The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 16, 1959 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1959
Page 12
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li-AUStIN (Minn.) HERALD HEART OPERATION NEEDED Friday, January 16, 1959 Only 3 More Years to Play With Toys, Then Mike Faces Death Network Television SANtA MARIA, Calif. (AP) -(Then Mike, now 4. will die. Un- From time to time »« Mike plays ' e s* he has an operation. with Ms toys, the pain comes in his chest. ITole Between Chambers Mike has heart trouble. There is a hole between two of the He knowsvttien, that it,'* time to go sit in T" corner and wait i chambers of his heart. This makes - . Iv! (• ll «rt »•*• in/**.!*• IMM. 1. &.»1 Itfl. SL for it to happen. It always does. Mike faints. When he wakes up, lie rests until he is strong enough to play again. This will go on, physicians say. blood that boy needs." Oilier Air Force units and other' J20() civic and religious groups swelled j 5—Leigh o't (he total to 200 pints. The pledges i t"~!i'V op , Wk in* • > ' ••""Rfll- Towf> are still coming in. Sunday, January 18 (CJ Meant Program <j in Color The following TV schedule for Sunday afternoon and evening is being published today lor those who may not receive the regular »aturday Showcase on the day of Its publication. The Showcase giv ing a full week ot TV programs, will be published Saturday at usual his heart work too hard. When it j borne partly by the Crippled Chil 'clrens Society, San Luis Obispo , i slows down Mike turns blue \ n ° dors at st - Vincent's Hos.' ntnl in Los A "R clcs arc point? to wn Holl i ,«...,.; p.m. The cost of the operntion will be s ~ Unexpected I 10 Oral Robert! 6—Man to Man H—Christian Sclcnct County. The rest is being rnisocl. Mike's mother, Mrs. Lynne Pop- pntch up Mike's heart March 27. |P as - is divorced. She and the boy for perhaps another three years. MONTEREY Owatonnt, Minn. Sat., Jan. 17 LEN SHIMOTA BAND 70c Admission Before 9 O'clock k , k. ' r* •MN j "Serv!n« the Finest Feodi In Souther* Minnesota" Op*n Saturday) «M Sundovi 0/ttV 5 <o 10 O'clock To do this, they'll need at 60 pints of blood. least i arc living with her parents ir | nearby Arroyo Grande. She had to quit her job to take care ot i : oo p.m. '-Champ Bowiina Hour The going rate is S2,i a pint.*.. The hospital will accept blood ini Irado at the rate of two pints for I . N " W , a whole each pint the boy needs. The Santa Marin Times, after an appeal for blood donors, announced Thursday that 200 pints have been offered. Airmen Most of the volunteers are men at nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base. Maj. Francis L. Manning, whose 392nd Field Maintenance Sqund- ron offered 82 pints, told the pa- I per: "Count on us for all the i 1:15 p.m. !4—TEA i 8—Film i 10—Christian Science i 5, 8, 10—NBA Basketball | 6—ThU Is Lfir i 2:00 /),/„. 3—Lost Word 4—Command Performance 6—Gospel in Art CULVER CITY, Calif. (AP) -' 2:30 p.m. 6—Oral Koberts pitched in to help her. Motel Owner's Nose Betrays 2 Thieves !• A motel owner didn't like what he found in one of his rooms and called police. Officers saw three rabbits under a bed, a cat asleep in n "hair, a large tank of goldfish, several parakeets, pigeons and lizard:. Effry Butty FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 p MOOSE LODGE East Sid* . West Sid* All around th« town — Klagge's are at your service With foods of great renown. Chicken, Shrimp and Walleyes Cooked to golden ibrown — And that Hand Pack Ice Cream Tastes like a dream Klagge's is Beit in Town! HOT SPECIALS l /z CHICKEN Regular Take-Out Dinner GIBLETS 4 IB, 79c VISIT of PHONE YOUR NEAREST KLAGGE "99' STORE THE CHILDREN FILM SERIES PRESENTS SATURDAY of 1:00 and 3:15 P. M JAMES STEWART in "THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS' THE STORY OF CHARLES LINDBERGH IN COLOR CHILDREN WITHOUT SEASON TICKETS - 25c ADULTS and JUNIORS - 50c — PARAMOUNT BRING THE CHILDREN TO THIS GREAT SHOW NOW SHOWING SHOWS TONIGHT - SAT. • at 6:45 and 9:25 P. M. D- i,V,V '-. SUNDAY — 1:00-3:45-6:30-9:10 P. M. Prieei All Showings — Adult- 75e - Junior SOe - Children 25e JURGENS DONA'; ^ Parents of School Age CHILDREN .... H«v» you heord about STRANGER-DANGER? *" ' PN>9r0ln Ori 9 ina "* l»°<uced Policemen J/V* Pf* 9 ' om WM }"««9hf into being, by your policemen, to combat « seriout community problem . . . child molestotion. be thown »<<"> <"™ o' our city in °L " lf -P">'«»'«" »hot ore available' " ° f the " M»t» programs »* thii end other ryfx. are in the planning stage $ ™ ANGER .- l)ANGER "ode possible? YOU have mod, it possible re ***' bY «* u " nasn « i *« Annuol Policemon's Boll Th. • Jti " Clip This Coupon, Fill If Out And Mail To The Address Shown Auitin Police Benefit Ass'n. Box 139 Austin, Minnesota »*"<• me ...... . . ticken to your annual Policeman's tt b, held «n Tue«doy, tO February, 1959 ot the Terp I v«nt to h*lp 4 Norn* Numbtr HE • my rfiick/eofh/inoney order in payment thereof, AUSTIN Wt Welcome You To Attend The Donee And Look Forword To Seeing You Th$r«! 3:(lf) I'.rn. J—Face Notion 6—Variety Time 3:3d /'.»/. 3—Behind News S—Thcolrc 6—Roller Derby 8—Wagon Train 10—TMs is Life 3:45 p.m. 4—Newt Rtvttw '//M 3—O'Hcnry Playhouse •4—O.E. College Bowl 5, 10—Omnlbui ^.•.10 (t in. 1, 4, 8—Amotcui Hour 6—Blng Croiby Golf 5:00 p.m. 3 —Command Pcrtormanct 4—Small World 5—Meet Press 6— lot Mat) fomily Hour 8—December Bridi 10—Movie J/.10 p.m. 3, 4, »—20th Ccnlury 5—N«ws t —Variety Tims 6;00 fi.m. 3, 4, 8—Lassie 5, 10—Ten Little Indians 4—Wild BUI Hlckok C>:30 i>.»i. 3, 4, »—Bochelo/ fothcr *~-M«Mric» 7:(M !>.'!,. 3, 4, S—Ed Sullivan 5, 10—Steve Allen 7:30 *— Lawman 9:VO p.m J, 4, •—G. E. Theater 5, 10—Dinah Shore (C) fr-Colt 45 . S:M p.m. fr—Meef MtGrow 3, 4, »—Alfred Hitchcock 0:00 p.m. S—Loretto Young 3, 4, 8—Keep Talking 10—Mlent Scrvlct , 9:30 P.M. 3—H Men 4—What's My Line i- Whirlvblrd! 10—Behind Closed DOOM 6—Uncommon Valor 10:00 p.m. 3, 4, 5, 6, «, 10—Newi 10:15 l>.t*. 3—Viewer's Digest S—Man Who Was fhtrt fr—News 8—N. Y. Confidential 10—Movie 10:2) p.m 6—Sporti 10.-30 (>.m. 4—All Srtii Bowling 5—DA's Man 6—Home of Show 10:45 p.m. t —>Zone Grey 11:00 p.m. $ —Theater 11:30 p.m. 5—Theater Charity Davis, 117; in Hospital 39 Years STOCKTON, Calif. (AP)-Char- jity Davis celebrates her birthday | today—and she's entitled to 117 candles on her cake. She has been a patient at the San Joaquin Valley General Hospital since Sept. 11, 1919. She never married and, so far is known, has no living relatives. BUT NO HEADACHE Pilot Ejects Through the Air With Greatest of Ease, Plus Broken Leg OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - Lt. Cmdr. Ralph Fielding shot himself head first through the canopy of his jet training plane at only 150 feet altitude. He accidentally had touched the ejection button. He escaped with a broken leg: no headache. "It was quite a sensation," he said in Oak Knoll Navy Hospital. "They said I landed only six seconds after I touched the button. It's almost impossible to say howj I really did feel. I was saved byj my nylon elevator," Shot at 200 Feet ! The 'chute opened automatically J'/z seconds after Fielding was shot not more than 50 feet above the plane—an altitude of only 200 feet. A representative of the Martin Co. which made the British-dp- veloped Martin-Baker seat said this was its first emergency ejection. The seat has its own propellant and its 'chute opens automatically and virtually instantaneously. IT'S THE FINEST FAMILY PICTURE OF THE YEARI The Accordion Shop Only Accordion School in area with teachers certified by the Am. Accordionists' Association. WILBUR SAYS Wouldn't it be fun to play in an all-accordion bond? Wo have 3 at the Accordion Shop — "Prop", Junior and Senior bands. They meet ond practice once a month. I firmly believe In private Icssonj but also stress rhe importance ond fun of playing together in an accordion band. Call or stop out today ond osk about how easy It Is to start lessons at The Accordion Shop school, and to join one of our bands. Sincerely, WILBUR SAYLES The Accordion Shop Hwy. 218 S. - Austin - HE 7-1692 mmmm^tmmmmmm Tonite! DOUBLE FEATURE BOTH FEATURES SHOWING TWICE of 6:30-9:15 Too Many Spats; Star Asks Divorce LOS ANGELES (AP) separations in two years of mar riage are ridiculous, says actress Mara .Corday. She said Thursday she will sue actor-director Richard Long for divorce. They were married Jan. 2G, 1957, in Las Vegas. Miss Corday said both have been consulting a psychiatrist. Fielding, a flight instructor with VP 124 squadron at Moffett Field, near/ San Jose, Calif., was taking a refresher instrument flight with Lt. John B. McDaniel. As he turned control over to McDaniel. Fielding accidentally touched the ejection button. Crashed Through Canopy Up and out he shot, his head rest crashing through the % inch plexiglass canopy, "The next second I was out in the air stream," said Fielding, who is 38. "There was no airplane under me any more. I took Jan. 15 a Dark Day for Texas Woman SAN ANTONIO, Tex. AP) -. Mrs. Adolph Stroter, 22, says she 1 will not soon forget Jan. 15. j Her husbapd, 33, was placed in- County Jail that day for violating' parole from State Prison. Less! than 3 hours later, her two-year-! old son, Kurt, fell from the family j car and was critically injured. The ambulance rushing the critically injured child to a hospital! was involved in a traffic crash. I JMrs. Stroter and a friend, Mrs. ith Ann Haymaker, 17, were injured. So were the ambulance driver and his attendant. only two oscillations (side swings in the chute) and I hit the ground. I think that's when 1 broke my leg, but the Navy is investigating to see if it was broken in the ejection." Fielding suffered a compound fracture of the left leg three or four inches above the ankle. McDaniel highly praised the ejection seat and all its components — propellant, instanteous- opening 'chute. He said it proved its life-saving value and "they couldn't have picked more adverse conditions — nose down ct low altitude—to get a first hand demonstration." DONUTS PER DOZ. J| ^C And Darn Good Too! Ken & Jo's Maid Rife 119 W. Maple; Near Courthouse NEW HOURS ~ 5:30 o. m. to 1Z Midnite on Monday thfu Thursdays. Open Friday and Saturday, 5:30 a. m. to 2 a. m. Tonight on TV FOR THE BIG ROCK n ROLL BALL! A COLWBIA-FOITtX PgOOUCTION A COLUMBIA PICTUK BWLAWA • DAMVe JURORS* ROY HAMILTON WMC MARTirVDAlE- DRM REESE-THE ROVALTfeErVS FOR SALE? ACOIUM8U PICTURE McGAVIN • MAGGIE HAYES »• *«*«•»» eowt nans SUNDAY "Bridge on The River Kwai" SHOWING at } - 3:45 - 6:30 - 9:10 LEGION STAG MONDAY 6.-30 P. M. Main Street Club Rooms CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE NO ADMITTANCE UNLESS 1959 DUES ARE PAID Dues May Be Paid at Door TONIGHT VFW CLUB Family Parly 8:00 P. M. Public Invited • Please Use East Door FRIDAY, JAN. 16th Fine Old Time Dancing FEZZ FRITSCHE BAND SATURDAY, JAN. 17th Modern Dancing With THE BOB WHITE QRCH. SUNDAY, JAN. I8th LEO'S PIONEERS TUESDAY, JAN. 20th MARCH OF DIMES DANCE RAY STOLZENB|RG_ For Partial rentali for organizations or clubs call HE 3-6455 for information Big Kiddie Show Saturday 1:30 P. M. "SHOWDOWN AT BOOT HILL" PLUS 4 LITTLE RASCAL COMEDIES PLUS - LAST CHAPTER - TRADER HORN SERIAL Tonight and Saturday - 6:45 p.m. BOTH SHOWS WILL BE SHOWN TWICE NUHTlHAlL -Bowery Boys ~ Starts Sunday - 1:00 p.m. ALSO SHOWING MONDAY - TUESDAY . WEDNESDAY IN THE TOUGHEST CITY IN THE WORLD.... SHE GOES TO THE ROUGHEST PARTIESI nnn en ••..»«*ri*»M 'iwi* W&R W KMMT CHANNEL TONIGHT 6:30 RIN TIN TIN 7:00 DISNEY PRESENTS 8:00 MAN WITH A CAMERA 8:30 77 SUNSET STRIP 9:30 DAVID NIVEN 10:00! LOCAL NEWS 10:15 JOHN DALY NEWS 10:30 I SHOT JESSE JAMES NOTICE New Hours at THE RIVIERA Tuesday - Wednesday . Thursday 5 p.m. 'till Midnight Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. 'till 2 a.m. Sunday - 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Closed All Day Monday THE RIVIERA South 8th and Johnson COMING SUN. thru WED. MATINEE SUNDAY: 2:30 EVENINGS: 7:15 & 9:30 The U. S. Coast Guard Is happy and thankful to announce that Andy Griffith is now in the Air Force! LAFF - your side will jplit at thisl ItsTmg FbrThe Laughiest Ime Of Your Lifetime! 'ANDYGRIFFIIHra $ MYROIi M:CORM!CiUc tf'jOriKlEE MAHIN' MERVYN UROY *" WARNER BROS. "^ Adults 65c - Junior* 40c New 45 Records Petite Fleur Chris Bar hour Evening Rain Earl Grant 1 Got a Wife Mark IV Sne Say •, Diamonds Lonely Teardrops /. Wilson Hawaiian Wedding Song A. Wins. No Regrets Jimmy Barnes Be Mine Bell Notes Sa-Hy Kingston Trio Say Mama Gene Vincent Wiggle Wiggle Accents D '»ry N. Sedaka My Heart Sings P. Anka Lovers Question C. McPbatter RADIO & TV 116 EAST WATER HE 3-9677 - Open Monday Nites Mail or Phone Orders Filled SWEDE CARLSON'S HAMBURGER HEAVEN So. on Hwy. 218 IN ADDITION TO BOOTH & COUNTER SERVICE THE FOLLOWING ARE INCLUDED IN OUR HOT MEAL TAKE-OUT SERVICE SIZZLING FISH DINNERS Featuring BAR-B-Q RIBS $1.45 All Dinner* include French Fries Salad • Hot PorkerhoAisa Rolls ond After Dinner Mint Dessert. IF YOU ENJOY GOOD FOOD — YOU'LL tNJOY SWEDE CARLSON'S $1.00 JUMBO DEEP FRIED SHRIMP $1.00 SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN $1.00 PHONE HE 3-9824 and your Take-out Order will bo ready when you arrive ; SERVING BREAKFASTS, LUNCHES and EVENING MEALS DAILY - 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. - SUN. 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Plenty of Free Forking K ROC-TV 6:15 TV's top news reporting and commentating team keep you up - to - the • second. Tune to Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC News CHANNEL 10 BOB HOPE 8:00 BOB HOPE 8:00 BOB HOPE 8:00 K ROC-TV PONT HISS IT! CHANNEL 10 KROC-TV 9:00 ; FIGHTER vi. FIGHTER another live main event Jimmy Powers reporting all the action on the Gillette Calvalcade of Sports CHANNEL 10 KROC-TV 10:35 S»oy up », Po0f! Jqek p oot br . gh( en« th« midnight houn with unpr«- dietobl* «d-lib», melody, end top guett start. The Jack Paar Show CHANNEL 10

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