlland fiapid nr * K * f e B . - « * » J * · * tOOD CITT PBOPKKTX Tu EXCHANGE TNL i/cml^ed for KXML ^ n S OHB ORKAT BAHGAIFS IN DWZtJ botuen* ttil will rtni for 1310 Wind t pet yon TO c*c iu r,"e rto not prej-ent 10 yon a ntricd nchiaft* but oi*c that h« beee over and oTcrAgaii^ InOblo^fid Indiana, un* tQ itiflth*tre not only rfic Icndici: m«:hme hot fa ffcctaJffiOsi the only OCQ in general who bare ihoron^blj tirf^rt it Ti-iJI notuflcmay ftitnply bccan« they can rilfie mw^e cvra to th Ton KKOW tbar corn plaatcd in tbe st^cH* in each bi!L vron't yield well,andyoa know thai tbls ffl tbe fault with JLIX the Plinier* voc ercr u^ed. and #ome of ycmiiaVi*qni: nfingrbem and cone to hand plant* in*;- Kow, are not ibe« ftcte? ThcpHemec of tht DloIineCom Planter, Mr Jerri; Ca#e. i?»co]d ei- periccccd hasd a; pJAntin^ corn,, having bear en- gi^tfd 13 year* making «nd n-in^ check row Planter*. He invcnic*! and patented tbe Urn ftentcrUiat «TCT vxd a doable drop, witbost Chichi Planter is wonhl«5 He i* al» tUt ficst ODC TO jmkc a woold cot dop in wet ^ He lomr felt the of * nerlce to *prcad corn in tbe hill, Uicc baad planting Ilbczpcnence IB the field taojtbt him thip t and, alter ion? Mndy T Le inTcnred the Spreader. witbomt a*? now c?cd, Tms ILLCHXXX. JUjay bate tric4 to !DV«« «ccj»pU«b the rawe object on Ills but ^P ACRES CH01CX pain or prosrore in ther li«t I A unw *c« ***, Fajroix «d bike cold easily, 500 may T«t assured tnat j good fere; dwelling hoiwe, jfc. yon hircthc Catarrh. Thousands aunoal- ACBE «ll half of the above symptoms, terminate in consumption and end in tbe grave. Ho diseases is 90 com,more deceptive or lees understood by R. V. Pierce, «L D-, of Bcffa- M OME G O » CTTT fiSalDKNCES, AT ^ ^j g, t 4SWM j fe^o. TO LOAS. MOHTGAGKS BOUGHT lo, N. Y-, 15 the proprietor of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy*--a ptrfat Sj^ffajhr Gatttrrhr "cold in the bead.** or catarrh*! headache which he sends to any frddresa, post paid, for siity cents, or four packages for $2. Sold-by most wdeffa W. 6. ffadgworti 60 EOF Favorable Notoriety.-- The good reputation and Mteoded c$e of" Brown** Branched TVodlr^forcocgln.Col^ ind Throat DI*GES« has cocked tbe Trodics to be erten^velj itniutod. Obl«in only Troche*," Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS, local applied to Teirtor to bj cqomliy w porafol «· time ofnitro-gly ctrinc, wbife it is pef«*iy awfe aud *t irben *Wcd or toadied; in napcca ova J3D«. alw to 4JTV313 j Uibnsr, who lhi« f^^^f r ^ Mr. will witJi h5as h T * H* ^ *" · Do by UHT Will aw j ocJj *inct ba3f tht tUpalatcd price; and ibe pfeintiff brocgfat «i and do pot be influenced by thow *bo nuke more profit by »eUing worthless imitation*. from .-- The T to Gtmattiral bUck or brown by the hair dr«s and kiwdftdprc* panticn5, is indeed * i^ckczdiar tni!siL VITAS-IA^ on tbt otbrr^baod, re- natural boc to A sbmdc^ *od is West 2nd St., Darenport, Iowa. K . j* .^^ · ^ h ·- i (tilorci TBtti you t-ce we offer von a Planter-- the rclermn Pinter of )iat of patents on U: R*ls*veA, ' J NOTCBL IS, · hare October 6, 13CS. ab« Z. 13BB. April », , Jcnowin^that ih; for it. *e cooidmUy ff Oivcoport. J,S X iwewne. H- tOFLAXP A CO.* Jiareaffo, J. P. KKTCBAX, DcfMolnc*, AtNSWORTH Jt lorn tilt;. J. T- TT1BTKR. Crf»-JUpi(!?, A.VSRILL A H Brooklyn. C. H. LIBEV. Kcmum, WM. VAUGBX A SON. ColQatttt City. C. A G. U HAfifGIWX. We Ub*m FULLER SAYINGSBIJTC (It 6 per cent lotinst paid on Deposit-?. n · rB»«a! SMttrftr, Prad*3catin. II. A7f I'RE*KV. TYea*. " 3LLTT3IR, ~ * good* dealers obtained the ap- Mr-W.i. tbc right man i U«r riijbl pUcc. ic »dwQotr*" (mil throo^h daiij. frcigble-i vttb from lircc tc ten to * ' iii* tyto ,,,, w^c- ItishwlwwUiatili - ?.^ 1 * rr "?' : J *-'H:''ywriw and aia 4b-; ·*a«r7tccrnic mad - -* Ctictna KtSlrcmd. vilfti * ^kotftieiB of MT- «rnl Jwei of laud, for 13xc nvmn of lie hoyii! irnm hbrp!i pirc flic TV'miw nayii 4i»c3T IfceWcrt. *TCTJ eijtW-cwlcitto article dc- stft localjon, nr* jwivanSJ^cK. fcbool^, cfaurchcK, c»di- rector; eootaiaji two LarxlfM aod ttirty- SaUcr of Kebraiict. wort Ibt blind toctorer. Kcr, i» Fndaj, Cajrt. Safidy. of Otttnn' State O«63t^x*t.sodW3Hl f. -of tbc A3Wa fyirrxf* iffM i» tcrwu in Vflr3on. Ht B /f tl* 2nvfL A, H. Stwtmwoi, LrorJKcnButj niUic Sate ?«Beni3 adrertiaenicni of Dr. JBntU* Dwperwrr, headed. Book f^r tbc mHIioD --MARRIAGE GUIOS--in aaAba column. It sbnald be read hr *1L . . THE iDATESPORT SATBWSBIOT, HRST UTIffial BJUIK MHLDHIG. CHICAGO. c on ^fr ia ali principal ciUo? irtf oc T-oncion, IrekmU M' 1 ponte anc ^*Id and stoct? bougui and iold- NATIONAL BANK OF DAVENPORT, Capital, ^ - - - $|00 f · f Varnishes COLORED PAINTS, , - f STRTCTX.-S BLEACHED OIL V«5 itiS LO Figured and En ton elect GLASS, $50 GUARANTEE $50 For every «* of WHITE LEAD fold by us bcarittr the brand, * "Southern Co.'s Strictly Pure WhiteLead, St, Louis," 1 . P IF FOUND TO COM THE SLIGHTEST ADULTEfiATIOA 1 WHAIEWI, 1 ' ' . '_ we ttfrcr to pay tfee sum of FIF^T DOLLARS and co»t of an n If it · ^ to any penoti briuciof proof of Imparity* March -25 U. N. ROBERTS BRO. PIANO FORTES-NEW YORK. TRIUMPHS.WT SUCCESS OFFICERS: . c. WADSWOBTH, OOCLD LD, I .n-Htbtotf. W. D, IBVtKK. vmECIOBS: W.C 3 K-Smith. ... .. . _ . _., C.»- WaUdrr, Jr. Ii. B- If cycr, Gw^r XXCtUKGB Sought nti Sold cm tb« matt fkrom- COLUSCTJOXS %adc on aH actc»ible poinle* Mtd drawn M all tfcc principal cities and towns in GOLD A^D STL VEEBocght *ad Soil. ·Utfcet price Mid for GoM Coapntt*. GOVEEraiKTTT BONOS-- EopecM attn tion glret o i3e pgJTfrtfe and aaJc We make ottf own duft« oft foreign iao tibenl treatzomi. fc«a tieenl Hatntmfi l5nAae^ irt To c^ir gosnxicrt'vc pledge DAVENPORT. FURNITURE c os Bradbury Piano Fortes. VIKSimiB!*l||7ns received within four wcrk5 -Two Gold Medal', Diplomas, mnkine in all Sevtn Firet Fremiutas, from «Wlv Falra, for WM. H. BBJU7C7HT8 Seal* held At the Acrnddnyof MufiCln Jafr. heldat , w jthln t£c brieffpacc of four Week*. Two GoMM^dalfi arc from tbe Fair of tte September. 1WJ. "fortlw bert J-* September, JSra 4 '"for ifcc Two tfCTtr in the history of tb* trade wert tomboy flrtt P«toinm*fcDovnu)!ef:ivcn of time. the Kcw short lly «nd and JProf 4 of nearly all :fcewtH knowti mnHciate of Sew Pftco*. tt e are nbo reccivinc e ,, Zsdell, Heljer^ Fradell, Wd oth- Toik. *o tt*T» from first cU*« Teacheri- and JProfefmr? of oflier cities ^nd town?. *nic le?timozd«l« from Geutcalk. XaMn. Sau^crton. I*atU*GU. er-, were oc!r Ri^«i after thorottcb anl icpejj^O :riA!i- frr f**er*: PECULIAR CHARMS OF THE BRADBURY PIANO. It* «dap£cU9Q to the Hunan Voice as an acromptniaenL, owing to it- peculiar sjmpatheiic, rich and powerful lone. mal acqoalntaCe with the firm, we car. emJorj-e ibcm a0wonhj of the Wcarcnstog(h«BcKJbtiry Fiaso ia onr fimllje*. asd thcyirire eftitr^5AiL*aciioti- at a diftacc ccrf el no hesitation in aeadicg f^r their IlIci«U2i«4 Trie- L*gt, and oideriar fro i t Therm reliable, - . : . - - Jte, U.S. Grant, Ktecntire lUwloiu W«hiarton. D.C- - Cbicr Jaaticr Stimoii P. Chftn, WohifiCtoii. D, C. Tfc^Arfmlr^) D. D. Porter, Anrtxpoli** 5lc!. CoauuCKler ?f_ B- Htr-faoa* Atm*p*fe. Jktd. IToxi. Co*iniabn^ DcI«3O. Wubic^oit. J C. ^y_ Sl^Bj?fOfl* cuuDO ji* S. c-otrrdn. jiOilJiiS^ i^ri ·£« £_ 0- Jkficv. Bi^lipp M- £k Cfltnc2t h New Vort E-t, Ibonpwtt, Bwbop 1L K. Ctnrcb. inn-ion, Her. Pi£ 4 *cl CaiTT. Editor Cfartetu Her, D. PRJ, Ae«i*t»i J£dtvrr CbrirtUn ', Joscpt Cuamiifigt IVee't Wei^eni Chictf o Chri*ti*u T. S. Arthur. Rev. ffCuntc D, l. Lore. Pa. 5cboo! Advocate. p*nd«mi, -\drocatc. Hrv, Alfred ConfaoaiL 1 Ser. 4tfca CooktoAfi, P^tor, Bedford Cfasrth. S. Y. tr. D. P. Kiddct. rarrct BibKoil tn*t.. W G. Kli-hcr, Prnf. Mn?ic, («-ard Collcre. Kc^A.-T KTnctt, I, J_, 3L £. , EJ. Jr. ICmd, A R«». . Dr, I"±nl M- S- Chttrtb, li. T. Biblical U-litmc, 111 F. G. SMITH CO.. JLaic SopL and Suoccswr to WM. B- I5RADBURV. No. 14 East Second Street. Private Houses, Hotels and Offices C AS- BE FCRMSHEP WITH EVEHTTHISG ia^ibc Foraiiurt, Carpet and Upholster? lice » ircll htrc » Js CbicmC'»,T »3T adtr F. «. R. T MARBLE WORKS , 5« to CHICAGO, I LLIMOIS, Here Ye! Here Te! Here Ye! j Six Per Celt. litHBS! Paid OR GREAT ESOTSMENTJI DEPOSITS. POSITIVELY NO HUMBUG ! CIOSIIG our rnmw STOCK G. PATENT HAMMERED HOKSE JVABUS. f^rt lit* DEY GOODS, ^^^"-^^i^ ^*^ ^^*-^^^» · TM ^^^^ -· *^m^«^-- Paper Mills, I t* L-1- Parlor and Library Furniture, CnruaJn*. Ormp-ry »·! Satatde*^ CA¥PJE'TS! DAYEISTORT MABBLE WORKS eft PQITAHU^ 9cft»en4 ITALIAN «»-i AX fEinCAN Marble.4olie«fl I*dtl»3»»«. ri« IVpaif «»dCr j«.. Floor Oa-Cloths, loftt «3ry JimTI -wr k*f LOCKSMJTH. DAVCNPORT. -- -- ------* -^*- m-%i -«^ ······ Life Insurance Co,, o r C H I C A G O , i arlor Furniture. AND BELL *« "f rttrt * ^ ·r » , B*3J. Tbcyarc J.T». -wall taftor tiic -Sdd *· * wcrut a* KtttowM. t**irc1 1 h«c»lmc'flc»iiflt Vt tt^ 471 Proprietor, tn ,Vf/3 ,t- r r n tWCOJTOd T':N A urw fftrr^ft i : ; fritad ;uLt' Mt Bride ^ rtw irifr ci'^ji!;ff *3ifrmd nwy -y j«*t- : itnd t-" IH; Ctft C thfT'titflwiiy Vi R JiTapCT Tli^ irtp'Timrittj, w*rw tflftflr tf n t}|f R.r,imiEii Medial Eectridans, J H TOT rrK JfJlATfT UP «UPPifi P4PE8 Letter, Sole, DYSPEPSIA ! fl. At . In *wtflc. tbt RKPAIKLAG. tw- ! Bvihnp W. W "hnlrtttinl ^tTR. irnfl Itr jirujHtrtlr** ir-p , T. rr , flllttf Utri-Pt. NATIL\a\ CO., 13lli TAILORING L i f i U i T F l l . M U E E , -30 Office Furniture. nr-cnrtluiit:- -r, tfc YJ,- 7n--n.-lf*t t . ,4 «, art jff-i.,. rfa,*. mm · . 9 * 1 " ^"«1 A«Hiti1, ^ ilw *»ti«i'- frf!«».·« '-ii!H«.d -At, Mfirnhanf Tai onn? 'r-=- r -rj^r^-:-r^^»s.^ Ifflvl UIIDIIl II8IIUI1HH L -;r"' · : " )I11 ' ttl '"" r -" n n^-^"^ ll n- l| '^.-'^. ; ri«t ^BL_^H d ^ if V *] tfs tf _ J*^^**%^ f4 mf% i d t4f' ^ ^1^ ^^a* . -- 4 j4 J^4 _ _ . I . . ^ ^i» f : '*'" f ^ n *^»* *v ff * ^ fcHtti «aia 4-*·«««»«* l»--;irH v *"vwJf GESEHAl WIUIS CEBTiFJCJlTE. Wf/i*rf*-, Jmtnnrj- 13C 7^71^ f Til AT TTlSKt -- _ _ , - ' - - - r - p . - , , , , , - - . I f c H - T l . J J | | - | - -nrtj- - f - n U i t r n n fltn- ^ Ji^cnili-* A U 1*CK ta ^f ^^^F^fmmw^MWTM ^ali^» ^^·^^·^^^··a^^^^i^i^a^ia^a'^B^B^i^i^^a^B^UB A T -**f Irf'ift ·Orithmc -*v ftfl *»miwi{J-1natjO 1*wni|itirt fniHiutO Srmcg and STindmg Oesls, ·unfl . lt«n»p»w*flaTi»imtii mtfl TJm-V ttv miC ri-m.ihr*«fl HTtfl***tiWlrtfl0 7«rt)rtt3nr, CTJr 'flic cflr* 4 «TVI-!|- nf Mi tufMimnry Ttmifl m»r nmin twj Urrt ji!i;rvi) fifflpt, *i*t flimnifl ' ' iMtjirt .»;. of * f PtTa-tifitt'J ·dejdh f -f f't'T f::'.1^ fcttd twt, inches. OuH erne -riw ,-. ,vi * ' C A. D I 1* 7i*cj*.tf»fl Eloctro-Tbemwl CHAS. H. ELDftlDCE, Ocneral Ins »Tf7» OFFICE, , l»rr "»" J!**|ir flf ?." f*. fr*rm Tlir ^.' "f Tltt*rr»irrti *ffinr ("w Tpfrfm TffbniR i Mbn ^. T,. »i«r. «*****·« *nj Hruflx W . DAVENPORT, IOWA, SAMUEL ROBERTS, i*n iroC ·IB flat W: irtriJc t M «'fl '· ftw . . 3JttjmD3ia. .«^r. ;: Book · 'f 7Vfl i w*l*lifri | rj-^r, ^ITTTV Ifirr flTifl ^t 1 Tl'-nl j IT). \-rff 1*i Want*! *t(*|tfl f fP lirf WUGS,

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