The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 16, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1959
Page 9
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ANNIE WHSN HB FOUGHT BACK, THKY 86NT ATRKjQB? MAN •m M\\ I LflUl ue Lneaenf VREati!N"BOUT I T.TTODLEWINK TWUM'S TRIAL WILLQET THAT OUST eTART6D. I HIM OFF TYCOON, A REALLY BIQ KILL HIM/HE PLATINUM Dl TRIED TO SHAKE / HIM DOWN, f BUT WEfc HAVE Tt>* TYPE, PEBSUAP6 MINERVA ,! HAP 6ALABY, WE OT.P fiOTWRXISH THE SOVIBT I » ^Jjy ->••-* i «-r^^wrws» r* UMC.n-.Tn M WILL \ WALTO CROSS INTO SOVIET ANP UVE HAPPIU/ «(SHT , , AN OFFER OCA 6000 BE M ARRIEP ZONBTOGCTTHERfi/ CO THROUGH THIS TEREITORY-OR ttU SHOULD JOB AS AN INSTRUCTOR ANP HAVE A - - AS SOON AS TOUR ANP EVEN CXrroUR INCOME I NOWmifcRV OVEK MO MAKE LOVE CANYON'S UW6AS6 ANP L6ARN MOR6 AffOUTHIM.., PARENTS CAN COMB BEHINP THE IKON CURTAIN.. MARY WORTH 332 ANYHOW, TO MIX.THt METAPHORS, I DONT JAIL UNDER FALSE COLORS, REEf! ••50.WHEN I INVITE YOU TO A PARTY NEXT WEEK.YOU'LL KNOW WHY I BRAS5 ON SLEEVES USED TO, CONNIE!-...,,, YOU COULD NEVER BE PATH EflC I OR AM I MERELY fWTHETIC" PRISClllA'S POP~By Al Vermeer MOW NICE.'i SO YOU'VE ENDED VOUR QUARREL! TIME OUT POR PAY DAY. 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With SAD.MARTHA.AVDEAR MEETMVKlNSMAM, XFORDJ.QUICK6USH.' OXFORD is RELATED, HROU6H HIS MOTHER, WO WAS ONE OF THE MAYFAIR HOOPLE5.TO \V UKCLE SYMlNSTeM OOPLE.'HEISMOW RAVELINS THROUGH HE STATES, SATHER MS MATERIAL ~ OK HIS NEW /AN HONOR, iMR5.HOOPLE.' COUSIN Major Hoopla HOSTESS," DIDYOJ' OFTEN OF H\6 NEPHEW AMOS/«~I MUST SAVI HAD MO IDEA 1 WOULD FIND MV HOSTESS LOOKINS/, HAS INCITED VOU TO Be OUR CUEST/Vi'ELL, \ GUESTS i^ THIS / (ESTABLISHMENT, \6UT THEY'RE / S ALL OF THE-\ ^— PAVINS VARIETY/, .USTOMS/. )S r> fo o c c © I to ' THERE'S Mo FREE LUMCH CARNlVAl-By Dick Turner OITT OUR WAY-By J. R. WIlHami 'I »AW VOU TRY TO SHIF'T THAT BELT WITHVOUKHANP/ WHAT PO VOU THINK THOSE POLES ARE FOR—MAY ROLES OR POLE VAULTlW'f YOU DESERVE WHAT VOO COT—THAT WAS PUMB/ THERE VOU HAVE ALL TH 1 EMOTIOMS Op TH' HUMAN RACE, BUT PLEASURE/VOUSEH AUGER, REMORSE. MISERY, PAIM, REVEN6E--CUH KNOW HE'P LIKE TO PUNCH HIM ONE —MELAM- CHOtY-UH— WELL, ALL BUT JOY/ MOST PROMINENT EMOTION / THERE/THAT \ ASSISTANT BOSS IS (3ETT1N' A WORLP Of PLEASURE OUT OF BAWLIW& 5OM8ODYOUT" THAT'S NECTAR TO SOME PEOPLE.' THE JOY R1PH TJl »•(. U* fit C» C IM> k, NEA hnlM, ta. 'Your mother says you broke a dinner date for tonight. Who's the lucky boy?" TIZZY-by Kate Osann Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! **At the Martins' it isn't exactly baby-$itting—• it's baby-chasing!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS NEW DEAL The year 1957 may go down in history as the year of engineering "turnaround." In that year the auto makers offered some, and started working on many, items which will enable the car buyer to cut operating expenses, rather The Navajo Indian reservation, which stretches from Arizona into Utah and New Mexico, baa a population of 75,000 Navajos. Their income comes from uranium, oil and gas mainly, but they still pur- *ue agriculture. / ATUASf AH I HAS TH 1 LOVE, I AN'RESPECKO' r^or-s* SOME PELLCW \ BUDDV BEAMS" ! ^ NOTONWDO WE LOVE AN' RESPECT VA, BCV- A6NER WE WANTS Y OH'HOW NlCR, «* •«*•*•" 1 TORE ONE O' VAAREA MULYUMUFFSM THE TOODLES WEHEARDHER CRYING—AND WHEN WE PEEKED IN SHE SHOOED US OUT AND SAID "JO LET, HER ALONE, MAYBE SHE HAD A BATTLE WITH HER OLD COW-HAND— : IHOPE? -IT'S •MORE THAN THAT-.- TEX LEFT KOR SALLY'S STILUN HERROOMAWD SHE'S NOT GOING TO •"SCHOOL, TODAy ING AND HE WON'T B. DO YOU HAVE IT? NOW PUT IT IM VOUR MOUTH... ..UNDER YOUR TON&UE... AND KEEP IT THERE.' NOW CAN YOU «?EAD IT? WHAT'S IT SAY ??...> ITO/HZISH.TAKR * KBRP WARM.... USE. . HARRY'S OIU.'» yOUR TEMPERATURE DO YOU HAVE A THERMOMETER? SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfleld PON7 BOTHER WITH SPEECH, PR. WRISHT. I'M QUITTING.' HEY/ SHE CALLEP ME ST£VC - THAT'S PURE SUB CONSCIOUS ALMOST WKKKBP Ml. BUT I'VE eor MV SCNSHS BACKU I'M NOT LETTIN5 YOU OFF EASY. MDU'U. STAY TILL WE PO OR DON'T THINK ASAIN. CW.U1CA5.' IP THAT'S Y6UR , YOU'RB FIRED! WO THAT ISN'T PRETTY.' MORTY MEEKLE HOLD THE DOOR OPEN, MRS. DUDLEY... LATE// YYOOP5/ BRUTUS/ WATCH OLVT// IHOPGTHW KMT GOING TO BE ONE OP VOJMUG.,rM \ OTWJGE.XJN THIS TWENTYATWENTY FOUR A DOCTOR OP \ PLANET WHERE THfiT, FOURTPTHATSjlSMyNAME. WEFOUNPNO NAME? XWHATS WURS MY FRIENDS / OJLTLIRB...NOR SEEM / ALWAYS THIS WAY HUMANS EITHER, FOR THAT MATTER WASH TUBBS HOLD IT RINSOI rr's A WOT ARB \ READ IT! „„_ YOU WAVIW > AFTER TH656 TWO CREEPS THAT PAPBPJ/ FDR BLOWW UP TH 1 SCHOOL 1 FOKrREP? THBRB-.VSWBU.I ff TAKS5 TH 1 UP rifjosrtws PEScwBesJI ANP'SWE^ EVkTOM! —--> / llABAQREAr TUKM WHOEVER YOU AKB. BODyLUEVER KNOW WOTHWPEMEPTOVOU! BUGS BUNNY HEY, SYLVESTER, V -QUICK \J •-.••^i IMMEDIATELY, GUVNOR i ou^"'" N / THIS IS THE T/M6 J . 'LACE TO FBOUCy ,//Ci i' SNOW. SIRE r/'' 1 ' fe FRECKLES L ^ JRE SHEt> Be SAID HEO CALL AT" J fOfCIHAT&Of/ EI6HT/ J—C WORRY UTTLE/ AUSTIN (MW HERAID A Friday, January t«, 1959 if 1HB KINDA FOR A SATORDAf. JACOBY'S BRIDGE Br OSWALD JACOBT Written (or NEA Service The St. Paul Winter Carnival tournament will be held on Feb. 13, 14 and 13 this year. It Is always one of the best tournament! and produces lots of fine bridge. S. J. Wldman, who la thU year's tournament chairman, held the North hand In last year's tournament and opened one club. When his partner responded on* diamond Sev decided to start the slam ball rolling with a bid of two spade*. His partner's three-club response to the two-spade confirmed his Intention to bid » slam so he checked for aces with a four no - trump bid. When Bouth could not show an ace, Sev bid six diamonds, not six clubs as many players did. It wan well that he put the slam In his partner's suit. East opens the ace of hearts against a club slam and continues the suit. Declarer ruffs and NORTH (O) 16 ¥9 4AKQ8 4-AQ9632 EAST AJ945 ¥KJ763 • 109 + 85 4K87S ¥A10842 • 973 + 10 8OTTTtt + 1001 ¥Q5 • J64S + KJ74 No one vulnerable North East Booth West 1+ Pan !• Pan 2+ Pass 3+ Pass 4N.T. Pass 5+ Pass 6 • Pass Pass Pan Opening lead—4 X then play* diamond* and club* for • while but eventually has to try tho ipade finesse, it lose* and the hand la set, Playing at six diamonds, Bouth had to make a decision at trick one, sine* a spade was opened. It wasn't too difficult a decision. He went up with dummy'* ace and drew trump* with three leads. Then he discarded both, bis remaining spade* on dummy'* long club* and gave up one heart trick. Modern Wall Drama By LAURA WHB8LER 8Um, long, «legant pwitl* — MW- est, approach to deeoratlv* drwn*. Use narrow frame*. Nature - inspired accent* tor vaU. door. Easy cross . *Utcb< obooM trvw- to-life colors. Pattern 536: transltr of two 8 s Jl-Lach *praj'». color chart, key. Send Thirty • fin Cent* (oola») lo» thU pattero — «dd $ cent* f« enclt pattern (or lit - claw TO»tnt. to THE SGBAU) Needlecrlir P. O. Bos 169, Old Ohe]*«» 6t New York 11. N. T. fttot

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