Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 27, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
Page 8
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'BUT BCTTCI IK AM£T* 4M£S ^JULY TBIOTVC TIKES, AMM, IOWA, FEIDAY, OCTOBER 27,1933. PAOB OTB dishing Market fed Arrow Mo. l 32* Main *kon« » MAM LOAF, a n* ISC 1JC ISO IK VJKAL or BEEF BOAST, chvck cuts. SHORT RUBS to b*ke or boil. * Ita SLAB BACON, Ib PORK BUTTS or Rolled Hams, Ib. .. ROLLED RIB or Romp of B«ef, Ib. . NOTICE Some of the picnic should- "ers sold here last Saturday had bone sour. If you got one that was spoiled, SEE US—We Want to Make It Right: Blue Eagle Ford Dealer Bids Low On 1500 Trucks WASHINGTON, <UR>—The question of whether Henry Ford may participate in goverumer! contract* for millions of dollars worth of automobiles, trucks and airplanes without signing » certificate of compliance with the automobile code was complicated Friday by the low old of a Washington Hue eagle Ford dealer on 1500 trucks. The forestry division of the department of agriculture received the bid on the trucks which are intended for use by the civilian conservation corps. Official* of the division were uncertain whether they would have any legal right under an executive order of President Rooseielt banning purchases from NRA holdouts to reject the local dealer's "bid, since he does not come within the prescribed class. Officials of the war department, who have held that Ford must sign a certificate of compliance I before he is eligible under the executive order to bid on $10,000,000 worth of army motorization equipment, "were not expected to run into this complication. It wa* pointed out that bids for thi* equipment, probably would have to be made l>y manufacturers themselves, since it is not to be standard, but it to be furnished according to army specifications. The recovery administration it- Back Home in Smiling Mood Precedents Fall as Roosevelt Drives on in New Deal Program By RAYMOND CLAPPER j eminent i s taking over agricultural United Pr*«i Staff Correspondent (price regulation (Copyright 193 by United Pr««) WASHINGTON. (UJR)—In action that shatters precedents almost daily. President Roosevelt IB turning Into tangible form the powers handed over to him wholesale after March 4. H« has moved mor« aggressively than tver In the last fev days a» the poiularity of his program was threatened by incipient rebellion in the firm belt. He has applied to the new deal The cheery smile that has flashed on. a thousand screens greeted cameramen when Dorothy Gish arrived in New York on the Berengaria from a European trip. Miss Gisb is shown above, registering homecoming joy. Ji. STOMACH OUT OF ORDER? ... MAYBE IT'S COFFEE! M ANY people can drink coffee in moderation without ill effects. But to others it mtva iadijertian; "nerves," sleepless nights ... became coffee contains caffein. This drug can upset digestion and lash nerves to a point where sound akep it impossible. If caffein affecti you this way—try Postum. It coo tains no caffeia. It is simply whole wheat and bran, slightly sweetened and roasted to bring out the rich, full-bodied flavor. Postum provide* all the satisfaction of a warm mealtime drink without the ill effects of coffee. Try Portum. A product of General Foods. O "The doctor told me thit my trouble wu due to indigestion, mad suggexted that I stop using coffee. I tried Pojttim *nd was delighted with its flavor. A month later the doctor was surpfiied at my improvement. The indigestion bad disappeared and with it the headaches, afccrffcrmlk an* disatreaable Burner." /. K- JtmM, flotatoa, Tttas. Postum "THERE'S A REASON" self regards Ford as complying with the automobile code, inasmuch as it was promulgated for the entire industry and they have received no complaints of his failure to abide by its terras. However, on Nov. 1 first reports on operations under the code are due from the National Automobilt Chamber of Commerce, designated in the code to administer its pro- tisions. If Ford fails to report to the NACC on the designated date, he will be regarded by recovery officials as having failed clearly to comply with the code. In new form the prescription Jefferson or that the cure more democracy. of This story jn Washington is too vast to be understood or adequately told hot off the wires. History Whether should be and announced he will have a hard enough time telling it. All that can be done now is to try to give the "feel" of It. to suggest by a few rough strokes, the general outlines and the direction. Fascism has had it easy compared to the new deal. Mussolini worked in a small nation accustom- me pn»«r.v«»u •» ff p l ° » strong hand at the top. Hit- somebody who said ! er h , as U>« emotions of a defeat- democracy's ills I Wra cked nation behind him. Mr. dual freedom of the frontier. Albert Wiggin, retired head of Chase National bank was peacefully drawing $100.000 a year for life as retirement pension. It was voted by his board of directors. Doubtless he thought it was nobody's business. Overwhelmed by the after-effects of the disclosure more oJ the recovery program President called a Roosevelt dictator or something less jarring to American ears is a purely,, "fccademic question. What has happened i* that in his inaugural address, Mr. Roosevelt marched up the Rubicon expected to toes now j with the bold, smile which has marked this precedent smashing president, be is wading in. I Headlines report current devel- | opments In Mr. Roosevelt's revolution: "Roosevelt fixes gold at $31.36 to caJm confident f 8 ^ J 16 asked that it be stopped. chairs of many clubs boost prices." "Roosevelt warns he will use GIUMORES Food Market Gelatine Dessert, 6 for 24c Milk, tall can... 6for35c Navy Beans ... 6 f or 25c Pork and Beans, Van Camp, No. 1 can,4for25c MACKEREL, No. 1 can, Van Camp, 3 f or 26c Pork and Beans, Ige can 3for27c Heinz Soup or Beans, 0 for 51c Cake Flour, Ig box . . 19c Corn Flakes, Ig box, 3 for 26c Grapefruit. No. 2 can, 2 for 25c Peanut Butter. Ig jar. 25c Salmon, fey Pink, No. 1 can, 2 for 25«> Spinach. No. 2; S for.. 23c Toilet Paper, silk tis^ sue, 6 for • 25c Heinz Rice Flakes, 2 for 19c Preserves, S-lb jar ... 23c Bread, 3 lOc loaves and 1 lb Butter (with order) 45c Sugar (with oj-der), 10 Ibs 49c Cracker Demonstration Help the American Legion Auxiliary •. : . BUY FOLGER'S COFFEE TODAl" Drip or Regular • Lb 35C L 65c force action in mine fight." "Ickes threatens licensing of oil to end cheating — will invoke tlrss- tic power unlsss production is held down." "Roosevelt invokes NRA powers to 'bau import -Llood here." "Wallace is sold on crop curb plan." "Johnson lists businesses not af- terfered with. Though Mr. Roosevelt had nothing to do with it, it is probably a fair interpretation of the spirit of the new deal to sav that such a matter is considered cf general con en, and • that such things should not be permitted. There are many indications that except in the circle around Mr. Roosevelt, the real meaning of the new deal has not yet been grasped. Actions of Mr. Roosevelt »ince the first serious challenge appeared last week are sufficient to convince Washington that h. has no thought of turning back. He told the na- fected by retail code." "XRA 'plans infection from unfair price boosting." "Retail authority named by Johnson." All of this on a day when the president was in bed with a cold. It would seem like a comparative- j on them for support, ing dependents brot tion Sunday night, "We art on the way." But not on the way back to 1929. CONTRACTOR FOR STORM SEWER OPEKS DITCH (Continued From Page One) 11 VtUUAU Oi. CUJ JlEkC Om \j\Jta }J »** «.*•*» ^ i — --w - — • ly poor day to sample, but evjry | Ara6 s residents registered for employment at the manager's offce. Of this number, 220, or 56 per cent, were classified as common labor- (READ THE WANTS double the service of Household Linens "May .1 show you how to bring out the full charm of your linens?" Its so easy to have lovely snowy white linens it you but \vash them in lukewarm WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP Sues. WHITE KING, you know, cleans perfectly in water of low temperature... requires no bleach or bluing to keep white things white, and rinses out completely. Ironing is easier and the linen fabric lasts twice as long. Just try my White King Beauty Treatments for " your washaUes. HAVE YOU ANY SPECIAL WASHING PROBLEMS? H you hire, just write Jo Kay White, care of The White King Soap Company, Los Angeles, California, and your inquiry will bs given prompt personal attention. Instructive booklet on "23 Ways of Washing, Easier and Bettet; in Oae-Kaii the time with White King Granulated Soap" —FREE upon request one of these developments comes straight from the white house. And they involve not only domestic affairs, but affairs abroad as well: These headlines suggest the j high spots of the Roosevelt ad-1 vance. There is BO turning back, j Even the original brain trust now is elbowed aside for vrhat is being j called in Washington the "new professors." Most prominent of these is Professor George F. Warren of Cornell whose money plan is understood to hare formed the basis j for Mr. Roosevelt's new gold pol-1 icy. | On price control, even Professor! Rex Tugwell, regarded cs the most [ brilliant and advanced on the reg-j tilar brain trust group, favors cau-j tion. He is fearful of moving too j fast before the government isi ready to do a sound job. Working , as assistant secretary of agricul-1 ture he has- hat! experience in the ; last fsw months in grappling with j the inertia of vast bureaucracy, j and he has seen at close range the | j things that native selfishness in j j the human animal can throw in j the path of'the most ..-ideal plan. Yet a majority of Industrial codes so far approved involve price control, and more and more the gov- FRENCH CROWDS ACCLAIM LINDYJ (Continued from Prge One.) Louis XVI was guillotined. Dismayed, the Lindberghs at at ones changed 10 a room facing on a sids stresi and seemed at a j loss as to what to do. I There was no donbi that to Paris j Lindbergh was still the idol of f 1927. when he landed at Le Bour- j get field after a solo flight from i New Tork to be acclaimed hysterically and to lose apparently forever any claim to private citizenship. It was ascertained that Lind- bsrgh. who carried letters of introduction on his first visit, wished he needed them now. After the first look out of his room windows he did not look arraiu. Charg? d'affaires Theodore >larriner. of the American embassy, was his first visitor, ilarriner had to us= persuasion to get Lindbergh's consent to see French newspapermen— who were angry at his reticence. Lindbergh agree i! to see all correspondents at the embassy at 3 p. m, But. he said, he would not answer questions, would not divulge his plans and would not explain his itinerary on his aerial tour — which left little, seemingly, to be said. At 10:40 a. m. Lindbergh left the Crillon for the usual unannounced destination with Pierre Cot, youthful and spectaclsd air minister, who recently became a licensed airplane pilot. Lindbergh's figh; against being lionized was to be a hard one. The war ministry announced it would ask him to agree to a program of entertp-inmeijr, he to decide on its extent. era. There were 80 semi-skilled laborers, or 20 per cent of the total, including truck drivers, clerical help, cooks, draftsmen. cem«nt worker*, etc.; 25 skilled laborer*, or 2l per cent, and 11 professional men, chemists and engine-era. 44 War V«t«rans There were 44 w«r veterans listed. 40 of them signifying they had dependents. There also wtre 33 who registered who said they wer* members of trade unions. There were 279 married men listed. 102 single men an:" 13 widowed or dlroixed. Ninety-two per cent of the married men. or 279. had 775 persons dependent up- Others hav- the total of dependent persons receiving their livelihood from all those registered to 846. There were 143 others partially dependent upon those registered. From those figures, it would appear that 1.242 persons were in need because of unemployment in Ames. But that Is not the true" picture, as Mr. Ames Is very careful to explain. Statue Continually Changes Many of those who registered with him during the past month have iound some sort of employment thru their own efforts. As stated above, about 60 persons received employment during the past 10 days and probably 50 others also will be given work on the public projects under way here. The status of dependents is continually changing. It is undoubtedly a fact that every hour changes are taking place in these numerical summaries of the Ames employment situation. On the other hand, a large number of labor union members and tradesmen not union men are without employment in Ames, but failed to register. The picture presented by these figures does not imply that all these unemployed people are to require relief during the coming winter, tho It is true that a large number of them will be dependent upon public relief agencies so long as they remain uemployed, or as soon as prsent employment on public work ceases. Trade Stimulus There shohld be some consideration given to the stimulus of additional money released in the community thru the work now under way, which might reasonably result in reemployment of additional HAVE THAT CHICKEN DINNER NOW! Prices are going up CHICKENS lOc 12c 13c Dressed oa order DUCKS and GEESE, dressed He TURKEYS, dressed 22e FARMERS: We will pay 19c dozen for eggs Saturday. Bring us your cream, eggs and poultry. PHONE 142 Mac's Dairy & Poultry Mkt. Fifth & Burnett—White Rose Gas Station WW& FOOD MARKET I Phone 329 We Deliver REMEMBER .Our Tuesday, ad specials are all good for Saturday—and we are as close to you as your telephone. BLUE MOON CHEESE DEMONSTRATION Drop in Saturday and taste these delicious cheeses, and learn their 'many delightful, economical ways of, serving. Blue Moon Roquefort Camembrie, Blue Moon American Pimento, ', 4O — pkg ., ISC -Also many other varieties 51c s9>~o ' 22 CENTS ADDED TO WORLD GOLD PRICE {Continued from Prge One.) and wheat have made parallel rises !acd declines. i Federal reserve banks, the mints and assay offices will act as agents for the RFC in the new gold purchases. Payment will be made not in currency but in new RFC notes maturing Feb. 1. By discounting these notes at the banks, the miner will be able to obtain currency immediately. The banks will carry them until maturity when the RFC would retire them with cash. SUGAR, 10-lb cloth bag ....... CIDER <3c refund on. 4«_ Bottle), quart AOV FLOUR. Golden +* g A Dawn. 40-lb sack. . 5>* «57 CHEESE, Pabstette. all varieties, pkg ... BUTTER— CloTerblootn, m Brockfield ... Z BREAD. loaf PULLET EGGS ....... 4 DRESSINGS, Best Foods. '/2-pt jar . for 45C 5C Cranberries Eatmor .Brand, Qt 10c PUMPKINS, for that Hallowe'en party, each. ORJLNGES. * +4* Sunkist .... * doz 3^*» POTATOES. Early Ohios, Cobblers, peck ACORN SQUASH. 2 for GRAPEFRUIT, each Sc 5c CELER.Y. -Jumbo crisp HEAD LETTUCE— Extra large « heads Z for BANANAS, selected yellow fruit, doz .... APPLES. York Imperial, basket CAULIFLOWER. 15c to loc store clerks and laborers on a more or less permanent basis. The total of unemployed persons 4hruout Story county who have registered both at Ames and other registration point* Is above 700, according to information Mr. Ames has from the office of Sain Steigerwalt, county employment chair- man. Registration i» vp*n to who are receiving temporary «• part time employment, or who U«- ing employ** on full time are expecting to b« released soon. Nr person employed permanently and seeking a change of occupation only i» permitted to register. Keith's Fruit Store 319 Main—Leo Armitronf, Mjr. CALAVOS, each POMEGRANATE, each MAJEROL, a for , KUMQUATS, quart PERSLMMONS, S for STRAWBERRIES, 3 for MUSHROOMS, quart JAP CHESTNUTS, Jb ASPARAGUS, bunch CELERY HEARTS, bunch TOKAY GRAPES, 4 Ibs COCONUTS, each , TOMATOES, 8 Ibs 25C IOC 5c I5c loc 30c 40c Me 5c Ic 23c loc lOc GREEK BEAXS, 8 Ibs ........... YELLOW BEANS, 8 Ibs ........... SAGE, 2 bunches ....... HEAD LETTUCE, large ............ CRANBERRIES, Jb v .............. BANANAS, a ibs ........ .... CABBAGE, XSc ttc 5c te loc ISc ORANGES, S dozen GRAPEFRUIT, 7 for BLACK FIGS, Ib APPLES, 10 Ibs ..... PUMPKINS* each RADISHES, 3 bunches LEMONS, dozen Z9c 2Sc I5c We lOc loc 25C HOMECOMING BARGAINS ___^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_.__^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ SPECIALS READ OUR LARGE ADVERTISEMENT THAT APPEARED IN THE CORN EMPIRE EDITION OF TRIBUNE LAST TUESDAY NIGHT. Onr Storei Are Loaded With Specials. Participate in This Great Event. jjowert Average Price Originator* SUGAR pure fine granulated 10 .4 Sic FLOUR Gold Medal" "Kitchen Tested" or Omar " - ,, $1.98 SOAP P. and G. wht naptha PANCAKE FLOUE, fluffy li$ht, Ige pkf 19c COFFEZ, Folders, 1 lb can 35o—3 lb can 65c NAVY BEANS, hand picked, Michigan, 4 Ibi 17c RICE, choice Blue Rose, 4 Ibs 20c ROLLED OATS, Buckeye, 5 lb bag 19c PUMPKIN, Van Camps, No. 2 can, 2 for 19c Large No. 2^ can, 2 for 22c PEANUT BUTTER Win You Fancy 3-Lb Jar PEAS Dodge Cntr Sweets No. 2 can L lie JEL- SERT All Flavors CORN MEAL Certainty BREAD, Butterkrust, white or whole wheat 5c KIDNEY BEANS, Joan of Arc, No. 2 can, 3 for ....27c STARCH, Argo corn or gloss, 1 lb pkg, 3 pkgs ... .20c KARO SYRUP, Blue Label, 5 lb pail 28c CHEESE, mild sweet Longhorn, lb J5c GREEN BEANS, Shawano fancy cut No. 2 can, 2 for 22c BUTTER. Boone fancy creamery, lb 23c RAISINS California Seedless 4-Lb Bag IVORY SOAP Med. Size Bar 4 for 19C YEAST FOAM an.y TISSUE 1000 Sheet Count nous 18C Special Low Prices—Complete Variety Bananas, Extra Fancy \ 1f%€ Solid Fruit <J l|JSk Tokay Grapes, 4 Its. 2Sc Oranges, ^^, 2 doz. 45c CELERY Crisp and Tender Each 10c GREEN BEANS Fresh Lbs 25C SWEET Potatoes Red Star 8 Lbs 25C GRAPEFRUIT Seedless Each 5c $1.19 20C Pure Lard 2 Ibs. He ,*?ANUl A'r'Ep rot? Convumence * CONDENSED fOR Econotn . LONDON O>—London set Uie world price for gold Friday at 131 j shillings two pence, equivalent to j J31.117 it the openinc exchange: rate of the pound sterling, which > was J*.7tVi. The London rate was 42.3 cents j below Thursday's Washington gold rat« set by President Rooaevelt. in his plan to manage the doU&r. i It «as a nsUi.i** 1 incr<?;u« of i:;.<J over Thursday's London joUl rale. SWISS STEAK PORK SHOULDERS, 8 to 10-lb average ROLLED PRIME RIB ROAST SPARE RIBS BULK KRAUT lb lb lb lb qt 17c lOc 15c lOc 15c FRESH SIDE MEAT * lb 11 Vic BEE* HEARTS lb lOc PORK LIVER lb POSES MARKET | Windsor Bacon, 2 Ibs. 33c Hormel's Lard, 3 Ibs. 25c Veal Hearts, 3 Ibs. 2Sc Spate Ribs, 3 Ibs. 2Sc Pure Sausage, 2 Its. 2Sc Beef Tongues, 2 Ibs. 25c Ham Pork Roast, lb. ISc Rolled Lamb Roast, lb. 20c

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