The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 14, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1933
Page 6
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. i THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1933 -. -- . ~. : . , >*»**. ^""^S^E™"™""""""^"""""""'^""""'"^iHHP'BBa^ Dancing | AmusemeritP I IGinemc^ COMING TO CALIFORNIA Sidney Fox. Jack Oakle In "Once In a Lifetime," on double bill with Constance Bennett In "Rockabye," here on Wednesday. A COLLECTOR HUNTS SAt/T LAKE CITY. Feb. 14.—Carl AV. .Schmidt, ice cream truck driver, jnay still be a gold coin collector, but he is also a gold coin hunter. Schmidt took off his coat and laid it on tho running board of his truck while making a delivery. The coat contained four gold coins, additions to bis collection, valued HI {22.50. Forgetting the coat. Schmidt drove on. After making several stops he remembered the coat and coins, but when he looked on the running board they were cone. COMES TO FOX Continuous 2:30 to 11:00 LAST DAY BRENT ZITA JOHAnil. and LAUREL and HARDY ERNEST TRUEX IN COMEDY Starts Tomorrow 2 EXCELLENTf FEATURES • for j a Throats "Virgins of . .; Ingredients of COUGH DROP Vickt VapoRub WHERE KIDNAPING IS LEGAL AND THE WEDDING FOLLOWS THE HONEYMOON! Continuous From 1:30 to 11 p IK* 300 GOOD SEATS IB. 136 A i WAVS 196 Several Gifts Will Be Given tp the Ladles Free at the 15c Matinee Tomorrow LAST TIMES TODAY! "The Sport Parade" and "Daring Daughters" Starts Wednesday! The Funniest Situations You Ever Saw In the Talkies! WHUTUNd INTHI CONSTANCE BENNETT In "ROCKABYE BILLED FOR FOX "Virgins of Btili" Is Booked ! With Enu'sl Trnex in Bright Comedy Now retries ti serene and beautiful font.ure with the enohanted Island of Hall as a background and tlic entire c'iist. natives of tills Liny paradise, just CHHI of .lava. The production, tilled "VlrglnN 'of Hull," opens tomorrow at tlio Fox theater. A William M. Plzor presentation, distributed through Principal lectures Corponitlon, "Virgins of nail" In a veritable poem In pictures throuffh which runs a dramatic thread which him to do with tho amhltloii of a beautiful and graceful native girl to become a temple dancer nnd lier Htib- setiucnl kidnaping 1 and then a wcd- dliiR, lh>- Rreal festival occaslo/i of the Uallnese. In Ball, tho honeymoon always precjedes tho weddlnR. In Hull, which has entirely escaped Inn rigors and turmoil of the Iron ago (there are no railroads and the harvest Ing tools of centuries. RRO nre still In use) the half-clad natives lead a llfo of peace and leisure. They take little Interest. In tourists, their methods of dress and tho articles of our advanced civilization which they brlnu with them. There lire said to be five women to every three men. And tho Balln- ose women are the Venuses of the orient, well formed, lithe, with pretty faces, pearl white teeth and bodies forever sun-tanned, for Rail Is In the tropics and the entire Island Is swept by the salt-sea breezes. "Virgins of Bali" Is hlirhly recommended by tho critics of other cities, j Tt's ono dramatic, feature that even Hollywood would never attempt to duplicate. Tho other excellent feature on this great double feature program Is "Whistling In tho Dark," .starring Broadway's great little, comedian, Ernest Truex, and Una -Merkel. AV'ords are Inadequate to describe I he delightfully funny situations that completely fill this comedy-mystery- romance. You'll have to remain In the dark about them until you see | "Whistling In tho Dark" at tho Fox, starting tomorrow. TWINS?—GUESS AGAIN! Wax or flesh? Monica Bannister and a waxen bust of her as,seen In Warner Brothers' gorgeous all-technicolor production "Wax Museum, opening at the Nile Thursday. Frank McHugh, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell and Lionel A twill have the featured roles. M is AT 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. HEY JUST HAD TO OEtMARRIED A Hilarious Comedy Farce ZAfUMTTt. ROLAND YOUNG Shows 7 and 9 6—Music that Satisfies. 6:1D—Threads of Happiness. fi:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarthy Girls. 7:1B—Keyboard Varieties. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Murge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Howard Barlow and Orchestra. 8:30—Isham Jones' Orchestra. 8:4!i—Don Clark and His Swcot Music. 9—CBS program. 8:15—Unknown TIands. 9:80—Zoellner String Quartet. 10—News Items and Blsqulck Band. 10:15—Kb and Zeb. 10:30—-Ted Klorlto's Orchestra. 11—Dancing With tho Stars. 11:30—Bob Holman's Orchestra. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organist. A screen offering that Is said to appeal to young and old allko Is presented In "Young America," l<Vank Borzngn's Kox Films production starting »t tho Virginia theater today. Dealing with tho timely drama of youngsters (it the crossroads of life and with the work of tho juvenile courts In starting them off Jn the right direction, the picture has plenty of significance and Interest. Spencer 'Tracy nnd Doris Kenyon have the leading adult roles, with young Tommy Conlon, said to bo a sensation, us the boy-hero. Beryl Mercer, Ralph Bellamy, Sarah Pnddcn mid Raymond Borzage, another promising youngster, are In prominent supporting parts. Frank Borzuge directed. "LUXURY LINER" ENDS AT FOX TODAY Tho North German-I^loyd company was consultant on B. P. Schulberg's Paramount production, "Luxury Liner," which closes today at tho Fox theater, featuring George Brent, Zila Johann, Vlvienno Osborne, Alice White and Yerrce Teasdale. Nautical perfection had to be achieved In the preparation of tho film, and passenger' lists, ocean letter blanks, stateroom keys, and menus were among the thousand and one details which were verified by the famous German steamship company. In several cases, articles needed In production were air mailed from the S. S. "Bremen" for use on the sets. *-•-» ACCIDENT HOURS The peak hour for accidents in California during last September was found to bo between 7 and 8 o'clock in the evening. 468.S M.—KFI—640 6—Thirty Minutes From Broadway. 6:30—F,d Wyiin and Flro Chief's Band. 7—Lucky Strike Dnnop Hour. 8—Amos 'n 1 Andy. 8:16—Memory Lane. 8:45—Adventures In Health. fl—Tapestries of Llfo, 9:30—Bon Benile's Orchestra. 10— Richfield Ilenorter of the Air. 10:15—Phil Harris's Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Gua Arn- helm's Orchestra, FOX FEATURE -<f> 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 0^SI and Klmer. 8:46—-Currier's Ser«naders. 7—Frank Watanabo and Honorable Archie. 7:15—Marlon Mansfield and Slng- Inp Strings. 7:!!0—Concert Orchestra and Karl Edmunds. 8—American T^pRion program. S:30—Happy Chupplea. S:4B—Ooldcu Memories. 9—News. 9:10—Croultett Mountaineers. 9:30—Concert. 10—KNX Danco Band. 10:30— Organ Recital. 11 to 12 rnldnlRht—New Paris Inn. SEEN IN "VIRGINS QF BALI' -$> KERN—1200 K. -<*> VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—1Bc ANY TIME Today and Wednesday Spencer Tracy, Doris Kenyon, Tommy Conlon,' Ralph Bellamy "YOUNG AMERICA" A Vital, Human Drama of Youth, Directed by Frank Borzage Comedy, News Cartoon 0 — <"'hpftorflpld. Iifomird ton's Orchestra. •1:15 — Threads of lliippiiiPH.s. fi:30— rxlirnriiin Melodic*. 7— Thoso Mofiirlhy <!lrlf. 7:1f>— "Turaan of tho Apes." 7:30— Ktlwln f. Tllll. 7M5— Myrt nnd Mnrgo. liny- RIALTO 0 TO 8 P. M.. I5c; AFTER II, Ijt. 23t LAST TIMES TODAY Two Big Features Ina Claire and Star Cast "The Greeks Had a Word for Them" and TOM TYUER in "A Rider of the Plains" Laurel and Hardy In "SCRAM" New* and Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY S Jack Holt in • "This Sporting Age" • and TOM MIX in • "HIDDEN GOLD" • 300 Seats Anytime, 15c DR. VAN METER CAREFUL DENTIST I Ntw lot irieu •« flitci tni ferl<ge««rk MiJ> In mr D*n ltbor«l«ry I 1421 Nineteenth Street Acron Fnm Willl'i Ph.a. 179 K: 1,1 — I Inward Harlow and Colored Sy.inpliony. S:T,0 — Ishntn .TOIIOH Orchestra. n— Kddln niu-hln's Orchestra. 0::!0 — Harold Stern Orchestra. 10— "All Roquost Hour." 10:40— Ted Flu llllo'H Orchestra. 11 — Dancing With the Stare. HARD ON THIEVES During tin* Mrs! night months of 1!>3li, offictnlH of Colorado rtjcoverod 100 prr cent of the automobiles stolon In that Hlatu during that period. TWO PLATES $25 DR. FLETCHER 622 Kentucky St. Phone 2531.W (Next to Qranada Theater) DANCE TONIGHT All Evening, 25c COCONUT GROVE BALLROOM FAGTORYWORKER ILL SIX WEEKS Able to Work Again After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound "I work hard in a factory. At one time I was home for six weeks, toe weak'and run-down to work. I triec different medicines and T was all discouraged but after I started taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I could feel myself gaining strength. It built me up so 1 can work. —HAZEL V. SMITH, 07 Norfolk St., Cambridge, Mass. If you are weak, nervous and run down, give this medicine a fair trial. Remember that half a million womew say, "It helps me." Phillips Music Co. SMI Sheet Music Publishers' Pricei And lc«rn why more than 25 million Americans prefer Greyhound "Dollar-Savins Days" • EVERY DAY* Not |ust sptxlal days Departure* much more frequent. De Luxe buae* offer every riding comfort. Deep- cushioned individually reclining seat* allow complete relaxation. <£ You'll find Greyhound more economical than driving your own car. IVfcRY DAY IXAMPUS: LOS ANGELES 6 SCHEDULES DAILY $5i35 Round trip SAN FRANCISCO 6 SCHEDULES DAILY $10.70 Round trip FRESNO 6 SCHEDULES DAILY $4.00 Round trip SAN DIEGO 6 SCHEDULES DAILY $9.00 Round trip SACRAMENTO 5 SCHEDULES DAILY DEPOT 19TH AND N STREETS PHON^ 1768 J. M. GOFORTH, AGENT DIPINDAILI NATIONWIDE SERVICE PACIFIC GREYHOUND •/ t fi, i PROGRAMME NEW LOCATION of DEPARTMENTS All Ready-to-Wear —NOW ON MAIN FLOOR— Just As You Enter Chester Avenue Doors —Dresses, Coats, Suits, Millinery and All Women's and Misses' Ready-to-Wear Garments Entire Dry Goods Dep't —NOW IN THE BASEMENT— Silks, Linens, Cottons, Domestics, Draperies, Beddings, Pattern Dept. —Ready for Business and All Service. Men's and Boys' Shoe Dep't NOW UNITED WITH THE WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SHOE DEPT. ON MAIN FLOOR —Ready to Serve the Entire Family.' Announcement Nathan Strauss, for many years identified \\ii\\ the jewelry business in Bakerslield, wishes to announce to his friends, former patrons and the public in general, the opening—• Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15, of Nathan Strauss & Son JEWELERS ' THE "HOME OF CHEERFUL CREDIT" Corner Nineteenth Street and Chester Avenue You Are Cordially Invited to Call and Inspect Our New Home and New Stock of JEWELRY AND MODERN HOUSEWARES Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT re You Got tho Highest Quality at tho Lowest Cost Special Rainbow d»-| f\f\ Trout Dinner ---- «DJ-»Ul/ Club Breakfast, 25o to 60c Lunches, uOc and Sou Dinners, COc to $1.50 A Delicious T-Bone Steak Dinner, $1.00 Assorted Tousled Sandwiches, 150 K.l Tojon Made Pics a la Mode, 15c Opportunity of a Lifetime for man or woman willing to put up $2000 to assist in promoting u local enterprise. This money will qualify you to receive a $GOOO paid-up interest that can be expected to return very large profits. Your money fully secured by first mortgage on desirable improved real estate consisting of 100-foot frontage on main highway, suitable for business or residential purposes. Now improved with attractive three-year-old home with modern conveniences and hardwood floors throughput. Fine soil and full bearing fruit trees and grape vines, water for irrigation and domestic use. You can, have income from property which should produce at least $180 a year. For full particulars write to Box M-7^ The J3nkersHeld Californian.

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