Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on June 5, 1946 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1946
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. Remember When-? Twenty-Five Years Ago. Interesting Items Taken From the Flies of the Postville Herald of Thursday, .tunc 9. 1921 Church Tlottceri ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Frederick R. Ludwlg, Pastor J. L. Grc ^i:. K. M. Heeker. Henry Miller and D. F Harrington were at Pecorah last Kriday. Tlie Rev. F.. Schmidt. William Schlee and C F. .Meier were at Clayton Center Sunday to attend the Mission Festival. At the sot-.ii-annual election of officers last Friday nicht. the Odd Fellows elected Charles Hoth. Noble Grand, at-.d Louis K. Thom.i. Vice Grand. The people of Postville and vicinity have a rare treat in store for them all next week—.tune 13 to IS—when the Cass-Parker-lSaehford Dramatic company will be with us. A deal was made Tuesday dissolving the firm of Zubcr & Folsom. laundrymen. Melbert Folsom purchasing the interest of his partner. He will continue the business at the present stand. Mr. Zubcr will return to Dubuque. A baby yirl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hangartner Saturday night. The Community Church Missionary Society will meet this week with \Mr. and Mrs C M. Kerr. Lesson by Mrs. Edna Burling. Virginia Williams and Amy Meier. If anybody in Postville or surrounding country i> not enjoying the thrill of their lives it is not the fault of Lt. Francis Senn or Lt. Frank Knight, noted aviators, who arrived here Tuesday forenoon at 11:25 with their big Standard Jl Curtiss airplane from Decorah. making the 24-mile trip in 17 minutes flat, which is certainly hitting the high spots in speed as well as in the air. These gentlemen will be here all this week, carrying passengers at S10 a ride. Keith Gray. Mrs. Dick FoUom. .rphn C. Hooker. Eaton Waters and others have been up and looked ihe tow:; over and say it is great. CAPITOL NEWS LETTER The daily vacation church school is in session for the three week period. May 27 to June 14, Monday through Friday of each week, from 9:00 o'clock until 11:30 each morning. There are classes for all age groups from the prc-school through the post confirmation ages. The Women's Missionary Society will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in the assembly room. Mrs. Clara Miller is the leader and Mrs. Louise Meyer is the hostess. The senior choir will rehearse on Thursday evening nt 8:00 o'clock at the church. Church SchooJ service on Sunday morning at 9:15 o'clock. The service and Holy Communion Sunday morning. Pentecost, at 10:30 o'clock. "Letting God In," is the subject of the meditation. The service and Holy Communion Sunday evening at 8:00 o'clock. The subject of the communion meditation, "In Remembrance of Me." The Brotherhood and the Sisterhood will meet Tuesday evening at 8:00 in the assembly room. The topic for the evening. "Life as a Stewardship." The Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday afternoon. June 13, at 2:00 o'clock in the assembly room. St. Paul's is open daily for prayer and meditation. (Weekly news release of the Iowa Press Association. Material contained herein does not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper.) state moves into Its new quarters at Fort Des Moines, it will leave n vacant residence that was nt one time the governor's mansion. The health department has been occupying the residence for a good many years. Only one governor ever lived in it. The residence is across Grand Avenue from the statehouse and faces north. The house, of course, is old- fashioned but in comparatively good condition. COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF POSTVILLE Rev. Eldon Seamans, Pastor. With the primary over, the big job in Republican ranks Is to patch up any troubles that arose out of the campaign that preceded the election. Democrats have no such problem since there were no contests in the primary. But wherever there arc contests, in either party, there always are some sore spots after a primary. Dur ing the summer months before the fall campaign begins the party will do everything in its power to heal these wounds so that a united front can be presented at the polls in November. The Iowa Republican congressmen, strangely silent throughout the campaign, told reporters in Washington that they were concerned about the possible split in the G. O. P. in Iowa over the governorship race. In a story sent from Washington, one of them said he thought the an ticipated split would be the greatest within Republican ranks in recent years. Whether his fears will be well founded or not remains to be seen but it is doubtful that they will come true. The dominant party in Iowa, the Re publicans long have recognized that to split uijures the chance of con tinuing as the* dominant party and have manged to patch up any troubles before a fall election. Fifty Years Ago. Interesting items taken from the files of "The Graphic," published in rostville. June 11. 1896 Thursday—Choir rehearsal at the church. We shall meet at 8:30. Please note the change in time. Sunday—10:00 a. m.. Morning worship. Sermon by the minister. Theme: •The Coming of the Spirit." This theme is concerned with the Pentecostal experience of the first-century etuirch. Special music by the choir. A cordial welcome awaits all who worship with us. 11:00 a. m., Sunday School: Robert Burling. Sup't. Classes for all. •TROUBLE" AT ELDORA. Fred Cooper, superintendent of the ,trol be abolished in favor of a non-partisan" board for Iowa's mental of and of con "scientific management penal institutions. Krnsrhcl said he was not advancing his suggestions for any political reason but merely for consideration and that he hoped they would be considered in that light. Governor Hltte already is on record with a statement that the present sys- shotild be studied ' ' ' u - tern the HE CONVINCES EM. Frank Miles., the Democratic candidate for governor, is one of the most widely known men in Iowa. But he isuiot known by everyone as he himself will admit. He tells a joke on himself that happened during a primary campaign trip. He pulled into a filling station at Es- thervllle for some gasoline. He engaged in conversation with a couple of World War II veterans who. during tlie meeting, professed to be supporters of Frank Miles. "I'm Frank Miles," he said, ing his hand. "Aw now listen." said the uncon vlnced ex-G. I's. So Frank had to show them his registration card. Then they were con vinced. offer- The rare whistling swan hits been reported on several north Imvn lakes recently. The latest is received from August Ruslad of Northwimd, W (, 0 WHS able to approach closely one of the large white birds as it rested on the waters of Silver Lake northwest nt that town. with thought in mind that something better could be devised to operate the institutions. A VOTE CHANGE. Miles, the Democratic candidate for governor, is getting a bit of kidding from some of his Republican friends those days because his first conversion job was at home. Mrs. Miles has long been registered as a Republican although Miles himself has boon a Democrat since his college days. Hut Frank assures the kidders that his wife is joining the Democratic fold this year to be able to cast her ballot for him. He also hopes to pick up the vote of his father-in-law, A. H. Baker, Centerville, a life-long Republican. IT'S WEED KILLING TIME! USE The late rains have brought a strata of iron ore to light on the Carl Baltz UNITED BRETHREN CHURCHES. J. B. Haddock. Pastor. m. H. Schultz family was in- the arrival of a boy last The W. J creased by Saturday. Attorney James Shepherd is having a new house built on the corner of Maple and Williams streets. Luhmsin & Sanders and J. H. Sanders are putting city water into their Lawler street business houses. .Kid Schenk of Frankville and George W. Harris of Postville treated themselves to a double-seated surry last week. Louis Koenig now rides in | a fine new single top buggy. All were purchased from William Leui. W. J. Hanks has secured the agency for Betz' celebrated folding baths in Allamakee. Winneshiek and Chickasaw counties. This is acknowledged one of the best and most convenient articles of the kind made. See Hanks for particulars, or inquire of J. W. Dresser, local agent. Castalia: Sunday School at 10 a. m. Worship service at 11:15 a. rr Our daily vacation Bible school will start Monday, May 27. Postville: Sunday School at 11 a. m. Preaching service at 10:00 a.m. Sunday evening service at 8:00 p. m. Prayer and Bible study meeting Tuesday evening at 8:00 o'clock. Forest Mills: Sunday School at 9:00 a. m. ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCn. Trancis J. Vallaster, Pastor. Sunday masses at 8:00 and 10:00 a. m. Weekday mass at 7:30 a. m. Catechetical instructions Saturdays at 2 p. m. for children of school age. Confessions will be heard every Saturday, from 2:30 to 5:30 and from 7:00 to 8:30. Iowa Training School for Boys at Eldora, is still having his troubles. He has confirmed reports that a boy was handcuffed, his hands outside a grillwork of cell, to prevent him from destroying property and to cool his temper. An outspoken individual. Cooper declared he was not going to be mixed into politics and then proceeded to outline to reporters some of his needs at the institution. As of last week one of these needs was for competent help to replace two night men and two cottage couples who either are leaving of their own accord or were dismissed. One couple is leaving to accept a better position in the same kind of work at the St. Charles. 111., institution. The pay there will be $270 a month. The couple will pay $60 a month for maintenance and work eight hours a day. five days a week. The Iowa job they are leaving pays $185 a month plus maintenance. The work is 16 hours a day and only two days in 18 are free. That is one problem facing the state. Another is the • clothing problem Most of the clothing at Eldora has been handed down for the last seven years. It is ragged where it can no longer be patched. Cooper contends that such clothing does not lend itself to increase the morale; that good clothing would do that. That is another problem. The legislature anticipates dealing with these and other problems in the 1947 session. ANOTHER PARTY ON TICKET. The Probihition party will have a list of candidates on the ballot this fall in the Iowa general election, according to their state chairman. L. E. Gifford, Des Moines. Nominees are E. P. Gabriel, Newton, for governor; E. L. Tarr. Clinton, lieutenant governor: Ray Picken. Fairfield, treasurer; R. F. Banks, Ottumwa, auditor: George Ramsey. Keokuk, secretary of state: Mark Shaffer. Adcl. secretary of agriculture; Richard Lowe. West Des Moines, commerce commission, and Lois Crawford, Boone, superintendent of public instruction. The party also selected a candidate for the United States senate although there "is no senate seat at stake in this election in Iowa. When asked why. Gifford said. "I don't know how we happened to do that." The heat of a lightning bolt turns the moisture of the wood cells to steam, exploding the wood. Lightning sometimes completely girdles the tree. Everv old rooster kept around the farm costs the farmer about seven pounds of feed each month. This also applies to old, non-laying hens. The Original 2-1D Preparation Quarts, Gallons and 5 Gallon Postville Feed Mill The Commencement exercises of the | . Postville high school will be held in | Christian Science Churches the Methodist church next Mondav I The subject of the lesson-sermon night. The following are the gradu- i ' n a " Churches of Christ, Scientist, ates: Mabel E. Dresser. Ruby J. Web-! '° r Sunday. June 9. 1946 is "God The „ „ D , , „•, ,„ i Only Cause and Creator." The golden ster. Nora B Dawson Blanche RIM*. ; TEXT .. XHE LORD I3 THE TRUE ^ H(J Grace E. McMaster, Edna R. Hughes is the ]ivlng God| and an everlasting and Emmet D. McWilliams. Iking:...He hath made the earth by Last Friday morning this section was I his power, he hath established the visited bv one of the severest electric i v T or l dl . h ? Wa wisdom, and hath storm in years The storm b^:^,,^^ * hi, about 2 o clock and for hours the glare . Selection3 from the B ,' ble ^ , of lightning and the roar of thunder ; "Science and Health with Key to the was incessant. Rain fell in torrents j Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy with occasional dashes of hail. Light- j comprise the lesson-sermon. One of ning struck several telephone poles on j the Bible citations reads: "O the East Green street and also a small depth of the riches both of the wis- house owned by R. N. Douglass and dom and knowledge of God! how unoccupied by Mrs. Strong and her two daughters. They were not injured. Saturday afternoon, after intense heat 1 in the forenoon, a strong wind accom- j panit-d by rain came at 3 o'clock. The wind increased to a gale, tearing part of the tin roof off Will Thoma's brick building on South Lawler street and snapping trees as though they were pipe stems. CAMPAIGN STORY. One of the better campaign stories to come out of the primary was that told often by Lloyd R. Smith. Forest City, a candidate for one of the commerce commission nominations on the Republican ticket. Smith usually wound up his talks by saying that he once gave a speech which was later described as being "moving, soothing and satisfactory." "It was moving." he continued, "because half of the audience left. It was soothing because the other half went to sleep. And it must have been satisfactory because I was never asked back to speak again." AN EXPERIENCE. One of Gov. Robert D. Blue's most harrowing experiences during the campaign was at Emmetsburg. The governor had retired in his hotel room and was fast asleep when the telephone rang at 3:45 in the morning. A fellow who said he was speaking from the lobby asked the governor to come right down and discuss some issues with him. The governor promised to meet him later in the morning if he would reveal his identity. "After all," the chief executive observed, "a governor is entitled to a little sleep." FIRST CANDIDATE. As this is written the results of the primary are not known. But it is said that if one candidate for the legislature, Charles J. Seizor, is nominated on the Republican ticket for the house of representatives, he will be the first candidate for state office ever nominated from the Amana colonies. A young man, Selzer has been principal of the Amana schools for the last 10 years. He also has been coach. He is the first man from Amana ever to seek a state office. Until the Amana society was incorporated a few years ago such a candidacy was forbidden for its members. WalnutGrove PRODUCTS Due to the shortage of feed this year, try and keep your livestock well balanced on WALNUT GROVE MINERALS and see how much faster your pigs will grow. ALSO HAVE A CURE FOR NECRO, pigs that hive black and bloody scours and are not doing well. Treatment Guaranteed. Treatment for coccldiosls in chickens guaranteed. Also nave dip, mange oil and wormers. Have all these on hand now. Arthur Schultz POSTVILLE, IOWA searchable are his judgements, and his ways past finding out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor? Or who hath first given to him, and It shall be recommpensed unto him again ? For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever." (Romans 11:33-36) Today's best buy—a Herald want ad. 1 WE HAVE | PIG STARTER I HOG MEAL EE I BONE MEAL Kg I TANKAGE EE J MEAT SCRAPS 1 E§ i —*— 1 L. A. Hammel I Wapsie Valley Feeds A NEW PLAN PROPOSED. A former governor, Nelson G. Kraschel of Harlan, came forth last week with a proposal that the present board Get Your Ready For Your CAR VACATION TRIP DRIVE IN TODAY FOR Standard Service WASHING - - GREASING tt Casten Standard Oil Service Station Oil Co. Telephone 275 AMERICAN LEGION A MANSION. When the health department of the | WE HAVE Dr. Salsbury's Selective Weed-Kill SELECTIVELY KILLS BROAD-LEAF WEEDS •••••••• MEYER'S FOUR-COUNTY HATCHERY Telephone 234 Postville, Iowa DANCE Big-Four Pavilion-Postville FRIDAY. JUNE 7th mm, IP si NOTICE! The members of the American Legion will canvass the entire town on Thursday evening, June 6, to sell dance tickets. They respectfully »°* licit your support. ARTHUR F. BRANDT POST, NO. 518 i

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