Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 5, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH MD DEMOCRAT. •PRlbAY.'. SBPTEMBEB 5, 1890. Central Committed Meeting. There will bo A mectlug of the Democratic Comity Central Committee held lu Ukiah 0:1 September 13th, 1890, at 1 o'clock P. V., whou R . lull attendance Is dcslrod. By order of J. BUCKINGHAM, Chairman. Cms. CONSISOIIAM, Secretary. A JOURNALISTIC HARLOT. There are few papers on the Pacific Const which have been hold in higher esteem for many years than the Eecord-Union of Sacramento. It has been clean and able in all of its departments, nnd its editorials have always been characterized by decency and fairness. It was about the last paper in California that we expected to see besmirch itself with mud, and disgrace its good name in order to cany out a plan of campaign against a political aspirant in its own party or the nominee of another party. But it has recently prostituted itself in the most disgraceful manner, and stands to-day a journalistic harlot. The day before Markham was nominated by the Republican convention at Sacramento it published a column and a half of cowardly and malicious charges against him. He was accused of wholesalo fraud in business transactions, of conspiracy to rob, defraud and swindle, of embezzlement, and many other such malignant and scurrilous charges, the truth of which we know nothing about. In twelve hours from the time of making these charges it hoisted the name of Markham to its masthead and has ever since been urging the people of California to elect him Governor. The attitude of the Keccrd-Union to Mr. Pond, the nominee of the Democratic party for Governor is to be found in the two articles printed below, one of which appeared in that journal on August 22d and the other two days after. FRIDAY, AUG. 22P. j ThcDenmernUcpar- j ty in nominating Mr. ( E. B. Pond of San Francisco for Govern- | or, has probably put at the head of the ticket its strongest man. There la liiis J assurance (riven by the nomination of the gentleman named, thet the campaign '„*ontest between the leaders will be one of cleanliness. In fact W9 cannotconceive of *ny reason why It should no't be conducted upon thosamellnc, HO far as all candidates are concerned. That the contest, will be one calculated to call into play the best energies of the two great polit- tfiere can^fie ^5 f manner of doubt. We shall have a warm and energetic but we. believe a manly campaign. With thr» nomination of Mr. Pond the Democracy has every reason to be satisfied; it* representative body at Sau Jose was certainly moved bv win- ilom and dominated by sound HCUSO in making the selection it did. rersonaUv Mr. J*ond commands the respect ol all who know him, and should he be selttrtrd th* 1 nen. { tie can be asBiired. so ar as a past career can guarantee a future oue, that thev will have an upright Exec* utive and au ableoue. St NDA V, AUG. 21TH. The nomination of E. li. Pond, by Boss Buckley, of Sun Francisco, Is a political event ol the most sensational character. The people of the State have been treated to a spectacle of the deepest and most far- reach lug cunning that has e.*er disgraced nubile annals. K. B. Pond, the supposed Mayor of San Francisco, has been playing the part of autagouism t o Buckley. Kvory schemc of rapacity and plunder which could possibly have been invented bus been carried to Buckley's political agency for the purpose of se- Th rough m uhTcTpaT and State Legislatures. Pond baa pretended to be the enemy of these schemes. The people of the Interior, not being well Informed, have regarded Pond as a sort of a watchdog of politic«1 virtue, a gigantic guardian of E ublie treasuries, the onest opponent of ¥ olitleal r o g u o r y. he people of the Fan 'Francisco, however, have for some time suspected thut the "Solid Nine" in the Board of Supervisors of that city has been H cunning device planned by Buckley; nnd this enabled Buckley to carry nil hl\ schemes through tlie Board of Supervisors, and to keep Pond's virtue unstained and thus put him in training for the gubernatorial race. It. is well known to thousands of citizens hi Sau Francisco that privately Buckley ami Pond have b e e n friendly during the entire period of their apparent estrangement. Pond's vetoes of thieving franchises and their subsequent, passage by the "Solid Nine, acting under Buckley's inspiration, wt 'rpi Just us inunh ii part of political scnemiug as the coy by-play which r e••served his nominal ion to the fourth ballot at, the San Jose Convention. M»y< ir K. B. Pond, the pretended friend of the people, the cnnuJnK dissuin bier of opposition to political bosbirn, stood revealed In the San Jose Convention hi his true light. Buck Icy tried in every way to secure his nomination without showing his own hand. Atlant the pari nersh i p between Buckley and Pond had to be disclosed, and K. B. Pond stands be fort the pi?»pie of 'California unmasked as the most contemptible h y po- erlto that has ever aspired to honorable nfllce. He will receive at the polls the most signal and well-deserved defeat that has ever been accorded to political scoundrel- ism. These two editorial articles were printed in the Record-Union within 24 hours of each other, and it is upon the word of such a paper that the votera of this State are asked to believe that Mayor Pond owes his nomination to Mr. Buckley. The article dated August 22d was written the day after Mr. Pond received bis nomination. Now, why was Mr. Pond such a clean, honest and able man on August 22d, and the 1 most contemptible hypocrite that has ever aspired to honorable office" on August 24th V In its Inane of August 26th theRocord-Union says: The nomination of Pond at S'an Jose V.*RS th.> direct result of a combination with Boss Buck~«y. TUo Rtwrd-Union reprewnlaUvo at the Orivention was ftblu to telegraph this paper on the night before'he nomination that the bar- gata txsA boon mada «u< f . that Pond would bo orainated the following day on the socond allot by Uucklcy vot'-'K, It turned out as nrc Icted. Tho above item preoludos any ex- use of ignorance. The Record-1 faion claims to have boon in pos-! ttrion, on tho night before Pond's mination, of information to the Itect-tfrat by A barguin with Buok- Vgfltond would bo nouiinaiud the wet^day on the second ballot i #i on tta.<Uy after l»is nomf- nation, whilo in possesion of tlioir so-called facts, it eays t'.mt "Mi*. Pond is a clean, honest find tihUt man. Is uofc ihc altitude of tho Rooorcl-Umon, as shown by its articles of August 22d, 2Mb and 20th, a disgrace to journalism ? What is tho e^plii tuition of tins tremendous flop on tho part of our disgraceful contemporary ? To a careful observer it is very clear. On August 22d the Record-Union stated what it know wns the (ruth. The Democratic party had nominated a candidate of pre-eminent qualities, and oar contemporary was manly enough to acknowledge it. Within 24 hours, however, the managers of the Republican party had formulated the " plan of campaign " Unable to find a weak spot in Pond's magnificent public career, it was decided to tie Buckley to him, and sink him if possible. Word was sent out to tho leading Republican journals, and as a result we have been treated to the do- basing spectaclo of such journals as the Record-Union deservedly praising n good man one day and maliciously assailing him the next. We have sufficient faith in the spirit of fairness characteristic of people of the State of California to believe that the dastardly efforts of the Record-Union and other Republican journals of its kind to traduce the character of honest Mayor Pond will only strengthen him in tho hearts of the people and increase the tremendous majority ho will receive next November. The high character and official integrity ol E. B. Pond are impregnable, and not all the journalistic pirates, assassin and calumniators with which, tho Record-Union can associate can successfully assail them. '• intendent of Public Schools the '.Prohibitionists have, like the Dcnio- ' crat-s. named a lady us their candi- j date. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF j Is spite of all attempts of '.ho j Reed-McKiuley gang to muzzle 1 him, Blaine continues to advocate his reciprocity ideas. His great speech on the subject at Waterville last week has thrown consternation in tho ranks of the ultra-protectionists in Congress. The Democrats continue in the even tenor of their way, watching with much satisfaction the constant trend of public opinion in favor of tariff refoim. THE San Francisco Argonaut of ( September 1st says: "We desire to correct a statement made in the last last issuo of the Argonaut, viz.: That 'Mr. Pond, tne Democratic candidate for Governor, owes his nomination to Mr. Christopher Buckley' is, as we have since learned, unfounded in fact. Mayor Pond was nominated, in opposition to the wishes of Mr. Buckley, by tho country delegates. Buckley simply got into the Pond boat as a matter of political expediency and party safety.'' W. W. Monnow has positively declined the nomination for Congress in the Fourth District, which wns tendered to him by tho Republicans on a $20,000 check. Having nominated him to numerous distinguished offices— existing and non-existing —as a balm for his wounded feelings caused by his questionable defeat in the Gubernatorial race, all of wl'ieh honors ho lias declined, the Republican party will have to let him suck the thumb of discontent. There seems to be no antidote for his terrible disappointment. Change o w rj HATE DETERMINED TO CHANGE OUR BUSINESS FROM A SEMI-CREDIT to a strictly Cash System, whereby wo will buy fur oish and soil for cash only, thereby giving our patrons the benefit of the very lowest prices. In furtherance cf our purpose, L. ROSEXWRG will establish himself in San Francisco for the purpose of buying goods for our house at, the very lowest cash prices. BEN RosENDEno will remain in Ukiah and conduct our business here. Having made this announcement, we wish to state that we have laid in the hmi and lest Stock o Ever brought to Mendocino County. t&g ^Special attention is called to our New Styles of Plaids, Stripes, Embroidered Suits, Plushes, Velvets, Jackets, Flannels, Blankets, Domestics. Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Etc. We have $6000 WGl'tll Of Clothing, which we have Just Received, and will sell E/EGARDLESS OIF COST! I wish to announce to the Feople o)' Uhlan nnd vicinity that I have opened a First-Class Furniture Establishment - - -insr THE— GILLESPIE BLOCK! I have on hand and will always cany a Full Stock of Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Wall. Paper, Oil Painting's, Picture Moldings, Artists' Materia], Curios, Etc.,Etc. All my Goods are of the very RATES'!' STYLES, and of FIRST-CLASS QUALITY. Public Patronage is solicited. Call and examine my Stock. J. W. EVERSOLE, Gillespie Slock, State St,, UKIAH, CAL. EDITORIAL MITES. THK efforts of tho Republican party to tie Buckley to Poud is proving a miserable failure. THE PROHIBITION CONVENTION. THE Democratic State Central Committo has decided to open the State campaign on September 20th, after which Rome will howl for six weeks. A Full County Ticket Placed In the Field. EVERYTHING MARKED DOWN TO ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. We wiH seH for Cash only. POSITIVELY NO CREDIT TO ANYBODY! WE are glad to see that some of our Republican contemporaries are apologizing for their cowardly assaults upon the honesty and integrity of Mayor Pond. Xs up-couutry paper says, " The Democratic Pond is only a little tan-vat." Perhnps, but it has tanned tho hide of every Republican \vt»r\ vni\ r.<^~i~-t -t. S 14 , OWIXG to the crowded condition of our advertising columns -we have been obliged to drop the State and county ticket at the head of our editorial columns this week. TUE San Francisco Call says that Pond was Buckley's choice, and quotes the Sacramento Record- Union nnd a few other Republican papers to substantiate what it s:iys. The Call is very discriminate in its choice of proof. It should have added the Republican Press to the list of authorities. THE Democratic majority in Arkansas in the State elections held this week was 30,000, an increase of many thousand over two yours ago. In Vermont the elections this week resulted in the Republican majority being decreased from 27,000 to 17.000. And tlm« the old story of the year goes on—Democratic increases and Republican decreases. Is IT not strange that although a majority of the Republican papers in the State are claiming that Pond owes his nomination to Buckley, not one of them offers the slightest shred of proof to substantiate what it says? They might with just as suvicli indecency call Pond or any other man on the ticket a convict, and ask the people to accept their unsubstantiated statement as being true. Foil nearly thirty years tho Demo- j crats of Vermont have been defeated in every election by a majority ranging from 20,000 to 30,000, but they have never failed to put up a full State ticke*,, and they have fought for it and voted for it just a6 if they had a chance to win. This year they have reduced the majority tiom 27,000 to 17,000, and their undaunted pluck and perseverance will triumph yet. THE absurdity of the charge that Pond owes his nomination to Buckley is apparent when ft person stops to conHidor that he received enough votes on the fourth nnd last ballot to nominate him without any help from tho Buckley delegates. The 110 or 120 Buckley votes ho received from San Francisco only swelled his majority, after the country delegates had givon enough voles to nominate him. Tin: Prohibitionists of Ifondocino county have put ilmost a full county ticket in tho Held, tsuu they will make an aggressive campaign this fall. The personnel of the ticket is good, the gentlemen who have been placed toward as eandidutos being •wall known aisd highly respected mittens of our county, For Supor- The Prohibition County Convention re- asppmblod at the M. E. Church in Mendocino Thursday Au<». 2Sth fnr tho purpose of nominating a county ticket. The following delp<tales wore present. Arena, VV. Fowler, J. C. Hallidny; Gualala. J. N. Ward. Mrs. J. N. Ward; Manchester, J. Slieppnrd, M. V. Denman; Willits, .1. Whited, Rpv. W. E. Read, Mrs. P.. Mast; Little River, L. S. Cndy ; Navarro, R. Smith ; Bridgeport, T. ,T. Stewart; Mendocino, H. Griffin, I. C. i Perry, .1. M. Clark, Mrs. ]",. A. Hceser, j Mrs. S. E. Barnard. J. L. Allen. j In tlie absence of the President. Rev. \V. E. Read was elected Chairman, and upon the resignation of .1. M. Clark, J. L. Allen was elected Secretary. The follow- j ini; committees were appointed : Hrder of business. .1. N. Wnrd. TI Griffin and R. Smith; Resolutions, J. M. Clark, M. P. Penman and T. J. Stewart: Nominations, .J. Whited, J. Sheppard and W. Fowler. On motion convention adjourned to meet, at 1 o'clock r.M. On reassembling the report oi the committee on resolutions was rend and adopted. KKsoi.rrroNs. \Ve, the Prohibitionists of Mendocino coiinly, do hcn'bv ailirm onr hearty allegiance to the principles advanced in State and National Prohibition Party platform, and pledge onr earnest, support to the State Prohibition ticket. We dpplnrt* the deupnora .'p state of onr local politics, which we believe is due to the cnrrnpting j influence of the 108 liquor saloons within onr county which aro fostered by '.he j Republican nnd Democratic parties. i YVp believe that this political corruption ! is threatening the material and moral j welfare of our citizens and that we should j therefore do all that is in our power to suppress it. Parties alone command suf-! ficicnt power to enforce the demands of; public opinion, hence the only relief we ! may hops for must come through political action. We therefore believe a political party organized for the express purpose ' of suppressing the Honor traffic n nocess-! itv. Appealing to the patriotic citizens of our county, who have the public good at, heart, we ask all voters who auree with us in this matter, to tinile in the effort, to clpet such men for ofhVcrs as Mill give us relief from the evils from which we now sutler in consequence of the existence of the liquor traffic in our midst. Itaiilri'il, That the attempt oi the liquor t sellers to overthrow all local restriction and local option, is in direct, violation of the American doctrine of local self-government, and we will do all in our power to meet it bv endeavoring to have enacted a township government law as provided for in Article XI of the State Constitution. Jivifobf'l, That, it, is the sense of this convention that a law should be enforced by our Legislature enabling the State to collect taxes duo, and now maturing from the railroad companies now operating in this Stale. The following nominations were made: Assemblvman, H. W. Muir of Willits; Sheriff, .fames Griffin of Gualala; Clerk, F. A. .Mailman of Anderson Valley ; "Recorder, M. P. Den man of Manchester; i Treasurer, TI. A. Weller of Fort Bragg; Asspssor, Joseph Whited of Willits; Superintendent of Schools, Mis'" ^. L.'Goodspeed of Bridgeport; Surveyor, .1. G. Busch of Potter Valley; Supervisor 5th District, J. C. Hnlliday, Point Arena. The County Central Committee was appointod as follows: Willits, Joseph Whited; Point Arena, J. C. Hnlliday; Qunlnla, J. N. Ward; Manchester, ,T. Shoppard ; Little River, J. S. Corrigan ; Ukiah, C. Luce; Potter Valley, P. W. Vann ; Mendocino, J. L. Allon ; Westport, A. Gordon ; Fort. Bragg, H. A. Weller; Caspar, Frank Kelly; Navarro, R. Smith ; Manchester, M. P. Denman; Anderson Valley, F. J. Ilindson; Bridgeport, T. J. Stewart.; Greenwood, E. G, Leniest; Hound Valley, W. Shavor; At, largo, Frank Fairbanks. J. L. ALMSN , Secretary. After the convention adjourned the County Central Committee met for tho piirposo of organizing. The following officers wore elected: Chairman. M. P. Penman; Secretary, Frank Fairbanks; Treasurer, Jos Slieppnrd. An Executive Committee of five was eieoUirl consisting if Chairman, M. P, Ddiittiitn ; Secretary, V. Fairbanks; Treasurer, Jos. Shoppard, and T. J. Stewart and J. C. irallitlay. Adjourned, J, L, AIXEN, Seeret«ry. Call and see our stock. The Fashionable Styles and Splendid Qualities of our Goods, as well as our Mtirvelously Low Prices, will interest you. Yours, Anxious to Please, L ROSENBERG & CO., Under Crand Hotel, State St., Ukiah, Cal. NOTICE.-— All persons indebted to L. .Rosenberg will please call and settle at once. New Goods! NEWS OP THE WEEK. WEDNESDAY , Augnat 27.—At. the trial trip of the new cruiner, San Francisco, in Santa Barbara channel to-day, the average Kpeed was nearly twenty knots an hour Congressmen Wilson of Wasbintrton and Beckwith of New Jersey indulged in a fist fight on the floor of the House San Francisco gets $200,000 from the present. Congress for coast defense An Indian agent, in South Dakota for several years past has been drawing rations for 7,500 Inni r o ••. but the enumerators could find only 5,000 pn the reservation.. , .The strike among the laborers in Australia is assuming alarming proportions... .It is rumored that, a reconciliation between Emperor William and Bismarck is being arranged. ...A terrific storm visited portions of Austria, causing great loss of life and property. TiuiasuAv, August 28.—The Republican convention at Fresno, to nominate a candidate for Congress from the .Sixth District, was unable to agree unit after sixty ballots adjourned to meet in Ventura September 4th Salvator to -day made the best time on record, going one mile over the Mammoth Park track in l:;>"i'.j; the best, time heretofore was Ravetoe's 1:3S)J>4' John Cheneworth, the well-known proprietor of the Pearless saloon in San Francisco, shot and killed Richard T. Carroll, a "wholesale liquor dealer in that city, and then committed suicide; Chenowoth owed Carroll $20,000, which he could not pay, and took 1 1 1 in method of settling the account, " California on Wheels" is in Washington City and is attracting much attention Governor Wnlfley of Arizona has resigned. FiuoAY, August 20.—Secretary Blaine made an able speech in favor of reciprocity ; it attracts much attention from all parties.. ... The Oklahoma Legislature met and was organized by a combination of Democrats and Farmers' Alliance member* Congress will relieve the destitution caused in Oklahoma by the drought There is a great scarcity of labor reported in Colorado; the. railroad companies and tho ditch and smelter companies say that from 5000 to 81 )00 men can find ready employment in that Stale at .*2 per day The striking switchmon in the Chicago stock yards have gone back to work.. . Six thousand people are without food or shelter in Tokay, Austria.... Negotiations are under way for the removal of the duty Imposed by Franco on American pork. SATURDAY , August 30.—Steamers jnsi arrived in San Francisco from Honolulu had heard nothing of a threatened uprising in the Islands A hotel keeper named Gallagher killed !i ! ,3 wife and 10- year-old son and then committed suicide at West Point, Calnveras county An attempt was made to wreck the Oregon express train in Tehama county.. . .Congressman Morrow is mentioned as the probable successor of Assistant Postmaster-General ClurlcRon.. . .Henry M. Stanley will sail for tho United States on October 29th Eronch nnwspap3rs are almost unanimously in favor of the removal of tho duty on American pork Tho Marquis de Luevillo and a newspaper correspondent have nrranged to fight, a duel; nil on account of Mrs. Frank Leslie The river Rhine has overflowed in Austria and caused much damage. SUNDAY , August 31.—Primes have advanced in price in New York The cruiser Charleston has beon ordered to Honolulu... .Senator Paddock (Republican) of Nebraska made a strong speech in favor of low tariff... .An English syndicate is engaged in buying up the silver mines in Colorado... The Chicago carpenters are preparing lo go on another striko Extensive fires are raging in Hungary. . . A destructive hurricane visited tho Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.. • The treaty of peace between San Salvador ami Guatemala Is not regarded as lasting; the former is vory distrustful of the latter. . .. Plans for n railway across the Sahara T'esert hnvu been approved.. The Fronch government has midor con- sideralioii a project for a ecu camil to Paris. MOKDAV , Septotnher 1.—Seven tho.un- and workingmeu were \\\ the parade In Sou Francisco to-day — Soveu business i houses were burned in Fresno.. . . A rich j cement deposit lias been discovered near San Piogo.. Uclurns from the Arkansas election indicate large Democratic gains.. . Prospects arc very favorable for the early resumption of work on the in New York from Europe. .. . A Northern Pacific train was thrown from the (rack about sixty miles cast of Tacnmn and twelve persons were severely injured, two fatallv. ... An attempt was made to assassinate Toiled States Minister Mizner.. . .The stores were plundered and a large number ot citizens murdered by n mob during a recent riot at Valparaiso, Chili . .. Cholera is spreading rapidly in Egypt. TUESDAY , September 2.—Stockton is to have a new union depot. . . .Tho election in Vermont to-day showed a Republican loss of 10,0,)0 A lone highwayman stopped a train nnd robbed the express car in Alabama . . Six thousand carpenters went on a strike in Chicago ...The indications arc that there will be a deficit of %\\,-i:iii,4-li! in the Nnlional Treasury at the end of the present fiscal year The Democratic majority at yesterday's election in Arkansas is'.V),00l, a gain of 10,00t). .. .A union of employers, representing XldU,000,000 of capital, has been organized in London and Svdney to fight strikers ... A medical I'ollcgo examined a man guillotined in France and found that his heart beat six minutes after his head fell in the basket. Put on the Brakes tf ynu tinit you urc goinsilown hill in point of hi'ultir Knittn;.: strength, ini]>:ih't'd tlip^pilon anil assimilation aro the marks of decline. Check Uiese and other indications ot premature j. .. ,„C Kit.., ..<»I. U .. ...... ^JU., U I. B tonic, Hosteller's Stomach Hitters. lteKiunlu^ al the tonnlain head, the stomach, llu- Billers remedies ils iiieilieieiicy. corrects ir s errors, and • els i'l vi'/'ininsly al \VOi !f. The digestive or^':ni is thus ..nahled to lhourmu<hly s.-imrme f if on Oie fond hs nutritive principle.-, which the hlood assirnilalinu, is enriched. Thus is the syslem nourished, ami heic.K noui'Nhed slrenslh- ened, nnd abnormal wasu* ot lis tissues slaved. Appetite, the power to rest well, a ovular hiihit are also re estalilist-ed, und the \nriiui s fuuet- lons move on ec more in I heir nal urai and healthful groove. The Hitters, moreover, is a .-peeiiic ior and preventive oi malarlalcomphilnts, rheumatism, hillioii .sTK .'ss and kidney troul.les. Latest Styles! CH, -I" Merchant - Tailor! WISHES TO ANNOUNCE That lie has just laid in a Fine Stock of FALL ^ WINTER GOODS, Of the very Latest Styles. lgESg^ThcRe Goods the Choicest Materials, bctii Foreign and Domestic. Finest Designs in Pants Patterns EVER imoror .T TO UKIAH. FASHIONABLE SUITS At the Most Reasonable Trices. FE&FEOT :-: FIT GUARANTEED. State Street, Ukiah, Cal. Coast Itera*?. From Mendocino lleaeon. The Baptists will hold :ui Association in Fort ISraiitr some tinio in October which will be iitteiided by ministers from various parts of the fd'ile. There Imve been 1-18 new cases commenced in the Superior Court o!" Humboldt county since Jiiiiunry 1st, ot which 17 »re divorce cases. From Mr. Ihinen, who bus been spending a month in Anderson Valley, we learn that everything is prosperous in that secti"'!, and that, the orclmrdists are jubilant over the prices oblaine.d (or fruit. Last, week the Kidwell boys, who are cwnpinu ut the foot of the big hill, succeeded in trapping two bears, making the third caught by them. A fourth one was cnuplit but, managed in somo way to get free from the trap. Fort Iii'asg; Advocate. At, Albion KidL'e on Tuesday of last week Mrs. Bacon died. Deceased was a native ol" Kentucky, ased 71 years. She was buried at Little Uiver Thursday. Work on the company's pond at this piace is moving along satisfactorily. The dam is pretty well built up now, nnd th« water in the pond is steadily ri ling. Monday while workmen were engaged in drilling a hole in a rock for a blast, at the mill in Ibis place, a stream of slrong sulphur water was lapped which Hows quite freely. T. .1. Miggins, son of Dr. Higgius of this city, has just pn .ssod a very creditable examination by papers sent him by the National Institute Pharmacy of Chicago, which entitles him to a certificate. Mr. Higgins took several courses in this institution by this system, nnd in each received a high percentage. C. K. Parker arrived home last week after a trip to Napa, Col'isa and other counties, where ho doctored fruit trees of all kinds troubled with the scale bug and other pests. He claims lo hnvo a sure cure for trees bothered with thescale bug, and says he visited an orchard which he treated four years ago and found it to lie tho most productive and nourishing of any in his travels. He intends to leave shortly for I'kinh and Utile Lake, where ho has a number of engagements to (111. If Mr. Parker's remedy dues what ho claims, it is something wonderful, and of grout value to the fruit-raisers of I ho S>hi!c. W. \V. Moore, of the Grand Opera House, Pes Moines, is an early settler in that, part, of lows, and had a great deal of experience in his time. He says- "At various times [ have had acute attacks of biiioiiM colic and vji .iinnt pains in ,'he stomach, nnd found nothing chat if«ve mo relief like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera find Diarrhoea Henicdy Kvery person," lie says, " should liavo u bottle." Hot sale by J, N. Magee. ** i we -3c:Kr- OK THE- 12tii Dist. A&riciiltura 1 Association (Composed of Luke t\a<\ Mendocino Comities J FOR THE- Eighth Annua! Fair! TC r.F. HELD AT LAK.EPOH T, Sept, 33, 24, 25, 28 and 2?, 1833, Open to the Counties of Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Lake, Mendocino, Colusa, Yolo and Humboldt. Tuesday, Sept. 23d. RACE NO. 1—TROTTING—Yearlings. Mile hoals, a In .1. Purse, »2.,0. ltA.CE NO. 2 -RUSNINa -HaU mile dnsu. ?!00 added. Entrance, $10. RACK SO. S—TKOTTISd— :l:0tl clnss. Mile hcnls, 3 in tt. $150 udded. Entrance, $:tf>. Wednesday, Sept. 24th. RACE NO. 4—RUNNING— % mile licntg, 2 In 3. $200 added. Entrance. $10. RACK NO. 5—TKOTTIN"}—Stallion nice, mile lie .itB. H hi fi. Purse, $.i0l). RACE NO. 0—TROTTING— Ti;Tee-vear-olil. Purfcc, $300. Thursday, Sept. 20th. RACE NO. 7 —UUNNING-Ji mile dalh. Purse, $160. Kutrance. $10. RACK NO. 8-TROTTINO—Two-year-old, 2 la 3. Purae, $:100. Friday, Sept. 26th. RACE NO. 9—TROTTING—Purse, $500. Mile heats, .'1 in fi. RACK NO. tO-RUNNlNO-Cllizeus' Purse, $100 % mile heats, 2 in 8. Saturday, Sept. 27th. RACE NO. li— RUNN INo—Gentleman's Nov- eltv. for non-professional ioekeys. One mile dash. Purse, JIM. Entrance, $,j. l'lrsl horse ul eaclj quarter to set %'&>. Slowest average at all MC .artevs to uei society medal. RACK NO. 12—LADIKS TOURNA.MKNT- J 'urie, $.")0. $26 to Cm'., $15 to second, $10 lo third. RACK NO. l.'l—GENTLEMAN'S TROTEINO— Same conditions as Ocntlc.mnn's .Noveltv. Mile heats, '2 In 3. Entrance, (b. Divided tiO, 80 and 10 per cent. CONDITIONS! Five to enter and three to srart. in all races. National rulei. eoveiii trotllnu races. I'ar-inc Ccast ltlood Horse. Rules govern rumiins races. Ali culries close at ii i\ >l. the day before rac. Tlie Directors rr-scrce the right to caroiHc liie hour and date of any race. All Purses divided 00, ue. and 10|>erceid. A horse ilisUincniK the Held shall receive only first and third moneys I'nlianee, nnics otherwise .sneellled, 10 per cent oi purse. L G. A. B. McCUTCHEN, HKCUETAItY SIMMONS. PRESIDENT. New Quarters, I Hrtvo Removed my Stock of Drugs, Paints, Oils and Wall-Paper TO THE MARKS BUILDING, OPPOSITE TilS GBABT! IXOTIEX.. Will sine liavo in tiio sumo room a Cpm\ibtc T.tne of Stationer}, School Books, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ETC., , Kept toy .A.. lul. ID. Veatch., 1 We invite all wanting Qooda in these Linsa to call and see us. J. N. SHAGEE, Selling Having decided to close out our businesn, we will dispose ol* our Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE At a Great iacriflce I This is a fine opportunity for some oue wishing to invest iu a paying- businosa in a good locality. IN THE MEANTIMK, ANYONE WISHING TO VUIICIIASE Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, FOR CONGRESS. T. J. GEARY, Regular Democratic Nominee. ElooUoa Xovauibcr i, mo. Or in fsto-t a-nytiiing in our line, ' WILL PX3STX) OTJ-U, Prices to Mow Wholesale Rates l&Ssr^he entire stock must be sold at once, either as a whole or at retail. W. ENGLISH & CO., Oalpella, Mendocino County, Cal.

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