The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 21, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1894
Page 1
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t t ( tr f ,1'^ •* ' 5 U fvV 1 '- ' f \ YOL XVin. NO, 85. CAftttOLL, IOWA, MflA|gDECEMBEit 21, 1894. WHOLE NO. 92 8 ,p ra , m Diy Go* Store, UotfULnOL Next Door west of Postofflce ieats SE/ I GUILD MAKES ©^ THE LOWEST PRICES -/9 On Everything Ho Sells '1 i , HERE WEARE withthe finest selected stock of staple and fimoydry goods eVwfeen to Carroll. We have taken great paina to net the beat roods th« mai-lmt ,«m*, I ^JfctT* ^ 7° T, y ° U ™ ^ T W W- 1 ™ 3 , PER ° ENT ° n y ° Ur h0 ^I PUrcbaSe8 - Om Btore has been ££•£*£ttaVterCand 8 rt t has rf™ U8 ± I r^^riss^ ™ «*> * «•» >*~ ^ T.***™*******^^ I Men's Christmas NECKWEAR Handkerchiefs. 1 O Bptaagooa colored bordered handke | A Is chief hemmed and ready for use.' 3o A One colored borderod,\hemstltehed warranted fust colon. r K*k An extra one colored bordered or a beat OC MM plain white or embroidered. Thes I ^ w goods would be cheap at Ifio ordinarily. 1 A beautiful Irish lawn handkerchief hand embroidered and band drawn work. Thiue goods sold last year for 26 cent* <f Olxst J. sOxfeC han(1 embroidered and drawn • f flne ""finished handkerchief dered „.. - a pure The same goods laundered would cost work - *hla !• a pure Irish cam i 86 cents. kj* or novelty In handkerchiefs. A -in embroidered with silk in white flne ' " J ' We ran give yen something flne In an } Irish linen or Bwlks embroidered. An Men's Christmas Suspenders Dress Goods lOo Double width corset cloth, goods are 40 Inch width and like 60 cent goods. .%8 15o Aftae American cashmere or Arllng ton stripes. See these, they are treat bargain. 19c Tbe best Undol ttorm aergM eve looked at (or tbe mofjey* Thtw goods wouldJM cheap at tfeeats. 23c f^sxgs^ssss&A •"**** bare reduced from 86 cents. Our black dr«§s goods Is very complete. A ee black dress nuAse a very useful Christmas ee J55^flJ!^24S»H.«I.i ll _iW | !J«P < wt»8nt >,/« Men's Christmas Silk and Woel Hufflers. !,A beauilfnl Paisley muffler. An oxtraflne hochea. 46c Silk and wool cashmere. •rfy... I OC A beautiful brocaded silk. fel f\f\ Thia Is a hummer and would *P X . V/V/ be cheap at f 1.60 We would solicit your Inspection. guarantee to save you money. Wo will t's Christmas ASCINATORS, ( For the largest and best fascinator ever sold In the west for the money. An extra heavy closely knit Would be cheap at 75 cents. Men's Fine Shirts. Collars and Cuffs Hosiery, Underwear. lOc For children's fast blaok hose. Yo can't get It elsewhere for less than 15 cents. Something handsome. See this, It I ! a beauty and would bu very cheap a CLOAKS! QLOAKS! b I QR Fo ' • nice well made child's P I •90 oo«t thai baa been Belling •t three dollare. $4-95 For a lady'e flne blaok beav er that we aold (or seven dollare. j -..•.-.-.•-. Of course we are going to close out every 'cloak and oape we" Have and made wima accordingly. We have a flne asaortment yet aa we got a late shipment ait w*febat they go with the net at almoei Table Unehs and Napkin^ A food 64 inch loom damask. Ton eaa't natch It forlesa than ™.-_- _ napkins is very l«rg«rc*n*tV» yob aytblngyou want Inft or X sices and saw roa oney. OG We c * n Ml1 IOU an "J 1 »nen towel. A l&rgfslw aailpnrp, unen. nne Hiuk. ' and can save'you money? 15c Will sell rou a pair of Ironclads. Usually told for 25 cents. 19c A Ladle 1 )' extra heavy fleeced lined warm bose. . This stocking usnall sells at 25 cents. 35c A very flne Imported hose. We have these In the extra widths. This Is a 50 cent quality. 4fif* A. Ter ? nne Msle thread, something *W/ that used to sell at 7J cents. ,m 6 JS?!.^".'''° g00d8 " P t0 *W 5 P*T 'tlouataslpwaprtreaTosnTS •^"Renfrew Dress Ginghams at5 cts. v Best Amoskeg Apron Gingham! at Sets. Best Indigo Blue Calico at 5 cts Extra Heavy Flannel Toweling at 6 cte. Yard Wide Fine Muslinat 5 cte. Heavy Canton Flannel at 5 cts. Fine AH Wool Scarlet Flannel allotsXa Men's Underwear At Great Reductions Silk Handkerchiefs. lOc • mbtoldete<1 13c Some real dainty, Kith embroidered corners. 15c Something handsome. Embroidered corner and drawn work. 20c A T ? ry . ftne * n<1 so™ 1 glze elaborate embroidery and drawn work. 33c This Is a beauty and If yon are going to make any presents this season be sure you see this. Onrsteekotstlk handkerchiefs are too large o enumerate, we have everything you can think f at prices thatwlll surprise yon* A fast colored satin. LOG An all silk tie. We will Jhow yon the finesV Mnort- ment yon ever saw for the money. (•***" Beautiful Souvenir on ^ry Goods. We have the only exclusive DBY^GOODS^Tdten Carroll. _Ourpiices V iU compare with any of the large cities of the country. will savt> money by trading at " west of Postofflce. 4 OBDBOH DIBBCTOBT i •fn'f-yri lie. BJ.J eTealngsstrlees T. P. B. 0. K. setvlse, • ». •.; Bon- ia06 p. m.; Prayer Mee«tng,Tai ' "* Ai B«v. eao. H. F. BARRELS DUD A* ma HOMB 111 wraunuHO TOWN- SHIF OK THE raxUMTB ATTBB A BJUsW W, B. Oimar, enperin^Mejat.'' g 'fe;^^^V ^SK.. *4 *sjj|rsj(Hiifi. "" „ • " x. * £^^$g&^^ ?;T^.V^^5S^H'^ i. «. BUT. W 9. TSWMWOM, Pastor. P». L. . Uarroiilfpet-omoa^-™.. •:^, l! ', L fr2?S B a££& 0 m 8w ** f (romp '"•**•*• * wl , . close aa (olowkt and 1-JO o'clock p. m. t< UitO a. m, and 740 OMlogk p, n. F. Qarrele, of Wbeatland town- ahip, thia ooonty, died at hie nom* Saturday after a brief illoai|..of a few daya. Mt. Oarmel aad Kentner, dally. Departs nt II m., arrives at t"i8J p. w, ^ .KoMlle, wilier and Qarrolltoa, dally. Depart* L 1a.»., ttrrlvo»0;80p.u>. ;| , o.aN.w.TuBeqstra '•I, • jft>, l Om)andlimlie(l.,..., i .. :i| .A|niioa,nt, ^'^ ie« • Ren»erl.o«il " """ VAtHNOMI Tsuai MAT, Himlte*.., if. I IWOTM ioeai.,.,,,,, uow wjn AWD MOI ARfNNM LSftiM ifpim..........*!^. fK 0, M, «fMk P. »> lit. ...,«f M , I «.*.,**.« ,.*..IM|, f.. .<*..(. .1,*, , Appeared *o be tiaDfiully bright and i|i a pieaaant frame of mind. On goioi booie •bat day be took oold and waa 6oafl*ad to' hia bed for a couple of daya prior to his doatb. For aeveral jreara tbe da- ueiwed baa been a eofferer from oonunup- tiou, and M Le «M KM ing along IB years hie ayatem waa pretty well broken dowu. He had lived wore iban bia three aoore yeure aud ten and uutil the r«vagfcu of tbe di»»Me, which anappwl rb« brittle thread of lift, be waa ationg and healthy. Mr. Oarrela would bave been »ev«oty-two yeara old bad he lirod onill oeit Tneaday, Obriatmaa, Tbe remaina ware laid at real today iu the cemetery at tbe PreabyUrton ohurohnear Mr, Qarrele' home, where bie wife waa buried aixteen year* ago. deoeaaed leavee a family of tbrae aone uui| five daughter to mouro hie loaa . Mr«. Q. voa Glap, Mra, Frank Yooker, Mra, Jno. Qalu of tbia opaoty, and two dangbUnvbo rapid* in Illinoto, and Walton and Barman who najd* in Wbeatlaod towuihip, aud OhM. Qairela wbo reoeoily mov«4 to Ark*u«aa are the oliildrau, In 1870 |fr. Qarreto moved to Carroll *n lo ty f:ou» f re-port, III., «0a|i*IU*d |q WhoaUaud townihlp wneni be naldtd »vw»i»o«. No wMdtuat we could offer w««ld add to Ihe obiir«oter of (be de- oaatad for wbire be wui known tba DM* ldblmintb* bj g heata»leem. 0» WM OM of lu« noble man of our oounty Md bii death will b« wide) 7 «ouro»d by bit mM||bbQrf and frieadt, Vmtn ««• WHMUW. Mw»4a/ eveviag »»»Bt 9;iO M No, the train and ope of hi* banda waa oaugbt under the wheela ibt tbe moving train. Tbe wbeela paaeed over the for* • arm in an oblique direction badly fnang. ling it." He waa at onoa removed to Wright'e hMpiial where tbe forearm waa amputated about half way between Ib* wriet and tbe elbow. The aooident ooonrred jual eaaf Main atreet on tbe paaaing track. •«^dgera bad made the oonnUng at thia oroieing:^ a* thf r Uain atarted to p«U out be ran back toward tba way oar,-to get aboard. In running along jba aid* of the train be fell with the 'ffanlt aa etatedaboye. Mr. Bogerp isiteyoanji- mau and waa married at Boone laat TbaukBgiviug day. He ie a member of tbe brotherhood of railway employee and. will we uuderaland receive $1.300 from the aaeooiation for tbe JOBS of hie hand. Tbe next morning tbe patient waa ratting nicely at tba hoapital. H. 0. OtiATjsaur VH. OABHOW, OOCNTT. Manning Monitor, s . ' Thia la an action broagbt by plaintiff to recover t«aaoat ot $13.50 aa.'(eee due biui (ron the eonnty foe oonetable aorvioe rendered in attempting to eerve a warrant leaned b» a jnatioe ot the peace of Warren townahip. The warrant waa raturnadf tba oaae dianigeed and tbe ««•*^^P '»o OarrcU oonnty. A waa Bled with tbe Voe^ut Ufare tbe board ot " by them referred to the ri and in th* t and tba bill case jpue up for oqprl, in AUl •iw AMMIWBSAUT. Father Leuramau, of Mt. Oarmel, oelebrated bis) twenty-fifth anniversary Tuesday ae priest. Eight prieata were preeeut and aolemu bigb maia waa celebrated. At noon a dinner waa aerved in Ibeaobool room, which waa enjoyed by tbe large crowd preeeut. In tbe afternoon tbe aobool children of tba pariib gave an entertainment and were aaeuited by tba alelere and Miaiea Anna and Olillte* Zi)rw««. In tba eveulug the Indies of the pwriah gave a mnaioal pro- grnia, Maiated by Mi»sea Ann* »od Otillie iJerwus, Martha, Olura and Mtry PaczewiU, Miaf Bailie »l«Hk, Am«nd« »oett, Pauline Fipp wui Tbanala Burger of thie oity. The euterUinmenta were largely i»U«uaed, the cohool room being Ailed to ill Qtmoat capacity. Tbe pro. gram of lha aveuiug ww opened by the Ml. (formal groheatr*. The d»y'i feali vitlM wwe highly anjoyad by tho*» ««d tue good pMtor bw the well of hit ow«r«K<aiou who with him utany mow aouivaratriM and th«t JjW Will IU bjH |4ewa«|a| MlilMty. a^Bt , Manning, on Tneaday of tbhi week, but a obango of venae waa taken to 'Squire FerguBon, who, after bearing the evidence and tbe argument of the counsel, rendered a judgment io favor of tbe plaintiff for Ihe full amount claimed. The doftiudant filed ou appeal bond, and the oiieo will be court for final Rogers appeared for plaintiff and Q. VV. Korte for defendant, Ukeu to the district adjudication. Douglae who ooino to the encampment will wiah to no also. For thia reason il waa decided to fbt tho dato of the encamp, rasnt so that the two trips could betaken together. Etnbeiiler Lewis on Trial. KANSAS City, Deo. 80.—The trial ol Montgomery fl. Lewis for ambezslina lli.OOO from the Lombard toveatmeu company ww beguri at Independenoe. It waa Lewis who, with H. W. Leo Ru». aell, treasurer of the Lombard company. tnlMW, atolo an aggregate of «U,«uu the company and fled to Mexico. '(Wiufflu will Ito l-TMeul, HJBO, Deo. »).—Tha Braddocfc Caruegio Library auditorium, recently completed, will be formally opened wait Thursday ovouing. Mr. Carnegie will be presented and an elaborate program baa been arranged. t liyruea. NK\V yoitK, Deo. 8«.-Sui»rlntondont Dyruoii flamed coiwpiowouaU/ iu the tusti- »o«y of twowitneasBa baforo the Loiow ooiuiiilttoo Wednoaday. John Mam*, formerly «u agent of the BoeJety for thi Prtivoutkm of Orimu, ttwtifled that Sup- eriutuutloiit %raw bud bulldoted hiui with tliroate and force into divulging tug locrets of hia society and hud afterward reltmtud when be learned that ttie wit. nwa wua n brother Miuou, H»Wy ROM, u ooloreil woinau who BOUIO yeuru oontluuted two dworderly houaon in city, tiworo the paid "protection" mono* to wiirdiuon voder Oaptniu Byrutw, now mporlatouaent Of px>lloo. Buiwiuteud- en( Dry 1104 aenled ail the all«gatioui Uguluat him. 4. K, HuoaiupwMtt Date. , Day, aO,~TUu uxuuutlvo opuuoll of (he Q, A. R. atiU meeting da. eidod tliut (ho 90th euottoipiuoiU o? tUa 0. A. B. wouji} be held hero during t|>o week bfuluuinf 8ej)t,«, Tbuocaot bw not boaa fljed, but the et wil probably Ueglo about the .„.,. « B , •^^-'!L3h. ol «* t w oo w •**»» Don't Scatter. Wo of tun hour good oiu Uilioa tutvUe tliolr frlenUa wueutaoyuro sniioiod with bolls and ««{« swe llucs of a slmlltr character that Indicate a bwloomlitlim of the blood, to "take sqmotbln'toKcutior 'em." Tliut U Uio worst advlee thatoouldb« glvmi, for If, "som*th|iij aealurlUsV'laiaken, ib« polsuu fn ihebloolf whloti tho »y»trui Is Irilug lo throw off ' tbe boil or wlintvver the ««Blllug mi drlVBii back liiiu the system. Hiiif »o u; sw«|u»reil" throuah It; and h> and ui n u Ikeli to luiuiUati Itself III lorrllilu wms. Wlm should always buitone whim boll*, pimples mi pibvr eruplloiu of » like nature appear. I to ulYonamoUiliig thHt will not on and with Ui WWjI.»«>i»help.iiton»liy«luultof tho loipur ties iiUisoim»Thlnglii short, to nssUt KM sis ftft'JJ? »!» < fi,.«l?_ l ft«S. rt lf"SfijffiI nt 5 t l» < lining lo take tuoi . ,..-Jolng esaoily wha .. jJuubt to. It Is driving out the polton. whei the blood is purinwl thttto outward ludtvatlous of Inwarri Imputlty will oease. Th« inedloli" that does this work most effttoiuvJly Is Ur 1'Uirot's Golden Modtoal DUooVSry! ," Dr. Price's Creum Baking Powd«r Aw«4*l Gold M«U MWwlnt.r P«lr, 8*n Fi ' CARROLL, Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MBS. M. 3BADLI, fashionable Millinery. Miaa KLLA TOPD. Millinery and Vanoy 6ooas FINANCIAL. VlBaT,NATIONAL BANK. ~ ^ Cor. Main aad ntth Streela, NOETHWK8TEBN BUILDU4G AND LOAN AB90CUT10N. Fifth Street FEED MILLS. L J. J, B. MATLOOK, iruib Street. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. ; PATTKKSON, Wind Mills. Tanks and Pumps. JOB PRINTINOT DAILY 8KNTINKL. Adams BUtet Bt<st Kqulppod 1'rlnUng Offloelu Western Iowa. 'R«|)ubllvau«ol tUu Thlttwtuth UlluoU ul illoirlot took 160 Utllou m vvivuuut. vltuu«lutf a cuudl TWO boelieTlioiuat, o* JuuvMou oily, lll.,wa» told It h«r doctors sh« had Oouiuuipllon and that tUo»« was 110 hope for h«r, but two bottle* of Dr. King'* Now W»«ovi>ri oowpUleiy curtxl Uw «ud «U« win U suwu hor llfo, Air. Tuot. K«y»n 8«u Kwuouoo. «ua«r«d . dieadful oold, «uuro«ubi(.« uoinuuipUou, Ulnt Wlluout riMult everything »l»e, thsu boufbt wie • W*uov«r» «ud iu . Ue ls n»t«r»jly Uwukf t» »ueh muUs, of whiob «hwo are MHBDSM, wojMfeMrfu.1 aiUflaoy ol tW* u>«41alui) Ut oojdj. Vtw vrlal botUW it J. W. Professional Cards. *i, L. IIAKTIM. 0. K. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS I wm S'r 3 "*? ln •<*"» yj^/JtSSl' l«o«al courts. WPrompt attwlloo glvan to tolleottoos. Notary tu ofno«. Ottoe In IfaLaiau Block BEACH A HOYT LAWYERS. M»»Bf Wiral «w««. OttM ea oterNUwoagefi dry «*ods store GBO. W. KORTE, LAWYER, F. M. OAVF.NPORT, AlTORNEVAf LAW,

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