The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 14, 1933 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1933
Page 9
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1933 SPORTS FRESNO BULLPUPS TO MEET JAYSEE SQUAD Drillers May Have Tilts With Shaf ter Here as Practice Games WfHILE the junior college Rene" gades went to work today in preparation for another busy week- and, the high school Drillers were enjoying a two-day respite granted by Coach Griffith, and Ernost Dai- bom, director of athletics, was Iceeplng the telephone wires hot In an effort to reconcile conflicting dates and arrange for a trio of practice games between Bakersfleld nnd Shaftor high squads here Saturday evening. Coach Peterson's Renegades have their work cut out for them In tho form of two games, one with Porterville J. C. In th'e local gymnasium Friday evening, and a second with Fresno State Bullpups at Fresno, Saturday night. . The Bakersfleld-Portervllle game will mark the beginning of the second round of play In the junior college conference series. Since the Renegades now top the jaysee loop, remaining undefeated by a conference team, and Porterville la In the cellar, Friday's game should not present many difficulties. By way of contrast, however, the Fresno Frosh will rank as one of thP strongest quintets faced by the junior collegians this winter. A year ago a touted freshman squad came down to Bakersfleld and took a trimming at • the hands of the Renegades. And a Bull pup never fogets. Working Up Sttam Coach Peterson's problem this week will be to work up enough steam In the junior college quintet to carry It through both nights. Last week the Renegades used up ajl their steam In winning their conference game with Taft on Friday evening, then let down completely when they ran up against a nonconference and supposedly un- Jmportant rival in California Poly- tech. Drillers Rtst Putting the Drillers In a class with bankers and others who aro privileged to celebrate Lincoln's birthday fittingly, "Griff" prescribed a "rest cure 1 for the high school varsity yesterday. The rest period carried through today, and the high school boys will not have 10 get back into the practice grind again until tomorrow afternoon. Coach Griffith may have decided to try out the method of training suggested by psychologists In their paradoxical statement, "A man learns to swim In the winter and to skato in the summer." Subconsciously, the Idea Is the Drillers may learn how to hit the basket unconsciously. Their chief difficulty In recent games has been Inability to cash In on chances at the bucket after working the bal! into scoring territory. While awaiting completion of arrangements for tho Class A, B and L Kames with Shatter, Coach Dalbom planned to pit his high school middleweights against the Athletic Club team this evening. Though they hel< little hope of winning from tho heavier and moro experienced Athletics, the middles intended to make un educational event, win, lose or draw. •-»-* ATHLETICS TROUNCE CAGE TEAM After taking a lead of 18 to 12 In he first half, the .Bakersfleld Athletic lub quintet went on a stampede for 4 additional tallies In the second half o win from the Mormon five, 42 to 4, at the local gymnasium last night. Immle Hlgglnbotham of the Athletics ad a big night and scored an tndl- Idual total of 17 tallies. The Athletics are scheduled to meet he Nash 400 team of Taft hero tomorrow evening, but Manager Van- am today announced that he would ry to have the game postponed until laturday night, to he played either as . solo attraction or In conjunction iMth a high school game. The Lineups West (9) F H. Stanley (9) ....F Dunham F F Llddell /andam (4) C Ooertz (5) Hlgglnb'th'm (17) a Snyder (4) Smoot (1) O Donne (7) B. Stanley (2.) G Van Horn BT CHESTER HORTON COLTS OBEATEST TEACUKB (Copirlcht John F. Dllli Co.) Most of you club member golfers who are business and profession* men, require some device which wll Impart strength to your left hand and wrist as the gol club Is swung Since you canno give this strength tho next best ou Is to give solidity which you can do Hence your devlo is to have your lef hand turned wel on top of the shaf In the address. Lo all four knuckle show to your eye Address BO tha your left hand I; directly above you left heel, and th kball positioned directly off the left heel. This uses thi H>ft hand In such -manner that per mlts it the least chanco to give. No alr.o. with the left hand so plac.ed yov will bo likely, In your Initial move ment Into your back swing, to with draw your left arm close to your body which Is tho right principle. With th Jeft hand otherwise placed, the lef arm usually shoves directly outward sending the clubhead outside t»e Un — a poor start. Place the left han< as shown In the sketch, which posl •.tlons It against give. Note: Do you know how to al your shots? Mr. Horton explains thl In his "Lines to Qolf Success — No. 3. To obtain this, write Mr. Horton, car National Newspaper Service, 326 Wes Madison street, Chicago, enclosing stamped envelope, addressed, and on extra 3-cent stamp. OREGON STATE WINS CORVALLIS, Ore., F«b. 14. (U. P. Oregon State strengthened its hold o first place In the northern division o tho Pacific coast conference basket IRill race here last night by defeatlni Idaho, 46-26. The Vandals tied the score twlc In tho first period, but thereafte found themselves unable to penotrat t'rto Beaver defense. HE CONVINCED THEM COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 14.— Goorg Brlggs, street car conductor, was do termined that his car was not going t b« robbed. When two negroes trie to make him give up his money h showed fight. Ho struggled with th two men until they decided that t meant business and then one of th men fired a wild shot with hla revolve nnd the two of them fled. CAGE SCORES (United Press Loosed Arkansas, 28; Tulsa, 19. Carnegie Tech, 65; W. and J., 36. Iowa, 31; Wisconsin, 25. Kansas State, 36; Nebraska, 30. Kentucky, 35; Alabama, 31. La. State U., 53; Mississippi U., 33. Michigan, 35; Indiana, 26. Northwestern, 41; Minnesota, 25. Ohio State, 31;. Illinois, 29. Purdue, 41; Chicago, 21, Tennessee, 33; Georgia Tech., 26, Oregon State, 46; Idaho, 26, Stanford, 41; MelJI (Toklo), 17. Montana, 56; Montana Mines, 40. LAST COUNT Klahr (B) Payne (1) Branch (2) Stella Walsh Gets Polish Sport Prize (Associated Pretf Leased Wire) WARSAW, Poland; Feb. 14.— Stanslawa Walaslewlcz (Stella Walsh), Olympic women's sprint champion, oday was awarded the groat national iports prize, voted annually to the mtstandlng Polish athlete of tho year, by the government. Tho award Includes a cash prize of 0,000 flotz (approximately 1100 pounds). The former Cleveland girl, who surrendered her chances for American citizenship when she lost her job and a now employed by the Polish government, won tho award over Jan RuHoclnekl, Olympic 10,000-meter champion and the Polish eight-oared crew. SCHROLL RETURNS TO CITY AS MAT CHAMP Ernie Schaaf, who died last night from Injuries received In a ring battle with Prlmo Garners, the giant Italian, Babe Ruth Plays in Golf Tourney BELLKATR, Ma., Feb. 14.— A husky eft-handed golfer, George Herman *uth, who Is better known as "Babe," wa,s among the starters today In tho 'irst flight of the annual Belleair amateur championship. The "Babe" qualified with 85 strokes, which ho was willing to admit Is not his best golf game. Gorrott A. Ilobart of Arcola, N. J., won tho medal with 77 strokes, two better than D. N. Tullman, Minneapolis player. CHICAGO TO PASADENA CHICAGO, Feb. 14. (A. P.)— Harry rablner, vice-president and secretary of the Chicago White Sox, will leave tomorrow for Pasadena, Calif., to look over the club's new training camp. For many seasons tho Sox trained In Texas, but President J. Louis Comlskoy decided on a change of scenery for this year. _ RUBY BISHOP WINS MS PATZ LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14.—Ruby BlRhop of Pasadena advanced, to the semi-final rounds of tho tenth annua Los Angeles Tennis Club championships yesterday by scoring a surprising victory over Gladys Patz. former municipal champion. In the first upsot of the tournament, tho Pasadena girl defeated Miss Patz, (1-1, 4-6, 6-4. Oracyn Wheeler of Santa Monica be- camo another seml-finallRt by trouncing Jane Sharp of Pasadena, 8-6, 6-3. In tho men's division, Lester Stoefen, second ranking southern California nettlst, defeated Clarence Barker of South Pasadena, 0-0, 16-14 to advance to tho quarter-finals. Jack Tldball and Dick Bolotto of Occidental College also were victorious In their matches, the former beating Karl Lott, 6-3, 6-3, while Belot vanquished John SIsBon, 6-1, 6-4. »-»-4> National Park Air Route Carries Many GREAT FALLS, Mont., Feb. 14.—A total of 2399 passengers was carried by the National Parks Airways along Its route from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Great Falls, according to the 1932 report of the company. This total was but BO less than that for 1931, it was said. There were 2,023,600 pieces of air mall carried on tho lino during tho year, approximately 500,000 loss, than in 1931. Air express shipment.-, however, made a startling Increase, from 35 packages In 1931 to 688 In 1932, partially due to lowered rates on such shipments. Every plane In the company's service was completely rebuilt during the year. A total of 729,754 miles was flown by pilots along the route during tho year, an Increase of 93,890 miles over the 1931 total. Popular Wrestler Slated lo Grapple With Scarbery F RANK SCHROLL, who with Steve Strelich, Don Hill, Wayne Strohibaugh and one or two other matmen, has proved one of the most popular wrestlers ever showing here, returns to the city tomorrow evening for a match as the light-heavyweight champion of the world. Schroll, who is an ex-aviation pilot, an outstanding football star for a mldwestern university, has now reached tho top for his division In wrestling. In an elimination contest conducted for light heavyweights, Schroll met all comers and survived the rigorous test to encounter Frank Bonaskl In a titular match. When It was all over Schroll came forth bearing the belt symbolical of the light heavyweight championship. Wrestling fans here will be glad to welcome Schroll, who, like Strellch, has almost become u fixture of tho city. Everyone speaks well of Frank, even his opponents. Ho Is a good clean wrestler and a fine typo of man. Schroll in his match hero will meet another exponent of the mat and maul game, Doraco Scarbery, tho cx-marlne from Fresno. Scarbery, Herman, Strel- lch and Kennedy wrestled Homo hlghl> exciting matches hero In the past and In every one of them Scarbery gave a great account of himself. While Don Hill does not possess the showmanship of Steve .Strel- lch, he has won a fine place for himself among the fans here through his surpassing skill In his ON THE MAT (United rrc»» Leaned Wire) At New York—Strangler Lewis threw Nick Lutze, Indiana. At Buffalo, N. Y.—Ed Don Qeorge, Canada, declsloned Jim Browning, Missouri. At Chicago—Joe Savoldl, Three Oaks, Mloh,, threw Pat O'Shocker, Salt Lake City. JOE BASEBALL OF REAL At Phoenix, Ariz.—Ray Steele, 218, Glandule, Calif., threw Don Delaun, 225, Long Beach, Calif.; Frank Henderson, 200, Phoenix, drew Steve Strellch, 195, St. Louis; Jack Davle, 18D, Phoenix, threw Norman Mack, 195, Phoenix. own weight Idlvltlon. Ask any wrestler what Don HIM knows about the game and you will be surprised at the answer. Hill is rated as an almost perfect tech. nlclan and few men of his weight have much of a chance with him. Usually he Is spotting an opponent a good deal of weight and usually he tosses his opponent. Hill will meet Clyde Jones, a capable wrestler from' Fresno, here tomorrow evening. Joo Woods and Tony Marconi meet In the main ovent. WOMEN'S OOLF DUEL AQUA CALIEN'TIS, Mexico, Feb. 14. Fresh frem her recent triumphs at Los Angeles, Mrs. L. D. Cheney, California state champion, entered another duel with Miss Virginia vim Win today in tho first round of the Agua Callente women's golf championship. BRUSHING UP ON SPORTS By Lauf er PUJS M ALLOlO^NCH OF A DM... SEE HE IS Movie Star Is Angel of Kansas City Blues by Purchase (Amioclatci I'mim leaned Wire) TT ANSAS CITY, Fob. 14.— Joe E. -*•*• Brown, the personable little movie comedian whoso mouth is his fortune, came to town overflowing with baseball anecdotes and wus initiated n« u miignate-by-proxy of the Kansas City bnneball club. Tho business of becoming a baseball magnate is one of tho easiest now, the baseball hero of the movies revealed on u brief stopover last night. Ha said after It became known that he had participated In the purchase of thr> Kansas City Blues of tho Amorlciiii Association through his old friend, Trls Speaker, ho had several Inquiries from other clubs necking his financial support. Brown was mnt'by .Speaker, the new manager here; President K. Lee Koy- Kor and Manager Bill RoilgcrH, who raced up from St. LoulH for tholr first cnnferonca with thu "anncl" of tho reorganized club, who has been a lifelong devotee ol baseball and was once an aspiring bal: player. "Hay," Brown nnkod, "did you know I was responsible for Pie Truynor's success In baseball? It was up In Uostiin. Traynor dres.sed after the other players and showed some timidity about going onto the field. HP didn't know whether to run away or not. He later told me that ho saw me out. on tho field and decided tha If I was a major leaguer, he coulc make tho srado too," No Uniform Although Brown will .attend th Blues' season-opener here ho will not appear In uniform, as tho new management had hoped. "It's like that old saw, 'If you keep your mouth shut the people won't ever find out how little you know,' and If I don't put on a uniform they won't find out how terrible a ball player t am." Baseball Movl« Drown tuld nlimit his new b«R"ball movie. Ho said Wnlly Werner of Boa- ton, who played 111 It, could hit everything that came hla way until the cameras weiv trained on him and then ho couldn't do a thliiR. Hrown, who plays BL-cond base in the picture, had to havo several retakes before ho could hit to left field, as prescribed In tho scenario. Ho bats left-handed. - *-•-» Tommy Loughran Is Victor Over Cobb (United Pro* Leaned Wire! PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 14.— Tommy Lioughrnn, Philadelphia heavyweight, was pivon a unanimous decision over Walter Cobh, DnHlrnorn, In Iholr 10- round bout at the arena last night. Cobb uBccl ninny questionable punches. He used it head butt to open u deep cut under Loughran's eye. Loughran weighed 189 pounds and Cobb 225. STAGG'S JOB Tha new head of the University of Chicago's '1933 football squad, who succeeds Amos Alonzo Stagg as football coach at the Midway Institution, Is Clark Daniel Shaughnes»y, above. He has lerved as head coach of Loyola University, New Orleans, sine* 1927. Stanford Cagers Defeat Japanese (United Prein Leaned Wire> PALO ALTO, Feb. 14.— Holding their diminutive opponents to threo field goals, .Stanford's basketball team defeated Maljl University, national champions of Japan, 41-17, hero last night. The visitors wero unable to penetrate tho Cardinal defense and amuRHed most of their points by caging 11 of 13 free throw tries. Georgia Coleman WillJBecome Pro (Asaoeinted rrei» Lcatr.d Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14.—Georgia Coleman, tenth Olympiad women springboard diving champion, will tun professional, she Informed friends hoi- today. Miss Is winding up an exhibition tour as an amateur In Florida. It Is understood here that Mis Coloman Intendx to team with Mlcko: lllloy, men's Olympic spvlnsboar champion for a professional tour Itllcy recently announced his tnten tlons of leaving the ranks of th Simon puros. The two competed to gether as members of tho LOB An proles Athletic Club, wore on the 192 Olympic team, and during 1920-30, hoi all tho national diving titles. Hamas and Ram age Given New Datei (United Presi Leased Wire) LOS ANGELF.S, Feb. 14.—A swltc In dates from February 28 to Marc 7 for a heavyweight bout bolwee Stevo llamas and Leo Rnmugo wn announced today by Olympic officials Tho date was advanced to provld an open date after the Baby Ariz mendl-Freddle Miller feathorwelRh championship match, which will b staged u week from tonight. STEELE WINS PHOENIX, Ariz., Feb. 14. (U. P.) Roy Steele, 218, of Glendalo, Calif used n body slam to throw Don De laun, 225, of Long Beach, In tho thlr and deciding full of their wrostlln match hero last night. Dolaun had to be helped from th ring. GASOLINE ALLEY Happy Birthday to You By KING THANKS, LORA. TMATS A SIQM OF FOOD. TMIKlGS HALL LOOKA THE OSMER. HB OUGHT TO BE 1SJ THS HANKACHIGF *- Rtf U.S. fit.O».;CopyriiM,»M hv Tht Chiciio Tribune. SLATED ON SATURDAY HERE Valley Jyysees Will Be Represented in First Meet of Its Kind T WENTY-FIVE picked runners, representing Dnkerstlcld, Taft, leodley, Visalla nnd Porterville, vlll stampodo through suburban nd rural districts of this city Sat- rdny in the first annual Central California Junior College Confer- nco cross-country run. "Spud" larder, local junior college track oach nnd promoter of the mara- hon, today announced everything In linos.s for "tho prnatefit race Hlnco Cimh and Carry' Pyle's bunion derby." Taft Junior Collepo was the first to icnrt In Its list of competitors. The Hide \vlll bo represented by Cllf- orrt Carpenter, Floyd Bowman. Tom 5'Brlen, (Jharlea Willis and Charles Starburk. Condi iTnrder has not yet named tho Bakersflelrt J. C. runners, but a recent trial runs Battled at least four iiembcrs of tho team definitely. Her- jert Martin, Marlon Morton, Tom Dickey and Kenneth Leek aro considered logical candidates for the first four positions, while tho fifth will no- ;esMltato n choice between Bob Dern- 3ort?er and onn of tho Estep twlng, Gerald and Harold. Two Best Men Running tho complete five-mile course hint Saturday, Martin and Mor- Lon finished together In 27 minutes and 13 iioconds, with Dickey and Leek close oehlnd. The boys had Instructions to run the race as they would do It n tho conference jojf, but Martin and Morton did not appear to overwork themselves In the final stretch. Ordinarily, Martin Is able to outdistance his shadow, Morton, In the final sprint, but neither was Inclined to attempt a final burst of speed and they trotted In together, almost us fresh as at the outset of the race. Barefoot Boy Taft's delegation Is a colorful crew. Starbuck, for Instance, does his distance running Indian fashion, barc- fuoted. Just how tho "barefoot boy" will faro when ho tunnies, with some of the "bullheads" along tho route, remains to bo observed. Carpenter Is R former high school mller, nnd Bowman, a hnlf-mllor. Willis' chief (juallflcntlon for the run seems to bo that he played tackle on tho football eleven last fall. O'Brien will call upon Finnish ancestry and shades of Nurml for his second and third wind. noodley, rortorvllle and Visalla are also expected to send five-men teams. BUCK ROGERS, 2433 A. D. Blue Explosion By PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS KXPCRT Radio Service TUBES TESTED FRESl William & Booth 2018 H Strttt Phpriei 2834 BETOPE | COULD PREVENT HER .WILMA SHOT INTO BEHIND ouc OBSERVATION RIDGE ONE OP THE TINY MEN CURIOUSLY EXAMINED THE DE&RAVITY ROD WITH WWKTU VJE CARRIED OUR PA.RAX.Y2ED WERE THUNDERSTRUCK- I'M &O\N& UP AFTER THAT L\TTLF MAN ' THE POOR THING CAN'T GET HIS HANDS OFF THAT DE&RAVITY ROD • AND IF HE DID. HE'D FAVL ANDQREAK HIS NECK !f THEY STOOD G ~ STOP.WILMA! WHAT ARE \"OU GOING TO OO V \F TO! BUT CM NOT GOING TO LET THAT POOR LITTLE FELLOW OR\FT AWAY TO DESTRUCTION ' AS -THE QOWER WENT ON HE BECAME WEIGHTLESS-SHOT IMTO THE AIR - COUi-OM'T LET GO- QRlFTED AWAY ON BREEZE ~— COPYRIGHT JOHN f DILL* StfO U.S. PAT OFF 1 14-9 TO 8£ CONTINUED ECKHARDT HOLDOUT SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 14. (U. P.) Oscnr Roklmnlt, Missions outfielder nnd leading batter of the Pacific Const League, became a holdout today. Eo.khnrdt refused to slsn tho c.on- tract offered him becauwe of the salary terms It contained. Joo Boar- wald, pt-psldent of the Missions, Informed Koklmrdt. that a salary Increase this year was "Impossible." RING ECHOES I (United rrcm Lratcd Wire) At Philadelphia—Tommy Loughran, 189, Philadelphia, defeated Walter Cobb, 225, Baltimore (10). At Pitsburg, Pa.—Fidel La Barba, 126'/ 4 , California, defeated Moss Butch, 122!/ 2 , Plttsbcrg (10). At Newark, N. J.—Jlmmie Phil, lips, 149, Bernardsvllle, N. J. (drew), Eddie Ran, 150, Poland (10). At Chicago—Johnny Pena, New York, drew with Jackie Sharkey, Minneapolis, 10 rounds, feather* weights. 1 At New York—Al Roth, 124'/ 4 , New York (drew) Frankle Co- velll, 1251/j, Brooklyn (6). WRESTLING Tomorrow Night 8:30 o'clock ALL-STAR CARD Granada Theater 618 Kentucky Street Eaat Bakersfleld Main Event Two Out of Three Falls Two-Hour Time Limit JOE WOODS J«hinn«iburj, South Africa—190 Pound-. TONY MARCONI Tha Al C»pon. of Wreitllna 190 Poundi Semi-Windup Two Out of Three Falls 45.Minute Tims Limit FRANK SCHROLL Hanftrd—The Light Hetvywtlght Champion 180 Poundi DORACE SCARBURY Fruno—Tho En-Valley Light H«avy»il|ht Champion—160 Poundt Preliminary—One Fall 20.Minute Time Limit DON HILL Baktritleld—160 Poundi CLYDE'JONES Kreino—160 Poundi All nutthet tponiorod by Dliablul Amor), can Vattrini of World Wiri. Btkirtfliltl Chanter No. 20. BUCK BUCHANAN, Matchmaker Admltilon. B5t. JI.IO. $1.35: lad let and children (any tut) 53i, tax Iniluded. Seatt on tala at Jimmy Boweni' Snooker Parlor, Garrett oV Blacker; Oelfnor'i: II Telon Hotel; White Marble Barber Shop I Southern Hotel Smoke Shop: Padro Cliar Stand: Ru Pool Hall: Nip Carllile'e ane) H. 0. Weittaay Cigar Stand, phone 3«M. and B & B. Cigar Stand. Taft. Far ree- ervatlon), Phone Granada 159.

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