The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 14, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA^ TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1933 CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON IT IS ESTIMATED THAT THE EARTH RECEIVES" ONl^ ONB TWO-&ILLION7H OF THE, SUN'S HEAT/ HORSEBACK RIDING- WHICH DEVELOPS A SENSE OF FEEL AND BALANCE, TENDS TO MAKE BETTER AIRPLANE PILOTS THAN AUTO DRIVING. CODFISH ARE TH*" GOATS" FISH TRIBE:. SCISSORS; KNIVES, FINGER RINGS; OIL-CANS, POTATO PEELINGS, PIECES Of CLOTHINQ, RUBBER DOLLS* AND CORN COBS HAVE BEEN TAK1N PROM THEIR STOMACH?. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK •I got an idea, Mr. Schultzl You make me • cult, and I'll write you • poem." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN EDUCATIONAL 'CARTOONS ' OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS 'READ THE BTORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Pleturti by Klni) N OW that the mall plane's sailed away with all the valentines, let's play with scraps that are loft In the house," said Duncy, with ft grin. "We'll make some things all of our own. Gee, I can paste one up, alone." Tho Tlnlcs rushed back to the house and promptly scampered In. The Valentino man said, "Well, boys, <lo what you wish. Make lots of noiso. \\"hlle you aro havlnu fun, I'm going to make a little lunch. "You helped mo with my work, you .•^ce, and BO I think It's up to mo to pay you back, und eating Is a very liuppj- hunch." • * • "You bet it Is," said Scouty. "F will try to help. At least I'll try." Ho, while the others cut out iiaper, Scouty lent a hand. A little table soon was Kot and all the food that they could set was .spread around U. "Twas a luncheon that looked grand. Then Scouty shouted, "Here's a treat! Hoy, all you Tlnlcs, romo und eat! You've never Been a better spread, and there Is lots for all. "Ho, ho," cried Duncy. " 'Twon't take long to hop right up where 1 belong." The others joined him, in roNponso to Scouty's luncheon call. * * • They nil nto till they'd hnrt thplr fill Then Duncy Bald, 'Tin almost 111 fron stuffing. CiucsH I'll take u nap unc then I'll fed In trim." As soon an ho wus sleeping found woo Hroiity sHld, "Lid's Kiithcr 'rounf and make a funny valentine, juut for a .1oko on him." The Valentino man Enid, "I'll drav tlio funniest faco yon ever saw. 1 Duncy Is cood nuturrd. it will fill thf lad with Kieo." It wasn't long until thi«y woko Duncy, BO ho'd see tho ,1olto. Mu gnxw upon the nketch and then lie laughec and nald, "It'n me!" N-Z54 r i WANT*. > •TO CUfcAM GUM LOOK FOR THE RED JAPE OPENER OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN IW-M, JASON—SM A.CK, SMA.CK-—-I NEVER KNEW FRIED CHICKEN COULD TASTE.' SO DELICIOUS—AND THESE BlSCUlTS~^U|V\-!sA-~ECb/XD, I SAX TU\S SURPASSES THE N\C HAD IN BUCKINGHAM 'E-RILVy—BY JOVE, THE AAILX DIET "DOES ONE THING—IT CERTA\NLV AAAKES FOOD TASTEV ^^ HUSH VO MOU^-BEFtf MTSS. HCX3PLE HEAKS YO ? IF SHE KNEW AH WAS SNEAK- IN* FOOD TO YO WHILE \O IS ON "DAT MILK T>iTE,SH£D SMACK BEE HIVES ON MAH HAID, AN' DEN WEAR ABKOOfA 4ANT3LE -DOVN/t4 TO A MOTCH, ON YO " «. s I BETTER /> . • V<3 A 1193 BY NCA SUVICC. INC MO. U. S. PAT. Off* IS) •/A SMUGGLED SNACK _ 3-/K THE GUMPS Read It and Weep By SIDNEY SMITH P*"* IAY THE BOOK AH INFORMAL - B»M, STO IN AT THE ON HI* ) OUST DROPPED »N TO RETURM ^TWIS, BOOK MR. SORRV M,»LUE MOA^E. THIi IS THIS WAT MEETS HER EVES ? ROJA TWE SQUARE NICHE THE CENTER -A GUTTERING DROPS OUT— NAANE. I*OR ^BOOK^ V^HX I POUND) IT »N R i THE OTHER DAt- ILUE MU&T HAVE LEFT >T TO RSTOfcN THE 1 BROOCH IN -HEARTS LITTLE DOES W6AUZE VXMAT MAS HAPPENED TO AT L.OV6 P06TRY TOO- I WONDER >NHAT IT'S ABOUT- GRACIOUS! THAT E X BOOK Ai A HIDING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Step Up, Boys! By MARTIN HOW ASOOT O? WOTWKXb W PsW \ VAV ? T-sVi T*#ii I ntc. u. s. p«T_orr.C '93^ »r NEA SERVICE. INC FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS An Interruption! Bv BLOSSER THEY ALMOST 60T Uft WITH A POISOMCD ARROW AGAIN.'/ PER TWO CENTS I'D SO DOWN THESE AM 1 PUT THAT HOMBRE OVER ME KK1EC// THEY HAVE US TRAPPED... THC.V KNOW WE'RE TRYING TO RESCUE FRECKLES, AND NOW WE'RE POWERLESS THIS IS TERRIBLE II VJZ UMCLE HARRVS AND BILLY BOWLES'S PROGRESS HALTED, THE PROCESSION STARTS FOR THE SACRIFICIAL STOklEx AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN - SUDDENLY,' THE PROCESSION 15 IK1TERRUPTED BY A DRUMMING / TINNY SOUND, COMING FROM THE- DICECTION OF THE BEACH .'/ MASTA5HO E5TRECHO (NRERNILLO II. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Al Always Has an Out! By COWAN HUSBAND,AL. MET AN OLD FPIEND WHO, HE SW/S PROMISED WM A B)G JOB. AL HAS JUST RETUPNED FPOM A LUNCHEON ENGAGEMENT WELL, ANV OOB \ LAND COULD BE THE ONE THAT HA.PTLEV GOT FOP ME, COULDN'T IT CVEPVTH\NG'8 COMIN 1 ALONG \T'L.L. TAKE A LJTTUE TIME TCOME T'TEPHS AND T'HND OUT JUST / .WHAT THEY EXPECT FOP THE»O MONEV MV FP\END HADTLEV TOOK ME AUU THPOUGH H\5 PLANT. HE'S COT A BIG JOB UNED UP FOP ME, IT'LL BE TAKEN UP AT THE NEXT MCET\NG OF THE BOAPD OF DIPECTOPS BUT WHAT IF.CHICK AND GLADYS GET WISE THAT ALL, THIS HARTLEY BUSINESS IS THE BUNK TEtUUS WHAT HAPPENED D\D YOU LAND THE BIG JOB/ AL,? VEAH. DIDJA GET IT

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