Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 25, 1965 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 7
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Assembly set for scrap on anti-pornography bill By DeVAN L. SHUMWAY United Press International law in 1961 by a Senate-Assembly Conference Committee. SACRAMENTO (UPI) — The'The bill that inserted it was Assembly was ready for a fight written by then-speaker Ralph over anti-pornography laws to-i^- Brown, now an appellate day. court judge. Assemblyman E. Richard' ^'"^"'P'^ ^^P^^^ ^ Barnes, a retired Navy chap- committee and place an anti lain was set to attempt a feat,- o^iLTel^.yTre'c^n^ i ^mblvtor" ''"'"^ '° "-Par V^rist^tes '.'ri 'th^e- ^'f ""''y ! other by Assemblyman Louis Most observers believed he prancis, R-San Mateo, who would fail. ; since has left the legislature. Barnes, a San Diego Republi-; But Barnes was adamant. He can, hoped for some help from gained some support from As- the Assembly's 31 GOP assem- semblyman Robert T. Mona- blymen. The party caucus held.gan, R-Tracy, GOP floor lead- a special meeting to "thorough- erl who called it "improper" to ly discuss the matter." inot allow a bill with 50 co- But one party leader, asked authors in the 80-member cham- if the GOP assemblymen bcr to reach the floor for a planned to back Barnes as a vote on its merits, bloc, answered flatly. "Wc The Barnes bill was heard have not; we will not.'' twice in Criminal Procedures, Barnes' bill, twice defeated,long llie graveyard of anti-por- by the Assembly Criminal Pro- nography bills. The committee cedure Committee, is designed even killed one bill by its chair- to tighten the state's law man. Assemblyman Pearce against pornographic material— Young, D-Napa. literature and movies. \ On April 27, after a marathon It would do this by striking hearing lasting past midnight, from the law a provison that to the committee voted to kill be pornographic the materia! Barnes' bill but pass Young's, must be "utterly without re- The vote favoring the Young deeming social importance." bill came with help from As- That provision was put in the semblyman George N. Zenovich, SCIENTIFIC SUN—Looking like the tail section of a proud peacock, an artificial sun shines brightly as an engineer cliecks its power with a globelike device. A seven-foot tall bank of 433 lights and reflectors, arranged to produce a 72-inch circle of light, the artificial sun is as nearly like sunlight as is possible. It's used in research concerned with landing a man on the moon, at Boeing's Seattle laboratory. Officials tour new gate on border visits Cologne to cheer the visiting monarch. She was con- COLOGNE (UPI) — Queen j ElizabeUi II today visited the TIJU.\NA. Mexico (UPI) -A '"tiustrial heartland of West party of Mexican and United. ^'^'•"^''"y aifl \vas cheered by States officials Monday toured i hundreds of thousands of work- Ihe nearly completed $2 million ^rs who have made this coun- international border gate beingi'-'y, Bntam-s major rival m built by Mexico. I ""'"W markets, ,p, „ • 1 J 1 /- I The men and women who Gu.stavo Aibanel of Baja Cah- ccrmanv left this city's forma; Antonio J. Bermudez,! , , • ^ director of the National Pro-:jjifrti^,, Sh! - --'^^d- of the Bank of America JQ and Duisbuig. charge of the Latin American' Q"e™ Elizabeth, accompa- division; and W a y o r s Frank, her husband. Prince Curran of San Diego, Frank Bo-i PI"''!'- aga'" stood in her open gert of Palm Springs, Carlos^''mousinc for the motorcade Rubio of Mexican, and Ildefon- """ough the streets of this an- so Velasquez of Tijuana. ^cicnt cathedral city. The gate will accommodate 38 i lanes of traffic, 19 each way. It: TREASURE HOUSE will be opened sometime this Vour unused furniture or ap summer by President Gustavo plianccs will find a ready mar Diaz Ordaz of Jle.xico. ikcl through Classified Ads. D-Fresno, who drew an agree ment from Young that the measure would remain unchanged in its tour through the legislature. However, Barnes later objected to the Zenovich-Young agree ment as "unethical" and the committee held onto both biUs until last week. When, both were killed. Dem ocrats on the committee voted as a bloc against the Barnes measure and Republicans failed to support Young's bill. The action appeared to effec lively kill any hopes for tougher anti-pornography legislation in the 1965 session. Young later in troduced a resolution calling for a two-y ear between-sessions study of the subject. But Barnes served formal notice last week that he would try to gain the 41 votes needed to bypass the committee and place his bill on the floor, setting up today's fight. Other legislature action: Smoking: Gov. Edmund G. Brown's $250,000 program to reduce cigarette smokmg in the state won approval from the Assembly Public Health Committee. The bill would permit the state to establish "withdrawal centers" for smokers who want to quit. But last week the Ways and Means Committee deleted the money from the administration's budget. Cancer: The Assembly Public Health Committee, after long and sometimes emotional pro tests, voted Monday night to extend the state's cancer quack control law. The bill now goes to Ways and Means. Minority: The Senate passed and sent to the Assembly a bill outlawing "quota" hiring of minority races, the bill by Sen. John Holmdahl, D-Oakland, forbids discrimmating in favor of minority persons in hiring. The vote was 25-1. Chamber: Tlie state Chamber of Commerce suggested the state could avoid new taxes this year by parmg Gov. Brown's budget by $25 million, deferrmg or reducuig $35 miUion in proposed state salary increases and charging $60 million in tuition charges at state institutions of higher learning. !'*\' COPTER OPERATION — A covey of helicopters ferries U.S. paratroopers for a drop in South Viet Nam while on the ground an artillery barrage softens up suspected Viet Cong positions. (NEA Radio-Telephoto) Presbyterians debafe on modernization COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) — Delegates to the 177th General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. were to debate today whether the church's credo should be modernized by adoption of a new statement of faitli, the first in nearly 300 years. The controversial question was expected to provide the cUmax to the nearly week-long conference of 835 commissioners, representing the 3.3 million members of the church. The only authoritative statement of faith for the denomination currently is the Westmm- ster Confession, adopted in the 17th century. The more liberal element in the church feels that restating the ancient affirmations in contemporary language is part of the evangelical task of the church in every generation. The main point of contention is a section dealing with the Bible. It affirms tlie Bible's unique authority without claiming "verbal inerrancy" for it, which fundamentalists consider indispensable. The new statement, drawn up over seven years by a committee, states that the "words of the Scriptures are the words of men, conditioned by the language, thought-forms and literary fashions of the places and times at which they were written . . ." TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or ap- pUances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. Redlands Daily Facts Tues., May 25, 1965 - 7 Congressman to try for new anti-Red mail law WASHINGTON (UPI) — A Nebraska congressman is planning to try again to write a law permitting the goverpment to restrict U.S. mail delivery of foreign Communist propaganda publications. The Supreme Court, in an 8-0 vote Monday, ruled unconstitutional Rep. Glenn Cunnmg- ham's original "Red mail" law. The justices held that the 1962 statute violated the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech. But, said Cunningham, a Republican, "while this legislation was on the books, it did its jobs. The flow of Communist propaganda was staunched. Now our mail will again be flooded. I, for one, do not propose to see our deficit-ridden postal system utilized for the subsidized carriage of Communist propaganda, and I feel certain that my colleagues in Congress, Democrats and Republicans ahke, do not propose to take it lying down either." As if in anticipation of Cun- nmgham's argument, Justice William J. Brennan Jr., in a separate but concurring opinion, said: "The argument that the statute is justified by the object of avoidmg the subsidization of propaganda of foreign governments . . . needs Uttle comment. If the government wishes to withdraw a subsidy or privilege, it must do so by means and on terms which do not endanger Fhst Amendment rights. That the governments which originate this propaganda themselves have no equivalent guarantees only highlights the cherished values of our constitutional framework; it can never justify emulating the practice of restrictive regimes in the name of expediency. Struck down by the high court was the requirement that Communist mail from foreign sources could not be delivered in this country unless the recipient specially requested the material from the Post Office Department, Under the law. it was up to the Customs Bureau to decide what was propaganda. "The addressee carries an af- fffmative obUgation which we do not think the government may impose on him," said Justice William O. Douglas, who spoke for the court. Justice Byron R. White did not participate in the case. Justices WilUam J. Brennan Jr., Arthur J. Goldberg and John M. Harlan concurred with Douglas in a separate opinion. mine what countries come within the specifications laid down in the law. Foreign mail determined to be Communist propaganda is not delivered, except to libraries and the like, unless the addressee signs a cai-d from the post office. Lament sued after he was asked whether he wanted to receive "Peking Review No. 12, 1963." He said he did not want his mail detained nor did he wish his name on a hst of per- Douglas said persons in "sen-{sons desbmg to receive'com- siUye positions" would natural- 1 munist propaganda. ly be reluctant to sign for Ut- erature deemed communistic. "Pubhc officials, Uke teachers who have no tenure, might thmk they would invite disaster if they read what the federal government says contains the seeds of treason," he said. At that point, the Post Office decided to forward all his mail school:without any signed cards. The Justice Department told the Supreme Court the Post Office has decided not to keep any Usts m connection with the law. .... I J" major actions, the The court acted in cases court: from New York and San Fran-j -Reversed the trespass con- ;viction of Miss Mardon R. The first was appealed by;Walker, a New London, Conn., Corhss Lament, who does business m New York under the name Basic Pamphlets. A spe college student who was sentenced to 18 months in jail and a $5,000 fine for her ujvolve- cial three-judge federal panel ment in an Atlanta, Ga.. sit-in dismissed his challenge of the i demonstration last year. —Agreed to decide next term a challenge of a 1860 Pennsyl- law on May 19, 1964. The other case was brought to the high court by the Justice Department after a three-judge court found the statute unconstitutional in a test brought by Leif Heilberg of San Francisco. The statute was designed to curb an influx of foreign propaganda. 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