Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 22, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1890
Page 4
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E. S. AMES & CO., P ALACE S HOE S TORE , G RAND H OTEL B LOCK , S TATE S TREET , UKIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF % mm, slippers Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. - — — wai** • • —.»••»•—Look at the Latest Styles! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, ,'and the Very Besi Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low ' ts iteliable Goods can possibly be sold. TERMS CASH, AND CASH ONLY! If you want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRINC NEATLY DONE. Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, Ukiah, Cal. Hester's (;r:wid.nn. Little Hester ha.s grown up brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces who are nlder and bigger than she ia herself. It h»* n«sver occurred" to her to bo Mirnrlsed at this; It la part of her world as she has found it. She has not jet discovered that this state of things is sometvluit unusual. , Not long ago one of her married sisters jient for Hester to come and see a new baby, and accordingly the child was tas<oi by ft nurse to sec this new relative. ShV looked at the haby in mingled astonishment and delight. "Well, little sister." asked the baby's mother, ''how do you like your new nephew.*" "Oh, I lite him," the child answered earnestly; "but he can't be a nephew; he is too small, But perhaps," she added, upon ] second thought, "he Is big enough to be a gTandton."—Cincinnati Enquirer. Keading Character. ( Dribbler—In my opinion a man who j wrtte.s an illegible hand does it because lis i thinks people are willing to puzzle over it. ! In other words, he Is a chuni of conceit. Scribbler—Not always. Sometimes a man writes illegibly, not because he in conceited, but because he is modest. "Modest? About what.'" "Aboi.t bis spelling." —Xew York Weekly Easily Mauas;ed. 1 Mrs. Blink—There goes that handsome man into Widow de Young's again. He was there two hours this morning, too. I'd give anything to know who he is, and why he calls there. Mr. Blink—Well, my friend Jinks is a census enumerator. I'll tell him to stop In and ask her.—New York Weekly. N'«t the Spelling. A solid youn^' follow who hnd been wrlf- lng a letter with n pencil KM up fro.'n IIH «>Rt In t bo Krie depot tor n stroll around, leaving his unfinished letter on the seat. A man came in. took the sent to wait for his train and in an absent w.'tv picked up the missive, ii.- held it in hi.> hands when the young men returned and said: "That's my letter, mister." "Well, yon can i-'tve it." was the reply. "Did you read lt>" "N—u. That Is, I glanced over a few lines of it. and noticed that hardly a word was spelled correctly." i "It is a letter t* my girl." "Yes." "Crlrl I'm going to marry." "Yes." "And I don't care a cocked hat about the spelling. What I want to impress on that girl is luv. 1—u—v, aud lots ot it, forthere's • sirty acres of land and a sawmill behind her."—New York Hun. -THE- i| INTERNATIONAL! DO YOU READ THB _. Copjrlfht, 18J». Ha.l Htm There. Infllsh money, of $2.f>00 i old lady in London for The New Help. The enuiTjIrnt. In Em vss once offered by an c the return of a favorite eat which hnd strayed or bc"n stolen. People called her a "crank," and perhaps she was. Tt is unfortunate that one of the g-entler sei should ever (rain this title, yet many do. It Is, however, frequently not. their fault. Oft^n functional derangements will apparently ehaniro a woman's entire nature. Don't blame such sufferers if they are "cranky." but tell them to use Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which Is an infallible remedy for " female weaknesses." " Favorite Proscription " has cured thousands of poor, bed-ridden suffering; women ot '• female weakness," painful irregularities, ulcerations, organic displacements and kludred ailments ti>o numerous to mention, it is the only medicine for women, sold by drugg-lst*. under a positive guarantee thnt It will. In e.verv case, give satisfaction or the price ($1.00) will be refunded. WOBUJ'D Drsi'ENSABr MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Proprietors, Buffalo, N.Y. TYPEWRITER. j A strictly first-class mnrhinp. Fully . warranttvl. from very be."! initio- j ri:tl. !iy skilled woiknion, and with the; l«M t'uAf that have ever been'ilpviw-tl' lor the purpose. Wilt-runted tn do ail t th:U cati be rottsonub'.y cxpccii-.l ot" the very best typewriter exltinl. Capable nt writintf l- r >0 wordy, per tninivte—or inorr— accordinu; to the ability ol the operator. I PRICE, • - 3IOO.OO. It" there is no agent in your town, drew iho ninnuiacturerK: THE PARISH MF'C CO., Dr. PIERCE'S PELLETS tut- DISPATCH*DEMOCRAT? IF 1TOT, TOTJ T30 USTOT SEE All the Local News, All thejCounty News, All the General News, All the Court News, All the Supervisors' Proceedings, All the Real Estate Transfers, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisements. 1T)VV STKNliGKAl'lIY and TYl'E- r nrjiii w»rn : f*«rely Vegetable and Perfectly Ilarm- • leas. Unequaled as a Iilrer Pill. Smallest. t Cheapest, Easiest to Take. One Gentleman—I'm afraid you're a bad e«g. This is the third time I've caught you poaching. Pat—Sure, av I wuz a bad egg I wouldn't poach.—Harper's Bazar. Smallest, _ _„» Tiny, Pellet u Dose. Cures Headache, Billons Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Billons Attacks, and all derangements of the Stomach and Uowels. 26 cents a vial, by druggist*. Sugar - coaled Sick Sympathy. Miss Well-to-Do—It's very distressing to think that while we are enjoying so many luxuries so many poor people are wanting necessaries. Mr. Cleverclat fwho poses as a philosopher)—Quite so. But e converso, you know, it must be. very consoling to the poor people to know that while they are wanting necessaries so many people are enjoying luxuries.—Chatter. "Here! yon! Thiugumm! what's-your name! What under the sun are you doing with the lawn mower?" "ljirn mowwer. is it? Sure an' oi'm thryin'to use the schwaper, mum, as ye touted me. It's none too nitty wid tie car- pii, mum, lint it's direful job wid de trim- min'son de roog."—Harper's Uuzur. Tint IJaujrer «f ".lohimy." "Yes," said young Mrs. Tucker, who was falling on the proud mother, "he is a very huudsoma haby, and don't name him 'Johnny,' whatever you do." "Why not?" "Because I've found by reading the u.'vvspapers that it. is always the boys earned • 'Johnny' who get their lingers blown off on I'ounh of .Inly, get drowned when they go skating, say impolite things to their sisters' callers, smoke cigarettes, ?at green apples and do anything that boys have no nusine.-,.-, doing."—Washing- Ion Post. riie rurHsttl. Before marriage—"Kxx'use ine, 1,'eorge. Did ray parasol hurl your" "Oh, no, my dear: it would be a pleasure if it did." After marriage— "Great heavens! There was never a woman under the sun that knew how to carry a parasol without tcratchiug a fellow's eyes out." "And there never was a man ih"U. knew enough to walk on the right side of a Roman with a parasol." "There isn't any right side of a woman ivith a parasol."—Chatter. Knew Him W,U. Jones (who had a grejit admiration for rich men)—And you used to do business lu Now York? Smith t'a broken down merchant)—Yes. Jones—Well, were yon ever acquainted with any of the Vundorbilia or Astors? Smith—I had an intimate acquaintance Blth one oi the Astors. Jones—Which one? John .lacobr Smith—No; disaster.—Cleveland Lender. He Attended, a "ilemory class." A laughable story Is told of a man who. attended a "memory cla^s." "Hallo, Tom," bald a friend. "1 hear you are attending this memory class. What do you think of it?" "Greatest discovery of the age," said Tom enthusiastically. ''1 tell you it's a grand thing. Why, two months ago I couldn't remember anything for a day—I couldn't remember names and dates at all, and now, since I've taken up this system, I can't forget anything. No, sir, 1 r,ally can't." "Is that so? J must look into the thing myself. What's the teacher's name*" "Oh, his name's—um—um—let me see. What is hla name? I know it as well as I know my own. Odd sort of e name, but common enough, too. It'a—it's—-I iiaci ic at my very tongue's end just now. It's something like—like—hanged it J remember what It is. I'll Unci out and let you know. I never could remember names."— Chatter. .^II l.'nreliable Market Itepnrt. Scene, a bank at the crowded hour, just before closing. Squiggs reading a news- , paper. Sclby steps up to him—What HIH the murket quotations today, Squiggs? Squigga (beginning to readl—Corn is ' quiflt—Ouch! Murder: Selby—For heaven's sake, what's the matter." Squiggs—Matter! ! RIU >«« you'd say j matter enough if you your toes trod- j deu upon and your own words rammed down your throat for a lie!—Burliugtori I Free Press. \ la the Vmbrella Shop. "I suppose you have n bigger trade when It ralua than when It doesn't rain," he said to the dealer in umbrellas. "No, I dou't notice any difference," said the umbrella dealer. "But you get better prices when it rains, dou't your" "Why shonld I!'" "Why. umbrellas go up then, don't they?" Ho just got out of the store in time to escape being, poked in the eye by a new style ladles' sunshade.—Boston Courier. If You Have CONSUMPTION ] COUGH OR COLO BRONCHITIS Throat Affection SCROFULA ! "Wasting of Flesh OT* any X>iM*<t*e trtttre (Vie Throat and I*itny» «r* Inflamed, I.tttk of Strength or A>M«# fotver, yet* can bs relieved and Cured by SCOTT'S EMULSION PURE CODLIVER OIL With Hypophosphltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. Atk for Srotf* Kmn'sfon, ami (ft *to ptaimtiou or •otft'imtfoft indue* you 10 accrpt a MilbMtitiitr. .Sold by all Jiruytjista. SCOTT «% OOWNE.ChemlBts, N.Y. First-class i KITING FKKE. facilities and best of teachers. Address, with stamp for return postage. THE l 'AKIS-H MF'G. CO. Parish, N. V. „ FINEST "m f -.__- r . t§) W0ODWQ RK.'frjfcf ATfAC IIMQ1 f<S ST.lOUIS.Ma OUR FACILITIES FOR DOINO JOB PRINTING Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. WITH OUR cAL ." A iir:'iiV3 n "tLAS.TEX. The New Home sewing Mnenine Comnnuv, Pacific Department, l)lsU'ilimingUfflc.c,72!> Mar' kel street, History mdldlng, sun l-'rauclsi-o.Cal CIIAL.rA.NT & CUNN1NC1IAM, Agents, fklah, Cal. To euro HdiousncsB, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the enfo and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS R IVER HO A D DIHT11ICT IlAVINO HICKS* vllvivloil into S »?i »tHills iv.iitt-'i-'tivi'l \ nunitK-ix'<l j uu *l ilescrUifd u «i fi'llow*: SKCTIUN l---CniiiiiifiMMitii iiillic norlli line of ( tlii* nimi 'U 't tunr 1'kSnh cliv. ruuitiiii; MMIIII (I» I In' niuuih uJ Hit' 1 H m* ln-iwVrn JiiiitN i.( lluui-U I iui'1 t'tix. I .^IT, 'J.— 'Niitimi'lM'iJiL; Mi tin' IIKHllll 1 *1 11 K* ! Inn* 1 between tlx* bin. I d( lltiwi 'll uml JHUI j ruiuiJtiK Ui tlii- tuMilne i\i i.. K. I.<'i).', r 's. SKC , :-[.—f'Mmnifiifiiirr , lt liuvviiin Kivor he* \ twt'fii thf InMil "I Hdlliiliiy iui'1 Kmhliirl,-, nti;- \ nintf f»>i, ink' ilu* ninf to vomt lin>ittt>; i nortli unit soinh. j N 'tvriCK is HK»U:«Y tilVKN ihnl sciili-tl hl*N will I he icct 'hi '.l by ihc Hnnnl nf Siiju'rusfirs t>( Mcn- { itooinu Oiuinly up rn it) uYlm-l:. A. M., un the j 81 h Oav of Oftulicr, ISM, 1 :n ihtMiftioc of ilii' ''li-rli in Tkinh City, in >.*>ii! \ I Hiwt tti ho iti'U'tl mi n-j siMiii tlK 't 'i -iifti -r us limy ; salt tin 1 1 'miwnU'mv ui Uu* Hiui 'il, fur prop'.isnln ; tn nmitit 'tin the piihUc n -iitls within such r««- ; ^pi-i'tivc s-t'iMloiiH nf Ilivv-r litiutl lii "tiic( fur n pi -rloil of two yenrs i-mUvm with tli»> i>\ >\ny »i , ! July. I *WJ. upi'ii Mm I 'niHlitimi'* thiil the con- j i tractor «huH, willitn n rcn ^oniihH' tiim.' Mii'ri'itf- i ! u*r, I 'llW'tu/illy ilrtiiii iitwl ki-i'p <lr:iinetl ult l . r-prinyy I >1« II-H in tin.- mini, Mint In 1 pro • i vitlf prdj-iT itriihiH or Itrlilut-" for till stn'inns \ ] ur wiihT com >i'« (.'ro-siutr the ri -ittl ;il i ! any soti^tiu <u' tho >t »r, thnt hr siuill rv j I ini 'ivi' nil oLmirni'ttmi'* rnnn ihc r-nnl williin K , ri'ii^aiiihliMiun' ufHTthi'V n.ny oii'ur, fhnt he , pri'Vcnt ftir n 1 " pus ^ihlo tin- wn't'r iroui run- , ulii^ im ihi' rojulbi-ii, tlint lie k «'i .'i> tin* I 'hinU- , IKIIOS find nil" liUi-il up with rock ».r vi »ni- dtlu -r , suitnhk 1 mutorlfil. Mint <i!l mck iwM nn tti«» nmil J «hall Hr »t tK* viMlut'i 'ii P> H si /,i' <ii" ni 't over I lire.• ' iiK 'hcs in tiiumt'i 'T, Mini he slmll iiitiiuiulu the ' rmi'\ «I the I'Mtunlishi 'il j»niilt' bv ri'innviiiir nil KIJIU "* down to i tit'oli I ina 'tlu't, tlini lu* nuts nt nil) , tlit' roml on t *xi 'M\it!ii >ns ui n - AMUI nj' imi 1« ; Minn OIKIU fct 't KU 'l un \\u- miMr't'letl )iortiinis at i HUhlth of not h -ss Minn Iwi-Jvo iV.-i, Mu.t lift Hhn .ll ri'movt* flumps tin*! pn.t'.'ctlny roots aiiil roi'kn from MK - rouiltivtl tuul linitu'livs «( 1>v\^h ttiul IrecB frotn within rotn -h of pH '-sinn tviuiir*. thnt IK ; slmll ULH'P all brui^r* in ri 'iitoimblt* ru- pnin. A bhMor Is rfijUln 1 !! to be u IVXKU'JU wilbin the Hinltfi of Hirer Kurtd HiHtiii't., hut 11\ itv put in bhl« for one or mon* <ir for nil (ti<; . u ce- Mon.s hereiubefdro •test'riheil, but he is rm'ulreii Id Hpecilienlly tlule the, niiidiini per veur of twelve r «UV'eer -slve li1i )Jll\)» inr eiil'li speciiie See- liiill, ilerienhJiif,' It by HH reHpei -tive iiuinlK 'r, f"r whieh he pmpo-e- to uirtiutuin ihu piihlio roinis llii'i'otu itoi-ordiim to sjieuUleutUmH hert'ln- before pivuii, timl In miilition thereto be shrill ftlHo stnti 1 nt whft nitv' -per rml he will H^rie to rock such portions of the roiulbett toudcplhof nix tnehfs, tuul H width of eliiht leet, it.t uuiy bo required of him to tin HO during the Venn of his contract by the order of the Hoard ut HuperviH ors, the com pen KUI ion for which lo be in iiddl- tion to thet 'ontniet prieo «Kreed uiiou for Ihe Section. Upon mi tiwurd the bldd<?r wlli be required to Klve bonds fur the faithful performance of his cojitnuH in uceoi'daneo with these a ^edtientioiiP with two rosponslt>le bondsmen to the amount of the font met price per annum, and nnlens such bond* be provided according to law aud | approved by the Hoard, or one of its members appointed us a committee for tluit purpose, wltbln ten day?* after the award, the H .i «rd reserves the right to aw tin' the cuntruet to another bidder, and alno reserves the righ* to reject any aud nil bldM. Ity order of Mie Hoard of Supervisors of Men- Uoeino Ootintv. HAM. V. 1'AXTON, July 13, I.SliO. (ir.J Clerk. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale ami Decree of Fore« closure and titile, 1.KW1S .v CO.. lininliJ!°.< <iwt. J. UltnwN, | T> Y YlHTl.'K OK I > out of (he sup, AX KXKfTTIOy iSHVKi) iji.c Court of Uu; t.'onuiy nt SMIIIII Cm/, of die <tnte of California, wherelu A. i.e\vU' A. Ca,, pinlnUtu. and C*eo, J. Brown, dcfeiidanl. upon a judgment rendered the 'Jud diw of i h'tobef, A. 1>. 1^, for (hp sum of eleven hundred and «oxl v -elf-'ht and sixty-Klx ono hini- ilrcHb- (fi.lfi^.Mi/ dollarn, t*;iited Slates K"ld coin, beHtdis co*-is aud interest, I have this ft ay b'vicd upon alt the rii'lil. litle, eJtiim and inter- es-t oi said defen'Innt, Lien. J. Drown, of, in mitl to the hd low in jr described reul e»talc, no-wi\: HeiiiL' in the village of Covelo, County of MViuU.euu-., Mat* 1 oi I 'aliioniiii: CoinmeneiriK tit tiie lOuthwcM coiner ot lot of H. Mark«ttn3 Mil in street, Iheuce cati "00 feet to county roud, ihcnee won*It 90 Jeel to the laud of Geo. J. Hrowu, thi'iice wt >t "iKl feel to Main ."treet, Mience uorta 'h ie«t to iiuiiu i»f hetflnulii;;, lotrether with nil the hcreiiiiaincnlh and iipjitirieiiancea perUiu- in- r ' thereto. J'nMie notice t- hon'hy -<iveu that I will, on Tilt' Ulh tiny of St'plriiilifr, 1891), ut •.' o'clock I*, M . of -aid day, i\\ (rout ot .ha court hioiMf door of tlit- Couiry of Mendocino, nt I kinh, M 'li MI tuihlie anciion, for L'nikvl .•ihilcs fj.dd I 'oin, all tiie rlfhl, title, claim IUIJ interett ot s«:d deft u.lanl, lieo. J. Drown, ot. f i aiul tu t he above dc«eril>ed properly, or %<\ much theieol uuiy be m -eessHry to raise suflleient to .tati.**fy saltl judjjnieiu, with tuteresi and cuits, cic, tu the hinhe-t and best bldiier. Dated thistilU day of Aumwt, 1«90. J. M. STA .N'DMSV.flbarttr. Hv T. J. WKI.IXIN , Vudcr Sheriff. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale ami Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. KU/.AUETH MAKDIiN, IHatittiJf, JOHN M1NTO, II. M. DANIK1.S anil J. U. HUNT, /Vfvm/tt'lfi;. j Notice to Road Contractors. IK T OXO VAI.I.EV ROAD IHSTRlftT, 11 been divided Into Seetinus numbered Hild deserilu'd as follows HAVINC", Power Press Steam Engine We are prepared to turn out First-Class Work on Short Notice and at Reasonable Rates. I'inter and ny virtue of nn order of asle Slid decree of fort-closure and Bale iksued out ot vae superior Howl of the County of Mendocino, State of (.'iilifornln, on the nth day o( July, A. D. ts'.io, In the nhove entitled Hctlou, wherein Kli /nljclli MuriH-u, the nljove named pUlutltf, olitiitiu 'it a judgment and decree of foreeloaurtt and »ale Minnst John Miulo, II. M. Daniels sad J. It. Hunt, defendants, -m the nth day ol July. A. 1). ii.t-ii), for the sum of Iwenty-Mx hundred ami twentv -one aud liitythrce one hundredths U -J,iiL»l.o:it dollurii lu i.'ulted Stutes Kold t.etu, sid'-s lut( rest unit eoata mid eouiiflel fee«, , talit jiulnmi-nt itiiiounlliitr in till to |'i,"H3.68. An'V \vheiias, tin the suoie day in the i»ain* • ui lion tlu> SMUI defeuclitut J. It. lliiut recovered i n ludKiiieut iiituliiM the defendant II. M.DsuIeli resiiecllvelv for the sum of lUteen huudreil aud thirty-seven ! iin.l twentv-ilve inie liuudredths (H,:-.:-f7.'2M ilol- St-XTioN l.-ComiiH.m -lnjt at the north h»«»d. \ \f^!; l '°" H uml co """ el (cc '' ary of Lone Valley district at Ten Mile Klver , '"«!;>. ^ ;• Valley, and ruuniiii,' to Uytoiiville. i i, )( ' ,t.', a u„ e SK<; «.-Krom l-iivtonville to Eel Ulver on: l L', .Vi -!,'", "i ,, l .V Hound Valley Uoiul. . j "'^ [", '"• ',.„.„,,..., - B«.b,«ciu« nil .He liidMiceo, theronds ! " >f j^jj.', \ n lwiu, r'.'-eoriifd hi ..„d B .«em Si>. 'A, of sjiid Ciuirt nt )u\xf £17, I am com- niait'le.l to sell all Www e.-viuin lot, piet'e or par- I eels of hind .diuntc, JVIIIB und b"iuK U\ lh« ; eouiity of Meiuloclno, .st:ile of California, and • t*'»nuiicd ami described as follows, to -wH: 1 The southwest tjtiarteroi" the northcust quar* iter of xecllon dire** (3), the houth half o( tho j ,-oiitlnvi'st i |iinrrcr of section two ('2) and th« i 1'iiHt half oi the lioithweur quarter 4 if section u(ll) and Ihv northwest quarter o! tht) rthwesl <iunrtcr of .section eleven (11). township fourteen (l-t) north of leen {},,) wesi. Mount Diablo Mcrtdb . . eonmiitiiiti t%vvi bxmdred and forty HI :res, ANti, all of (Inn (KiitUui of north \\vt\i oi tb« nortlie «-t ijUdrler of seetiou eleven (11) iu town*-»- t " fourteen (II) north of range fifteen tltHi lies Hoiuh of the county road, t ft"! SKU, ill the District. NOTICE IS HKRIUIV IIIVKN, will he received hy llic Itnurd ! Miaiuueino County up to I0o' for the ustlsfsctluu judiriiieiiis, ainnniit- n:,-icst iinu cosie to on the Hth duv Hint scaled 1,1,1. | of Supervisors of [ •lock A. M .,on the ele no till laiiKC ship west VHV the «>I AI.I. Also (lOllttlenennatotho bottle). TllliY AUB THE MOST CONVKN1KM'. liiuitiible tor Mil Ase*. JPrIt?«_or_«l<lii4Rr_"Jj ^J ^nv. |»er Hullle. •a • %rf W l!~ TlW 'I^h. i'. ><ir » ctrt, (e»t>t>«rti or«WiufM>. J.F .SMnHAC0 .Mn !£OPi «f'«IIsEHKAXS. ST. LOUIS Mf. For C'alttrMi v. <'. l.l.\mi :.M )(«,<. \„ j S»e<*r. 'I'ry II. j lii<lorse<l by Ihe Meillcnl FnvuKy. i |»rtHCrlI.e.l hy Sa»|Frnnele<'u 'K l.eaillu U ! I'liy-Nlrlaiih. Camphor Chloral Liniment. <>\KI,AN 1),.February 7, J800. that we hiive Uhed the 0. O. CALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GET PRICES. Anything from a Visiting Card to a Three-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic style. Of Ctmrite lie Came. Dashuway— -l don't, see why Travers rloo't come, i invited hint to dine with me. Cleverton—Did he understand that you were to pay for the dinner'/ Dashaway—Of course. Cleverton—Here lie Is.—Life, Sensible Freddy. "Now, Freddy," said Dr. Kenecu, after prescribing for Freddy's little Bister, "suppose you take a close of this medicine." "No, sir," replied Freddy, decidedly; ''there's iiothing the matter with me, aud you ain't K°ii>K to run up a big bill against papa OK my account."—li'poch. A Treasure. Mrs. Winks--What kind of a girl hnvs you nowf Mrs, ilinks—A very uico one—ever so much nicer than the others. .Hue doesn't ««eni to object to having us live tn Lbs bouse with her at all.- New York Weekly, ifto Orphans rasxed. The Way He Sltoiit,! Cte. Bounder—Anything f/,oue wroni? in your family!' Wheu I met. your yoitugeat boy just now he was eryin.ij as (.bough his heart would break. itoundar—tlone wrong? Well, 1 should ejaculate if tliinys haven't l*en (?°' n S just right, with a big' R! I told the kid. that I'd climb all over him the next time I heard him talking slaug. Seof-Texas Slftinx-s. The Proper Authority, Algernon (kissing bis fiancee)—When shall it he, Arabella! Arabella—We must let papa decide that, lie's u retired sea captain, you know. Algernon—Why, what has that to do with the date of our tnai-rlage? Are.lH'!l&— Why, Algerunu, isn't it a marl- tiuie question?—Judge. The dyspeptic, the debilitated, wlieUi- er from excess of iv«tr& of uilud. ur .body, drink or exposure tn I 'This may certlf- , 1 r .li.imeul in our fiiailly, and have found It to I bo the best and most effective, medhdne for ueu- | ralfiin and Kindred diseases of ,my ihat we have i tried. Wecnu uuhcKiliithi K ly recniiimend It as I a most powerful und useful remedy." ; j „ , IC .1t. WI.I.K. i 1 aslorof the Kirst M. K. Chuieh Malarial Regions, will And Tim'i I'llli Hie most ueolsl resiorullve ever oll'ered lite suu^rlus: luvalld. ^ Try Them Fairly. A vigorous body, pare blood, stions: nerves anil u che.clul uilud will result. SOLD EVICHYWHKRK. for all chronic cases, In connection with C. C. U.MMKST, use"COMPl>USl) SUI.I'III'K POW- IJI'.lt for thoi -OHuhly cleunslng the blood aud oilliii; up the entire system. It Is put up only by 'Ihe «. II. nunc »•«.. i» Bush mrcct, hi | liirce bottles. J'rlco $1 per bottle, ti bottles for ! *.'i; sent postpaid on receipt of price. Hho-rt of ;Ut.ttur. LAKE'S SPRINGS, Jctaid Valley, Utniteiio Cisitj. Cal, KOL 'UTI 'EN MH .E8 MOUTH OF UKIAH. 1U<>\. M.Ul<tlF,SIA, Sl'M>||l'H, A*K Ollll'.It \V,VIF,HS. THE C. C. I,l\l)li;\T la Vnsh Sleeel, S, F. •yOU SALE HY ALL DKUOOISTS. W, II. BOMB, Ueuernl UHiiRvrcr ami Secretary. CO.,! s ^"If you are going to Call on a Neighbor, Dnn an Enemy, Marrv a Friend or Start a Circus, the pain will "be greatly alleviated hy patronizing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Stoa .iT! Printing House. fsyHcKt Campliu! Grruinils in the County, wiiter, woo.l und ground* tree, liood puhturiiKn for liorses at uioiveriltc rutcs. "a T. A. LANE, Prop. Electric Lighting! The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah Cade II,— Sho don't. /<v>k it. Alh-auda, JKihuii»l«>-TAok,wli»t, dear? tlipl* H.^-Th* mothcf of th«t (MUiljr.— are very Great -Magsilne Editor— We short of matter. All the great generals, notorious polltlclHiis, fateotts iawyars, popular actresses, eminent physicians aud prorniuent sciautisU secui to be too busy to write for its just now. Assistant (meditatively)—-Pcrhnps wo might get some articles f rum literary men, Greet Editor-Good Ideal I'll nt*ke » tour of the pear UOUSM t<>morrovr.— hit*. T 'N1TKPSTATF.H LAN'D OFFICE, S VN FRANI 1 Cisco, l-'ld.. Jnlv I, 1M">. Mitice Is lierehv given tlull In compliance BSS££^£SX\^ soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Kevin!i\ ini'l WunhliiKt 'in Territory." I KVHNKY (i. MlTfUKLL, ctt \h\jWih\, I 'uiiNtv ill AluiiKilii, .Slut* 1 of Cn)l- fiirnln, JIHM Hil« iluy t\h't\ \\\ '»'liis sw*>ni rilnlt'iiii 'iit N<» . for t\w purrliiir'ii »iMi(»t 3 of i H -oiluii Nn. IK l«iT"W!uhlr» N---1'» imrlii, Jtimfti* 1| WOst, M. li, .M., IHi'l Mil! Oll 'i-r (liunf jt) ?il)fj\v llmi iln^HMil -ouiisif \t< iiiori.' viiluuljlo for II K UniMM ,ir ftlniii' Until for ii«ilpultunil iJiirpos- CM , mill In CM Mill. Hi hlvnlfrli'i lo mild Iniiu hi-ffni.' (III> HCKIMIT tuul I'.vct'lvi'r of this ntXwc utSftij SiM>1i*mlifi', \^".>'i. Jl" riiont*r. IIH uftU'^J'T: I *. llui! Mcm-ll, T, J, llaik'j, 1', li. Hulli-y Kriiiii 'liti'c.''«!. , , , , Mix und nil peraou* «-luhiiI |iB iitlvcrscly elm ttljuvt'-it^evihiNl Inmlft tin ro.}»n>Mi'il |o fJJi' (hi.'(r .••Wilms l» tWIs ortici: un or Woime MIUI 'JIM tit,)' t>i 1 JOUX P. S1IKEHAN, Heijlitor, ! Sth day of flcloiirr, ISM, i \t tlu> uiWue of the Ch-rl; in l ! kl «h City, lit snul rouuty, to hv open (Ml at thin thm- noil pliict- ! nntMo b* 1 Ht'teti upon us « OOM ilirri-nflcr tii uuiy ! 1 r -uil tho lioiivruU'iut? of iiio Hi .firrt, for prnpo -iiiV : i iu inaiiiinlii tin 1 public nutiK within MU'II re- \ siM't 'tivo we tlons oil,on-jViilU y U<MO 1 lii ^rU't Vor ; ', ifif pi'ritnl oft wo yi 'urfi I'liitiM^ v\ till tin- 1M iluy of \ • July, upiin tlit' citinlilioiix ihe IMM' irui 'tor Hlntll, within n ivrt ^nmihln tiuu* IIUMV- | niter, cUV-fumlly ilniin ami keep nniliit'd nil I [ proper drains or liridscH fur all uri -umsiir wntur , ; ctiiu 'rit-H crossing* thi.'rojul HI nuy Krii^on of the! : year, that he shall IYUU.VO nil :»nsiviielions from ' | the roml wiihiii ti ri 'iiwoinilile time ufier tln-y i I mity oenir, that lie pii »v>'nl as iar as pu,s.-*J!>Ic tin* j ; wilier from riiiniini; on ihe naolheil, lUut \\v. \ keep the ehueklmli's anil ruts li I led up with I roel; or some other ^nit^ble nuUfvial, liinl all I lock used on the roml shall tlr .^t he rediKVil 'o a I yize of nut over three Indus in lUuitierer, tltat I lie NhtiU mniutiiin the voti .l at tin 1 rsiabllMioi unule hv rejnovhiu nil >Hdi's flown to the old ; rondlieil, that he iimlnlaiu the redd <>n exeuvu- } lions ut a width of not le >.s than ei ^-ltt U;ei and ! on the ungraded port imis nt u widtJi ot nut le;-.- ' than twelve feet, ihat he slmll remme slumps' and jnojeetinK roots und rncUs from the roudln *t and branehe .s oihuHhi -f- and Ireos fmio within reach of. ptvwh.K teams, that he shall keep all hridgi'H in reasonable repairs. A bhbb'i-is ru'inlred tif In; a resident within the limit* of LOUK Valley K<md l>^t »-iet,bm miiy put t» bldn for one ur inure ur for al I the seetUoi* lierelnbefftre dc^eribe^, but he U required to «pe- , eiflciilly fitate the amount per vearof twelve nne. > eessive month." for each npeeine hectlnn deserih- j \0lU'^ ftf lllO Kikll^ (it UOill li^llkf inn It by its n-peetive uuu.bev i»»r wbleh be 1 l,uliVV v****' « l •« "I RHlUlli jiroposen to tnalnlain the puhlie roadn therein' nccordtnu to the speeliieatiuii.v hi -reinafureyh en Htid in addition inerelo lie .shall also mate tit what, rate per rod he will agree to roek Hiieh portions of the roadbed to a depth of six inebes. ! und a width of ei ^ht feet, HI inity be required of him to do no during the term of hhs eon.tract hy J the order of the Itourd of Supervlsovs, (he com- , peiiHutlott for whieh to be In addition to the | cojitrnet jiriee nitreed xinon for the fe<;ilon. Upon nn award the h]<hler will he required to P flve bonds for ihe faithful perionniuiee of Win contract In ueeordaiu'e with thesespeeitieailous with two reipouslldc bondsmen lo the amount of the eon trap! priee per annum, and unless uuch hondu be provided areordiiiK lo law and approved by the liourd, or one of its members n ppo .nled Us a rommltteu for that purpose, within ten d<tyn afler the uward, the Hoard ve- .serveH the rlirht to award tlieeoinraet to another bidder, mid ivlso re ^erveri the right to reject any and all hidN, By order of the Hoard of Uuj. dnpino County. Attest: tainini; ei ^htt'-n tiereii more or less,top,etli^r With all and singular the teneinenls, heretiltHineuH and nppurtennnee.s thercuuio beloiiytiiK or la any wise appertaining. Public notice is hereby given that on Saturday, the !-W .lay »f August. 181*0, M'Jo'eloek }'. M , of thut day, iu front of tin* Conn limine door of the eonntyof Mendocino, I will, hi obedience lo naid order of K:I 1 C and dv- croe of loree-lo^uTP und Hale, sell tin* above de- MTihed propertv or no much thewof n* may be neei 'ssary to win Isfy said Judgment, with interest and eosls, etc., to the hl^hmu Hnd be«l blddur u»r V?ob\ coin of the bulled Htaten. Uate <l this 'IMh dtiy of .Inly, WM). Ity T. .V 11 SHERIFF'S SALE. I'nUer Kxcciillon. Sherlfl> IHttl eject any '.IBOIS of Meic July 13,1850. (t:,) SAM. I). 1'AXTON', Clerk. Notice of Administrator's Sale. K. S. IIIUSDN „nrt MAUTIS L'OlUllT, Ilaiutifl-t, T. M. ASBII.J. itiul J. II. ASItlLI., Dzfrutiant*. VIIITUK OK -Mcntiocino, of ihi"s ,,,'If. 1 ' 11 ',*:""i»ty <i( K. K. ilibson niuji j|, "( '-."llfornln. wherein Asblll mi.l j. " r. M. .....rehi I< v' i •i t ,' rui . 1, I' ,llit "lll«, "li'l and luterei 11 a™ .1.7' 1 !',' "'""''« re ( ,Ve,ta b e,' 1 ,',, 0 !;.!:V l, ' !l 10 ,hu f»"«*'-nft'«?lKi T N ,v T !!?, S,; "' K ! U0 " COUKT OP Till-' COt'V T„ n Meu'loi'iU". Slate of Culiforiilu tOL " N - UUCtloll, tO (lis '-' 1 sell ("rnii'l, r. u. all ot hiinl Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GEAVES, Secretary Nortfy Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 29 New Montgomery, San Francisco. ..,in,- hlKhcMt bttlder, for CUMU , tfotd eolu of the I'nlteil HUtcn, und subject to coutlt 1 - matloii hy liultt Htnioiior I'ourt, ou Snturilay, the Jlltii uuy ur August, \i% At i o'clock r. M., In liout of the Uoor nf the Court limine, In L'kluh City, Memlocluo ctiuntv. Cut,, nil the rlMhl, tliie, Interest und csliito of the until L'. H. Arthur ttOhe time of hi» ticiith, ] suit all the liirbt. title and hileresi thut tb« «niii I I'ntute hits by o|ieriitluu ol ! tiu' or otliepta»ine iic- j a.«| 10 all™ nS 0 ?l 1 rg I t al, ft,,; u,,P , !'"l.rovcn,c„ N ri ls "„" n , Ih'pruvu' elitlii) und iutereBt ofF."'' tlieruiieh Rcncrlly kuowii a» I h,. ', ?,', 1" much. In Mentlocli „e, i ty' c„ Vr m V ,, « 1 » ih . : nhllc notice Is uJ^^Z »^..M U M. HHi iluy of Sqilcuibcr, .1, I)., loi'lt f. M. Of loii-cilo at I'kliili, sdi qillreil, other Ihuu or i ti\i or otherwise in• W «!.•«; ArtiuiVst the ffS hi "'I' ?,' '!'» ami too Mil tbateerlal | , ;., ' ll1 ': html slfjste, lyiiid , u .",)I'Mfel nf„clno,,-!t„t„' ,;,',«,!,<'»»»l.v HtKl dcsiu-lhcl VH follow, "l-'l' l, ", lll ) < l | "l of Section If,, T 12 \ l! ,;• iS V\\ J-h "< «W Terms und s I'ullowit, to wlf. V.\ T UN . it ic w, M it a; condlthmi* of i«i>",u—en*h, 10 jier cent olthe piirchiiie jiiic,-, In Koh! coin of the I'nlteil UUtei., tiiiynhle on ilsy of the Mile, huh I uitcc nityiible on ciiiitlriiiiiilon of the »Hle by the Jiuttte oi thlit Conn, liccil at tfjuieime of (mr- ehnscr, i;i;lah,Aui;intTili, IKUO, Q. A.OVr.ltMKYI'.lt, Ailminlsirolorde bonU lion, with tliv Will annexed of the estate of i:. It, Arthur deeested. \'IU. i SKiW tn-. Attorney* Sot A.dui. • lay, iu front of the court hou-e ilourof tint t'ounty of Mcutloelnn, at I'thih, sell ut nubile unci inn, for United states pilil coin, nil the rlithi, title, clului and Interest iifsnlil deleudiuit, P. M. Ashlll, of, lu mnl to the iihove ile.ierlbcl projicrly, or as mueli theseof tin uuiy lie neccictitrv to ntln'e MiMoleiil t(» Kin '.Nly said Juiltiuiciit, Willi Interest unci costs, etc., to the blithest anil best bidder, lulled this 7th day of Aiimtst, two. J. M. HTANUI.KV, Hherlff. „ ...s Washing and Ironing! \1» I'ooli's Wuhltmtse, I'ur. liHUeh »utlhi#v«usuu Ml.., UltlHlt, l^ifnly*, et^ he'.l' 1 '' ,v »"''-''o«*» W SJUIUK iKmui m!t n,¥ft'.^"V"*" ,,l,u f «WI« AH tOOU,

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