The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 14, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1894
Page 12
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FORTY niLLlON CAKES YEARLY. TM nmOTER ft OAMBLE CO., OIN'TL DAILY AMD WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THB BmtniBL Is the oniy newspaper in Cat- loll county that Is printed all at home and It con- tins more local and county news (ban any otber two papers ID this county. POWBM it COLOLO, PTOPS. FBIDAV, DBOEMBEB 14, 1894. P£QPIE AND EVENTS. "A Desert Claim." Visit Moore's shoe store. '" A Desert Claim" begins today. . Harvey HopkinR is clerking at J. W. Hatton's. Heffelflnger IB receiving holiday goods every day. D. Rogers, of Manning, was in tbe city Monday. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Thad Cook, of Harlan, was in the city Wednesday. Oeo. B. Frazier, of Breda, was in the city Monday. Our new story of a Wyoming ranch begins in today's paper. • Mrs. £. O. Wagner, of West Side, was in the city Wednesday. The family of Wendel Liever is quarantined for diphtheria. W. R. Lee left Tuesday for Rockwell City on legal business. J. L. Woodward returned frurn a short trip to Dallas county Tuesday. C. L. Wattles was at Pomoroy on business for a couple of days. A change in H. T. Daniels' ad today- Note his prices and profit thereby. Disease* of the eye, ear, throat and oow. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Call at Heffelflnger's and see the cut glass ware and new silver ware. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Insurance, and money to loan on real- •sAate at 6 per osnt. MABTIN & MABTIN. Judge Paine left Monday afternoon for Denison, where he will hold court this week. Mrs. J. L. Wilson is at the home of her father at Breda yery sick with typhoid fever. . •; >..'.'. Supervisor Beiton and Morgan were in the city busy with committee work Wednesday. ..,.••, : . ; ';••''' • , .' -.', Mrs. O. M. Moore returned Wednesday from an extended visit with relatives •tBt. Paul. * B6*b*s and blankets are cheaper than MM. Do not fail to get prices of L. T. Anderson. Des Molnei coal dealers arc advertising "best lump coal In Iowa," etc., at f 1.75 to f 8 a ton. B. T. Boynton, West Side, Iowa, bcwder of registered Poland China pigs, has pigs of both sexes for sale. The contested election cases against ]b e Cl?rk and agsewor of PleRsant Valley township, have been diemlBBcd, Do not forget ibai yott 6an get needles stud repairs for any sewing machine Bade at L. T. Anderson's store. Carroll merchants arc right up with the times and many of the show windows nave tbe appearance of n large city, H. W. Macumber returned Saturday from an extensive trip over the state in the Interest of Hubbard, Spencer & Bartlett. "A Desert Claim" is said to bo one of tbe belt stories by this well kuowu author. It begins in today's paper. Head Ik Deputy Treasurer Wilson went to Bmla Tuesday afternoon to care for his wife wbo is still very low with typhoid fever. County Attorney Korte was at Manning Tuesday and represented the county's interests in Clausen vs, Carroll county. Mrs. A, M. Benton returned Wednesday from a visit at Scrauton. Mrs. Quint returned with her, remaining only a short time. W. H. Humphrey left Tuesday for Nebraska, where he will visit with his sister for some time and incidentally do a little shooting. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt Lake potatoes on hand. All parties ordering now will be furnished from tbe car at wholesale prices. B. Salisbury, postmaster at Benan, la., and his son have both entered the Boone college of commerce to take a full course o( ipstruction.-'BQQne News. Uncle Bam has a recruiting officer for the regular army in the city looking for young men who wish to serve their country in a military capacity. ..,,. The County Teachers' assodatioti will hold the next meeting Saturday, Dee.' 23. The main subject to be discussed is "County Uniformity of Text Books." Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour; feed and produce are prepared to furnish goods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. Messrs. Linden and Larson, from Omaha, the new tailors, have moved t» this city and will occupy the Chas. Buck nam property, corner West and Ninth streets. Carroll is now getting a large trade from people living quite a distance from us. Buyers claim prices are lower and they have better stocks to select from in this city. Ifryou are looking for bargains, and who is not these hard times, just look carefully over tbe advertising columns of THB SENTINEL and you will learn where they, are to be had. Miss Mills, teacher in the Jefferson high school, spent Thursday and t Friday visiting onr high school, Teachers from over the state are always welcome visitors in our schools, i W. H. Mohr, our new clerk of the courts, moved' this week into ANOTHER ONE '. is there a fellar with a wooden ... Vs the name of big other leg?"—1 NEEDED. the name of Smith IMsf teMf HOME MADE CANDI the Hoagland property, corner West and Tenth streets, and will hereafter be a resident of the second ward. Nothing makes as nice a Christmas present as * nice book. Bturges & Thurlimann have the choicest selec- tionS|Of works of standard authors and ' Awarded HlffeMt Honors—World's •DR. Fair, ^NPplpllnlsjWsp MOST PfiRFBCT MADE. A pyra Cf»p«C«am of Tartar Powder. Fres , ... f M) AmmonJ», Alum or any other adulterant, YEARS THE STANDARD elegant gift books ev«r brought to this city. •'. • ... ••"..• .' Henry Signal, of Roselle, was a city visitor Tuesday, arranRing tor his sale which takes place Friday, Dec. 21. Mr. Sianal expects to move to Massachusetts, and make his future hotne in the old bay state. A number of the Odd Fellows visited the lodge at Jefferson Monday evening. Other towns were afso present and a good time was had. Quite a fall of snow was reported by those who returned in the morning. It will pay intending purchasers of any class Of goods to consult the advertising columns of THB BBHTINKL before doing buying and learn what can be had in tbe way of bargains and where U the bo»t place to purchase. County Recorder Kempktr has returned from a visit in Lee county with bis father. Be thought best to go before enter ing upon tbe duties of tbe office tbe first of January as it would be bard for him to get away then. Tbe old saying that "we are always happy when tbe sun shines" was doubly true today. The sun was bright and smiling, tbe city was full of people and our business men , were all as busy as beavers. We all had cause to feel happy. Mra. Frank Younker Was taken with a severe hemorrhage ot tbe, luofcg Sunday morning while attending Presbyterian church. She was taken to her home and IB considerably bettor now and it is hoped will soon be all tight again. M. Miller and P. B. Park, of'Oarroll, this week traded for the Gardner drug store at Manilla. Ohas. Buctmam, who will have charge of tbe business, passed through town Thursday on his way to that place.—Manning Monitor. Ed Wadswortu ham gone to Des ttoines to buy an engine and boiler and otber necessary articles incident to the establishment of a steam laundry, which ho will soon open at Eagle Grove. We wish him the fullest measure of succow. John Jurgeosen and AntoneUa Lobr- mann, of Manning, were granted a llcopgo to marry by Clerk Kenuebeok Tuesday afternoon and the happy couple Immediately sought Justice Lynch who tied Ihe matrimonial knot for them io the most approved style. Tbe Ogden Messenger says that a preacher stopped in the middle of a sermon and sang a hymn. lie said by way of explanation that If the choir insisted on doing the' talking it would certainly permit hlw to. do the singing. County Attorney Korie has received word frou Jud£e Goldsmith of vis decision (n the CM9 ot Lx>usd»le vs. Carroll county, in wwlcb thji plaintiff sued to recover taxes paid by him to the amount of $837.81, on the ground of illegal levy. The judge dismisses plaintiff's petition and holds that Carroll county shall retain the tax. The Philosophical club held an interesting meeting at the county superintendent's office Monday evening. The main interest centered in a discusilon of "Every act of knowledge involves . consciousness, emotional, intellectual and volitional." i Henry Sign all will bold a public sale of live stock and farming, machinery, three miles, southwest of Roselle and four miles north of Templeton, section 89, Roselle township, on what is known as the English farm, Friday, December 21. Auditor Hombach was called to Manning Tuesday with some bonks and records, having been subpoened in tbe. case of H. C. Clausen vs. Carroll county. Mr. Clausen is sueing for constable fees, his bill for same having been three times rejected by the board of supervisors. ' , We have made arrangements by which we can fnrnish this paper anal the twice- a-week New York World all for only $2 a year. Here is the opportunity to get yonr own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rats*.- Address Tax MNTI- Carroll, la. ', •'. Dan Cooper and wife, : of Gl|dden, came to the city Baturday.^Jf r, Cooper has Just returned from Malberir^Qro., where he baaleen for several months in charge of tbe mining interests of W; L. Oulbert- son at that place. .He is looking rugged and healthy, as If that kind of life agreed with him. ! • boiler ordered for nse at the city water works station arrived Friday and was taken to tbe pump house sit the river tbe same day. This boiler is a large one and-will complete the equipment of the station which Jis about as perfect now'as it can be njjade. When this boiler is put in use the, water problem will be solved. , ; At the annual meeting of Signet Lodge O. E. 8., Friday evening the following officers were elected: •' Mrs. I. N. Griffith, W. M. •R. R. Woodrin* W. P. Mrs. Wm. Gilley, A. M. B, C. Btevecs, Secretary. Mra. E. 0. Fllnn, Treasurer. Miss Josephine Patty, Conductress. Miss Emma Stevens, Assistant O, work by the benefit tbey denved. The training was thorough and each one acted his part very cleverly. We are sorry* that so deserving an entertainment did not meet with more favor from the theatergoing people of our city. Dr. Lowery .and wife worked hard and against considerable opposition, but they have the satisfaction of knowing they put up an entertainment that was a credit to themselves and all who assisted "them. ' .. •-•'• '=•".•••.• -, ; '•.'/ .:; Quito an accident • happened to a party of young folks who' bad started for the river last night to skate. As they were turning the corner at. the State Bank the wheel struck the well curb and upset the wagon throwing the whole crowd' to the ground. Miss Edna Phelps and Miss Ora Quint were quite badly hurt by striking their -heads, on the frozen ground, but at this writing they are getting along nicely and will be all right in a day or two. The rest of the party escaped with slight scratches and bruises. It was a lucky escape for all as it might have reunited more seriously.— Scranton Journal. "How to Cure all Skin Diseases." Simply apply Swayne'i ointment No Internal medicine required. Cures tetter, sccema. Iton, all eruptions on the raee. bands, nose, eta., letTlnf the ikln clear, white and healthy. Its treat bfallnf and ouratlre power* are potiewed b> no other remedy. Ask your dnuglet for Swayne'8 ointment. • 6-1-8* One can hardly imagine » more suitable Christmas gift for apt artist friend than the December number of The Art Amateur. Aa It lies now before us it seems indeed a treasury of art, both tor the art student— to whom U Is a necessity— and tbe general reader. On opening it we find two charming color platea— absolute f ao- slmlles ot costly paintings: "A Hummer Evening," by B. Sanchez Perrler, and "Purple and Gold" (Pansles), by Maud Stumm. Then there Is a vary '-large life btudy In charcoal, printed on gray-blue paper, and eight pages of working designs for china andglass palntlngSismbioldery, wood carving, eto. The Illustrations am well worthy of the text, Including re duotlons from masterpieces of painting and drawing, by such artists as Jules Breton, Ooulanger, Alma-Tadema, De- lounay, Jacaue, 41ber$ Moore and Isidore Plls. Price 86 cents/ Jtfontague Marks, publisher, 28 union square, New York., PIlMl Piles I ttoblnff Pllef. Bymptomsmolstarsilntenieltobiiuiandstlaf M,moitat nHhtiWorM by loratobTos;. ,|f al irndtooontlnue tumor* form" wntob'oltsn Better goods than ever, and at prices in reach of all. See our own make of candies in pound boxes Fine goods, at • - 25c. Extra fine, at - - - 40c. •" !v-** • ' •' " • . the very best, at 50c. Is equal to any made, is simply delicious. .and 20 cent ,".'.' * Xmas trees and decorations and the very best of fruits and nuts, all new stock. PERRINE & NESTLE. HOLIDAY SALE i £*L THB PALACE DRUG STORE .'*.'",'.. a. ' Commencing Thursday, Dec. 6, and will be continued until January 1st. ALBUMS-An ele|ant'afl»ortment, from 50c. to $8.00. TOILET OASES-A fine stock, from 76c. to $11.00. Frank Wilson, of Eden township, was In tbe city Wednesday, having Driven across the country with his.. mcHjerin- law, Mrs. Andiews, who. was, raffed to Moville by the illness of her danghter. Frank reports the Iocs 01' five fces'd of horses because of the dry nose "f the feed. We are sorry to he; rob bis loss and as the stock was all' blooded horses it seems much harder, The State Traveling Men's Association met at Des Molnei Friday. The meeting was attended by about 500 Knights of Grip. All tbe old officers wore re-elected. They are W. T. Mitchell president, E. C. Evans vice-president, and V. E. {laley secretary and treasurer. Tbe association is In good shape financially. The present membership is 9,009, ft net gain during the last year of 500. H. T. Daniels announces with regret that ho IB out of his favorite 00 cent flour, bis last order to the mill bringing the reply that they wore away behind with their orders and it would be some time before they could catch up. Just as soon as it arrives Mr. Daniels will lei his customers know, however, us this Is the best flour in tbe market for tbe money and be Is determined to give the people the benefit of low prices. "The White Slave," presented by the WIUou Company Wednesday ft U»e Gerutanla opera bouse, was well attended uud worthy of the support it received. The cast was good, each part being well presented and the specialties brought down tbe house. The special scenery wan one of the features of the evening, tbe river scene with the floating iparaod a real rain storm bringing iorlb tbe hearty applause of the uudtouc*. The operetta "Goraldiuo" WM 90! »> attended Friday evening by aj IMK* M audience M (hu entertainment Those taking psrt feel repaid bleed and ulcerate, becoming Terr. sore. ae's ointment stop* tbe Itolilniand Busy- beals nloeratlon and In moat oasss remote* tumor*. At druulsts, or by matt,, for 60 esnls Or. flwayne A Bon, FblUdelpbla. • t-l- Sheriff. 8*1*T Bibles, Juvenile and Story Boolce, *^ a «uvon» irw* fumes, Tea Sets, Steam Engines, Shell Boxes, Wo^anl Iron Toys. W« hWo« ioi.»o a*/i,ii. A A—'-"ir-HrT^T'- . _-. . We have a large stock, of China ware. A fine assortment' Not»o« Is hereto g inn tbst by virtue of a general execution, to nw directed by tbe clerk of the district oourt of Carroll county, lows, ajtslnst tbe goods, chattel*, land*, tenements, efo^of W. H. Bleker»on, Maej. Rlokerton snd • favor of Bsnk eta,, at W. H. Rlekerson, Mae J. B! H. J, V. Mueller defendant*, In Tbe Cedar Haplds plaintlirriwlii offer'at'p'ubllo isie'to'tbe htghent and be*t bidder for ovb, si tbe deer oTlbs court bouse, in tbe town of Carroll, counvy of Carroll, Iowa, on the «th d.y of Dwi'mb}"; 18M, between the boars of 0 o'clock s. m. and 4 o'clock p.m.on lalddsy, a'l of laid defendant*, H. J. P. Mueller right, title sod Interest In and to tbs following described real estate. •Ituatad In Canon oountr, to-wlt; Boutbesit .quarter of tbs epntbespt quarter Motion tblrly-sli (86), towoinlp eighty- two (82).rauge thirty-four (84),*nd nortb half of tbe lonthweit quarter and north we*t quarter of ibe (ouibeait quarter snd *outb bait of tbe *outbea*t quarter Motion thirty-one (81). town- snip eigbti-wo («), range thlrir-tbree (BB), and •onchweit quarter of section nloet*e townihlp eighty two (8J),rauge thirty three (8S),ln Carrofi oonnty Iowa. •Ssle to commence at tbs boar ot 10:16 o'clock a. m. of said day. JMt , „ Bberlfl Garrollcoiinty, Iowa. W. B. !*e, attorney for plaintiff. We have a good assortment of all kinds, and have % large stock of Dolls, from one penny to *3 apiece, IN LflMPS Wje have an assortment left that we will clove at cost consisting of Ifcnging and Banquet Lamps. If low prices will sell these goods, this is the place to buy. G. W. ASHTC||I & CO. C. H. wHtBBOOK. Manager. 4 J HERE ^^^^F *^s* s^sV <^IV *MHW*p ^^^^ ^^ ^W^^^ i^p ^^ ^fc|*^^ s^pMmpr ffi|lpM|ir »jm *lp* WsW * fjJpMcJiW With the Finest line of GROCERIES in the city and the old SLEEPY EYE FLOUR, the belt on earth, »nd SUNyQHT.the belt of southern fiour^f refunded. Our TEAS, COFFEES, DRIED FRUITS, CANNED and BOTTLED not be beat. Prices and quality guaranteed. /'i money D8 oin. South Sid» Fifth

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