The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 14, 1933 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1933
Page 5
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CALlFOftNlAN, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1M COMMUNITY NEWS BiEJWASCO Wedded ia.Church Ceremony lo Carl Kitzmun of Rochester, N. Y. WASCO, Feb. 14.—Miss Ollnda Koe- nlg of Shatter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koenlg of Medicine 'Hut, Alberta, Canada, became tho bride of ,JCarl KlUthan of Rochester, N. Y., at a beautiful ceremony at tho Congregational Church, Saturday evening at 1 o'clock. Tho wedding vows were read by the Rev, J. C. Schweitzer, vaster of tho German Baptist Church, and the wedding march was played by Miss (3lga Gromer. Tho brldo wns attired In a white flat crepo and wore a long veil held In placo with a wreath of orange blossoms, and carried an arm bouquet of pink roses. Tho bridesmaids were Alias Opal Allen of Los Angeles nnd Miss Mario Janssen of Keedley. Miss Alien wore a nllc green satin gown and Miss Jnnsscn wore a pink cropo gown, and both curried shower bouquets of sweet peas. The bridegroom was attended by Louis Bcrty of Jios Angeles. Llttlo Marlln Roskam was tho flower girl and was assisted In carrying tho bas- .kot by Donald Schweitzer. Mrs. J. C. Schweitzer was the matron on honor and wore an orchid dress and carried u harmonizing bouquet of sweet peas. Ushers were Henry Ifland and Ernest Xcrllng. j During the wedding ceremony Miss Gromer played and sang "I Lovo You Truly." Tho ring ceremony was used for the nuptial vows. The altur WUH lighted by candles and large basket of flowers were decorative In the church. Following the wedding, a reception was held ut the German Bnptlst Phest Colds \fttA Best treated without "dosing" V&CKS , V VAPORUB STAINLESS now: if you prcfi WOODY t— <J> , _ <s> WOODY, Fob. 14.—Los A.ngolos pooplo have taken over tho placer mine on tho D. O. Maltby property. They began work last "Wednesday. Different groups are mining on Grlzzley near the Blue Mountain mine. Tho Mooro brothers are now running tho Arastra. John Hitchcock, 55cko Hitchcock and Harry Colo arc placer mining, nearby and Percy Williams la doing'some work on the Bluo Mountain mlno\ proper. J. IT. Toner, school supervisor, spent Wednesday visiting Woody and Blake and other mountain schools. Recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Doll Mooro were Mr. and Mrs. Will Zcller of Glennvllle. They stayed there throe days, glad to get out of tho snow for a while. Donald Maltby Is assisting his grandfather, D. O. Maltby, with the plowing and planting of his crop, House guests of Mrs. C. T. Carver ovor the week-end were MY. and Mrs. Vernon Carver and the latter'a Bister, Miss Maurlno Donnldson, of Berkeley. Tho visitors loft Monday afternoon. The Neighborhood Club met at Mrs. L/on Hlckorson's last Thursday. A goodly number were present, one guest being Mrs. Perry Hlckerson ol Fellows. Mrs. O. L. Hughes is working for Mrs. II. L. Fagan who has been quite 111. Mr. nnd Mrs. Maurlco Croson anr son, Frederick, of Biikorsfleld, visitor Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Welnger and family Thursday. Thnrp Is to be a program* at Blako schoolhouso Saturday evening, February IS. Horace T. Strong of tho Farm Bureau, will give a talk on tho outlook for tho livestock Industry for 1933. Church whore Mrs. Schweitzer, sister of tho Broom, and Mrs. Albert Koenlg of Slmftor, aunt of tho bride, werr hostesses. Refreshments were served to 40 guests tit tables where tho valentine motif prevailed in tho decorations und favors. A program was given at tho reception, which Included a reading by the Reverend Mr. Schweitzer, accordion duets were played by Ralph and Roy Kraft, and Miss Gromer snug severa selections. The newiyweds are leaving early this week for their home at Rochester whoro tho groom Is employed. They will go by stago and stop at severa largo cities for sightseeing trips. Mr anil Mrs. Kltzman have been guests in the Schweitzer home since the wedding. 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Red and white streamers, Jieart favors and other valentine decorations were used. Matt Mfertln acted ns toastmastcr and the following entertainment was presented at tho banquet table: Numbers by a male quartet from the Mennonlto Brethren church at Shafter, consisting of George Struss, Dave Strauss, Henry Karber and Earl Becker; accordion selections by Herbert Enns of Shaffer; and an address by Mrs. Martin of Bakersfleld; remarks by the captains of the two contest sides and by Miss Maxlno Moore, society president. Following tho banquet games and pep singing were enjoyed, Thoso present were Misses Irene Martin, Maxlno Moore, Madalyn Rexjoth, Delols Rowe, Myrtle Hoag, Evalyn Rexroth, Leath.a Conlcy, Ellen Snow, Katherlno Bo"a- vors, Edna White, May Haag, Thelma Beavers, Lalla Temple, Margaret Mecham, Cecilia Haag, Lola Temple, Eudorn Baldwin, Theresa Sapp, Erva White, Lora White, Frances Wilson; Messrs. Alpha Combs, Leslie Heath, Paul Graves, Gerald Martin, Frank Hough, William J. Haag, Ora MoClel- lan, Autiold Rowe, Woodrow Graves, Lawerence Heath, Edward Haag, Orval Graves, Virgil White, Harlln Wilson, Ralph Peterson, Cecil Atterbury, Vorcll Wilson, Gluii Woods, Cecil White, Herbert Enns, Davo Strauss, Karl Becker, George Strauss, Henry Karber, Houston Sapp, Harlln Write, and Paul Wilson; Mesdames D. F. Snow, Halbert Heath, Lucille Dickinson; Messrs, and Mendames James Haag, Harry Jackson, E. B. Suydam, W. M. Smith, J. O. Coble. J. B. Lewis. .Walter White, W. B. Wilson, R. G. Temple, T M. Martin, Leonard Temple, and Rev. and Mrs. Martin. * « » , Lessons in Bridge Enjoyed at Club DELANO, Feb. 14.—Fourteen women took advantage of the lessons In contract bridge offered by the Delano Woman's Club at a recent afternoon sponsored by the club. Pupils met at :30, with Mrs. George Branch as teacher. A small fee Is charged. The next regular meeting of the club falls on Wednesday, February 22, and will be held at the home of Mrs. Frank Porry on Lexington street. Incomplete plans Indicate that it will bo purely a social meeting. Further announcement will be made by tho president, Mrs. Philip Maerzke. MASONS ENJOY PARTY WASCO, Feb. 14.—A largo crowd attended tho party Saturday evening given at the Masonic temple by committees from the Wasco Masonic Lodge and tho Starlight Circle. Cards wore played in the lodge rooms and dancing wan enjoyed downstairs. Refreshments were served and prizes were awarded for five hundred and bridge. Tho committees Included Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fidler, Miss Lillian Prltschke, Earl Terry and Mrs. D. O. Moore. "The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Eating!" Let others tell about the "instant soluability"—the "quick disintegration" of their aspirin tablets ... but make the test yourself. Drop a Nyal aspirin tablet in a glass of water. Watch how quickly it disintegrates. Note how it stays in a lloculent precipitation. 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Mary Anderson, associate matron, and J. A. Hylton, worthy patron, presided In tho east. Mrs. Irene Bennett, worthy matron, was called away duo to the death of her father, J. T, Rogers, of Everett, Wash. Mrs. Grace Jones of Marlcopa, deputy grand matron of district No. SI, was escorted east, introduced and seated. Alma Varner and Franklin Russell, worthy matron and patron of Faith chapter, Pearl Morris and John Jop- non,- worthy matron and patron ol Marlcopa chapter, Ruth Logar and Thomas Hillary, worthy matron and patron of T,aft chapter, were escorted cast and Introduced. Prom the sidelines were Introduced Past Matrons > Edna Malady, Maude Farner, 'of Faith chapter; Elizabeth Stephens, Ada McKlnnle, Lucy Eastwood, Lucy Marsh, Berle Kliiney, of Taft chapter; Jesslo .Tepson of Marl- copa chapter; Maggie Tabor, Elsie Handy, Daisy Carr, Zella Parker Pearl Temploton, Henrietta Young Minnie Devlin of Buena Vista chapter Past patrons were J. C. Ramsey o Faith chapter; B. Jesse of Tuft chap- tor; Henry Morris and L. Russell of Marlcopa chapter, and C. B. Parsons of Buena Vista. Guests were present from Santa Barbara and also from Wlnkolnmn Ariz. Mrs. Jones spoke briefly, J. A Hylton announced the coming of" th( Santa Barbara boys' band on February 21 at Midway School, and asked all who could to attend their concert Tho Areme Club will meet on Tues day afternoon, February 21, Bernici Stephens, vice-president, announced Following chapter all were Invited to^the banquet room where tho deco rations were In'' the valentine motif also llttlo heart-shaped cakes whlcl had been prepared by the committee composed of Mesdames Grace N. Coo ley, Daisy Carr, • Pearl Templeton Rheua Brownflcld, AJIco Castle ant Luclle Barnes. Mesdames Henrietta Toung an Minnie Devlin were In charge of th party, which was tho annual "Goot Heart" night. The West SIdo chap ters were special guests. Community singing was enjoyed wit' Mrs. Alice Hnmlln presiding at th piano. C- E. Parsons presided at toastmaster and called upon worthy matrons and patrons for talks. Mrs Varner asked that Buena Vista chap ler be the guests of Faith chapter 01 Mrs. LeGar of Taft Invited all t the evenlgg of May 12. attend their February 21 meeting. Mr Jepfion extended a cordial Invltatlo to all to come to Marlcopa chapter o February 14. Mrs. Mary Anderso thanked all who had contributed t tho success- of the evening. < I » ! Senior Girls Win in Second Contest MARlCOPA, Feb. 14.—Girls' basketball teams -representing tho junior and senior classes, of the Marlcopa High School met Friday afternoon In the second gamo of the annual playoff for the school championship. The senior team under the leadership of Captain Virginia Bond" was victorious by a 9 to 6 score. Senior ItneUp: R. Hixon and V. Bond, forwards; V. Dontanvlllo, jumping center; M. Sims, running center; M. Hlxon and M. Hillary, guards; L. Deaton, H.' Hlxon, L. Reed and .T. Lytlo, substitutes. Junior lineup: A. Prozlcr and J. Brandon, forwards; E. Shield, jumping center; L. Helsel, running center; H. Brasse (captain), H. Flelsher, guards; E. Miller, L. Col-- noil, D. Walker, L. Dailey, substitutes. Tho senior team will meet the freshman team next Friday In the championship game. * « » SNOW SPORTS ENJOYED DELANO, Feb. H.—Members of the High School and Junior College Epworth League of tho Community Church motored to Glennvlllo on Saturday and enjoyed snow sports. Mrs. John O. Shine, adviser of the group, arranged the affair and accompanied them on tho trip. Others going wefo Misses Ruby slilfflet, Clarkio Sharp, Martha Frcy, Florence Serrano. Betty and Nancy Smith, Jessie Griffith, Ma- be'l Smith, Winnlfred Powell, Beth Shine, Mrs. Nina Powell, Larry DH- vldson, Lawrence Nordyko, Harold Shultz, Herman Kunthack, Sheldon Powell and Wilbur Shine. MOJAVE, Fob. 14.—Mrs. Henry Cheiiard was In Bahersflold Saturday in .business. „ . Mrs. Carol Thompson and Mrs. Frod Wllkerson motored to Palmdalo and had luncheon at tho Casa del Adobe, anday. Lothar Klaussor, a student of tho Hollywood Academy of Music, was tlm Sunday guest of Miss Thelma Stoval. Dan Soderburg of Los Angeles spent tho week-end with tho B. IS. Wllsona. Fred Wllkerson, Bert Fisher, Bill _)ggott nnd Jack Houck motored to Pluto mountains to spent Sunday. Miss Lola Phillips will shop In Los Angeles Tuesday. Mr, ftrd Mrs. Evan Tworney on- loyod the senior play at tho Lancaster High School on Friday night, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Monroe nnd Mrs. neln Everett attended the joint Instillation of tho I, O. O. F. and Rebekah lodges at Tohnchapl on Saturday Mr.' and Mrs. Jess Brlto of Tehach- apl are visiting In Mojavfi. Mr. and Mrs. George Hodges and daughter Gladys have left for Jawbone canyon whore Mr. Hodges will work for tho nqunduce. Juno Hodges, another daughter nnd a student at A. V. U. H. S., will stay with tho A. H. Hoffman family and continue hoollng. . MOJAVE ARVIN, Feb. "14. — Mrs. Keith Mitchell was complimented with a surprise dinner at her homo on Sun- HOt Drive,. Friday evening, given by tho teachers of tho Arvln School. The occasion served as a house warming and also celebrated tho third wedding anniversary of Mr. nnd Mrs. Mitchell. Those attending wero Mrs. Susan Ray, Leroy Gustafson, Mrs, Leila Garrett, Miss Evelyn Rexroth, Mrs. Eva Mon- roo, Mrs, Elizabeth Down*, Miss Mar- Jorlo Roxroth, Mrs. Margaret Dodds, Miss Mnrjorlo Rexroth, Mrs. Margaret Doflds, Victor La Master and Mr. nnd Mrs. Mitchell. BOUCHERS GIVE DINNER FELLOWS, Feb. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Boucher entertained Sunday evening with a turkey dinner. Biddon were Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Woolry, Mr. • and Mrs. II. J. Bodatnor, Miss Dorothy Bodamor, Messrs. Raymond O'Dell, Ernest and Kenneth Boucher and Hoy Woolry. DELANO DELANO, Fob. 14.—Mrs: Agnes Lowry has returned to her Fresno homo after a visit here with hori daughter, Mrs. Wlllard Kennedy and family. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eddy and two sons are homo from Los Angeles where they spent several days last week on business and with Mr, and Mrs. C. E. Bellinger, parents, of Mrs. Eddy. Loland Colo has returned to Monolith after a brief visit here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Coje. Mrs. James Kyle of Wasco spent Friday hero as an all-day guest of her mother, Mrs. Alice Moss. A. W. Hlckman of Lincoln, Nebraska, was a rertnt guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Bulock while on his way to Bakersfleld , 16 visit with his son, A. L, Hlckman, former local business man. Mr. and Mrs. Lea Smith have gone to Wisconsin where they plan to make their homo. Local friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ira ,T. Lytle will bo happy to hear that Mrs. Lytle, who has been In Stonybrook Sanatorium for the past year and a half, expects to soon be able to return to her homo southwest of town. DELANO LODGES WILL ENIOYJINT PAR1Y DELANO, Feb. 14.—Delano Odd Fellows Lodge find Alpha Rebekah Ijodge, will unite for a Valentine party on Wednesday night. It will bo given at the Odd Fellows hall following the close of the Odd Fellows stated mooting. All members of both lodges and their families oro Invited. Valentines will be exchanged, and a box supper will bo served. Bach woman Is requested to bring a box supper for two. Colonel O. S. Grant will auction them at a price not to exceed 15 cents. On Thursday night, February 23, the » winning side In the recent membership contest will be entertained by the losing side. The pinks, captained by Mrs. Katherlne Cavanaugh of McFarland, were the losers, and the greens, captained by Chauncey Searby, were the winners. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FRUIT-VALE, Fob. 14.— Mrs. John Harrell entertained Saturday evening at her homo on tho Roscdalo highway In honor of Mr. Harrell's birthday Dinner was enjoyed by the following In addition to tho hontens and th honored guest: Mr. and Mrs. IS. II Emerson and sons, Marvin, Loron an Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Martin tester Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Tlnrroll am children," Mrs. Pearl Jordan, Mln Grace Keyes nnd Ijorcn Preston, Mr McKlnnlon and Owen tester. HOUSE QUEST HONORED ARVIN, Feb. 14.— Doctor and Mrs. Thomas HIH entertained at a wafflo supper In honor of their fjuest, Mrs. Mobol Thompson of Miinhnltnn Henrh, on .Sunday evening. Those <>njoylng their hospitality besides tho guest of honor wore Mr. and Mrs. K. S. llnr- low, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Uarlow and Mlko Uarlow. How to Get Relief From Catarrh • If you have cutnrrh, catarrhal deafness or head noises caused by catarrh, you should know this simple home treatment which frequently overcomes these distressing; conditions. Secure from your druggist one ounce of Par- mint (Double Strength). Take this home and add to It *£ pint hot water and a little sugar. Take one tablespoonful four times a day, breathing Hhould become easier, while tho distressing catarrlml head nolso's, dropping mucous and defective hearing should gradually disappear under J'urtnliit'H' tonic net Ion, Catarrh nufforcrt< find Pwrmlnt .luwl what they niuHl.—Adv. RICHGROVE RirnOROVK Fob. 14.— Miss Wllms. Roemer returned to her homo In Fresno on Sunday after a weeks visit at the ISlnicr W. Harris ranch as the guest of Miss Florence Harris. Miss Harris and Mlsn Roemer recently graduated from the Nurse's Training School of Burnett Sanatorium In Fresno. Miss Ronmlne T'olndexter of I^OH Angeles, owner of the Five Groves ranch on Rlchgrove Heights; returned south Saturday afternoon after a two- day Inspection visit at. her property here. She was a Saturday luncheon guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Topper. Miss Dot Busby has returned to IvOB Angeles after several weeks sptnt there looking after the Busby orange, fig and olive grove near here. Mr. and Mrs. William Topper moved on Saturday to Terra Bella where they will make tholr home. Mlsn i Florence Harris has accepted a position nt Delano Hospital on the stuff. Toppor. who hn« been III for tho .past ff\v months following an attack of Influenza, Is gaining steadily. February Wonder Values at WEILUS 1933 Exploitation of the Outstanding Fabrics for the New Spring Season 5000 Yards of Spring Wash Goods in an Advance and Exclusive Showing at Weill's Self Plaid Frostella An open weave fabric with a frosted finish. Colors are green, -white, orange and tan. New for sprlug Winning Medalist Crepe Plain colors and gay new print patterns. A soft, crepy material with a splush weave resembling Shantung Sea Breeze Pique Light and airy but strong and serviceable, for skirts or jackets. Plain colors with a self-woven dot. 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