Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 22, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1890
Page 3
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' <•> " * »f7 -».< * r-^ _• ,-^4we '•-!••* DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. FRIDAY. Aru'iKT 22, ISDO LOCAL NEWS. A. liodiiuurK. /••(IIUISTIAN CHlMtCH — HUMP IIIUTOX. i_y Pitslor. Sei-vlees every [.uril's day II A . M H. nnd 7:^0 r. M . Humiuy School nt !>:j, I JUKSHYTKRIAN <:IIPIt('II-l. N. WATKIt . mftn.piistor. M. nod H p. M. Service* every Sunday Mil Sunday School Ht 1U: IS. ' Coast Items. hotel in West- eonl. lire Horry l'oillt Avt'ini ill' C. \V. Tindiill in, we quite ill. The stcnm Bclionner Alliion, (if Sim FrnnvWo, in now nml Ims beim for the pant week oiiftnged i" dredging fur (he boilers and other irons of the whip Fiddler which was wrecked oil' the roeku jiu »t ubove the wnrf nt Cnfl'ey's Cove ahotil fifteen, yours ago. Mr. Tanner, proprietor of the (.trnud Hotel, went to Ckiuli on last Friday, taking with him the family of Mr. C. \V. Tindall, of this plaee. lie returned on Saturday ljiiti<;iiie; liirt d.itiRlilor. Mrs. Carothers.with him. Mrs. Carothera w ill remain with her fnlhor for a month or so. Mrs. Kale Swpns.v, and Miss llatiie Stnnlidd, of Ckiiili, who have heen visit- intr friends at Navarro and Point Arena during the past, six weeks, returned home on last Monday. These estimable ladies during their sojourn on the eoast. made a large number of friends, all of whom will gladly welcome them haek al any future time, to this !he land of wind, IOJ; and ahalonies. The 2LM inst. promises to he quilt! eventful day fur l'oinl Arena. The ( lain Mill Company will have to answer before Judge Ainslie, of the Point Arena Justice Court, to the ehiirge oi unlawfully running saw-dust into ilie mouth of (iiui- lala river. The Mill Compimy will lie i repreHonted by their attorney from Sun , FrnntMRro. District Attorney While and probably Mr. Cooper fimn I'UinU will also lend their presence. The oilier mills alontj tbo coast have eomnlTcd with Iho law concerning the disposal of sawdust and we see no just reason why the Oualala Company should not bo made to <lo likonise. liopo headquarters—W McDonald's is the best port. Flour and feed of all kinds nt the Grand Tea Stoie. 17 Everything bought nnd sold nt. \V. A Hotl'man's. Sheriff .Slandley went to San Frnnciseo on .Monday. ] Siberian Arctic So In—best quality—at to say. J '•'<-'"• •'amison's. I | Fruit and vegetables of all kinds at the firund Tea Store. 17 Fresh lard at. Fdwards Pros, at 50 cents to $1 a can. :l '' F. Prunner is a^,ent for several kinds of iron and steel fencing. •"* The Petaluma Fair will open next Tuesday, the '20th inst. I an dial­ ogue, j • From Mendocino Kenenn. Traveling men inform us that Ihey hoar less complaint of hard times on this coast, than in any other purl ion of the Stale. Considerable work has done on the roads in thi the contract system has come in We believe it will prove a success. It is reported that an English syndicate is trying to get control of the redwood lumber imprests, but local managers sav thoy know nothing ni such a deal. Work on the. Navarro Mill is progressing as rnpidly as could be expected. Tin- adjustment, on the old mill was propei!> made last week and was satisfactory to all parties concerned. The Albion Lumber Co. nre extending uheir raiiroivd from its present, terminus rto their mill. It is also understood that itttpy will extend the road to Comptche, And if they do, it will open up anothei .elegant, belt of timber. The building of the Navarro bridge has been awarded to the San Francisco Pridgf Company for $8300. U will be u combi- iiHtiou of wood and iron, and the main span will bo 23.'1 feet. The bridge is warranted for five years. Kupene Clilton, of C'uvolo, spent several days in Ckiah this week. Frcfh groceries of all kinds cunstnntly arriving at the Grand Ten Store. •'" Tod it Crawford have sold their lumber yard at Sanel to McCabo Brothers. W. P. Thomas went to the city on some business the lirst of (he week. City Marshal Vokum returned on Tuesday from n two weeks'visit to Orr Springs. Time is money. Buy a watch of King and you will have time. Next door to postoflice. ' : " Drnperies. carpets and wall paper of the latest designs at. Kvorsole's furniture store, Faglo block. * Crape lacking will commence in the vicinity of Clovordale. about the 2Stb inst., says the Rerrille. Miss Bertha Lammers has returned to San Francisco, afler a month's visit to her parents in I'kiah. Fd DeCamp, of Willits, returned home on Tue-day. He was a delegate to the Republican State Convention. I'M Scott, n deck hand on the steamer Point Arena, was killed hist Friday, nt. I Seattle, by a rock falling on bini.' The congregation of the M. K. Church, South, has given their pastor, Rev. T. A. Atkinson, a threo weeks' vacation. The Sotoyome Band of lleiildsburg, the best band itt Sonoma county, has disbanded .'or want of encouragement. For the best stoves and ranges go to] already been! Brunndr's. The Superiors are the lead district since '"'"OS everywhere. J'rk ns way down.W I II. ,1. Ottenheimer, representing I.ilieu-j thai & Co., San Francisco, was buying ! hops in this vicinity thetlrstof the week, j Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best place in town to get a shave, hair cut, shampoo or anything else in the tonsorial line. » Frank A. Whipple has been appointed District Deputy 'Jrent Sachem of District Hops. A few sales were made the first of the week nt twenty-five cents. Twenty-seven and a half cents was offered on Wjilncsdny.but no takers. Hop picking will bo in full bloat the first of next week. A few parties picked small quantities this week. . Among those who began picking hops this week we have hoard of Bartlett Bros. Hugh Burk, Z. (J. York, Thos. Rhodes and T. J. Fine. Growers generally, who have not al- rendy contracted, will not sell nt any price. As soon ns their hops are ready to ship they will dispose of them at market price. No more contracts or storage. A circular letter hns been received from Manger & Henley, hop factors, London, which states that the lirst pack- ot of this year's growth hail just been sold in that city fur ,C",0 per cwt. of 112 pounds, or $1.28 per pound. The Call in its trndo review on Wednesday Hnys: "Hops are stiff, the de- mnud is good, and Sonoma's hnve been contracted at 22V£ cents per pound. The tendency is still upward. The European crops nre not looking very well." People who hnve imps to sell nro in a hopeful and happy frame of mind, the market price having jumped live cents n pound in four days. Sales were mndo to-dny at twenty-five cents n pound, one grower having sold 100 bales nt thut figure.— fiac-amcnlo Bcc, Ni;w Y OKK, Aug. PJ.—A. Lilionthal, of Lilienthal Bros., who handlo a great quantity of California hops, said to-dny in an interview concerning the outlook : The hop crop of Germany this year will amount to from one third to one half leBS than last year. The Continental Europe crop is practically nothing. Dealers in tho city feel that the present prices are not as high ns might be expected. Considering the prospects held out for u crop at homo and abroad, it is possible that prices will go still higher. I do not think, however, that the price in this country will go up ns high ns it did in 1882, when it reached $1.25. At all events, the price will not reach anything like that figure for some time to come." IUC..L SEWS. Drowned In Blue Lukes. No. Hi, Brag Tribe No. (it), Fort Furl Hraiirf Advocate. Abe Marks, while unloading hay Monday with a companion, a hay hook was Accidentally stuck through the buck of ;his hand, making n painful wound. Cnforlunately they have struck rocks ii'tely in driving the spiles of the I'sui Wharf, which has delayed work on that structure. In a drunken row at Greenwood on Monday of last week Gun Ilillmnn cut Bob Johnson three times, and came very near killing him. The Kosidenco of Joe Stewart, with nearly all its eontenlH, about lliree -qnar- iters of a mile east of town, was totally •destroyed Saturday morning by lire, the •origin of which is not known, it was insured for $700. Six men were looking for houses in town lust week and not. one of thorn could tie accommodated, simply because there or*.* none to rent,. This Rpeuks well for this city. No vacant houses, plenty ol work, and everybody happy. A Fruit Pent. Mr. ttori Purdy has handed us tho following for publication: Some timo since, while in Anderson Valley, I was shown some peach trees belonging to Mr. T. !'-•• Rawles. These trees had seemed healthy and vigorous, had leaved out, and were heavily loaded uilli fruit, but hud suddenly languished .and died. On examination .Mr. Hawie< Xouud gummy spots on the hark in le .ani placet) from close to tho ground to well up the limbs, and at each of the spits a small black beetle had gone straight into the tree, leaving u clean, smooth anil straight bore about the s'.'.o of a large fseedle. Ho called my intention to trees and beetles, and [ wrote to the State University about samn. Prof. Wickson, one of the best authorities on fruit and the insect pests, writes me on .Vuguil (fth as follows: (U KI. P UHDV, E HQ.— Hear Si,:- 1 intended to have written long am nb-iut tho siinill borer which you found. Specimens ur« plentiful so I will not '.rouble you to forward any. 1 send you a pamphlet in which on page -ill you will see tt mention of the iiiB .'/el,. It is si ill » vexed question ns to whether this insect 5s the cause or merely a concinniianl. ol the injury to the troo. Certainly the inroads of the insect nro usually nut of all proportion with the diseased condition ol -but the subject invit«s ;urther Kespoctfully, E. J. W ICKSON, tlm trae- atudy. comprisin C. L. Wallace and L. G. Schiller, the aiYectionato twin knights of the grip, were doing Ckiah on Monday and Tuesday of ; this week. J. M. Mannon and Dr. E. W. King re| turned last Saturday from the Hepubli- i can Stato Convention. T. L. Cnrothers • •line home Sunday. According to the recent school census Mendocino county has -l ,-107si hool children, and her apportionment of tho State School Fund is $8 ,040.00. While on n camping trip at Gualnln, George Dully, of Santa Rosa,killed a wild cat that measured three foot in length and twenty-eight inches in height. Dr. E. W. King was appointed a member of the Republican fetnto Central Committee from Mendocino county by the, lato U-'publicun State Convention. Judge Md iarvey, Hon. A. Yell, J. II. tfeawol'i, Chiis. Cunningham, Mart Baechtel and J. Buckingham leiton Saturday's train foi iho Democratic State Convention. The Young People's Society of Christian F.ivleuvor, i >i (lie district embracing Sonoma, Nana and Mendocino counties, will convene at Clovordale on the 2uth of September. T. A. Templeton and J. W. Conner went to Snn Frnnciseo on Monthly's train. Mr. Tompleton will busy himself making purchases for his now store to ho opened in Ckiah shortly. H. W. Smith, agent for tho Challenge Churn Power, went to lle.ildsburg on Tuesday. He will lOturn jn a few days and resume canvassing. He has njot with much success thus (nr. The pack at the .Snnin Rosa Cannery this year, says the iJemociM- will probably I JB as foilJWS : Bartlett. pears, 10,000 | cases; peaehas, :J ->,('0J awes; blackberries, 5X1.) cases; pluuis, nectarines, and )' ber I 'rniLs. 1J,IJI.IJ cases. While hunting on a range near lioon- ville, I'liardon ^. Ball, of that place, killed a maiu deer wnich weighed, when dressed, 14J pounds. Some old nimrods declare it is tho largest they over saw. The horns uaul hide suggest an elk-si/.o. J. W. Seawell and family arrived in Hoalds'niirg hist Friday evening from Idaho, and thoy intend to rosido hero In future. Air. Seawell says Idaho is a good country, but his health would not pormit him to remain lljore longer. Ho lost 41 | pounds in weight during his st?.y in that region.— IlaultUburii l'' Tho interior of tho Marks building is receiving the limxhing touches and ';ho oxoollpiiHO of the plastering }s paHjciilajdy noticoable. Wash Bailey had tho contract on this work, nnd like all other jobs we have ever soon of his, it is vorv creditable. It is gratifying to know that there is a favorable prospect of Mr. Bnlloy (totting tli 'c contract for Iho plastering on tho new Asylum building. A young man named Chas. McDonald wns drowned in upper Blue Lake, near the hotol I.o Trianon, on Monday forenoon of this week. He was an employe! [ of Baker A Hamilton, hardwnre dealers | : in San Francisco, and enmo up hero | Sunday to spend his vacation in this vicinity. In company with Dr. John C. Spencer, also of San Francisco, they hired n team of Smith & Hill on Monday morning and stnrted (or Blue Lakes to spend a week. Arriving there they went in bathing. Dr. Spencer is a fine swimmer, but young McDonald could not swim. Tho doctor swam far out into the lake, leaving his companion near the shorn, with the admonition to bo very careful, ns tho descent into deep wsior is vory precipitous at that point, ''ion thereafter he heard cries for help, nnd looking around saw his companion struggling in the water. He was too far from him to roach him in time to be of assistance, and the young man soon sank. The body was not recovered until about noon Tuesday. On Wednesday it was brought to Ckiah and shipped to San Francisco. McDonald was about 28 years of ago. Business Ghanjres. .September 1st will witness a general moving around among the business men of Ckiah. W. E. King, the jeweler, will move into one of the rooms oi the Gillespie building and S. Uookewill move into the Gibson bnildiug,adjoining J. 1*. Hoffman's. C. II. Whilteu, the saddler, will occupy the room vacated by King nnd Hooke, in tho Dowling block. Marks & Levy expect to get into their ijew building by that date. J. N. Magee, the druggist, will occupy a portion of the now Marks building, and T. .\, Templeton will open a wholesale and retail grocery store where Mr. Magee is now. J. W. Everaole will move his furniture store from the present quarters to the Gillespie block. Jamison A Obarr, the butchers, will also move into Gillespie's. J. K. Seoggins, the miccbsnoy of N. M, Decker, will movo into one cf the Gillespie rooms to-morrow. There have boon two changes in (inns this week—I'ortertield & Stitt purchasing thp grocery store of J. 13. Seoggins, and the hitter buying oi|tt||o business of N. M. Decker. ' Twice Married. Notion of Ttkiali Chapter, Notice is hereby givoi ihat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. August 2(ith, 27ih and 2.S(h, i'ssl.l, ihere will bo work in Ckiah Chapter, No. W.\ U. A. M., to which all tho membi is mm companions in good slamling are cordially invited. J. !!. M .'.Tiii'.ws, Seen fury. The town pupor is a constant adv. i- (isfiiuont of (he town and section, and no iniitlor what is said in foreign papers, outsiders desiring to locate in a place ilrst w/ito for sample copies of th» (own ^inpiir. 'the. town is judged by paper, lion-e the importance of having the town g.iufier well patronized,, truly says the JPod Brapg Advocate, A San Franci.ico speculator, assisted by eomo local talent, shipped a band of about .fiftoen Lake county Indians to S HU Francisco last wee)f for tho purpose of Inking them to Australia as a Wild West Show aggregation. After seeing tho sights in the uhy the Indians concluded thoy wanted to go homo, mid thoy went, I and tho managers of tho scheme now j havo uioro experience than money. Tho Santa Hosa Republican .says: "Houry lluppor, Charles Cook, .lames j Cogwoll and Thomas Cogwell havn returned from a month's hunting trip in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. .% largo portion of the. timo was spent in traveling and aboul u weok ivimjiivon to olonn cut hunting. During thin- time twenty-four door and two black boar wore killed. Tho boys caino buck with an abuuduueo of dried venison, 1 ' j On the loth of .Tuno.James McFnrland aged 21, nnd Laura Qusenborry, aged 14, both o{ Pqtter Valley, this county, were married by contract. Qu July 201 h James Mer urland, aged 21, and Lipira McFnrland, agod 15, wore niariied by Justice D. E. Weldon, of Pottnr Valley. Wo understand that Laura Quaenberry, aged 14, as described in the contract, is the same person mentioned jn the license as Laura McFarlnnd, $ged 15. Sow, the question is, has Miss Quson- berry-McFurland been married twice to the same man. or has she been married i at all. Tho licouso was filed for record this week but tho contract has never been recorded. If the contra :t mnrriugo is il- logal, by roasin of failing to l):iyc the same recorded, then thore was no Laura Mc» garland, aged 15, on July 20th; and if the object of tho second marriage WBB JO rein: edy auy illegality, Mr. McFarla«ff should l)nyo procured a licouso to wpd Laura, QuHOitborry, agpd J4 r Two JCort) Boarders, Fort Bragg wants a harness shop. Mendocino eounty'H population is 17,430. Go to the Grand Tea Store for pure grocorien. 47 The Grand Toa Storo is the place to get groceries. 17 Under-sheriff Woldon in rusticating in Itounil Valley. Purest spices, teas, and coffees at the Grand Tea Store. <: I Fresh and suited niPats, lard, etc., nt City Mont Market. Thos. Hopper, of Santa Rosa, made n short call last Friday. , Ciiii 'KKNs WxNTtn — 750, two-thirds grown. W. A. Hoffman. *i Don't fail to visit the new furniture store in tho Eagle block. * i Mrs. J. Buckingham is visiting her old | home in Willits this week. j Several tramps have been seen in this | vicinity during the past week. j From 1 to 125 shares of Ukinh Bank stock for sale. Apply to J. II. Donohoe.* Mrs. W. W. Cunningham left last Saturday for a week's viHit in San Francisco. Look ahead and you will find you soon need an Imperial plow. Found at Brunner'8. *• A splendid new stock of furniture will be found at the new furniture store in Eagle block. • Nothing can exceed the delightful, refreshing effect of a glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. { Will Wadsworth is up from San Francisco for a week's vieit to hit) pnrents, Mr. and Mrs. John Whelan. j FOB SALE —A good driving horse; will work double or single. Also a two-seated I buggy. Inquire at this office. <* Jamison & Obarr will supply you with the very choicest, meats at all times. City Market, north side of court house. 45 Mrs. W. T. Whitton returned home last week, after an absence of several months visiting relatives and friends in Nnpa county. "When tho warm days of summer come, gentle Annis," ask your fellow to treat you to some Ice Cream Soda, at Geo. Jamison's. 1/ i. H. Cnrothers and Al Boclitcl will visit Point Arena next Tuesday. Mr. Carothers'family and Mr. Bechtel's children will roturn with them. The premium list for the Twelfth District Fnir, which begins at Lakeport on the 2,'fd of next mouth, is being printed at the Lnkeport Vt mocrat office. Why swelter over a big cook stove when you can do your cooking with comfort on a gasoline stove. Can be had of all sizes and prices at Brunner's. * > Miss Jonio Brott, of Lakeport, was married in San Francisco lost week. We have not learned tho groom's name. Miss Brott is well known in Ckiah. W. G. I'oago will oloso his ichool at Hopland to-day and leave Saturday for Berkeley, where he will attend Boone's University School during his vacation. In the way of fine edge tooiB for carpenters and farmers, as also pocket cutlery, you will find the most complete as- sorlmnnt at Brunner's, at bottom prices. » 9 Tho Clovordale Reveille complains bitterly oi tho condition of the roads in that vicinity, and intimates that the road funds arc but little better than derod. Guard Bourn, who was shot in the arm while chasing the escaped San Quentin convicts last week, is Jackson Bourn, of Gualala, sou of Mort Bonru. Judge Adams, wife qqd daughter, of San Luis Obispo, and Eugene Tutt and wife, of Lompoe, will visit Ckiah the first week in September, the guests of Mrs. T. R. Tutt. The L»ke county papers rtate thai work has been commenced on a ro»d from Highland Springs to Sanel. It js claimed that the new road will be the popular route to Lnkeport. Fine stock ranch of 1000 acres, near Ckiah, well located on county road, good house and barn and other improvements. Land first -class; -snge will keep 1000 shoop or 200 cattle. Fr!cef4000. Ioqujr« of W. P. Thomas. 3d The well-known suit oi Judge McGarvey vs. Lilienthal & Co., involving some sixty bales of hops, will come up in the Supreme Court on September 4th. Our liop-srowefs are much interested in the result of this sujt. Under the hoad of "Celebration Notes" the last GaUtcn Heat, the organ of tho N. S, G. W., has the following: "Charles Cunningham of I'kiah Parlor, No. 7t, is is authority for the statement that every one of the momborB of his Parlor will attend the celebratjon, accompanied by tit least a hundred of their friends.' 1 WATCH THIS SPACE von. TEMPLETON Opening Announcement Next Week. A band of gypsies arrived in town on Tuesday. Buy your meats at Jamison & Obarr's, City .t arket. 4i< We understand the hotel project has faiien through agniu. The long-needed and much-falked-about new hotel in Ukiuh will soon materialize. The gentlemen in charge of the enterprise have secured all necessary concessions, etc., and on next Monday will begin clearing away the frame buildings now occupied by tho site selected, MiBses Eva and Nellie Curtis are visit- j 0,1 tn e corner of State and Smith streets. squun ing friends at Cloverdale. George Elder made a short visit to Santa Rosa the first of tho week. C. W. Tindall will receive subscriptions for the DistATcH-DEMocK.vr at Pt. Arena. Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy terms. Inquire of W. J. Hildreth, Ukish Valley. w Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Ed. Geilsdorf's City linker;.' and Confectionery. ,')3-l( A pleasant dance was given by our young people at Smith's Opera House on Tuesday evening. Go to Jamison A Obarr's for choices! meats of all kinds. City Market, north side of court house. •>» You cannot fail to notice I'lirterfield iS( Stiff's new advertisement. Thoy havo an elegant store now. The purest materials and finest flavors Rre used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of his delicious Sodu, ; J. Llnmger and children, of Cbico, are spending tho summer with Mr. and Mrs. N. Wagenseller, of this place. Contracts for the work on the Asylum will be awardod next Monday, and operations will begin immediately thereafter. Miss Anna II. Dowling, having accept ed a position as teacher in the schools of San Luis Obispo, left for that city last Wednenday. Forty-five Lake county Indians arrived jr e ooe bunch on Wednesday. They will pick hops at Judge MeGaryey's ranch below town. Mrs. Joe Jacobs wont to Pan Francisco last Sunday for an extended visit. She was accompanied by Mr. Jacobs' sister, who has been visiting in Ukiah the past few weeks. Col. J. W. Nicholson, of Fort Bragg, visited Ukiah on Monday and was a pleasant caller at this office. He returned home Wednesday. Mrs. R. C. Corbsley and -Mjss Marie Corlmlev are spending a few days in Ukiah, the guests of Mrs. W. J. Hunter, I at the Grand Hotel. P. R. Klein, of Ukiah, has been select- 1 ed by Colonel Markham as a member of the Executive Committee of tho Republican State Central Committee. Miss Mary Whito, who has been visiting her mother in Ukiah for some timo, returned Sunday to Santa Cruz to take charge of her school nt that place. Miss Knto E. Luce, of Ukiah, hus been engaged to tench the public school at Blue Rock for the ensuing term, jjiul left fof that place tho tirst of tho week. We aro assured by the projectors thut the energy with which the new building will be pushed to completion will be a revolution to Ukiahitcs. It will be a three-story brick, fronting sixty feet on State street, and will be ready for occupancy by January 1, 1891, REMOVAL 1 1 r—? Having purchased of J. E. Scniro-ins tho «nti-»l School Apportionment. the entire CORN EE stand, on I Superintendent DUUnahftun this week made the August apportionment of State school money as follows: The total amount subject to apportionment wns |4,434.51, and the entire sum was UBed. Each district in the county received $77.77, except the following: Hig Rivor and Fort Bragg each received $311.08; Alder Glen, $30.29; Caspar, Cuffeys Cove,' Manchester, Willitsville and Westport, onch $155.54; IVint Arena and Round Valley, each $233.31; Cedar, Coyote, Low Gap, North Fork. Oak Ridge, Pacific and reachlaud, each $02.21; Hopland, $80.88; Sanel, $108.88; Ukiah, $440.39. Having purchased of J. E. Seoggins stock and fixtures known as the GROCERY, we bvtve removed to that the corner of School and Slandley Streets, northwest corner of Public Square. With the combined stocks, we now offer to the public the Largest and Finest Collection of More Light. The Zongcr Wood Jlftort and Mauufuc- 1 Attorney Cnrothers has rented nn elegant suite of rooms In the now Marks building. He will have the finest law office in Ukiah when he gets them fitted up. John Flanagan, of Mendocino, went to Pan Francisco last Friday. l[e took ji| tho Democratic State Convention at San During Iho past week tho county Jail has received two additions. Last Saturday H. W. McDougull, of Cleone, was put in for six months in default of a $1000 bond to keep Iho porno. He had threatened to do his wife great bodily harm. On Wednesday Henry Judson was brought from Fort Bragg and for the next thirty days Jailor Moore .Wfl) Sep that ho does not dislurb the peace. luring Company of Ssn Francisco, ha« filed articles of incorporation. The directors aro A. Zenger, II. E. Frost, J. B. Warren, M. i. I}en|py and John Kimball. The object of the company }» to manufacture wood retorts, cliarpoul, tar and sell rights of same. Th» company's works are located at Point Arena. Tho Kelseyville Jfetv Era states that parties will soon begin boring for oil in the vicjnlty of Young's Gas Well in that town. We confidently believe that pe- troloum exists in largo quantities in the vicinity oi Kolseyville. Tho existr euce of natural gas jn abundance hus already been demonstrated. Ke|s«yv||je at no distant day wj)l IK > one of tho jm? portant towns of California, j I'ortortleld & Stitt have purchased j of J. K. Seoggins, the stock, fixtures, etc., | of the "Corr.erGrocery." They took pos- j session on Monday anil hnve since been ; Jose this week, boing a delegate from this oounty. Henry Schroder, of Heucken A Schroder, wholesale liquor dealers of San Frftncjsoo, pfisse;} through Uk!n |i on Tuesday en route to Ilartiott Springs to upend a few weeks. As will be seen by announcement elsewhere, J. K. Seoggins has purchased the grocery business of N. M. Decker. He wished his old friends and customers to rpj^eiuberthal ho js still in the r|qg. 1i. Podr.izr.iul, the undertaker of Lakeport, visited this place on Wednesday. Ife brought in the body of CIIIVH . Mo- llonald, tht> S^n. Fri(n i- lHOQ young man who was drowned in Blue Lakes on Monday, While absent this week Charles Cunningham will combine business with politics and wi.l purchase the largest and finest lot of {'.irniture, carpets, otc, ever Mail. Three weeks ago the Mail copied n squib from tho Ukiah D ISPATCH inquiring the whereabouts oi Dr. Root, who, in the spring, went to Hoopa as post or resreva- tion physician. After inquiry we stated that "Dr. Root has probably gone home again. We are told that he traded to' much or. government capital, and for that reason was allowed to retlro on private practice nfter a brief official career nmonu the aborigines." A friend of Dr. Kool writes on the subject, but does not state his whereabouts. In the interest of justice we give place to the letter, which is 1 {H follqwsi The enclosed article regarding Dr. Root I am quite sure you would neve have published had you known the truth regarding him. Yon have surely been misinformed. He I know to lie a gentleman of scrui u ons honest and uprLih.t principles, who HRS here a victim of misconception if not of deliberate lalsehmxl. For the snko of his agod mothers and sisters, to whom he is tenderly attached and » ho will bo shocked and grieved us they were at his unjust removal, I tunke this cor ro.'tion. feciliug that you will be willing ' ' amende honorab\e," in one store in Ukiah, and invite I to give us a call nt our new quarters. ! We are prepared to supply large ranches, com-j j ptinies, etc., with goods at a remarkably low figure. ' Country produce of all kinds bought and sold. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables received daily. Goods delivered free to all parts of the city. PORTERFIELD & STITT. to make the A Bargain in fj)ie - .v}n» and 0 e u„t»r», The shelving and counters in our old stand on School <itroot, west of the court houso, are for sale at a bargain. Inquiry of 1'iirlerlleld & Stitt, How to Save KoqtT. liny your Shoos from S. Hooke I Cot him to repair your old oufts!! Get a pair oi his owu mike Boate, $8! 11 busy moving. The consolidat ion oi these brought to Ukiah. J'arties contemplating two stores gives Ukjah one oi tin* largest, snaking purchases in that iine will con grocery stores to be found onywhere jn BM't their own iiitQftwts by awaiting the tho State outside the wholesale houses in, arrival of Chalfant A Cunniugham's now tbt large cities, tare success. The loading qupstjon nay {n; We wish tho new ven-! stock. * J, N. Magee, the druggist, wishes to " Afe' r 6 " 1 !'"' bjs patrons that it |s a dangerous you provided with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and r >iarrh«» Remedy, ns a safeguard against an attack ol bowol complaint during the summer months? " No family can afford to risk boin/ without this invaluable medl'-in* during the hot wonthw. It hi slmoti certain to be needed, and In a (r)ctid Indeed when required, «»It never laila and Is pleaunt and saf* to t«k«. *25 and 60 crat bottles tor aato by J.N. MagM. ** j pol|cy to wait until taken sick More buy ing a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and l>i*rriiMNi Remedy. Every family should, he provided with uqtne Tollable remedy for liowol uompliiints, ready for immediate use, whonevor required, dur- the aunimar month*, and this remedy IN unquestionably far superior to any other. It van always be depended upon, and i« "Soavant and sale to take. It ,|s put up in 25 a»d 60 c#«t bottlaa. ** W. W. Moore, of the Orsnd Operu House, Des Moines, Is au early settler iu that part of Iowa, and hud a great deul of experience in his time. He says; "At various limes 1 have had acute attacks of bilious colic and vjole^t pains, in the stomach, nnd i"Mud nothing thut gave nip relief like Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Every por- son," hosiiys, " should have a bottle." For sale by J. >'. Magee, - ** Tho W. C. T. U. School of Methods, which was to meet, in Mendocino August 20th, 30th and 3lst is indefinitely postponed. Mrs. Skelton will l>e (it Jvureka to attend the W, C T, U, lrumboldt county convention, which will convene about tho time thut the School of Methods was to tako place nt .Mcudociuo, hence the postponement.. Tho celebrated Buckeye Pump is being more aiu| nioje appreciated, BO easy to work, and durable, and a big prpmium In case of firo. ** The Board of Education will meet the first of noxt month for tho purpose- oi examining applicants for icaehor's wprtifi- cutes, NQ meeting of the City Trustees was held last Monday evening. Kvwv member of the Board was QUI of town. •i. H. Todd, representing the San Frau' cisco Chronicle, WSB registered at the Grand the first of tho week. Uarriann Price is doing the honors of tho ShoriiPs ollice duriug tho alienee of Stand!"}' and Weldon. F. Neipp and W. J. Kills,, tltfi "Mlli, geotfi-at-LiiroP," returned homo on Tues- A large Invoice oi Chineso hop pickers arrived from below on Monday's train. A. Cerf, who hus been ill for the past two wueks, is able to he around a^aiu. ' r v,g drinks received the usual fine in Justice Pouge's court this week. E. C. Rawias, of lionnvllte, wtt* anion* our visitors this weuk. L. liuse &iHirg and family are visiting iu ."«r, FrSiUvisco, THE SEASONS. How swwt to Utf 'aeuth (he new bom lmves, And list to tbe birds aut! tile busy been, When NjirlnR's rosy ruorn is uawniux; for with its birth, the flowers of ctirtli tlri'ttk forth thi'lr bin's, the tiul'ts udorulux: And ni! •HUir^ Kuuli 'H i4 smitu of K^**. 0 fair sprlUK time is thi? time far mi-. Oh, for H brUHt il«y In ^uinnu'r fiilr, \Vitb Its wanntb itud brl;dUDiv«s mi.t sunoy sir, I'biit briuKH to each llviuK creatun- The Kltxir of Ufa bri'wod by dami: nsiw, And makes tbem frisk and play wIVu KU P. Aha, bright summer tliur I N the ttwp for uie. 'Tis NWfi't to. hear the busy hum Of Autumn fruitful nine, Aud hear the " swish" of the cradle keen, Mixed with tbe harvester's merry rhymes. While he vtorks aQdsIn);s in H \veet eouleut', The birds uo uior? blythp than he, Ofc, the bnay, fruitful Mtttvan Unia t» just the time for sap. But winter. Cl winter, with snow and sleet, Wrapping tbt; world In a funeral suet-i, Maktnif a*merry yet ruthless time. Wilh skating, sleishlufr aud Christmas chime. AD.1 danclnx and frolle nua jut -ce rhyme, And a round of »ports so hearty and free, Oh, blutnerluK winter's the time for me. Arid thus with Joy we hall them ull— Wtuter and spring aud summer and t'sll— Kind pleasure in all and sorrow iu none, Kiich suits us best till the other one comes, And so through, life, God stunt Kind pleasure in each successive day j And when acrn-y life 1 )! stormy sea, Kind a heavenly home prepared for mo, -JACK Itanxoxs. Vkiab, .Iui7«i'( 11, W.'W. Removal! R E M 0 V A L J wish to inform my patron.? infill tho public thut 1 it in about | to remove my i stock of Drugs. !p.iints. Oil. Glass Isiitii Wull-pappj'; j to my new quiir- j ; ters in the Murks j ! buildiu^, oppo- 1 •site the Grand| •Hotel, wltoro l| ! hope to meet my j ! old patrons «nd j ! many new ones, i ' Uespectfully, ! J.N. MACEE. SPICMLANlDNCKIgtH! Tako Care I There is Danger In atlnwlng Inactivity of the kidneys to K rotv I Having sold out to Porter-'* 'field A gooiHUH'lt raiKih at a very lo^ligur* 1 . Appl> to J. K, JXmohoe. VJtlatJ, C^lfl k Stitt, and bought: t^l and accounts forhv£iii helm toward tU» Wt of aafety,will be whelmed | 14 sire to close up sill my old counts and the accottiitsji|i^i Mr. Decker n» soon as posfcjg^ throtiuh neiflei'.. The deadly shoals of 'Brlght's disease and diabetes will wreck (he godly bark I of health if it Is allowed to drift rudderless upon 1 Stock them. The bladder, too, If iiiactiye, aud jmli. 1 by the qtileksand gf disease. In s.ileettu K diuretic, let your choice fall upon Hostattet'K Stomach Hitters, whioh stimulali's the ven a l onjaus without irrliatlnif and eneitiiiit tl.em, twoefltiota to he appruhouded iruni tuu uniuedl- nnUfii siimult larijrely resorted to. The ... - ,— ... —'so have, a tendanny til reset prejurtlolally. The Hlttem iuviKurate the kldnajaand liie Mtutdor, lu common with tbe nerves and the illgratlre nrumis, and so afford lasting at.1. !t also fciiorua dual auistanee lu iiravontinn and ciirliig Intermittent aud remittent fever. Hllllousiiess. eonsli. patloo aud rheumatism It also subjugates. nun*. lALMKi—At Cleone, Aiuraat 12, of K. B. Hal9lg, a dau K W. lMDO, to the wl * ble. MKVKK-At Meudnclno. August U, to tho wife of r. L. Meyer, • dauKhter. MAHBIKB. (1HKKNLEAP -DAW In l«a»ln>.|d, Anuust \7, leaf and Hlaa 4mad»Kayr- B.AtjL,Y—COI.BVKN—At \k» Kairl«uuo uf thr brlfle'a panata. i:»sp»r, Aaic. IS, iwp, by hav. bqra, ^ tf 8 * .V 8r v ,\, w - *• ?rW ' , " > w - »• Wbldor lull k Roattta Wcltlag. On Saturday (lo-nioi -row) ] will move into the ueiv G^jl* pie building, and invite all i ^i old friends and .^uifoniQn -j call and nee mc. '" It « ^« MTATeor f ^ Mlli if. MltllSR-AttUe h»»r nf W, M, Wrl«ht.'ifi-> }R i^&SS''

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