The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 7
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teestffit«S torn i«ft 1} *»<&*» *ta«f pi tut fcif**st*forttt tie tiam Mlgfc seSra* fc# fifr ... mr-^Wst », »»»» wft& if Unt* and fdt ftfirtrWl, fiftttita ftfc If froHtta to W* stedlt. . M it ft aflaift* I, .***? haw, t !pi*fr i fatal* 2*0 1x4 dxi 8»4 1*0 OtO 2x6 1x14 4 3 i a a i* 1 o ii 8 0 8 96 pfe 0 14 18 2 0 6 87 sndef, f .«»*« Ot2 4 : Botte, t •,**** 2x6 1 i Bolts, 6 **».6 «sll 2 fll, g »»,.*»*& 2x3 8 Ida, g »««**»0 0X0 2 tetlft*, ft —*-2 1X2 8 Total* ^ a* 11x22 16 i J. Take* Orioles f ter & Slow Start Hie Maivern Orioles again iwed to ft lanky Pacific Junction ilhtet (a tbe second battle of tbe ening'on the opening night ot e Mills County Basketball tour* ment Thursday nigbt, Things ire slow In starting the first few .notes ot play. Tbe Pacific June* in players seemed content to if along and let tbe local boys rner as many tallies as they ed. P, J. received one lonely int as a starter and Jackson, »long center for the locals related by sinking a beautiful M»p. Prom then on things be- a,to bappen thick and fast. The J. men still seemed to be un- ucious of the fact that there a a basket to shoot at so that tbe end ot the first quarter the al Quintet'was in the lead 10 4.. Misfortune stalked the Malrern im in the second quarter. Jack- I, who hatt been doing some fllant work tor the locals be* le 111 and he had to be replaced Summers at center and .Wills sent in to fill the gap left by men. The p. J. boys were seemingly loafing along. At end of tbe second quarter tbe 1 boys were still In tbe lead tally of J3 to 10. i the third'period of the fray *"-* ^wa^stu^wtth the 0 ' ^pmtt^Mefopposlag ;.... vent to work in earnest on locals. They allowed them to mutate only one point during antlre third period. When this ter was drawn to a close the 9 stood at 14 to 23'with the I boys trailing. i the, fourth period tbe local . worked harder than they had h<» /earlier part of the game (that was not hard enough to put tbe P. J. cagers from ding a, barrage of shots that ; the gallery gasping. The j eye and deadly aim of Bud ey wag rwpenslble for most " -"—'airing that the wJulcl'Bt&y under UJ& own keeping vide open «nd the P, J, team possessed the tylvjt^toTO to under 'the basket, ., 4 ., itraJHng with » pore of 28 > the Papjftc Junctlos qiitO' .ad gamered 36Vpolnts for 4& iikA£& Kttfc£t£itt unB it naii-ft of limr VIMtOXBf VBlOfQU "HHiiilB tteirt. itfifcit W-oIke Ihe fee fn the closing minaies of the first <jtt*««t, salfting • fl«ld goal *ftd a fre% throw. CHet%ood also g»r> netfd a field goal and • tfes twew. At the ead of the first ps* nod the sew0 stodd eveB at thf«* all. t& the se«d*d ehaptet ot tali tilt the Btrahaft team** early showing made them dent and there were a great naa* bet at perteet setBbs aissed, tbis aisstftg of petteet shots tajiied the Oleftwood. team ffett thetf poof Man ahd at the conclusion ot the second period Stfahan trailed with a score of lo to it, In the second halt the Glen* wood teatt seetted to depend oft long shots to win the game. They kept banging away at long mage with none too satisfactory results. They gained only two more points while Strahan gained fife in the third period. There was plenty of bad passing from both teams and frequent tumbles that almost turned a tame basketball tilt into a mad scramble. At the conclusion ot, the third quarter THE MALVEftN LEADED MALVfeftK, tOWA, FtfiftUAftY 6, 16A4 Tournament fit ftmft wi* w ti t»m *s Mt lit it of th# It point* ifcat the Ottd1*i tatta*i. fib win not ret tht .teaa w*fn Rifrte? aftd t*et iHtfc «f*nt tittttt id of net the seating ddaft by e«ttni«n. fa hitt 6ft* would aJttost flti tb* Battete, I ifcaw, i * an * »*»» Hateaii, g ^..0 Totals «* .id Malvera, do tg Summers, t »»~b Wllta, t ^.^.i Knight, t —^o Jackson, e ...*6 Hyde, e *.<.»<._0 Sower, g ».«»0 Cary, g .......I) Conner, g ^..0 Totals — .10 ft ltd 8*8 oxl 0*0 Oil «*24 ft 3X4 0«2 2X4 1X1 2X2 0X0 0*0 0X1 2X4 10 4 I i 4 0 8 1? ? 1 4 4 i 4 1 1 28 0 0 2« 21 0 4 1 2 0 0 0 9 80 Henderton Buttle* the score was again tied at 16 all. -. ^^j * , Plenty of encouragement from • w**WttOo Second* the gallery made Olenwood keep plugging away in an effort to add another victory to their string. With time of play cut to one minute and the Btrahan team slowly creeping upon them the boys from, the- county seat played a stalling game. When the final gun boomed the score stood at 20 to 17 with the Olenwood boys hav. ing tbe three point lead. Those gathering the most counters were Watts with seven points for Btrahan and Hawker with nine for Qlenwood. The box score: Glenwood, 20 fg ft pf pU Hunt, f 8 Oxl 1. 4 Hurchan, t —1 0x2 4 2 Bierman, f —0 0x0 0 0 Hawker, o ..,.4 1x2 2 9 Woodruff, g ..0 0x0 4 0 M. Hunt, g —0 0x8 1,0 Schneckloth -.2 1x8 1 6 Totals „_ _.9 2x11 18 20 StrahAD, It , fg ft pf pts CosteUo, I .„;! * -0x4 ii,";,'..o'' a'oxo, .,i\Yo ,t«-_ ?: i'. _V * .%iS«V A. x^*:«a-tU • In the Qlenwood * Henderson clash, when the two teams at last warmed up to the task in hand, they went fast, There were plenty of tumbles and wild plays in the early minutes of the first quarter, After their initial nervousness had worn off the Henderson team established a two point lead tor the first quarter. The second period went, faster than the previous one but ther.e was not a great lot ot excitement in it. Henderson increased their two point lead to five and seemed determined to bold it when tbe quarter ended with Olenwood trailing at a score ot 10 to 18, The third quarter Hunt, a forward from Qlenwood, was put out on fouls. The third period went much like the second with Henderson increasing their lead to an eight pointer, Qlenwood gaining only four points during the third quarter. ;'' • The: fourth. session 1 W«B; a different story. Tl^e Oleuwood team that > tht Three Hard Fought Games Feature Friday Play point lead. The crowd. was treated to some fast ball playing in the ,. closing minutes of tfes last quai- *»Jter, The team from the T county seat was doomed for defeat when they failed to cut down the three point advantage that the fast Henderson team had established, When the game ended the score stood at Olenwood 88, Henderson Malv«rn, Henderson, and Pacific Junction No*e Out Opponent* Maivern,. Emerson the first game or the second evening of playing with Bmereon, TfteJr starting lineup did not fBSlude }«wv|n Fa* *el- asvfoj WM : forced to remain oa the bench ,be«a«ie- of Utoess, In the am minute of p$sy mers opeped t&e- scoring with a * a»d HQSte«er warned re itor.pliyerii ter tbe p, in ;*»!} ?8«eJ . and - opnaer id to work bardlet for tlje i boys,' High poJat : 10, Summers with ^ sea for the pjwed , shot, ; The team WM nervous, banging away at the .80*la witb not so good re- . suite, .Tbe ended with BO by either sWe- The score stood at the ead, with Malvern = Between forced out ol the ruftslpg waji High pointer for Olenwood was Schnecloth with a tally, ot eight points and Kreighbaw» with the same number for Henderson,' ! Scoring: " Henderson, as f g ft pf pta Ifouser^ f „„' - - - pwitp,ri^.;»-;i Wilkinson, c, ,„: Kreighbaum, the «*«*»*• A m- FVmU&t OT tfti BIH* fft® the /Oftetitfft put ttfth pttfffrs «fti of the gaft* th«t ttatt W nfttll they wit* ttttt wttt ttt BtttiBt City teaa At II »rt. ffit«l«tt«nt rin high, «sp«9i«f » tfc» Ittt twd minutes ft! $tcf. SttfiM w*s put out eft ffenoftate. Wfctt the tegular play- lag l«Hdd wit tp the scote was tt*d it It all. IB th* flm mtnate ot the three minstft otettime period silver City made t basket thai put them in Use lead tor i short time. A ten? on SHter City gave the Junction a fehiae* to make good two {MM throw* and tie the score fgaift. in the last few seconds of play Haney received a pass from a tiftttfiate afid made a good shot fdt a buket, At the conclusion at the contest the Junction won by the Barrow margin at two points. The final score: Pacific Junction 26, Silver City 98, High scorers were 1. Bolte tor Silver City with 18 points chalk* ed up to him and Haney and Btirk ot the Junction, each with nine points. Pac. June., B5 f* ft pf pis Haney, t .....4 1x8 8 9 Btirk, f —...8 3x8 2 9 Hosteller, c —0 2x6 2 2 Harris, g . ---- 1 0x3 2 2 Qodsey, g ....0 8x6 2 3 Total* — ..8 9x23 11 26 Silver City, 08 fg ft pf pts Fender, t ....0 0x0 4 o Bada, t .»....<) oxO l o 1. Bolte, f __..8 1x6 4 18 Clay, f .......0 0x0 l o 0. Bolte, e ...2 0x0 4 4 Fender, g ....0 0x0 o o Bell, g — ....1 2x6 3 4 Hays, g _— ...0 0x0 0 0 Rigglns, g ---- 1 0x2 4 2 Totals — .10 3x13 21 28 honor of winning the game. The scoring: Malvem Win* the Pri^, Heftderton Champ* irlaattt «l T<wtn«y «NI M*lt«n 16 the third evenifig ot play in the ttilti county basketball tone* fiaineat Maltetfl met ttrahan in a battle fo? the coh«ol»Uon trophy. Marvifi Fat«l wag sot included 5n the Maltern starting lineup on account of illness. Tommy Wills, replacement for ftttel, sank the first point ot the tune when he received a free throw. Prom then on things wete plenty hot. A determined Maivern Quintet chased the Btrahan team all over the Door, Jackson was forced out of the game temporarily as he was the two previous nights, because of illness. Btrahan did not show the stuff they were made of in the first quarter as the score was in favor of Malrcrn, a to 1, when the first quarter ended. The second period the Btrahan team opened with a barrage of shots that took effect on the Oriole team. The playing was plenty fhot, Strahau running up their score until they had gained a one point lead Over the local quint. Jackson reentered the battle in jthe latter part of the second period. The local boys were not so sure of gaining the consolation trophy when Btrahan had Increased their lead to two points. At halt time the score stood: Btra- han 13, Maivern 11, Early in the third quarter Bummers sank one ot his sensational baskets to tie the score for a tew seconds. Prom then on out the local boys played basket ball that was really basket ball. Late in' the third quarter Jackson. Maltetft'B etfttef, was again f of e*d from the gfttta. oft aeconfit of ill&m ratel, almost sick, entered the fray and played the dn- fatioft of the tarn*, strahsn tfa treated the lead to five points and h«1d it at the close of the third period. Score at the close of the third period, Btrahan 21, Marvera 1*. The fourth quartet found Matters fighting hard to ait down the lead that Btrahan had estafr- lished. Maivern players started banking on long shots, the ma' iottty of which took an immediate effect. In the last tew minutes of play the fans were treated to some real ball playing, ttp until the last few seconds it was any body's game. Fouls from Strahtn gave the local team a chance to score the much needed points which they did not pass up. The (Continued on page 8) Hew One Wonii Lett 20 Ptu.dt tf fit Lost Her Prominent Hips, Double Chin, ' Sluggishness Gained Physical.Vigor — A Shapely Figure If you're fat — first remove the cause. Take one halt teaspoontul of KRUSCHEN SALTS in a glass of hot water every morning — in 3 weeks get on the scales and note how many pounds ot fat have vanished. Notice also that you have gained in energy — your skin is clearer — you feel younger in body — KRUSCHEN will give any fat person a joyous surprise. Get an 860 bottle of KRUSCHEN SALTS from any leading druggist anywhere in America (lasts 4 weeks). If this first bottle doesn't convince you this is the easiest, safest and surest way •to lose fat —your money gladly returned. adv. IOWANA * ft«d Oak ** 3 DAYS STARTING SUNDAY, KB, llth Hit wont womin In Ntw Vork... tinging the belt love tengit TORCH SINGER •teANeCwtex lyrfa Refcertl laky la Hey CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE '*A» >have been unable to secure a farm for the coming year I will hold a closing out public sale at the George : Croiisl- farm 5$ miles southeast of Maivern, 2}4 miles north of Strahan, 3 miles south of Hastings, on THURSDAY, FEB. 15 commencing at 11 o'clock, the following? AJlepswortb f 8. ? Jxi 0. Totals w »tl 8itlT "* Qarrut, f,,,,. Dunbar* I ». OxQ ,Woo4ruS,,g g s» 26 '•? 0 ' 2 i 8 >•• 0 $ ft-^ 8 8 0x9 3 ..g ScsneeJoth, g „$ 2$4 3 15 8 88 Silvwr Ci^» P, * :^\ Game One of 8«§t4^v7 Tbe • eastern" tram fo«a4 a in tire Tomay wills, who w,w to M.ft 8»b 1st tb» OriPlea. This little PAcMse of was 9l split their two swe ee, 4*8 t .48 . 8 5 . tbat brovght tUe galleries t» fsst «fr«B it regSfttwsd. fto Orl- el% west ss a. 8$Ml«g spm that JIB tb« laid by i ol the tb» early part of tUa fte l«e«lbeyft were a put the ftcor» o» Batt with lots ot life ?->-. M>- 57 Head of L i v e s t o c k 57 Head of Horses Team r 9 and 10 yrs, old, wt, „J P.Mgrc, smooth mouth, wt. .„•—^,,1500 ' Bay mare, smooth mouth, wt. „,,—.1300 Bay mare, 10 yrs, old, wt, » w ~»., w »w.,1250 Yearling mare colt. 20 HEAD HOGS . Sow with six pigs Five summer pigs, , ' Eight stock hogs. ALFALFA HAY About § tons Alfalfa in barn, Sgroe claver hay in stack, T~ HARNESS . , Three Sets Good Heavy WorJs Harneaa. 31 Head of Cattle (Hilton Stock) Two Hereford cows to freshen soon* /Two Hereford yearling heifers, good ones Coming two year old Hereford bull, Yearling Hereford bull, extra good, Half Jersey and half Shorthorn cow, giving five gallons milk daily, extra good one, Roan QOW, six years old to freshen soon, Good milker. Red cow* six yrs, old, giving two and one half gallons daily, Red cow to freshen this spring, six years old, Red heifer with calf by side, Roan heifer with white calf, Spotted heifer to freshen soon, Two Red heifers to freshen soon, 14 Calves* some on feed. IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINERY R flQd 0, Waltoif plow, Sulky I Monitor numn AHffln6> ffood I jpmc?pwnHp^f d 1 ™ "'"p'-^s'^^wspp**^" 9f-'~ *^ Dwirini- mowing BiiPWne, ~ 'liAMl 9tts ww mUttvutei 1 * 0»ef e Up P»»ttUr with wire. « tlM^l li&tfiPa «wgrapwt jrafl(WKFn» wheel wagon witb McCormick'Deerlng cream aepar§» tor. Extra pump Jack. Crow out ww, small toula uud hog trough*. httlid coru POULTRY ~ 4 Doita

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