Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on June 30, 1948 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Page 20
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MM*H CKj OI*fc«-G*utt«. t», IMS CHy, U. No Answer to Radio Pleas 3 Young Bandits at Large After Robbery Chicago, (U.R)-r-The radio pleas of 2 teen-aged girls, asking their bandit boy friends to surrender to police who were hunting thern in 2 states, went unanswered Tuesday. The 2 girls broadcast their appeals to 3 young bandits sough' for holding up a gambling place and shooting 2 policemen in their getaway. The 3 were sought in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. After nearly 12 hours, there wa no sign that the fugitives in tended to comply with the girls broadcast appeal, if they heard it One member of the gang, wh admitted his part In the holdup; and named his 3 "pals," was in custody.- Touch Goy« The radio appeal was made over a local station by Dolores Anderson, 17, and Shirley Fredendall, 19, who bragged to the neighbors that their boyfriends were "tough ;uys." Dolores' appeal was addressed to Jerry Mnacek, 21. "I want you in one piece, darling, not a million," Dolores said. "I will stick by you, Jerry, and no matter how long it takes, 111 always be around when you need me." Shirley made a similar appeal to George Mudra, 23, She promised to wait for him, and asked him to surrender for her sake. Bleached Blondes Both girls are bleached blonds Both are stenographers and both were proud of their trigger happj boyfriends. But when polic< seized them, the girls quicklj '^squealed." They gave police the names o he bandits and told what they knew of the gang's activities. The 3rd Dandit at large is Ernest Filbab, 21. The one captured Monday is Jerry Malek, -n, seized in a raid on his southside lome. Malek was charged with assault to commit murder and was held on $100,000 bond, forestalling an attempt by his lawyer to get him freed on a writ of habeas C °L P aw' enforcement authorities of Kenosha county, Wis., thought they had the other 3 trapped in the southern Wisconsin woods Monday night and staged a raid on an isolated cottage. But the cottage was found unoccupied. GIs to Take Training as Assessors DCS Moines, (ff) — A special course to train GIs, county assessors and others in the appraisal of farm lands .will be conducted at Iowa State college July 26 through £* 7. The sponsors are the Iowa Real Estate association and the American institute of Real Estate Appraisers. Iowa State college will urriish a number of the speakers. Marvin Ross, secretary of the association, said the course has been endorsed by the state department of public instruction as a good thing for GIs wishing to train for jobs as real estate appraisers. The Iowa real estate commission also has endorsed the course, Ross Girl Defies I Frank Leahy Praises New Drug to Church, Wins 4-H Youth Program Sfop Typhoid * I A»m- /fl>\ _ TTi-nnV T.pnhv Notre • ^% i 1 ^ Wheeling,. W. Va., w— «.n ^tomorrow" have told of a new drug inai Friedrich was normnaieu lor year old girl who defied a threat Spea ki ng a t a 4-H short course takes only 3 days to crack typhoid ollice in t he June primaries, nf pxnulsion from the Catholic , T/ .,, r _ ct a tr. pniipFp. Lcahv com- ra-iror —• " ^3. id There will be 30 lectures of 50 minutes each and numerous field trips for practice appraisals, tuition fee will be charged. Ross said enrollment would be limited, and that among those attending would be real estate men and lenders from insurance companies, as well as some county assessors and GIs. Beauty Meet , Ames, (jP)—Frank Leahy, Notre Dame football coach, says that "if we had more 4-H people today our , o youth would carry the ball farther 18 inmnrrnw" at Iow& gtate co u ege( Leahy com- in 3 Days i Harold L. Friedrich Monday was appointed county auditor ot Floyd county by the board of supervisors. He will fill the unex- Baltimore, (/P)—-Two physicians ^ res igned effective July 1. have told of a new drug that Friedrich was nominated for the wj. v.^vjt^ w*u» v« — - f >im ISL AU Wet O Id n; t.ujj.\;ftu.j *-i\,w**^ ^v»»« church is "Miss Wheeling lues ~ p n m ented the Iowa members on day. " " " .•!!!-Competing against 6 other girls Monday night. Miss Mariruth Ford their club and youth 4-" activities. fever. Previously it has been considered a 30-day disease. wu.i the right to compete for a Q> $2,000 scholarship and the title of Elect i on of state officers is "Miss West Virginia" in a state- scheduled for Tuesday. About 1,200 wide contest in August, ine: state mem b ers are attending the short SPECIAL DISCOUNT CHOOSE FROM OUR TREMENDOUS STOCK SAVE SAVE ON ANY PATTERN THAT WE HAVE IN OUR STOCK. PATTERNS FOR EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE . . . THE BETTER THE PAPER THE MORE YOU SAVE. BUT BE SURE YOU BUY NOW DURING THIS BIG SALE. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR ROOM MEASUREMENTS COME EARLY PAINTS-WALLPAPER 22 Second St. N. E. Phone 698 DON'T FEED THE MOTHS! pack • TRADEMARK Stor-Aids NEW TRANSPARENT PLASTIC STORAGE BAG is really MOTH PROOF! BUY SEVERAL AT THIS LOW, LOW PRICE Pay Boost Bill Awaits President's Signature Washington, (JP) — Legislation providing pay increases for 1,278,,000 federal workers Tuesday awaited action by President Truman. . The measure approved in the final hours of the final congress session grants permanent increases of $450 a year to about 478,000 postal workers and $330 to ap- Lproximately 800,000 classified civ- fil service employes. The bill also calls for boosts in some postal rates at the end of the year. 1 Scott to Take Up GOP Duties After Vacation Philadelphia, (U.R)—Congressman Hugh D. Scott, Jr., will take up his new duties as chairman of the republican national committee after he returns from a 3-week New England vacation. Scott announced Sunday night that he will confer with Herbert Brownell of New York, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey's presidential manager, on his return to deter- Imine strategy for the election campaign. winner will enter the Miss America contest in Atlantic City. Two girls withdrew from the contest when Bishop John J. Swint of Wheeling said he would excommunicate any Catholic girl who participated. The bishop list week protested the "indecent exposure" of bodies in "totally pageants, and Said can submit herself to that is beyond me." I course. contest & when';BTshop, >n j. j Preacher D/'es Wfi/'/e Delivering Sermon 1,11C UUJ>Vl«J.t]4 \,J v* »»•••-.— v cal school, and Colonel Rufus Holt, commandant of the army medical department's research and The winner's a ^ , that "when I die I want 1 to die in the pulpit." Sunday night he suddenly inter- graduate school in Washington, said the drug was used in 3 sep- CBS—7:00 Bir arate cases in Baltimore, and each time it brought down the fever within 3 days. Known as chloromycetin, it is derived from a fungus. So far the drug has been administered successfully in 13 cases of typhoid. Radio Beam TUESDAY NIGHT NETWOBJC HIGHLIGHTS -6-30 Green Hornet; 7:» Tiw» Meeting; 8:30.Bo«ton 8ympb«»y- -7-00 Blr Town; 7;30 Mr. »nd Mr*. North- 8:00 W« l*e People; «:36 Hit the Jackpot; 9:00 Studio On*. MBS—7-00 Mysterious Traveler; 7:3* Ot™ fleUI Detective; 8:00 Grtrtol Hemt- ter; 8:30 Gregory Ho«d; 9:0« Muiic; 7:3« Dit. h Jes™ was ' " uTt a* cS e of rupted his sermon, said ST'ch^ch ha'Sg 3 one view and you'll have tc .excuse e . a mm- the parents another." I Truman Vetdes Bill to [Restore Key Homestead Jews, Arabs Hear Terms Bernadotte Makes Peace Proposals Rhodes, (/P)—Jews and Arabs received from Count Folke Ber- nadote Monday his proposals for peace in Palestine. Bernadotte is the United Nations mediator who brought about the current 4-week armistice. The suggestions, which the mediator called a "basis for further discussion," were not published (Premier Jamil Mardambey of Syria said in Damascus the proposals will "in no way modify our attitude or rejecting partitioning and Jewish state in Palestine. Jews aie just as insistent that the new state of Israeli must continue to exist.) Jewish experts Hew from this Greek island to Tel Aviv Monday morning with the proposal. Aram ute," then dropped dead. | Elizabeth Postpones Public Appearances London, (/P) — Princess Elizabeth has closed out her list of public appearances until after the birth of her baby in October. She made her last public appearance Monday at Bansteacl Wood, Surrey, where she opened an annex of the Queen Elizabeth hospital for children. . Washington, (fP)— The white I house announced Monday President Truman's pocket veto of a bill providing for restoration of the home of Francis Scott Key, author of the "Star Spangled Banner." Mr. Truman let the bill die by failing to act on it within the required time, Press Secretary Charles G. Ross said. The measure would have authorized an ap- 111UL, IT* i,*. i- -j- t experts are flying to Cairo after lunch. the home here. It was Mr. Truman's first pocket veto since congress adjourned. Ross did not disclose Mr. Truman's objections to the bill. Still in Business Boston, (U.R) — Housekeeper at the white house under President Calvin Coolidge, Mrs. Ellen Riley of Brookline now runs the res- Truman to Make Active Campaign Washington, (/P)—P resident Truman will make "an active, speaking campaign," for the presidency in the event of his nomma- propriation of $65,000 for work on 1O p rcss secretary Charles G. Ross announced this Monday in answering reporters' questions. But he said no detailed plans have been made. The president has made no plans for out of town speaking engagements beyond his visit to Bolivar, Mo., July 5, he added. Mr. Truman is going to Bolivar with the president of Venezuela to help dedicate a statue to Simon Bolivar, South American liberator. Primghar Man President of Timberwolf Group Boonc, (fP) —Dorrance Bacan of Primghar has been elected president of the Iowa Timberwolf association. The association is composed 01 Iowa 104th infantry division veterans of World war II. Glen Conrad of Mt. Pleasant was elected secretary. The group planned to send representatives to the national association convention in Chicago Sept. 4-6. Aged Charles Cityan Succumbs at Hospital Charles City — Private funeral services were held at the Hauser funeral home Tuesday at 2 p m , for Charles Layman, 77, of 1005 South Grand avenue, who died Monday in the Cedar Valley hospital where he had been for the past 2 weeks. He had been in failing health for many years. The Rev Walter M. Fritschel, pastor of St. John's Lutheran church, will officiate and interment will be in Riverside cemetery. . Mr. Layman was born Dec. zl, 1869 in Germany and came to America when he was 7 years old He had betjn a resident of this community for 56 years. He is survived by his wife, Louise, a son, Charles E. Layman, Gibson- i M.t r» (Mon.-Fri., 5:15 p.m.) Recordings from favorite Let S Dance dance bands, many of whom will play at the Surf, are featured daily on "Let's Dance at the Surf." _. (7 p. m .) New adventure moves .to CBS as Mystery Theater ^ n n-year-old cub scout ,a time bomb— and some gangsters get mixed up in murder. . w . , (7.30) "Mr. and Mrs. North" encounter mysteri- The NorthS ous mar ital matters while they are celebrating their wedding anniversary at the small inn where they spent their honeymoon. ..... . i . (8-30) A brand new idea and a new Tues- Hlt the JaCKpOt day nig hter, which allows both studio contestants and listeners in their own homes to compete for prizes wort,, SSfsand^t dollars. De Soto-Plymouth dealers are the sponsors. i 1_J 1 1 J V-f 1 1 H. *- J.*~*J •*— . «' ton Fla., and one grandson. ~ " " Good Listening On KSMN Dial 1010 # * * taurant at the Bank of Boston. First National D-X News 7:15 A. M.— Week Days KXEL 1540 On Your Dial 1000 Watts # # * Tuesday P. M. 5-00 AUernoon Serenade 5:30 Speaking of Sports 5:45 News 6:00 Music at Sundown 7:00 News 7-05 Music nt Sundown 7:30 Sign Off Serenade 8:00 Sign Off Wednesday A. M. 5:30 Agriculturally Speaking 0:00 News , ^Hcyf'Gr^ 51 ^ Cllr W« Surplus Siore (5:45 News, U. I,. Dixson G:50 Agriculturally Speaking Marlene Dietrich the war thriller "Arabesque." ******* ^ Tuesday P. M. r>:(lO Baseball Scores, Pearson Candy Co. 5:05 Music As You Like It 5:15 Let's Dance at the Surf 5-23 Employment Views 5-30 Lum 'i>' Abner, Milts Laboratories. C«S 5-45 Sports Camern G:CO News, P. G. & E. (Hilton) C:lu Postmark Mason City, Mason City Chamber of Commerce 6:30 Jerry Wayne Sinus, CBS (Ml Ned Calmer News, CI5S 7:M Mystery Theater, Steriinf Drugs, 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North, Colgate, CBS 8:00 You Are There. CBS B:SO Hit the Jack Pot, Chrysler Corp. CBS 9-00 Studio One, CBS 1(1:00 News. V.ince Music Co. <Kew> ]0:1.T Friendly Time. Grain Belt Beer 10:30 Moonlight Memoirs, Ray Scney Jewelers 11:00 News, CBS 11-05 Barklay Allen'? Orchestra. CBS 11-30 Hichard Himber's Orchestra. CBS 11:5.1 News, CHS Wednesday A. M. 6:00 Sign On «:()'! News 6:07 Military Band 0:10 Rural Roundup, Automatic Equip mcnt Co, 6:25 Organ Reveries ti-30 Farm Reporter, State Brand Cream cries, Inc. (Randolph) <i:ir> News (llarrer) 7:00 Rhythm Uoundup, Zenor Motor C 7:15 Tune Time 7:^5 News 7-SO Keep Time with Damons 8:15 Holsum Headlines, Holsum Brea (Hilton) * * 8-30 Yesterday's Music 8~:45 Today In Osare 9:00 Bible Broadcast, Rafllo Ch»p«l 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air 9-30 Waltz Time !):45 Cotfee Time with Douf, Glldner « 10:00 News Digest, Jacob E. Decker and Sons (Uarrer) 10-15 "Tater" Qulr; Hiland Potato Chip* !U-:iO Grand Slam, Wonder Bread, C-BS :45 Mystery Melody G*me :UO Wendy Warren. General Foods. CBS :15 Betsy Ross Serenade, Plafl Baking Company :30 Home Town News, Nash Coflee oo. (Cowan) 1:45 Farm Hook-Up Time Wednesday P. M. 2-00 Markets , .'i-U-, The Man On the Street, Pntchard Motor Co. "•ir, Noon Uoundup, Currle-Van Ness 1,0. •>:-.UI News, Osco Drug (Hilton) ;:45 Farm and Home Topic Time, S>t. Paul Livestock Co. 1:00 The Second Mrs. Burton, Marshall Foods, CDS 1:13 The Frlcndiy Philosopher, Marshall and Swift . I:;iO This Is Nora Drake, The Torn Co., CliS 1:43 The Stranfre Romance of Evelyn V.'intcrs, Manhattan Soap. CBS 2:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Chcsterllela Cigarets, CBS •J;30 G. E. House Party, Gener»l Electric Co., CHS 2:55 News, Holsum Bread '{•(10 Hint Hunt, Armour and Co., Clib S:23 News, Cool Spring Canning Co. 3:30 Mailbag 4:00 Robert Q. Lewis, CBS 4:30 Novel time 4:50 KGLO Forum 101.T ^. Megacycles Channel No. 266 eh Company 7":3() Musical TNT, Outlet Store 7-45 Weather Round-Up H-uu !><:«=> ^ " Lcnnan Bakery 8':15 Musical TNT, U. Shoe Brokerage 0-00 Musical TNT, Raiics Dept. Sloro D:ir, Musical TNT. Clear Lake Bakery 0-30 The Four Knights 9:45 Joe Sortja Trio 10:01) News, Anderson Music House (KGLO 1205; KGLO-FM, 6:50 P M. Man On the Street Daily) Transcribed and rebroadcast from Kc-LO so listeners may hear their own voices. 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M. 4:15 1430 Club 4:45 The Story Lady 5:00 Trcasvire Chest 5:15 Superman 5:30 Adventure Parade 5:-15 Tom Mix (1:09 FULTON LEWIS. JR. • 6:15 Veterans of Foreign Wars 6:30 News (5:45 Sports Hl-litcs 7:00 Mysterious Traveler 7:30 Across the Footlights 7:55 Billy Rose 8-00 Gabriel Hcatter ^S^rMASON C,TV 1 AUSTIN 10:30 News 10-45 Musical Scrnpbook 11-00 Sherman Hayes" Orchestra 11:30 Tommy Ryan's Orchestra 11:55 News 12:00 Sifin Off Wednesday A. M. 6:00 Ynwn Patrol 10:45 Easy Khythm, Cool Spring Cmntne Company . 11:00 Memo: To All Homes _.„.,. 11:00 NeiKhuorhood News, Globe 11:15 To the Homcmakcr 11:45'To the Family 12-.00 News, Wormhoudt Wednesday P. M. 12:15 Markets 12^25 P Chlcaeo Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals 2:30 Melody I.ane 2:55 Broadway and Vine, CBS 3-00 Rainbow Rendezvous :{:•:.-» ens News, CBS 3:30 Winner Take A) 1 .. 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