The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 18, 1997 · Page 40
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 40

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1997
Page 40
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DB SUNDAY. MAY 18, 1997 f ON THE OUTSIDE TOMMIE BERGER fisheries biologist, Kansas Department of Wildlife ami Parks Fishing the simfish spawn fun for kids Mid to late May and early June are the months when water temperatures generally reach 65 to 70 degrees. Those water temperatures trigger the spawning urge in the sunfishes and if you want some constant, fast action, grab your worms. The sunfish family includes the crappies and the black basses and they are now in the spawning mode. But I am not talking about those species, I'm talking about the real sunfish — the ones most of you call perch. Well, they aren't peroh — they are bluegill, green sunfish and redear sunfish. These feisty little guys are probably the easiest fish to catch and we're darned lucky that they don't reach 4 or 5 pounds. If they did, you'd never land one. The nice thing about sunfish is that they will bite on just about anything. Worms are their favorite, but they will take grasshoppers, crickets, small crayfish, most any kind of bug, small jigs and spinners, and even whole kernel corn. . Several times at fishing clinics when we run out of worms, I've even cut one open and used a piece of intestine — they even look a lot like worms. Spawning sunfish are not shy about their sexual activity. They build a nest by fanning out a small depression in shallow water that looks like a bowl or a little moon crater. They prefer rooky or sandy bottoms and often you'll see hundreds of these nests in one bedding area. The male guards the nest and females dart around from nest to nest. In most lakes, you can see all this activity from the bank or from a boat. When you find a sunfish bed, you'd better be ready for some fast action. A small hook and bobber baited with a worm dropped right in the area will often take fish after fish. Some like to use a small 1/32-ounce jig baited with a small piece of worm. I like to attach a small piece of yellow or red plastic worm and move it from nest to nest. Little worm is needed, just a small piece and that piece will often catch a number of fish. Again, action can be fast and furious, but sometimes the fish will get a little spooky after you catch a few off the bed. You sometimes need to move to another area for a while, then move back. Normally, you can catch eight or 10 from each bed before moving. And it is easy to catch 50 to 100 sunfish in a couple of hours if you work at it. This type of sunfish action is perfect for kids. They can catch fish and lots of them. They can really learn how to watch a bobber, how to set the hook, and get a real charge out of fighting those scrappy sunfish. Every youngster ought to get into spawning sunfish at least once every spring. Lakes in this part of the state that will be supplying excellent sunfishing soon are Ottawa, Rooks, Sheridan, Antelope Lake, and even some of the reservoirs. The smaller lakes are generally the better areas, but most of our reservoirs really have a lot of bluegill after the floods of several years ago. Around Salina, there are also lots of nice farm ponds and watershed lakes that have excellent bluegill populations. They should be warm enough to provide action now. Memorial weekend is almost always during the best sunfish action and it is coming up shortly. -The wife and I always spend one day during that weekend filling a 5-gallon bucket with 7- to 9-inch bluegill. Those little sunfish fillets are real tasty and well worth the effort it takes to glean them. Many anglers shy away from bluegill and redear because they don't like to glean them. An electric knife makes that chore fairly simple and those little fish chips fry up into some mighty good eating. LIFESPORTS THE SALINA JOURNAL Photos by DAVIS TURNER/The Saliina Journal Salinan Sharon Luka, blind since birth, swims six days a week at the Salina Family YMCA, training for swimming marathons. Aqua woman Blindness no deterrent to swimming marathons for Salinan Sharon Luka By HAROLD BECHARD The Salina Journal S haron Luka is at it again. Apparently, swimming 12.5 miles around the Key West Islands last year wasn't enough of a challenge for the 42-year-old Salina woman. This summer, Luka is going one step — or stroke — further. Luka will return to Florida next month for the annual Florida Keys swim on June 6. One month later, she'll hopefully take her first trip across the Atlantic Ocean to compete in a marathon swim in Greece. What makes Luka's attempted feat more amazing is her handicap. She's been blind since shortly after birth. Luka, who works for the Department of Social Services, was the first blind swimmer to participate in the Swim Around Key West, an annual marathon swim in its 21st year. "As far as we know, and we've done a lot of research on this, she's the first blind person in the country to do a marathon-type race," Key West race director Randy Nutt said in a telephone interview. On July 19, Luka hopes to become the first blind swimmer to compete in the 27th annual Swimming Crossing of the Toroneos Gulf, a 16-mile swim between the two peninsulas of Calkidiki located in the northeast part of the country, 110 miles north of Athens. Luka is hopeful for the opportunity to swim in Greece, but she must rely on nearly $5,000 in donations to send her and her two guides overseas. Although she's not looking forward to the long plane ride to Sharon Luka swims one of her many laps she religiously performs regularly at the Salina Family YMCA. Greece, Luka is excited about the opportunity to compete in another marathon swim. "I've never been interested in leaving the country," Luka said, "but when Randy (Nutt) called and said, 'I have a great swim for you,' I had to go for it." Nutt expects 340 competitors in this year's Key West swim, which is sponsored by Ban de Soleil suntan lotion. Nutt said Luka was an inspiration to everyone involved with last year's race. Although it took her nearly eight hours to complete the 12.5 miles, the crowd on hand when she finished knew it was witnessing something special. "She received a standing ovation when she got out of the water," Nutt said. "It's hard enough to go through life with all your capabilities, let alone doing something like this as a physically challenged athlete. "We gave her the spirit award last year for her spirit and determination," he added. "We didn't relax the rules for her. When she goes into the water, she's like any other swimmer. But she's got more guts than half the people there." Equipped with headgear designed by Ultrasport, Luka received directions through a transmitter on the boat, which was occupied by two guides and a driver. "The waves were the most difficult, but I practiced what they call oxygen depth where you don't get to breathe very often in the water," Luka said. "If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been able to withstand the waves. "I suspect this year will be a harder swim, with the way the weather is going. It's a week later and it could be hotter." But Luka also learned the salt water was good for a sinus problem that flares up during her workouts at the Salina Family YMCA. "I didn't realize the salt was good for my sinuses," Luka said. "The salt scared me (in last year's Key West swim) because it made my sinuses feel funny, so I thought, 'maybe this isn't healthy.' "They told me a day or two later at the hotel that it was very healing and my sinuses were so messed up by the chlorine here that the salt really worked a lot of interesting things." Luka trains six days a week at the YMCA. She swims one mile five days a week and 3 to 9 miles every Saturday. She spent more than eight hours in the YMCA pool Friday swimming eight to 10 miles Luka, who hopes her story encourages other handicapped people to get involved in competition, says she doesn't consider her blindness a major obstacle. "Blindness is just a physical nuisance rather than a tragedy," she said. "It's just kind of a pain in the neck, or an inconvenience," Luka, who is being sponsored by Ultrasport and the Windmere Corporation, will also need nearly $2,000 to make the trip to Florida. Breakfast and dinner for four plus hotel reservations for one guide at the Florida Keys race have been covered. Donations for Luka's two trips are being accepted at Sunflower Bank, Salina, in the Marathon Swim Bank Account. A website on the internet —\fwill\sports — can also be accessed for more information on Luka and the marathon swims. T FITNESS How to define killer abs It takes only a few simple exercises to improve midsection By EUGENIE JONES Scripps Howard News Service You can strengthen and define your abdominal muscles with several toning and resistance exercises without using abdominal condi^ tioning gadgets. Reverse crunches, crossovers, and knee-up crunches are good for basic exercises. Begin with as many repetitions as you can comfortably perform, gradually working up to 15 to 20 reps. Once you can comfortably do 15 to 20 reps, add another set of 15 to 20 until you are able to perform three to four separate sets. To perform a reverse crunch, lie flat on your back with your head and shoulders resting on the floor and your arms at your side. Your legs are bent at the knee and lifted so that your calves and feet are parallel to the floor. Squeeze your lower ab area in, towards the floor to raise your hips off the floor, arching your knees in toward your forehead. Complete the exercise by lowering your hips back to the floor while maintaining tension on your abs. Don't use your hands or arms to push off the floor or use the momentum of your legs to pull your hips off the floor. Instead, stay focused on contracting your abdominal muscles as you lift your hips in. To work your oblique muscles, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Cross your left leg on your right leg with the left ankle resting on the right knee. Let your left knee fall flat away from your torso. And use your right hand to support your head and neck by placing your right palm on your head behind your right ear and rest your left forearm and hand across your ab. As you start, both your head and right elbow rest on the floor. Contract/squeeze your abs in to raise your right shoulder up towards . your left knee, twisting through your trunk as you lift. Don't shorten the movement by bringing your knee towards your shoulder. Lower your torso back to the floor and repeat. Switch sides to perform the same movements on the opposite side. Make sure you lift and twist your ,entire torso and not just the elbow. • Concentrate on contracting your ; abs in as you lift and don't rock ' your torso for momentum. j The last area to focus on is the '< upper abdominal region. A crunch * will allow you to exercise this area. £ J4e on your back with your knees ; iftnt and feet flat on the floor or * place your feet and calves on a 1 chair. Rest your head and neck into the ^ palms of your hands by placing > your hands behind your ears and-> keeping the elbows flat. ; As you perform the exercise,;-; keep your chin off your chest and > your neck in alignment with your; spine. Contract/squeeze your abs* in toward your spine to raise your» shoulder blades off the floor in a!"forward spine-rounding motion. Then lower your shoulders to the" starting position only lightly- touching the floor before repeating' the movement again, ! Archery shoot • JUNE 1 AT NILES — Salina Bowman's monthly shoot at Miles Range ... 10 a.m. start... call Mike Duffy (913823-7549). Baseball camps • JUNE 3-8 AT SAUNA — At Salina Central High School ... 7-11-year-olds, 8-10 a.m. ... 12-14-year-olds, 10 a.m.-noon ... registration fee $25 ... call BUI Barlow (913-823-3602) or Chris Ruder (913-825-4754). Baseball tournaments • MAY 23-25 AT ELLSWORTH — Sponsored by Ellsworth Babe Ruth Baseball Association ...10-under for $100 entry fee plus two baseballs... 15-under toumey for $125 plus two baseballs ... call Ken Parker (913-4723589). • MAY 23-25 AT LYONS — Lyons Babe Ruth Steering Committee 13-14-year-old tournament... entry fee $125 plus two baseballs ... entry deadline May 9 ... call Junior Soeken (316-257-5412). • MAY 24-25 AT SALINA — Tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9-under, 10-under, 11-under, 12-under... $110 entry fee ... four-game guarantee ... call Bob Schmidt (913-827-1879 or 913-827-3606). • JUNE 6-8 AT HUTCHINSON — 15-under tournament at Hobart-Detter Field ... May 2 deadline ... call Steve Williams (316-662-1278). • JUNE 6-8 AT HUTCHINSON — At Fun Valley ... 10- under, 12-under. World qualifier... call Jim Preston 316669-1258 or Cliff Wray 316-662-4825. $150. • JUNE 6-8 AT RUSSELL — 12-under tournament... $120 entry fee ... 3-game guarantee ... May 27 deadline ... call Russell Recreation (913-483-6966). • JUNE 7-8 AT SALINA — Baseball tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9-under, 10-under, 11-under, 12-under... $110 entry fee ... four-game guarantee ... call Ken Ebert (913-826-9869 or 913-827-3606). • JUNE 13-15 AT HUTCHINSON — 16-under tournament at Hobart-Detter Field ... May 2 deadline ... call Steve Williams (316-662-1278). • JUNE 13-15 AT ELLSWORTH — 13-year-old tournament ($125 plus two baseballs) and 12-under tournament ($100 plus two baseballs)... call Ken Parker (913472-3589). • JUNE 14-15 AT SALINA — Salina Baseball Shootout at Bill Burke Park... 10-under, 11-under, 12-under.... $115 entry fee... four-game guarantee... call Gary Charvat (913-825-5777). • JUNE 14-15 AT QHEAT BEND — 11-12-year-old tournament at Brltt Spaugh City Parks ... 12-team limit... $125 entry fee ($140 after May 25)... 3-game guarantee ... call Craig Ellis (316-793-7229 or 316-792-2521). • JUNE 20-22 AT RUSSELL — 15-under tournament ... entry fee $120 ... three-game guarantee ... June 12 deadline... call Russell Recreation (913-483-6966). • JUNE 21-22 AT SALINA — Salina Noon Klwanls tournament al Bill Burke Park ... 12-under, 11-under, 10- under ... $125 entry fee ... 4 game-guarantee ... call Jim Johnson (913-827-1010 or 913-825-7427) • JUNE 28-28 AT SALINA - Sacred Heart Booster Club Tournament at Bill Burke Park... 12-under (full), 11- under ($140), 10-under ($120), 9-under ($120) divisions ... 4-flame guarantee ... call Randy Herbel (913-8238931). • JULY 12-13 AT SAUNA — Summer Staler... 9-10, 11-12 age divisions ... entry fee $125 ... entry deadline July 7... call Brian White (913-826-7434) • JULY 11-13 AT RUSSELL — 13-under tournament ... entry fee $120 ... three-game guarantee ... JuLY 1 deadline ... call Russell Recreation (913-483-6966). Basketball camps • MAY 27-31 AT UNDSBORQ — Bethany College Day Camp for boys... 4th-5th-6th grades (9 a.m.-noon)... 7lh-8th grades (1-4 p.m.)... entry fee $50 ... entry deadline May 20 ... call Jon McLean (913-227-3380, ext 8313). • JUNE 1-5 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 2-9 AT CONCORMA — Cloud County Community College's campi (or boys and girt* agts 8-17 ... boys camps from 9-11:30 a.m.; girts from 1-3:30 p.m.... $60 cost... call Brett Erkenbrack at 913-243-1435, ext 208 or 913-243-2751. • JUNE 7 AT ABILENE — Winning Basketball Strategies Summer Camps... boys and girls grades 7-12... 3- polnt shooting (9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.) and post play (1:004:30 p.m.)... entry fees $60 for both camps, $35 for single ... call 1-800-322-6792. • JUNE «-12 AT SAUNA — Heart of America girls camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinks (913-827-6229). • JUNE 1-12 AT LAWRENCE — Marian Washington's 23rd annual Jayhawk Woman's Camp at University of Kansas... registration $310 (overnight) or $230 (day camper)... call KU women's basketball office (913-8644938). • JUNE 1*20 AT SAUNA — Qlris and boys camps at South Junior High ... girls 5lh-5lh grades, noon-3 p.m., $65... boys 3rd-4!h grades, 3-5 p.m., $45... call Jeff Ball (girts camp, 913-825-4794) or Daryl Hoeltlng (boys camp, 913-825-2815). • JUNE 22-26 AT LAWRENCE — Marian Washington's 23rd annual Jayhawk Women's Camp at University of Kansas... registration $310 (overnight) or $230 (day camper)... call KU women's basketball office (813-8644938). • JUNE 28-JULY 3 AT LAWRENCE - Marian Washington's 23rd annual Jayhawk Women's Camp at University of Kansas... registration $310 (overnight) or $230 (day camper)... call KU women's basketball office (913864-4938). • JUNE 30-JULY 2 AT SAUNA — Mustang Basket- ball Camp at Salina Central... 6th-7th grades... 9-11:30 a.m. ... $20 entry fee ... more Info: Randy Clark, 2327 Melrose Lam, Salina, Kan. 67401. • JULY 7-11 AT SAUNA — Mustang Basketball Camp at Salina Central... 8th-9th grades (9-11:30 a.m.), 10th-12th grades (1-3:30 p.m.) ... evening scrimmages ... entry fee $25 ... more Info: Randy Clark, 2327 Melrose, Salina, Kan. 67401. • JULY 13-17 AT SAUNA — Heart of America girts camp and girls advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JULY 20-24 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys camp and boys advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JULY 31-AUQUST 3 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $100)... eight games... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • AUGUST 7-10 AT SAUNA — Heart of America girls team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $100)... eight games ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). Basketball league* • SAUNA AREA BOYl SUMMER UEAOUC — At Salina South High School... currant grades 7-8,8-10-11 ... June 19-July 18 (10 games)... entry (M ISO par player ... call Jeanle Wahlgren (913-825-2675). Basketball tournaments • KAY 26 AT SAUNA — Memorial Day 3-on-3 tournament at Salina South High School... 4-game guarantee ... nine grade divisions ... $30 entry la* ... call Dan Sellers (913-823-7854). • JULY 18-20 AT UNDMORO — 6-on-5 boys weekend tournament al Bethany College ... 5-12 grades ... $100 per team ... entry deadline July 13 ... call Jon McLean (913-227-3311, ext. 8313). Cycling • MAY 2TAT LITTLE RIVER- 27-mlto race ... 7:30 a.m. start ... call Milt Dougherty (316-887-6326) or Trudy Case (316-887-8717). Fishing tournament* • KANSAS WALLEYE ASSOCIATION SCHEDULE — $50 tor one-day evenl; $100 lor two-day event... non- point tournament: $200 for Big Bud Tournament ... May 31-Jun* 1 at Qlen Elder Lake (Big Bud Toumamanl); June 8 at Mllford Lake; June 21-22 al Olan Elder Lake (Kansas Governor's Cup); June 29 at Wilson Lake; July 12-13 al Malvem Lake... call 913-378-5158. • JUNE 7 AT TUTTLE CREIK — Channel Catfish Derby ... 80 percent payback... $200 for largest catfish... «n- try Iff $50 per learn ... no refund after June 0 ... call Bill Hughes (913-539-6559) or Paul Miller (913-539-7154). Football camps • JUNE 15-18 AT MANHATTAN — Registration for Kansas State camp Is underway ... $199 resident fee, $110 commuter... call 913-532-5876. Running • MAV 18 AT SAUNA — Monday Night 5K Training Run... 6:30 p.m., north end of Bill Burke Park... call Mike While (913-827-6342) or Ross Livingston (913-827-8670). • MAY 24 AT LITTLE RIVER— 15th annual Suicide Hill 5K and 10K Run ... entry fee $10 before May 20, $12 afterwards ... call Milt Dougherty (316-897-6325) or Trudy Case (316-897-6717). Soccer camps • JUNE 8-12 AT SAUNA — Coyote Soccer Camp... 911:30 a.m.... grades K-12 ... $75 entry fee ... call Brian Bemer (913-827-5541, ext. 1370, or 913-243-7999). • JUNE 7,21 AT McPHERSON — 1-5 grades, June 7 ... grades 6-above, June 21 ... $30 entry lee ... call Jim Post (318-241-8267). Softball camps • MAY II AT SAUNA — One-day fast-pitch girls camp at South High School... 3rd-8th grades ... $20 for (Ingle camps... call Daryl Hoeltlng (913-825-2815). • JUNE 2-6 AT SAUNA — Successful Softball Camp at Salina South High School... 4th-9th grades ... 8 a.m.- noon ... call Daryl Hoeltlng (913-825-2615) or Francis Flax (813-827-0826). Softball tournaments > MAY 24-2$ AT ABILENE — First Mud Creek Classic ... Co*d round-robin or 3-game minimum... $80 entry feel due by Wednesday... call Eric at 827-9244 or Kirk at 2633776. • MAY 24 AT ST. JOHN — Men's slow-pitch tournament ... double-elimination.. first six teams each... call Nick Oar- eta 018-548*548). • MAV 31 AT HMX8BORO — Girls 12-under, 14-undar tournaments ... first eight teams ... call Wendy Wilkinson (316-847-3490). • JUNE 1J-15 AT RUSSELL — 18, 16,14 and 12-under ASA fail-pilch girts tournaments ... entry fee $70 ... June 6 deadline ... caU Russell Recreation (813-4*36866). • JUNE 14-1» AT CONCOMNA — Men's slow-pitch tourney... $80 entry fee and hit own Red Dot Balls... June 11 deadline... thrM games guaranteed... CaU Todd Den- netts 813-243-7306, or 813-243-7115 • JUNE 21-22 AT MAHV8VILLE — Qlris 10-under (three games, one day)... $50 entry f«e ...12-under, 14- under round-robin (five games)... $100 ... cat Dr. Dave Hamal (813-562-6512). • JUNE 26-28 AT McPHERSON —Girls 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-under... call Mike McCormlck (316-241-7347). • JULY 54 AT MARYSVILLE — Girts 16-under and 18-under... (six games)... $100 entry fee... call Dr. Dave Hamel (913-562-5512). Triathlon • JUNE 21 AT TOPEKA — 17th annual Tinman-. Triathlon at Lake Shawnee... 7:30 a.m. start... two cours-*" • es ... entry fee $40... call 913-267-1156. Tennis camps : • JUNE 2-6 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at' Central High courts... $35 entry fee... four time slots plus'' one for advanced high school players... call Bob Warkentine (913-823-9351). • JUNE 8-20 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts... $65 entry fee ... four time slots plus'" one for advanced high school players... call Bob Warken- tlne (913-823-9351). • JULY 7-18 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at". Central High courts... $65 entry fee... four time slots plus', one for advanced high school players... call Bob Warkentine (913-823-9351). Tennis tournamenta t • MAY 31-JUNE1 AT SAUNA — Draw For Your Part-'-! ner Tournament... entry fee $20 ... deadline May 28 ...''• call Bob WarkenBne (813-823-8361). '• Track and field meets • MAV17ATMiNNEAPOU8-UonsClubJuniorHlgh;.' Champion of Champions Track Meet... B a.m. start... Tin*- 1 6th grades... girts and boys, no relays... $5 entry fee per-, event... call Robert Smith (913-523-4644). -Volleyball campa > • JUNE 1*18 AT SAUNA — Heart of America regular', camp and advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245. (day camper $155) ... ages 8-17 ... call HOA Sport*/ Camps & Clinics (813-827-6229). ' • JUNE 18-22 AT SALINA — Heart of America learn", camp at Karwa* Wastoyan... $185 (day camper $155) :.."• call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6228). • JUNE 23-24 AT SAUNA — A Step Ah»ad Volleyball ' Camp al Sacred Heart High School... girts entering 5th- ' 6th grade, 9 a.m.-noon each day ... 1-4:30 p.m. for girts * entartng 7lh-8th grad* ... $45 fee ... call Rose Wittman ' (913-823-8217) or Chris Clark (813-827-7552). ' Wrestling campa • JUNE 12-14A I AT SAUNA — Al Roosevell-UncoJn Ju- \ ntorHIgh ... 10 a.m.-noon ...registration fee 9-10 a.m.... . $20 (••... call Shannon Peters (913-823-0253) > • JUNE 25-27 AT SALINA - At Salina South High \ School... 8 a.m.-3 p.m.... registration fee 8-9 a.m., June . 25 ... $50 fee... call Bob Warkerillne (913-823-8351). •

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