Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 8, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, RID., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Taker Jacoby Oil Bride By OSWALD JACOKV Written for NEA /Service Many experts would bid one spade with the South hand instead of two no-trump on today's hand. If so, North would probably wind up playing the hand at three no- trurnp. This would be rather unlucky for declarer, for East would probably open hearts and thus give declarer a great deal of trouble. WEST * 10974 VKJ • 83 496532 NORTH (D) 8 4Q52 ¥873 • AK J5 + KQ7 EAST A AS VQ 10952 * Q 1097 + 84 SOUTH AKJ63 Xorth 1 * . 3 N.T., • 642 *AJ10 Neither side vul. East South West Pass 2 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening Lead—+ 3 Sam Sheppard, Convicted Wife Slayer, Settles Into Anonymity In Prison Life By JOSEPH-COLANGELO COLUMBUS (INS) — Handsome Dr. Sam Pheppard. onetime drivet of a bright red foreign sports car has settled quietly 'into the graj anonymity of No. 98860 at Ohio', State Pcnilcntitary. "There's nothing special a ibout As the hand \vaz actually played, West was the opening leader and could not guess that a heart open- ing'lead would be best for his side. West wondered whether to lead a spade or a club, and finally chose the club because It was the longer suit. , It wasn't hard for South to see that the contract might well depend on" getting the most out of his spades. How should this kind of suit be played to best advantage? If each spades, it defender has three makes no difference how the suit is tackled. South can knock out the ace and establish his last small spade by force. If the spades are divided four- two, however, South's best chance is to lead through the ace in the hope that a doublelon ace will cap hire only small cards. -With this object in mind, declarer won the first trick in dummy with the king of clubs and led a low spade toward his hand. East played low, and South won with the him whatsoever," said Warden Ralph W. Alvis of the one-succcss- jful suburban Cleveland osteopath. The quiet convict is now deslinec to spend life, with possible parole in ten years, behind bars for the hack-murder of his pregnant wife, Marilyn, on July 4 last year. There is no sign of the bright lights and emotions that burst out during one of the nation's longest and most publicized trials. The move to the shadows of the boyish face, once plastered on front pages across the nation, has been complete. Warden Alvis said: "He can walk across the prison yard and nobody would recognize him." No Special Favors He receives no special favors and "asks none, nor does any member of his family ask favors for him. "They've been extremely cooperative," the warden stated. He rises at fi:30 a. m. to the screech of the prison guards' whistles arid the glare of pen lights flicking on for the day. He's in a 9 x 9 x 7>/2 foot cell with three other men, all— as he— teachers in the penitentiary's "vocational training school." He uses the same washbowl as the others, and sleeps in one o^ the four bunks which fold up[ against the cell' walls when not inj use. when it is "necessary" to correspond with the lawyers. Son Never Visits The Slieppard family visits him about once a month, Warden Alvis said, although he is allowed a visit a week from blood relatives. Dr. Sam hasn't seen his son. Chip, in almost a year. The boy is never taken to the prison. On Saturday morning, he is allowed to go to a prison movie and if he wants, to church on Sunday. Two hours a week he may spend in either the prison courtyard or gymnasium. This is the only only exercise the athletically-built, 31- year-old convicted murderer gets. At 8 o'clock every morning, after a half hour's breakfast, Dr. Sam is marched with the other prisoners in his group to the training school, where, as an assistant instructor teaches 12 mechanics. It's a far cry from the days when he tinkered with the engine of his fancy, red Jaguar parked in the two-car garage of his Bay Village home on the Lake Erie shore. If he pay attention during the day's routine to the slamming cell doors giving off the ring of iron upon iron; if he realizes that he is no longer a citizen, that, unless his Ohio Supreme Court apical comes through, he is bound :y the bare prison procedure and regulations for the next ten years, i gives no indication of it. "He is a good inmate," Warden Alvis concludes, "has a perfect conduct record and presents^ no iroblem. As far as I'm concerned, ic's just like one of the others." in automotive?, other inmates to he be king of spades. Declarer next got back to dummy with the ace of diamonds and led another low spade towards his hand. This time, East was obliged to play the ace, capturing only small cards from the North arid South hands. South was thus • able to make three spade tricks, assuring his game contract. If South had led the first spade from his own hand, he would have been obliged to play dummy's queen in order to force out the ace. He would then be able to win only two spade tricks, and this would cost him his game contract. The correct procedure with all such holdings is to lead towards the hand that has.two honors. If you are allowed to win the first trick with one of the hoonrs, reenter the other hand and lead towards the remaining hoonr. This puts you in the best position to take advantage of a doubleton ace. bidding "has.been'. Sooth . West "North East l-t»wmond Pass '•! Heart Pass T You. South, hoi'3. 4J813 ¥AK5 4KQ1062 *4 What do you do? A—Bid two hearts. Despite the jtood distribution, you can'l quite afford to bid the anemic spades before raising the hearts. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You. iSouth. hold: *A J T 3-VA K 5 +A K 10 6 2 •What do you do? Aiurwer Tomorrow —ADVERTISEMENT— Man of the Month He gazes out the same barred window into the same bleak prison "yard" shared by his cell- mates and the thousands of other prisoners. His room does not overlook the wall and the street beyond and the "outside." He's on the inside, looking in. There's 1 nothing in Dr. Sam's daily life to explain why he receives so much mail from the millions who read about him, telling him they're sure he's innocent or they're sure he's guilty. He never sees tin's mail. It's returned to the senders by the prison censors. The only persons allowed to write him are the members of his immediate family, close friends and attorneys. And, he is only allowed to write one letter a week in return, except in special cases Slight Delay BUTTE, Mont. W) - Albert Jones received a Christmas card postmarked Athens, Ohio, Dec. 15, 1927! The card was intended for Jones' mother, Mrs. Velinda Jones, who died in 1953 at the age of 101. Communication Gadgets Featured In This Years 9 Christmas Toys By JOAN IIANAUKK Nl-JW YORK — (INS) — The psychologists say children should be encouraged to communicate — and that's just what the toy industry is doing this Christmas season. High on the list of ideas for gifts are some new realistic-type toys which will allow junior to communicate from room to room to his heart's delight — even though the noise may drive mama daft. Take, for instance, the mobile radio loudspeaker—$!0 buys a real loudspeaker and microphone mounted on a six-wheel trailer truck. Also atop the truck is a blinker light which makes a ' 360-degree turn and a sound signal if the youngster wants to send in Morse Code. Toy telephones have been around for some years, but this Christmas you can buy the kids a whole switchboard for S9.95. It's a real miniature switchboard which can accommodate five playful kids. The sets come with two phones and extras can be bought. The switchboard itself has two rows of keys, plug-in holes with lights over them and a built-in bu/,z to call the "operator's" at tcnlion to the fact that someone's calling. The extra phones can be set up in any room of the house The board also features a dial, a message pad, a decoder and—tc add to noise—an atomic air raic siren. This gift to junior can be a help to mother, however, since by picking up an extension she can always get in touch with a busily playing child. The newest thing in stuffed animals is a little white cow with brown spots and a bell and daisy chain around the neck. When you squeeze her plump body, .she moos. Price is $6. Playthings of the "future" in elude a yellow and red plastic turbojet car and launcher for $3.98 ; an atomic rocket launcher complete with red rockets for $2.93 and a five-barrel hand rifle that holds rocket-type suction darts for $2.95. The latest addition to model rail road sets is a "piggy back" freight car—a miniature of the cars used to hall loads of automobiles—which WHILE YOU ARE BROILING A STEAK HOT ROLLS ON YOUR TABLE IN 6*8 For A Natural PERMANENT We Stock tho Following Pormanonli and Refill* TONl _ PROM LILT — SHADOW RAYVE —RICHARD HUDNUT —BUJEE MARVE and others RAND'S Cor. BalffmorB and N, Centra. SCHMIDT'S BLUE RIBBON BROWN n' SERVE ROLLS sells for $12.95. There's also a five- car plastic pull-toy train set for $2.98 which, with a minor alteration, can be connected to run on 0-gauge electric train tracks when a toddler gets old enough. Dolls which come with their own wardrobe trunk, clothes and combs aren't new—but now there's one that even has her own poodle. Another new doll for $15.95 moves her lips when you press her budy —she can both cry and kiss you and comes with her own toothbrush for cleaning her three, and only, front teeth. If you want help in leaching a youngster how to read and write, you might be interested in a S10 magnetic alphabet board—you can write on it with chalk or else attach to it magnetized letter blocks. Another gift idea, for $5.98, is a dairy bar complete with battery operated malted milk shaker. When it comes to transportation, the old Irish mail—a three-wheeler on which the child pumps with his hands and steers with his feet- has come back, selling at $16.95. For de lux travel, the youngster can get a miniature Ford Thunderbird in blue or yellow. g*««'«««K«mJ«***<<W£«*S«««!W«^««^ It . i BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE BAKERS OF BLUE RIBBON BREAD Use Your L. Bernstein Charge Account 9-11 N.CCNTRC ifSt^^Jf&>ia^S*r»i?r3l®fa5rSt5)?iBl?(5i»**»9*fl IMMON'S VALUES Simmon's InnersDrinl! Mattresses • Scientifically designed to give your body the firm, yet relaxing support you need! • Has exclusive auto-lock unit—keeps coils upright ahvays—that means longer life! • Pre-built border is sag-proof, crush-proof! • Matching cord handles for easy handling! • Fresh air vents—"let it breathe!" ED BURNS This friendly, cheerful man is Santa's best assistant this month. As manager of; Aetna Finance Co., he likes : to make folks happy with! extra cash for Holiday needs. "I like people—and want to invite everybody to see me for $50 ta $1500 Holiday cash," he said. "Good credit! is all you need. And I'll bej glad to wait after work for those who are too busy to; come in during the day." The Aetna office is open daily and Saturday and im-i mediate cash is available on signature or other popular plan. Those interested are invited to coll the Aetna manager, at Aetna Finance Co., 48 N. Centre St. Dial PA 4-5800. (Loans over $300 madei under Md. Industrial Finance Act). No Down Payment with an LB Charge Account FEATURE; By day, it's a beautiful tweed- covered sofa—with all the luxurious comfort found only in a genuine Simmons Hide-A-Bed! S Lounge It's a handsome lounge, covered in longwearing, textured tweed. Converts into bed to sleep 2! Choice of smart colors. Priced way low during this sale event! Here's real versatility in a Studio Divan and Chair! With famous Simmons styling, construction! Both pieces convert into beds—sleep 3, 2, or 3! Both are denim covered in the smartest color combinations! Both are space-saving beauties!

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