Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 29, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1890
Page 3
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£' DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. Arf .-sT 29. ltWO. FRIDAY. for Ratiflcatioi ii i pure •17 A 43 MEETING IN UKIAH. The Democrats of Ukinh will hold a Ratification Meeting at the Court House on liora. was in if Navarro, spent last n position AUGUST 30, 1890. The meeting will bo ad dressed by local wpeakers. COM 15 | EVERYBODY. By order of! Democratic Go. Central Com. | J. BUCKINGHAM, Ch'm. j CIIAS. CUNNINGHAM , Seo'y. I LOCAL NEWS. ' LOCAL NEWS. Hop picking is in full Mast. I to to Iho Ornnd Ten Store groceries'. Everything bought nml Hold at W Hoffman's. The (.irnnd Ten Store in the place to gel groceries. 17 Siberian Arctic—best quality—at l~i0u. Jlllllisiill's. ! Fresh and Halted meals, bird, etc.. at City Mont .lumen tjuin. ni IUtiuh <iu Monday Cims. Wintsxr, Sunday in this place. Hurry Morris has accepted with 1'nriorlield cc Stilt. Don't fail to visit the new furniture store in tlie Eagle blo<di. * Democratic ratification mooting Saturday evening at H o'clock. I,. Van Onsen went to San Francisco, Wednesday, on Home business. l'rcidi groceries of nil kinds constantly arriving at the (irnnd Tea Store. 17 W. [•'.. iiaivlos, of lioonville, was rogis- 1 lered at. the t'kiab House on Tuesday. Wheeler & Wilson, No. '.I sewing nin- ; chino at W. F.nglish .1; Co's., Calpella. ,s j .1. K. Scoggins will open his grocery Hlore in '.he (iillespie building next Monday. * Bargains! liargains! W. Knglish & (Vs., Calpella, is the place lc> secure them. l« A number of horses nfllieted with glan­ ders have recently been killed in Ventura county. Services were held at. only one church in Ukinh last Sunday—St. John's M. E. church. i S. ,f. Thatcher and wife, of Hawaiian ; Island-', were registered at the Crand on | Monday. 1 The Ukiah public school will not open | until about October 1st on account of hop | picking. I The town has been very quiet the past | week. Everybody seems to be out pick- j dig hops. ! Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, I on easy tcnis. Inquire of W. J. Ilildroth, i Ukiah"Valley. » ! Co to .Tamison A Obarr 's for choicest meats of nil kinds. City Market, north j side oi court house. \ The I'roliibiliou counts' convention met j in Mendocino yesterday. Wo have not, ] heard what they did. \ H. 0. Thompson and family have 1 moved to their ranch near Saratoga I Springs, in Lake county, i Miss hiii ilaiTirt is exported home next ! Sunday, alter an extended visit to relati- j ves and friends in Snisim. ! Hon. A. Veil, Hon. .f. It. Seawell and 1 Editor Buckingham returned from the Sun J<v*t> (,'t.Vivenliiiii on Monday, j WASTED—A young horse or mire, gon- i tie to drive mid ride, weighing about 1000 j or 11(10. Enquire at this ollico. -is | I'. U. Klein, the longdost Markham | delegate from Mendocino, returned last j Sunday lrom tho scene of his triumphs. ! A. L. I'iHlier, of Fisher & Kinsloiv, of j the Santa Kopn marble works, spout sev- j end days in Ukiah during the past week, i Judge. McUarvey and Taylor Day, del- j egatcs from this county to tho Domoerat- I ic State Convention, returned Inst Sufur- I ilny. j There will be preaching at tho Chris- I liar. Church Sunday at 11 A. M. and 8 i\ M. by l'hil Hruton. All are invited to attend". Tho Totter Valley Aid Society will give a Pink Tea Social, at the Methodist Church, September f>th, 1HD0. All are invited. The celebrated Buckeye I'ump is being more and more appreciated, so easy to work, and durnhlo, and u big promium in case of lire. "When the warm days of summer come, gentle Annie," ask vour fellow to ASYLUM BID8 REJECTED. The Commissioners Unanimously Deoide that All Arc too High. LOCAL NEWS. A meeting of the Mendocino Insane Asylum Commissioners WUH hold in Ukinh last Monday to consider tho bids for the construction of the building. The. bids, it will bo romeinbored, were opened on the 11th inst., and were published in this paper two weeks ago, 1ml wore not considered tit the time, becnuso a quorum of the Commissioners was not, present. At the meeting held on Monday, Commissioners O'Connor, Yell, Cm-others and King were present. After due consideration oi 11 io fact Unit the lowest, bids aggregated more than the amount appro- : , printed by the Legislature, it was de- j cided to reject all the bids as being too j high, and re-advertise for bids. I Copoland & l'ierce, the architects of I the building, were in attendance lit the' meeting, and it. is probable thai they will make slight, changes in the specifications and estimator so that bidders may come within the appropriation. There will bo only about $300,000 available for the building nt present, and the total of the lowest bids recently presented amounted to nearly fr.'MO.OOO. This hitch in the proceedings will dei lay the beginning of work for about, six weeks. Hop a. Rope headquarters"-W. A. Iloll'mnn's. McDonald's is the best hotel in Westport. "'•' Look for W. Knglish & Co's. advertisement. 18 Miss Kiln White, of Cahto, is visiting in Ukinh. Flour and feed of all kinds at the Grand Tea Store. 17 Senator Yell went to Willits yesterday on legal business. Fruit and vegetables of nil kinds nt, the Grand Ton Store. 17 Fresh lard nt Edwnrds Bros, at !if) cents to $1 a ciiu. a; ' Voters should see that their names are on the Great Register. F. Brunner is agent for several kinds of iron ami steel fencing. 40 Geo. \V. Parker returned yesterday from a Bhort visit to Oregon. Ed. DeCamp and O. Wells, of Willits, were in town last Tuesday. Goo. H. Scott, of Cloone. was among our visitors the first of the week. Mrs. J. Buckingham returned on Tuesday from a ten days' visit to Willits. From 1 to lio shares of Ukiah Bank stock for sale. Apply toJ. H. Donohoo.* J. H. Carothers nnd A. Bcohtel left on TucBilay morning for a visit to l'oiat Arena. Time is money. Buy a watch of King nnd you will have time. Next door to post-office. ::l Fd. Wright, the painter nnd carriage trimmer, is taking in tho Pclaluimt fair this week. The weather during the past week has boon much warmer than we have had for some time. MnrtBaeehtel was tho last of tho Democratic dologatos to get home. Ho returned on Wednesday. Drapories, carpets and wall paper of tho latost designs nt F.versole's furniture store, Eagle block. * Nothing can exceed tho delightful, refreshing effect of u glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. i i W. H. Snell, of Long Valley, was in j town on Tuesday, and made the DISPATCH j office a pleasant call. ! Foa SAI.B—A good driving horse; will I work double or single. Also « two-seated ! buggy. Inquire at this ollice. « ; jroat yo „ „., H01m , u . e C(Valll . Soda> ul . W. English & Co., Calpella, are closing | Geo. Jamison's. $ out business, and offer nil kinds of iner- j ])llhvll & K ., ynn w5U nest . Mom i llv chandiso below wholesale rates. « j mov0 t|l(J _ Napil W|ne J<ooms into U)C Miss Ruse Bradley, of Lakepori, enmo j room recently vacated by 1'orlerh'old & over on Monday. She has accepted a i Stitt, in the Law building, position in Jacob Heger'd tailor shop. j A pilrtv „ f |wo wnBOI1 ' londs nf Lake . "• E. Scoggins will bo pleased to greet! porters passed throiiuh town last Friday M. Newlield was offering 32',.' cents for hops last Tuesday. J. E. Holliday sold a small portion of his hops last Monday for 31 cents per pound. The hop crop in Ukiah Valley this year will average between '300 and 1400 pounds to the ncre. The Santa Itosn Democrat of Tuesday says: "Hop-picking Logan in the yards in this district Monday. The growers are paying 1 cents per pound. The yield is good and tho quality first- class." Ni;\v YOHK, August '25.—Fifteen hundred bales of old hops werosold here hist Friday and Saturday, chiefly for European transportation. Freight room for upward oi 1000 bales was taken on the next week's steamer. Wo stated a few weeks ago that D. G. Pitnei had sold a carload of hops at 'JO cents per pound. Mr. Fitner says that h« and the buyer disagreed as to who Hbould pay the freight to San Francisco, and he is glad of it, as hops have gone up 1»' cents since that time. D. G. I'itner, one of our leading hop- growers, made us a short call on Tuesday, and informed us that ho has the best hop-picking crew that has ever iiickcd for him. He tins 125 at, work now, and will increase tho number to 200 by the end ol the week. There is not a Chinaman in the crew. There are fewer Chinamen now employed in tho hop fields in this county llinn for many j'enrs past. Our hop -growers don't want, them if they can possibly secure other labor. The whites and Indians are much belter than the Chinese, nnd although the rate paid them is a little higher, the clean and efficient manner in which they do their work more than compensates the grower for the extra price paid tho former. The P. Vail in ils weekly trade report on Wednesday says: "The hop market is tho feature of produce this week. Tho price has jumped sharply from 22!.^ to 3D cents per pound and is still rising. Thero are plenty of buyers nt 30 cents, for tho demand is sharp. Of the English market a local circular says: Tho continued rainy, cold weather in Ei.glaud is resulting in honey-dew and black-blight, so that the condition of the now crop is by many compared with tho situation of 1882. The London market is very active, though tho principal attention seems to he paid to yearlings and old hops, which promise larger proportionate profits, if this is to be asonson of high values." Natural Oae at Orr's Spring's. his old customers in his new grocery store I en route to the const, where they will in the Gillespie building next Monday.* i spend a few nooks camping. For the best stoves and ranges go to Brunner's. Tho Superiors are the lead ing ones everywhere. Prices way down.'"' Col. Con O'Connor, of San Francisco, came up on Monday to attend tho meeting of the Invnne Asylum Commissioners. W. Molcndoy, of Covclo, was in Ukinh IttBt Monday on his return home fvom attending the Republican Stnio Convention. Miss Cora Poago returned Wednesday to San Jose to continue her course nt the Normal, after spending the Hummer vacation at home. H. J. Otteuheimer, representing Lilienthal & Co., hop factors, returned to San Francisco on Wednesday, after a slay of tf-n days in this vicinity. Tho McGlashen block is being finished up in nn elegant manner. It. would be an ornament to towns of much more prntentions than Ukiah. O. E. Phelnn, of Lakoport, has been appointed to represent this Senatorial district on the Democratic State Executive Committee. The entile show nt the Petnluma fair this week is said to be tho largest, and finest ever seen in that city. Tho fair as » whole is the befit they over hud. W. S. Templeton, father ofT. A. Teui- pleton, Ukiah's new groccryninn, was among the arrivals this week. Ho will probably make his homo in our midst. J. J. Ward and A. K. Hooper, of Westport,, who are nmtiontiiig ni Orr Springs, visiiud Ukiah on Tuesday. Mr. Ward romemhorod the DIKIMTCK office with a pleasant cull. Ciias. Cunningham returned home on Tuesday. He was accompanied by his brother, JWIPR and wifo, of Humboldt county, who will spend n few daye In Ukiah visiting their relatives and old- time friends. Work «ns cnmmniiced this week on n cement side walk Io run from Porlerfleld One of the finest apples we have ever seen was left at our oliico by Edward Cox on Saturday. It was very large, of elegant color and splendid flavor. Col. Con O'Connor, Insane Asylum ! Commissioner, and Messrs. Copelnnd A I l'ierce, architects of the Asylum, return- led on Tuesday's train to San Francisco. j The hop crop Lake is said to be It, has been known for some time that the water at Orr's Springs wns highly impregnated with gns, but it wns never thought of being possible to use it for il- j luminnting purposes, until nttentiou was I brought to it by E. W. Raymond, one oi J the guests. Being of an experimental: turn of mind, lie has demonstrated be- ] youd a doubt that gas exists in stifficieut quantities to afford light and heat for the hotel. He procured a. joint of terra eotta pipe and set it over tho point where the bubbles arose and the result wns a blue ilanio about 10-eanille power, and this from only the surface. The experiment has caused great excitement, the guests Hocking out oi: a recent night to see the match applied. Tho enterprising hind- i lord, Mr. Weger, will at once procure in the vicinity of Upper I tooliJ anA siuk a 8n , lfti llml expects to very good. The corn | HOon y lgi)t nis notel w ; tu i t , 'r| le gaH crop will be immense, thore being double ! | )UrnB K Uh a blue and strong light, and the acreage of former years, and the yield ; jj re „t heat, will be large. S. J. Mathews, editor of tho Repttblican /VM, left on Monday's stage for a couple of weeks' visit to Little Lnkoand vicinity. Eli Wells will shove the local quill during his absence. The total value of all real ostato, lots, improvements, personal property and money in Lnke county by the recent assessment is J3,775 ,!li )5, a falling ofl' of about $200,000 as compared with lust year's assessment. Mrs. I!. Barker, of Sanol, and Mrs. John Whehin, of this city, were pleasant ciilleni nt ihe. DISIMTCII office last Saturday. They were much interested in tho splendid work of our steam engine and poii'i'-r press. John Eastwood, a former Ukiahite, now residing in Sun .lose, look much pains and pleasure in showing Mendocino county delegates and visitors around during the recent Convention in that city. He is always delighted to moet people from IhiH section, showing that Mendocino county still has a warm friend in Mr. Eastwood. It is u groat mistake wo make when we think that all of our merchants avo getting rich, nnd that their profits oro enormous. As a matter of fact tho avorago merchant finds it n tight s.jiioazo to inept his hills, pay his help, his rent, nnd his I'nmlly.expouscs. in addition he Is expected to carry this man or that mail UIJ» ill ids crops urn sold or his stock market* Ukiah Normal School. Prof..J. S. Austin will opon his Normal School in Ukiah on Mondtvv next. It is to be hoped that the opening will be an giocorios next week Don't fail to rogister immediately. Buy your meats at Jamison <& Obarr's, City Market. •'•'> Purest spices, lens, and coffees at the Grand Tea Store. 17 Travol on the out-going stages has been , very light of late. CINI'KKMS WASTKH—TiiO, two-thirds grown. W. A. Holl'nian. <3 Geo. Dorrel and family, of Covelo, were registered in Ukiah on Mondav. Surveyor S. li. Hice and partv are at prosenl surveying the const road. Airs. W. 1'. Thomas is enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Townsend. M. B. Eaton, of San Francisco, is visiting his brother and sister in Ukiah. .1. N. Magee moved his drug store to the new Marks building last Saturday. Merchandise of all kinds is; being sacrificed at W. English oi Co's., Calpella.-w A. G. Ruddiiclc and Thos. McOough, of Boonviiie, were in town lust Saturday. Look ahead and you will find you soon need an Imperial plow. Found at Brunner's. 46 A splendid new stock of furniture will bo found at- the new furniture store in Eagle block. * Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Ed. Geilsdorf's City Bakery and Confectionery. 33-tf The purest materials and finest, flavors are used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of his delicious Soda. } L. Abraham returned on Tuesday from liis visit to San Francisco. Now look out j for new goods at the Great 1XL. J. E. Scoggins will open out in the Gillespie building next Monday with the finest stock of groceries in the county. * T. A. Templeton returned from his visit to San Francisco last Sunday, and is now busily engaged in getting his new ! store in shape. • R. E. Carey, of Sacramento, one of the proprietors of the Eden Valley ranch, in this county, has been in Ukiah for a few days this week. Why swelter over a big cook stove when you can do your cooking with comfort on a gasoline stovo. Can bo had of all sizes and prices at Brunner's. Excursion tickets to the Admission Day celebration in San Francisco will be j sold on the 8lh of September, good to re- j turn on tho 10th, at half-rates. ! I'M Snnford returned on Monday from I Fresno, where he has been spending the j summer. It is like old times to see Ed j around and hear him talk politics, j L. Rosenberg is receiving a large in| voice of new goods this week. The j.ub- j lie is invited to call and see them. Lots | of new and attractive dress patterns. * I In the way of fine edge tools for carpenters nnd farmers, as also pocket cutlery, you will lind the most complete assortment nt Bnintier's, at bottom prices, to Mrs. F. D. Tunis and daughter, Marie, of Lakoport, stopped over in Ukiah, Wednesday night, on their return from n camping trip at Blue Rock, this county. The State Board of Equalization this week completed the assossmont of railroads in the State. The San FronciBco and North Pacific is assessed ut. $1,700,000. Tho express and stage companies have rented the old postofheo building, south side of the court bouse square, and this week are lifting it up, preparatory to moving in. The Coleman boom having collapsed, Col. Ginochio returned home lust Friday. He has concluded to devote his entire attention to local politics in the future. W. G. Poage left last Saturday for Berkeley, where ho will put in his vacation in hard study. Gus is one of Meif- docino's most industrious and promising young men. Mrs. Dr. Reid and daughter, oi Ukiah, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alkire in San JoFC. Mrs, Rcid is the mother of Mrs. Alkire and of Mrs. J. It. Mathews, of this city. L. T. Day was elected a member of the Democratic. S-tat« Central Committee for Mendocino county at tho recent convention. John Flanagan was elected member-at-largo. Major W. W. Cunningham, accompanied by his wife, came homo Inst Sunilny, and has been spending tho week in town, much to tho pleasure of his many j warm friends. ; Trying to r'o business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl ] through a pair of green goggles. You I may know what you are doing, but no j ono else does. ' Dr. G. J. Brown, one of Ihe delegates of tho Democratic State Convention, was among the arrivals on lust Sunday's train. Ho left on Monday for his home in Round Valley. The room recently occupied by Magee and Docker, in the Odd Fellows lmilding, is being much improved for the reception of T. A. Templeton's extensive stock of WATCH THIS SPACE »• o n TEMPLETON'S Opening Announcement Next Week. The New Hotel. NEWS OF THE WEEK. auspicious one. Tho growing demand of parents for a more thorough education of their children, and the rigid requirements of County Boards of Education, have rendered normal institutions almost a necessity in overy county in tho State. Prof. Austin proposes to supply this want in Mendocino and contiguous counties. It is iiis purpose to make theUkinh Normal School a pormanent educational institution. Let tho people of the county encourage him in tho work. Battle of Gettysburg and Stfuauura, & fititt's corner on Sttuulley street to HIE j ed. hi addition he Is called on weekly east line of MathflW* drug .store. It ; to aid some charitable, religious, or busl- tihoulfl be extended through to Slate | ness enterprise. Merchandising Is not street, thus milking tho north side of (lie j what it, once was, Goods of all kinds are square the most attractive in town. I gold <p * sm»JJ mar^ wow. To see tho enthusiasm displayed over the celebrated Battle of Gettysburg Panorama, comer of Market and 10th sheets, Sun Francisco, one block from tho Mechanics' Pavillton, ihe Nntivo Sous' headquarters, is to remind one of tho old rnge over Putti's Concerts. It is a wonderful production. When you visit the cjty be sure, by all means, to see first Gettysburg, then tho Park and Cliff House, and if you have time phjnutowii. J. N. Magco, the druggist, wishos to remind his patrons that it js a dangerous policy to wait, anvil taken sick boiore buying a Iwt-tle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. J 'Jvery family should bo provided with some reliable remedy for bowol complaints, ready for Immediate list), whenever required, dur- in-j the summer months, and this remedy Is unquestionably far suporlor to my other. It can uiwuv* lie. depended upon, and is pleasant and safe to take. It is put up in 25 aud 50 cent bottles, « Miss Martha English, oi Redwood Val ley, left on Saturday for Oakland, where Bhe will visit for a few days, and from there sho will go to San Joso to visit her brother, O. A, English. T. A. T'omploton has been somewhat delayed in getting his store opened, ow ing to his inability to got possession of the building sonnor. He will be in full blast next week, howevor. L. W. Ilabcock loft for Pennsylvania lust Monday in response to a telegram conveying tlio news of his mother's illness. He expects to return in lime to luke chargo of the Ukiah Public School. Wo acknowledge the receipt of tho reports of tho Secretary of Agriculture for tlio yeavs ISHH-Rii. Wo will read them after wo have digested a fow volumes of Pnlont Office reportH that- wo have on hand. Fine stock ranch of 1000 acres, near Ukiah, well located on county road, good hoiisp io id burn mid other improvements. Land lirs (-oli|Hs; range wjll keep 1000 shoop or 200 cirll |e. Frjce $-1000. Inquire of W. P. Thomas. 3« •T|io Fort Brugy .fittwifi/fisnyn; "Bruce Mnrkle, with Flank Olds, John Bucholtz, and several others, bus boen engaged for tlio past two weeks In making a |u-olluil- nary survey for a railroad for tlio Fort Bragg Hullroad Company, fr.,n>. the top of tlm divide between Little Valley and tho South Fork ol Ten MUe Rlvor." The work oi clearing away the sheds and old buildings on the site of the new hotel was begun Monday morning. It will be necessary to take nfraboutsix fopt on the north side oi Whitlon ii Morrison's stable, and tnis work will be the first, done. Next week the building occupied by Charlton will be moved to tho Curtis lot, just above the Howling block. The building occupied b.y Wbitten, tiie saddler, will be moved to the rear end oi the lot where it is now situated and will be used for some purpose in connection with the hotel. The old express ollico will Vie torn down. The building will be j pushed to completion with the utmost speed, and Ukinh is already happy in j the anticipation of another good hotel. . Shootins: Sornoe at Cleone. FOHT BKAHO, Aug. 27.—John Erickson, a notorious dance-house keeper, was shut and instantly killed to-night by George Sias at Cleone, a small town two miles north of here, 'two men had a quarrel in a stable. Eriikson ran off to get a gun and when he returned Sias shot him. Sheriff Stundley received a dispatch yesterday (Thursday) morning stating that Sias had stabbed Erickson. At the time of going to press no further particulars could be learned. Notice. Having disposed of my carriage painting business to Mr. E. W. Wells, in the future I will give my entire attention to carriage trimming at the old stand, over Chnrlton's shop. Cushions, tops, dashes, etc., made on short notice, and ut prices to suit the times. **-'<'•> En. Wiiiiiur. Register! Register! Wo call the attention of voters who aro not registoredto the fact that the time for registration closes October 1st. Get your name on tho Great Register immediately. A Bariraiu in Shelving and Counters. The shelving and counters in our old stand on School street., west, of the court house, are ior sale ut a bargain. Inquire of Porterlield A Stilt. How to Save Money. Buy your Shoes from S. Hooke ! Got him to repair your old ones!! Get a pair oi his ow n make Boots, !!! For Sale. A good stock ranch at a verv low figure. Apply to J. H. Donohoe, Ukiah, Cnl.« W. W. Moore, oi the Grand Opera House, lies Moiues, is nn early settler in that, part of Iowa, and had u great deal of experience in his lime. Ho says: "At various times 1 have had acute attacks of bilious, colic and violent puins in the stomach, and found nothing that, gave me relief like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera nnd DiurrhiiL'ii Remedy. Every person," he says, " should have n bottle." For imle by .). N. Magee. 14 We learn that L. B. Seranton, tho Prohibition nominee- for Congress from this district, has siuaired tho principalship of the Lakoport school. Onr neighbor has already had too much polities and religion in ils schools. Rev. T. H.B. Anderson, of Santa Rosa, came over from Anderson VuUey yesterday, nnd left for Suiitn Rosa in the afternoon. He had been attending tho cniiip mooting near Boonvillo. Miss Ji 'iuile llooke, having spent her summer vacation in visiting her parents, will return next, Sunday to attend school nt Snu Jose, Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best place in town to get a shave, hair cut, shampoo or anything else in thetonsorial line. * Dr. ]l. G. Reynolds, of Upper Luke, has received the Republican nomination for Senator from Hits (tlip 12t|i) district. Jamison & Obarr will supply'yon with the very choicest meats ut. nil times. City Market, north side of court house. 15 Roggjo Henley, the one-year old son of Mr. mid Mrs. W. Henley, died at Co vein on tho 21st ins!., of cholera infantum. Do not fail to attend the Democratic ratification meeting at tho Court-house an Saturday evening at R u'rlock. The Usui Lumber Co. has commenced the work of excavating for a foundation for thoir now mill, Sheriff Sfnii'lley roturned on Tuesday from a week's visit in Sim i-min'isca on private business, Mrs. Geo. \V, MeMullmi, of Sun Francisco, is hero visiting her rum>uts, Only 30 days msrc In which to get registered. Attend to It at onco, Sweeping bargains in everything at W. English A Co's., Calpolln. «t Look out for II. M, Scrr's mammoth ad next week, WKOXESDAV, August. 20.—According to the otlicini count of the new census Seattle has n population of 48,914, and Tueo- ma :Vi,85(i It is reported that la grippe has appeared again in New York. .. Yesterday's cyclone ar Wilkesburre, Pa., destroyed 400 buildings nnd property to the amount of *1,000,000; number of persons killed, eleven; fatally injured, ten; severely injured, twenty-four Inhabitants of fishing villages along the coast of Newfoundland me living by the hundreds of un unknown epidemic Guatemala nnd Snu Salvador have signed a treaty of peace Three hundred Bavarian soldiers were prostrated by sunstroke.... A violent cyclone swept through a portion Switzerland, doing great damage. THI'USIIAY, August 21,—-The official count of San Francisco's population is abiuil completed, and the indications are that it, will fall below 300,000.. A new (louring mill of a capacity of 2500 barrels per day is being built at Stockton. La grippe iias appeared extensively among the natives of Alaska... .Crops in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas. are nearly a total failure Thore is a great stringency in the Now York money market anil loan rates have advanced all over the country There is a strong sentiment growing in Mississippi in favor of female suffrage and the constitutional convention now in session is likely to insert a clause favoring it.... Eight thousand miners are on a strike in Belgium... One hundred and fifty persons were killed by yesterday's cyclone in Switzerland. FRIDAY, August 22.—A freight train near Emigrant Gap got. beyond control and dashed down the grade at a terrific j speed; four persons were killed and tho train completely wrecked A work | traiu in Colorado jumped tho track and \ three men were killed,.. .The New York : Central road continues to refuse to arbi- 1 trute with the strikers Frank Allen, j a bank teller of Nashville, Tenn., is $4J- 000 short in his accounts About 75 per cent of the crops of Manitoba have been injured by frost Sugar beet growing is to be attempted in the south • of Ireland Tho cholera is spreading steadily along the Spanish shore of the Mediterranean.., .The price of coal, sugar and provisions is rapidly advancing in Australia, owing to the strike in shipping ciicles. SATIUDAY, August 23.—The big trees in Tehama county will be preserved; a bill has passed Congress setting apart 50,000 acres to be known us Sequoia National Park ...Ex-Congressman Horaco F. Page died at his home in San Francisco; he was 57 years of age Tho Now York fruit market is glutted and prices have taken a tumble ...The Senate spent the day in eulogistic speeches in memory of tho late Senator Beck in a few days an army board will visit, tlio Pacific Const to select a site for an ordnance foundry.. . The Central American Slates are being petitioned to take steps to shut out Chinese immigration.. . It is thought that Emperor William has arranged with the Czar for a general European pence Congress. SINIIAY, August 24.—Rumors have reached this country that another revolution is imminent in tho Sandwich Islands A theatrical nith a rough experience Selling Out Entire Stock! Having decided to close out onr business, we will dispose of our Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE At a Great Sacrifice! This is a fine opportunity for some one wishing to invest in a paying business iu a goed locality. IN THE MEANTIME. ANYONE WISHING TO PURCHASE Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Or in mot anytliing in our line, "WILL 3F "I3STID OTTia T^gr'The entire stock must be sold at once, either as a whole or at retail W. ENGLISH & CO., Calpella, Mendocino County, Cal. Coant Item*. Franklin School Jteport. the From Mcudoclno BORCOH. j Report of Franklin school for The Albion mill shut down this week [month ending August 15th 1890: Wholo number of days taught, 19; at lor repairs Lumber shipments have been rather quiet during several days past. Kvening boat rides continue to be the favorite pastime with many Mondocino- ites. The Navnrro Mil! Company are iu need of machinists, millwrights and framers. Here is a chance for men accustomed to that class of work. Fresh fish have been a scarcity in the market here recently. A good fisherman could do well by engaging in the busiuess here and supplying the market along the coist, An order was received at Whitos.boro last, week from the authorities in San Francisco to shut down all tie business. tendance, 205; absence, 4; tardy, -, girls enrolled, 9; boys enrolled, 8; total enrolled, 17; average number belonging, 14 3-17; daily attendance, 1318-19; percentage of attendance, 98 -f-. Names of pupils an they appear on the register; First Grade—Lily Simpson, Lena Carlson, Delia Carlson, Etta Berry, Peter Berry, John Salvador, Joseph Htl- vador, Louisa Salvador, Thomas Thompson, Sophia Thompson, Third Grade- Asa Sweeter. Maggie Sweeter, Katie Simpson, Thomas Simpson. Fifth Urade— Kddie Carlson, Mary Herrie. The district is a new one and the patrons of the school deserve much credit for the nice school house they have built, with their own time and money, receiving The parents take great interest in the school, and the pupils are advancing very rapidly. CLAKK BAILRV , Teacher. T&ke Owe I There is Danger A number of men aro consequently j , lo help from the outside, whatever, trhown out of employment. It is thought that most of the camps in the woods along the coast will not shut down until lute this fall. This will bo welcome news to those who want to get in all tho time possible and avoid a long winter. On Sunday morning.I. J. Morrow was compelled to kili his horse. The animal had boen sick for several cloys, and Mr. Morrow fearing it WRS afflicted with tho glanders, thought ir, best to kill it. had only been in possession of ihe ani- troupe met | , m ,l about a month, at Hunting- j ton, Vs., ut the bauds of a gang of i toughs... .Tho situation of the New York | Central strike remains unchanged; tho. Knights of Labor are in session at Torre • lluiiie, hid., mid the outcome of their I deliberations will decide the future course I of the strikers ... A British warship ar- j rived at Halifax with nineteen cases i oi yellow fover aboard Nearly I nil tlio Republican SeiiatorR have signed an agreement to vole tor the Federal Kloction bill when it comes tip for con Hidrrntion iu December. Poiut Arcim Kec.'irJ. .1. R. Johnson of Ukiah, the Republican nomiuee for Sheriff of this county, was iu town the greator part of Inst week. O. W". Tindull, who was confined tr, ids room for a considerable portion of last week is again, wo are glad to note, on tho streets. The now road to Ukiah is closed for ' 1 travel and will not be open until the section now being worked by Hiett and Cop- soy is completed, which will not be for a couple of weeks. Iu allowing Inactivity o£ the kl<tn*y» to grow through neirlect. Tho deadly thotils ol Hrlifht'a rtlscass iinil (ItaUefn will vrtee't the godly bark i>( lu'.iUh If It 1» Hllowml to drift rudderless upon them, 'fhf> blaildor, ton, it Inactive, and Judi­ cium" medication does not speedily direct the ' helm toward the port ol safety, will be whelmed, i t>y th« qulckwnd of dlscuse. In Oolectlog « lUnretto, let yourobiiloe fall upon no.ilotter'8 Stomach Bittern, which nlmnlntes the renal enrau* without irrlfatinu and exciting: l.hcra, i wu ctfcctH to be apurcheuried from the nnuiedi- rnted stimuli largely resorted to. Those have a tundeiiey lo react •j-chtdiniiCci*.- '«>- «'•'— lo react tlio kldii- ~*, i mon Willi the ntm'i and ihe diayattve organ*. nnd M > afford lasting aid. It also affords dual B *si«timce In jiroyotitinK and ciiTlng intermit- lent anil remittent fever. Htltloustieiuf, constipation and ruouraarlftin It also goihjugaUe. The loading question wow is: ''Are you provided with n bottfo of Chamberlain 's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Homed v, as a safegiiRrd ugaiust an attack of bowel complaint during the summer months'; " !No family «an afford to rink: being without this invaluable medicine during the hot weather. It U) aluaoet certain to be needed, and is a friend indeed when required, its It never falls and is pkaimnt and safe to take. 26 and SO cent uoUtew for sale hy .1. JJ. Magee;. 4* :* MOMMY , August 2o.—-The labor conference at Torre Haute, Ind., decided not to order a general strike on account of Tbe 105 ! )ouni1 fn,,r P f,int ,,l "-' k wl > i(!h the strike nn the Now York Central | we mentioned a couple weeks ago as hav- Congressman Lewis F. Watson oi I'cnu- 1 »>8 l>«en killed by Chan. Cooley, has been sylvania dropped dead :n the cnoitnl! beaten. Henry Willford killed a large grounds ut Washington City An ofll- ciul report f|'oti| Oklahoma states that fully ouo-third oi the people are in need of aid.. ..The union brick makers of New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City have shut down their works and 100,000 men will bo thrown out of employment. The Conncctjcnt peach crop is a failure , and California ponchos are iu great do- i iiin'ml in the Fust... Silver is quoted «t $l.|!V-h per ounce — Tonny attempted to lower Ten Hroock's tullo record of l.Su-y but failed. TURSIMY, August —Congressman j Morrow has declined tlio Republican nomination in tho Fourth District McVickers thoutie in Chicago, one of the (Iqost |n the country, wi(k destroyed by flip Tho new census gives Idaho a population nf 84,22ft A terrific rain storm in Wost Virginia caused many Hoods mid considerable damage The famine lu some parts of Ireland canned by potato blight Is terrible; many families | tiro on the verge of starvation A fear- I fill tornado visited Central Italy The town of Tokay, llnngfcry, waa totally destroyed by tire and «».>at riiH'.roBH prevails among the inhabitant*.. ..Ao additional news lias been waived of the thratfefyed. outbreak in the Hawaiian Islands. Willford killed buck last week which dressed 109 pounds The number present In tho several departments of our public school, Thursday morning was a» follows: Principal's rqom !IS, Intermediate 40, primary 53. The attendance is very regular through-* out the school, There Is, seemingly, another congestion in tho U. S. land office at San Francisco. At least a half dozen of our citizens having received no returns from that place although they duly applied for their notices of publication a month ago. I A. Vraelouti little One Oons. I Tuesday, August 12th, ILtle Frankie Pearl, aged U mouths and 2ft days, be- ioveii und only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Toney, of Hedwood Valla?, | M»S3U from earth to rest In the arinfi of Jesus, till the coming ot tier lather, mother and little brother. Th<t little atiBerer W«H atlliclwi with hioni 'hliiH and cotwettiou of the limtm. , . The bereaved have the ay in nub v nf the commonly $o| the toes of lh«W little darling, wHft *•/» • fav«rf|# ot I have removed my DRUG STORK to the Mark-BwJdir»|jf direci.'ly opposite tho Gr»r»d Hotel, and though ray room,in in au unfinished cotidiii«j »i V invite ail to colim and *&e- m¥ in my new place otVbj^lJlie^ KespeutfttMy,

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