Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 29, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH ASD DEMOCRAT. i dotenainea to a ^' tn olcct him , the custodian of Hie State fund*. FRIDAY. Auni 'ST 29, 1.890. REGULAR Walker C. Graves for A Homey- Gene »'i »l, S. J'. Boom for Survoyor- Genornl, find Henry C. Hull for Superintendent of Public Instnic STATE TICKET. EDITORIAL MITES. DON'T fnil to get your name on the Great Hegistor immediately. A MisMoinir exchange mentions tion, are new names to the Demo- 1 tttriff iUul Pensions as the twin relies, crats of thin county, but we can us- sure our readers that they are all men of marked ability and splendid capacity | them without liis consent. This J. JJ. Spencer for Supreme Court 1 , . ,, ... , . , don t altect women who support . Clerk is another nomii.atio:i which , . . . , . , their husbands. ! is a fitting testimonial to an upright ! public officer and a good man. I\f THE STATE CONVENTION" ' ''.ir rc; Stale Convention ivt San .lose elo- with the adjournment. Wendesdny aft noon. Tl..f OSEAT NEWS FEOM KANSAS, convention | A ST. Lnns | that a husband judge has decided met at 10 o'clock < Thursday morning, add immediately i proceeded to the third baibt for Governor, which resulted: Pone, :M'> • Cole- is not responsible, ,„„„, o 21 . K ,,^,,, ,-,«. Poulaeil, U for his wife's debts, if she coutracts i On the next ballot Pond was nominated. Tie received -I'M votes; Coleman, iSS; Fnclish, (ill; I'aulseli, ."">. Pond's n om- ination was then made unanimous, after Prominent Republican Newspaper Renounces Protection. which the FOR GOVERNOR, EDWAftD B. POND, OF SAN' FRANCISCO. LIEUTENANT-O0VERNOR, R. F. DEL VALUE, 01" I.OS AXUEI.ES. i'HE Sacramento Uee calls on its Spencer has already served as Clerk Republican friends to quit throwing run:!- .jcm-n y., J A. STA.M.T AiiorUTt: Ji*Tler JACKSON HATCH (aliort teiml S:\ntaClnm JAMES V. i.'OKl'KV Hum ccmil UEOKOK J.'. SMITH ilonii tenul MiiCRKTAHV Or HT .C1K, W. O. IIEXDRICJM rMSTRHI. 1.1:1:. JOHN V. Dl'SX sT^T¥., ADAM A iTOKNF.Y "IKSV.ilU, WAI.TRR I'. OHAVKS Snn FrMWrco HTASU'.V I! Ill M»I HIIIIIIKIIIII SCPKHO -TtNURVr (If IM'|!.Mr r.v.. rn I "cnus. •1BNKY V 111 I.I SwiM»l«o MI i'Jo:<it: i-ncitT c-Lj-ifK, J £> sl'KNCEB Stanislaus of the Supreme Court and ho is in a fair way to serve another. Our district nominees are also strong, able men. Mendocino carried off the Railroad Commissioner j for the First District in the person | of Hon. A. Yell ..Ai»mr.i31 the nomination by a large majority rocks at Pond. It says that. Dan Burns, the thief and embezzler, manipulated Miirkham and thereby enveloped him in a glass house. Do not fail to read the Democrat Mr. Yell received i<: Sbiie platform, published in another column. It has a true, hon- to it, and is in marked eon- nn evidence of tl ' ns *' to evasive, and in some in- j of votes, which, as his opponent cs *- rin is sauFrano!*:*U'ns a strong one ,.L M An B «i«.| of hif) popu j arity throughout ^orth- -bailees cowardly, utterances of the is at Bcpubliean platform. ; em California. The district san fraiidw! present represented by a JJepubli Flscer T. .1 I tlMiltFXS. r. l; A RY Sonoma [iintji l .e -Tiucr. JOHN" I'. miSlI Alameda r«i it III MSTlUeT. A'tjoumeft lo mrct n> >'rrn Fran(tzr <i ttf (h? iHi .!J of tlir t foiir. can, but Senator Yell is a wheel horse in A campaign, and he has never been defeated, either in nomination or election, for any office for which he has been a candidate, i He has twice been elected District Attorney of Mendocino county and | served with distinction in both i houses of the State Legislatuie, bei ing at present joint Senator for | Lake and Mendocino counties. ; Few young men in the State have ! climbed the ladder of fame and hon- AVITH a united effort the Democrats can elect every man on the ticket. Don't, in the face of victory, give way to vonr personal prejudices against any man on the ticket, but stick for principle. We have a splendid ticket, and now let us elect it from top to bottom. It will be a nice crowning act. for a year of high prices for fruit and hops. j tion iu attempting to place upon the Domo—•'• | eratie majority in the Legislature the en- rtlnpt week of the Democratic ! the rosponsibilily for the appropriations marie during the Inst session. The Republican ini 'iiiliersoitin- legislature voted in ! ' r ., . . , . , i rcrnm llu- Atchison ChiMnpion Ulcn >' lavor of tiie appropriations which were " made the subject oi criticism, and in' When such recognized l!ep«hlican lcad- everv instance the appropriations so l prfl ,lH J "" ,eH (f - »l«ino nnri PreMon ». made were approved !.y a Itci.uhliran i J)''imb essay to riepnrt.very widely from Executive, whoso ndiuinis'trntion bis party convention had not the manliness t) indoreo nor the couraite to condemn. Eleventh—We declare lluita State rate of tnxtition not excecdini; 4.1 cents on each $100 of assessable property (according to the a^ses-ed vahiari.'ii of 1881b 1 , iK 'inj; a reduction of 'J7 cunts and 2 mills, i" siiilicient to raise an ample revenue t.> inept ttie annual expenses of the State poveruuieut, and we pledge our nominees to a strict and faithful adherence to the above, and we do demand that the different county conventions pledge their legislative candidates to the. same limit. Twelfth—The democracy oi California pledges lis nominees to the Legislature to . use all lawful means to secure the enactment of a law embodying the Australian ballot system substantially as that now existing in the .State of Afassaehiisclts. Thirteenth—We favor the election by the people of the Supe.-intenrient of State Printing. , ,i„ ctrl '«e. fourteenth—We pledge our Senators! Recently, however, the Champion hap V. Coll'ev of .San Kraii- ' am ' KcprcsontativcK in Congress lo use i discovered certain reasons for very ma- IVessley, of Sonoma, John : honorable means to secure liberal ap-; terially changing its mind on this subject, I'liunas, John W. An\- propriations from the general govern-1 and at this writing it has no hesitancv iu ure Store! ihitt Wl: lltlVl IF you take from the Republican party the bloody shirt and their T J CIX'NIH. ! orable distinction as vapidly as he, I pretended love for the Union soi- rraoc " K!0 , and we feel sure that in November ' diers there is not much left. Blaine K \i i.ii»Ai» roMMISSIOM:IW. rnisT nisTiucT, VEI.I Mcnrloi-ion IIISTKICT, lAIU.K^ UVSWKLL. JII S.m Francisco run::.- Vi^Tlili.T, AR'.'HKK Santa Clam noiiio or F<H Ai.i/.vrso.N. yi HST niKTRtcT, Aitjoumed lo meet a{ the call of the Vhnir. HECOSn DIHTRK.T, JAMKR BRADY Al« K. H. 1IEAMEH roCimi DHTItlCT^ JOHN T. CAFFEV . an- '"'or Controller, ,1. : next he will add another victory to ; is for reciprocity, and that means I'. Ihmn, the present inciimbent, was i his unbroken record of success. j nothing loss than free trade so far nominated on the first ballot. For ! R. H. Beamor, as nominee for , as it goes. 'The peojde are opposed : Treasurer. Adam llerold, present iiicum •member of the State Board of: to the McKinley bill, ami now a ; Equalization for the Third District, i Republican Senate refuses to con, '' v '' " r " ,v, ' K ' 01 ™» ''•'ancisco, was gives us an able and ofticieut man. j aider the Force bill until after this His nomination by acclamation tes- year's elections. : tines to his indomitable energy,! , three candidates wore named: ' for his opponents were all able and ; TUB nomination of Pond has ; C- )!on "b of llitmboldt, 11. W aiididaies addressed the convention. K. 1-. J>e| Yalie, of Los Anee- los, was then nominated tor l.ieiitenanl- (iovenmr. l-'or Chief Justice oi the Supreme Court, John -V. Stanly and Win. T. Wallace were placed in nomination. Stanly received the nomination by a vote of .'!;'!> to L'SI?. 1 -Y »r Associate Justice .'unexpired term. Jackson Hatch, of robins, Robert V. (Inyne, of San Mateo, mid.f. W. Hughes, of Sau Diego, wre placed in icnoination. The first ballot resulted.- Hatch, -JJ'.i; Hayne, lT.'v; Hughes, lilO. <>n the secoml ballot lirdch was nomiunteri, after which the Convention adjourned until lOo'oloek the following day. l-'riday morning the convention was called to order and proceeded to nominate two Associate Justices for the full term, lame cisco, John ( D. <iood\tiri ...... meat ior the purpose of making those great commercial highways, the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and their tributaries, and nil other navigable waterways, freely navigable at all seasons of t he your fifteenth — Wo are iu favor oi the general government fostering and encouraging the mining industry, if the same can !-e done without injury to others. Sixteenth—The Democratic, party of California reaflivuis its resolution oi 188<5 on the water ipiestion, reiterating its assertion that the English law of riparian their life-long convictions on the mi df- question, it certain!*' will not he "oriously LISIIM ENT ill lllC contended that other Republicans, who! have never faltered iu their adherence to . always t'il I'l'V .1 1' till the protective taritl' idea, forfeit their party standing or furnish (.'rounds for im- peachingtheir Republicanism, if they too, Ujion mature deliberation, make bold to express views on that subject at variance with the accepted party dogmas. i'or over "'I years the CViui/iyi/en has advocated and defended the protective taritl'theory. It has argued thisipiestion ; with all the logic at its command. It bus ! furnished columns oi fads and figures in support oi protection versus free trade. \ Sincere in its belict that the i.mlv true . economic policy lor this country was .'"protection to American industries," it j has neglected no opportunity to set forth FIR ST- (.' I J A >SS ()V A 1 ;• its advantages and to combat what it has l invariably designated the free trade ; iieresv. Reing a Republican journal, it J has specially emphasized the Republican It to announce to the people of Ukiali inid viciitify opone.l a FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE ESTAB- Fiiglt' Block. I have on hand and will Slock of FURN1TI HE, CARPETS, DRAPERIES, WALL PAPER, OIL PAINTINGS, PICTURE MOLDINGS, ARTISTS' MATERIALS, CURIOS, ETC. All my (iooils nr.. ol'ihc ,'ci-y LATKST STYLES, and of 1TY. I \ni.i. (ii'ARAN'Ti:!.: if Plumas, .1 strong, of Sacramento, James K. Murphy, of Del .N'ortc, lico. A. Johnson, of ."Sonoma, and (Jeo. II. Smith, of Dos .\ngelcs, were, placed in nomination. Coffey and Smith were nominated on the tirst ballot. I-'or Secretary of State, W. C. Hendricks, the present incumbent, < SeorL'e W. l'cckman, of Watson- ville, and lv C Singletarv, of Santa Clara, were placed in nomination. Hendricks was nominated on the first ballot, receiving ?A'i votes to a.l;t fof Singletarv and Si! for Peck LOA Antfclet tights is inapplicable to the circumstances and conditions of California ; reaffirms ! f, row P ,veRlt1 ' rat ,, tho ,^ r "" ,He , the doctrine tliat the waters of the State belong to the people of the State, to be used for irrigation, mining, manufacturing and otiier useful purposes, and that, they should never lie subject to private Stanley ownership or monopoly; reallirms the , , T „ I ,* i , • , „ „ ^ . ™ ttf ">. : policy of the district svstem, and pledges popular men; and to come into the j thrown the Republican press of this i ot J ' os A »l«los, and P. R. Davis, of So-. it „ cll - , 0 inH(er| mnonA „ nil porl - cpt thv convention with the strength that' Slate into the last ditch of despair, i " oni!l- received 3&J votes, Patton benl, was nominated by acclamation. Walker C. 'Jr.ives, of Sim Francisco, nominated for Attorney-! ieneral, receiving 4tK) votes to lii'i f,, r John R. Kiltrell, ' of Stanislaus. For Surveyor-General, STATE SI.">"VTOH. THP.LJT1I I»IHTSlIC*r. J. H SEA WELL. COUNTY TICKET. ^CITIirOK Jl.'tiOK, U MtQARVEY... <:. W TI.VDAU,.. J. M. STANDLKV AsHfl.M ELY MAN, poriect. system inaugurated under and by virtue he did surprised everybody except. and these party organs are reveling j ^ ^Znimor 'rV "~„" those who know hiin well. The in a perfect mud bath themselves, ; perintendent, II. C .Hall, of San Mateo convention made no mistake iu and are throwing it at everybody in ; was nominated on the second ballot, re­ nominating Dick Beamer, and he sight. Journals like the Sacramcn- , ceiving - HO votes to tin fo r \\>. T. Weick- i will sweep the district in next No-; to Record-Union, which have boon ; 01 '' " f Berkeley, Iti for C. ('. Smith, ot' ,,,,, Mnrin 47 tnr \v i.' PI..»I „• c-. . ri a " (i should be fostered and encouraged. | vember. : considered respectable, are wallow-; " >lan "' 4 ' |or " • h - C1 " rk - 01 Slln,tl Cruz hK j For Congress in this, the First! ing in the filth with the San Franj District, we have T. J. Geary, of | cisco Chronicle and other black-, prescnt illc „ mbeMt> ,„„, w h As(]0 o ! Sonoma county. Mr. Geary is the \ mailing sheets. ; San Prnncisco were placed iu nomination. I most prominent attorney of the bar' j Spencer received the nomination on the j of Sonoma county, and is a brilliant ' THE Lakeport Avalanche says that! ,irst ballot by a vote of tot; to 228. After ,, , tY jand able man. We are credited 'Mr. Seawe -11, the Deraooratie nomi- ' clecti "8« «l"to Central Committee the ' ° ^ \ with having made a gallant fight for : nee for Senator from this district, is ; Convention then adjourned «i»< die. Judge Hudson of Lake county, amU not jiopular in his home county, ' ' we went down to defeat with him. Let mi see. Two years ago Mr. "We fee) as sure now as befoic the '. Seawell van for tho Assembly and convention met that he would have ; WER opposed by G. T. Rhodes, n swept the district and led tho I Republican of much ability and the Democrats to a glorious victory, j highest integrity. He was elected Mr. Geary, however, was the choice j by 34!) majority, over 50 votes ahead of the convention, and the wreath j of his party vote. Mr. Seawell MlUTWllM roC.S'TV CLKHfi, J. J. MoKKOW Mendocino COi;KTV Tr.EAHCBKK. 11. M. OIllSON ItkUli UlHTniL -r ATTORSEV, J. Q. W1IITK I'HUi I'til/STV ORDF.R, r. C. ALRKICrsuN Ul.lali SOIIOOf. HCI'KKI.NTKN'IIKKT, MBS. a W. HASKKTT VUtix CORo.N'KJt ASH I'CIIMC AI.JiiftlHTRArOR. 11AVID CABSON' Hot Springs AB.SMtfOK, C. P. SMITH Uklah COUNT* SCRVKYOll. R. P. YORK Hemillase A. R DAVIDSON ThirdDhufet i November next. Mr. Geary is a j snip j.. RBDUMBYKB Fifth ni.trict; „ Jftn 0 f brilliant attainments, and is ; M He be- 1 71, and Davis 0. Room's nomination 0 f tnp resolution of 1S8I1. J Seventeenth—We behove in a liberal support of our citizen soldiers and the ; National Guard. It is an integral and necessary part of our State government (I should be fostered i and 31 for W. A. C. Smith of Napa. Fori I'-igbteenth-We are opposed to all supreme Court Clerk, J. D. Spencer, the ! for, » 8 of »»»U>tuar.v legislation and to all unjust discrimination against any business or industry. Nineteenth—Wo believe that the wine growing industry of this State should be fostered, nourished and encouraged by suitable legislation, both State and 11111 liotial. DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM. , Twontiolli-Wo believe that eight hours should constitute a days work, ' „ „ and that tho present law to that end Tho RIiifttuK RoBOlntiortB Adopted loy ' „ , „ ! should bo rigidlv enforced, ttie Convuntion at San Joso. ; • _ . Twenty-first—We condemn as extrav- i First—The Democratic party of the ' agant, wastul'ul and wrong tho udminiri- i State of California, in convention lissom- 1 trillion of the nfl'airs oi the State Prison ! ble 1, renews the pledges of firiollty lo the ! at San Quoulin under the Republican I 1 I Democratic faith and reaffirms the dot trines of the national 500: R( | OUR TICKET. of victory we had prepared for: made an able Assemblyman Judge Hudson will encircle the | will carry Mendocino county by- brow of Sonoma's favorite son in ] majority in his race for tho Senator November next. Mr. Geary is MABKIUM has chosen Dan; a matchless campaigner. He be- 1 Bl|rnB „ 8 one of hiH manftRers , j £l .. ! longs to the fighting Democracy, 1 Blu .ns manipulated Markham's light '• j and will make a lively and aggres- 1 in the y. l( ,j, ftmt , nto convention, and ! The recent Democratic State Con- j sive campaign. He stumped ibis 1 J 0( J the great stampede which re-: vention at San Jose nominated the ! district two years ago, and the mag-; KU ttott in his nomination. This has , strongest, ticket that haB ever been j nilicent ability he displayed on that [ UYiU \ b B i ml s famous, but not half placed before the people of the ! occasion undoubtedly won for him ! (ls famous its the fuel that he stole! State of California for their support j bis recent nomination. | .-sir>0,000 from the Stale Treasury a j and approval. | For Senator from the Sixth Sen-' mm ,i,er of years ago and tied to : "miration in a manner to modify the. pres- The nomination of E. B. Pond I atorial District, comprising Lake ^ j[ es j COi There is an old saying ont erroneous tari/f, suggest with more for Governor is a triumph of pure j and Mendocino counties, Hon. J. I t|,nt people are known by the com" a, "l'hasls than words that the reins of 'puny thev keep. Mnrkham has' ^'~»' »l'°»l<l he placed in safer 1 ' 1. ' c 1 • . • • " hands. chosen Burns for Ins politica com- tv„ 1 1 1 .1 1 , third—H e denounce and condemn the panion. : Republican majority in the national A MAN named Swinnfurth, in I!H- i t ! 0UHfi of ^''Preseulalives for the passage 1 • , 1 . „ • , , , ; of (he Im'ninouH bodge Klectlon Hill, hv nois, claims to be Christ and has ! ' - platform of I.S34, \ pled at SI. Louis, Missouri. ! Second—A. depleted treasury, the im-i jiosiliou oi uneipial and oppressive taxes, ! the eilbrl to .nart coercive legislation,! the arbitrary disregard by the Speaker of J the House of Representatives of all par- • liameiitary rules, and the shameless ser- j vility displayed by tho majority in the ! House of Representatives in yielding I ready obeyance to his tyrannical man- ' dates, their refusal to aid the Democracy j in its effort to procure the passage of a 1 measure permitting the free coinage 01" silver, the neglect, of the present arimin- managetnent. Twenty-second—-The Domoerntie party of California declares itself unalterably j wherever 111 opposed to all schemes having for their object the division of the Slate of California, and pledges itself to maintain this great commonwealth, brought into the ', uerican I'niun by Democratic statesmanship, undivided in its greatness. Two Optnionu of the Tariff Bill. declaring that, all sentiment and bias aside, while a protective tarill'is a decided and almost, indispensable benefit to the East, the great manufacturing and financial stronghold of our countrv, ior the West, the great, agricultural area of our land, it is a positive injury, a barrier toils progress, an insurmountable hindrance to its development, and an eti'ectual estop­ pel to its material prosperity. What has led the Clmmpinn totbis conclusion, this radical change in its economic opinions? flriefly this: It lias found that under the dominance oi the protective idea the Kast has steadily and to tho detriment of the West. Iu other words, tho Kastern manufacturers and capitalists have incrensed their accumulations enormously, while tho fanners of the Wept have, during the same period, made no proportionate gain, but, on the contrary, have been reduced to a condition of vassalage, of tribute-paying serfs. To put it in Btill another form. The capitalists and manufacturers in tl .o East, aided and abetted by a protective tariff, have made money in fabtilona sums, while the farmers of Ihe West have been scarcelv able to maintain themselves respectably. Not only so, btit Eastern manufacturer!! and capitalists have, by reiiBon oi this protective tariff, been placed in a position where their financial power fives them practical control of our Government in ol! its departments, des- j pito the votes and wishes of the people ; of the Western States—who, by reason of > being large creditors, of necessity borrow- j ers of and dependants upon the F.ast, are 1 virtually politically disfranchised, : These facts have induced the Champion ; at this timo to make public its conviction j that a protective tariff is one of the many ! things the West does not want and can-: not afford to sustain. ' The Western farmer has no interest whatever in a protective tariff. His interest rather lies in the direction of free : trade—of access to all markets—wherever his products may be in demand, it is for his interest to sell what he raises all the wide world he can find a purchaser, and thus provide himself with the means of disposing of tho surplus crops. Not only is he vitally in! terested in securing all possible markets be equally so in buying what ha needs as cheaply as possible. Sell where he may anil buv at the lowest figures; this, selfish as it may seem, is what most con- corns the Western fanner. Free trade will give the West the markets of the world, and an opportunity to To EvKUYlKMiv. A fair shave oi' lite Public !\iti'nnage is solicited. <ni(/ <:,r<iniiiii' my s/oc/'. TrTomrs for Business, J. W. EVERSOLE, Eagle Block, State St., UKIAK, CAL. of .1. \ now 11 wo nave ri'innvei] Having purchase! ! stock ami lixluiv ,(}R0CKRY ' the corner of School and j west corner of Public i Willi the combined ! public the Largest ant its I .I10 lo that the en 1 1 re CORNER j stand, on I Stainllcy Streets, north- >(iu,"i re stocks, me we now oiler to the j Collection of Ever ii to irive -don. a call tit on 1 ml and invite the public! new quarters. j We are prepared to supply large ranches, com-! •U a remarkably low figure. panics, etc., with good Country produce of all kinds bought and sold Fresh Pruil and Vegetable received daily. Goods delivered free lo all parts of the city. politics, and gives to the Democrats I H. Seawell of Ukiah, was nominated ! of tho State a standard bearer who , by acclamation. A better nomina- 1 will lead them to a glorious victory. • tion could not have been made. > Wo doubt if there is a man in the j Mr. Seawell will curry Mendocino j State of California to-day who is! county by 500 majority, and his ma- j more highly esteemed or respected than Mr. Pond. Aud he deserves it all. His name, wherevor known, is a synonym of honesty and integrity, and the unimpeachable record of his public and private life has drawn to him t.3ie confidence of Democrats and Republicans alike. K. F. Del Vallo for Lieutenant- Governor is also a very strong nomination. Mr. Del Valle has been aptly described as the biggest little Democrat iu tho State of California. jority in tho district will equal that of Senator Yell four years ago, which was over 700. We have before dwelt on tho merits of Mr. Seawell. As a legislator he has n State reputation, and he will represent this district in the next State Senate with a degree of ability which will rofleot much credit upon himself and bis constituency. which that, majority seeks, masquerading; secured quite a following. HiH 1 „„. ^ o[ b ft (ree 1)a n„t aiut a home is large, and ho calls it heav-1 fair count," to porpetuatu it?e!f in power or.. He surrounded himself with 11 1 by insiduously destroying the liberties of number of women, whom he calls American citizens, usurping the legiti- angels. He has been running this ! miUe tonMum of state governments and , ., ' bringing Federal elociIon machinery into home tor more than ft vear, and!.,.,, ... , • . j interminable conflict and collision with now a number of children are being ! (he Blatutory eir , jrtll of lho 1)00plc 0 , the born in this "heaven'"' to these j var iouB commonwealths of our Union to angolfl " who have no husbaiidH,! institute a genuine practical and parina- and their paternity is vuiblusliingly ! nent political reform. Wo hold that this attributed to the Holy Ghost ! If I H P edcH ol ,, '<*'<« , « 1 interference with th» this fellow Swinefurth lived in' ' ,00 » l0 in l!ie "gtatrntion of their sovor- ifornia, there would bo a crucified in short motor. Christ' oign will is despotic and centralizing in i ite tendencies, dangerous to ( JIG liberty, peace and prosperity of the people, revo- 1 lutionary in its nature and purpose, and ' THE St. LouiB Globe-Democrat, j the leading Republican newspaper He !R n native Galifornian, and is ; in the Mississippi Valley, admits in immensely popular wherever known.! these words tho charge made by He has several times been a mem-j Democrats of an impending deficit j A LABOE number of the Republi- ber of the Assembly and Senate of ] in tho National Treasury: j enn papers are claiming that Pond this State, and has run ahead of liisj TO permit tbegovemmem to cscnpo the hie ! owes bin nomination to Boss Buck- Jwilrut In ft\-nvv /'nnlflul h« hoc ralllntlon uud t-mhiirussineat of H ilelklt, ft dc-{, ..[,,,..,. Ucket in evci* contest Ho | ^ , n h00k . keeplw wbMl wa , uot ley. There is not a man in the ) Fourth—Wo donoiinoe the M been in. i looked for mid which wan not aviiitHhtc H few j State who believes anything of tho ! D '" heing opposed to ihe best i J. A. Stanlv for Chief Justice ! weeks ngo, will apparently u B v« to be rmortcd I j- j Bueklev and his mii*i.nrtm -«i of Ul " Prodncinij and consuming 1T , u t * T ir iU'. The bunk note redemption fund o( Rbcut iaJlu ' "utKiej aim I11S HlipjioitOlS *> and Jackson Hatch, James V. Cof-1 |6Si000l0 oo, which tbe new diver ]»«• reieune., 1 fought Pond until within a minute! fey and George E. Smith for Asso-! via have ,0 he or.. w .i ou m order u>nt the 8 «vj of Uuj n0lnination md it wlH )10t ' . , T ,. , . -i. . , ,. , . 1 ernmviil may etccpe the dlagraee and discredit I ' " UL ciate Justices make 11 judicial ticket | ot lamUl!W .y. Even u» li wktaw and ob- that OUght to SWOOp tho Stale. J tune o( the Slepubltinn! ol Congress W. C. Hendricks for Secretary of MY JAMES O. lll.AlNi:, j There is not a section or a line in the j entire bill that will open the market for j buy what it requires at less than half it another bushel of wheat, on another bar- i now pays for these same articles, rel of pork. Dumber, hardware, furniture, clothing, 11 Y KB.NATOII ei.c.Mii. i groceries and agricultural implements— It looks to me a good deal as though i the VVt " ,t «««''« PHncipally. Free some persons interested in Ihe rate of duties had said : "We do not, care what tho effect is upon the revenues; that is not our concern, nor our responsibility; some Congress has got. to meet that, and in the meantime we waul the pound of '.!c:'b." / HI ill not sd y the ytmml 0/ Jlenk nominated in the hand, be .caust' there tvn$ no I oomf; but thoy want the benefit of tbe opportunity to be. created, and they have succeeded in getting it, whereby their profits will be enhanced—1 will not say anything now about the resulting to the benefit to the country—but whereby their profits will bo enhanced; and it is a very awkward condition of thinjjK, a very injurious condition of things, that has boon brought about to tho country. The State Division Question. I'omono Times-Courier (Hep.) Tho State division business is going to a direct contra vent Ion of the principles of! 1,0 a P ROU J' llnru P' 11 for Home of the red- freo government as bequeathed to us by j llot D'dDiccl Southern California papers to the fathers of our Constitution. ! HW!l!lmv 'hiring the campaign. They State is also n splendid nomination, He has so iibiy filled tho office for four years that his re-nomination 011 the first ballot was but an expression of the high esteem in which he is hold by tho^oinocials throughout ho State. Tho nomination of John P. Dunn for Controller was a fitting tribute io an honest aud conscientious pub- lie servant. His nomination for the third timo is unprecedented iu tho political history of tho State, but the sjintinient; of the people demanded it, and it came to him! without solicitation on his part. | Adam Herald for Treasurer was renominated by acclamation. He hm \mm tvii>A \n tho furnace and , found true to his trust. His unim- poHchabie honesty was 11 recommendation that tho Democratic par­ te' Aniy appreciated »nol Ui *»y, have •tumid begin to understand Dy 'bin time Huu the party In Its management of the tlseal nll'iiir* of the uutton, if* pressing perilously cloue to ibe danger Hue Two YFAKS ago the leaders of the Republican party advocated, with the energy of despair, tho doctrine of high tariff'; to-day a largo element in tbe party has changed front and is talking about tho imperative 110- cftHiiity of reciprocal trade relations with certain foreign countries, and that means free trade with those countries, at least. Consistency is | indeed a jewel. i of the country Fifth—Tho Democratic party is now, i as It has ever been, unalterably opposed until the country delegates fairly j to Chinese Immigration. Tho ChiiiBBo "plunged" on him and absolutely j Restriction Act adopted as tho result of assured his nomination that Pond { Democratic etl'orf, is about to expire, and received the vote of the San Fran-! h ^ lh " ^ 'Y'""*"*" !?,?"*"* " lftW - , ,. ., , . ; perpetually excluding all Chinese from Cisco delegation. Pond owes U ,o United States, nomination solely lo the country! Sixth—We favor the f r oo coinage delegates, who stood by him and i silvor, and demand that ll bo made fought for him like heroes. I unlimited legal tender for id ! public and private. „, a ii. , T , . ! Soventh— We favor the enactment ef Tin'. Sacramento Record-union; , , ., . . says: Hiienimentmii "f both politica! pm-lles regret have favored State division for years and preached the doctrine on all occasions, but thoy seem to have pulled in their trade will bring these tilings to us nl tig- j ures far below protective prices. ! In all this the OfWmpt'ou speaks solely j from the standpoint of selt-iutercst. It is ; with States and sections as with individ-" nal citizens—self-preservation is the first j obligation. A due regard to our sectional j preservation, territorial interest, do- j mamis the adoption of free trade—com- j morcial reciprocity with all nations. The j East, as we have Mated, has grown dan- j gerously rich by means of a protective j tariff; now let the West assert itself and j use the moans at its command to change j its economic policy to ono more conducive ! to sectional welfare. ,' Tho quostion is broader than party ! lines. It is more vital than mere formal political organizations, and more essential than the dominance if any particular set o( politicians, Ior it touches our life and is indissoliibly interwoven with our existence. Protection continued '20 years longer, and the West, with its vaBt agricultural possibilities, would bo a pauper, bound hand and foot, l ^et us who live bore in tho West be fools no longer, but lot us oxercise our common sonse and protect THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! Tho Greatest Machine. Ever Invented! horns very suddenly, and don't, like (! 1C j our own interests by obtaining, just as of an purposes, subject just, now. Wo rather think it was a good thing, and when it is accomplished it will bo a better one. Wo believe in State division and in county division. Wo aro " dead 011 tho divido," have always boon dividing, and expect to continue so to do. Tho filato IH too long aud the county is too big. 8ma!l Status, snuili counties, und small farms aro good thingB to have, and we want to see thoni all, righl here. jslringont, laws against frusta, pools, com- I biiios find monopolies wlieroby legitimate ' jcompelion Isdoslrovcd and the neeessi- comforts oi life enhanced in Unit JIUIKB ArnmlroUK »«••" not nominated by j the San June Oriii vi-iillmi. lie !« nil able Jnrlm, j and inix .ae rluiiiv nf ihe i'»!!v«ntK.'u uai! wns rial- ! price. 1). nominated but for Ihe tleacherl' nf Muss' ],';,,| ,i \l'„„„,- .-, .-,, j Burktoy >ml„lo,,s. ,.i s fr,e.,d« shoa.d remem , - V ,T. °" " 01 11,0 U[WU(m I ber tiilKou election diiy : 01 '''««•••• Males .Se ml t.-,r« by „direct vote ! f........ I 1 n , ., I of thn o/.oolo ilm i uttmeHtlv Ri :oifiTisii! Register!! Register! fudge Armstrong would probably ' " , ' 1,,u, , i [have received the nomination had not Buckley shown his cloven honf, The Sau Francisco delegation fought for Armstrong with desperate energy, urged on by tho blind boss, but tho country dobfatos The RfpuoticaH /'«« Huid that tiui coming campaign watt to bo one of prm- ciplo, and staled that If. would refruln from mud slinging. This week its editorial columns are filled with inn iliiliosii kind Oi mud. iV'u aro amiized uud mor? tified at H» loas of dignity. Neighbor,. 1° » Htain)stijl, and buried Arm what doee this mcon 1 ' strong under an avalanobo Q! votes urge the iidoplion of such an amendment to tho Cunstitittioii of the Dulled Stales as will accomplish I hut result. Ninth—We indorse the course of the Democratic Senators anil iieproHontalives iu Congress, and commend them for their vigorous defense of the puhhc in- whipped Buckley and his minions ' fl ' 1 /' l,,Bir ''" l '" ,,,U( 1,1 l,,n i wolliiro ol our State. Tenth-We call attention to the hypoc- j ord as Mayor is unimpeachable on I Hay of the late Republican Stuto C'onveu- scoro of hoiwwty anil Integrity. j For Clean Politics. i Inyo Independent(Uep. \ J The nomination of Mr. Pond is a strong I move In favor of clean politics, and j whether Markhani o r Pond be elected, ! California will have no cause to blush | for her ( iovernor. The vole for Governor may he fairly taken as a test of tho feeling of tho people on State division. Mr. Murkhnm is the nominee of Southern California and. of (ho people who favor State division. .Mr. Pond is the nominee of tho fiialo one and indivisible. To neither man can the charge of boodle bo attributed. They were both iiomiti- ] uteri on their merit*. Mr. iMarkhitni poHKcSses tim comlriotico and esteem of Southern California niul Mr. PoiulV roc- the quick as possible, tho freest trade with all its attendant benefits, The census returns show the pupulation of tho country is about 04,470,000. Now York heads tho list with a population oi (1,022,400, and Pousylvania comes next with 5,28(1,000. Illinois and Ohio havo 3,801,285 and 3,000,000 respectively. In the list of Stutos having loss than threo million and more than two me Missouri ! with 2,788,000, Indiana with 2.224.S22, Michigan with K.175,000 and Texas with 2,142,000. Massachusetts heads Ihe list under two million with a population of l,!)Uli,000. Then come lowu, 1,020,000; Uoorgia, l,8»fi,000; Kentucky, 1,880,0.10; Virginia, t,878.000;Tennessee, 1, sot. ODfi; Wisconsin, l,l}S2,0.)t); Kansas, 1,(18,1,0 (11); North Carolina. 1,07:1,000; Alabama, 1,040,000; Minnesota, 1.41.5,000; New Jersey, !,508,000; Mississippi, l,:H7,t')iii); California, l,:i42,0O0; South Carolina, 1,104,000; I.outBiana, 1,122,0,1); Nebraska, 1,105,000; .Maryland, 1,070,000; and Arkansas, 1,043,000. Then Ihore are seven- toon flates with populations of lota than a million, West Virginia leading uiih 77o,000 and Nevada in the rear with 46,000. IV:// f.,it,:»t and Moxt J\ iil'ilii!/ " »i*r.iiiUij. POWERFUL MANSFOLOER. AH the type c > M ci by abru.h device m 10 MCO da without S oUiu« bands. t lo LEO. h 218 Saiuiome Street. Wan l-'ranclsrii. Write for itosorlptive ord.Blog .iie and prices to ALEXANDER & CO., fJcneial Agouu. LE TRIANON, Blue Lakes, Lake County, Cal. - PEOPJEKKTOB. THE PISST HOTBI, COMING FROM UKIAH. X^V^!^^^ .an. Addri'ss WKKS. IN Till-: ci'S'- . » nigii, hniiiiiiot'lia, ele "Joy u an,., siiiiclnv party I.«Ice Cumil.v. Cut EMILE VERDIER, Herlhu !'. p. Persons wisliiui; lo subscribe Ior tho DtsfAicH-DmincHAT win do so through any poatmaHtor. « •-— SUSSCEIBE FOB THE- MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! * The Lmihin Newspaper in Meuodochw County, Gal. SUBSCRIPTION PRICK, . 82,60 PER YEAB

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