Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 5, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1890
Page 4
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- Palace Shqe Stobe » ORand Hotel Block, State Street, URIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF Ms, Sto, Slippers & f run TIIK KPIIIKM AX» MUMMER TRADK, Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers look at the Latest Stylos ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low as Reliable Goods can possibly be sold. JEMS GASH, AND GASH ONLY! If you wnnt Credit, wo cnn't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. | All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. E5. AMES dte Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Cal. l DAUGHTERS OF EVE. Catherine Lee Bates, tbo novelist, kte professor of literature In Wellea- ge. ladgtone always attends meetings ment when either her husband or Herbert la to speak. waring tn a velvet robe ef magenta I offlolal reception, Kbne. Carnot, the French president, baa revived ir as a fashionable one fn Paris. »ry Walker Is a helpless cripple without money and almost with ids. Senator Erartahaa introduced pay her *10,000 for services In hos- Irlng the war. J Chicago's pretty women is Miss akley, a slender blonde of graceful ark blue eyes and light curling le is an expert tennis player and all out-of-door sports. rantess of Til la Gonzales Is eon- he handsomest woman In Madrid, ill, graceful In figure, with large w and a beautiful complexion, and j attached to her husband. all Archduchess Elizabeth, daugh- i late crown prince of Anstrla, is e growing exactly like her mother, e girl Is an enthusiastic entomolo- | never leaves the castle of Laxen- Jbere she lives, without a butterfly the most noted newspaper own- It west la Mias Winifred Sweet, of nciseo. Her most Important feat Islt the leper island of Molokal, [awalian group, where no woman few Sisters of Mercy had ever set Vanard, a poor woman in Paris, low years ajfo, arrived at compe- collecting orange peel, and thereby helped herself, but gave occu- i others. She became a rich person, patroness of art and a regular »f the opera. attest girl in Paris." the late Vic- itlu, was only 19 years of age and 470 pounds. She was engaged at 1 theatre, but her size was such made vary few appearances. It seven strong men ta «ssu,t her bouse to the stage. nnie Howard, daughter of the late 5. Howard, of New Orleans, built ial to her father, and Instead at a ; she chose a library and dedicated i women of New Orleans. The is a marvel of beauty, after the tyle, and oost 1100,000. Jrdance with a curious Austrian no of Archduchess Valerie's wed- I has been a collection of articles ng worn by ber in her days of 1. Her first wee pair of boots, pra- r this purpose by her nurse, was » her at Vienna by that worthy vho had traveled a long way to m in ber nurseling's hands. RM OF LITERARY COPYRIGHT. A Strong* Defense. Near Fayetteville, Te.nn., shortly after the recent cyclone which did so much damage in that, stole ami Kentucky, old Jed Tompkins, colored, wn* hauled up before Squire NrtBots for stt-tilitiK one of Col. Uallentyne's sheep. j Before the trial the .squire, the colonel, Jed and several others were Umn^inK in front of the squirm's dingy little olllco, all ; hands, with the exception of .led, rcitiiini; incidents of the terrible storm: the squire , winding up with a tree on his farm from which the wind had stripped the bark, and J the colonel "seeing" this with a brick wall ; ou his place through which the tornado ; hod driven a wheat straw. Ou the trial the evidence was all against , Jed, the colonel identifying the sheep. ; which had been found hanging upon Jed's : back porch. "I'll have to hold you, old man. unions i you can explain how that sheep came '. there," said the magistrate. ! "Caln'i 'splain, 'square," Jed answered. "Wen I got up in de inawniu' dat sheep was jea layin' dar.'' "And you don't know who brought it there?" "No, snh— 'lesan de cyclome Mowed it dar." "Aba! 'Lesan decyclomeblowed it dar, eh? And did you ever see a cyclone that could skin a sheep?" "No, sub, I cnin't say as I has, lesan 'tv;ar dat same cyclome what peeled 'Square Nation's tree en driv do straw throo Col. Ballentvne's wall." The squire pulled up his specs and took a long look at Jed, and the colonel arose and stated that he would not prosecute the case further, as this was the first cyclone that had ever blown any of his property into Jed's possession.—Louisville Courier- Journal. STRAY BITS. ttnt OR K»y. The Court—Guilty or not guilty? Prisoner—Guilty. Court—You fully understand the nature of the charge against you, I presume." Prisoner—I do. Court—And yon still plead guilty to having struck the blow which resulted in the death of Terrence O'Shaunnessy, together with his horse and load of hay? Prisoner—I do. Court (after a pause)—Well, while the court would be justified in prououueing the full penalty of the law in your case, still as this la your first offense, aud especially as there appear to have been some mitigating clrcumstonces. 1 am inclined to make your punishment light. The sentence of the court is that you go free, but that your portrait be published in the St. Lonia dailv newspapers.—Whiteside Herald. Of the S08 new roses produced during 1880, 73 are credited to Krance, and but r> to the United States. A marine on duty at the nnvy yard is uuable to speak aliove. a whisper, in consequence of having habitually eaten i <uu.pu\v- der for years. The deepest running strewn that is knoV^T; is the. Nhiioiry river, jii^i iiiulri i'iio suspension bridge, where it is Toil feet deep by actual measurement. The little bronr.e Vlotoria cross is probably tho proudest of all modern war decorations. Its owners, counting living and dead, uumU'r ouly -450 persons. It is estimated that Sl .m.OUO i« invested In the Delaware river sturgeon fishery industry. The catch of is valued at SHOO.OOO. and 2,072 men are employed. Pineapple growing has become a large ' industry In Flc4ida. The- Melbourne News j says: "From 160 to 4O0 crates of pineapples ; come tip ou every trip of the St. Lucie." The percentage of light lost in passing ' through window glass is. through clear | glass, 1*? per cent.; slightly ground, "4; ! half ground, 35; all ground, 4(1, and opal j glass, B0. | Negroes of all ages are attending school I at Meansvllle, Ga. One negro woman, 75 ] years old, goo. and carries her children, I and a, negro man, So years old. attends I school and Is In his A. 13. Cs. | One of the peculiar industries of Kern I county, Cal., Is the collection and shipment j of horned toads. They are Rold to tho Chinese, who use them for medicinal purposes. They are considered especially valuable in the treatment of rheumatism. The fact that the waves of the North sea differ in shape when caused by northeast winds under high pressure front those caused by a southwest wind with low barometer is considered as a proof that the air in fto anti-cyclone la a descending current and the air in a cyclone an ascending current. By saturating bullets with vaseline they i may be easily seen in their course from the j rifle to the target. Their trajectory course I is marked by a beautiful ring of smoke, • caused by the vaseline being Ignlte .d on j leaving the muzzle of the guu, the, smoke j beiug suspended for Jome time in tbo air If | not too windy. The largest room in the world, under one roof and unbroken by pillars, is at St. Petersburg; it is (120 feet long by 150 In breadth; by daylight it is used for military displays, and a battalion can completely maneuver in it; 20,000 wax tapers are required to light it; the roof of this building is a single arch of iron. An t 'lifalr I>erlslon. "I hear that llase Drummer is to be sent back to Kurope." "Yes. They decided he was not an artist " "llnw did they reach that decision?" "Well, unfortunately the collector had a headache when the trial came on, and after the third whack he decided the man was a nuisance."—Harper's Bazar. INTERNATIONAL! Didn't IVnnl An, 'I've fliscov.-iliffl," m\i VVHVtUi Willie, i ton, "thai my name is not in tlin census i wecolnln." "Indeed." *uii<i Mi*** Belle Pt -pperton. "Y-iis. 1 don't see why it was left out." "Perhaps they didn't want to put the I population of Wa^hin^ton down at 239,- 71X1},,'," replied that youn# woman.—Wash• Ingtou Post. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure anil Sale. The Best Selected Stock of VNERAL MERCHANDISE LEW IS A CO , Jluiatifft, Ever Brought to A Seemlns Krror. Cleverton—1 see the papers are criticising your grammar in our interview the other day. You had asked Travers to dinner and you said "I don't see why Travers don't come" instead of "doesn't come." Dashaway (gloomily) — Those editors don't know Travers. When I ask him to dinner I always refer to him as plural.— Life. fcmark and Holland It is for fifty Ivla it is for tho full term of the life. ico, Guatemala and Venezuela it letuity. rabla It is for the author's life and ars after. h Africa It is for the author's years in any event. ;• it is for the author's life and B after; the full term to be eighty iny event. St Britain it is for the author's even years after bis decease; te be > years in any event. isia it is for the author's life and • after, and in Tunis for the au- I and fifty years after, in it is for the author's life and I after, and in Spain for the au> and eighty year* after. luui it is for the author's life and a after, and in Ecuador for the lie and fifty years after. ray it is for the author's life and a after, and in Peru for the lie aad fifty years after. ce It is for the author's life and r» after, and in Germany for the Ife aud thirty years after. rla it is for the author's life and re after, and In Switzerland for r's life and thirty years after. I it is for tho author's life, wid- , children's lives, and twenty r the close of the latest period. II It U for the author's life end [after; in Sweden for the author's Kn years after, and in Rouurfinia •tlmr's life and ten years after. Iho existing law of the United pyrlght is granted for t.-»enty- i, with the right of extension for nore—in all, forty-two year*,— |iia Item. A Stutter of Neeeswlty. Dashaway—Where did you stay in Newport ? Travers—I had myself arrested aud went right to jail. Ilashaway—For heaven's sake, what did you do that for!' Travers—It was the cheapest place I could Hud.—Life. TYPEWRITER. A slrkily lirHt machine. Fully wuiTuntt'il. Matin from very best nr.iU- rinl, by nk il IpiI workmen, ami with Mm best I IXI I H tluil linvo over hepn <ievine <l j (or 111o purpose. Wiirriiiilcd to do all tltitt can he rouwinnhlv expected oi Urn ! very best tvpewrttor e\lititt. l'ap:ilili' <>! : wriiinir I Til) wonin per minute—or more— : acconlitiir to the ability of Mm operator. PRICE, - - SIOO.OO. CAL, Must be Cleared within town, If tliere IH no agent itt your dress the manufacturers: THE PARISH MFC CO. Anient* ]\\intat. I'urifh. X. STKXOliKAPHY and TYPEWRITING FKKE. FirMt-class facilities and best of teachers. AddresH, with stump ior return postage. THE PARIS I! MF'G. CO. Pariah, N. Y. Goods Will Be Sold '1EO. J. lutmvx, I'cfcuJunt. BEE SUPERSTITIONS. Baggage Smasher- ing valise, but It is smash well. -This is a queer look- heavy and ought to Drummer—Well, I fancy that's tin: last time he'll fool with the baggage of the agent of the Great American Spiral Spring company.—Munsey's Weekly. He Discovered Her Age. Mary Jane—What did yeh tell Silas Jones when he ast yeh fer me the other night that yeh had set apart, a calf 1 'er me on my first birthday? Her Father—I thought he'd like teh know it. Mary Jane—Well, after yeh told him he w cut dow» teh the barnyard un' counted the rings on the ole cows horns an" I ain't seen him since.—Chatter. ! BICYCLE NOTES. > about half a million bicycle* t ea turning lu Great Britain, he English vUler, will show bit pie of the American safety riders neets. Ho has a record of 'im. i mile, and at Berkeley Oval re- (sov.vxi excellent form. jtice of carrying small children i the front of safety bicycle* i* a irons oue. The vibration at the jnistlilne is most Intense, and 1* use serious nervous diseases. arte, the English crack, la of the ) WllHt Wlndle can ride s mile on the P&ddlngton truck-. The i track to three and * bait lap* i and the surface t* like glass. nthusiostlc beliitrers in co< kreand riding on a trloyole is [lllgginson. He <«kwi a dally els, *nd ascribes to this exeref *• ; health whlou he ha* regained. gelectlnit a Turf, Chicago Actress—I should like to have a part in your revival of "Cinderella." * Theatrical Manager—Do you think you can play the part of Cinderella? Chicago Actress—N-o, but I'd do beautifully as oue of the sisters whom Cinderella's shoes wouldn't lit. — New York Weekly. lufiviuouslleNS at Sea. Ijord Ilewgag—That's me cousin Welt- lll^haiu just coining up. He won the last Derby. MisH Austin (of Texas)—That's nothing. Papa won two sombreros, a wolf skin cap and three plug hats on Mr. Harrison's election.—Puck. Bees, It is said, object to thrive if dishonestly come by; on the contrary, they forthwith pine away and die. The swarming of bees ou a piece of dead wood is regarded as a sure sign of death in some districts of England. In some parts of England the entrance of a bumble bee Into a cottage is looked upon as o certain sign of death. To sell bee« for mouey Is considered a most unlucky proceeding, but tliey may be bartered away and all will go right. Quarrelsome people, if inclined to live in the country' and keep bees, are warned to mend their ways or their hives will soon become deserted. In France, when the mistress dies, the custom is to tap thrice ou the hive, repeating these words lu French: "Little bees, your mistress is dead." It is a common sayiug in Hampshire, England, that, bees do not succeed at. all in storiDg up honey wheuever there are wars abroad.—Loudon Standard. In some parts of England the bees are not only informed of a death in the family, but their apiaries are decked with crape and the bees are invited to the funeral. Informing bees of a death in a family is a custom still practised in many parts of England. If the necessary formalities were not fully conformed with the bees would certainly take offense and leave their hives, never tn return. Itt Lithuania, Poland, when the master or the mistress of the house dies, not only the bees, but the live stock generally are supposed to be acquainted with the fact by the rattling of a bunch of keys, and if this were omitted it is thought t he stock would til?. "WOMEN AND MICE. The reason why a woman Is afraid of a mouse is a profound mystery—indeed, it has never been very clearly nroven that she Is. but some women arc constantly In such a nervous, irritable condition that tho slightest tiling annoys and staitles them. The cause of this unfortunate state of affairs Is usually some functional derangement; some distressing or painful irregularity, some derumre- mcnt or peouliar weakness incident to her sex; or, it may be due to inflammation, ulceration or displacement, of some of the pelvlo viscera, or to other or|nv,,ie lesions peculiar to her eox. From whichever cause It may arise, Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescription Is a pnaltivo remedy, BO certain in its curative results that its manufacturers sell it, through druggists, under a iniara»t«e of its giving- satisfaction iu every case, or money paid for it. will be promj>(/;; re- funtled. As a soothing and strengthening nervine, " Favorito Proscription" Is unequaled and is invaluable in ailavingand subduing nervous excitability, irritability, exhaustion, prostration, hysteria, spasnia and other distressine;, nervous symptoms commonly attendant upon functional and organic disease of the womb. It induces refreshing sleep and relieves mental anxiety and despondency. Copyright, 1838, by 'WoilLD's DlB. Men. ASS'K. IW0ODW<ARK>\-> : T.' : ft'iV ^ 1 ;^!i^;::; :: :^o;-"'-,^ ST.iDLMS.Mt). The Now Home Sewinv Maculae Company, Piiellle Depnnincnt.TMslrlbutinK OHiee,7'2u -Mnr- ket street, lllstorv ItuiklhiK, Hau V lanciHco. rnl. CIIAU-WNT A li'N.NINlillAM, Still Audits, Ukiah, Oil. STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. piSO'R REMEDY FOR CATARRH.—Host. Easiest -*- to uso. Cheapest. Relief is immediate. A cure i eoi-Uiu. For Cold in the Head it bus no equal. A It IB nn Ointment, ot whieli u trainll particle is npplii i the nostrils. Price, &0c. Sold by druggists or set nail. Address, li T. H AZELTINE, Wnrren, Pa. DR. PIERCE'S PELLETS Laxative, or Cuthortic Antl-BUioiu Granules, are according to sl/.o of Ceiita a Vlttt. CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS SCROFULA COUGH or GOLD Throat Affecticn Wasting of Flesh ITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The Greatest Machine Ever Invented! y Latent and Hfost Perfect. Speed, ease of operation, permanent alignment and durability a upet'.ialty. POWERFUL MAN,FOLDER. All the typo cleaned by a brush device iu 10 seconds without soiling tha handfl* VIHTI:K OV AN- KXECUTIOX ISSUED out of thi> .Superior Court of the County of Pimm Cruz, of tin 1 .suite of California, wherein A, LewiAA C O .. pliiIutlH'H, JIIH *. Geo. J. Brown, tk'foiicliiut, upon, a judgment rendered Uie *2u(i ilny of vH'tolHT, A. 1). iww, for the sum of eleven huwhvd rtiul sixty-eight nud sixty-six one huu- tlredih.H (tlJtis.Cii) dollars, United Staten gold eolu, liesuk's ro'jiH and interest, 1 have this dny levied up-ni nil the rijrhi, Title, claim auri inter- i-t*t ot said defendant, (ie.o. J. Hrowa, of, iu and to t)io following described reul estate, to-wit: Boius in the village of Covelo, County of Mendocino, state of California: Commendui at tliu HOuthwest corner of lot of H. Mart-sand Main street, thenee enat SOO feet to county road, the nee south .SO feet to Die laud of Geo. J. Brown, thence west HOQ fei;t to Main street, thence north :;o feet to pnint of beginning, together with all the hereditaments and appurtenance* uerudu* inn thereto. l'r.bllc notice I*) horeby plveu that I will, ou The Glli day of Srptenber, 1890, at '2 o'clock i\ M. of Bald day, In front of the court house duor of the Oounl'v of Mendocino, lit I'kluu, sell at nubile auction, (or United Sintes gold coin, all the right, title, claim sud interest of said Ueieudaut, (ieo. J. Brown, of, lu and to tho above described property, or so much thereof as tnav he necessary to rut«e aufncleut to sntlafv suld Judffinent, with Interest and costi, etc., to the hlKhect and best bidder. Dated this ctb doy oi Auirnst, litsO. J. M. HTANDI.BY, Sheriff. Il.v T. 3. WKI .D0 .V, Under Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of (he Sale ol Beal Estate Under Execution. S. GirtBOX and -MARTIN COKBIT, V. M. ASBlhl. and J. 11. ASU1L1/, Defendant \ w LEO. E. ALEXANDER & CO., 'JI8 Sansonic Street. San l ' - raiiclscn. General /»"ents. VIRTUE OK AN EXECUTION ISSUED out oi the Superior Court of the County ot Mendocino, of the State of California, vrheroln K. 8. Gibson aud Martin Corbit, plalntln'a, onil F. M. AFblll aud J. 13. Asbill, defenilants, upou a Judcmcut rendered the llith doy of July, A. D.> 1890, for the sum of three thouhaud, oue hua- drad twentv-sU and seventeen one hundredths dollurs, United Slates gold coll), besides costs unrt interest, I bavo thin day levied upon all th« rlL-ht, title,claim and Interest of said defendant, F." M. Asbill, oi, In and to the following described real estate, to wit: The possessory elalut and improvements and all the right, title, claim und Interest of, In and to the ranch generally knoiru as the Summit Vallev ranch iu Mendociuo enuntv, Callforulu, helni? about. 20 miles northwest of Covelo, lu township '£i and 'U uurtli, range 13 west, M D AI. and also all Improvements, possessorv, elalm aud all right, lilla claim and imerest ol V. M. Asbill, of. In and to the ranch genorllv known as tile Bald Mountain ranch. In Mendocino county, California, boluit about 18 miles norlhvvestof Covelo,In townsliltw •Jl and !Si, north of ranges 18 and 14 west,.M D Si. Public not lee 1» hereby given that 1 i, ill, on the lltli dny of September, h. P., 1890, al - o'clock l'. M. of said day, iu front of tho court house dc.orof ihe County of .Mendocino, al I'klah, sell ut public auction, (or (lulled I States gohl coin, all the right, title, claim aud Write for descriptive catalogue and prices to i interest of said defendant, F. M. AsbiU, of, lit ' and to the above described properly, or as much tlicseof as may be necessary to raise aufflclent to saltsfy said judgment, with Interest and costs, etc, tb the highest and best, bidder, limed this Tib dav of August, 1800. .1. M. HTANDI.BY, Sheriff. IlyT. J. W KI.IION , Under tfherllf. LE TRIANON, Blue Lakes, Lake County, Cal. I.I.VIMK.VT Has x« ' Would It lie. do»o—.Just imagine the cane now. Fuddle: If you were in a burning house with your wife and inother-in-law, and could save but oue, which one would it bef Fuddle (hnviuK scratched Ilia head thoughtfully;— Why, myself.—Life. he True riilluaoptiy. i rich man all remind ui i imka our own mhllmo," | felUwrai cdvortliiliig ; ^ lilKbnt •ummlt dlmb. i -Uruc oil anil Palm a*%>or+mr, i >J O M Thafr Tour. (K* soon com* to a tuoMk "f» long one. |ov»? A long; Felt Want. Knowles—i'asaett's making a fortune. Bowleo—How' Kii'/wlrH—He hai; invented a process for manufacturing interchangeable mono- grama for engagement rings.—Jewelers,' ; Circular. ] He Didn't. j Caller—Now, tell me, Tommy, don't you call your big sinter homely!' Tommy—-Woll, I gncsa not. She'd slap my face if I JH,—Enot:h. ATCHISON PHILOSOPHY. The devil grins when he hears of a man of forty trying to reform. The real dangerous things are usually regarded as perfectly safe. A true friend ia always doubtful of his attractiveness to his friends. Irony has saved mauy men from egot ism, and many wumen from vanity. Justice carries a two edged sword, but mercy purposely goes unarmed. I.n moat ca#es where people are wronged there Is contributory negligeuce. If you would be popular with all men, re.provo the wise and flatter the foolish. If you had been deceived as often as the world you would be just a.s incredulous. You hear very little about idealism from the man who has tried to be his own ideal. The hardest work a man does Is the work he does not do because he dreads to begin it. Man, like every story, lias two sides—one he shown the world and the other the world finds out for Itself. About the. first, (hltig the small boy begins to count when he has learned his numbers Is the warts on his hands.—Atchi&uu Globe. SC T EN W FIC SQUIBS. Star? I'lie Other Thing. Unstr.l«— Did yon get. that suit made to order? Dasale— Yes. ' Kaitxle— You would have done better had you not it mode to fit.—New York Horald. »h« llldu't Car*, yon have noma Ice cream, He—AVill Denier . Be»»l«-1 don't, can ii 1 do, ,H* (tutder hi*' brt&tb.)—I wish you didn't out* ifrou dlte't,— Kpaah. « Electric cabs have been successfully iu- titidneed lu Gertuany, The cause of sun spots is held to be the | result of increased electric activity on tho i sun. j Iu some portions of the world, at the time ot full moon, there is said to be a | tendency toward a dlmlnition of clouds. Experiments made iu Austria show that the addition of soda to Portland oemetit enables it to withstand the action of frost, i Apiarists that bees do not injure growing or fair fruit. The juice of tho sound fruit in Inimical to their welfare; ! but, though they will not, attack sound I fruit, they settle upon bruised and Idem. lulled fruit.— Sew York Times ! iia perfected target for firlug at the i suiuli firm ranges is worked by electricity. | By mcaiu of contact and A battery there U ! communication '.vkll the Indicating ap- 1 partitu* itt the ilrlng end ot the range snowing which section of the targot has been Or any DU /inse where Ms Throol and Liinga are ln/lntned, Lack of strength or Xerv i'owr, yon can be relieved and Cured by SCOTT'S PURE COD LJVER OIL With Hypophosphltes. PALATABLE AS IVJiLK. Aeh for SealC* (?itt,*isfoit, aud let no planatton or eolieltatioii induce you !• accept a tuliMttliite. Sold by all Drutjglsts. SCOTT * BOWNE ,Chemlst8, N .Y. For t'atnrrli €1. Peer. Try II. lniloi'Ncil i>y tlie Meillial Fnouliy. I'rcHri 11x^1 liy XniiSFriiurlteo 'K I.eailli,- j I'liysietaiis. IHJMIILIE VBEDIBE, PEOPBIETOB. THE F-irtST HOTEL COmiNO FKOHI UICIAM. I To cure lliliousnees, Sic!: Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take tho sttfo and certain remedy, BILE BEANS Uao (be »!WALI, HI*o (40 little, limine lo the bottle). TliBY AltK TUB MOST CONVENIENT. Price of cither al«c. 85«. |»«r Uottlo. SrslWWial »J |M»nc,ir.,r<ci., (coricr. „n:ai/n«>. ).r. SMITHiCO.M»iM>r.orfii!.E!i!:A.NB/'ST.lUklS MO. •TCT ?Wnf^ni M TrT M Simr .'r^^ ave tut J V 1»»2 J , you will liucl Campjior Chloral Liniment. O AKLAND , I'eurunrv 7,1S90. "This may certify tlmt we liuve HM-C I the (;. C. l.lniment In onr family, iiml imve found It to be the best and morft etuietlve medicine fur n«-n- nilKta find kindred ifinenseK of uny Hint we htivi; tried. WeCftu nuliesitHtiiiKlv iv ummeud it i\s n most jKjwerfnl findUHdfnl remedy." K. "It. DILIdC, I'/istr.rof the First ij. K. chun-h. For nil chronic eases, In connection with <~. ('. I.lMMKNT.use'TOMlHJl'Nn SULIMITK l'o\Y- 1>10R" for thormiKhly ileanslni: the blood und toning r.p tlK* entire 8V5tem. Ills put up only hy'She \\. II. iUniv Co.. i<> Hush street, iu IjirjT'' ImitlcK. I'riee fl per bottle, C bottleii for sent postpaid ou receipt of price. THE c. e. Ummext CO., 12 Dnsll Niece!, N. 1'. COT 1 FOR SALE BY AI.I. IJKU(iOI.STS .-5Sia Mcnfrnl MHiillg«'r tuill Serretnry. VI'- « AMI B'MMllll SUMMEK KESOHT ON THE SHORE OF BI UE LAKES, IN THKCEN- t, V r ' u- ''"'I'lry-old trees, l.awn tennis and croquet Krouuds, swings, hammocks, etc. outing, hatiuiigaud tlshluR. Klrst-chiss French cooking. ieSr -To cuiov a tine buudav party there Is no i.htce equal to "Le Trianon." " Notice to Creditors. TATE OF J. S. KOLMAN, DECEASED. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned iidmliilstrBtrlx of the esUite of J. S. Holman, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons hav- I IIK claims against the itftld deceased to exhibit ! them with the necessary vouchers, wilhin four I nionths after the ilrst publication of this notice, to the administratrix at her residence iu the town of Wllllts, Mendocino county, the aaiue being the place lor the transaction oi the business of said estate. MRS. D. E. HOLMAN, Administratrix of the Estate of J. B. Ilolniuu, deceased. August 4,1890. Vddress, EMILE Luke County. Oul. VERD5ER, Henha 1*. -S-ffBSCEIBE FOB THE!— MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT The Leading Newspaper in Menodocino County, Cal. SUBSCRIPTION PRXO£, - $2,50 PER YEAR 46-19 TTNITEL) STATES LAND OFFICE, SAN FRAN- IJ Cisco, Cal., July 1,1890. Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with the provisions of the Act of Cougrcss of June 8, 1878, entitled "An Act for the sale of timber lands In the States of California, Oreijou, Nevada and Washington Territory," SYDNEY U. MITCHELL, of Alameda, Countv of Alameda, Slate of California, has this day filed lu this otllcehls sworn statement No for the purchase of Lot 3 of Section No. 18, in Township No. 16 north,Uau^e No. 14 west, M. D. M., and will offer proof to show that the land souirht Is more valuable for vtsU:ahcr <,r ^u.n-' \l\uu lor agricultural purposes, aud to establish his claim to said land before the Kcgh lei a ,u Receiver of this olllce al San Francisco, Cal., on TUESDAY, tho £;d day of September, 1890. He names uw witnesses'. P. Ilothermel, C. 0. Merrell, T. J. Bailey, F. K. llulley, all of San Francisco, Cal. Any uud all persons claiming adversely tho above-described hinds are requeued to til** '.I'.tt? claims lu this olllce on or before suld '23d day of JOHN K. SI1EKHAN, Reglstar. flepteinher. BtKUikii Die r»m*rty .run need. Thar toneun 1h« w«nl< Kiumiteli Mini billlil upllie lines'"! c :iei-«lfi. ^iiffeiona from mem Hi or tihr^t'-'s" »v« ,,uuk ,, i:: f Jod jr»i.(»*r -.-c^ tlism winsiyauyarvoute*. . HOLlt iiVliJWXWHEllJB. The North Pacific Is&nd and Improvement Company will shortly put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah will and will furnish Electric Ligiits and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 09-71 New Chronicle Building-, San Francisco. Washing and Ironing! Ah Pooh's, tor. Church ami Nleveunon Nt<„ Uklnli. t f5k^Havlng purchased SlnirLec 'R lvash-housa respectfully solicit the patronageuf thonubll? Mushlntf.Iroulnir, and flitlun dSue will mat uessanddisputch. |10-0nO AH I'OOU LANES SPRINGS, Redwood Valley, Mendocino Couniy, Cal, FOUltTHEN MILES NORTH OF UK1AII. NO»A, IHOX, MAUXKKIA, MI.I'111'H, A.\» O 'lntlU WATKIIH. ,.,—- llest CainplnB Orounds iu the Pnuntv. )\ aler, wood aud grounds tree, (mod uastiira»o for horses al moderale rates. ••"••'>>' T. A. I.ANE. Prop. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE Dispatch—Democrat.

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