Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 22, 1966 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1966
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1966 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS SOCIETY ffiinior Women's Club The Mt. Vemon Junior Women's Club met last Wednesday evening at Hunt's Restaurant. The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag and the club pledge. It was announced that the gi-oup will continue the American flag project until the first of January. A most impressive and entertaining program was presented on flower arrangements by Mrs. Ivan Pigg and her daughter, Mrs. Alice Higglns from Ivan's Flower Shop. Six centerpieces wore awarded as special prizes, Mrs. Shirley Parker was welcomed as a new member of the group. D. A. V. Auxiliary The D.A.V. auxiliary had a turkey dinner last Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wesniewiski of Chicago and other special guests from Mt. Vemon and Bonnie attending. A short business meeting was held after which an excellent program was present. Mrs. Ruth Farthing introduced Mrs. Dexter Kellcy who presented a fashion revue of old hats, old dresses, old songs, and lovely ladies. The group included Emily Cope, Esther Newman, Amelia Barnes, Ida White, Ruby Dodson, Myrtle Mnlone, Evelyn Bean and Pauline Moore. Mrs. Evelyn Simms played her guitar and yodeled with Mrs. Kelley at the piano and Mrs, Lucy Cameron ably served as mistress of ceremonies. Miss Nancy Jarrell sang "Always." In closing, Mrs. Kelley expres- »ed her appreciation to everyone present for such a delightful evening and such an enthusiastic audience, flursery Shower For Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Jack Wilson was guest of honor at a nursery shower on November 17 at the home of Mrs. Opal Blake. 1116 Bel Aire Drive. Games wereplayed and prizes awarded to Vivian Harris, Patty McKinney, and Nola Wilson. Mrs. Wilson received many tjseful and lovely gifts. Charivari, Shower Planned at Texico Mr. and Mrs. Jeny Towns of this city will be guests of honor at a charivari and shower next Saturday evening, November 26, at 7:30 o'clock in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keele at Te.\ico, All relatives and friends ai'e invited. Mrs. Towns is the former Miss Elaine Keele. - ,J MISS JEANNE PAYNE OF EWING AND BILL VAUGHAN of FAIRFIELD will be delegates to the 45th National 4-H Clwb Congress which will be held November 27—December 1 In Chicago. To be eligible, a 4-H member must show outitand. ing leadership in 4-H programs and in community qctivitles. DEAR ABBY ... Husband Is Ripe For Deodorant Abigail Van Buren Nursery Shower For Mrs. A%'ery Mrs. Wanda Avery was guest of honor at a nursery shower given November 11 at the Masonic hall in Opdyke. Hostesses were Mrs. Barbara Schwennln- ger and Miss Peggy Puckett. The hall was decorated with pink and blue and the gift table held a stork and a tiny doU —depicting a baby. Games were played and prizes es awarded to Mrs. Dorothy Roane, Mrs. Lola Oathout, and Mrs. Vera Zedalis. The guest of honor received many pretty and useful gifts. Nursery Shower For Mrs. Kittle A nursery shower was held for Mrs. aifford Kittle, recently, at the home of Mrs. Frank Hopkins with twenty guests present. Games were played and prizes awarded. The guest of honor received many lovely and useful gifts. Wedding Announced Miss Blanche Dees and Jean Flatt were married Thursday afternoon November 10. The double ring ceremony was performed at the Epworth Methodist church with the Reverend Mervin E. Chadbourne officiating at half past twelve o'clock. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Elsie Dees of Waltonville and the late Homer E. D6es. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Flatt of Mulkeytown. There will be a charivari at their home on RFD 3, Benton, Illinois, on Saturday evening, November 26. All relatives and friends are invited. DEAR ABBY: When Attworhy and I went together I kept wanting to tell him I thought he should either bathe more often or use a deodorant, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. We've been married a year, he still has the same problem, and I still don't know how to tell him. Now that winter is here I can't keep all the windows open. Once when a men's deodorant was being advertised on TV, I laughingly said, "Attworthy, you should try that." His back went up, and he said, "What for? I sit at a desk all day and I don't perspire. Besides, I bathe every week." I tried to tell him it wouldn't hurt to use it just to 'be "sure," but he blew up, so I changed the subject. How can I tell him, "Abby? It's getting worse. ATTWORTHY'sWlFE DEAR WIFE: Like this: "I love you, darling, but you are getting a little ripe for me. Everybody perspires, including you, and the odor of perspiration is offensive. Try tliis men's deodorant (have some in your hand when you make your speech). Use it for ME, if not for yourv self." And if he blows up, tell him to cool off in tiie bathtub. DEAR ABBY: A letter in your column really hit home with me, and I hope you will publish my letter as a tip-off to other mothers who were as naive as mine: A litUe girl signed "SQUASHED" wrote to you, complaining about overly-affeetionate relatives. If "SQUASHED is a girl, her problem might be more ser­ ious than you treated it. I am a grown woman now, but when I was about 8 years old I complained to my mother about an ''overly-affectionate" uncle. She laughed it off with, "O, don't be silly. Uncle loves you." To tiiis day my mother does not know that my "loving" uncle tried to climb into bed with me one night when he was visiting us, and I fled, terrified, to my older sister's room to safety. When I am a mother you can be sure I will keep an eye on relatives who get too "affectionate" with my children. GOOD MEMORY DEAR ABBY: My grand-daddy on my mother's side gave mom a brand new car. He told her it was for her use only and not to let daddy use it because daddy thinks he's a great auto mechanic and if he ever got his hands on that car he'd be tinkering with it in no time. Mom is being pestered to death. Do you think she should let daddy have a set of keys to her car? If she did and, granddaddy ever found out, there would be a war. CAR TROUBLE DEAR CAR: If your mother accepted the car with the understanding that she was not to let your daddy touch it, she should keep that promise. With all due respect to your granddaddy's generosity, gifts that could start a "war" should be neither offered nor accepted. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. For a personal reply, inclose a stamped self-addressed envelope Avritts Wed Fifty Years Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas Avritt will be married fifty years on Tuesday, November 29. They are the parents of one daughter, Mrs. Kathlyn Meline of Rockford, lU. The occasion will be celebrated with open house at the home on the Centralia Road. All rel- [ husband. Pvt. Kenneth Ray atlves are invited to attend be- - _ . tween the hours of two and four o'clock next Sunday afternoon, November 27. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send n.OO to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles. Cal. 9006» DAHLGREN Mrs. Helen Kelly has returned home from a visit in Grand Rapids, Mich., with her chUdren who live there. Dr. and Mrs. John S. Goin and children, John and Susy spent Saturday with ^s father, Jasper Goin. They were enroute to their home in Champaign after attending • Dental Oonvention In Dallas, Tex, last week, while In Texas they visited with his sister, Eileen and friend, Betty Mosny in Houston, Tex. Mrs. Fronia Hertoistein of Mt. Vemon spent the weekend with her sisters, Mrs. Mary L. Kardier and Mrs. John Frey. Miss Kay WinemiUer, who Is employed in Springfield, spent the wedcend with her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. "Rick" WinemUler and chUdrea Sunday guest^ with Mrs. Lola Miller and granddaughter, Miss Diane Miller were, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miller of Springfield, Warren Kutch and daughter, Nancy of Taylorville. Mr. and Mrs, Paul Trotter of McLeansboro spent the day Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cross. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. McNair came home Sunday from a visit with their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. .John D, McNau- in Plainfield, lU., and with theh: grandchildren in Niles, 111. Their other son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur McNair of Niles are in Europe on a tour. Mr. and Mrs. R, N. Oark spent the weekend in Memphis, Tenn., visiting in the home of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Harrison and with another sister, Mrs. Grace Stone in Jonesboro, Axk. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jines of Ridgway spent the day Sunday in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Qyde Jines. Mrs. Yvonne Ray visited her in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Sunday. She was accompanied by liis parents, Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Ray. Pvt, John Butler of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Butler Sunday. ... Mrs. Charlie Crtw, Cor, YOURS . . . SOCIALLY By SAILV American Legion Commander and Mrs. Drayton Allison, Jim Payne, Mrs. Elinore Little, and Mrs. Lillath Standefer attended the American Legion Fifth Disr trict meetihg held Sunday in DuQuoin. -0- -O- A' Mrs, Ina Thomason of this city was guest of honor at a turkey dinner held Sunday honoring her 6Sth birthday. Traditional refreshments of ice cream and a beautifully decorated cake were served and she received many lovely gifts from thirty relatives attending the dinner. In addition, gifts and congratulatory messages were received tvom children living in Maryland, California, Oregon, Kentucky, and Indiana, who were unable to attend. •0- -0- Mrs. Hazel FuIIerton of IMO south ISfli street will be 77 years old Novemijer 36 we have been told by Mrs. Myrtle Richardson Mrs. FranUe Watte, a resident of the Lowry Nursing Home, ISM Main, will be 77 years old No- Ellis, manager of the home. Mrs. Laura Downea of SM vember 27 according to Ruby Fifth street will be 86 years old November 27 we have been told by her great-grandchildren Charles and Jack Leffler and Johnny and Mike Hayes. . . And, on November 28, Mrs. Cla ra Comwel! of RFD 1, Ina, will be 90 years old according to a note received from her daugh ter, Clela Hindman, with whom she has made her home for the past five years! . . We do hope each one will receive many other cards with the one we are mailing today. Sally was pleased to receive a telephone call from Mrs. Ethel Musgrave of 405 Jordan report^ ing that the recent announcement of her birthday brought thirty pretty cards her way. She also received several letters, telephone calls and gifts—inclu* ing a beautiful birthday cake from her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Frede Musgrave. Bushongs Wed 25 Years Mr. and Mrs. ViriU Bushong of Waltonvijle will celebrate their SUver Wedding anniversary an Wednesday, November 23. They are the parenU of three children: Jerry Gale Bushong of Waltonville, Marvin Ray Bushong, serving with the Armed Forces at Ft. Riley, Kansas, and Jeanne Marie Bushong, at home. No special plans have been made for the occasion. Pointers Polly's Beauty SaJon Certificates MAKE Niee Ohristmaa Olf(« By TOLLY CRAMER Newspaper Enterprise Asaa. DEAR POU.Y - I am 72 years old, seven times a nieth- er, ;18 times a grandmother and six times a great grandmother, but I still know what is cooking, and of all the Christinas gifts that I received from my big family the certificate tor four trips to my favorite beauty salon (for the works) is near the top of the list. So, girls, whether it is Christmas, her birthday or some other special day don't just think of a shawl for great- grandmother. Give her a beauty lift and what a lift, as I know from experience.—M.S. DEAR GIRLS — and our masculine readers, too — M.S. is typical of many present- day grandmothers and I know her gift hint will be the answer to a real problem for many of you, -POLLY DEAR POLLY — While planning our Christmas gift for a nephew serving in Viet Nam, my husband suggested we send hfan two identical packages, one for him and the other for one of his buddies who might be forgotten. Perhaps other readers would like to do this for our boys. -A POLICEMAN'S-WIFE: DEAR POLLY — Three years ago the plastic holders on our TV trays broke as did Patricia's. My husband purchased the spring iype clamps lhat are used to hold brooms or other round-handled objects. He riveted them to the undersides of the tables or trays and now they are firm and will not crack. The rivets look like decorative buttons. -MRS. H.E.H. DEAR POLLY— Would you ask the readers if they know how to cut angel food cake so that it does not flatten down? Mine looks unappetizing the way I cut it. —DELORES DELOKES — I never eut angel food cake but pull it apart with two forks. Some people use a silk thread for cutting such a cake and Betty, my right hand helper, says nothing beats an electric knife.-POLLY Anyone submitting a Polly's Problem, a solution to a problem or a favorite homemaking idea will receive a dollar if Polly uses the item in Polly's Pointers. PERSONAL Mrs. Elenora Jones of Ina spent yesterday afternoon shopping in the King Qty. Mrs. Gwen Hicks of Bonnie was a Mt. Vemon business visitor and shopper Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs, Guy Sulcer of WaltonviUe transacted business and shopped in Mt Vemon yesterday. Mrs. Dean Frick of Bonnie was a Khig aty shopper and business visitor Monday afternoon. Mrs. George Pierce ot Bonnie spent yesterday afternoon shopping in Mt. Vemon. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Roberson of Waltonville transacted business and shopped in the King aty Monday. Ji/tn. Barbara Champ et Woodlawn was a business visitor and shopper in Mt Vernon yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Anita Martin of Sesser spent yesterday' afternoon shopping in Mt Vemon, Mrs. Richard Bunting of Woodlawn was a King City shopper and business visitor Monday. Mrs. Betty Becker of McLean boro was a business visitor and shopper in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Rosanna Arnold of Opdyke spent Monday afternoon shopping in the King Oty. Mrs, Sherry Furlow of Mulkeytown visited friends and shopped in Mt Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Dorothy Mitchell of Qay City was a King City business visitor and shopper Monday. Mrs. Rose Book of Ashley transacted business and shopped in Mt, Vemon yesterday, Pat Wellen of Wayne Cily made a business trip to Mt. Vemon yesterday. Gene Johnson of Bluford was a business visitor in Mt Vemon Monday. Uoyd Sharp of Wayne City spent yesterday afternoon shopping in the King City, Leslie Lewis of Waltonville transacted busineM in Mt Vernon Monday. Mrs. Marlene Wood of Wayne City was a King Qty business visitor and shopper yesterday afternoon. Bill Ellis ot Dix made a bus- inese trip to Mt Vemon Menday. James Threatt of Belle Rive transacted business in the King I Oily yesterday. New and Old Improves The Bird THANKSGIVING TURKEY — Roasts to a beautful golden-brown in a fine new pan that is shallow and has on adjustable rack and a non-stick lining. By CECILY BROWN8T0NE iMsoctated Press Food Editor Homecoming Saturday At Wayne City High School The annual homecoming for Wayne City High School will be next Saturday, November 26. As usual, a basketball game will start off the program. The Allendale "B" team will play the Wayne City junior varsity at 5:30. The varsity game will start about 6:45. The alumni meeting will be in the study hall at 8:15 at which time new officers will be elected. Present officers are Kent Sanders, president; Ricky Shook, vice president; Mrs. Noel Thomason, treasurer; and Mrs, Jerry Taylor, secretary. All alumni attending the business meeting will be admitted to the gym before the front doors are opened so that they will have first choice of tables for the homecoming coronation which! will be held at 9. Candidates for queen are fou^ seniors: Eva Draper, Joyc^; Knauss, Jo O'Daniel, and Carolyn^ Downen. The queen will be electr ed by the student body Novein» her 18 and announced at eonv nation time. Attendants, elected by their classes, are: Juniors: Donht Gray, Teresa Feather; Sopho<i mores: Janet Smith, Sybbl6 GaiV HRr; Fre,shmen: Aram)nth« Schumm, Ann Staggs. The "Sting Rays," from Mt( Vemon, will play for the coronation and dance. The homecoming^ theme is "Evening In Paris." ;: Tickets are on sale at Waynt City business houses for P each,: both adults and students. - , ^ TEXICO THIS HOLIDAY time you might like to combine the new with the old. The new is one of those roasting pans with teflon lining that keeps drippings from sticking and helps you make fine gravy. If you are in the market for one of these non-stidc roasters, be sure to consider the kind that' GRANDMOTHER rather than the solid moist kind. And to make it properly, be sure to use a firm, non-spongy, homemade type of bread. This dressing is ideal for a holiday meal where everyone from Grandfather to the young ones sit around the family table. It's not too rich, not too highly seasoned. It's just utterly good eating. ROAST TURKEY WITH WATERS' is really shallow and that has an adjustable rack. We stress the shallow depth because we are convinced that it helps a bird to roast rather than steam. Now to the old — an absolutely wonderful recipe for turkey "filling" kindly given to us by a friend- It's called filling because the grandmther who many years ago brought the recipe from England, lived in a New Jersey town' that bordered on the Pennsylvania-German area. And when you have Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors, you're inclined to call stuffing "filling." The mixture is so simple — bread, butter, onion, salt and pepper. But what unadulterated and alluring flavor! Property made, this is a dry-type stuffing BREAD FILLING 1-% (1 pound) loaves of thinly sliced homemade-type bread ! (27 slives Including crusty ends) % cup butter 1-^ cups finely chopped onion 2 teaspoons salt Vi teaspoon pepper 12-pound turkey About 12 to 24 hours before you plan to prepare the turkey filling, spread the bread slices in a single layer over racks; they will just fit over the rack of a shallow roasting pan (15-% by 12 by 1-% inches) and 2 square cake racks. Allow the bread to stand at room temperature, uncovered, to dry thoroughly; turn once or twice to facilitate drying. When ready to stuff turkey, have a deep bowl of cold water ready and also a bowl of cold water ready and also a bowl to hold the bread after crushing. Dip 1 slice of the dry bread into the cold water for about 10 seconds; then hold the slice over the other bowl and use your hands to crush and crumble it so that you. have some pieces a little larger than a dime and some fine crumbs. Continue doing this with each slice of bread. Then saute the breadcrumbs, 1-3 at a time, as follows. In a 10-lnch skillet melt % cup of the butter and add % cup of the onion; cook gently until onion is soft and golden; add 1-3 •of the bread and cook, tossing lightly with a long-handled fork, for about 3 minutes. Turn into a large bowl. After all the bread has been sauteed, add salt and pepper and toss thoroughly and lightly without packing down. Spoon stuffing into neck and body cavity of turkey being carefid not to press it in too tightly. Rub turkey with soft butter and place on the adjustable rack of a shallow teflon-lined roasting pan (15-% by 12 by 1-5-8 inches). Roast according to your favorite method. A charivari and miscellaneous shower will be held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keele Saturday evening November 26 in honor of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Towns, who were married recently. Everyone is welcome to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Green and daughters of Chicago visited over the weekend with relatives, Sunday afternoon visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Harold McKinney were, Mr. and Mrs. Vemon Nance of Kell, Ml-, and Mrs. Walter McKinney, Steven and Mike Blankenship. Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKinney were Sunday callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alvis. Mr, and Mrs. Harold McKinney visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huston and children. Twenty-.six boys and girls help, ed David and Connie Morris celebrate theh: bh*days last Sat* urday witl^ a party in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Morris. Games were played, prizes were awarded. Refreshments were served at the close of the party. The Women's Society of Christian Service of Union Chapel church met in the home of Mrs. Merle Green last Wednesday for potluck dinner and lesson study. There were 12 members present and two visitors, Mrs. Sa4iii^ Howard and Mrs. ^Rola Mireoei- The business meeting wM oon* ducted by the president Mnk Wilma Hanes, who was also Jetf' son leader. Topic of the less^. was "Dialogue with a Differenei; in Hindu, Muslin and Buddhist* There were 13 telephone caUS(: 10 cards and 13 visits reported^' Next meeting will be held De? cember 13 in the home of Rev,'; Rosemai-y Harris, 308 22nd St.^ Mt. Vemon. There will be a pert* luck dinner at the noon houri, lesson study and Christmas c% change. Mr. and Mrs. Oyde Sammoni of Mt. Vernon spent Tuesdajjj with Mr. and Mrs. Jess Price. : Mrs. Marvin Compton of Louis spent a few days last wedK with her parents, Mr, and Alvin Hails. Visitors with Mrs. Violet Sanv mohs last week were, Jess Grcol and Mattie Simmons, Mrs, Mina Morton, Mrs. P^iil Gibson, Mrs. Rosa Lee Greeny Mrs. Mabel Harris, Mrs. IUt4 McKinney, Miss Lena Mrs. Mae Seclirest and littli Miss Carla Sue Boe^che THE PUBLIC'S VISITS TO PHYSICIANS—.1W8 and 19W 1958 KItSONS T HOME 11% rOISONS «5 AND OVER mpmrffm 1963 AU PERSONS I HOME 5% PERSONS ftS ANI> OVER HOME 12% "tUNIC 7% Soarcs: Health lafemiatien FMwdoliee Wednesday with Mrs. Lora Bel Harlow and enjoyed potluck dini ner. ^ Mrs. Bob Armstrong, Rickef and Cindy of Decatur spent % few days last week with Mr. an4 Mrs. Ervin Green and sons^ othcf relatives and friends. ... Rita McKinney, Cof. Are home visits by doctors a thing of the past? The °""^h'muoh "iJS^S HMUK Insurance Institute covering o six-yeor period from 1958 througn lyoa. ow Its iirdlcTniio in favoTof office onl di^yisifs by patients, ond the Russ Order Stress On Science In Schools MOSCOW (AP) — The Soviet Union today ordered a series of reforms in public schools to put ftnther stress on science and technology. All central newspapers carried a full page of what was officially described as "measures to improve further the standard of secondary schools." "The level of education of secondary schools does not yet correspond to the increased demands of life," the statement said. Among measures ordered: Introductory courses in the natural sciences — biology, chemistry, physics — to be started in the fourth grade, the class for 10 years olds. Establishment of secondary schools and classes concentrating on studies in a specific direction. Cited in this context were mathematics and computing techniques, physics and radio electronics, chemistry, biology and the humanities. This program is designed for the ninth and 10th grades, students 16 to 17. Increase of the compulsory school program from eight years to 10 years throughout the country. An end to the practice of using school cliildren in jobs unrelated to their studies, such as harvesting crops on labor-short collective farms. using PESTSCiDES? Read the Label U. fc Of ^MTMim Of AOktCWTUII GRIGG'S "The Prime Beef People" FREE DELIVERY ~ PHONE 242-6411 Here are just a few of the many Fine Foods Found at GRIGG'S. WIDE SELECTION OF SWIFT'S BuHerball Hen Turkeys All Sizes FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS Spice Island Pure Spices Pepperidge Farm Breads S&W Pock Fancy Fruits & Veg. Ashley's Mexican Foods Home Boked Ham And Beef Fresh Salads Made Paily 1020 Main Dial 242-6411 Downtown —> Free Parking in Rear I To Fit Your Every Need From The Garden Of Styles From Paris — Pierre Cardin Adaptation Woe! double knit 3 piece ensemble with a novelty shell that does many things in and for your wardrobe. Blue, Green, Coral, Berry — Sizes 8-20 $38.00 208 S. 9th Mt. Vernc^, III.

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