Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 24, 1965 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADASIS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL SOOD MORNINS. CHIEF. WHAT AK SOU D0W9? MOMPAV ISN'T MV PAV. DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD A BRIGHT AlORNING CALIBDPNIA SUN HERALDS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DAY AT CAMP PENDLETON... ...AND THE START OFANEW ASSIGNMENT FOR THE MARINE CORPS^TOP TROUaE -SHOOTER] I'M MAJOR FLAGG. ) / VES SIR, GENERAL THE GENERAL 15. ' (SHIELD HASN'T COME EXPECTING ME. ^,(^\. IN YET. WOULD Jk^J-^IS, YOU CARE FOR COFFEEf I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ROBERT TAYLOR WAS HEREON LOCATION... RELAX, KIDDO... I ASSURE YOU THAT MAJOR "IRON HEART" FLAGG IS ALL , BUSINESS.',,^ THE BORN LOSER By ART SANSOM PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VER3IEEK VOU'RE REALLV MISS1NC5 A LOT; CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER ZACHARYl VOUR UNCLE TIU 'A5 RNALLV IDSNTIFIEP CMS OF TH& TRAlNl 6055/ McKEE! IT'S HB«T-WAKWNG " UNCLE TIM AND DOC HAVE KflLLlEP TO 5£- H15 VISIT ISN'T DUl I'LL WRIWS THAT JDKEE'5 NECK,,.TAKING V 5HHH... ADVANTASE Of DOC^ WARPEP SUSPICION \ OF EVERVBOPyS SANITV. TO PLANT DOUBTS / MUMBLWS ABOUT MINEl NO SANER MAN— / 50 LOUD, 5UH.ICANT HEAR THE HSPECTORl JIORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI I'M GOIH0 IDHAVBA PAETVAMD I'M INVrriNO evB2 >'eoDy BUT SCO- l»-5 >JE*. I'( TM Kft L'^ 'nl C" WIMTH03P— OF COM^ WOOi'RB INVITED/ I'M PBETT/eaZBHB \f^AA BLBFFit^iB, BLSTA SfCL CANrAFFO(2p7C» TAKe ANY CHANCE. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS NEW SOARDH!? INiTO A PKCZk:- Fl&UTEfs, r>/ HOW'-005 5 ' HE LCOK % 1-: AN'D. \',--6D^-r^OJ6'A I F £-c540N! TO ] OC -.W PPE-.'lOje FliHTES^.'-^ H4K -KAPF.'-»- I'D TEACH hIM THE e ^SlX'G AS; T AWSELF ffUT, \W SURGEOM TOLD MB NOT 1^ TO RI6I< AOfiR'AVATlMS KV^', OLO WAR WOUND.' US=OT0C«LL H!M PUNCH'N!" PE T T C SSFCRE HEHADHIS I 051N~ 6TI ?eA(<.' 14 -Monday, May 24, 1965 RecZ/dnc/s Dai/y facfs TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW HOLL\nVOOD (UPI) — Last week's California court decision which declared unconstitutional a state ban on home pay-TV naturally has national implications—but the basic problems of the so-called "toUvision" still remain. The decision by a Sacramento Superior court merely set der of the theater owTiers' offensive scare campaign to outlaw this private business — which suddenly made a martyr out o£ STV to persons o£ widely varying poUtical persuasions who felt such a move was not in the American tradition. Important newspapers agreed. In short, if left to its own aside a diversionary move by; floundering. STV might simply pay-TV opponents — primarily|have failed as a business, and theater owners—who certainly; that would have been that. As must have known that the voter'it is now, the theater owners ban they promoted in last No- 1 have kept the whole thing go- vember's election was on shaky'ing; they may have won the constitutional grounds in a free ^battle of November but lost the enterprise system. iwar of the future if pay-TV can But no court ruling can solve;now scramble lo stay alive. for the 1964-originated Los An- geles-San Francisco pay-TV firm I .J|-;VTris'L3\f^^^^^^^^ Subscription Television I n c. =„ v,,-,; „.„„ „f <• i /•cT\7i Ur.A,.r. 1 ™ ^ ""S ^^ay one of these days. (alV), the bedrock problemsiu..<- Z .u:!- i i. , but one thing seems clear: II AGENT 007 - Gert Frobe, os master villain Goldfinger, plans to torture James Bond (Sean Connery) with a "laser beam" in Agent 007's newest film, "Goldfinger," a United Artists release in Technicolor, now showing at the Baseline Drive-ln and Crest Theatres, San Bernardino. that faced it before the ban: Getting enough people signed up for toUvision to keep it on sound financial footing — and thing cannot operate on .such a local level, but rather must have a wide national base so that pro- LesfrbeTo^gott ^urmainl -'^Aing.^'^^ game oni thing that really saved the ;pa.v-TV in one city is small; shaky STV setup when il seemed to be floundering last; year was the remarkable blun- potatoes for perhaps the biggest | attraction of the business. SHOW BEAT Parlays camera to big success By Dick Kleiner Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. (NKA) — It ly directed lhal. cxcopi that Trouble With Programs I HOLLYWOOD _ Even with a wide base, how-'™"'^ ''^Pf"'" Hollywood, when he got Burton and Tavlor NOTICE OF TRUSTEE -s SALE Icvcr, pay-TV still seeminglyl^'"^'-;^^^; O'-, ni^ybe in one of he felt he should have an'ex- r24s-o would face a tough time withp?""^''''"^•'^'^s^ ^^'"^'"^'Pencnced director. ?o"J"a'rt ;iiS liilZ'^^'r^ programming unless it could j^'^,^ iTtL^'cZr^^rZ^ZV'^I'/'oVl l*"""^^'' Courthouse. Fourth and Arrowhead. I land movle premiers and the;?:"., f_ e-^Pectant wife become j together today'? He doubts it. In rich in a few years'? 1952, times were different. To- That's what's happened to''^i'- he feels, it would be prac- Martin Ransohoft who, at 36. is;''cally impossible to start from i^cfoe-j pay-TV says it will°bring. On i Prematurely rich. He's also onc'-'^'^^.tch and invade television. 7. Page I top of that, the networks nowjOf '''is town's most important; just happened to LTJrV^^oJff T^u'^fee^Jnder ^'Jheistali Offer many of the samel Deed of Trust made by CYRIL WIL-i)„„g of cultural programs that' UAMS AND ROSALIND WILLIAMS.I husband and wife, and recorded De-_ . , - nt Ihic tnwn'c innsf ininnrtant : HC lUSt happened tO COme along cember 12, 1062. in Book 5317. Page ,top of that, the networks now :Of '"'^ s mo .',t important J ' ,• . 605 of Official Records of San Ber-I ' , i;.,,,figures in both movies and tele-;«"P" '"^ l^icungs were good— nardino Count.v. California, Bivcn to such thmgs lut! = One ''c had the talent to do tl. secure an indebtedness in favor oi'transatlantic Cultural shows ^'sion. lou mi„ni Cdii mm one. CA1.U--ORN1A FEDERAL SAVINGS, , p„1nr nrnnraiiis of fate 5 fair-haired boys, except' AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, by rca- .and many coioi pio ^rams. ;LLOYD, or son of the breach of certain obliea-1 wlial i<; more lechnoloC^ : ' YE"; AND NOLAN ^^^^l^^rt se^nf tJ' b^ ^^^iiinf ^Sa .it;:! ! Tweh ;e years ag. back in^^ .^OLA^^^ t^.S^S'^.^'t.^JSi ??^rin'"o .^l ^'"eL"'ar :en .FH ^wa? In^'" "n^ Sj^^^'^ ^ may to the highest bidder for cash. pa.v-ltltlOn in Other areas as «Cll : J K,„;„„,<, Tl,nv l^ = ^l able in lawiui n,oney of the United There surely will be a time when and no business. They had, g^^^. ^^^^ preresidual day.s, ^rwarJant'ts 'irtit-iLtossess'/^n people will easily bc able t=;fhe "T a^ nSc f le "ifion>^°'^" '''^ • • tape-record televi.Mon shows oi'ilfJ "Pg^'n "i^i^'ng television j, ^ ^.^^^ That was live „,„„, ....I- ..commercials i^^^ ^ workout. Since then, he's done guest shots and rejected all series offers. But now sonie- or encumbrances, the interest conveyed to and now held by said Trus- Lot 24. Tract No. 6592. Country Club Estates Unit No. 5. in the city of Rcdiands. county of San Bernardino, state of California, as per plat recorded in book 83 of Maps, page 12, records of said county, for the purpose of paying obligations secured by said Deed including fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee, advances, if any, under the 'haps forced terms of said Deed, interest Ihereon' „ and S31.108.91 in unpaid principal i Programmm of the note secured by said Deed, \vith interest thereon from Septem- btT 10, 19G4, as in said nole and by law provided. '''"^^'.lIS'kiSNS COMPANY. appeal last week's court Trustee By: Richard K. Yeamans 1241Y That something is a series called The Eyes of March, and S ^d ^sald'oeerMTUu ^n ^ndluality and play them back on,<:ommcrcials. to the following described properly, ! their own Screens. | "Nobody had any experience ' The fact is that aU of these,'" days," says Ransohoff, independent television setups, if;"-'*o "ad as much experience thing is in the wind, they had been wise enough tot^'^ rest of them, coordinate their avarice, could| To make a short story sue- i„ long ago have given real compe-i cinct, they were a quick success.iis;olan would play March, an ex- tition to the networks and per-jAnd, from commercials, they YBI man who is now'almost • "--ed an upgrading injmoved into television program- blind and the head of a huge ing. Still, success'ming with Mr. Ed and then The detecUve agency could come to pay -TV, and the^Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoati „j ,, . • . opponents know it and are not Junction and The Addams Fam -I .„^;^°7 {"^^^."^^^^^^ quitting; they almost surely;ily. Next season, they'U also;! ^J^^ "^^J^^^j'™ ; '^^^fj^^ will appeal last week 's court have O'Brian (with Peter Falkji^^/^f ^'^^^'^j^^^ ruUng-and they did win No-jand a show wfiich will star Ed-;"''=-\"°"'''" ;°° vcmber's vote by a 2 to 1 die .Albert, although no title has' ^ntil that actually happens, if margin been set ycl. °°es. he's content with a mov- • ' F"^"- J-ears ago. Ransohoff 'J'J",^ S^'"-; keeps me nappy —and he s i— XOTIrn OF TITAKING ON PFTI- TIO.N- FOR rr.OBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 34723 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate of CHARLOTTE L. JESSOP. Deceased Lights are for the birds ' moved into feature production ^vith -''BoVs" NigTirOuL'-Tt'hTr" ^•'•"''•T. "^^^^^^^ "^'"'f^'' "To jfoUowed-including "The Amer- " T " ' ^'"^ '"^"^ icanization of Emily"—and this isummer and fall three ma.jorl NEW YORK (UPI) - The Pic'iircs will be relea.sed: "-Thci Aw>n\e>A CArwir -OC p ^?^;^or «!;:i ;iMi ;r;!!;^'fioodhgh.s atop the Empire;^<^p^^,;^;^}]^H^|-;;d^^^^ T^^r^^c^X'Z 'J -e^ss^t ^bllStatc Building are for the birdsil^o^ec"' and' "Thf Cinim' ShOrt Of qOSSi above named decedent, and for the; _but only during n a s I v nali Kid." . ... issuance of Letters Testamentary: •' " • _^-,_,,!Xl__ thereon to Waller D. Koib and vir-;weathcr. AU this makes Ransohoff one, In reCrUITing glnia Jessop Carollo. petitioner, ref- . , , ,, , ,. Lr IT„II J- U- . j J erence lo which is hereby made for A spokesman for the world S W llOllJUOOds biggest produc-, Q"[n''rHock"''/nf''n '"'L ''v buildiug sald the lights:ers. His company, despite his! »AM1 I.%G T0N (UPI) -The ?l^^h°e''c°ourt"?;•;m°^f "?L -proba ,"lare extinguished during poor, efforts to keep it small, is in-armed .services fell 36,000 men Department, Room 308 of the above; ^.ggther Conditions to protect I cvitably becoming huge. Ranso--'^'""'t ol their recruiting goals entitled Court at the courthouse in, . . . i, ..^ , , , •.].._;— .i- r: . .„ . the City of San Bernardino in the! above designated county and state. Dated May 12. 1965. V. DENNIS WARDLE, Clerk. By Edith Campbell. Deputy Clerk. HENTON S. BRENAN. ,306 E. State St., Redlands. Calif.. Attorne.v for petitioner, (First publication May 17, 19651 migratorv birds which flv over I boff delegates as much authority^the first 10 months of New York during the spring'as possible — he says he only!'be fiscal year ending July 1 'sees the man in charge of hisi""''b "nly the Marmes scoring. months. During low cloud levels, fog Iffnimercial division once everylJOO Per cent in signing up new or rain, the lights attract and:"^'"ee months-as he himself;Leathernecks, disorient the birds making the'P'"'^f«" ^" '^^k on feature pro- trip from southern climes to °"' New England and Canada, The Defense Department said during the weekend that the uniform NOTTCF or HEAKINC. ON PKTI- TION FOR PROBATE OF WIIX AM)i NOTICE TO CREDITORS FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTAKV \ No. o4ti.=i0 No. 3473R ISuperirvr Court of the Stale of Cnh- In the Superior Court of the State of, fornia. (or the County of San Bcr- California. in and for the County' nardino. of San Bernardh-.o. \ Estate of GAIL W. ROVCE. In the Matter of the Estate of Deceased. NELLIE F. METZ. Deceased. i NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the Notice is hereby given that the i creditors of The ahove named de-, petition of Carl F." Metz for Ihc Pro-icedcnt thai al) person.-; having clamui r-iiircTT-n r- i i bate of Will of Nellie F. Met?:, theiagainst the said decedent are re-i <-tJl -'L .l I b h. 11. n g I 3 n fl above named decedent, and for thejquired to file them, with the nece5-;(Up]) GunncP Trevop BarnGS issuance of Letters Testamentary; sary vouchers, in the office of thc|^f , ^ . • thereon to Carl F. Metz. petitioner, i clerk of the above entitled court, or reference to which i^ hereby made! to present thcni. with the necessary for further particulars, will be heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m.. on June 4lh. 1965, in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated May 19. I9ef>. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk. By Edith Campbell, Deputy Clerk. PAUL B. WILSON. GUAY P. WILSON. E. State St.. .attorneys for Petitioner. Redlands. Calif.. iFir>l publication May 24. 196.ii I Some (iay he would like to di-'-'^'^^y obtained 72.000 first en- ircct. He wrote "The Sandpiper" i ''•'^^^^•'^ against its goal of 87.000; land says he would have probab -l^'^^ ••^^••"y S^L 78,600 recruit.s [a.^ainsl a goal of 94.000. and ^ J, e km ^^oi'^G signed up 64.500 UUt of his ^ '""^^ ^0.484. The 'Marines set a goal of 26.500 first enlistments and got every one. voucher*, to the undersigned at the office of Earl D. Finch. Attorney. 10.1'; Orange Street. Redlands. California, which is the place of busi- ne.-^s of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within si.-c months after the first publication of this notice. Dated May 20. 1965. ESSIE R. ROYCE. Executrix of the Estate of the above named decedent. EARL D. FINCH. 105'; Orange Street. Redlands. California. Telephone: 793-4381. Attorney for Executrix. 'First publication May 24. 1965i Night Life Answer TO Previous Puzzle .ACROS.S 1 Sight-seeing - jara ' 5 Red — •^•]Hna' S .MidnishI — V,^ .Mnrine bird 1 ! Pnom 14 Uliv JO. r.^cutctieon 3 Liberal ihurchman •1 Keel anger 5 (heal ti iiarem rnnm l'. Di.-tncl in tirootr TR . — .side ihows lo I'n.snner -II Kelurn 21 l-crnjF nf ireshuater dut ks 22 \ encration 23 Onward 25 Perform labor 29 Boundarv icomb. torm) no Grieve 31 Aurora 32 Circuit Court of .Appeals (ab.) S.'? Dawn ipoet.) 34 Legal point 35 .\ircraft shelters 37 Demonstrative pronoun (pl.i 39 Reply (ab.) 40 .Monk's cowl 41 Scarcity 44 Shadows (FT.) 47 Holds 49 Bullfinch (Scot.) !iO Blue color 51 Kondle 52 Jewish measure 53 Danube tributary 54 Streets (ab.l 55 Roast rare DOW.N" 1 Placed a golf hall : Voided ••ioup " Ic i\arl S Tremble 9 Thrcu .. . ID Persian poel 11 >hne pan i 7 Stair post 19 Bible bnoli 'ab 2.i U orid War I general 24 Killer whale 2-5 Boat paddies 26 Lnclish hangar 27 Pedal digit.s u & A N C A BIO T R o S E E 15 OS E S:T A T E & I A T T J I R E Tl 1 N Tie •E E IS OJN u S l_iE|E A ^e T & Ale s U IS E & 1 N S E T ; P E ;e E 15 s 1 P A &i p O A I L. w 1 IN Tfe S N E BIA S ElV O E 0 |C T A^ D o S A V E T J O 1 I- E E EICD E O 1 1 s Ell_iDIE a (c E RIEI & e.1 L- EiD & Jo FX-cnt al being 4 0 No; Sliest s 30 ,-\dore. 4 1 (^02 'Horn an) •.:! Dcx ilfl -h 4 J Eternities an) Of the royal artillery got into a figlil with another soldier, then fled in his pajamas. More than 400 soldiers and police searched for the man— who walked from his hiding place on camp and surrendered two days later. Unable to charge him with being absent without leave—he had not left the barracks—the arniy ,aot him for failing to Diesel runs out of fuel LONDO.M (UPl)-The crack, overnight express from Perth to London ground to a halt 25 miles from the end of its 440- mile journey Sunday — the diesel engine ran out of gas. The train was held up on a secluded stretch of track for an wear his uniform. Sentence: 28!hour while a new engine was days. I brought in. SIDE GLANCES By GUJ Fox .'!6 Sock ,=upport ?7 •Piprr s son'' 38 Drink famitiarlv 4:( Peruvian Indian 4,i Kenring sword 46 Slaie 48 Seme r- r- 3 4 a b J r- rr 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 IS 9 20 21 22 1 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 H30 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 34 41 142 43 45 46 47. 4S 4a 50 bl 52 53 54 55 24 "Hal's been real sweet lately, but maybe I could forgive him for a few things in advance!"

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