Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on November 20, 1895 · 12
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 12

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
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THE IIARTTOHD DAILY COTJIiAXT: WEDNESDAY. NOVEMKEll 'JO. 1895; 12 CITY ai VICINITY. ITxecntloii on Judgment. - J. rdrney Tutti'e of Now Haven ha levied n execution on a Judgment for asroafffs and $100 costs which . . . . .. ... Y.. Wiiiina i I a ! obtained troin jmin r. " I . . - i:M,.An tt ir. t rtat I "Willis K. Becker of lllis city. crdl VVork UulMt. The annual meeting of the Hartford JUai.ch Needle Work Guild of America will be hold at the nmm of the City Mif-pjon, IVarl street, to-morrow afternoon fit 3:S0 o'clock. The collection of prrnnts will lie on exhibition. Tea will he eerved during the afternoon. All are cordially Invited. w Joint Nook t'onipiiHle. ' The Iuff & SolIaie Dial Company has bi en orsranized at Thomaston, with a capital of $5,000. In 109 shares of :.0 ea-'h, S1.0CO paid In. The subscriber to he mutt nre , 11. Duff ami nineteen other resident- of TH mafitun. The Willimantie Cotton Mills Correlation, reeentlv organized at Windham, has a capital of ?1 20.000. In 1.200 Fhares of $100 each. 24,0fl paid in. The mbscribers r: Frank A. Haylo. rawtucket, li. !.. f.95 shares; Jos-jn Mercer. Williniantto. .540; John 8. Dye, New Redford. Mns.,-fi0. and James It. MacColl. Paw tucket, K. I., 5 fharea. MONEY SAVING ITEMS I In order to cloe out Rpi-vdtly Rome numbers of Allen Solly a bigh .r;ule hand-made Underwear which wit do not intcml to repleniah, we offer tliein at those ridieously low price: . I V; . Allen Solly's hand-made Heavy Winter JJalbrigrgan Sliirt or Drawers that mcd to self for t3.00, now - - - HOUGHflAN'S UME EXCUeE. faid II ."ot, the Molen llnriic f rom Man WIid Unillrad. Teter Houghran and Dennis, otherwise known as "Lemon" Smith, were charged, before Judge BUI In the police court yesterday morning with the theft ' three pet's of harness from the burn of the Hartford Street Hallway Cum-puny on Commerce street on August 14. John W. CiHipan defended Smith and HouKhran had no counsel. The evidence In no way Implicated Smith with the theft and a nolle was entered In the chaise against hint. Houghran denied Mealing the harnesses, but admitted Milint; them to Hans Falek. In whose 1 fM-f-Mon they were found. Hough-rnr. said they were given him to sell by Jim Crosson. who worked for .T. J. Poole and lived on Front -street. When Houghran made this statement Judge aritfteated that the cane b nd-j urned that Crosson might be iiim-li -cried, but ho was told that Crosson died last September. He fined Hough- iT.n lion and sentenced Mm to Jail for six months. Simoi. Itoholxer waa charged with ti'-n-support of his wife, Sarah. He pIcRderl not guilty and wan defended b- Jclm V. Coogan., 'Mrs. Tteheiser told the court that her husband supplied hei with but little to rat and My'. .Vcgat: Introduced hills from aeve.'ral git.cery houses which gave an Ircjproa-sion that Mr. Rehelser kept t",8 wife veil sui piled with all necestftie. The -rse adjourned for (. weeks .Icnmiah Sullivan waf9 fined $7 fur tne tntit or a coat valued at $2 from Th nms M. Foley. , The case agaOYM. Frank Sanford, ih.Mged with pfo theft of a shot gun valued Bt tK; was adjourned until 1o-lnorrt.w Jnder a bond of 1100. and the f.se fiQ'fjinfit John Ahern. on the charge of driri4pnness, was adjourned until to-da,if lmlor the same bond. JPTie case ngainsl. James Reynolds, barged with keeping the saloon at No. 'i." Sheldon street open on Sunday, mas aiij' urncd until this morning, as were b!so the cases against Terrence Kiilln and Thomas lienson, charged with Sunday sclting. 'l-..n. c ........ Clip sponges, fare sponges, etc. uouuwln's Drug t'lor topen all night ) Toot li Urn lies. Try us, W think we can please you, as we ha e the best. Newton's Ailyn House Drug Store. Stomseh troubles Instantly relieved bv T'ennin-Glnger and Ulsmuth. Sold by all druggists. lirlehl's Ilease, ' And nil kidney troubles, successfully tresttd with Washburn's Kidnacura. Ail ttrugaists have It. A Koyal Week FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. Wllh prices MarkeJ lown to Hard Tan, BAGDAD CURTAINS l or Vui"h f 'overs and !n Trapery. one kind S;i.37 eurli, oilier kind, $4.2. JAPANESE SCREENS. kind now K j.Olt. Tlieve creIl!l are the genuine article. RUGS. If you ever intend to buy a Ung now nr a year nenoe, I ti 1st Is your ctmnre. We sre cIopIiie tliem out for wnni of room. !.! Iiuh purchasing power of li.OW. 8 to 1, big odiie iu your favor. H. B. Brainerd, 426 Main Street. THE SECOND JVNOLK BOOK, By Itudyard Kipling. THE DAYS OV Al'1,1) LANG SYNE. By the Author of Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush. CASA BUACCIO. By F. Marion Crawford. A (rl'N n.lvMAN VAGABOND, By F. Honkinson Smith. THE B."HKBOIt'S CHTHSTMAS. By Robert tirant. BELKNAP UM booksellers and Stationers. ESTABLISHED tSt. I F. Corning & Co. 11 ASYLUM STREET. Offer Special Inducements lo Purchasers of HARNESS, BLANKETS AND ROBES. At Ibis time we have o.t band always a large and complete assortment of all grade of Harness. The Vlanket and finite H'ock was never better, with pri:rs way down and quality way up. Trunks, Bas, Dress Suit Cases, I'cck-cthovks. Allen Solly li,inI-mate Heavy Whit Angora SbirU or Drawerg.sizes 40 to 50 that used to sell for f 3 a garment, now Allen Sollr'a LalieV- hand-maile Whit Merino Underwear, Vesta 2o, 28, Drawers. 30. 32. 34. that used to sell for 14. 60, now - Allen Solly's band-made Scarlet All Wool Health Abdominal Dands, $1.75 grade, now . ' - - - - - Allen Solly's band-made Embroidered Cashtuare Sockn, that used to sell for f 2.00 pair, now - - - - - Silk Mufflers, Si.fio, $1.80, 2.2ft $2.45 Each. $3.45 Each. !i$l.45 Each. 88c 50c Tair. Sold formerly for 2.0H, ti.oo; E. J. SMITH & CO., 65-69 Asylum Street. EDWARD J. ROTTER, Manager. MEW DESIGNS 1 N HAITI BBCSIIKS. CLOTH BRUSH ICS, HAT HRlSHES. n VELVET BRUSHES, tf MirtnoRS. COMBS, g PUFF BOXES, - PUFF3 IN STERLINO BIlJfrCTl. ' HINSEL S & CO., Jewelers. 823 Main Street. Frosty Days Will Soon Be Here! Provide nfj.tnsf them with one of our F-U-R-S Our fur department l(-;inw complete with a full slock of Mtllor-made gar-msnt of our own . munufucture. Garment ti measure a, specialty, anil a per-fert fit guarantee, na all garments ar inml" for your jf'npproval. our French tatlnr system 'consists of 6fi measures; no trying yn V".-fbe gnrment Is ready for de-Hvpvi.' Kvery garment sold by ns is fully rrante(), rt-dy'lng and remodeling at tenoiiahle rates. 'We cordially Invite your Inspection, as we have exclusive styles. Estimates of cost for repairs on fur garments cheerfully furnished when the gi)0(l are at hand for inspection. R. P. Kcnyon & Co. iW-?39 Main Street HILLS BLOCK. Rich, Gold Jewelry; In Elceant Desiens. Wool Square Blankets, 84x90, AT $4 Heavyweight Handsome Fawn Color. Thsss are selected for the good trade. Smith, Bourn & jCo. Chrysanthemums ! All the different varlctlc at lowest prices. COOMBS, - Florist, r.S Main st. Greenhouse. 118 Benton st. The man who buys '. Uti V TOBACCO PAPER AND TWIIME heforegeHltig uir price and examining II19 quality of our good LOSES MONEY. V have the best )arerfor that money to le found lu New Knglan l. P. CARVAN, Wholesale and Retail Paper Dealer, 2(6-307 STATE STREET. WI.VCS. HHOOt J11.S. VS. I.I Vfc-J, firrns, m Troys. Hit At I: I. KTS, I.OIKICTS, IIAIX&, l-.TV. Holiday Stock Now Complete. Henry Kohn & Sons, JEWELERS. Two Floors. 360 Main Street. This is the Place To huy Opera Glasses mt very LOW PRICKS. Hartford Optical Co., Opticians, 4 State Street, Cor. Main. BESSE S ICE um Always FRESH and PURE. It you want the best, remember you will lind U at 239 Main itreet. P. & J. BESSE, The Lending Caterers. Hartford. 239-211 Main itreet; Boston. 1RJ Tremont street. Telephone connection. ANDREWS & PEGX, Manufacturers. Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Doors, Windows and Blinds. Flue Lining Akron Sewer Pipes. liw rrlces and Uojl Workintaihlj our Motto. US MARKET STREET. All ladies are not aware Of the fact that we give a great deal of attention to the get-tmS -together of many of their usedful articles of dress such as adies' walking hats, adies' walking gloves, adies' sweaters, adies umbrellas. Among the superior makes of Knglish walking bats that we cany is the "Knov" soft tourist bat, which has won much favor for street ve:ir. Our own special block too is fast becoming popular. The heavy walking glovi s show perfection in every detail; them's the lined, heavy Astrachau gloves and Fowne's lined English walking gloves in rairtdeer and dogskin. Fowne's three-button walking gloves in white and lemon shades are a features of this season's productions white and lemon, mind. The celebrated "Shaker knit'' sweaters, all shades an unmatched variety. Kvery style worth having in ladies' umbrellas. We're careful that the piices on all these things are such as will make steady customers of ladies who once buy here. Sufficient: I 1 OKvSFAU Sc ROTHSCHILD. FAMILY SUPI'I.H 3. We've Got A GRIP On the Hnsiss AMONG THE NEW THINGS TO-DAY ARE A new lot of Huntley & Palmer's Celebrated English Biscuits. - German Spice Drops, .novel and nice, 18c. pound. Outing and Golden Rod- The Latest. Put up in one pound packages.' Very nice' of an evening, 25c. box. Imported Sugar Wafers, (German). Hight flavors, 25c. box. Dr. Johnson's Baby Educator, 35c. box. Those Potatoes are turning out fine. Have you ordered ? l'rice is 45c. in quantity. Newton, Robertson s Co. CA ED If you want the Tenclerest, Sweetest Corn ever Packed, Try the BIJOU, i5c. per can. $1.75 per Dozen. HOlTEYlSROP, Is sold by many-as the best 12c. per can., $1.25 per Dozen. HAMLET, 12 cents per can; $i.25 per Dozen. If you want a bargain try the REVERE, 9 cents per can;-$1.00 per dozen. Woodward & Co. 174 Asylum Street. Hills & Company. "WEDNESDAY, NOV. 10, 1S;'5. We Figure For Quality First, Then Price. 7 That's one of the um'erlvinc-principles of this stoie. "What do you thiuk of it for a policy ? Doesn't it appeal to your good common sense your sense of economy? Certainly, then here. Be careful in buying potatoe whether it's a bushel or a cellar full. Begetting those nice, large potatoes that we're selling, Early Rose, White Stars and Ueauty of ron growa in East Windsor, you get potatoes that will keep perfectly sound until next July. Not a single poor potato in a whole bushel good cookers and free from dry rot. The price for these to-be-depended-upon kind is 55c. n bushel; and in 5, 10 and .0 bushel lots 50c. a bushel. h You Getting Ready for Thanksgiving? Abcut the First Thing to be Thought Of is The MISTCE If you make vour own Minrn Meat 'tis well enough to know where the best lilac e is 10 K,H the materials. We say. right hero at ly:l Aylum street. Th Citron lhc Haiin the Cleaned Currants, the Lemon and t tranee reel, the Spice!' AIt. can be found here at hetif best. Yes. at their VERY BEST best quality, best sortment. anil best prices for you. Come here and see. ' If vour time is taken up and vou must buy "ready made Mince Meat, you will Hnd tliat here too, the condensed kind, of whtiMi Hold Medal is the best. None Such, and New England, all (rood, and the Wet Mince Meat all ready for the vie is here-by the barrel. You can set any quantity you want, this Is lie. lb., but it s better than the ordinarv it's like the Heme Made. Art'LKS JltHI.KD CIDER. SWEET C1DEK. CI DKH .1KI.I.Y, ETC. Tut cider jelly In your Mince Ties, it improves them. J. P. GUlLf07ir3lsjta Street. THE ,CU. kUUuWIUUU M UlUlll PRINTERS, BINDERS. ANI Blank Book nufaciursrs, Job Lot naIls. THE El.ODGEir&CLAPPCO. ;uud 6 1 Market Sticcu CJXJTII1NO. KTC. We advertise only what we have. end exactly as it is. AN OLD SPORT. Arid he think ho knows It all. Terhap he does;. but one thing; that everyone In town, whether f?iort or not,- should know, Is that were having a tremendous ee.li of MEN'S SL'ITS. If you're not a eport, there's apon for you at this s-ale. You've Kot a sure thing if you nut money on anything In our stork. Wo guarantee a bargain to evefv purchaser. Men's Fine Clasi Worsted Sack and Frock Suits, regular 115 value, for $3 .SO. Mn's Imported Black anil Hlne Wide Wale Diagonal Suits, regular 115 vajue, for f9.r.O. Men's Nobby Brown and Gray Mixed Suits, regular $15 vatue. go for $3.F0. Men' Stvlish Black and Blue Cheviot Suits, the IT. kind, now Sft. Men's High tirade Irish Cheviot Suits, regular $31 and $'-'2 values, now $14.85. Men's Fine Imported Worsted Suits, regular $20 and $22 values, now J14.S5. Men's Scotch and Knglish Tweed Suits, the kind that you have always paid $22 to $25 for, go during this sale, for J14.S5. Your money hack for the asking. See display in our window. 139I4IA5umcft HOOTS ATI SHOES. sV I IThe Goat Contributes 1 lAKDWAHK. Builders' Hardware Wholesale-and Retail. J.H. &W. E.CONE, Ilardrrare, 7-J9 Asylum Street, Nims, Whitney & Co., Sash, Minds, Doors, and Glass. CALL AND EXAMINE OUR WORK AT 572 MAIN STREET. Ever think how mucM Mr. Goat contributesu to the comfort,of man ?M He has enabled us toH offer to the men now a good, solid, substantia ' waterproof shoe for H U n iThree iDoflars. It's not a shoe we'llj say much of regardingH its beauty or its nobjj biness, but for a rouo-h-J and-ready, heavy soled ,H yet soft, flexible, stormyM weather shoe, it's at your service and re-H member, no rubbers needed. M ' M ;W. G. SIMMONS LC0 370 r MAIN N ST. vv V-M M M I U w-x. vs, v-a vxrx V3S va: vs SUES A Few-lortls-tfl tie Laflies. There arc some Ladies who would like a nice Street Boot that is not conspicuous. Ask to see our BLACK SEAL WALKING BOOT, it is neat and comfortable. We have also a nice line of BEDROOM SLIP-PURS, made in various colors, of Eider Down and Crocheted Worsted. See them in south window. D. E. STRONG, ; Cheney Block. M I C fc LLANEO US. Horse I have just fitted up one of the finest clipping stables in the city, and have put it in charge of an expert clipper. Wc shall gire you the same satisfaction and guarantee as we do in our other business. We will clip your horses irhile you wait. Horses kept over night at reasonable rates. Our price for clipping horse $2.00. The Time Has Come To have good warm, footwear, and we arc, prepared to give you the best for yourself or children. LARNED& HATCH, l MAIN STREET. BUILT To Keep the Feet Dry When tt Rak $2 OIL GRAIN SHOES. Serviceable Shoe For a Little Money. It. POMOY Sf 1-303 Allyii St.. - HarltoiM, Coun. A. MOEL.LER. Piano Maker and Tunpr, Dealet iu Xew and Second Uaud Pianos. Tuning and HepMinng a. Specialty. ORDERS received at 82 Pearl St., Ernst Bchall s Jewelry Store, or P. O. Box Mi. DRESS SUITS To Kent for the Evening, $1.00. L. S. KNOEK, 1SS State Street (L S. GOODWIN i M. 277 MAIN STREET. MEN SSHQES We arc going to take Inventory the 15th, and w ant to reduce stock. We Can Give You a Bargain And save tou money. Men's Shoes for S1.50 to $5. H0LSR00X, GLAZIER & GO., 2 f NION FLACE. Istlmatea turnlsheO.

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