The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 4
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-f PAGfc FOUR MALV^tlf IJOCAL ?€WS OF Tlffi fovt g^g^ffssssa-t EAST UfcERtY ...,,.,.,,.;,-... -.—.-«- ttma******* E *** Cbtrfeh Otritu&ry of Mfa. . .. ; Emma Mu**ebit*fi i If Church Lr«n Parker frons np r^ar "Wesley Chspei *aF in tt<wc Saturday end wade for office a pJeawsfit call. He said that be cat? ha<3 a l*U*r from bis parent.?, Mr. and Mrs. Owr« Parker, a !««• dar* prec«-dJEK end that they *•?!•» wtll and ccjoying the rncny climate down in Tucson. Ariz. X. A 3itj*'l Tr&i 6 floats from Glidd>n Saturday K>tikii.c after BOIES btiFinfF-f jRatU-n; end rr?*t- ir.e old tiia* frh-nds of Thc-m be ta« £ lartt- i.uir.t.t-r in I " uj tier*-. Iri« ' Ss:v<lB}- af->rs.-..-r f.^ ,„» f.f^.c i, fc ';>•-;<:{ cti*; ^L;J £ W. H. Wearin of Carle'.on, j N*br. vttt doTTB for an ever Son- i dar risit irith bis brother. Joe. j He bafl! j-,™^ kwp in mind that on F*b- 3? «•• shall ro to HHteeate with otir Cbnrcb Xirtt program. Plan to to. The pastor Is sorry not hold the *errie<f la bat be felt it on-wise. owt r«tttnt It* aatae efaatifr*d. Be- jrabfieamt fofiowfeif the Itreat white *1*j>i»jst which wa*> mshed to eoBij>l*£io<B flnrifi* the J tTorld w«r *e6 relirtwa te » « « srtrth cos*»er ta* tits*- COBS**; : qtMttUjr ft re»*fse4. Hk* * hitpe; hyiratsHi: J*«S6B*lb*B*, fewand bT | • ^oTsmiBes^tal t&B5&ltv asS tjn^wie * j to f*rfona any of th* ta*k* for t ft inevitable encroachment t* fatal verdict last Tbsrsday, _. removed from oar an aged and respected citi- la the jwrson of Mr*. Emma the dao?bt<?r . Dafi«. *»s bera o« June 21, 1845, n and with their daughter ArmstroEc, bringing Mr. Aras- Ftronr to tbe Ciarkson bospits! for treatment end po.«*Sbiy operation for ac iiiffrftioc. scd Mr. Wearin cam* c-n down t*re Licit TticbsrC? from flo-wn th«- t>:her fide of Wb'tt Cloud was in •r.-srr. Saturday for the CTF: time in p*-Tf.TB3 w»-ets. -Mr. Ki'.baraf t-uffered t;, attack of tbe fiu EST- to he present. > Come to ebnrtb nert Sanaay: st 10 o'clock. It Is *1»ifi«*ln"f. Day." Church school at 11. i/es-> ,«OB pobject. "Drastic Methods for « 8 Deadly Evil." ! Too are invited to make this; your spiritoal home. Surprbe Mra. C M. Nelaoo OB Her Birthday Jail. ^ Mr* ?:<•' Mi- " '•"" {-••M d"i «»!• it r- •;tr toe.; r:C-«i*i':.f that V. . for «-'.-Tfr-£; w-t-k«. be' :• E'.^w '";:.E sr'.-atr! fcrain pi^ wtli. THE BIG PAKAPE OF COM- f.rft fc*jf- he hsS •; E Ic&r time. fvi-i;- wae enjoyed at the C. M. ' yr«. NVif-Jn w-Hl-rate ber birth- jireTtiled scd e few ef tbe Isdist ; hEd needl* "-ork. Tie gnest of: L'jnnr *"as seated 5o tb$ ce« : mise-teuth* ef a mC*~ to the <spl>jnght*i p»nBT>h}*t of Mr f*. U. JCsitei'e ithn ft^*ligingly tatw t««T**« abo«t the at*ir. It is. If yon car* for statistic*. 1*1 fwt *5*e at the Ims3« *ts« 18* there arp l.*P<*.*** ymrd* »t cwscrets In th* _,.-".* job- More iBspoTtant — at *««« t* 1 Secster Xorri*" di**«! — ** t** fact that th* ptm«!tnirt*na Tft*- T53e* wntet to d»tt}pp £«*.PI»ft j>r>r«» fKswr *rltti th* prswast Thfe w-iH he fenflt «p S T instJin- to tbe *** ef eithty-seren years, wren tnontbR, and tirelTe days. She fttssed a«-ay at her late home twin of Henderson. For a nutn- t*r «f years she has been an asthmatic sufferer. A serere at- lae* taM her prostrate aboat one month ago, Znally dereloped into jvnetiJBOBia that claimed ber fraii body in death. Ia 1SS1 Emma came to Ainer- ic*. areoiapanled by her mother a»d sir children. They located at McOreror, where they joined ber the fam- Henry Dale White, Miniuter Sanday school at 10 a. ra. M Edna Hertz, Snpt. Morning worship at 11. The e of tbe morning is Great- and Some of the lndi*pen»- BU ,^ in it« Production." Special mn*ic for the occasion Lincoln'.- birthday will bei fittingly celebrated at both Snnday school and chare!) serrtce. Snch attendance as we enjoyed Sabbath last encourages botu choir and minister. Ml»» Bernice Caudel! was the soloist and her beautiful message In sons was a fitting introduction to the Bermon, "Finding God." settRse fnrtB t to I. Have we cotoe to tlte jAace in Malrern where elrartftes and ministers are oot ^ranted or needed for an e^enftMS serrice? Ttls is true tt ««ay Why? The f.tioirh nnmbc-rf at Ir,«-iid5. rrwtJiig fid timv rtty live jas: e&f. cf tie ; bir jt*'<r psrk below Sidcer. . Cari Nfl fc OB from uve-r Etttr- ; wsr w&« it 'OWE Saturflsy ' fcjf brother. Albert, «c^ doing eotce shoppies,. ! R. TT. 5'.>«err Of HendersoE -raj- in tctrc Saturday Etd called . Jt-lit TVilsot t'f Weeley ChE! 1 .*' -rag ia tytrc Eaturdty a!ten.v:.ii. V C, "V\*o'.)fi£;: <>! E::-ihEC wt? tsV.erj to "i>e Me-tbC'dist ii'j?';.';ta1 it Oifi&i><i last w/*k where be if Ukic? tr«-iiti-^t.-. for •ciwri? •;•! tbe «to!E6'.L t!:4 T-ifcy !^a T e to tEre Vt'tl'.'idi^t tr.arth Tuesday eve- rilrr Owstc to several other ' »-Ttrit« !li e - ?ame ''veriiriE the at- ULdfctsce V.-R? rather lich'. but the prorrsss ^s* t&ort tt'8ti ordi- nar.'ly pood. The Enfemble rep- le'eatinf \M>*terc t'tioii college at LeMarf. i? made up cf fire yoBEg nujmiciaii? who bsvt -»-oc IB tbe tationaS tEUsk TOO-, •with tbe!r refpt'Cme Injira- r&vm •"•«* raaS-e tn thf' presest bnildisst. *»d ronsirart- : Jet deia? farther up stream t»' fsrrsi^fc rewrroirt to cesstrcit tie ' «easrfsal So-«r ol 'rater. ' Thii great |>s«-«r. &TfASst>& ; Senator ?fi family settled on a homestead in j IMrktisson county 'There they bat- i tied with the problems of life on- i d«t pioneer conditions. The year 1S7$ fomnd oar *nhjed In Glen*««! in the hoine of B. H. Dan- tud C. M and and displayed each gift that er-1 fry oce mipbt see sad enjoy the ; pane with ber. Efery gift -was: something useful antJ rery math, appreciated by Mr*. Xelpos. i Tbe ladies then passed into tbe, dicitsg room -where a tocwt dell- i cion* pot luck lanch was serred. Mrs Xelson cut tbe birthday ( cake s large and Tery lovely an- : relfood. baked by Mrs. B. B. Me- Fall. Tbe suwts too! cicp in tb" hotae of Jobc Sup- in I'tclEc Junction. .lie? EJTie Trlvely «•&« operat- happy birthday*. Council BluC*. Ernest Brake 1o the people of the treat area it KWTWS. Pri-rate^ ntHKies, of course, became alarmed at the Senator's «*ciaU*tie scheme and contend that tbe derelopment cost — Indoclcg persons to a*e eleetrfcJty and telling them on tbe labor earing appliances and equipment •—mart always Jfs Included by private cocecra* In order to exist e*on0tnfea1!r and that the gffterntBeot price, which will not l&tlsde that, will be unfair competition. But this debate U ot little concern to the Iowa trav- for te In 1SSJ MiM Darls wa» united IB ttarrtage to D. T, Mawelman. vfiiefl brought her within a »telj assumed motherhood responsibilities to hie children of a former marriage, a role -which she worthily discharged. Mr. Museelman preceded her In death thlrtr-three rear* ago. ghe is torrired fey two brothers, George and Edwin Da-ris; four stepchildren, Robert Mciselman, Seattle, Wash., Addle Fair and Myrtle Belcher, both of New Port, Nebr.. H. A. Mnsselman, Council all What a help we can bn to each other! The weather was perfect and tlio road!? also. S&reral God. Thanks. Next Sunday morning the theme of the sermon will IK?, "The Knowledge and Foreknowledge of God." Paul said, "Think on these things." Meet with UB Sunday morning and l<?t »s think and worohlp together. Boy E. Gageler, The Ldtdle** circle win tteet with Mrs. Fred F»«rah»r today (Tharsday) at 8:26 >. a. Serrlees ne*t 8«n«ar will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and worship Berrlc* at 11 a. m. Vesper nerrlce at 5 p. ia. and the yotsng people's meeting at 6:30 p. ro The *ermon snbiect In the morning will be "UnfttMUled Im- pulM." It Is tbe plan to ha-re the young peopl«'B meeting for jort one hour next Sanday, from 6:30 to 7: SO p. m. There will be no luncheon and no social hour. The hoar will be spent In worship and discussion. In the farm lot we sometimes find that the sick animals do not come to the feeding trough. Could it be that the spiritually sick members of the church fail to come to the feeding place for the soul on Sunday? The church points to One who can tnake «s • well. increasing but the depression has' reduced home building to a rate below normal — and numerous observers expect the repair of this shortage to afford one of the big fields for industrial activity as soon as the upturn economically definitely reveals its upward swing.— Buffalo Courier-Express. W. G. Zahder» to Hold Sale February 13 Of M6lv«rsi atx<3 Mr. and 3Irf. Frsck Hammond of Gletwood wt-rt' Sunday difccw guest* of Mr. atd Mr«. V. A. Mfcst*. Ali« and Kulty. Mi»« Wlanifred Xerrlg. 6Ed Ml** JoMphine Conooy epent Saturday in Omaha. Mrs. Isabelle Uswrie and little son, Charles, of Lake Genera, Wie.. came Sunday to Tisit ber ] mother, Mr*. A. L. Wolf*, at Olenwood and her steters and other friends at Malrern. Mrs. Guy Smith and son drove down from Omaha Friday aad took; ber toother, Mrs. W. J. C. Smith, badt to Omaha with them for a »e»eral day* -rUit. Mr. aad Mre. Fred Martin expected. ; gle. Carol and , Mis^ Ida Jrelfcsd wbo went to \ ivemey. C. N. Whiteside* a&d \ »*" tbe Edmcndiion hocpiial in Conn-j Freddie. B. B. McFall, Clyde Bar- cil Bluffs last w«*k eubmitted to j ge r and Lindsay, Joe Mayh«rry, tbe i Frank Dn Val, R. G. Ruse, A. R. Bird, T. E. McClur*. A- L. Halne*. Frank Haines, and the Misses Josie Kerney and Rcth Lutt. an operation Monday. She is gel ; ting along well but will be in tbe - hospital for a we*k or mor« yet. i Mr. and Mrs. Aden Ireland went i op Monday to be with her dur- | — — i ing the operation. j Emmet Miller from near \ Mrs. Otto Kline is driricg a ! erton is rtayini new DeLux-e Fordor V-S Ford t»-' eott home for a few days, of tbe Salyers | sereral from this vicinity Muscle Shoals one agreed with a Atrt&ority was — a quasi-official organization which has eoTemmeiital stability and private enterprise. (Tbe definition is by friends of the plan). The Authority ta at present en- in certain survey* noon quiet, gracious life that has left its impress on all who knew her. e was a later of home and filled it with the peace of ber tlndly personality. Funeral services -were held Sunday afternoon at the Methodist church in Henderson, conducted by the pastor, Rer. K. E. Xes- bltt. Burial was in the Malrern cemetery. „. v rlr « °« ed Mrs. C, M. Jones and Mary while Mr. Martin attended the funeral of Mrs. Parker. MPRESO .THEATER 5 4V, * ** SATURDAY CALIFORNIA TRAIL Comedy, "l^izzy ?»l«ht« JOc and WEDNESDAY ONLY DAY OF RECKONING Asto company this week. She ha* I tended the declamatory contest in Buick to Dr. D. M. • silver City Tuesday evenlsg of last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddoeks and *O«T children were ene*U to the Glen Skerriu home near Silver City Friday evening. Alan 0n Val who is staying with Mre. Daisy Rinel and attending Malvern high school spent a few hours Sanday with Will Stout of near Tabor wa»ihle parent*. Mr. and Mrs a dinner guest in tbe George Marsh home Snnday. Kline. Henry Miller of G*.le*burg. 111. Tidi«d Sunday with hl« sister, Mrs. George March. He was en- route to Omaha to attend a con- drove over from Hastings Sunday j reniion and banquet of coco-cola i afternoon and Mrs. Martin visit- j dealers, i i Mr*. George Marsh made a trip to Griswold Friday, t Mra. Reteladorf Dies in Car«tair», Calgary Word was received here the past week of tbe death of Mra. J. H. Retelsdorff at tbe home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. T. Haag, i in Carstaire, Calgary. Canada. She suffered a. stroke on Jan. 17 and passed away two day* later, sleeping peacefully to the end. Mrs. Retelsdorf la well remembered by Malvern people for she spent a good part of ber life in Malrern. Her husband waa one of Malvern's early business men and was proprietor of a tailoring business here. He died some years ago. Seventeen years ago they went to Canada with their children and this has been her home ever since. She was seventy-eight years of age tbe ICih of last August. Mrs. Rfctelfcdorf was n. bright, capable and {[iterating woman and has many friends in Malvern who will Ifearn with sorrow of ber passing. Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Shapcott, Madeline, Billy, and Thomas Marian and Emmet Miller were Orville Pryor Sale Next Wednesday j Orville J'ryor wbo lives on tbe j old Harry Wearin farm tfarfe* • miles tiorthwetii of Malveru ou; (Highway 24 was in Tuesday and' ordered bills aud advertising for j a big closing out Kale be will bold) at his place next Wednesday, j Feb. 14. He has a good offering \ of livestock and There arb Bouife mules in the differing. Stt hU ad in tbU cott home near Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hunt and three sons from near Silver City were dinner guests in the W. H. Haddocks home Sunday. Afternoon visitors were Earl Maddoeks and family and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maddoeks of Silver City. Neil Mayberry who attends the Iowa School for the Deaf was at home last week on account of illness. He probably will not get to return to his school very soon as his brother, Clare, has the mamp« cow. Saturday, Feb. 3. was the fourth blnbday of Dolores Cook so a few friends came In on Friday evening to help her celebrate. Dolores was a very happy little girl for she said she had been waiting so long to be four yeara old, tbfeB in another year she would bfc five and could start to t>cbool. Delicious refreshments of H-C cream and angelfood cake were £*rred. Those enjoying the occasion besides the gueet of honor were: Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moore, Howard Lookabill, and [ Haiti Owens of Malrtra, Mr, and ; Mr*. Fred Cook. Edaa and Doro- SO EAST was toe w . | fact th»t Tennessee Valley eiti- eens who people the not so prosperous hills of northern Alabama and southern Tennessee have heretofore found life enjoyable without »U of tfce eomreBlenew which cheap electricity might bring them. Just DOW their chief characteristic seems to be a for "lawlng" or generally trivial high-pillared court houses Frank '• the district. • Next the Authority discovered ] why the private utilities have no I further provided these citizens i with power. The peopla, with the bose in the larger r progressive rural residents, not only lack immediate baying power hat are notoriously poor credit risks for important amounts. Consequently the Authority, which plan* to develop all the power possible from the great hydraulic plant, and to wholesale it to private distributors, has asked tbe government to lead money to tbe private distributors to lend to the prospective customers. These things came to mind as we plodded behind tbe above mentioned Mr. Kumpe on a tour of the Wilson dam. Following his set lecture our guide, a Terr P^ r * sonable young man, confidentially gave as a brief resume of the philosophical aspects of tbe work as be bad mapped them out. •The human brain," he informed os, "has such capabilities that our beet thinkers, according to scientists, use only about one-seventh of their cerebral equipment Imagine then, considering that this great project was built by using only one-seventh of their brains, what is possible if they would use the entire system," This, indeed! rather staggered the mental capacities of the trio of Iowa traveler* tramping the huge 1181-foot by 71-foot generator room at Muscle Shoals. P A tX7 . A- W» Undaunted Bravery W. G. Zanders was in Monday morning and left .an order for bills and advertising for a big public sale be will hold at his home five and one-half miles northeast of Malvern, Feb. 13. Mr, Zanders Is quitting the farm so will close out his entire equipment. It will be a good time to clock for your farming opera lions. Senior: "Tea, I came face toi face with a lion once. To crown it aD I was alone and weaponlea* Freshman (nervously): "What did you dot" Senior: "What could I do? I tried looking straight into bis eyeball but be began to crawl upon me. Then I thought of plunging my arm down his throat^ grabbing his tali, and pulling him inside out, but I decided it would be too dangerous. Tet he kept creeping toward me and I had to think fast." Freshman: "How did you get "I Just left him and to Use other cages." WESLEY CHAPa Mrs. Clinton Parker of the death of Mrs. Ward Houses Friday at Independence, Mo. Ward Hougas is well known in this community, She leaves two children, a boy and girl, age about twelve and night. COX GROCERY PHONE 9 - MALVERN COFFEE WEEK SPECIALS Tone'a Old Golden Coffee. 1 Ib 29c Extra Special Message for the Ladie*; Just InsUUed ft NBW MfeRWAei^N'r W4VU MAC'HIS*J in our well Dipped shop. TW» will tntture you «U1) bvtter and quicker *er?lce. Any kind of wave you Also » NKW W-iW4( You wlH now enjoy your Shampoo, oh what a UlffBrence in th» your h%iv r«coudHUme4 J'OUI U«Kt pBriUHUUBt. iy^rytUiuK tu ae»my ut MILADY iEAUTY SHOP borne In true southern style and F- '• NerthllM* 10 each with stone or white-washed wood ffcttc* juvt suitable for fox- 3nd , -,, ^ ~ -here tbe Soutb of legead > wont tritely to form! •••*• asd one e*peet« eontetanUy to tee) four aa4 j****** bevie* of crinolined " ""' Senior: pawed on We Are Short 350,000 Home* It has been estimated that there is a shortage of about 350.000 home* — population has kept Ladies' Aid met with Mrs, Ida Fickel •Wednesday, Mrs. Blanche Wilson was assistant hostess. About thirteen members were present. Tbe next meeting will be Feb. 14. Cletis Parker, son of Marvin Parker, has been quite sick thej last few days with whooping i cough. He is at the home of nisi grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul 1 Parker. I Jeanette and Arthur Luther j were home from Simpson college over the week end, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Parker and sons visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Winslow, in Tabor Sunday. John Clark returned to Ames Monday after spending a week with home folks. Donald Parker and Gerald Wilson are the latest mumps Tic- Urns. Word was received by Mr. and Economy, 1 Ib. vacuum jar 23c Bli«,Ub. ,-. .;; jr««yum;;p»ck?C Itnperio Coffee, 1 Ib. can 19c Black-Hawk, King of Coffee 19c Tone Bros. Bulk Coffee, 1 Ib. 17c Ground while you wait Coffee House Coffee, 1 Ib. vacuum —-25c Bonita, 1 Ib. package _ -21e Break <X Morn, I Ib. n 19c Highest Prices, Ca»h or Trade, for Your Produce. Think of Lincoln/ I- Korttont* 1*» »«*» a«4 ware to youaf bloods of for » moroief bunt- NorrU of Keeraafc* ft** wiil tU*it«i. «b» w&ai* Bte tit th« »UU> but ctf til* »i£t«f * §r«M Ml* Malrern, vat in last jublk nato V wilY 1*14 *t the farm Monday. Feb. it, MW* ifSW^w^t* Ifjf INF ^S"'^- *-'-'fl" r •*-'. . - bi^rtiMj 4 tot of p$s4 i£Wf» te*i «***. wu» § to* si W HEtf Abraham WncoJn was a young man, he ran for the iegisla* tore of Illinois and was badly swamped, lie next entered busi* ness, failed, and spent seventeen years of his life paying up the debte of a worthless partner. He was in Jove with a beautiful .young woman to whom he became engaged — then she died. Entering politics agate, he ran lor Congress and was badly defeated. He then tried to get M appointment to the United States Land Office, but failed, He became a candidate for the United States Senate a&d was badly defeated. In J8&6 be became & candidate for the Yicerpresidency and was once again df* '' feated, Ia 1858 he wa§ defeated by Douglas, One failure after another —tod failures — great setbacks. IA the face of all this he eventually became one el the greatest mm ol America, whose memory to loved and honored throughout the world. When you contemplate the effect of a series of wWiwits like this, tQbecoj&e *Mf ST|| tojji^^ 1 *

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