The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 7
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_„• supplies—Cotraty Fund , t»et*—-Library Fi * Woks—Library *1»«t t»« cots-iog program and *« confwring ns«d in cflnneetfofc wltn of familiar to those wortting „„ the corn-nog program bnt •Bftewhat laeanl»gles« to some of tfcofti WBO ftfen't, are defined as follows: Administrative rulings: Inter- ptetaUons of the corn-hog connect banded down by officials from Washington. ' Contracted acres: the acreg of Und farmers will take oat of pro- iaction and trat under contract witn the government. Producer: ft farmer who raises <»rtt of nogs at both. Farming unit: a separate and Individual farm. . ttog bases the average number lot litters farrowed In 1982 and 11938 front which the reduction Hit number of hogt In 1984 will I be calculated. I K«w producer: a person who [was not a farm operator and who not have any Interest In hogs during 1932 and 1933 but who [will start farming In 1934. Retiring producer: a person, lap to this year a farmer, who "will-not engage in farming operations during 1934. Adjusted figures: the figures corn and hog production Ich are' finally approved by tbe [secretary of agriculture and [which are corrected or changed the county allotment commit due to some mistake In the [producer's first entry. Additional permanent pasture: ttsture in addition to tbe aver- number of acres devoted to are in 1982 and 1933. ill Improvement and erosion crops: crops which be planted on the land taken iSt'-ot production, such as alfalfa r, and lespedeza, used to • tbe ground and which are be plowed under to Improve Agetft.Brttc* Jtflpatrlet says that eottrty wtfl Jtrtn In a state- eanrpafgj to wnpfcaslte tow OI pl'oOaCiiwH *0r Blf *Ow» *euttfy«*B dtrfn* 1684. Unttt poultry and egg fffiees snow »arted increase Itt price, tth KlJpaWt* **fi that farm pwat- tryraea inurt tisort to ce*t redaction if profit* «tfe to lie teallied. Detailed plan* will be forinn- lated In 6 conference to be called by the county agent at an early date. Hatcheryineti, pf ftdaee deal' ers, feed dealers, and farm poul- trymen win be asked to cooperate in adrancifig the suggested program. All of these groups are Interested in improvement in poultry prices and In the oppor- tnnity of the farm poultry man to realize a fair return for hi* labor In caring for the farm flock, feach of the groups will be asked to cooperate and'to be responsible for a definite phase of this educational program. Mr. Kllpatrick says that the main objective in this educational program will be to try to Improve the profit realised by the farm poultryman and thereby to im- proTe his buying powef. At the present time his buying power Is ha lowest that it baa been for many years and all groups of people directly associated with the joultry' Industry In the county are sharing in the unfavorable situation caused by low prices of poultry and eggs and the increased costs to farm poultrymen. Therefore, a good attendance at the cotlege experiment statie*. A specftl pratfUfft fo* l*m wdlseti frits been wotted owt by tfte Meat* dl««ion. Ftrtrtl 105.89 2.82 82.87 16.00 15.00 15.06 C fbe seeefcd lesson oi the fourth year fcotts titMsllttg t*oj<«t wM held at the home 6i Mrs. 8. F. SnftlftgtoU, fuetday, Jan. 28. The attendance Is improving greatly, having had tea members present, The lesson on "Slock Printing" waa enjoyed imfaefweiy, several pretty articles having been made The next lesson will concern crayon work on household textiles. Ask any locftt leader for the privilege of getting these lessons for yoarself. Helpful pamphlets and booklets will be given with each lesson. Plan to get it for it will be enjoyable and profitable to you. Sheriff** Sale 3 Winston w.j» t*« *«e4s—County Fnnd —-—— WeTcfc FfflKta* Co.. office supplies—Connty Fnnd Ftekel. Aiwleffcon TWp. clerk—County Fund I*. Sewfcrt. Aftdfrfoti Twp. trustee—County Fund p Plate*. AMefKife fwfr tragtee—County Fund ._— H L D*»ffc§rtt, AWWHWft Twp. trustee—County Fund — H. i* WIIWBW j^ ^^ clerk—Connty Fnnd 1»-00 " - Twp. trustee—County Fund 1».00 i-wp. trustee—Connty Fund 10.0C k Twp. trustee—County Fnnd „. 10.00 H. B. Wil«Bt»'iNkt; TWiJ. elerk—onnty Fnnd 11.00 A ttefrttl, <Ht ¥w^. tM*tee—Connty Fnnd ! 1- S2 »*' Oefttstilsf Oftfc Twfi. trustee—-Connty Fund j— 16.00 A C Brandt, OMt ¥#$. Irastee—County Fnnd if-jo A. C. B«B«tt.i»«.. 1 J' fwi> clerk—County Fund __,. » Rn „„_.„ Twp. trustee—County Fund nBUU0 .^- f lOTtraaam Twp. trustee—Connty Fund -H F. Sdeel, Ingraham Twp. trustee—Connty Fund Adolph Afp. St Marys Twp. clerk—Connty Fund Wffi. fit* &< M«t* ^P- trustee—Connty Fund -C H. Bfandt» St Marys Twp. trustee—County FundI ----- J-JJ Walter k KlWt, St. Marys Twp. trustee—County Fund - ._<.00 Fldlar & Cliambefsxdo., office supplies—County Fund — Dr. L. S. Bacon, ttHSdicftl aid—Poor Fund .„ Dr M 8. Campbell, medical aid—Poor Fund -— CHl*en* Power ft LiRht Co.. services old ladles home—Poor W. dolling, provision*—Poor Fund !_... > —._»..*„ ^..Jift^A) afrt_™T*nnr ........ 05 6.91 20.001 6.00 9.60 9.50 9.60 9.50 7.00 7.00 A. B. bttoto— Wsfntf Ftf*« f eatfcers- iwtftate Fond — Ftfltt MMMft, L. 8. RoWfitOtt J? «^«¥» KL jaatnuumyA SI. KflpKCHQEt metits til ftgr^it^Me *« ««en ttr« ,*ye» of speakers *nd mwnirtsi* of the col- lef « «»t t »M *« , at present wnf «- torabl* Ponttry sff**tton. Cottnty ,* - - % <f ( <*is#s*rx*t i 1S.TS f.S2 1.60 1.75 3.S4 14.56 .20 3.40 .85 Cesstrttetfoft ftrad ,„..„ -Construction Fund rosd work—Con** ruction Fund f>«* Roll No; R, DeoemlMSr road work- -. ., ?»* «°3 §£ ?; D*cemt*r rs*d ^V-Crtrtrtetton **?* -Maintenance 278.SO 146.71 10.54 o« Recorder, «d Strerlft for the <n»art«* ending t>ec«swber SO, lt»s. of Rena Co» HanHton for extension of ttxat ot County bond of C. B. Armstrong omitted tax eotlecto* w*» bonds of M. H. Latcnaw assessor of snip and E. H. Fleselinan assessor of Olenwooa city The annual financial report of tne Mills Connty Farm T^eport of W. H. Rogers Justice of the Peace tor Lyons town- ejMfi!ia Orsd*1 was appointed steward of the county tattft for one year beginttlng March 1st. 1984. and hit salary Died at lift* per month. In the matter of the determination of the contest as to tho selection of official county newspapers, the Board finds that the «»"<»»- ng newspapers published within the county have the larKMt Hsta o f i flde T yearly Subscriptions within the county. t«v*H: Tha . Emerson Chronicle. The Malvcrn Leader, and The Qlenwood pPJnlon-Trib- une. Said newspapers are therefore selected as the official county newspapers for the ensuing year. On the foregoing the members voted as follows: Breeding, yrs. »T VIRTUE OF AN EXECU« TION directed to me from the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa on a judgment obtained in said court, on the 6th day of January,' 1934, in favor of Equitable Life Insurance Company of Iowa, as Plain* tiff and against Dale Hevem et al as Defendant, for the sum of < 14, 3 02. 01 and costs, taxed at $25.76 and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described Real Estate situated in Mills County, Iowa, taken as the prop- conference will be expected, BO erty of sfttd Defendant to satisfy that a good worked out: program can be 470.75 6.00 22.50 3.20 N W Colling, provisions —*'<""• J-'unu fi'ln fir Bdglif Christy, medical aid—Poor F«nd — 32.50 L C Case, kerosene old ladles home—Poor Fnnd — 1-0& A. H. Crawford, provisions—Poor Fund -----C W Daviea, rent old ladles home—Poor Fund R W. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund R. E. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund Food Store, provisions—Poor Fund — Water Sept., services old ladles home—Poor -" old ladles home—Poor Fund Huntsman Bros,, provisions—Poor Fund . - |-°o Dr. Dean Harmatt, medical aid—Poor Fund 18-00 C F Hlnes, provision*—Poor Fund -- 33.63 la\ Children's Home Society, care of Chas. Long—Poor .- 24.75 Dr. Arnold L. Jensen* medical aid—Poor Fund—- BO.00 "ennl«'B<iMund80 B . Hospltal^servlces-Poor, Fund 130.53 12.00 3.40 2-76 set as the 1934 WRRO scnlo for road and K Traetor mechanic .$77.50 VCT rrion. foreman •<" P er (| r laborer -2<}4 per hr. per mllo per hr. per hr. per hr.. .32% Per hr. .45 per mile per hr. per hr. ^ _ per hr. Workman to go and come from work on their own time. The following schedule Is fixed ns the assessors compensation C W Kam Plauvllle Twp. trustee-Poor Fund Hoy Lincoln, Plattville Twp. trustees—Poor Fund Delia Noah, rent—Poor Fund _-~John Olson, provisions—Poor Fund -— Dr" W7 M, Plimpton, medical aid—Poor Fund 3.00 6.00 29.41 7-ILBW TuHal ex7er B e^PoorFund ::-:::.- 39.00 /ernerVfleo t ? milk old ladles home--Poor Fund 7.08 Motor patrol, tractor owned by operator .67% Scoopman ______ ........... - ...... -«2% Tractor or grader operator ---------- -30 Malntalner operator ---------------- -30 Team patrolman with team --------Team patrolman drawing four horses- Extra team ........... ----- ..... -- •!<> Extra man and team --------------- -30 man ---- ^ ........... ..... — -20 ng or fallowing laud: land Cultivated except " " ^1 m^ 'or Commodities! the cornea named in the Agricul- . Adjustment Act; wheat, i, cotton, rice, bogs, tobacco, ad milk and its products. wCosnty corn-hog control assoIRation: a county organisation of loflrn-hog producers who have liffned tbe contract and who will Ibjndle tbe local administration lot tbe program. MCouRty Allotment committee; fraup composed of tbe president ' from two to tow members id from the board of direc- of the county corn-bog con- el association which will han- and complaints at arise from the campaign f-Tpwnshlp cQmm)ttee; a Tfrow thrWitQ Sve local * of each organised township of tbe Speakers Named for Farm, Home Week Farm Leader* in Washing* ton on Program at Ames Feb. 5-0 Farm leaders from several parts of the United States and tbe former minister of agriculture of Canada will speak at Iowa State college, Feb. 5 to 9, when farmers from all parts of the state will congregate there for the annual Farm and Home Week, • Most notable among the speakers are: Dr. A. O. Black, cbief corn-hog administrator. Washington, D. C,; Duncan Marshall, for- sald execution to-wit: All that part of the South- Half (8%) of the South-West quarter (8W%) Lying on the West side of center line of channel of Silver Creek Ditch, in Section Five (5), And all at the North-Half of the North- West Quarter (N% NW%) of Section Eight (8) (Save and except one and Twenty-One Hundredth^ (1.21) Acres, more or less, lying on the Easterly side of center of channel of said Silver Creek Ditch) All in Township Seventy-One (71) North, Range Forty-One (41) West of 5th P. M., Mills County, Iowa, Containing One-Hundred-Thirty-One (131) Acres 'more or less, and will offer-the same for sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand at the Court House in Glen- AU?nVaUsr«^^^^ 12 '^ noyer Hardware, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund —--—- OK Citizens Power & Light Co., services Co. farm-Poor Fund Farmers Cash Store, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund — Kenwood Variety Store, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund la Mutual Tornado Insurance, insurance Co. farm—Poor- la. State Penitentiary, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund Fred Klempp, provisions Co farm—Poor Fund Kter & Bon, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund 36.4B Malvern Bakery, bread-Co. farm—Poor Fund _—- ll'SO Mens- Reformatory, supplies Co farm—Poor Fund ------ 1|.6» Dr. W. M. Pllmptottrmedlcal aid Co. farm—Poor Fund — 48.75 Ray Feed & Produce Co.. feed Co. farm—Poor Fund 4,33 South Side Bakery, bread Co. farm—Poor Fund 10.24 - g Co. farm—Poor Fund i., gasoline and supplies—Maintenance Lou"warker",~repairs—Maintenance Fund Oscar Lee, labor—Maintenance Fund ___ T. B. Martin, mileage—Construction Fund •-—•• Pay Roll No. 1, December road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 2, December road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 8 December road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 4, December road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No, 6, December road work—Maintenance Fund .95 15.85 3.95 1.69 18.05 3.67 3.88 : 2.60 78.40 61.35 384.30 437.50 304,80 212.16 184.18 for 1934: Townshlpo Anderson — Ingraham • 1?H? Q a jj 244.10 St. M~arys II—. 31-fO Plattville - , 85.80 Olenwood- 111.OB Center "0.40 Silver Creek 102.40 Indian Crock —— 150.30 Deer Creek 128.35 Whlto Cloud 143.00 Rawlos 143.6S Lyons — 101.75 Towtw Henderson . —. $83.25 Silver City 55.85 Pacific Junction 50.20 Qlenwood 195.10 Malvern 126.00 Hagtlngs 47.55 Emerson 72.80 Tabor 16.30 ,U VsiUUU — —«. —— — — — -— *.-*wtw - . . There being no further business to come before the Board at tms time they now adjourn to meet on January 22. 1934. Attest:—B. A. SCHADE, Approved:—OUY BREEDING. County Auditor. Chairman Hoard of BupervlsorB. H^B«™«™"^"™™^"™™"^^™«~~™—— Dead Animals We haul dead Hogs, Hor.e., Cattle, Sheep [Ramsey Rendering Shenandoah Phone 623 —We pay phone calls. mer. from the control association. Base years: the years 1938 and |8 on which corn and bog ration figures are based, yprk " sheet I* ft Wank' fpjm yen farmers to flU out befor ey. come to the sign*up meet The work sbaet asks for in 9, Stem 'contract, of supporting ev : a $t*iemeat KiTinjs evi of mlpister;^: rt'+<i»"**MS9syM^^^^^^ S^itlsmvo^ihe Depart, went of Interior, Washington, D, C,; Dr. 0. B. Baker, senior economist In the Departmeent of Agriculture, Washington, D, C.; and Ralph Moyer, regional corn-hog administrator, Falrfield. Nels G. Kraschel, Des Molnes, lieutenant- governor, and R. M. Evans, * »;.•», 4 o'clock p. in, of said day, commencing at JO o'clock a, jq,. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by tbe undersigned. Dated at Olenwood, Iowa, this 18th day Qf January A, D., 1934, W. S. DeMoss, 88-2. Sheriff of Mills County. COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Qlenwood, Iowa,' January 6, 1934, On this the 6th day of January, 1984, the Board of Supervisors. met pursuant to adjournment of January 2nd, with Supervisors Breeding, Hyde, and Plumb present and acting, Absent, none Tbe minutes of tbe meeting of January proved, The following,claims were alipwe4; Haldon 0. AHekruse, assisting cjerk pense Fund „„,,,,...,.•.,..«-. E, Bayes, assessor meeting- were read ana ap- BLIC SALE . I have decided to reduce my farming operations and will sell at Public Auction on the farm 2 miles east and % mile south of Hastings, X mile south of Lake Ge»rge, FRIDAY, FEB. 2 commencing at 12;30 o'clock, the following property; County Fund -, Jn , consJ4' or mo,r^ l^ye ptes a Jitter, of contract; pne year. f} t JU« 4JC%^DB| f»OI?BBHV* **fVT****«* **»"»S«f<( T ^•™*» — ^r-D-•= 3>-=r--— W, H» Burrows, assessor meeting—County Fund ,!»„, Burroughs Adding Machine, repairs—County Fund C. D. DeLashmutt, assessor meeti«g—County Fund Alfred Delavan, ftssessor meetlng-^Qounty Fund B. H, Fieselwftn; assessor meettUB- r q9«p.ty l"ua Wmf D, Oreen, assessor me§ting-^County Fund, B. F. Gross. traRsportatloiV'—poor fund „„,„,„, L, V, Hicks, assessor meeting—Oovjpty F«n4 . Listen L. Hall, court reporter—Court Sxpease Fund „„,.*— I P M C., cftre Q{ p^tlentsr-^Poor yupd »» n Harley Rarr, assesspjr meeting—County Fund Chas W, Kayton, Assessor pieetlng—County ] M. H, Latcaaw, assessor meeting—County Futm TM M. D. Lang, assessor meeting—County Fund „-, Fred Lpokabill, assessor meeting;—Couftty Fund ~ Howard WUlejf, assessor meett«g'--0ou»ty Fund ., B: H, Mayberry, assessor weeUug-Cauaty Fwd „, MUler, Control >m tt*£ .-«^1 16,00 4,00 4,«o offie* WPWat-qounty^Futtd 9 Head of Cattle Roan cow 7 years old. Red cow 7 years old. Both giving milk. White bull 2 years old this next June. Red heifer, wt, about 800 Ibs. Red heifer, wt, about 550 Ibs. Two steer calves, wt, about 250 Ibs, Two heifer calves on the bucket. 3 Head of Horses Brown mare, smooth mouth, wt, 1250 Ibs, White horse, smooth mouth, wt. 1180 Ibs, Three year old dark iron grey colt, heavy draft.. ^__ HOGS 10 Head ot Hampshire Gills Not Bred IMPLEMENTS AND MA Jiigh iron wheeled wagon and tight & Section harrow, 8 Ft, disc. 3 Mo,Mft9 corn planters and wire, New Century cultivator, nearly new Walking cultivator, fete Deere riding cultivator, 8 Hand seeders, End gate seeder. One horse wheat driU. p. and 0. ga*devil Fleming nay sweep, Harrow grass seeder. Walking cultivator. St. Joseph one row lister cultivator. CHINERY One horse Van Brunt whe$t drill. H."P, Rock Island gas engine on trucks. Bench vise. Several oil drums, § Metal chicken coops, Also Jot of Ford Model T parts, Grind stone, lot of bolts, tools, etc, Fordson Tractor shape, with cab, pulley, overhead exhaust pipe, ©to, Oliver 14 in, Tractor Plow; ftbout 20 ft* drive belt, Model T Pofd pickup; 1834 HARNESS One set of harness and several Saddle, etc. extra pieces. Old FURNITURE Several dining roani chairs, cot, heating stove, kitchen oabineV Binirer sewing machine, hand power washing machine. fH lunch m tho ground* by North Grovo C«met«ry W. Richardson W, H, CftAMRK, Au*t, i, N, Chwwy, clwk.

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