Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 29, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1890
Page 4
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mMsmamtaaaesBim E. S. AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, IJKIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF rmt THE siMti\<j ASD si'iini'ii TIIAIM:, Imported direct from the very best Ivlau„.faciareis look at the Latest Styles ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they wU\ be sold as low as Reliable Goods can possibly be sold. TERInS GASH, km CASH ONLY! If yoti want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. \ 'All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRINC NEATLY DONE. 3D. @. .^JCUCEJS cfe OO-; | Palace Shoe 8tore, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Cal. I Terse ntiri Hevernm. "Permit me, my dc.ii- Miss Coldstream, to make you a trifling present." "No, no; I really cannot twelve gifts, Mr. Rhythmua." "But.—ah—thiH is a copy of my own poems." "Oh, that is different. Thank you. 1 meant, of course, valuable gif ts." —Buffalo Express, A Patriotic Employer. Blobson—By the way, Dumpsey, how do you like your new clerk i Dumpsey—Don't like him at all. Blobson—Why don't you Are him, then? Dumpsey—So I shall, but not right away. It has occurred to me that it would be a neat-little bit of patriotism to hold off till nest Fourth of July and then fire him. See?—Burlington Free Press. Blasted Ilopes. "Where are you going this summer, Jack?" "I can't KO anywher*, Jim. T haven't get any money." "Why, I thought you told me that you had expectations from your uncle." "So I had; but he would not accept the collateral I offered him."—Boston Courier. Tlielr Mistake. "The great mistake we mode," said one man to another as they sat in the dock awaiting trial tot a swindling operation, "was not in studying law in our youth." "Then wo'd never have committed thli crime." "No; we'd have done it better."—Washington Post. "Ice Safes." Crlmsonbeak—I notice that even the refrigerator men appreciate the value of Ice this season. Yeast—How so? "Tiiey used to advertise them as ice cheats, but this ueason I notice they very properly call them ice safes."—Yonkers Statesman. Great Difference in Dogs. Inquirer want* to Know if dogs can find their way home from long distances ? It's according to the dog. If it's one you •want to get rid of he will find bis way homo from Manitoba. If it's a good one ha will be likely to get lost if he walks a hundred yards away.—Puck. Still True to His Colors. Weary Raggles—What has become of Iauy Luke? Tired Tatters—He's at work. "Horrors!" "He 's at work trying to perfect a labor ••ring machine." "Ohl"—Puck. An Invocation. Jack— May 1 ask you to smile upon the jockey with the red cap? Jessie—Why? Jack—Because that smile of yours is the moat winning thing I know of, and I've big money on that horse.—Pittsburg Bulletin. One of Faw. Bjones—Do you see that man across the street? I tell you he is a public benefactor. BJenks—How so? Bjones—He keeps still when he hasn 't anything to say.—Somerville Journal. Explained. "I gave McWatty notice to vacate my premises four months ago, and he hasn't gone yet," exclaimed an angry landlord. "It's no wonder he requires so long to more," replied Oozlay; "he's a chess player."—Harper's Bazar. A Poor Han. "What does your husband do now?" inquired the parson. "Well," answered the heart broken wife, "he buys half a dozen different papers and. tries to make money in their guessing con- a."— Judge. Its First Effect. "Look here!" exclaimed the grocer to a loafer, "that's the sixth lump of sugar you have put in your mouth." "That 's all right. The last tariff bill put sugar on the free list."—Wilmington Craftsman. An Xnvousiderate Offer. "I'm all unstrung," said the (ramp. "What's the matter?" "There was a woman over in Geueseo this morning eaid she could give me work." -Puck. To Keep Humor Swoet. Charles Lamb's humor never shows a taste of WM #rneM; bat then Charles had a regulai' joU as bookkeeper to fall hack upon.—Pack. Who Nose? Mjr to»e sod I Had a falling out; And this Is bow it cams about: Hw BUM Is a Hat, hearao aiming pug, Bbapsd much like the noezle of «}ug; My note is bent like a shepherd's crook. And liss a proboscidlform ioclc. J»ug, luifj crook, look. la sport, I spoke of her pug's mtobapa; Sk» called me In return "au ape," And said nuse resembled a fish book, Which, If I nhould dip It In a brook, The etouold teleoits close would hug And gulp It down, it baited with bug;, flock, brook: hue;, bus;. Awi so we soon csms to gentle blows, :_W«-aid sot blow often oHi«**» now, I tsH her she had an ugly mug; . At uty h/mn'.y b**k she gave a tug! In ValU toy Art in Iter few I shook, fibs sent ale hack »5 apod m she took. t have tfcas on for quite soma state, MMt bc^a as, alas, this rkynal ttMMtNMOk •rug." STRAY BITS.' The wool clip in the t'niiril Stale* for the season of IHSil WIIM 3H,lK)0,U0il pounds. A bounty of twenty cents u dozen is paid In Ohio for the lieiuls ol;li~!i spun-owy. Frunee hiis moi-e t Imn n qii:n-i'T of a mill- ; ion earner plueons trained for use in time ; of war. I A puperreeently started at Julian, lilalio. ; has inr its motto "Crasp for ail in si^lit and rustle for more." ' The light seen tlmuurh the new eyepiece i of the Lick tclescjpe will be \I,00u times as ! bright as that seen by the naked eye. ! The newly appointed women deputy fac- j Utry inspectors for the state of Sew York | will receive a salary of $1,000 a year and their expenses. The cable to connect Halifax with Bermuda \tns reached the barer place. Its length Is 874 miles, and thriumhout it is of much greater weight than has hitherto been used. There is n family in France named B, one in Belgium named O, a river in Holland called T, a village in .Sweden named A, while the most valued bird in the Sandwich islands is the O-o. Whole cloves are now used to exterminate the merciless and industrious moth. It is said they are more effectual as a destroying nngel than either tobacco, camphor or cedar shavings. Precious stones are much more widely distributed than formerly. Theroare many families who own jewelry to the value of half a million, while few wealthy people had even $100,000 invested in diamonds ten years ago. According to a recent ukase of the czar of Russia no person who is not of the Christian faith will be allowed to serve on a jury unless by thespeci ' approval of the minister of the Interior «u..<>f' '•>• minister of justice. Professor Bidwell, writing hi Nature about lightning, quotes figures showing that in England and Wales, from ia52 to 1880, the average annual death rate from lightning was considerably below one per million of the population. Co-operation has not been successful in Berlin. Thirty-live co-operative societies have been organized there for manufacturing purposes since ISoS. Thirty of them wound up their affairs after au average istence of six years each. Five still exist. The largest single log of poplar ever cut In West Virginia was cut n few days ago in Logan. It measured ua feet in length, 63 inches In diameter, 1,000 cubic feet and 21,125 feet board measure. This log alone is large enough to build it good sized frame house. A committee of learned professors, appointed for the purpose, have decided that the centennial jubilee of the city of Odessa in the year 18M Bhould begin on May :>7 (June 9), the day on which Catherine II issued the ukase that "tho elty of Odessa be established." He Was Truthful. Purchaser—Why, confound it, I don't belicvo there is a drop of water on this place. You told me thee was plenty of good water within 200 feet of the house. Ileal Estate Agent—So there, is, sir, but you'll have to dig for it, Didn't I tell you that?—X>w York World. The U CHSOU. "U'hat makes Timcahvays have an hour glass*" said Willie to Bessie iu the picture gallery. "Maybe it's go's he can tell when It's time to put up his scythe and quit work." — Washington Post, Sapient Actvtc".'. First Beggar (who is going ro imperson- nto a deat and dumb muu)—Give me some points, pard. Second Beggar— One is enough, "Be seen imd not heard."—Philadelphia Press. i Great Clearance Sale! What Tl« <!>aid. Lawyer (to witness)—Dirt you say that iin incompetent man could keep a hotel just as weU a.« anybody. Witness—No, l an inn •experienced man eov.Id.—Chatter. Nmsclert llvnt. Musician—There is a full rest put in tho music here, and I can see no use for it. Hearer—It is probably for the benefit of the listeners. They need it. — Chicago Ledger. i J-iaked locusts were considered a great JcHcacy by the Moors; they preferred them iu pigeons for potpiea.—Hotel Mail. TYPEWRITER. A ptrt'.'tly llrst-flasf" machine. Fully warranted. Minlo from very best male- . rial, liy skilled workmen, and with the \ best tools, ihat hnve ever been devined ii.r tho purpose. Warranted to do all Unit c:iti he reasonably expected of the very best typewriter exltint. Capable of writinir lot) words per minute—or more— accordimv lo tho ability of the operator. ) pmcE, 8 I OO.OO. If there is no agent in your town, ad- tlresu the nianiifncturcrH: THE PARISH MF'C CO., .-Ip-iiM ll'unfrd. Parish. X. y. STENOGRAPHY and TYPEWRITING FREE. First-class iacilitiis and best of teachers. Address, with stamp for return postage. THE PARISH MF'G. CO. ' Parish, N. Y. The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. K IVKR KOAIi DISTRICT HAVING I.EES' . divide, into Sections respectively uiimherud ; tout dcerl'in'i, follows: j Set rioN 1—Cnininoiiclnir at the nor:h line of j the JiiHtriet n«ar I "Midi cilv. rntinlntr south t • > j rhe niuuth of tin* liiiic hctwecn huulh of llowcll i Rtld (.'ox. i HKC. V.—(Nmuncurin;; a' the mnuth <if the J bine between the hind of Howell mid Cox, ami i ruuuliiK to the bridee ai b. 1". Lonu's. j I ?ii-;c. li.—CoiiuiieiieiiirT at Knssian Kiver be- ; i tween Die luti• 1 of Hollhlnv tiiiti Kuddnek. run- • i iiinn etjsi, ntliowin:; the hiue lo loml tvadiut; i north and souih. | I N OTICK; is JI KK>:» v C IVKN thai seal'. i cl hhlswiH - he reetdved hy the Hoard of Supen isnrs of Men- : ! doeino County up to 11) o'clock, A. M., on the ! NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale and Decrro of Foreclosure and Sale. LEWIS A CO., \ J'luintljfi, I 81 li Dny of Oriohcr, l<!li: Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. PISO'S QU RE FO R Host Cough Medieinn. Recommended by Physicians. Curoa where all else fails. Pleasant and ogrtseable to the tnst-e. Children take it without objection. By druggists. CON SUM PT1 O N FACTS ABOUT AMBER. Under the stratum of trees is found pyrites, sulphate of iron and coarse sands, In which are rounded masses of am her. The largest amber mines in the world today are along tho Baltic, between Ko- olgsberg and Memcl, on the Prussian coast. The Romans discovered the true nature of amber, that it is a fossilized vegetable sum, and therefore gave it the name of succinum, or gum stone. Amber Is sparingly cast on tho Swedish and Danish coasts, and occasionally pieces are picked up along the shores of Norfolk, Essex and Sussex in England. The great source of the supply of umber in all ages appears to have been the Baltic coast, from which the supplies of commerce still continue to be drawn. Amber was regarded by the ancients with superstitious reverence because of its unknown origin and cn account of the electrical phenomena which It exhibited. Large quantities of amber are thrown up from the sea on tho Baltic and Prussian coasts, and obtaining amber from tho sea is a regular industry, Kiving employment to large numbers of people. The most beautiful specimens of amber are said to be thoso found at Catania, which show a beautiful play of color shading to purple. Amber has also been found In different spots in Siberia and Greenland. The trees from which the amber gum exuded stood in forests of past epochs, as many ages are necessary for the transformation of the substance, and are now forming strata of bituminous wood beneath beds of sand and clay. During the reign of Nero an expedition was sent from Rome to explore the amber producing country, and so successful was the search that }8,000 pounds of amber were brought to the emperor, including one piece weighing thirteen pounds. Amber has been found in various parts of the green sand formation of tho United States, either embedded in iue soil or in beds of marl and lignite. The principal localities are at Aroboy, N, J.; at Gay Head, on Martha's Vinoyard, and at Cape Sable. The philosopher Thalos, of Miletus, 500 B. C, noticed that amber when rubbed attracted light bodies to itself, and this observation was the foundation of the wonderful science of electricity, which was named from electron, the Greek word for umber. It Is not altogether certain what trees exude the amber gum, though one species of fir, pinetes sucoinlfer, has been accepted, somewhat provisionally, as the umber yielding tree; but noted botanists have shown that the exudation mny have proceeded train other speciea also. Amber is a hard, lustrous resinous substance, which is found In ulluvinl deposits. It Is usually of a pale yellow color, but has sometimes a reddish or brownish shade, is sometimes quite tratuparent, but is usually of varying degrees of tronslneenry — Chicago lutir-Oiwan. " O, ah. let mo see, what do you give for » cold on tho chest? " asked Jones, in a sort of hiuitTeront tone, of a doctor with whom ho tin. sliffhtly ECnuatntod, as be tiic-t niio ou the street. "Advice," was tho laconic reply. So do we. Wo uuvis'» you not to nerdeot that bucking couph and drowsy fueling", the coaled tauiruo, tho fuillnir appetite, the indigestion ami frenernl lassitude and debility—tur.t "tired fr-clinK," as so many <-Aprt*3 it. TaUc Dr. Pierce's fiolden Medical lJiHcovery, In time, and U will not disappoint. It is not only tho roost wonderful alterative, or blood-eleaneer, known tu medical science, but also posscBaes euperior nutritive and tonic or strength-Kiv- hi^ properties. For Itronchial. Throat and LunR DiBonscs, neromimnied with lingeries; coughs, tho "Golden Medical Discovery" Is j absolutely unequaled ns a remedy, ; Tor Weak Lunga,>r of illood. Short I Hreath, Consumptive Nijrht-swoats, and kio- • dred affections, it RurposscB all other medicines. It's the only lung remedy, eold by druggists, guaranteed to benefit or oure, In every case, or money refunded. .••sr.-ii: >.ec 23 UNlCMfcr.-:«*s?i-ny. t.-.i. Sl.L0i.i|3 Mil. ' I'IULL;. The New Home Sewing Mnc.nlno Coinpanv, I'aeilic Depm iment, I) 1st ri but lug Office, Market Mreot, History Building, Snu Krnuclseo.Cttl. CHALl'A.NT A; Cl'NNl.VilHA.M. -Stf Art-nlK, I'kiah, Cid. $500 S for nn Incurnblo en«o of Catarrh iu the fiload, by the. proprietors of Dr. Saffo'a Oiitnrrh ReuiPfly. By ita mihl, soothing and healing properliea, it cures the worst pftses, no mutter or how lon/f Btmidinff. Only W centa. ticjiu by druffuitila overrwhere. DO YOU READ -THE- sl— *1ENT IlLS ^1' SCOTT'S EMULSION CURES COHSU^PTIQIS SCROFULA BRONCHITIS COUGHS COLDS Wasting Diseases Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gained one pound pet 1 day by ita use. Scott's Emulsion J H not a secret remedy. It contains tho stimulating properties of the Hypophos- phites and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, tlie potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Druggists, BCOTT & BOWNE, Citomista, N.Y. To cure liilioiiBiioBS, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certain remedy, SBSXTH'S BILE BEANS Vse < he 8 St AM. Slie (10 little Beans to 1 he bottle). Tuny AUK TUB MOST CONVHKIKHV, SuitAhlo tor nil ^S-(£«M. Prlew of olllier gSc. per Rolttn. ** fi W W*>"> 'or*cti. (COIMHII'I i>r>u,u,|,.|. I f.SMITH *,CO,«r.ot-KU.LllKAKH, ST.tOUIS M0, MORSELS OF GASTRONOMY. Milk should be kept in glass vessels only. South Carolina frreen apples make choice pics, A tart bilked iu a shallow dish is teehl- lally Called a tutirce, Creoii peas should he left In the pod until Just be/ore ihey are cooked. The (lump opring, it is said, has spoiled the cherry crop of the Hudson valley. A California pnptM' wlls of strawberries Ml large that "live berries uuiko u square meal," A pair of frog's legs which weighed a half pound were lately sold at Waiblug- h» WMaat; Near Ymrit... • • -j "pi 1 ? For Catnri'li C. «'. I.IM .mC .M lias So I'ecr. Try il. liulome.l i ,y the Medical I'ueiilly. I'reseillieili by KniiII'rniiciecu 'N I,endliit( l*h> ItlcittU.:.. Camphor Chloral Liniment. O AKLAND, Fchruary 1890. "Tills m»y certify ihttt \vu have used the C C. Liuinumt in our hiniily, anil hnve found it tu be the beat and t'HVellvt: nu-dicinu for ucu- inl^iu anil k.^drcd iHscas^n af nny tlmt we hnve tried. Wcctm 1111 hesitatinsly recommend it us a most, powerful uud useful remedv." K. K. DIJ.LK, Puulorof the First M. H. Church. For all chronic ro«c«, in connection with C. f\ LINI.MKXT, use "COM 1 'OL'MJ aUlA'UVii, i'UW- DEtt " !or thoronnhly cleansing tlie blood nnu toniiiK up Uic eutlre BV?KM;V. It \s put up only by'llic IV. II. ItiMte <'<».. V2 B UK I I Btreet. iu hum.- bottles. Price *1 per bottle, 6 bottles for •rS; aunt pustpaid on receipt of price. THE €. C. lX\niE\f CO., 11 JU IM I I ftlveel. S- V. l^ar ^FOR SALE UV ALL DKUGOISTS .-^Sa W, XX. HOKfE, (Jciiem! Mnnn^er and Secretary. DISPATGH*°DEMOCRAT? IIF TNTOT, JDO SEE! All the Local News, All the^County News, All the General News, All the Court News, \ All the Supervisors' Proceedings, All the Real* Estate Transfers, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisements. OUR FACILITIES FOR DOING JOB PRINTING Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Steam Printing EEoiase. at the office of the Clerk iu Tklnh City, In said 1 ouniy. to be opened tit lhat time, and pbiee, and to be acted on an noon themifter as may suit the convenience of the Bmud, for proposals to maintain the public roads within mien respective sections of Klver Itoad District for a period of two years ending with the 1M day of July. 169", upon the conditions that the contractor shall, within a reasonable time thereafter, etl'cctually drain and keep drained nil springy places in the road, that be pro vide proper drains or bridges for all streams or water conr^en eroding the road at any season of the yrai, that he shall remove all obstructions from the road within a reasonable time after they may occur, that he prevent as far as posslbh* the water from running on the roadbed, that he keep the chuckholes and ruts filled up with roek or some other suitable material, that all roek used ou the road shall tlrst he reduced to a size of tint over three inches In diameter, thai In- Mhail maluUun the road at the established ;4rade by removing till I slidea down to the old roadbed, that he maintain the road ou excavations at a width of not less than eight feet and on the ungraded portions at a vvidth oi not lean thun twelve feet, \U.U he shall remove stumps and projecting roots and rocks from the roudbed and branches of bushes ami trees from within reach of passing teams, that he ahall keep all bridges in reasonable repairs. A bidder is required to he a resident within the limits of Hirer Hoad District, but nun put In bid? for one or more or for all the Sections hereinbefore described, but he is required to speelflcallv state the amount per veur of twelve successive months for each specific Section, describing It by Its respective number, for which be proposes to maintain the public roads therein according to the specifications hereinbefore given, and in addition thereto he ahull also state at what rale per rod he will agree to rock such portions of the roadbed to a depth of six inches, and a width of eight feet, as *say be required of him to do so duriug the term of hi* contract by the order of the Hoard olSupewis ora, tho compensation for which to bo In addition to the conn-act price agreed upon for the Section. Upon nn award the bidder will be required to give bonds for the faithful performance of his contract In accordance with these Hpecitieations with two responsible bondsmen to the amount of the contract price per annum, and unless such bonds be provided according 10 law and approved by the Hoard, or one of lis members appointed as a committee for that purpose, within ten days after the award, the Board reserve* the right to award the contract to another bidder, and also reserves the right to reject auy and all bids. liy order of the Board of Supervisors of Mendocino Couulv. SAM. O. PAXTOX, July 13,1890. (15) Clerk. Notice to Hoad Contractors. Lighting t • : 011 riiti-IJittChttW'm'KHfiM. rc+fulntcs tho 1 buweU, umi uro tttiu<iuu2e>i u* an muv,i\m MEDICINE. Fn mr»l-trial 1IU1 I -I I -I H Mielr vl r I ilea art ,1 Jdely I'V.'Ontnlxcri. u» f Iter |M »u«eti*f»ec> uihir croioi'iU's in I'rtuliisj' lliehyHlem Iron. Ilml puNon, ;.;ci 'it*i tly mig-ar voMtMl. Dw.u ni.ii.SI. I'rlrc, Sacla. Sold Everywhere. OttW'c, i-i JIamti' tit.. Knw York. The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, V Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 29 New Montgomery, San Francisco. f;i'o. J. mtowx, I l>r-jan!atit, j r>Y vinTin-: ov AN EXKCUTIOV ISSUEI> I » out of the Superior Court 01 the Couniy of Nuna <:ruz, of the s-tate of California, wherein A. 1>W1H & Co.. ulntntlfl's, and Geo. J. Brown, defendant, upon a judgment rendered the 2i»l da> uf October, A. l>, 1NSS, for the sum of eleven hundred and sixtv-elcht aud sixty-six one hundredths (*l,ta>..ti!i) dollars, I'nlted States gold coin, besides COM* and interest, I have this divy levied upou all the right, title, claim and Interest of st'.Jd defendant, Geo. .1. Brown, of, in and to the following desert bed real estate, to-wit: Being iu the village of Covelo, County of Mendocino, State of Californln: Commeucinif at the southwest corner of lot oi H, Marks «n<l Main street, thence cast son feet to county road, thence south M0 ieet to the laud of Ceo. J. Brown, thenee west 300 feet to Main street, thence north •SO feet to noiut of beginning, together with all the hereditaments and appurteuaucet pertaining thereto. l'ubllc notice Is hereby given that T will, on Tlie tilli day of September, 1890, at '2 o'clock 1*. .M. of said day, In front of tho court house door of the County of Mendocino, at Ukiah, sell ut public auction, for United .States gold coin, all the right, title, claim and Interest of said defendant, Geo. J. Brown, of, iu ami to the above described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise fmfflcient to satisfy said judgmeut, with Interest aud coats, etc., to the highest and best bidder, tiled ibis tith day of August, isyo. J. M. STAND LEY, Sheriff. Bv T. J. W ELDON, Under Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of tlie Sulc oi Real Estate Under Execution. 1C. S. GIBSON and MAKT1N COUUIT, Plaintiffs, V. M. ASBtl.L aud J. B. A5BH.L, Da'Kiulanig. L ONG VALLEY HOAD OISTKICT, HAVING been divided Into Seciions respectively numbered and described as follows: S ECTION 1.—Commencing at the north boundary of Long Valley district at Ten Mile IUver Valley, and running lo Lavtoiiville. SKC I!.-From Laytonville to Eel Hirer on Bound Valley Hoad. SRC. X— Kmhruciim nil lh" balance of the roads in tho District- N OTICI; is IlKiinitY G IVI:N, that sealed bids will be received by the Hoard of Supervisors of Mviidociuo (;ounty up to 10o'clock \. M.,OU the Silt day of October, ISflij, At. the. office of the Clerk in Ukiah City, in said county, to be opened at lhat time mid place. and to he acted upon as >ooti thereafter as may Bull the convenience of the Hoaro, for r.r<ipos![I> to jiiaintain the public niads within such re-i spective secliounof Long Valley Koud Distilct for j tnc period of two years ending u fib the 1*1 da\ 01 July, 18;';', tipon the couditioiis thui the contractor shall, within a reasonable time ihviv- after, efl'ectually drain and keep drained all Bprlngy places iu thy road, thui he. provide proper drains or bridges for all vtriiumsor water courses crosslns the road at auy season of the year, that he shall rennive ail oohtruclions from the road within a reasonable time after they may occur, that he prevent as far as pomdhle the water from running on the roadbed, that he keep the ehuckholes aud ruts filled up with , rock or some other niiiablo materia], that all! rock used on the road shall first be reduced to a size of not over three Inches in diameter, thnl be shall malntalu the road at the established grode by removing all slides down t.; ttu- old roadbed, that he maintain ihe road on excavations at a width of not less than eight teet and ou the ungraded portion** at a width of not less than twelve reel, thai he snail remove Mumps and projecting roots ami rocks from the roadbed and branches of bushes and trees from within reach of passing teams, lhat he shall keep all bridges In reasonable repairs. A bidder U requhvd to be a resident within the limits of Long Valley Hoad District, but may put in bids for one or more or for all thetjeetion.i Hereinbefore described, but he is required to specifically state the amount per venrof twelve successive month* for each specific section describing it by its respective number for which he proposes to maintain the public roads therein according to the specification* berelnaforegiven and in addition tuereto In* shall also state at what rate tier rod he will agree to rock such portions of the roadbed to a depth of six inches, and ft width of eight feet, as may be required of him to do so during the term of his contract by the order of the Board of Supervisors, the compensation for which to be In addition to the contract price agreed unon for the section. Upon an award the bidder will be required to give bonds for the faithful performance of his coutract in accordance with these specifications with two reHpon»lble bondsmen to the amount of the contract price per annum, and unless such bonds be provided according to law and approved by the Board, or one of Its members appointed as a committee for that purpose, within ten days utter the award, the Hoard reserves the right lo award the e./iilnat to another bidder,and also reserves Hie right to reject uuv and all bids. By order of the Board of Supervisors of Mendocino Comity. Attest: HAM. D. IWXTGN, July 13, 1S00. (lii) Clerk. I VY VUWUE OF AN EXECUTION ISSUED ) out of the Superior Court of the County of Mendocino, of the State of Cailrornia. wherein E. S. Gibson and Martin Oorblt, plaintiffs, and F. M. Asbilland J. B. Asblll, defendants, upou a judgment rendered tin*. 1Mb day of July, A. D., land, for the sum of three thousand, one uuu- drod twentv-six nitd seventeen one hundred*'"! dollars. United Slates eold coin, besides costs aud interest, I have tills day levied upon nil tho right, title.claiiu aud lutevest of said defendant. K. M. Ashtll, of, iu and to the following described real estate, to wit: The jiossesaorv claim and improvements Liu 1 , nil the right, title, claim aud Interest of, in aud to the ranch generally known as the Hummlt Valley ranch lu Moudoclno county, California, being about miles north- Wfslof Cov'elo. iu township '23 and 'H north, range 14 west, M D M. aud also all improve- men Is, possessory, claim aud all right, title claim aud lute rent of M. Asblll, of, in and to the ranch gem-rlly known as the Bald Mountain rauch. iu Mendocino county, California, being whom IS mile-! northwest of Covelo.ln townships ^1 and i), north of ranges Vi aud H \ve*t,M li M. Public notice is herebv given that I will, on the Uth ilny of September, L D., 1890, ai " o'clock i'. M. of said day, in front of the court house doorof tht! Cmintv of Mendocino, at Ukiah, NC II at public auction, for United States told coin, all the ri^ht, title, claim ami' Interest oi said defendant, K. M. Asblll, of, iu and to the above described properly, or as much thesenf as may be necessary to raise sufltcieut to satisfy said judgment, with interest and costs, etc., to tlie hiuhesi and best bidder. Dftlttd this 7th day of AugilM. 1890. J. M. 8T AND LEY, Sheriff. Bv T. J. Wtii.nos, Under Sheriff. Notice to Creditors. •pSTATE OF J. S. HOLM AN, HKCEASED. Notice is hereby given by the mid era I sued administratrix of the estate of J. 8. Holm an, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the tald deceased \o eiMnit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication if this notice, to the administratrix at her residence in the- town of Wlllit:., Mendocino county, the same belne the place for the transaction of the business of said estate. M US. D. E. HOLM AN, Administratrix of the Estate of J. S. Uoliuau, deceased. August i, 1S90. 4!>-40 Notice of Administrator's Sale. I N THY: srjPV.moR COUHT or THE COUN- ty of Mendocino. State ol California, lathe mailer of the estate ot C. it. Arthur, deceased. Notice is hereby given tlmt lu pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of Meudocino County, 'twite of California, made on thi! 101U of April, 1HD0. In Ihe matter of the estate of G. It. Arthur, deceased, tho undersigned, Ihe Administrator de bonis non wl'h the Will annexed, of the said estate, will sell at public auction, to tho highest bidder, for cash, gold coin of the United States, and subject to euufir- matloii by said Superior Court, nn Saturday, thrMlulny of Aii^ist, 1S90, At!' o'clock i'. >(,, lu front of the donr of the Court House, lu Ukiuh City, MendocinoeoimLv. CaL.all the right, tlljc, IntereM mid eMalu *>{ the said C. it. Arthur at the time of his* death, and ft.ll the tight, Htle and hirerest that tho said estate has bv operation of law or otherwise ae- nulred, other thun or in addition to that of the stild C. It. Arthur at llie lime of his death, in and ton all that certain lot, piece m parcel ot laud situate, lyiny, and helm: In the said eountv of Mendocino. Slate of ''Hiifniuia, and i.oiinded and deictlhcd a» follows, lowil: uf HW 1 ; of Section lft. T VI N. it 10 \V, M D M. Terms and condition* of talc—ea>h. Ki per ecul of the i-'irehtt-v prici , In gob] n;', tl of (lie Uullcd Htati'v. pii\al.ii' on day of the sale, balance payable on conlli'innlion of I be >%a|e by the Judge of this Court. Deed ai expense of "pur- chafer. Uklati, Augusi 7th, 1S !)0. Q. A. OVKKMEYEB, .liimlufHlrntordc V IOU I H nou, with tho Wll^ati- iiexed of the online ot il, H, Artlutr deceased. Ylitx. ii HUA-WiiUU, Attunncye for Adm. I TNITED HTATES LAND OFFICE, S\N KKAN* |J elsco, Cal., July 1, 1890. Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with the provisions of the Act of Couuress of June a, 1»78, entitled "Au Act for inn sale of timber lands iu the States of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory," SYDNEY G. MITCHELL, of Ahimeda, Conntv of Alameda, State of Call* fornla, lias »hi» day filed iu this olllce his sworn statement No , for tho purchase of Lot S of Section So. 18, in Township No. 16 north, lla >iga No. 1-1 west, M. 1). M., and will ofi'er proof to show Unit the land sought is more \aluable foe its Umber or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim to said land hefoio the Kegister and Receiver of this office atSan Fruncisco, Cal.. ou TUESDAY, the 23d day c( He names as wltueBROK: V. Uothcrmcl, C. O. Merrell, T.J.Bailey, F. Ii. Bailey, all of Boil Francisco, Cnl. Any and al! persons claiming adversely tho above-described lands nre requested to file Iholi* claims In iliiu ofilee ou or bo tore sild 'i3d day of Kcptembcr. JOHN F. SHEEUAN, Regl»tcr t Washing and Ironing! Ah Pooh's Wasliouse, ISfiS^HftYiuy; purehHBOd Slntr lice's wash-bftMn* nwiai #dl«.- "f' ,u,cl , 1 , 1 » u »"<, «lo«» will 1 , nest nraaaiid flHimtah. I10-(im.] AH POOH. LANE'S SPRINGS, ftodwood Vaiioy, Meadociao Countj, rot'KTEEN MlI.Ka NOftTU Of UKIAH. WH,,i, UKW, WIA (3N|»tA, MI.rillR, AXIi» OIIIKB WATKKN. W'uiiir, wjiiii' .mil Kr'iuii'ln fr.-(-». Uriod |Misiunm R C' ir Im T. A. CANE. Prop. 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