The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 21, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1894
Page 7
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v" p .' $20,000 WORTH or WATCHES DIAMONDS And first class Gold and Silver Jewelry, to be sold at WHOLESALE PRICKS At 13. C. FLINN'S SATURDAY AND MONDAY One of the leading wholesale Jewelry Chouses, wishing to reduce its stock, gives us a chance to save you money. Quality warranted by me. Come and inspect and be convinced. •WSKV E. C. FLIStN. •Sanall DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THB BKITINBL Is the only newspaper In Car- toll oonnty that U printed all at borne and It con- slni more local and county news than any other two papers In this count?. FOWBBB ft COLCLO, FBIDAY, DKOEMBEB 21, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Holiday goods. Sturges & Thurliinann. Fine lot candies at Perrine & NesHe's. Fresh bulk oysters at Kaune&Zorwas'. Fresh fobeters for sale by Todd & McAllister. Novelties in Christmas gifts can be .had of Sturges & Thurlimann. 'Today was the shortest day of the year and it was just simply lovely, too. County Treasurer AlberUen attendee •the funeral of H. F. Carrels today. For the nicest things in the market for ' vpur Christmas dinner go to Belter's. Toe bugle song at Germania opera 'house Saturday evening, December 22. '' Christmas candies, flue faucy mnted, 15. pounds, lop, ,$}, at Daniels'. invitations are out announcing a club dance at Oetmania opera- house, Thurs day evening, December 27. W. Bennett, of Glidden, was in the city attending tho institute, and as ueua remembered THS SKNTISKI, Don't fail to hear tbe voco-iuBti'timen- tal duet at high School entertainmen Saturday evening, December 22. Tbe latest musical wonder will be on exhibition at Germania opera house Saturday evoniop, December 32.' Have you EOOQ Itf Tbe latest miislca Invention, the Homophone, at Germania opera hcmso Saturday, December 88. Twenty-five styles of Wilson Bros. One nockwuar just opened. Price re duced to SO ceuts at Motes. Biioon • \ Twcnty-flve styles of Wilson Bros, floe neckwear just opened. 'Price reduced to $0 ceutsnt Jdp»ei Simon. i Twenty-flvo stylet of Wilion Bros, floe neckwear just opened. Prices reduced to CO cents at Moaei Simon. We are pleased to announce that Supt Amont will deliver an oration at (he Orient-Occident entertainment next Sat urday evening. Three, \uot two, minds with but a •ingle thought, etc. You will sco 'om at Germania next Saturday evening, Tickets at Hatton's. Go to Hallow's and como away with a ticket to the high school entertainment «o bs given at German!* opera Uowenext Saturday oxen ing, To* rendition of "Tennyson's Fair Women" at Genuailft opera bouwBat- «rd»y evening will be especially fine. Tickets at H»«ou'». Buy your' Christmas candies of Dan- toll. He is determined the children ib*U have plenty of candy Ibis year and will mell 15 poundi for 11.00. W. L. CuluerUon returned last evening from South Dakota where ne bat been during tho put week looking after hit pal wlale luter««U is that lUte. Tbe belt suorted stock of holiday poodi pan be found at Bturges A Thurll- inann's. Only two mored»yi In which |o buy y«ur OMilmai glfu, Don't buy Without looking «t tUU rt°w, Jutt received, WlUoulBroi,' floe n«ok- wear, suspeudtr*. nl«l»t thirl*, drew goods »ud muWeri. &»rge»t aolecUoni. Splendid aiiortmspt. Price «w»y down ft (he tfumoui of Jfojai Blmon. A reporter happened Into DunleU' grocery thii morning just .M ho WM hooking an order'for a ton of flour. Quite an order from QouperiQB^but 'Daniels inythli price* do tUe hualneu. " Tbe union program of tue Orient and Occident loclottej turoorrow evening will bo lift bfl»t avwr presuntea lu our Dlty »od iJiould be »tteoded, bysll. Re T W 74d W»t« »t H»tton'». Pries. 38 pent*. & Q, Taylor • •wived tills mpralog fww <?hi«#f o, l^vUtK ou ilie «&OA for Council BluAt, Ilia fatally U here- tolpend the holidays with the Nliwon- and fid eabecti to return to esi Chflstmai turkey with the fftmllv. Jatnes Wllion .better known ai "Tftffift " is In the city. He delivered a vert ntereetlng lecture this afternoon before the farmers institute. Thos, F. Barbed entertained a number ot his gentlemen friends mat evening at the parlors in Burbe's hotel. Refreshments were eerved and tLe time pleasantly spent at drive whist. School dismissed today for s two weeks' vacation* to allow the pupils and teachers an opportunity to enjoy the holidays. This ling been a very successful term and by good honest, work they have all earned a vacation. CHRISTMAS CAN DIEM AND NUTS—nice and fresh, the best In the market, One dollar buys 13 pounds of Christmas candy or 1O pounds ot assorted nuts. Schachtner & BgHn, H. T. Daniels has received some more of that Best Minnesota flour that he can sell for 70 cents a sack. The mill was only able to send him fifty sacki, though his order was for a car load, because of the rush of orders for this flour, tho best in the market for the money. Arcadia public schools gave an interesting program to a large and interested audience last Thursday, evening. Much credit Is due Prof. Lenocker -and his assistants for their energetic work. The proceeds, about f 25, will be used in adding to the school library. The "humanlphone" -was incomparable. Do not forget to come to the Teacher's county association, Saturday, December 22,1894. The main question under discussion will be county uniformity of text-books. It is, now, the petition of many directors that the question shall be submitted to the decision of the voters next March. Come out and express your views,' Those'young ladies from Breda who drove oyer to Mt. Carmel the other Sunday, say they were greatly annoyed by tho party of young men 'from their city who followed them and insisted on escorting them home. The ladies' say, as they were compelled to hire .their own team for a drive, they did not care to be innoyed by the gentlemen, 1 while out riding at their own expense. There are several very attractive windows to be seen in our city, but John Guild has out-done all competitors in this line. He has a very attractive pnitat- ing representing Santa Glaus loaded down in bis sleigh : with holiday goods drawn by reindeers. Tlie painting is a* large aa the window and was prepared especially tor this purpose. When you are in that part of the city do not fail to look at it. The discussion over the county fair last evening at'the farmers' institute was the most animated of auy of the session. Tho question of selling privileges provoked 'he controversy. The discussion wai interesting from the fact that those who opposed the selling of these 'privileges are men who are no good to an enterprise of this kind and would seldom, if over, visit tho fair. Moo should be practical, not theoretical, in dealing With such questions. The Cbriitmns trade of Bturges A Tburllmann has been fully up to their expectations and tbey have sold an immense quantity of;goods, but their stock was so woliBolectcd and to varied that the opportunity for choice is still unimpaired, as you will observe by looking over their Mock? Don't let tbe opportunity slip of selecting your gifts from this excellent assortment of the newest and cheapest atock of holiday goods In Carroll county. TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION. Following ia the program of the Coun ty Touchers' usBooiation, to' be held at thocourt houBOjDeo, 22,18JM: 8-0—Questions nud General discussions 9-10—Geography, -Synthetic,—Miss Nellie Rummel. Aualytio.-Mr. It H. Liak. 10-10:30—Select reading Mre. W. Coykendall. 10:30-12:00-0ounty Uniformity of Text books. • Diaouftiiou opened by L. A, Jauuiuge. (Noon intermlasion.) 1:30-2:00—Literature of the Home. Supt. G. I. Miller. 2:00.2:30—Duties of School Directors... , J. B. Hungerford. 3:30-3-00-Sobool Lnwa, Attorney O, W. Korte, dltitane* Nation*! simp)? p*ld it bf> bhargteg the aooonot of th« tb#a Loan A Tfirt eottpan? with th* amnuni. Kof long itnoe lh§ low* Loan & Trnsl oompanj ftMtan agent lo Jefferson to §M that the latM w«r« paid apob the properly and that everything WM all right. To th« Bdtprige of the agent he found the tales paid and npota investigation it waa developed that the man Harrison, who is unknown to many well informed people, never owned the property at, all. It hae been in the name of another man for years. DlAltt CAMS StttUMtttit. The death of Mr. Head occurred a •horl time after tbii deal was made. He was at Bboue attending the district oottrt and returned home early id the morning by way of Dee Albine* and appeared to be in bis tunal good health; He went down to bis offloe ia the morning and Ihen returned home. He entered a room and in a abort time afterwards bia wife beard a heavy tall, and upon rushing down found him dead upon the floor. Hie brother, Albert Head, ot Dee Moines bearing these stories and ramore, bad pbyaioiane examine the body externally and they pronounced the cause of death paralyse ot the brain. No autopsy was held, so the rumors tbat death was not natural can not be proved. In fact tbe friends ot tbe dead oitiipn of Jefferson who did so much tor the oily are very much indignant at these indirect changes at bis integrity. They say that he was the soul ot honesty and that tbe singular fate ot this 86,000 draft was some mittake. An offloer ot tbe Iowa Loan & Trust company who was in the oity recently said that he bad no evidence to disprove that Mr. Head's death was natural, but that if it waa he died just in time to prevent figuring in a case in conrl in which he would have been tbe defendant and which would have shown up many things about this mortgage. , It is understood that legal talent galore has been secured to appear in the case upon both sides, it it cornea to trial and ia not settled, ani tbat a hard fight will be made to prevent collecting tbe amonnl from the estate. Aa Mr. Head waa an authorized agent ot the Iowa Loan & Trust company, tbe defense appears to have good ground*. Mr. Head was not wealthy. He left 813, 000 in lite insurance, which bis wife receives, but there is over 86,000 in tbe •stats which could be attached. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication of their letters In tbe weeklr. mutt mall them 10 they will reach our office Wednesday. J •AST IiIBBBTI ADD BOOK BOM. A welcome rain on Saturday. The county bridge builder has repaired tbe Stooluian bridge. There was a pleasant party at Charles Stoolrnan's last week In honor of Mrs. Stool man's birthday. Indian women are soliciting money at this'place. Each represents herself as a poor widow, • ,••••' • • ; Letters from IFIll Tobin and family inform us that they are well pleased with tbeir new home in Oklahoma. 1 Mr. Borden and bis son Clarke have both been nick during the past week with throat trouble. Dr. Dunkle was called. They are'better now. We understand that there will be Christmas trees with appropriate exercises at every church In this vicinity. Dee. 18. Jiu. PIiB&BAtlT mill. Another gentle shower last Saturday. Rev. Nelson at No, 8, next Sunday at 8 p. ui. J. J. Graves, of tho Valley, went to Lourous last week to buy a car load of corn Wui. iiaybuok and wife were shouuing last week In Carroll. We learned that the county suporlaton deut was palled to settle a oebool matter In our township la»t week. STORY OF A DRAFT, DID NATOM OADS1 PBATlT D0S MoioM l#4udfjr* Shortly before A. H. Bsad, of Jeflsr soo, diet} tw msds oot MI sppliMlion for • losu of *6,000 upon • pieos of prop. •ity to Oretoe oonntj. Tbe sppUofttion w»s approved M>d,tbe mortgage sod uote sl|i»ed in |hf usual (orm. Tbs properly wss dssoritwd noil tb* HMM of' |be wbomftdstbs sppUoktioa M IMovner of tbe form *M flvsau 0, M, B*rri*OD, Mr. 0ss4 *»ol ibs ptpen lo Uw: b«me offlpe In DM IfoiMi and in due tiga* dr»(l ««• (MttM fpr tbe waouut, 10,000, III* ordtf of 0. M, Bwrlsou, tb«dr»rt WM pmentsd lo IU (}r««ae county b*ufc it bore tUs «i|iu»> 0«8|i*4 »t ouoe '4'b»n II earns |o DCS llpiuei to the BuukMs 1 Iuw« 8i«t« tavk, of whloU Chut«iu Albert B*|*d, M brotlter of the dw4 HKMHi ii nmldiiil, kNtuk Jiwwwd UM dr»fl on sj|bl UweuUo IU* Oltiaeui' N«tioi)«l ttkok P« learn that Miss A. Sleben will re< turn to Illinois next week. A. Bedford went to Sac City this week on a financial matter. Aobble Sterner was on the sick roll last week. Mill Graham, who Is teaching at No. 8, ii giving good satisfaction; * patron said 10. W* [hearthat Geo. Lamont will visit this winter with relatives In York state. Oeo. Dankle and Charlie Bailey will Winter stock cheap) but don't want anyone to rnn a dairy at their expense. Mrs. S, Onndy will return home next week. - , ..'.' : Wo learn that Mrs> Geo. Sltzelberger.of Jfllley.will receive the amount of the policy that her husband held In a life In- turance company shortly. The gold wateh lost by Dr. 11. Jewel, >f Viola Center, at Goose Lake has been 'oundby some one who Is not inclined to give it up. ' We learn there was to be a wood Chopping bee this week for the U. B. church In . A. Bailey's timber. . "It's just as we expected" that the merchant down the creek was like some others that dou't know a compliment from a kick, but he got up In a little better shape than ever we saw before. But folks who live in gloss houses had best toss turf (probably a mlsstatement) as their reputation as an Ignoramus Increases with age. This aphorism Is for this time gratis—Selab. ' SANTA. UNION TOWNSHIP. Cyras Roads was quite poorly the first of the week. K. Tuel and Mr. Rlppy sold their hogs Tuesday. : M. O. Rnthrauff sold his poultry Jkfonday. ; T. Roderick visited with Afr. Roads Afonday. Mrs. Hunt will stay this week and help with meetings at the Friends church. Some young people enjoyed a party at Joe 'Annear's last Friday evening. Mr. Arblngast and family visited with U. L. Downing Monday. Mr. Annear and Mr. Bedford attended church at the Star last Friday night. Afr. and Mrs. J. B. Downing visited wither.Arbingbst Friday. Meiry Christmas to all. ' Bio FOUB. MOBTH pv OABBOIX. Wm. Trowbrldge was iu our community buy lug cattle for eastern markets. Anton Wiedemeyer was with his uncle and family last Sunday on the farm. ' Fred Platt is enjoying batching for awhile during tbe absence of his sister Mary. Afr. Hussell re-erected his. wind mill which blew down In the big storm, last summer. . A' number of our farmers are taking their hogs to Gllddeu markets, for they pay a little'more iu Glidden -than in Car roll.' •:•:'•' ..-.....••. •-. • : •-_: We were a little afraid the rain we had Saturday would turn into snow, for many formers are not prepared for it. yet. ?• 1 Frank Bernuolz dug a well for Frank Reiber. Frank says -he's got plenty of water. : 'The bog cholera is attacking the hogs in our neighborhood aud some parties have lost quite a number of them. Chicken thieves are beginning to be heard of again in this locality. We will try and have a trap or u musket ready for them. ' . ; .. • A merry Christmas, 1 wish you all. ' ' ' JKHBY. XUIFUROH ITBMS. A merry Christinas to all members of TUB SBNTIHJCL family. This weather agrees with us. Frank Waldmann stepped on some broken glass aud cut bis foot quite badly. Mr. llunkler, teaober of No. 8, la going to have a large Christmas tree for hi« scholars, Tho oldest son of Cbas. Weldel died laat week. A Christmas tree will be held at the Wvlch church ChrUtmaa eve, and an eii teitulnuient will be given. All are Invited. We were at the sale near IFIIloy Tuesday and found V. Sohwallerof thU place uryli.g iti Horses sold for $86 and cows for $48. • All articles went high. .t. & ffevine and IT. G. Cor Win, of Newton township, were callers Sunday. John Balk* of Wllley, had a public sale Tuesday. V. Schwaller was auctioneer. Our creamery separated over 4,000 pounds ot milk Monday. Mr, Signal, four miles north ot town, has a public sale today. Mr. S. Will move to Massachusetts In the near future. B. Uelthoff and wife were visiting out this way Tuesday. We Wonder whoreDan Miller Is staying. Be went to Newtou township to see his best girl and has not returned yet. Geo. Fenerdiug has moved his barn across the roud from where it formerly stood. Why was tbe Teiupleton Correspondent Wanting last week,;says brother Claude. We were wauted some place else and went. IFhere are yon wanted? Any place here? We have a bran new correspondent from north of Carroll. When In the city we met him. We hope IM will stay with us. Congratulations Tony. JMIsaes Gertie, Katie, and Afary Fuchs, •ccompanled by Frank, Lizzie, and Anna Baferlaud were at Aft. Carmel last Snu- day 1 . ' '•'•" ; ' Y ' ... . '•• Rev. Father Schulte was at Aft. Carmel Tuesday. , One of onr lads has been writing letters toother boys trying to make them think that' they were written by some young lady. Jealously In the cause. Look A little out, you will get caught. Our creamery Is doing a big business. What are you going to give your, friend for a Christmas gift?: Iain sure you will not let tho day pass without giving- them all presents. CI.AUL. ' Tnnkton Rmarvntlon OycntDB. AKMOUB, S. D., Deo. 17.—Information has been'received here from Washington confirming previous reports that the Yankton reservation would not be opened for settlement until next March or April. The reservation contains over '.'00,001 • ticnm. ••• Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder World's Fair Highest Award. HANDKERCHIEFS Lttdwi& fit-OS.' Special Secotad Attimal Handkerchief Sate • ~ WU1 be Held THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Dec. 2O 21 22 For this occasion we have marked out entire stock of handkerchiefs away down and (or three days of this sale we will give our customers the benefit of the lowest prices, quality constderedi ever offered in Carroll. NOTE THESE PRICES: Handker- 600 Children's chiefs $ .01 350 " " .02* 600 Ladies' " .04 500 " " .08 300 " " .10 300 " " .12 200 " " .15 200 " " ,.20 250 " " .23 175 " " .3^) 100 " " .50 100 " " .75 100 " " 1.00 50 " " 1,25 50 " " 1.50 50 M " 1.75 50 u " 2.00 LUDWIG BROS. Carroll Market Report coim-w — OATS-25C HOGS—88 50 to 34 00 POTATOES-75 BUTTER—16 EGGS—17c CATT1J5—$2.25 BYE—76 BAULET—40 P£ AX—81.10 WUEAT-60 CCHAGHTNER & EGAN GROCERY STORE In the front rank with a large line Groceries and Queensware and can sell you groceries cheaper than anybody else in town. * y * * * * + WILL BUY li bushels ... Potatoes 13 Ibs.... Christmas Candies 10 " Assorted Nuts 20 " Muscatel Raisins 20 " Granulated Sugar 8 cans Best........ Cherries 8 " " Egg Plums 9 " '.' .Peaches 10 " " ....Raspberries 12 >• " ..Tomatoes 12 u Oilman Corn 9 bottles Heintz's best Catsup All Queensware, Glassware, etc., go in Proportion. GOLDEH TO BUY FLQUR *-THE TWO WINNERS^ Jersey Lily and Haul to Beat Tbe Best Hoar Made. For sale by Sohaohtnsr A Egau, who will meat oil competition in quality end prices. JERSEY LUT Be8tF| ° urriade 9 ° c - to $1.00 FANCY FATtMT THB BEST Qt\ n J (til AA JENNISONBROS.&CD. KANSAS FLOUR m m V MM JANESVILLI-MUiH. *«A»S , VVV 1 ™ *T^ U JERSE^liLf For S " l ° by HCIIA CHTNKR & KG AN. Open all the Time* are ready to receive our friends and customers and can assure them that Santa Olaus* old reliable headquarters is this year, as well as in previous years, ready to show AS FilE A LOT OF GOODS As was ever brought to Carroll, and ft'ona now on oui' Christmas Novelties will be open for your inspection. We have purchased as many goods as we ever did and at about ONE- HALF THE PRICE. We have elegant presents for youth and maiden, toys, etc., in great variety for the little folks, handsome and substantial gifts for father and mother, in short something to please everyone. All at prices that will move than please you; they will astonish you, W "UAD£B" W HPUBAY MODS,, vJ.

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