Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 22, 1966 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1966
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1966 Lady Who Signs U.S. Paper Money Resigns lADY WHO SIGNS — SM Inside 144 u vu vd49 eg23 WASHINGTON (AP) - Kathryn O'Hay Granahan, whose signature appears on the lower left hand comer of the nation's paper money, has resigned as treasurer of the United States. There was no immediate White House comment on Mrs. Granahan's action. disclosed Monday when the Treasury Department released in response to an inquiry a letter of resignation she had written Oct. 13 and a reply dated last Wednesday by Secretary of the Treasury Henry H. Fowler. Mrs. Granahan, a former House member from Pennsylvania, assumed the $25,380-a-year post in January 1963 after her appointment by President John F. Kennedy, but had been ill since May 1965. In her letter of resignation to President Johnson, Mrs. Granahan said she had been injured in a fall "while performing my duties as treasurer" but said she had hoped to return to the job. "Since I have not been pei^ mitted to return to my office, I submit my resignation rather than hold this important position without performing its duties," she wrote. Ashley News Mr. and Mrs. Marion Dial of West Frankfort were Sunday guests with Mrs. Betty Dare. •. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nadolski, son, Paul, visited Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilkey and son, Jimmy in Nashville Thursday evening and helped to celebrate Jimmy's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Bruel, Bobby Jackson and Donald Bruel of St. Elmo visited Mrs. Mamie Thomas Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Braswell and Mr. and Krs. Wayman Hogshead visited Mr. and Mrs. Arthm* Wilson Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Robinson and children of Mayville, Mr. and Mrs. John Grotti eind children of Centralia, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sensel, R. R. Centralia, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Deering, Jr., and children and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Sensel and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lar- Tciine Sensel. Rev. and Mrs. Loren Ramsey of Mulkeytown and Mr. and Mrs. George McNail were Sunday dinner guests with Mrs. Pearl Rid^e. In afternoon they called on Mrs. Edna Riddle In Nashville, who is ill. Roy Coultas was • caller in tdwardsville Sunday morning. ... Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan of Centralia, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin j^hultz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schultz spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Walker and children. 1963 Mercury Marouder 2 door hardtop, standard transmission, block v)>ith rod vinyl interior. 1963 Volkswagen, sunroof. Priced to sell. S&W MOTOR CO. 1101 Salem Road Martin Brophy of O'Fallon visited Mr. and Mrs. George Mc Nail and Mrs. Elsie Scherer Monday afternoon. Mrs. Stanley Wisniewski, Jr., and Mrs, George McNail shopped in the King City Thursday. Mrs. Leola McNail and sister, Mrs. Wilma Smith of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson of Sacremento, Calif., Mrs. Alta Riddle of Mt. Venion and Mrs. Pearl Riddle were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George McNail Tuesday. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Don Likens and daughters, Brenda and Becky, Mrs. Alice Moore of Woodlawn, Mrs. Irvie Wilson and Mrs. Arthur Wilson. Mrs. Roy Coultas and Mrs. Ethie Stephens visited in Sandoval Sunday afternoon. School of Instructions was held Thursday evening for Ashley Missing Link Rebekah Lodge 547 with Mrs. Grace Goforth, District Deputy President of Tamaroa as instructor. . . . Mrs. Reva Coultas, Cor. BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — A University of Colorado coed who sought to boost her failing Ehg- lish literature grade through court action has flunked again [— this time legally. University officials said Jacalyn Dieffenderfer was given an "F" for disciplinary reasons. She was accused of letting another student copy parts of her examination paper. The junior coed said she deserved "at least 'B'." Dist. Judge William E. Buck dismissed the girl's suit Monday, ruling that the school has [discretion in matters ot scholarship. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — The Harvard football team Monday elected Don Chiofaro, a junior from Belmont, Mass., as captain of the 1967 team. Taking to the skies in a formation test run at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., is a newcomer to aerial warfare, a unique tilt-wing transport, officially dubbed the XG-142A, that takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter and flies at speeds of more than 400 m.p.h. Designed to carry 32 fully equipped combat troops or 8,000 pounds of cargo, its mission is to transport troops and supplies to and from inaccessible areas. It is one of three vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)^ aircraft being developed by the Pentagon. Right, the Vdught-built VTOL transport In action: (1) Thousand-pound cargo pallets tumble from the transport's rear hatch In a parachute drop. Plane's ability to fly slow or hover permits pinpoint-accurate drops. (2) Wings tilted straight up for vertical hovering, plane rescues a stranded pilot In a rescue mission. (3) Coming in low with wings at half tilt to slow speed, transport makes a cargo drop without parachutes. Daspitt LoMtt AMCInCar Business To Stay-Evans By CHARLKs 'c. CAIN DETROIT (AP)—Board chairman Robert B. Evans of American Motors said today that despite a $12.6-million loss In fiscal 1966, his company was in the auto business to stay. "There is absolutely no possibility that AMC might not survive," said the 57-yeai>old Detroit industrialist-sportsman. "There is no cause for gloom." AMC's directors reported the loss Monday for the fiscal year ended Sept. 30 and at the same time voted to skip a quarterly dividend for the , fifth straight quarter. It was the second largest annual deficit for AMC in its 12-year history. Evans expressed some disappointment at the way AMC car sales have been going, particularly since the 1967 models were introduced a few weeks ago. But he pointed out "we are not alone — the other auto companies have the same problem in sales slumps and production cutbacks. "We are victims of the Bis Three auto companies. They are not intentionally trying to hurt us but they are competing vig- Laid-Off Auto Workers Draw High Jobless Pay REVIVAL PARK AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH Nov. 27 —D«c. 3 7:30 P.M. Broadcast —WMIX 12:30 Each Sunday DB. STERLING PRICE, EvaoRellst Putor Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, Mo. WATME REYNOLDS. Musks Director EVERETT LEMAY. Pastor DETROIT (AP) — Auto workers laid off in current industry cutbacks can count on receiving at least 62 per cent of their wages for up to six months. Even after that, a man with two years' seniority could draw $50 weekly, plus ?1.50 a week for each dependent up to four, for six more months. These were among layoff safeguards written into current contracts in 1964 bargaining between the four top automakers and the United Auto Workers Union... Some within the UAW equate them with a guaranteed annual wage. None of the manufacturers lias indicated how many would be laid off in their investory balancing shuffle. General Motors announced last week December and January production would be sliced 8.1 per cent. Ward's Automotive Reports, an industry statistical agency, reported in mid-month that the four top producers were trimming back their planned November production by 58,000 cars. If General Motors were to slice its hourly rated work force of 430,000 by 8.1 per cent in December and January to match production slowdown, that would result in a cut of 38,- 700 men. The layoff backstops are pi*o- vided by what is known as a "supplemental unemployment benefit fund," or "SUB." Combined SUB funds now to­ tal more than ?332 million. SUB, up to a maximum of $50 weekly, is paid on top of regular state unemployment compensation to assure a worker 62 per cent of his wage for the 26-week limit of government assistance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics figures the current average weekly wage of auto workers at S135.20. Two Suits For Divorce Filed Two suits for divorce have been filed in circuit court here. Mai-y Helen AttebeiTy charges desertion in a divorce action against Theodore Atteberry, Jr. She seeks custody of four minor children, and alimony. The couple married November 2, 1954 and separated in August, 1961. the complaint states, Beal Vs. Beal Dorothy Louise Beal filed suit for divorce against Clifford Franklin Beal, charging adultery in the complaint. She seeks custody of a nUnor child, and alimony. The couple married October 30, 1954 and lived together until February 17, 1966, according to the complaint. KEEP PESTiCiDES IN ORIGINAL CONTAINERS U. S. DIPAKTMf NT OF AGSICUlTU«t orously and we are caught in the middle of a squeeze as they have tremendous amounts to spend on advertising and promotion." AMC's gross sales of $870 million and a net loss of $12.6 million for fiscal 1966 were equal to a deficit of 66 cents a share. A year ago, sales hit $990.6 million with profits of $5.2 million equal to 27 cents a share. D. FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip7 PASTEETH, an Improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower plates, holds false teeth more firmly In place. Do not slide, slip or rook. No Bummy. sooey, pasty taste or feoIlng.FASTEETHlflnlknllne (nonacid). Does not sour. Checks "plate odor breath". Qet PASTEETH at drug counters everywhere. TWIN WILLOWS NURSING CENTER ROUTE 37 NORTH SALEM, ILLINOIS There are still some vacancies ovailoble in the new, modem nursing center in Salem, III. Come in for information and rates. RAY SAYS: "MOVE 'EM OUT! Combined SUB tunds now to- [ SIJD.ZU. • mmor cnuaren, anu mimuuy. • tu uic Swift's Choice Broad Breasted Butter Ball TURKEYS 7 lb. to 24 lb. "If It Comes From Borrien's it's Gotta' Be Good" PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE STOP, PARK SHOP AND SAVE 1500 North Salam Road DIAL 244-1808 or 244-1807 Prte Dtliv«ry * OPEN SUNDAYS Fresh Baltimore Large Select And Standard Choice OYSTERS ORDER EARLY U.S. Choice Grade Tender Grown FRYERS Lb 29« Choice Lean Fresh Ground ROUND AND CHUCK Lb. ^^'t « Lbs. BEEF 59, 2 1.15 Big Money Savings TRACTORS NEW BALERS DorinK COMBINES Nov. - Dec. Clearance Days Now's the time to buy that new International Harvester Tractor, (Baler or Combine) you've been wanting, and SAVE MONEY, TOO! How? Just listen to this: During NOVEMBER-DECEMBER CLEARANCE DAYS you can buy at a special discount price ... ond, becouse your Finance Charges will be paid well into 1967, you make BIG MONEY SAVINGS. Don't woit until Spring. COME IN NOW, AND SAVE! ^ See Ed Wood Or Any Of The Friendly Personnel At Ray TIbbs linplenient Co. WatfMivill. Read Phone 242-1267 ti Emge's Choice Lean Boston Butt PORK ROAST Lb 45' Choice Fresh Made Juicy Tender MINUTE STEAKS 1 Lb. 70 If! Choice Fresh Made Tender Lean PORK CUTLETS 1 Lb. 53 Choice Extra Lean Fresh Ground ROUND AND SIRLOIN OF BEEF 2'" 1 .35 Emge's Chocie Tender All Meat Lb. Cello Pkg. WIENERS 1 48 Emge's Choice Leon Mild Cure Thin SLICED BACON 1 Z 55 Emge's Ranch Brand Thick SLKED BACON 2 Lb. $ Pkg. 1.13 Choice Tender Fresh Baby BEEF LIVER 'slf ^d 1 27 Sealtest Double Rich WHIPPING CREAM Vz Pi. 29 Borden Fresh Home Miade Kant Salad Pimento Cheese Spread 15-Oz. rc« Carton Borden's Choice Lean Smoked Pork BAR-BE-QUE 18-Oz. QA^ Carton 70 Chopped or Slices In Sauce A-G Brand Choice Fresh Like (Cuts) GREEN BEANS 3 ^a °U9' C&H Pure Cone SUGAR 5 B^^o 59' Lb. Bog Powdered or Brown Light or Dork 2 Boxes 31^ Swift's Choice DUCKS HENS CAPONS Seasoned STUFFING BREAD Mrs. Smith's FROZEN PIES Choice Fresh Grade A Extra Large EGGS A-G Brand OLE01 Qt^rs. 25 Try The Oven Fresh Nabisco SNACK CRACKERS Borden's Choice Snr>oked Lean Pork ^ BAR-BE.QUE SANDWICHES Each 10c 12 1 .00 Wed., Fri., Sat. Hawkins Oven Fresh Korn Krust BREAD 15' 2 Loaves ROUND BUNS 12 In Pkg. 25e A-G Brand Choice Tender Early Harvest PEAS 3cl°n^s59' Del Monte Choice Whole YAMS SWEET POTATOES 2 49' FOR THE BEST BUYS IN GOOD EATING FOODS SHOP AT BORDEN'S WE SELL YOU NO GIMMilCKS A-G Brand Choice All Purpose SHORTENING 3 ^75' A G Brand Choice Cove OYSTERS ^°n- 49' Folger's Choice Tasty COFFEE Grfnl AG BRAND ~ 1 Lb. Tin 69e 1 Lb. Tin Vita-Lure or Energy Mil If ^^^^^ Grade 1] IfllLH Homogenized A i Half [ Gals. . 79' Ocean Spray Brand Whole or Jellied CRANBERRIES 2 co'^s 43' Lfbby's Choice Custard Style PUMPKIN 'A 1 303 L Cans 27' A-G Shurfresh Oven Crispy CRACKERS 1 Box 21' ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY Musselmon's Choice Tasty New Pack APPLE SAUCE 2 fL 29' CHOICE FRESH NUTS, CANDIES, FRUITS, AND VEGETABLES, BIB LEAF AND HEAD LETTUCE, PARSLEY, CUCUMBERS, GREEN PEPPERS, RADISHES, RED RIPE TOMATOES, FRESH MUSHROOMS, PUERTO R I C A N YAMS, JUMBO CELERY, ORANGES, APPLES, BANANAS, Etc. A-G Shurfresh Oven Ready Tall BISCUITS ^o^s9' 4 Cans 31 U.S. Choice Grade Clean RED POTATOES 10 Lb. Bag 45' •••••• • •••'^ ^-™—I '^•w^^imfciw I I ]

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