The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1953
Page 9
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Bat in tkflae dflja nnrnea wan called "Tober." whlph la the nflme Bnrnea aaii clven mow «• an Indian aerr- Barnes has t 20-year-old girl who think* sh< ii hii adopted daughter." Nate f«t, and sat down abruptly. His voic* quavered when he spoke. "Is ty t " Pete warned. !N A ™ VI WILKINSON was silent a Jew minutes before he spoke. His face was tense. Then he said, •"The Tobey I knew was a thiel end a killer. Hog stealing was his game, back in Illinois. He did It on a big scale and killed several men—one.of them a good Wend of mine—but he never could be convicted. We had to get rid of him so \ gathered a bunch of men one night and we called on Tobey, ordering him to leave the country and never come back. He tried to ifight, so we gave him a whipping jand a coat ol tar and feathers," ' "Zad Barnes wouldn't have liked Ithat," Pete murmured. "It was a mistake. We should lhave let the law handle him, but •we were angry. Tobey recognized irne—I dMn't wear a mask like the ' 'Others. He swoi-i he'd get even. ;He did. I was called East on « bus- —if her name Elizabeth?" he asked. "They call her Betty.™ "It's — my baby." Wilkinson suddenly broke into uncontrollable sobs. It was the most distressing, embarrassing thing Pete had ever hid to watch. liness trip and when I got home my How does she (eel toward him? ifive-year-old daughter was miss- which said, 'I told- you I'd get even.' I suppose he murdered her." Pete was listening with Incred- |ulous ears, but he knew th»t the |law ol averages was occasionally Tobty just it filt «i we can get idefeated. And this certainly there," Wilklnion »«ld. "We'll pull seemed to be one of the timM. It out in the morning." •was hard for him to restrain th« excitement he felt. 'when he lost her, nnd Hclty Barnes wns about 20 now. She believed that Zad Barnu had adopted her. how many spies Barnes has. For all I know one of them may be watching this camp right now. But I've got to go back ahead of you. I'll get hold of Betty if I can. If she has disappeared I'll tell Barnes that you've decided to winter up here, and he may bring her back." "But I'll be on my way," Wil- Pete slid as quietly ai he could, "I don't want to arouse any false hopes, Nate, and Barnes may not be your man at all. But if he is I kinson s«ld stubbornly. "I can't believe your daughter is alive, for wait (or a slow wagon train. I'm Wilkinson reeled on his going with you. Cal Hawkins can bring the wagons." It wouldn't be wise. If you were recognized it might be the worst thing in the world for Bet- got control of himself quickly. "Excuse me," he said, "I shouldn't blubber that way, but to hear that my little girl that I've mourned, for years i« still alive sort of bowled me over." "It's understandable," Pete slid, "but remember th»t w» can't be sure yet." "I'm sure," Wilkinson wld confidently. "I uied to pny that she wasn't dead. Tell m«, how do« she lookl" "She's a beautiful girl." Wilkinson nodded. "She would, be." Then fear assailed him. "But will she want to .leave Tobey? "My judgment is that she's a ing. The kidnaper had left a note) itt ] e af ra jd of him; maybe not so much afraid of him as the men around him. He told Natt theit of the warning she had given him. "We've (ot to get h*r away from "There's one thing to remember: .„„ Btmes muita't iu«p«ct who you down in Echo Junction, just two He asked, "How long (go WM art, or h« Iliay hid* her away miles from here. She said she d this, Nate?" somtwlme." - scalp me If I left without her. 'You ««id he was itartled when You'll have to see her, whether "About 15 years. 11 Nate's daughter had been five you mentioned my name. He ------ Vnows already," Wilkinson Mid. "No, it won't. We'll he careful, but this if a job I can't delegate to any man—even you, Pete." PeU soon saw that it was useless to argue. Wilkinson owned a cast team and & buggy, and he was determined to start in the morning. "'HEY talked until late that night, • and as they were preparing for bed Wilkinson said, "Golly, Pete. I almost forgot. There's a woman tiere who says she knows you, and she swears she is going to Two Rivers with us." "A woman—who knows me?" Pete looked blank. "I can't image—" "Said her name was Cassie Dean, I believe. Fine looker," "Cass Dean!" Pete exclaimed. "You know her?" "I was engaged to marry her once," Pete admitted. "The war split us up. Her folks were Southerners. I haven't seen her for five years. I supposed she was married by now.'" "Then maybe we're both lucky." "I'm not so sure. Last time I saw her she told me she never wanted to see me again. Now I'm tot sure I want to see her." "She's a pretty determined looking woman," Nate said. "She's here? In this camp? n "Well, not exactly, but she's you want to or not." 'Yes," Pete said slowly. "I'll Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 FRIDAY NIGHT, JUNE 19 8:00 Dennis Day 6:30 Life of Blley 7:00 Big Story 7:30 Hopalong Cassidy 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports 8:45 Greatest Fights of Century 9:00 The Doctor 9:30 News Reporter 9:46 Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Names the Same 10:30 City Hospital 11:00 News 11:05 Red Buttons 11:35 Big Picture 12:05 News 12:10 Sign Off .SATURDAY, JUNE U 9:15 News and Meditation 9:30 Mr. Wizard 10:00 Big Top H:00 Pride of the Southland 11:30 Tops 11:45 Pre-Game Warm-TJp 11:55 Chicago vs. Philadelphia 2:00 Cowboy G-Man 2:30 Talent Patrol 3:00 Super Circus 4:00 Film Featurette 4:30 Aldrich Family 5:00 Date With Judy 5:30 Strik It Rich 6:00 My Hero 6:30 Amateur Hour 7:00 Saturday Night Revue 8:00 Range Rider 8:30 Lone Ranger 9:00 Juniper Junction 9:30 Abbott and Costello 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Sightseeing With Swayzecs 10:30 Wrestling 11:30 Talent Scout 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off i-n T. M. Mf(. U.«. tot Off. "The speaker told my clan to go out and adjust th« world, 10 I decided on an editor's job—but I'm willing to start as an office boy for the summer!" FRECKLIS AND HIS FRIINM I'M ALURaiC TO TMESt FLUFF , , i BUT MOM'LL SEMO Mff l~ \v'v COME IM .. live BEEN WAITING FOR 1OU/ NOWKW SEE H3U Srtf RISHT INTO TOE UVINSy REPBkjERATOR AND ROOM, MRS.WAYNE..J ^-rrrWTO THOSE CWINETS 'That's true. Look, Nate, we've have to see her." got u> UM ountMidi. 1 don't kaowl (I* B. CMUUM4) Casey Jones, of railroad fame came from Cayce, Ky., and was six feet four Inches tall. DEAF? Now there IK no need to let Impaired hearing handicap you In business or in social activities. The new "AUDIO- TONE" Hearing Aid may help you regain the Joys of better hearing. Thl» tiny instrument hat m»ny advanced engineering features, such u Its printed circuits which eliminate* moit servicing problems, yet has * powerful,beautifully clear and natural tone. "AUDIOTONE" IB approved by tht American Medical Association. Comt In (or a FREE demonstration. Kirby Drug Stores Parts and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors 5b5 W II O I. L S \ I. K tit Nntk Br.»dw»j Fk«M 4J11 »nd 4511 The BAIT SHOP No. Highway 61 Minnows - Roachts Wormi Tackle — Motor Boat Oil — Candy — Cold Drinks Open 4 a.m Close 6 p.m. FREE! M Minnows each (tven t« the •riahermui utehlni BlffNt Crmppl*. Plenty Free Parking Space Bobbie Davis Phone 2701-After hra 8884 :.&UT THEY WON'T SELL IT TO LITTLE &IRLS! PERHAPS I CAN BE OF INFLUENCE. 1 PLEASED WRAP IT,' LIKE A <°-M GIFT ..AND WHEN YOU OPEN IT, WILL YOU ACT A LITTLE SURPRISED I, rTJIWK.TOKAY, TfVT YOU Jl BWiNffr ./ you HAIN'T 6BTT 1 "" (SOTflft ^ SOT It UESNY'5 PLANS FOR / ME/ / HISTORICAL YOU/ ,—«^s, . *i PeWTKAITS ' IT'S Ml OVER,«N5S HOW 15 / BURKE. HE THO I HNJBTT BEEM BHTHtELV CLEMtED OF PWlS DEWH— THATfe THE BUS THW V_ OTHER* STOPPED AT WICKHMA / HJURED.MID AT IOSO...THE FKST I TBMTATIVEUV THW'STHE UNDERSTWEMB<ir ..BUT WHATS AIL THIS / ITS AN INJUN INJUN STUFF ^R6( DEVIL,SON...IT'S TALMN' ABOUT? IN PRETTY BAD < WHATS TH' GREAT V BEAVERS... SPIRIT Of TH 1 SOOO THINS I I BUBBLING MUD? CAME ALON6.. ...w WA HOSTILE 'TWEEN YOU TR PLWTE AN 1 ~M I TO TELL ME TETON5 THW I TH 1 WHOLE NN'T ON TH' PRODI OF THIS HERE SOU DANG IF YOU OONT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WASHT AVYAY I'LL NOTIFY THE PWOPBR AUTHORITHS.' IT'LL BE A PLEASUKS TO WATCH THAT WAB8IT WASCAU WORK FOR A CHANGE! feW WHO "WtY ? HtY, MAC! RIVftX, Pt^t V « V\f>Q TO COMt •=,OOV«.9 0« vwts'. WHKV'Rt

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