Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 5, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1890
Page 3
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New Goods! St- The Grand Tea Store is selling Goods too cheap and giving short weight. COFFEE, IIRIHSS, I have imported the choicest May-picked 'I' jj-a 5 /\. which you can draw and taste for yourselves before purchasing. My OO^^EE^ are the best that can be found in the Market. Also SPICES, FLAVORING- EXTRACTS and BAKING POWDERS guaranteed Strictly Pure and Full Weight. The GROCERY DEPARTMENT comprises all the latest styles and grades of Staple and Fancy Groceries. Don't Forget the Place, I have the Largest Assortment of Plain and Fancy CRACKERS ever brought to Ukiah. This year's CANNED GOODS in Meats, Fruits nnd Vegetables. ft 'o olil GOO(lS Oil my ShclVCS. COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kinds bought and sold. GOODS DELIVERED to all parts of the city FREE OF CHARGE, and orders called for. S£T Goods ordered by mail will receive prompt attention. DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. FRIDAY... .SEPTEMUKK 5, 18i)l). LOCAL SEWS. ¥ r. i Blankets at Cerf's from $1.25 upwards.' 13 Go to the Grand Ton Store for pure groceries. Everything bought and sold at W. A Hofl'mnn's. 4:1 AVlint 'B new? Our entire stock. L. Kownberg & Co . * Don't fail to visit the new furniture storo in the Eagle block. * P. D. I'axton has i »ono to the coast to look after his political fences. Is it well with thy sole? If not. 1 :0 to L. ttosenbori* & Go's, for shoes. * L. Rosenberg returned last Friday from a business trip to San Francisco. Merchandise of all kindB is lieing sacrificed at \V. English & Go's., Ciilpelln.-'s W. E. King, the Jeweler, has moved into the Gillespie building. Call and see him. * We arc indebted to the Beacon for the report of the Prohibition County Con von- 1 from the Abbot t house on S Chang-os of Location. There has been a general moving about thid week among the business people of Ukiah, a number of changes in loci!inn having been made. 8. Hooke has moved his boot and shoo store from the Dowling block into :i storo recently built by tlie Gibson estate adjoining the Gillespie block. \V. E. King has moved bis jewelry store from the Dowling block into one of the Gillespie stores. .T. \V. Eveisole tins moved his furniture business from the Knirle block to the Gillespie block. Whitton the saddler has moved from the building ho has so long occupied, next door to Charlton's blacksmith shop, to the store vacated by W. K. King and S. Iiooke in the Dowling buildii;ir. The express and telegraph oilice has been removed from its old quarters just north of Whitton & Morrison's livery stable to the old postoffice building west of Whclan's Sample Kooins. Tlios. Charlton's blacksmith shop has been completely cleaned out of everything preparatory to the removal of the building to the vacant lot on Ptute street in front of Doc Curtis' barn. Mrs. Shottie ! I ;t M moved her place of residence hool street LOCAL NEWS. tion. j to the rear portion of her millinery store Carpenters, painters, brick-layers and j in the Dowling building, plasterers are kept very busy in Ukiah at J These changes, together with a nuin- prcsent. ! ber of other changes in residences, has Haste makes waste. Don't hurry to buy till you have scon L. Rosenberg it Co's. stock. * Geo. Whilehom, of Ukiah Valley, returned this week from n trip to bi» old home in England. Go to Jamison it Obarr's for choicest meats of all kinds. City Market, north Bide of court house. •W given our my quite pearance this week. ap- Itfttiftcn tiou Meeting'. The Democrats of l.'kinli held a. meeting at the court house last Saturday evening to ratify the nominations made by the recent Democratic: State Convention at San Jose. Previous to the meot- Those who save money, make money, j ing a large hon-lire was lighted in front That's a strong argument for trading with L. Rosenberg & Co. * G. W. Parker'a family, who have been spending the summer in Oregon, returned homo Willi him last week. WANTED—A young horse or mare, gentle to drive and ride, weighing about 10J0 or 1100. Enquire at this oflico. The demand for advertisinj ] of the court house plaza, and the Ukiah i Silver Cornet Hand discoursed sweet ; strains of music. It was the intention to i have had several bon-fires and a display | of lire-works, but owing to the high wind J that, prevailed all evening, and the dry! ness of everything at present, it was I deemed advisable to dispense with these i tilings. space in j Tlie ,. 0Hr |. rno , n „•„„ w „]i filled when our paner this week has croweded out; tho meeting ,. al|e(1 t0 or , ler , Se „. a good deal of interesting matter. tor Yell. District Attorney White first Jamison & Obarr will supply you with j addressed the meeting for a few minutes, the very choicest meats at ail times. ! nnd he was followed by Hon. J. II. Sea- City Market, north aide of court house.*" 1 i well, who also spoke briefly and ably. Several Indians were arrested last Sun- I lr " n - T - J - ^earv, the nominee for Conday for drunkenness, nnd Justice S. C. Poage administered fines to them on Monday. The celebrated Buckeye Pump is being rnoro nnd more appreciated, so easy to and durable, and a big premium 40 Mr. T. II. Jameson •|# fWOrkl ffl I » »T» in case of fire. *i Mr. T. H. Jameson and wife have * faainioved from the Emerson House, and ? '*:taken rooniB over C. Hofruian,s storo, in the Redomeyer building. In the way of flno edge tools for car- i penterB and farmers, as also pocket cut- 1 lery, you will find the most complete as- jHortmPut at Rninner' bottom prices. I'J Vfyrmg Owing to n sca:-eity of carpenters, just He present, J. E. Scoirgins has been ?^g"'gf laved in opening his grocery store Ite will open out in grand stylo in a few days, however. Owing to the fact that so many of our young people are absent from town, in the hop fields and elsewhere, Prof. Austin has decided not to open his Normal School until October 1st. A glance at our advertising coltimnH this week will convince anybody that when our merchants wish to niako announcements they consider the DISIWIVU-DUMO- ciiAT 'the best medium to do it through. W. E. King left on Wednesday for Fetaluina, to spend a fow days, after which he will go to San Francisco to attend the Native Son's celebration. His family went to Potaluma about a week «go. We were pleased to meet W. II. Kelly, of Mendocino, on our streets last Saturday. Mr. Kelly was on his way home m Bnrtlelt Springs, at which placo he been sponding a few months for the eflt of his health. The water there ms t .i have done him much good. B. Vreeland, marshal of tin; San i(in<'isco Pioneers was in town this week king nrangeni6nts to procure a dozen parade in i.Y J.f atand seven bucks, three squaws and Si 'guiiio children will be sent down ior this JJjJIlrpOHO. As will bo scon by an announcement 'elsewhere IJ. Rosenborg, who lias been one of our leading merchants for many years has decided to move to femi Francisco. IIia drygoods establishment in j gross in this district, (lion addressed the i meeting for tliroe-nuarters of an hour. Mr. Geary is n fine speaker, and held the audience in wrapt attention. He made no attempt at a regular campaign speech, as he expects to ho back to Ukiah in a few weeks for that purpose. At the conclusion of Mr. Geary's speech the meeting adjourned. Tlio Cleone Stioolins- Affray. The Fort Hra-n Atlrcrttle furnishes the following particulars of the recent shooting affray at Cleone in which George Sias shot and killed John Kricksou : The i-Mtirulilrs of the ntl'iitr uro ;i*:out lis fnllows: Sin-ini.l Hi 'i, ,lnr\is were Mutiny on ti j bench in from nf Ceritu's ?t Mo. SI:;-; asked I .THt'vis if tl :r- bo;. weiv lOiitltiK down tn-ni^ht. I Al Unit moment, Erickson emeived from the j bnrn, evidently in n timl frninc of nilnit, and | noiiiiiein'uit to abuse Stan, culMuij htm vile | nmnes, but nil tlie tinie moving alone:noroas tlie I >treet in llie ififeelton of tils siilomi. After n | few nii notes he left his saloon ami *tii/ted across : the road to where Sias was, swearing, with his ; liaml over one of tits front pockets tn Ills pants. I iVheu he got wilhtn a few feet of where Sias j was sitting, Sins raised up and asked Erlekpon i it he everdh! him any harm. Erlokson replied ' "no."' Then Nrieksnn asked Sias if he. ever hunnefl li!m, or wools purpoiliuit to tliat cfl'ect. Slas repli'V! "yes," and iaid "yon have just been i allinp Die a r , whc-iellpon Ertek fcon niisi'd his arm up as if lie was golufr to strike, and then dropped his hand on the handle of his pistol, which was exposed to view. Slas tlieu pulled his plslol .md hit him with It twice over the head. Tlie seeoud time It as diselinrKed. kiniim liJm Instantly. The examination of Sins I'or the klllinix of Kricksou took plaee Ftlday before Justice K. A Whipjvli', wlio held liiin to appear before the Superior Court for nianshtlighter ivith hull fixed al fl.Mii), wiifeh he promptly furnished. A Fii -o. 20 yards calico for $1 at Corf's. 43 Rope headquarters—-W. A. Hoffman's. McDonald 'B is the best hotel in Westport. 39 Look for W. English & CO'B. advertisement. 48 The Grand Tea Storo is the place to get groceries. 47 Siberian Arctic—best quality—at Geo. Jamison's. t Purest spices, teas, and coffees at the Grand Tea Store. 4 " While there's life there's eoap at L. Rosenberg & Co's. * Fresh and salted meats, lard, etc., at City Meat Market. 45 Frank D. Tunis, of Lakeport, was in town last Monday. Tlie Lakeport public school opened on Monday of this week. CHICKENS WANTED— 750, two-thirds grown. W. A. Ilofl'mar,. « Fresh groceries of all kinds constantly arriving at tlio Grand Ten Store. 47 We can't keep people away unless we close our store. L. Rosenberg & Co. * There are fifteen applicants for certificates before the Board of Education this week. book ahead and you will find you soon need an Imperial plow. Found at Brnnnor's. 4B J. H. Carothers, Jr., and Al Pochtel returned last Saturday from a visit to Point Arena. A splendid new stock of furniture will be found at the new furniture store in Eaglo block. * Ico cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Ed. Geilsdori's City Bakery and Confectionery. 38-ti 100 dozen ladies' nnd children's Hems dorf fast black hose at San Francisco price at Cerf's. 49 Our prices are not laid low by dull trnde, but made low to make trade. L. Rosenberg it Co. * Services at Presbyterian Church, Sunday morning, September 7th, at 11 o'clock, by Rev. Mr. Price. W. English & Co., Calpella, are closing out business, and offer all kinds of merchandise below wholesale rates. 48 Dr. G. W. Stout, of this place, enjoyed a visit this week from his brother, Dr. J. C. Stout, and son, of San Jose. The purest materials and fineBt flavors are used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of his delicious Sod.-w { The camp-meeting near lloonville, which has been in progress for the past two weeks, has been largely attended. Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the beat place in town to get a shave, hair cut, shampoo or anything else in thetonsorial line. * B. F. Iliggins, of Little River, has been attending the meetings of the Board of Education, of which he is a member, this week. Geo. D. Orver and L. G. Randall, Special Timber Agents from Washington, were in Ukiah last Friday, and went over to the const. "When tho warm days of summer come, gontlo Annie," ask your fellow to treat you to some Ice Cream Soda, at Geo. Jamison's. t) Why swelter over a bij£ cook Blovo when you can do your cooking with comfort on a gasoline stove. Can be had of all sizes and prices at. Brunner's. 4| i A. McCallum, of Glen Blair, accompanied by his wife and two children, were in Ukiah last Saturday on their way home from Bartlett Springs. Hops. Hops were quoted at 32 cents at Tacoma last Monday. The rilling figure for hops in Ukiah this week has been 32 cents. We are informed that Wm. Clark of this valley lias sold his hops for 32 cents a pound. T. R. Lucas of Ukiah Valley has sold a large quantity of his hops for 30 cents a pound. IT. J. Ottenbeimer, representing Li- lientbal & Co., hop dealers of San Francisco, haB been in Ukiah thiti week looking for hops. Our hop men do not seem anxious to sell. The Santa Rosa Democrat of Wednesday says: Capt. Guy G. Grosso reports a large sale of hops made, Monday, at 'A'i)-i cents. lie also tells of one grower who refused an offer of 35 cents Tuesday. NKW YOHK, September 2.—The if ail aiW Exprffs says that the present interest in the hop market exceeds anything known since 1SS2. Prices continue to bound upward, with no indications of a break for some time. WHKATI.AND, Aug. 31.—Iforst rirothers j sold (lie firstenr load of California hopB in New York yesterday for 40 cents per pound. The hops wore consigned to them by M. II. Durst, and it was the first car of the new Pacifies to arrive in New York. The following cablegram was received yesterday by Judge MoGarvey, from LeMay, tho well-known hop factor: LONDON, Sept. -1,1890. Jti'liic. 3fcOnrre:t t Ukiah — Market Is ilstnc nnd excited. We make here £15 per cwt (112 lbs). We advise you to ship ail you can to this market. LEMAV. In its weekly trade report this week the San Francisco Call says: " In genera! country produce hops continue to lead tho field. They are now up to 30 and 31 cents per pound for new crop, and there are unverified reports of sales at 32,W cents. Tho market was never stronger. The New York market has gone up sharply and New York State hops are now bringing 40 and 45 cents per pound. This makes tho market very stiff. Buyers are anxious and are bold bidders, but growers and holders are oflish and manv of them refuse to let go even at present prices. There is large money in hops this year." LETON, THE GROCER, Ocicl Fellows lOrallca-lngr, XJls-lala., o«.l LOCAL NEWS. French corsets at Cerf's for $l-worth .f 2. Call for HeniBdorf black hose at Corf's. 45 Flour and food of all kinds at tho Grand Tea Store. 47 Buy your meats at Jamison & Obarr's, City .> arket. •<•> Fresh lard at Edwards Bros, at 50 cents to $1 a can. •'> Fruit and vegetablos of all kinds at the Grand Ten Store. « Fortunate woman! She traded at L. Rospnberg & Co's. * F. Brunner is agent for kinds of iron and steel fencing. -to We don't ask you to buy. We ask you to look. L. Rosenberg & Co. * A MODEL GROCERY. One of the Flnost Storss North of Sau Franoi3c->, The opening of the now grocery store in the Odd Fellows building, by T. A. Temiileton gives Ukiah one of the largest, and best establishments nf this kind to bo found north of Sim Francisco. Tho .itore is one of tlie largest in Ukiah, and during the past week or more Mr. Templeton, with a corps of assistants, has been busily engaged in filling it willi a magnificent stock of groceries. To enumerate the various articles which are to bo found in this establishment would (ill columns, i'or it compri.-'es every department in the grocery business, and every If you want to know what a dollar's | riepartment, is complete We had a pleasant call yesterday morning from Capt. O. A. Dingman and D. E. Dingman of Hound Valley, dipt. Dingman loftsomo fine specimens of coal with UB which woro taken from tho Eel river coal mines, which the Nevada Bank i.i opening up. The shaft which is being run into the mine is in 85 feet and the developments are very satisfactory. Experts pronounce it to bo the best steam coal in the state, and as there is untold quantities of it, it will prove an immense sonrco oi wealth. Round Valley people feel highly elated over tho outlook. Judge S. Clinton Hastings and Lilian Knust Hastings were married in Lakeport last Saturday night. It will ba remembered these parties were divorced but a short time ago. In the settlement of tho estate under the divorco the widow was allowed $300 per month during her lifo time and $30,u00 was placed at interest, and she was to have tho proceeds of this also. Under tho now marriage we understand this urangement is to continue in effect, in consideration of which she signed an agreement relinquishing all further claims on tho estnte. D. M. Copsey dropped in on us last Monday and informed us that the now section of the Ukiah and Point Arena worth, take it tn L. RosenborgA Co's. * Tho new ferry boat, " Ukiah," will tie bo put in commission about October 1st. Those who like meet rare, may meet rare bargains nt L. Rosenberg & Co's. * From 1 to 125 shareR of Ukiah Tlank stock for sale. Apply to J. H. Donohoe.* Wheeler & Wilson No. !) sewing machine at, W. English & CO'B., Caipelhi. 4 * The march of progress is chronicled in our new fall stock. L. Rosenberg A Co. * You should buy now, if you want the pick of an extra full line. L. Rosenberg &Co. * Bargains! Bargains! W. English & lar. There are many specialties, however, to iie found here, that will interest every housekeeper in tlie community, and will tie a matter of interest, to these people, to name smite of them. The tCii and coffee departments are the most complete in Ukiah. Tho lea to be found here is all .May-picked, and a majority of it. was imported direct by Mr. Temiileton. A feature new to the people of Ukiah is that persons wishing to select j lea can have a cup drawn right in the | store while tliev wait. You can thus I thoroughly satisfy yourself us to its qual j ity before buying. Tho coll'ee department is furnished with a magnificent : foot power coifeo mill, and porsons wish- Calpella, is the place to secure j in K t '""'eo ground can have it. done free road, from Rancheria Crook to tho top of the ridge near Boonville, was completed Miss Jesse Nelson, of Mendocino has!" 1 "' ready for travel. Messrs. Consev mmk jKvIphaiis for the Native' Son's pa ^'fi»n Francisco on Tuesday. We been in Ukiah this week attending examinations boforo tho Board of Education.. She is a guest of Mrs. T. IT. Jameson. J. W. Eversole has removed his stock of furniture, carpets, etc., to the Gillespie building where ho will be pleased to have all intending purchasers call and examine his stock « There will be a meeting of the Democratic County Central Conimiftco al Ukiah on Saturday, September 13th. Members should not fail to attend or send their proxies. There waa a Buper -ubtindance of drunken Indians in town last Sunday. We may expect lively times among the natives until after they have squandered the money they aro now making in the hop-picking business. An elaborata reception was given on lamp was overturned. After tin fro it j Monday nvmlng by Mr. nnd Mrs. S. II, i was discovered that eonsidenil.'o i lothes,, Seymour, at their apartments In tho RUSH On Sunday evening bhortly after seven o'clock a fire was discovered in tho house occupied by .Mrs. Warren, on Main street, opposite B. li. Fox's residence. An alarm was given, which was responded to by tho firo company and citi/.eriB, and in a short time the flames were subdued, under- | Not much damage was done to the house, but considerable furniture, bedding, etc., was ruined, the loss amounting to about ^250. Tho origin of the tire is unknown. Mrs. Warren had loft the ; .nuse a short timn before the fire, leaving n lamp burning. When the firo was discovered the •Ukiah will be conducted by Ben Rosen- j n go! I watch, diamond ring and other j House, San Franoweo, in honor of the berg. In San Francisco Mr. Rosenberg ; valuables had been stolon, 'nnd it is be-1 hoalcfls' cousin. Miss Susie M. Reed, v. Ill buy goods for (heestablishment here, j lievod that theives entered the houso, and '. daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hoed, of A reference to tho mmainoth ad in an-, after steaiin^ what they wanted, turned \ Luytonville, this county. Mro. Sport and •otbsrcrd'tuih will prove interesting to \ tho lamp over ond set the houso on fire mt reuders. - ^ Mdo their urinio. 1 o daughter are spending a season in Sau and lliatt are to bo commended for tho rapid manner in which they rushed this work through. Tlio new grade is a much needed improvement. On Sunday last a fire broko out on tho range of F. W. Collett, west of Little Lake Valley. Word was sent to Willits and in a short tiuio many ready and willing hands were soon at work fighting the flames, which were soon brought tinder control. About 2i)0 acres of range was burnt over and considerable fencing destroyed. One of Mr. Collott's barns was destroyed. Joseph Luce presented ns with a few Bartlett pears on Tuesday which ho picked from-a t\x vear old tree in his orchard. They wera magnificent specimens of fruit. Mr. Luce picked 120 pounds of fruit off the sauio troe this year and the pears averaged It) omiens each in weight. He bus UiV.l of these trees, most of which will ooino into bearing noxt year. You get more change out of a dollar spent at L. Rosenberg & Co's. thun anywhere olso. * Black velvet ribbons in any width at Cerf's, '*> Co's. them. .. 48 In our bright lexicon of business there's no such word as "full." L. Rosenberg & Co. * Time is money. Buy a watch of King and you will have time. Next door to postoffieo. 31 Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy tn-ms. Inquire of W. I. Hildreth. Ukiah Valley. 37 T. L. Carothers, Esq., went over to Lakeport the fore part of this week on legal business. Full lino of dress goods—all tho latest styles and patterns, at, San Francisco prices—at Cerf's. 49 Miss Lena Howell left on Tuesday to spend a month or eix weeks with friends in San Francisco. J. W. Eversole the New Furniture man is now permanently located in the Gillespie building. 4(1 J. R. Johnson, tho Republican nominee for Sheriff, returned last Friday from a trip to tho coast. Draperies, carpets and wall paper of the latest designs at Eversole's furniture store, Eagle block. * Nothing can exceed the delightful, refreshing effect of a glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. i Mrs. Mart Bneehtel and daughter Ethel, of Willits, aro in Ukiah, visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Buckingham. FOB RAI.E—A good driving horso; will j work double or single. Also a two-sealed buggy. Inquiro at this office. 41 For the best stoves and ranges go to Brunnor 'B. The Superiors are the lead ing ones everywhere. Prices way down. 11 '' J. F. Burgin, President, and IT. C. Whiting, Genera! Manager, of the S. F. it N. P. Railway, were in Ukiah the latter part of last week. Buck Montgomery returned last Saturday from a trip to Southeastern Oregon. While there Mr. Montgomery bought some land, and wo understand he expects to move there shortly. As we anticipated it would when L. G. SimmouB assumed its management, the Grand Hotel at Lnkoport has taken rank as one of tho best, interior hotels in California. There is no better place to stop at when visiting Lakeport. FOUND— On Perkins street betwpen the railroad track and Grand Hotel about three weeks ago a gunny sack containing now horse shoes. The owner can have same by calling at this office, proving property and paying for this ad. J. F. Cunningham and wife, of Forn- dalc, after spending a few days visiting relatives and friendii, in Ukiah, left for homo via San Fraiiclseo last Friday, Wo hope Jim and his family will visit Ukiah oftener in the future than they have if. tho past. Hiram Willits, of Little Lake, has his string of race horses at MuryBvillq, and has them entered in most of the running avoitt*. On Tuesday, the first day, Loatherwnod, onn of old Ironwood's colts won the three quarters of a mile awl repeat race. MrR. Emma Pillot who hns been spending her summer vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. Bailey, expects to leave next Saturday for San Joso to resume hor school duties. Her sister, Mies Flora Bailey accompanies hor to visit a whilo in Bun Francisco and &»t Jose. ol emir In tho canned goods departnien« will be found tho largest stock of canned goods ever brought to Mendocino county. A feature of this department is tlio fact that every can of fruit in it is of tliia year's crop, thereby guarantceim: purchasers that they are buying fresh goods. In this department will also be found :; splendid line of canned meats. In bottled goods, such as pickles, chow-chows, sauces, etc., it would be impossible to excel tlie display made by Mr. Tompleton. Prominent among the brands to be found is that of Dodson <fc Hill of St. Louis, acknowledged by con- nioseurs to be the very best in America. There is also a large display of imported goods, which are sold at prices usually asked for domestic goods. The spice department is also complete in every particular. Excellence and purity are its leading characteristics. Probably tlio moBt elegant display in the store is to be found in tho cracker department. It makes one hungry to look at it. Another choice display is found in the many varieties of soap, both toi'ot and washing. If cleanliness is next to Godliness, this department oilers an extensive means of grace. There are many novelties new to Ukiah in tlie establishment that are worthy of special note. Among them we might mention Sun Diego honey, put up specially ioi Mr. Temploton, jellies and jams in glass, New Hampshire Log Cabin inaplo syrup in bottles, potted meats, and fish uniquely put up for I lunch imrpoHcH, pineapple and other new linos of syrup, and many other articles. A feature of the whole establishment is tho artistic and novel manner in which every article H put up. Exquisite ta.-ste is exhibited everywhere. I It is needless to say that in such staples as sugar. Hour, food, etc., full lines and low prices prevail. Everybody is invited to drop in and see this establishment, which is certainly a credit to our city. * Notice. CABD TO THE PUBLIG: AM DETERMINED TO KEEP THE TRADE OF JL this community here. To do so, I will sell goods \\t as low a price as they can be bought for in nny place on the Pacific Coast. You ask why I can sell goods so cheap? Simply because I conduct my business at the very least expense, and can afford to sell goods cheap. Call and examine my stock, and see what bargains I can give you. No trouble to show goods. u State St., Ukiah, Cat. t Having purchased of J. E. Scoggins the entire stock and fixtures known as the CORNER GROCERY, we have removed to that stand, on the corner of School and Standley Streets, northwest corner of Public Square, With the combined stocks, we now offer to the public the Largest and Finest Collection of STAPLE 11 FANCY GROCERIES! Having disposed of my carriage painting business to Mr. ft. W, V,'ells, in tlie future 1 will Hive my entire attention to carriage trimming at the old stand, over CliaiTtou'ri shop. Cushions, tops, dashes, etc, ma'b. on short notice, and at prices to suit tho times. En. WKIUMT. How to 9avo Money. Ever in one store in Ukiah, and invite the public to give us a call at our new quarters. We are prepared to supply large ranches, companies, etc., with goods at a remarkably low figure. Country produce of all kinds bought and sold. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables received daily. Goods delivered free to all parts of the city. RTERFIELD & STITT. Iluy your Shoes from S. ITooice! Get him to repair your old ones i! Get a pair of his own niako Hoots, }fi! JTc.r Sale. A !»ood stock ranch at a very lowfl;:::re. Apply to J. IT, Uonohue, Uki;|!i, Cn!.« Hweepiiv; barpnins in everything at W, English & Co's., Calpella. ' 4* At .V (tit 3 Kit. IIAKr .IX-WtLI.IAMS-.Vt the residence of tho brt'ie's iii.-! , .ti* , r in Ciihio, bv J. IT. tlr-'i'i.ii. J. P.. Mr. l'ostilmltl. Himlin iuid Mim-Vicioria WmiamB. F tUI RAI.E. TEN ACTUS, OSE-IIAW mile froia the Court Hoi"6» ( wllloii tho par mrate llmltH, on tlio ft ait U> :Vinhv SnWnwa nnrale llmltH, on tlio nail u> :v|chv Sni't^^fl, tiood tend, wull lmpiovii.1, wtHtwod pnildbiix. oiclioul, etc. Itiuiulnof UC0SU.IU1 v * *"™ Nolico of Adminislrator's Sale, I X THE SUFEKIOK raU'tlT OP THE COUN- l.v J Order of Adjudication of Insolvency. r ^i-f u 8 ^'i rK . KI0R (; UtrilT OF THE COUK. J. y ..r Mon.lochio, .Statu of Caitfcfiiii. In tho mutter of I). E. •••«r»i». riVhinr" rVir 'i .Y.' "•• r " "'""pan, an Insolvent fit nior. D.L. Ijlnainan. ImvhiK fllod in mis j j'onrtliu tntltlou, Hci ;;.mil" i nPl VS n t«rv W in t ™'ti.v d.;.i„r,.,i to i.o Insolvent TSS &SB S . HI" Memlocluo, State of Citiifnrnlii. In the miittvr of tho 1'stato of u. It. Arthur, rtettmsed. itotlw is K-f:!>y Riven that In pur- I smiiipo of nn oriliT of llic Sunt'rlnr Court m" i .Mi-iiiluiuii.) Cmutty.ittHto of CullKinilu.mitili'on UIMTIIV dwlnmi tn i.n t..-„i..".'. - r - • tho loth i,f April, ISM. in tho matter of tiio,. st ..ti. thi < mut v,^ of off. 11. Arthur, di-raised, the iiiulcmlKiied, iho liiki-iios**prt,iii nf « II A?o Ji l ,ereb> ' ."Mwcled to Ad,nliiiMmlordobo.,i.,,„« with tho Will „„- I „,ui ,on'hu »M i ?,iftSn W^^' P"«- llfX.'d. nf tho Flli.l OBlllle, Will soil ,lt IH'blll! 1 H5. 1 UT H . hv 1 ^ ....otto,, in tho hlKhe r ," Didder, for c «»bl polil , ^11 "inU .^^^tn' 0 ^^^ m ? '•"" "-'todstates, amlMibjoct to conrtr-! r.inl luqwr*.mid t" "«•••• " • °'.»«*"»»>«. ,m,«t<„> by s,i.,. Superior Ciuirt, on"" j W ^}^t'^X^^ r All'persons «£fn W. 1.^ w*t,? tlie said uceio.M,. „r i... .'"'> MUtr. Saturday, (lie mil day of St-pUnHier. 1899, | ^X'X ^i^J^ At'.' o'clock r. M.,hi tront of the door of tho , „,„„__ <:.-mil Homo. In 1,'kinh oily, Mnndoptnn rmiuiv, , Umibfer or deliver unv pyjiwrlv ^nnilV^iS'fL?? C..l..iilft»o.rl(!ht, title, Interest mill e.Mutu of j Iter order of this <• url uwS»i 2? LJftn *2t the wild C. It. Arthur lit tlie time of IIIH dentil. I ""red. •» lu—m ^ ijiul all the. n^tit, title and intercut UIHI the «ali] eslaie 1ms by operation of )»»• or »ih«rwine acquired, other tlinn or In nddltlnn to thnt of liie R'lid Arlliiir nt. the time of nis deulli Hiii"! too aij that.certain !<»», ;d«ee. or parcel of, lyins Midbeiiift in rlieeiiFr?county of Menduelui), Rtitteof Ui, Hiul bomidcd land s mid doHoribcd us followu, to wit: EU ot of Bcetlou ti, T 12 N, U 1(1 W, Jit )j M. Terii'K ami condltioim of sale—cash, 10 nor eoul of t!;o ptirehiiau price, In (fold colli of (he b'ulied Slates, ptivnbli) on duy of the saw, bid- mice pnyublc on conllrmntlon of (lie siui bv the .tudse of Hiii C'Oiirt. Heed lit exmmie of'niir- el'iiser. '* UliliOj, Sop! prober 2. W.% ' Q. A. OVRRMEVER, Aamlnlstratordibonlxnon, with Uie'WIH ati- uyijeS of, lUo estato of O. H, Arthur. dt>pi>«S6& ass i liAUV V£i.l ,«5i.A*'iU .,AUcit»e |»tot Adi4». ara.iid debtor, . •mm®

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