Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1891
Page 3
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C, e ltfbb lURRlERS In order to reduce our vast stock of Alaska Seal Skin Garments and Fur Shoulder Capes, we will, for a limited period, give a special Gash Discount of 15 Per Gent off present reduced prices on every purchase. Correspondence solicited. Illustrated Fur Catalogue sent free to any address. Highest market prices paid for Raw Fur Skins. Send for Price Current. D. B. PRYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces. — PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. 316 E. Broaday st. FTOSTE PAPER HANGINGS INTERIOR OPERATORS, FRESCOIKS CHURCHES, pL.»'ilTE RESIDE»CHSr»C: We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & CO., 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Real Estate For Sale orTrade la all parts of Logansport. Residence and Business property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broadway A Tlirlllliiir Wriuiia. Tbe Fast Mail to be presented at Uolan's Monday night is a wonderful spectacular production, and has received hundreds of indorsements as strong 1 as the following from the Cincinnati Enquire.—Two houses packed to standing .room witnessed the first presentation of Lincoln L, Carter's successful melodrama. "The Fast Mail," yesterday at Havlin's, and the house never contained a more enthusiastic audience. Mr. Carter made some rater heavy promises in advance, but has fulfilled them to the letter. The beautiful sets in the first act were followed by the realistic ones in the second, showing a Mississippi steamboat lying alongside her war! at Memphis which opened to the engine room of tbe boat, showing the glowing furnaces through the doors of which the fireman shoveled coal, the fierce flames lapping his hands and lighting up the stage each time he opened the door. The explosion in this act was startling in the extreme. We never saw a steamboat blow up, but Mr, Carter, wg imagine has, and he vivedly pictures it on the stage. A ci-ash, a streak of flame, an immense volume of smoke, timbers and bales of cotton shooting up into space, and as the mist clears the sinking steamer, all combine to form a-scenic effect seldom equaled. But it's in third act that old theatergoers are dumfounded, and a thrill of wonder goes through the audience as the huge locomotive comes majestically upon the stage and stops under the glare of the calcium lights as if to defy criticism. It is wonderfully real. Every working part of a freight engine is there in detail. The engineer seated in his cab receives his orders, pulls tbe throttle and this monster of the rail is seen to struggle with its heavy load, the fly wheels revolve, black rings of smoke ascend from the stack, the bell commences to ring and No. 175 pulls Out, followed by fourteen full-size freight cars. The brakema'n, on top swinging his lantern, the illuminated caboose, the clanking of the heavy trucks over the switch and the general noise all combine to create truly the most realistic railroad effect ever put upon the stage. Niagara Falls, in the last act, was loudly applauded, and it presents a beautiful picture of that mighty cataract with its roar, rising taist, foam, etc., as seen from the center of suspension bridge, and tbe calcium lights heighten the effect greatly. "The Fast Mail" is a scenic play in the full sense of vhe word. The climaxes are clever and follow each other in quick succession. There is not a dull moment in the play, and in the hands of the evenly balanced company that presents it is thoroughly enjoyable. A WORK UNSURPASSED. Th<> the ItcHt Edition Ever It is a fact that it is now more than fifteen years since the first volume of the ninth and last edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica" was issued. This original edition is intended for use by Englishmen in England. The "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica" is the same work revised and amended for use by Americans in America. It is compiled "up to date, 1 ' and is for sale only by the Journal or its authorized representative. Call at the office and examine the work, or drop us a postal card and our representative will call on you with sample copies. Read the following testimonials: LoGAJrsrORT, Feb. 19,- 1891. I have examined the plan and scope of the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica.'' It has the following advantages over the original: 1. It brings knowledge down to a later date from two to fifteen years. 2. It includes the biography of living persons. 3. Although it condenses and curtails some of the English articles, its articles upon American subjects are fuller, more perfect and complete. 4. Very fine and correct maps of the States are given. 5. Except on subjects touching special professions, the work is a decided improvement for the general reader. 6. The cost is only about one-fourth of the original. HOKACE P. BIDDLE. Ind. Feb. 20, 1891 I have examined with much care the • 'Americanized Encyclopedia Briti- annica" issued by Belford, Clarke & Co-, of Chicago, in ten volumes. To the average man this is superior to the original edition in twenty-four volumes. It retains all the substance and omits only the details of the original edition. Having occasion to investigate the subject of Mexico I found ail the substantial facts I needed in a halt dozen pages. Not tbe least of its merits are the maps, all of which have the last rail roads and the new discoveries, notably those of Africa. In cheapness in price, convenience of reference and fullness and accuracy of facts, the Encyclopedia is just the thing a busy man needs, either for personal or family use. D. P. BALD-VVJX. Grand Palace Hotel. 81 to 103 Nortn Clark Street, -cuicago, 4 minutes from Court House. Both Plans. Weekly, $3,00. Transients, 50c up. Rftitaurant by Compagnon.Iate ObJcagoClub,Chef. POPELAB PRICES. NEW. HOUSE. Cut this out for further 'reference. lebHdlm DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and licsiJcnee orcr 201 Sycamore St. LOGANSPORT, • • . IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Eesponded to. MONEY TO LOAN! tad Notes Bought in any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 7. Boocham's Pills cures sick head ache. d6t THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Keesling • - 1 "Why, Maud, how your complexion has improved." "Yes, I took B. F. Keesling's advice, and use the famous 'Blush of Roses.'" 11— ding Busier. Easter falls on March 29, an unusually early date. The earliest date on which Easter caa fall is March 22, and this only in case the moon is full March 21, when this date happens to fall on Saturday. This • combination of circumstances is extremely rare; it occurred in 1003, 1761 and 1816, and will happen again in 1900, 2076 and 2144, while during the three following centuries it is not once "on the books" at this early date. On the other hand Easter never falls later than April 25; this was the case in 1666, 1734 and 1889, and will only happen once in the next century—in 1943. HOW'H' Thin : We offer One Hundred Dollars Rewnrd for an case ot Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cnre. F. J. CHENEY <t Co. Props., Toledo, 0. TV'e, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectl; honorable in all business transactions and ilnSn daily able to carry out any obligation made by the.lr firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo 0.;WALDING, RINNAN'* MARVIN, Wbolesali Druggists, Toledo 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken 'internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces o: tha system. Price 76c. per bottle. Sold by a) Druggists. _ The:State Supt. has withheld the blanks for enumeration of school children in anticipation of a change in the law regarding- the system of apportionment of the school funds. If the present legislature adjourns without passing one of the bills for a change of the apportionment, the blanks will probably be made in a few days, and the enumerators can begin their work. Yesterday at their pleasant home on the West Side, Mr. and Mrs. George McMillan were agreeably surprised by a large party of, their friends from the country who came in to remind them that the day was -the fifth' anniversary of their wedding. The event was quite an enjoyable one for both surpris- ers and surprised. Mr. James TJhl and family departed yesterday afternoon for their home in Maxwell, la. after a pleasant visit with Mr U.'s father, Mr. Jos. Uhl, in this city. James Uhl is a well known Logansporter, and his friends are pleased to know,that he is prospering in his western home. : LoGAifsroRT, Feb. 21, 1801. I have examined the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica," and cordially recommend it as a valuable addition to any home library. The work is complete, condensed, concise, and is "up to date." and at once meets the wants of both the student and the business man. It is cheap and within the reach of most American homes and is precisely the reference work needed, as nearly all that which was so tediously exhaustive in the Eacy- clopenia Britannica on subjects of English geography and history, is condensed to make room for American history and biographies. E. B. McCoNNELL. Wanted—A woman to sort rags,, one of experience preferred. Call at once, corner Kace and Sixth -streets.— Wm. Cornell. LOGANSPORT, Feb. 28, 1891. I have examined a volume of the '•Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica," and consider it a valuable work for reference. Something of this kind should be in .the library of every student. H. A. SEARIGHT, Sup't. Cass County Schools. ONLY IN THE PBIJIE OF LIFE.—It Las been stated that the most extreme age to which a chicken can live is- about nine years, but any ,ooe who has ever boarded knows better. This may be a joke on boarding houses in general, but the fact still' remains, that Dr. White's Pulmonaria is the best cough remedy in the universe. It cures coughs, colds, asthma, bronchits, whooping cough and consumption. toS Notice.- Notice is hereby given that my wife, Rosa Conrad, has left my bed and board, and that from this date I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her. VIGIL CotfBAD. Logansport. March 7, 1891. For the lip tliere is no brightness, For the teeth there is no wnlieness, Where SOZODONT has got no place; But those who use It, knowlull well, How bright and beautiful the spell It throws o'er man or woman's face. toS Ex-Supt. Mocker. For two or three days a tall man, with a military air and manner, has been seen about the Fifth Avenue hotel. His act on is that of a man of 45, but his closely trimmed whiskers and his hair are most snow white, and make you wonder what his real age may be. It is Colonel Frank J. Heeker of DeU-oit, Mich., one of the most prosperous men ol that enterprising city. The Colonel's age is not indicated by his gray whiskers and hair. He* is much under 50, and is a millionaire, having accumulated wealth by Jifteen years of hard work in the car manufacturing line. Gen eral Alger was once largely interested with him in this business, and is still, I think, to some extent. In any event there is no man in Michigan who is a more devoted friend of the General. Colonel Heeker was considered at Chicago in 188S as the confidential spokesman for the General as a Presidential candidate, and no movement was made by the Alger forces without consulting-him.—Ben Aboii in N. Y. Press. I'or s»yle The undersigned offer the folfowing pieces of property for sale at low rates and upon liberal terms: House and lot on Smead street, between ISth and 17th streets. Lot 4U by 16.5. Large mill property at Adamsboro, comprising mill, residence and two tenement nouses, and thirty-five acres. Buhr flouring mill, known as Spring Creek mill, in Clay township, 6 miles northeast ot the city, comprising mill, building and machinery in good running order; residence and thirteen acres. Eighty acres pasture land, with never failing stream of living water running through it, in Richland town ship, Fulton county. Well fenced. One hundred and twenty acres improved farm land land, in Richland township, Fulton county. Eighty acres improved farm land in Tippecanoe township, Pulaski county. Or I will trade any aud all these pieces for Chicago improved real estate. Call on or address Fred W. Mimson, Logansport, Indiana. feb22d&wlm Happy Hookers. Wm. Timmons, postmaster of ida- ville/Ind.. writes: "Electric Bitteis has done -sore for me than all othei medicines combined, for that bud feeling arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, -farmer anc stockman, of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney and liver medicine, made me feel like a new man.'' J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says: "Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and don't care whether be lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just .like he had a new lease on life. Only 50 cents a bottle, at B. F. Keesling's -drug store. 2 Tliroiigli Sleepers to Karisa* tjltj" via Wubasli Line. ! Commencing February 18th, the Wabash linu will run through Pullman and Wagner palace sleeping cars between Logansport and Kansas City with two elegant reclining chair cars (seats free) already on this train. The "Cannon Ball" passing Logansport 3:45 p. m., arriving at Union depot, Kansas City, the following morning at 9:20, makes it the most desirable and fastest in tbe territory. 21tolO LAS IF YOU SHOULD TRAVEL OER THE WORLD A5 FAR AS YOU COULD QO, /A BETTER SOAP TfjAN SANTA CLAUS, YOU'D NEVER (JET TO KMOVs/. J &co. ^ W. J. HUGHES & SONS CO. DOORS, SASH, BLINDS, E< LUMBER. N. W. Cor. Fourteentfijand Maple. Sts. fi LOUSVILLE, KY- Mention tills paper. BiloiIMUCISS. We have tested its virtues, personally, and know that for dyspepsia, biliousness and throbbing headache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We tried forty other remedies before Simmons Liver Regulator, but none of them gave us more than temporary relief: the Kegulator not only relieved but cured us.—H. H. Jones, Ed. Telegraph and Messenger, Macon, Ga. toS THE REV. GEO. H. THAYBK, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consump- Ive Cure. Sold by B. F. Keesling ' 6 CATARRH CURED, health and sweet jreath secured,' by Shiloh's Catarrh iemedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal ln- ector free; Sold by B. F. Kees ing -. ... 8 SHILOH'S CUKE will immediately re- ieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Sold by B. F. Kees ing ' ^ 8 WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Jure will give immediate relief? Price 0 cents, 50 cents and $1. Sold by B. F. Keesling.... 7 Dr. Koch, with the assistance of the German government, may have discovered a lymph that will cure consumption, but how much better it would be to prevent it by the timely use of Pine-apple Syrup. It will do it ag well as cure your coughs, colds and sore throats. - It acts wonderfully in cases of croup. Mothers should not be without it. For sale by J. F. Coulson & Co. to8 The -newly invented wafer combination spectacle which enables the wearer to see far and near same as in youth, is being introduced for the first time in Logansport by Prof. G. D. Edmonson & Son. who will make scientific tests of all classes of defective vision free. All are invited to call and see this most wonderful spectacle. m6d2t ORANGE BLOSSOM "< ' A POSITIVE CURE FOR "'' ' A LL FE M A LE^ DIS EASE S. "JYMPTflMQ ' A-tired, lansnicf feeling-, low.spirited and despondent, with no appa-i 0.1 Hy I UHlu i reatcause. Jndiffe.stion,]]eada.cbe, pains jn the back. pnJns jcrossthe' lower part of boweis. Great soreness in region'/f ovaries, Bladder-'difflculty, Frequent urina- tions, Lpucorrlicen, Constipation of bowels, and with all these symptoms a temble nervous leclinpisexperienced bythapatient. Tins OK.ANGE BiOSSO.TrlTJfEATarEXTremovesa» these by a thorough process of absorption. . "..... A lflfMI APPNfiATinW Pe rfe c!;ly harmless, wbicb every lady can use, herself. Mod- LUUnL nl iLIUnJJU!! Icmes taken internal aally will never relieve tbe many forms o£" '--J female weakness.- The remedy must be applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief. A PI AIM TAI V Tfl | AnlP? !Qour<;lraul:lr - -Ask your drugsist for one orsendtwo. iLHlll InLIV IU Lnlll Lucent stamp tD home office foe sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. 0. B. Pile Eemedy. O. B. CatarrhjCure- $1,00 FOR ONE MONTH'S TREATMENT. —I'liEI'AKEIkBY- O. B. Stomach Powder*. O. B. Kidney Conea. J. A. McCILL, M. D., & CO., 2 & 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHICAGO, ILL. FOR SALE BY B , F . KEESLIXG and JOttXSTON BROS. FACIAL BLEMISHES. The la-cfit estafcllihment In the world for ihu treatment Of U)c *k||i Atod it*lf, *Cj;«tnn., |i)0l««. w3rl4.iU|'i-r- fluooi hair, Mrthiiurk*, moib,frcdcici,pitm>)et-wrmk- !«', red I»o(f% red v«ln*, oilf ikla;. *co«, M»ckfcefl<f». bnrb.iV iich, icari,' plulngi, t^wder jn*rk(, hdn| development, etc. Coniuliaiion *">«, »t office or by ] B tier. l38-pa B G Boole on nil Skin a>.dScrip Air«Mom fltnl iJjBlf Trenimcht irnt<H»»Ied) fof-lOc. ~ JOHN H. "WXMJJDBtrjKY, De/mawJogis!, JJ&S W. 42<1 St.,-V.Y. City. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Woodbury's Facial Soap For (lie Skin and Sculp. Prepared by a Dermatologist with 20 yeanr experience. Hip/ily indorsed by the modi- en,! profession; un equaled as'* remedy'for loc£emA,,8CAldboad, oily skin, pimples, flesh worms, uRly complexion, etc- IndiRpe&e- Able as a toilet article, and a euro preventive of all diseases of th.0 fikin and scalp. WILL CURE * s, r OATARR K I W ** • »*11 11 i i JLoeANSlPORT, Chicago Reiil Estate- Do you want to double your money the next year, if so, call at the Murdock Hotel and see the sub-divisions of S. E. Gross now on sale. Ask.for H. Hale. Office hours, 12 to 3 p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m. . . feb2odtf SLEEPLESS ISIGHTS made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. Sold by B. F Keesling. 2 For Rent, the 2d floor of No. 312 Market street. Apply to FLAJSEGAN & CRISITOND. feb22dtf • * Something New In Corn—IVcw Kil Dried Corn IflTenl. This process retains all the sweet and nutriments of the corn. It is thi jrocess that has given Kentucky an Virginia its great reputation for corn meal. To be had at the leading gro ceries. We are also manufacturing pure whole wheat Hour. This is als on sale at all the leading groceries in one-eighth barrel packages. There ii more nutriti'on in this flour than in any other made. We are now pre pared to grind corn for feed in any quantities declld&wtf D. & C. H. UHJL. For Sale. The two farms formerly owned Robert McMillan, deceased, situatec .in Noble township, the one, one mile and the other two miles northwest of Logansport. Terms reasonable. For particulars inquire of .R. M. McMillen on the premises. R. M. McMnxES, . W. S. STEWART, Executors. . febld4tltaw .TitnieK T. Gott, Carml, III., Sayx: He paid 4 tnirty-one dollars doctor's bill for his wife in-one year, and one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator did her more good than' all the medicine sho bad taken before.' H. DALE, Druggist, Carmi, 111. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, : ., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to8 . For Sale and ^Delivery. .Pure timothy hay for "horses, an* clover and timothy, mixed; forcowe. orders at my office. nov!5dtawtf D. D. DYKEMAK THE mi WEBSTER JUS 1 ? PUBLISHED—ENTIRELY HEW. WEBSTEKS INTERNATIONAL A GRAND INVESTMENT far tho Family, the School, or the LibrmT. Revision bos been in progress for over 10 Yett*. More than 100 editorial laborers employed. V SSW.nou expended before iirsc copy was printed. _ Critical examination invited. Gctthe-Best. f Sold b.vall Booksellers. Illustrated pnmphletfreo. <J. & C. MBKKIA3I & CO.. Pnl>II»lier», Springfield, Mass., V. S. A. C&ntion!—There have Teoently been iasntd !> several cheap reprints of- tho. 1817 edition oC,v Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, an edition longs since superannuated. These' oooka are Kh""* "*' various names,—" Webster's Unabridged," "!1 Great Webster's Dictionary," " Webster's i „„ Dictionary," " Webster's'Encyclopedic Diotton*- ^ ry," etc., etc. Many snnonncements ooncerninK them very misleading, as tha body of each, from A to"\u Z, is 44 years old, and printed from cheap p)at«i l v' made by photographing the old pages.. :-. ^ march3d&w8w

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