The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 10, 1948
Page 4
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PAG1 FOUB BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTUEVILLE COURLEJt N£W* ooom ntm oo. HA1M* PutoUttlf U VtBBOKFF, Editor MOL O. HUMAN. Ad»«rttinrf •ott Katie**) Adwttaing ItopresenUUre*: Wftltee* Wttmer Co, N«* York, CUcteo, Oetratt, every Afternoon Exc*p( Sunday C&tend u icco-^d cl»M raatUr it the pa**- •Bte* tt Blythe»Ui«, nrtrr'-T. under «t ol Coa, Oetobw ». 1817. Bcrred by the United Pred up RATES: By carrier In the dty ot BlytnerUi* or •iburbr.1 town where curler serrlci It telned, Xe per week, or Ue per month Bf m»U. within t rrttus of Ml miles, M.OO per »««, $S.OO lor s!« month*, »1.00 foi thr« month*; by mill out*lde 50 mil* »one, 110.00 per rev p»;lbk In fcdvinc*. Meditation For wf Miisl all appear before th« judgment teat tt Christ; that tmj ont may reeelv* lh« thlnfi done In hit body, according to that he hath tout, whether it be rood or bad.— II Corlnlhiaru On you, my Lord, with anxious fear I wall. And from your Judgment must expect my fat«. — Addison. Barbs Quit* often people are judged by the company they keep—out of. » * * There's a blj difference between forgetting vhat you ought to know and knowing what you •ught to forget. • • • Police too often don't believe that a public park is the public's. • « • It'll be nice when the political »eason Is over and all of th« bunkers are on- the golf courae*. * * * It'» always fair weather till outings get together. Nothing to Worry About Th« government wound up the fiscal year-witli a record budget of well over 18,000,000,000. But our officiiils ace taking manful steps to cope with this unprecedented profit. For one thing, civilian employes are •till being added to the government payroll at an average rate of 500 a day, as they have been for the past six months. The 1948 lax cut will reduce fiscal 1949 revenues by several billions, and Representative Knulson promises he'll try lo put through even bigger reductions. So it appeal's that the country can just look at tile surplus, admire it, and forget it. Like Halley's Comet, it is unlikely that it will be around again for some time. SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1948 VIEWS OF OTHERS Looking to the Future And New Aids to Traffic i- It the first two weeks of operation of Blytheville's parking meters can be considered an accurate criterion of the revenues the city is to receive from this new source of municipal revenue, more than 112,500 should be available at the -end of the first year for a street widening program which is so very much needed to facilitate the flow of traffic in the business section of \he city. And almost within the first year the parking rrieters, which were installed at a cost of $66 each, will be paid for and the revenue to the city then will be doubled, providing not less than $25,000 a year for financing the street improvement program. Early experiences with the meters appear to have been satisfactory. Parking space is available on Main, where the 300 meters are located, for shoppers who should have first claim for the privilege of parking in the immediate vicinity of the store where they want to shop. The adjacent streets have not been unduly crowded with parked cars since the meters have driven some all,day parkers off Main. When city officials begin making plans for the city!s first street widening consideration should be given to Chickasawba between Railroad and Sixth Streets where it connects with U. S. Highway 61. Cost of obtaining the needed right-of-way for the three-block project should not be unduly heavy and fortunately for the city the new garage between Railroad and Broadway has been set back far enough from Chickasawba to permit widening of the street, without interfering with this new structure. The other two blocks are potential business property and whether the street is used as residential or business purposes a wider pavement would do much to speed the flow of traffic into the present business district from the North. Until such time as the street is widened, the flow of cars on this important artery of traffic should be speeded if North-bound traffic from the business area could be encouraged to use Broadway to Park and then West to U. S. Highway 61. South-bound traffic on Highway 61 from the North which is headed for the business ^district likewise could avoid • the congested intersection at Chickasawba by turning left on Lumerate and then South on Fifth Street to reach Main. The cost of widening Chickasawba in the three-block area where the street now is so narrow should be within the means of the city as a project for 19.18, or at the very latest early 1949, and it is a project which perhaps will pay ., greater dividends in smoother move>.:• merit of traffic than any other the city •ifht undertake at « comparable co»U \\ The Stakes in Berlin Top American officials hive been conferring about the Berlin crisis In Washington and abroad. By every indication, they ire resolved lo support Gen. Clay't blunt declaration that nothing short of war can budge the western Allies. This Is as it must, be—for tile Russians lire playing for high stakes. The Soviets do not want merely undisputed possession of Berlin. They want *. chance to bring all Germany under Communist domination. The Russians now seem to realize that ttiey made a mistake in breaking up the Foreign Ministers' Conference. Their patience gone, Great Britain «nd the United States, and France reluctantly, were then forced to go ahead on their own with the reorganization of Western Germany, including the Eli-important Industrial Ruhr. Thus, for themselves, the Russian! just about killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. The British ban on shipment* of Ruhr coal to the Hed zone lias underlined this fact for them. While the new We»t German mirk may be ths Immediate excuse for the current Soviet, tactics, their real purpose i» to regain lost ground. The Russians believe they can do this by setting up In Berlin, the accepted capital of the country, a German government which would assert its authority over all Jour occupation »ones. But they cannot do this to long M the AJlles remain In the city and maintain at least three-fourthi of it as an Island In. which the anti-Communist parties can expose the machinations of the S.E.D.. the "unity" party which the Russians have formed for the delivery of the country into their hands. To clear the city for this maneuver, the Russians now >re trying to starve about 2,000.000 people In the Western sectors to the point at which these Berliners themselves will ask the Allies to withdraw. In Its crazy way. the Politburo calculates that even the most democrattc- minded individual can toe induced to trada freedom for bread. But this is not the only string to the Russian bow. The crisis also seems calculated lo exploit Allied differences, especially French doubts about the Western German government which is to be created under the London agreement. Already Paris I: hesitant about taking a strong stand. And in this Molotov may well see some Western support for another meeting of the Foreign Ministers. Such a meeting was suggested at last week's Communist get-together In Warsaw. If It actually were held, Molotov might well offer to make concessions for the sake of reestablishing four-power rule In Germany. But such a "reformation" would bear a striking resemblance to Ihe blandishments of the spider for the fly. It would not go against the Russian grain to make concessions now for the sake of a chance to take over some time in the future. Gambling on a gradual withdrawal of Western support from German democracy.- they might count on winning by infiltration in the end. Such possibilities must be as clear to Western statesmen as they are to Russian minds. A headlong response to the Warsaw suggestion of another four-power conference Is to be avoided. A joint protest against the Kremlin's tactics in Berlin is much mor In ordr. Some discussion thtre probably will have to be. if only to avoid giving the Russian propagandists another chance to say thai the Westerners always turn their backs on peace. But however stiff the pressures or coy Ihe promises may become, there can be no abandonment of Berlin until > basic European settlement Is achieved.. -^ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. All Aboard for Philadelphia! Rep. Halleck, GOP Vice Presidential Hopeful, Displayed One of Convention's Longest Faces Mayor-Elect Admits Ignorance Concerning Duties of Office THE DOCTOR SAYS ny Ilarman W. Niclioln (['nitcd Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, July '<!. (UPI — The mayor of a hamlet In Ohio wrote in to the Commerce Deparl- menl and asked, please, how it a mayor supposed lo act? The man said he was Just elect( ed. So was the village council. And very million who died from this [isease. Likewise the chances of dying rom tlie communicable diseases of :hlldhood such as whooping cough, measles, scarlet fever, mid diph- heria have declined enormously, fn .911 about 59 in each 100,000 died •aeh year from diseases of this kind, whereas in 1047 only about one in every 100.000 died from this croup of conditions. In mentioniiv he improvement. tuberculosis | who wrote to President Trun should not be forgotten. Some 224 j said she and her neighbors n every 100,000 died from tubcrcu- Tlia't's tiie way it goes. The government gets the darncst lettern from the people who foot the bills A lot of mail. Including some from the White House, comes Into th» Commerce Department. Every not* has to be answered. The crossroad mayor from Ohio finally got his instructions. Some people even get i sampl* of personalized government. Such ig j as the lady Irom Hlilsboro. 111., '"'"" '" "••--•-•-•-• ~ man and needed 700 feet of waterpipe so thcv could liave water for wash day. Tl'e President got thc Commerce Department people on lhe phone. The :osis of all kinds in 1D11; i'i 1947 about 34 died in every 100.0CQ. Everybody Goes Sometime Everyone must, die sometime of ! lady got the TOO feel of "pipe something. The result has been There is no limit to the servico ibout as expected: there has been " an increase in the number of deaths from the so-called degenerative diseases which include many diseases of thc heart and blood vessels and cancer which attack older Also, there has been people. an increase In deaths from accidents, particularly automobile accidents. The increase in thc length of life has r.lso led to a relative increase in the frequency of mental disease. During these 30 lo 50 years the your government ciui give you. Some gal. who probably already wns wearing the new look, wired in and asked thc government to rent her a forma! evening gown for a small town kick-up. Somehow or other the government did It. She hasn't said thank* yet. Neither has the chracter who wrote in from Arizona. He wanted a list, of 40 hair styles. He didn't say why. But the Department of Commerce, which has to handle average length of life has increased | most of th'ise things, referred th« by more than 16 years. As further i mrl n to the master barber, progress is made in reducing pre- j Then there was the old timer ventable disease among older peo- I *rom Mississippi who got t good pie, the average leni;th of life may [ laiiRh on the government, be extended from the somewhat This fellow wrote In this week more than 60 years of today to 75 to say that In 19,2 he had read or more. Indeed oue recent author-1 wnere J' 011 could drop a penny card Hy who discussed this subject says tn Washington and get a copy of that the next 50 years will be al|' ne constitution mailed free. BT Peter Eil.son NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — INEA>_ How Congressman Charlie Halleck of Indiana didn't get the vlce-presl- face In the convention. He thought he had been double-crossed and let down. German Ration To ile Raised U- S. Army of Occupation auth- . ,. . , , . . - dential nomination he thought he! critics in Germany hope thev will was going to gel at the Phlladel- ! be able to raise the German ration 1800 demands. ' Various societies Inter- romotzng United Nations least as successful in the medical sciences as the last fiO. paign to raise the money by popular subscription. Don't Scorn a Good Try Here's si7,e-up by one American calories a I official who has been working on j ers. However, each day he will j answer one of the most fremiently ked questions In his column. "I hope I'm not too late," he said. The commerce people looked in their files. They called the government printing office, which wan fresh out of even the five and dims copies. Ditto the Justice Department and the Office of Education. There's a copy around some place if the man from the Totlth will hold still for a. minute. he had the nod He swung whole inoian delegation into the the per corrective action was to raise the German diet, not cut the DP vice pr When ^ year to work out the problem. | go into the" Army, since Air Force Navy have h» d better S™- "^ o^cer^'parT • IS Year* Ago In Blythevillt Sam Orgel and son. Louis of Caruthersvilie, spent today w / Mr. and Mrs. T Rosenthal. Misses Era Wright, Jessie Srite and Mabel Hogan have returned from a camping trip spent in the Ozarks. hould be, around In SO THEY SAY the was halls of Dewcy's -construction loan is nut because of s headquarters, wearing the longest the no-interest feature ITU armina Sned. Body of Worker Swallowed up by Quicksand Found OHEDSEA. Mass.. July ,0. (UP)— The body ot Angelo Corsino wa.i recovered today—10 weeks to the rtay alter lhe 33-year-old Water Department laborer was swallowed I by the earth in the middle of » downtown street. | Workmen who have searched since May I found his body in i quicksand 35 feet beneath th» earlh's surface. Discovery of the tody ended » 3100.000 subierranean search wiih ,,, . ,, „. , l<x > ls ranging from steamshovels to Miss Anita Stracke I* 111 from I an Armv mijle dctector ml ! m j >s ' _ _ „ , . j Corsino vanished Inlo the earth Judge G. E. Keck wa, m he city W |,en a creviro opened beneath his Satuiday. He is spending Ins lei-i fccl a _ ne was diggino al lhe ^j. sure time this summer at Hardy. tom of „ rive . [ooBt ° tr ° nch in s,, c . ond Street. An immediate search for his body was undertaken, but workmen ran into quicksand and repeated cave- ins that hampered their efforts even | after ?. huge colfer dam and wooden and steel sheathings were driven into the eailh. Read Courier Nevvs Want Ads. cntrio kin, of heart, he felt sure he was IN HOLLYWOOD BT KRSKINt JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspond** •••••••••••••••••••••••••••, By Erskine Jcilinsnn NEA Staff Corresponrlrnl HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Exclusively Yours: Here's the inside 0,1 why Greta Garbo doesn't return to the .screen. Nobody has offered ner a Jqb! Oec-Gee IB ready and willing ID go back lo work. But her agents haven i been able 10 (urn up a role. The roics she tins been mentiom:.! for, I'm sorry to discover, were strictly publicity stunts— stunts lo Eft thr studio publicity but not to get Garbo a job. For the love of Pete. I jt: s i re- mcnibi-red that Dcamia Durban's last pirttiit, "Sornelhir.s in the Wind." was a; one tiir.c tilled. "Far the Love of Mary." N'ow her new picture, after four previous titles. will be rclra.icd as "For lhe Love Of Mary." Lou McCallutcr and Peggy Aiv.i Garner will get a romantic team blliid-up in Producer Dill Moss' •••••• zine pboiofs. His dome life, claims, i; r:.s jwn. Finis for Mnrx Hros.7 The M.-.rx IJi-oth'.'rs' next (tentatively titled "Hearts a:id Diamonds." will be their IrM. they say. as a team. Or until the next one? Pro-'' du;er Lester Couan oc.'.cribcs il as a conieoy "Chaplin would have done before talkie dramatic if single word. Subtle crack all of Hie divisions to be a very conservative player, would I liave made a vulnerable overcall I of evtn one heart without at | least the king-queen of hearts and I king of spades, i Sanford McKENNEY ON BRIDGE By William i;. MiKcnncy America's Carrt Authority Written for NKA Service Squeeze /'/«y Wins Notice of Granting of IJ<IUO» Permit i Notice is hereby given that the fan the king of hearts,! Commissioner of Revenues of the then laid down four diamond Stale of Arkansas has Issued a per- tricks and six club tricks. This rnit. No. 534 lo Elmer Hall to sell left him with the ace and queen and dispense vinous or spirituous li- of spades, and Iti dummy thc six q UO r for beverage at retail on thn of sp;\dcs ami jack of hearts. Rca- premises described as ,24 E. Main, soiling that East was down lo the Blyliicville. Arkansas blank king of spades and king of i This permit issued on lhe 1st day hearts. Sanford Icd dummy's nf July 1945 and expires on the 30 ] spade, went up with lhe are day of June 1949 | caught lhe kinfr. and the queen nfi ' Elmer Hall j spades was good (or the 13th trick. | 7;1-10 nuns i rt i ' ^ r m a big Slam in i\o Trump s.iying n \ | • So many businessmen play tour- ; Subtle crack at the openiiiK of a ' na " ic " t bl ' iri 8 p lodi-y that it is | new M-O-M (Mi-ioon- "Tiiis n'cl-ic 1 not mul;:l ' al to wnll; f nto a store] ;-•. dccliciiu-ri lo .ill tlh> e dui.'- iviiii- ' " r officc autl !im! "" argument «'s wiia ]...»•{• ;i ; <w-*n with !oaclc'.t !? oln i' "',' ovc '' thc last evening's gui:—and rc;u::i k..-\iii\l " | hands. Jon Sanford. who is There THAV be iv.o Calamity Award Winner Junes on lhe screen lioris Day pia.-.s n;;e Brothers a::d UI :.s l Yvonro <]-> c.\r.o IDI li acter in a il.::eiem ir.u lor must be made more powerful, more militant In lt« demands for higher wages.—William Green president. APL. • * • I think thai time is on our side, not Moscow's. We have the Initiative and the Russians know it. They now stand lo lose much more than we by delaymj International agreements and 1 think the Russians are beginning to realise It.—Sen. Tom Connally io» of Texas. If prices ate to be kept from going through Ihe ceiling, u is u me (o mi>l „„ somc Coiur0 | s _ Clinton P. Anderson, former Secretary of Agriculture. "The BIR Cai." . It's all set (or . lier big dramatic b.'eal sitc Burl Lancaster in "C Mc-jn-Ahile, ihe.i lAk:r. g , ine lessons tor |w.^:Lli' Ii Warner _s atom :C chary. Yvonne lt oppj- o]icra. ihc Ritz Brothers to return to the .••crccn in a movie for Columbia after tlvir personal appearances ot tlie Lake Tshoc Bill more. Ajln, Youth Gary Gray, the 11-yrar-old act'ir who plays Lorelta Voting's son *:l "R.ichel and the Stranger," Ls a;:- i::g. He plays Virginia Mayo's bro- ihcr in "The Girl from Jones Beach." ... Ed "Archie" Gardner and his wile, 3imone, are Europe bound. | • • • I Tiro months ajo I Itemed: "Humphrey Fojart and Jjrren Bacall arr nirlinf: islth the stork." The rlale is official now — early Januai.v. She lias a gorceous .soprano voice. Bun. Hie I-gottr.-siay-iii-shape fiend, now has parallel b.irs right on liie set and r..x:s haiic;stands ailci flips between love .scenes with Vionnc. H< s ays he may go on a sia^e lour, doing ;•.;.> old circus roullr.c. Just before she release of ' Sorry. Wi-ons Numb' i." "II the routiiir ciiK-sn't £ O ovrr in theaters." lie l.iu^hril, "I can title U, 'Sorry. Wron'jE Act'." . . . . Robbv -,sr xci'^ rearlion ;<i ,,o:i B. rker doins ft lora'.ion scene lor "Tarzan and tl-.e Ariou- of Draiii. 1 "Gash, he's an Ei'jol Flyni) — with blood." There's talk of co-starring Sonja Hfiiie mid Q^ibjrA Ann Scc.'.i in ^ movie. Ma;.be Birbara likes the idea but I doubt if £onj.\ does. The pro- tej-Monal Jealousy there is lerrific. * Smforil . A Q n 3 V A 101 » K Q G3 •f A ,1 981 V 5 • R754 + 8432 k CJ 10 N W E S Dcoler A K 1074 » K Q 9 6 .12 » 102 A6 ¥ J 87 » A .1 D * A K J 9 7 6 Rubber- E-YV Vlll. Snillh \Vcv,l Xorth East 1 A 1'n .' A P.I 3 4 Pa :. w PI •.s 1 » «* '1 A ss 1 \ ••s S \' R » r.iss 7 N' 1 ¥ ,\ISS T. I':ISN T. p.i .,5 T. Pass Opening—^ K 19 3 Unclosed HOKIXONT.-VL 1.7 Pictured 4 Sca <*'''•) Lnskcr award S Rough lava x^•inncr 1 Dr. 1-tKcitcrale IR Sheaf 1 i Poems 19 Entreaty 20 Mela! 21 Writers' marks 1 24 Nolicr of draining of Liquor IVrinit KotH'o is liercby ^i\fii [hat Connni. .sioncr o[ Ucvrntus <>[ ciatcd with a haberdashery firm on New York's Kitili Avenue. i> very popular amoiii* tournament [•players. When the hoys drop into buy a new He or shirt, they nalur-i ally gel into a discussion of hands. | the In connection with today's hand. [ lhe Sanford .uisiihecl his .seven Myrna toy is making television of tren-ii^.er.^. . . . V.ui John.son playing Oarbo with the l«n m»ga- State ol Arkansas has is.sucd a per- Inmip bid by saying. "It was the mil. No. ,MO lo c. H. Kclh lo sell last hand of the game, and I knew and dispense, vinous or spirituous T had to get all the points to win." liquors for beverage at rotail on However, at rubber bridge I do Ihe premises described as 615-A not thing he was too optimistic, tes's for a 52->veok so.ip opera sc- j Knsl Main St. fiiyt'.ievillp. Ark. East made lhe untura, opening i!c.«. The role is mama of a couple : Tll 's permit issued on thc 1st day of lhe king of hearts. If the queen of July, Iflifl and expires on (he of henrls had been opened. San- I 30lh day ot June 194!). i lord thinks he would have been I C. R. Ke\\f 'on Ihd spot. But when he i»w the I mistake 26 British 28 Wireless 30 More unus 33 34 Accomplish 35Two (prefix) 36 Sun gorl 37Meta\disk .19 Fire residue 41 Employ 42 GoU mound 43Grain bristle 4f> Make anew 50 Era 5.1 Lairs 55 Urn 55 Girl's name S7 Visionary 59 Church [estiva] 61 Vendors 62 Shoves VERTICAL 1 Horse's Rail JHalf (pr«fir> 6 Portico 7 Unfettered 8 Pause 9Moriudin dye 10 Clamp 11 Basement 12 American inventor l3Ciiair 18 Doctor (ab.) 21 Singer 22Sorbic acid ester 25 Is borne 29 Indonesian of 46 At all time* Mindanao 4 7 War god 31 IJeforc 48 While 32 Siioi't-nappecl fabric 3R Burrow 40 He is an expert on and influenza 58 Myself 43 Augments 60 Symbol for 44 Existed gold 51 Merriment K Auricles 54 Salt 56 Worm

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