The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE ElGHt HENDERSON Dale 4 ». j . Weds Edft* Hendri* Dale MeMnlleh who lives east of town and Edna Hendfl* were married several days ago. Mr. Mettntteij has lived in this vicinity most all his life and is a young man of fine qualities. Miss Hendrl* Is a stranger to most ot as. Her parents live on the Mrs. S. M. Woods farm but she has been staying In the Charles Rowe home at Careon. It Is un derstood they will live with the groom's father on his farm east ot town. Their friends wish them a happy married life. edding Jan. 27 Carl Hatswell and Jessie ginton, both of Macedonia, were married Jan. 27 at Dallas. The ceremony was performed there by Rev. W. C. Henn, a former pastor at Macedonia, They will live on a farm near Macedonia. New* trf Heftftef tm Complicated School High School Newi A mnsic concert will be given this (Thursday) evening beginning at 8 o'clock. It will be given mostly by grade students and will consist of instrumental, vocal, and rhythm numbers. Admission prices are Be, lOc, and 16c. Miss Morgan's mother Is here visiting. She came Saturday and will probably stay a week. Boys Bring Hotrte Trophy The hoys came through In true Henderson style, defeating the team that bad twice defeated them this season. We hardly know how to show our appreciation for their fine work and good sportsmanship shown during the tournament. TOURHAHEMT (Coirtttraed from p*t* *) game at last ended wltfc tfte eal boys ieadiag by * " to Hign ircorers to* t»e g»»«* **** summer* for the 16 counters chalked ap and Watts to? Strahtn tally of 9. Bo* score: Mftlver*. 26 t(t ft Summers, t —6 6*10 Wills, f ...... 1 "2 Fazel, f ______ 0 0*0 Jackson, c ---- 0 0*1 Hyde, c ...... 0 O** Bower, g ..... 0 0*0 Cary, g ...... 1 0*1 Conner, g ---- 4 Oxl Totals — -11 mnthatt. O5 f* to hifc *ttn * 1*» 16 Moore, f ..... 0 Barnard, Watts, c Plburn, g Lovell, g —0 3 ____ 0 — — 0 Pearl Mercer and son were visitors In Macedonia Monday. nalph McCready of Macedonia was able to return from the Methodist hospital In Omaha several days ago. Some of the friends of Mrs. C. A. Wight went to her home Tuesday evening and enjoyed a social time. It was In honor of her birthday. A very pleasant time was reported. Virginia Harbor, Reign Byers, and I'aul Rainbow who'.attend school In spent the week with their parents. A pot luck lunch was enjoyed Wednesday at the Christian Ladles' Aid meeting. It was the day the contest for members closed. Mrs. Addle Bolleau'a side brought In the most members. TKe Aid now has a membership ot 56. Mrs. Elton Clayton and family enjoyed a visit Wednesday from her Bister, Addle, and husband of Lyons, Nebf. The members of the B. Y. K. club were > entertained Friday •with MM. A. J. Harbor- A very pleasant time was spent after •which & dainty lunch was serred. Word has been received from Mrs. C. E. Edmundson, Joe and Grace Darling, and Mr. and Mrs. , Fisher, that they had arrived at v Mt. Vernon, Wash, safe ant! sound Tuesday of last week and that Joe and Grace Darling had started to school there the following Thursday. They found 1 Mrs. Edmondson's mother improved in health. They had a fine trip out going by the southern route to San Pedro, Calif., and thence up the coast stopping at Oakland for a visit before driving on to Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Georgia Wilkinson and son, Lyle, were Shenandoah visitors Wednesday. Roy Farrington was able to return home from the hospital in Council Bluffs Thursday. His leg is somewhat improved from the blood poisoning. Mrs. L. W, Triplett had the misfortune several days ago to eat her hand on a glass jar. Several stitches had to be taken but it is getting along nicely, Mrs. Waiter Coppoek has been on the sick list several-days with • nervous trouble but is improv Ing. Mrs. Charley/Pleake returned to her home in Bed Oak Friday after being here a few days helping in the care of her brother, Henry Corey, who suffered a light stroke a. few days ago. He is at the Ed Wilkinson home. lira. Addle Bolleau and Mrs. Lon Coleman were in Glenwood Friday. Mr. and. Mrs. Rex Davis moved last week and will occupy part of the Alfred Huntsman bom*. The friends of Mrs. Porsey Byers Are glad she Is getting better from a light stroke she suffered ft few days ago and hop* she continues to improve. Fifth and Sixth Grades Because of the changing weather many boys and girls have colds. Morris Harbor and Lauraine Taylor have been absent all week. We are working hard on spelling because we want to send a representative to Olenwood for the county contest. For the five weeks since the first of the year the following people have received perfect grades In spelling: fifth. Katheen Walter and Helen 81m- monds; sixth, Chester Taylor and Francis Shehan. Nims, g ------ 0 Shaw, B ...... 3 Costello, g —4 Totals ___ 10 Silver City Witt* from Glenwood In the Qlenwood-Sllver 0*1 0x0 3x3 0x0 0X2 1*1 0*2 0*1 6X10 2 8 29 !»*<• 0 0 9 0 0 1 6 8 26 Hetderton a»ear«« to i trtfl* neftoBS and mls««<! torae f erf ffettt »t(rt«. f*« tet et»fl*« Wth !f«M«rlc% Ing ft oisc point «**«. tUtft «c6re tttfiffd «t « Id 6. ' The second period found lit* Pacific Junction team nbt ft tittle oft worried, foe? battled desper- City Seventh and Eighth Grades The county examinations were given here last Thursday and Friday. Seven students came in from the country schools. From Benton: Elizabeth Wilson, Betty Plumb, and Bill Slmmonds; from Box Elder: Ruby Pendergraf, Sammy King, Vera Sowers, and Edgar Sowers. We enjoyed having them with us and hope they will attend high school here. We received a card from Maud Darling and Joe Edmondson last week. It came by air mail from San Pedro. They will spend three days there and then travel on We were very glad to hear from them for we surely miss thorn. Waldo Edmondson had the misfortune while at work trimming up a tree to fall about 20 feet and was bruised up considerably, but is getting along as well rela- w» ^BP ^H^w ^wi" ^^»^^P as could be expected. Mrs. Carl Riggle visited lives in Oakland Friday. The friends ot Mrs. Ed Woods of Wales are glad she is able to sit up some each day since her Carson Plumb and son, Ralph, left Wednesday tor their borne in Kaycee, Wyo. served. Mrs, Jud Coppoek and son, Herman, and wife visited in the Gerald Pen well home near Morton Mills Sunday and Monday, recent illness. Pauline Brown is caring for Beevis Sowers who has been quite sick with scarlet fever. Mr, and Mrs. Pave Williams of the Wales neighborhood celebrat ed their thirteenth wedding «nni* versary Friday. In the evening * few friends went in and bad ft surprise party for them. The evening was spent in playing cards after which a dainty lunch was Mrs. Geo. W. Wilson's sister, who has been living at Moline expects to leave the first of the week for California to join her husband who has been there for some time. They will locate there tor the present. Mrs. Maud Kindigg had charge of the night work at the phone office in the absence of Mrs. Jud Coppoek. Mrs. Waldo Edmondson and Ida Simmons and Eleanor Edmondson were in Oakland Friday evening. MT, VERNON Robert Wills went to Glenwood last Thursday and Friday to take the eighth grade examination for admission to high school, Moat Mt. Vernou farmers at tended the corn-nog reduction a in Malvern and many algned the contract with the government to reduce their surplus coru aotJ togs. Dr. Oldley was in this locality last Monday putting the cattle aud poultry through the tuoercu Un teat. Ml»a U«t»H«t wills who 1» t>» ployed at Anfleriou w*» home Friday, Saturday, aud Sunday, The center at attraction l«»t fray the Silver City boys started somewhat the worse tor wear and :ear. The previous evening they tiad had a very hard battle with Pacific Junction. C. Bolte got warmed up early and started sinking some of the shots that made him an attraction of the whole tournament. Both teams played fast ball and at the end of the first session the score was 7 to 17 with the Silver City quint holding the edge. In the second period I. Bolte began to warm up and copy some of hi» brother's style of playing. The Olenwood team tried to narrow the margin that the. City team held over them, gaining 8 points the second quarter while the City team could garner only 7. C. Hunt was put from the game late in the second period because ot personals. At the close of the first half the score was IS to 24, the Silver City boys holding the lead. In the second half the (Kenwood quint started some fast playing but Just couldn't seem to get the sphere to sink where it would do them the most good Glenwood'a fast playing led them to going too fast with the result that there was more playing in the Silver City territory than their own. The county seat boys received several chances for goals iut couldn't make them good The entire third period an aler Silver City team held them scoreless. At the end of the third period the Silver City boys had gained four more points to make the score read 28 to 15. In the first thirty seconds ot the last chapter the Silver City boys sank two baskets in a row to make their winning all the more certain, Glenwood banged away at the basket but their shots Just wouldn't register. The Silver City team took advantage of the opportunities that were offered them to shoot and tor the most part made them good. The final whistle blew with Silver City way ahead with a score ot 99 to 19, High pointer tor Silver City was C. Bolte with * score ot 18 while the high man for Glenwood, Hawker, had to be satli fled with a 6 count. The scoring: Glenwood, 10 fg Htjnt, f _ ..... 1 N. Hunt, i ...,0 Hawker, f _,_.3 Roberts, f .,,,0 Garrnt, c —,,,0 Dunbar, g _,_,0 Woodruff, g __1 Blerman, g _._0 Schneckloth, g 1 Van Pelt, g _-,0 Totals .. -_« Sil. City, 30 fg Bada, f, _____ ,0 I. Bolte, t ---- 3 Bolte, c ___5 Sell, g .„„„« Biggins, g ---- 3 W. Fender, g ,0 Fender, g -,--0 Clay, s ----- -0 Hayes, g _,_,_o Schoenlng, g _.0 Totals -- -13 Henderson SurprUet Uatt Ye&r*» Champ; The big surprise of the whole tournament was handed to the fans when Henderson the Pacific Junction lean i& tba d«»t. To lUten to the lobby Qia* «.w«lon that «M carried oa by the. fang between halve* oae tatter (bit Ui* in tor » »ftund ing. Tae Headewon qulat »(§rk«jij the iftgttt Of With » JM| &r»t jwteU ot ately to cat totn tne one ftdvantage and Hendefdot lottgM Jnst it hftfd to lnere«e It. tne Hendergonlftns were jnccessfnl, inctiemsihi tne lead to foitf l«inti at Mil time, fhe scof e ftl the hai! was Henderson 14, Pacific tlon 10. fhe second fiat* the £. J. team cams back ift the tray with blood In their eyes. They eoofc came even with the Henderson five and from all indications aimed to get ahead of them. In thl* they succeeded tot at the end of the quarter tbfe score was In the Junction's favor, 19 to 16. The last session found the Henderson team starting a steady march to overtake P. 3. The galleries were wild as they finally came within scoring range of the Junction. Both teams were excited to the highest pitch possible and still be able to play ball. In the last few seconds of play the Junction held a two point lead over the Hendersonlang. Just ts the final whistle blew with the ball stilt in the air Henderson sank a shot that tied the two teams at the end of the regular playing period. The score: 27 all. In the overtime period Henderson sank a basket that gave them he edge very closely. A foul on P. J. later in the period gave Henderson a chance to clinch the score. They made the two free throws good and made a cinch ol their score. The final whistle blew with the Henderson team the new Mills county champions over last year's champs. Their score: 31 to 27. High pointers in this sensational game were Nelson for Hen* derson with 13 tallies and HOB- tetter for the Junction with 9 prints to Stt credit. '**? t *I~i~« i*i Wrtki«s»B ft |* ptt [ii 8 i it A AA^fc-^a.a^au&j.ijiaa m 4 IffOTWOTIn, K * MfftfcVfciift, i 1 • tot*k - -1J t%*» *•*&« If fg I eti Hi itlt ft its I it »oti«t«, Hitrl*, § ft ~ lit lit i I i* I I at the Halves Sale Batu Printing, ordered today, can be delivered tomorrow if you wish it Saturday Feb. 10 Commencing at one o'clock shall): ^ . _„ ——_u_ii_in_-_ii..«iinr-iir-ii ~~"—~~—"" "—T' rmiimi —~"• —^-~^—.— *«**—*. 20 Head of Cattle 20 8 Good Dairy Cows, consisting oft One Guernsey, one Brown Swiss, 2 Jers«ys and 4 Shorthorns, Shorthorn bull, 11 Nice Dairy Heifers? Some young calves. 67 HEAD OF HOGS 67 SO Head of nice Fall Pigs, Hampshire* and'Spotted Poland*) Sow with 8 pigs by side; B Spotted Poland Sows, due to farrow soon. HORSES Sorrel Mare, 1100, well broke, brought in. Other* may be 10-20 McCormick-Deering Tractor, 26 model in good conditiont Two bottom P. & O. 14 inch plow; Six foot Moline one way disc, good as new. Hay and Straw A fine lot of baled Alfalfa; Lot of baled Oats and Rye Straw. Miscellaneous Incubator, Brooder, Radio, lot of Tools, some good borne made Sorghum; Several load* of stove wood. rra i an it a lent iceiv latlo |ace. nkc rs. e, I an ct i hey We will be selling at one o'clock. Andy J. Berkhimer L. A. Talbott, »eut In M»W»ru In HI. Vsrnon Haw»r. Taw t. k* Navy wtu ft OsO 1x3 0*0 0*0 U8 1x1 OjO 1x4 3x5 OjO 7jl« ft 0s? 0x0 8?13 1*9. Ox? Oxl 0x0 QxO 0x0 0x0 10x18 j>f ft* 4 I 0 0 19 pf pt« CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE As I am goingwn a smaller farm I will offer at public sale at my home on the Rodman farm two miles north and 1% miles west of Malvern on Highway g4, Wednesday, Feb. 14 commencing at eleven o'clock sharp .the following property t. _ Horses and Mules Pair Jack mules, 8 and 9 yrs. old, extra good, wt 2800 Pair Jack mules, 8 and 9 yrs, old, wt, 2900 As good as. the other team, Bay .mare, 6 yrs, old, wt. ,,™«™-»lf00 Bay mare, 7 yrs. old, wt, r--.- r ----}lnn Blind mare, 12 yrs, old, in foal, wt, 1800 Gray horse, smooth mouth, wt. 7 He^d confuting of '. Holstein cow, 5 yrs, old, giving 3 gallons milk, . Jersey cow, 4 30-8, old, Iresh soon, Brown cow, 8 yrs, old, pasture bred, Black yearling heifer, Hfeifer coming one yr, old, . Black bull caff, year old in spring, Holstein bullealfc 21 Head of Hogs ^Hampshire bred §ow& MACHINERY ~ Two Jolw Deere U tflch walking Walking Ueter Deere gang plow, 12 inch P- Gas engine, P Grind §tope. 30 Gallon &uiky plow

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