Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 22, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1890
Page 2
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FRIDAY.... AUGUST 2a, 18W>. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT.|f *• """J 1ns ' uini ^; Iabov '. 41 '° **-\ v "™? M ^ 1 tional Guard, and the wine industry. ' is pledged to favorable treatment. After tho adoption of tho platform the Convention adjourned until afternoon. Nominations for Governor then followed, and Pond, Colcifl'ili, English and l'uiilsell were placed in nomination in the order named The first ballot resulted: Pond, 2i:S: English, Wo; \ Coleman, 187; Paulsrll. 43. On vu ' lh the eecoud ballot C:> and rou »4 »w ; English each showed a ilight gain, sheno.ixJ at• the expense of Puulsell, after which the Convention adjourned until 10 o'clock Thursday morning. A telegram received at noon yos- i ki»h terdny (Thursday) announced that Pond had just received tlie noniiim- t ion. A Sinister Omission. s. r. ,s it a. >'.»;! Mai-khani was nominated on n .Markham platform. Aitcr all the talk •big Colon E IIITOH— Mr: —lr.nsimii-h an the lineal descendant of t!ie I'.iuiliun period continues to XT v TICKET. SCrKKIOR 01. DGt, E. IHcCAIiVEV... 0. W.TISiU.VlX.. J.Jt.SIANDLEY J. .1. MOUROW... UStMeLYM\>:. COVNTY CUKK, s, much to the surprise I A smi.^r n^.„,^ ! Communication, and discomfort of llced, MoKinley & Co. Tttr Atchison (Kan.) Champion, . , , . , , , , , ., , , . , , • that has been going around about Slate I bewail « KI monn the loss of a lew mirrit one ot the oldest :uid most minion- ,. .. , . ,, , ,• i . , T , , ,. - division and the equivocal position here-' blades, the natiirn! fiHitler fur Ins kino, tia! Republican papers in Kansas, i| [(lfim , H .,. upW „„ {U: , qUPH , ion ,, v ,.„,„. • ani , H , w , ,.;„« houghs upon which, came out July 81st with a free trade • ne l Markhnni, it is somewhat «in>rulttr, il' flag- at its Miiathenil. It uuss that, ! not significant, that the Republican plat- protection has so impoverished tl<e i lori:i is silent on the subject. Whether farmers of the "West ami enriched i , h ' 8 " ,e r<w,!! 0| ' oversight or design, the manufacturers nothing can brin trade. if it I 'lll't the East that I " ,e °' ni '" i " n cannot, under the circuin- , v ,-,,„t f.. u „ 1 :<tlltu ''' ! *> v » e looked 'jponas other tlutti t-iii- M1 l ,rmi ister. ft . Ma-iiilinmio i Cl'NTV TKK.t ^CUCn, P. M OIBSON. uisrHlirr .iTT'invKv, J Q WIDTH eol.vri- nr.f elu.F.11, T. O. Al.BERT.10N SCHOOL SCrHBt.VTtJSriRVT, MBS. S. W. JIASKKTT .fi:«l- COHOSER AS'D i; Ui.l'' .llOIIVISTRA'fOK, DAVID I'AKSON Hot Spiliius .fkiah .rkiali 1 is true Colonel Murkhc-i:, after uciut; charged during hid CKIIVIUV. Is im Speaker Hood \woto ttn iw ' Ul bcinir a Mate divwionwt, did nmk«< article for the Chaulnuquan entitled •" lorm " 1 ,tenial °< " ,0 i:!mr ="' b,lt 11 " Ercedom of Debate," in which he said: "Unreasonable and eions .Mijiprcrtsion of discussion is tryanny, whether done by king or also undeniable that thereat Isxly of his ... the absence of hotter food, nnimals of his ill; browse, ami in IMOIIO I I as lie Assiduously persists in Ass-tiring the public tlint a !_>rP.'it has hcen visited upon that little plateau known as Hilev V.diev, of which he Ass-'imes t«, he the accredilnl acei.'t, an a'so ciiai'diau <>f jr,-,v- evumont htowse, aud soeinioidv having uu'tiotten his own master, by appoalint; so piteoii.-ly to ho tol>l icfc^i* uss in bray, inir, and generously ottering a reward of supportci's in the southern counties were i $00 to " .lustice" lor desired information, NEWS OF TKTE WEEK. TiiriisnAV, Anijiist It.—San bernnrdino is experiencing quite a boom A San Diego limn connnitti'd suicide by shoot. inn himself live times in the head . .An enormous How of natural j;iis was struck ! near Santa Barbara. . .A resolution has I been reported favorably to Congress tc i remove Genera! (.'•rant's ren .irns >.>t> New York to Ws'diiii^ton ^' I borers employed in the it on works at j Birmingham; Ala., are in revolt ..A ' distillery was hur'.te I at Louisville. K.\ . ilcul *K(H),00U ,ii .;!, ,.| ul.inliv -.liMlioyi'd. . .Chioae.o iioii niolders (tueauo ti» j^o on a Httt'ke. . . liws of life by Hoods is reported from 1 miia. Kitinvv. Atiffust I.",.—Heavy K.IIIS HI c-api'i- outspoken in their desire for State divis- j I fee! called upon to give it in this brief | Arizona -ire catiMinr tunny washouts A TIMELY WARNING. C V. SMITH.. K. K. VOKK... HCUVl -.WvH. ^Ul'ERVlSnK. A. R. n.wiiwox l. RKPEMF.YKli KlfO'. Jltatlict ; POND THE MAN. just before gouty; to press, announced thai Edward B. Pond, Mayor of I Han Erancisco. had boon nominated ; The San Ernncisc:j Chronicle is | reco ;,'ui>.«d by a large majority of Tiiini niatrki i Republicans in this State as their leading and representative journal, i With this fact in view, the f .dlow- ing extracts from a leading editorial A telegram received yesterday, : in the Chronicle two days before ' the recent Iiepublican State Convention met, furnish mighty interest ijig reading just now: * * NothhiR is more ut'iiriuy "a n i-iirty for Governor bv the Democratic | d>an to im^-to ti t iu « lieivn-iv e,.i,,|,..i^i. v^State t onvention. The Democrats of Mendocino county are well pleased with the work of the San Jose Contention so far as heard from. In Mayor Pond we see victory, and an exceptionally good executive Not only are Democrats in this section delighted with his nomination, but old-time Ite- pnblicans do not hesitate to announce their determination to support him. Following is a short biographical sketch of our nominee: Kdward 15. I'on/.l was born December 7, hs;l:i, in Jell'erson county, New York, and is now fib' years of age. He received the usual academic education. In ISOl, at the age of twenty, he start ed for California with a wagon train across the plains. lie encountered the usual hardships and dannnrs of the trip. Ho settled in Unite county, then con- tninine hut. a small population, and en- KHKed in the cattle business and in farming. In 18."i> he went Kast and broutdil a herd oi cattle irom Texas across Arizona. On the trip lie ran (he gauntlet oi llie Apaches and lost iiiaiiv ot his animals. In the. fall of lSiK) he went into the business of merchandising in Chico, Butte county. Mr. bond left Chico in 1815S and settled in San Francisco, where for many years he was a wholesale merchant. Since then he has been interested in lanoinij;, manufacturing and can- nine; industries, in insurance and banking. Hi' is a director in several leading companies, having extensive and ramified I watchwords business. His judgment as a clearheaded and sagacious business man is relied upon by his associates, and his known integrity and honorable dealing inspire them all with the fullest confidence. In the multifarious business and private tranBnetions, extending through an active life, of thirty-six years in California no man has ever accused him of sharp practice or unfair dealing. His word is as good ns his i,ond on 'Change. Mr. Pond first entered public life in being elected Supervisor on the Democratic ticket. In 1881 he was reelected by o.S'.hi majority, while Blaine carried the city at the same time by 4.307 majority. The Republicans elected the other eleven Supervisors by majorities running up into the thousands. So able a financier did ho prove himself, and so incorruptible an officio!, that he has since been twice elected Mayor, first in 188ti and again in 1888. ion up to the opening of Colonel Markhum's ctiuvuss. All oi Colonel .Markham's neuspaper supporters iu the coiin- lios of (.os Aimeles, San Diego and Sim I'.ciiundino were clamoring a year ago for a division of the State. Whatever may have been Colonel Markhain's views on this question, it is certain that the men who surrounded and urged him as a eiin- ;il]y II llie altjieki tie iiihK-it HI tie.' h.'iiit of ! the ticket. The itt-fiut'lii'iin^ nhvays wiu utu-n ! tin.-, nniki' mi imiiri'KsiYe ennijiHi'jn, Hiiln:n ' wlien tln'.v lire forced into u ttefensive one. Col: onel II. It. Murktumi. one of lhe nsjj)rnnls fo. : the'julieniittorliil iioiiiiniitioi], 1« a niiin who ' wouUi compel the liepuhlieaii party of Cnllfor- ; niu, should it noinlimte him for Ooyeinor, to i begin explitinini.' In'i record. HIH I to rontOcie I the explanation nut il the polls loot c\n*eil on . election day. lie Is, tiersonuUy. iu\ affable am) : HKreeiit'Ie ^'eiilleuinu, mul one M)IO hits ivarni I and ilevoteii friends not only In his oivn por- ! of the Siale, but elsewhere, and yet he has • been charged openly uiiti di-frandfntr Iho-e io- ; ward whom he occupied relations ot eoutidenee. 1 and ha.< had suits brought against liini on lhiil issue, (.'an the Itepuliticaii party ,01'ord lo noin- I inate for Oovernor a man a«a:nsr whom stieii assertions have been luade, whether they be true, or false'.' * * • ' Il is true that Colonel .Markhnm carried ttte - the southern district for I 'onfrress, but it has , never explained satisiacUiriiy why he received ! a majority of only 5*1 in the district while his j -successor carried it by over riOOO. * * [ Our opponents, we may be sure, will nor he i slow lo lake ailvailtaj-'c of any mistake we tuny 1 make and are only hoping at tltl- time that we j may nominate a candidate for Ooveruor who is ! open to assault. It It the duty of the eonvi-n- 1 thin to disappoint them, uud with that end in i view it cannot be the proper thircr tor the eon ; veution to select Colonel Markhaul, since his ! nomination would force on the Itepublican , parly the assumption of a defensive uttitudc. majority." When he wrote those words he probably never contemplated that he would be acting the tyrant he describes himself four years later. Tin-, action of the Administration in refusing to make public the prices paid for silver is consistent with the past history of the Republican party on the silver i|iies(ion. ft lias never neglected tin opportunity to discredit sUvc 1 , and is determined that the present coinage law shall be of as iittle benefit as possible to the silver producers. THK recent .Stale election in Tennessee, hehl under the Australian system of ballot, was a terrible blow to the Republicans. They lust about i )0 per cent, id' the colored vote. The Republican vote form silent on this question sentence—il is l'eters' ass and none I along the railroads ami delaying trains, other. j ... .On September 4th Suuol will make Now, a few words in reference to the | an attempt to break the 2.08?., record of exaggerated statement contained in the second speech i»y the modern ass, as published in the last issue of the Oisr.m-H. That I might not possibly do him an injustice, in company with several of the good citizens, residents of Hopiand, I have also the sworn statement of two men referred to iu his Inst speech, who aided iu putting out the lire, which confirms ina measure the suspicion I had at | the time, that it. was l'eters' ass that set in Hamilton county in 1S8S (>,2< K 1 and the Democratic :i,il(;t"i. In this last election the Democrats in that, county elected their entire ticket for the first time since the war. didate, and managed his canvass so us to j visited the ruins of this great tiro and secure his nomination at the expense oi; have joined with them in a sworn state- every other consideration, are on record \ ntent of the acres burned over, and 1 as being in favor of dividing California. This in itself iser.ough to raise a disquieting doubt. The Convention was not ignore,!,! of the facts, for the subject of Slate division was discussed in all the hotel lobbies of Sacramento dunes the'it: this opinion I find is shared in by Convention. Nut a lew reputable Kepub-' many others who are familiar with the Iieans raised the question as one ot the ', antecedents oi this great Ass-iduous strong reasons why Colonel Markhaiu iiLrcni. should not be nominated. The eharac- j Hoes it not seem a little curious that he ter of Colonel Markhaiu's support and its j should be driven to lhe necessity of send- geographtos! solid.ty, taken in connecti m ! ing lo Sim Francisco to ibid even one with this question, gives a significance i man willing to say that he believed to the silence oi the platform regarding ; O'Neal's statement lo be correct? this important matter. Why in the plat-j In conclusion, I beg to reiterate my Vlie silence j former statement signed " Justice," and EDITORIAL NOTES. Post) is the man. RKPCM.ICAXS join with us in the enthusiasm. RETHESOIIMKST and reform are the Mo Bo.ssisM, no division m this Pond for the people and the State undivided. Tin: Harrison Administration inherited from the Cleveland regime and the iii'lioth Congress a budget giving fritfii, 000,000 of revenue, burdened with §29:1.000,000 of appropriations, showing a surplus of #92,000,000 for the year ending (lie :i0th of June; or setting aside the amount required by law for Hie sinking fund, a net surplus jf i't .'j,- (J78,S8.'i. Eor tho year ending dune 30th, 1890, Secretary Windom sets the income of the Go\ eminent at the same figures, $385,000,000; but in five months of caucus legislation iu the fifty-first Congress there has been rolled up in appropriation bills, either passed or reported, the enormous expenditure of £410,000,000, not taking into account private pension bills and such minor items. was would have hern unimportant bad oilier j declare il to be ful^linilialh/ correct in all V( i| ( . than Colonel Markliani been nominated, , its details. Hence I claim the, reward ot" hut. the nbscuce of a disclaimer, under j fill offered by O'Neal and placed in the 'he circumstances, presents a sinis-1 hands of Mr. T. .Maloney and hereby ter aspect. The people of this Slate, as a j notify him to hold same subject to my mass, are strongly opposed to Stale di- i order. vision, and will not tolerate any schein- l'AHSONS. ers working to Coat end, especially a new ; comer. If the Kepiihlican Convention ! STATIC OK OA 1.11'OKN 1 A,/ was opposed to Stale division, it ought to j C OCNTY OF M CNDOCINO. 1 have said so, and not left tho gates ajar| „ K - ''"rsons. Thos. S Parsons, II. , . , . . ,_ . . : I C. Huokmau, L. 0. I'aught and A. W. tor the introduction ot a Trojan horse m-1 u ., Wi Uoini , (hl , y HWorn , ent . n f „ r himself to the State Capitol, frankness on this j depo™.- and say that after the publication subject would have dispelled a serious \ by.). S. O'Neal oi an article in the Men- anil unpleasant suspicion. Republicans Have Short Memories. Ill : I docino I )ISI',VTCII- D I:.MOCUAT of the lath iiiHt. concerning a fire in Uilev Valley and its vicinity, they went on the llltii day of Augt'stJ ISilO", to the claim now owned bv the lVters Bros, of -<an Knin- :omilH".ltlIlg on the platform tdop 1 - ' eisco in said valley, and after a thorough ed bvthe recent Republican convention ! f. Iul <'«™''";.»',™s>'reiner.t and examina ' 1 i tion are satisfied that of the open range the All'i says : i owned by the l'eters Uros The platform is a smooth (low ing stream I than 30 or 40 .'litres were misrepresent-' ,Milt vpr V little fencing was burnt, not more burnt over, and Tho Republican Ticket. WE go the Republicans one bet- •; ter. Eorty-iive cents will bo the . limit of State taxation next year. MENPOCINO can be depended on 1 for iiGO majority for the next (iov-; crnor of California, and his name is : Edward 1J. Pond. I .survc Waterman cterk THE tariff', Governor and State division were matters too insignificant to deserve attention at the htiuda of the Republican Convention. Following" is the ticket as it stood when the convention finished its work: Ooveruor . .II. II. Markhaiu I.leuteuaul tjevernor ..James H. lieddick -sLi'iic.-o: eifin". Chief .lustlee. . W. It. lletuiy A-si».'i:itf Justice Kalptt C Uanlson Associate Justice .(,,'hai !es il. Oarroule Associate Justice (-lion term) J. J. lieHaven Secretary of Stale . K. (I. Waite Slate e'ontroller... K. I'. I'oJiiUli Stale Treasurer .J. K. Mcllouiild Attorney (ieueral . IV. II. 11. Hart ienera! .Theodore Keichurt of words, a uiixluie of ed history and opalescent fancies. The: Democratic party is charged with respon- 1 sibilitv lor "slavery, that curse so long I cherished and maintained by the Demo-' cratic party of the country." This is per- j tinent. The present Democratic party is • of course responsible for slaverv, which ' existed in the original colonies, Noiili '• and South. Seven-lentliH oi the men who: foivtht in the Hevohiii.ui were slave holders. Washington, Jefleisou, Madison, Monroe, Jackson and Zachary Taylor A ere slave holders. Of course, this was the fault of the Democratic party oi 18!)0. j The giandiather o; lhe President Jiurris- : on was a slave holder, and so was his and that of verv little value. A \V. DAW, W. K. VAUSONS, V, .-. lYiRSONs, 11. P. BOOKMAN, h. 0. l'ACOIlT. Subsi'ri'n'il and sworn to before i this 18!ii day of August, lS'.IO. Jos. A. KNOV, Notarv l'ubiic. f Supreme t.'olirl, i.. II. llrown Su[d. of Public instruction J. w. Anderson ' Colonel Markhaiu in nomination at Sac I-.MI.UOAI > losniissiosKits. ramento, said the gentleman had "satu n,M 1 ; ls,ri, ' ,1 u "'!"" 1 ; raid the soil of the Sou! I. with his blood/ Seeonrl District . . .Xo nomination THE STATE CONVENTION. The Democratic State Convention ] met- at San .Jose on Tuesday, the 19th iust. Hon. Byron F. Waters j of San Bernardino was elected j chairman. After the appointment of Committees on Platform and Resolutions, Permanent Organization and Order of Business, and Credentials, tho Convention adjourned until 10 o'clock, Wednesday. On ro-aseinbb'ug the reports of the committees were read, and with the exception of the clause in the order of business providing for the. indorsement of a candidate for United States Souator, were adopted. On motion of Hon. Stephen M. White that clause was stricken out. The platform, which space forbids us to publish in full this week, expresses in lintnistak-ible terms the Democratic position on all current issues. Tho Democratic pledge of tarilf reform is reaffirmed at tho outset, and the Force and McKinley bills are condemned in fitting terms. Speaker Reed and his high-handed subversion of constitutional rights and tho iimo-honorod privileges of the minority are reprobated with emphasis, The reckless extravagance and partisan excosaes of the national administration tiro visited with a denunciation as forcible as deserved. The false pretense that tho Democratic party is responsible for tho excessive, expenditures of tho present State Administration is shown up in its true colors, and a pledgo given that tho tax levy for all State purposes shall not exceed 45 conts on tho $100. Upon tho silvor question tho platform speaks with no uncertain tone, showing that now as in the past the Democratic party is tho truo friend of the white metal. Upon the questions THE prospect that General Bidwell, the Prohibition and American candidate for Governor, will poll several thousand votes is not relished by our Republican friends. THE Republicans of Nevada county arc reported as receiving the news of Markham's nomination with a coolness that, chilled the atmosphere until they felt as though the snows of last winter had not yet melted. Third District no.' Fine District second District Third District Fourth District First District Second District Third District Fourth District Fifth District Jixth Dlstriel. At«e At I.arKe • J. W. Retl an or retc.w.iZAnox. No nomination E. ('. Morehouse Daniel C'ole J. it. llell'rou STATE OK CALIFORNIA,/ C OUNTY OF L IKE. ( l.arkin Kelsey and D. IL Daly,of Lakeport, Lake county, California, being duly sworn, testify to the following facts: That on the'JOth day of July, 181)0, they were at lhe mountain ranch of Mrs. Kei, , , i sev, situated about It) miles southwest of more remote and respectable relations, j I . ukl , pol . t) in Mendocino county, and the swearing and drinking and lighting ; while out in the mountains hunting, on old Virginia gentleman who signed the ! or about the-lib, or day before, we dis- Declariitioi; of Independence, and was • covered fire about one mile distant, nnd amongst the campaign properties of the ; could plaintly see through the telescope liepuiilieBii parly in 1SS8. Therefore, of: on one of our rities Mr. J. O'Neal recourse, the Harrison lamily of IS90 is res- 1 turning to bis home from the direction of ponsibie for the curse of slavery I ! the tire. That, night, Mr. : came to Mrs. Kelsev's bouse "Judge" W. K. Fitzgerald, who placed ! , .' , , ci -" )in ' ,ltil I l ''™ ^ s . i winch was making headway m that 1 neighborhood. We then inquired what i time it was nnd be inlormed us it was I 1 o'clock (in the morning) wo told him | we believed be set the fire. He then . j asked us wlmi time of day wo saw him. I his stir-1 \y p ( 0 ]j him it was about. 0 o'clock in tho ring panegyric is worthy of note, because ; evening. Next morning about 0 o'clock Maud S. . . A swidieato is being formed i l lialtimore to buy up the coffee plantations of brazil.. .An editor nt Azusa. in tho Southern part of this Slate, was tarred and leathered for publishing an article retlecling on the principal of the public school A scheme is on foot, for connecting New York and Buenos Avers by railroad John ltuskin is dying in London.. .. A terrific hail storm destroyed a large number of vine-yards in Austria. S.uTiniAV, August lti.—Keturns from different places in .Nevada indicate an enormous loss of cuttle by the storms of lust winter. The railroad strike in New York, which it was thought was practically ended, has broken out afresh \n extensive prairie fire is raging in the vicinity of Teuipleton, this State .. ..Four persons were killed in a railroad wreck near Detroit A thunderstorm visited ICansiis City and did consideiable damage The probabilities are that hostilities will he resumed in Central America. Kmperor William is paying « visit lo the Russian Czar. SCNDAY, August17.—A boating party, of two youngjadies and two men was; drowned iu Crystal Springs Luke, near 1 | San Mateo lloavy showers of rain i visited Sonoma county.. . . I'inkerton do| tectives fire into a crowd of striking rail- 1 road men ot Albany, N". Y., and many: are wounded Masked men held up a ; Missouri Pacific train near Kansas City , and secured $!)0,00() from thee.xpresBcar. .. . .The census count is practically com- : pleted and makes the population of the United States about ti-1,000,000 . . . A cy-! clone in France did damage to the amount of IT) ,000,00j francs Tho ctiolera in) Spain and Arabia continues to decrease, j MONDAY, August 18.—Chinese hop- ; pickers are on a strike in the vicinity of j •Sacramento because the growers wanted | to employ some Indians also A whirl- i wind did much damage to bop fields in ! Sacramento Valley.... A light snow fell in Denver, the first of the season. He- ports from u large number of sections iu-; dicate a very short crop of peaches and apples iu the Eastern States as well as the Pacific coast Silver reached the highest price that it has been since April, 1S78 Crops are a total failure below Quebec and thousands of families are j preparing to leave for the Vnitcd States. , Davis Dalton, an American, swam the j English channel on his back in bonis. FrKNITCR!'., CAIJPKTS. DIJAPMIMKS, WALL PAPEK, OIL PAIiNTJNGS, JMCTriJK MOLDINGS, ARTISTS' MATERIALS, (TRIOS, ETC. All my (loods tiro of tho very LA'i'KtiT STVLKS, and of FIRST-CLASiS QUALITY. I wrr.r. fJOAKANTLK \ 1.11119! , id Good (ills aid Spare Dealing! To KvLiiVBODV. A lair itctl. Villi ilml I'.ril/iuiii.' Youi's for if I In; Pnb-lic Putniiui'jX' is solio- ;/)'/ .s'/oc/,'. ICagii! VERSOLE, Block, State St., UHX&H, CAL The Best Selected Stock of GENERA L MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to GOV CAL., Must be Cleared within Ninety Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY FOE GASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. and was now currying around or so oi rebel lead in his bod v. an ounce: ".Itid^e" Fitzgerald might have held the musket that discharged the ounce oi lead Colonel Altirkluim carries in his body, iiominutloii : .ludgeFit/.iicrald served in the Confederate 11Uu "' 11 "" 1 - scrambled across the tearch of office.— Aha. [linov, hut has Joseph Mrkelian ; ...Sonomhiulloii | l,lo,J,l . v ,:1,m "" .N 'U lliltllilllitlOU No ticiiiiiiHtioti W. W. Morrow .J. C. ('uiil|ilu'll i lure,' is of vital importance at this junc- suys the Omaha lire, the most Population of Counties. The schedules received from enumerators and forwarded to Washington warrant the Supervisor of Census for this district in making the followine;estimates I a VPI '. V AT the Democratic Convention to nominate a Congressman from the j of population in the counties of the Twelfth District of Missouri 521 I northern portion of California: ballots wore had before a noinimi- 1 nmt tion Yvas made prominent Republican newspaper in Xo- j braska, "that Congress should lie clearly '. advised as to the. wishes of the farmers: respecting the tariff, and we are entirely confident that (lie Republican convention i would have correctly stated the desire of: large majority of the farmers of j we returned to the house of Mrs. Kelsey. We then started lo Lakeport and while on our way we met .Mr. J. O'Neal. While wo were passing his bouse he came and asked us to help him fire the ground around his houso so as the main lire could not possibly reach his building. We did so. We do not believe the fire iu the whole covered over f> acres. LA 11 KIN KF.l.SKY, I). B. DALY. Subscribed and sworn to before this 18th day oi August, LSiX). W. L. ANDERSON, County Clerk Bv 1!. L. A.VOKHSON, Deputy Clerk. T I-BSIIAY , August li).—Four convicts • escaped from Folsom Suite I'rison by tun-: walls Santa Ana voted $00,000 water bonds: the city will 1 build and operate its own water works. ; ... .New Yorkers will bitterly oppose the | removal of General (irant's remains from ' J. "o 'Neiii i t '" lt- ,; ' tv '° Washington. ... Fifteen per- ; and asked i sons were killed and thirty-three injured in a railroad wreck near Boston \ cy- : clone struck Wilkeslmrre, l'a., and many j persons were killed ; great damage was done to property . . The World's Fair • Committee has as yet been unable to : agree upon a site A ease of genuine j Asiatic cholera has appeared in London ; and the people are greatly alarmed. me EDUCATIONAL NOTES. The Twelfth Dis-i •• I lift Sotl-.' . trict is composed of tho counties of > !i m ,u„,',,u the southwestern portion of the) C1I L i l .USSCIl ... ntatc. j M ,,„,|,, L .|, 10 CONGRESSMAN MOKKOW anything ! but enjoys the doubtful compliment.; riumus paid him by the late Iiepublican ; Teni State Convention in nominating him for an ofiicio thai does not exist i —CongroHsman-at-Liugo. Perhaps j I7,S0'-> it ,'V7-J . r..'iir.» •A toe 7,lt)l I,l5l .i;,.i:iti •i.oiti i.'ju; simstii . Sicntt . . Siski.MMl SillllIIH Soul,inn Sutter Tcllnliiu Tfiiiity . Yolo Yuba .12,2(16 ..•1,8*2 .12,1-10 20. IK! .ta'.Wl .r.,4T0 '.I.'.IMI . :i,»:i2 Nebraska if it had made an iuii]imlllied demand ior free sugar, lumber, wool,- woollen goods, salt, coal and iron, with porhaps other goods in common use." Col. Markham'3 Popularity. As an evidence of Colonel Markham's Governor Waterman can some consolation. offer him j popularity In his home, the Kepiihlican j The value of the red tape system as | ! practiced in the Federal Pension and] '. other Departments may be inferred from | : the ioliovving—vouched for by a writer in 12/ ; :t7 I the Open Court, of recent, date: r.Mfiii: ,\ short lime ago 1 read a story of the 2-n 'ivi ' ,,,K wur - '"' f ' '-"f'len of it was that, if a soldier had been brave and loyal, he could I also he depeitdod up..n to he Itcnest-. 1 happened to rend the story while under the same roof with tin old soldier whe WHS at tho time a Judge on the bench. He had served faithfully while in the The Bilenee of the i papers are publishing a paragraph to the : nrm.v; he was brave and he. no doubt, J , „ , - 1UJ , , ' i I ,,i .. -non ' (iesei'ved the honorable discharge he re- j effect that m 1KM he carried "by ,000 ; anf , V(H „., lUe ,, e H „ Um 1)elu . h Henublienn ' ' n!1 i uri, >' 1 " (llHtri<:t ""«• usimlly gayel'700 : )„• applied for a pension .„, the ground ' j Lieinocratic majority, against such a pop-: of incurable disease. While those papers platform on tho question of State ( u]|tr vomi „ liomocnit as H . F .Del Valle." i wt ' ,e heing investigated and one doctor — - - - • ' : w -as exattiiniiig him for liiH pension, he j also applied and was examined for life in- In 1SS-J the i surance as a perfectly Rottnil man and healthy risk, ami hi: yul bulk. division is significant. When did it cease to be an issue? One year ago Markhnm and every newspaper that. The statement is untrue iu all of its (.arts, says tho San Franeiseo .!/(«. The Sixth District voted tin such for the ! supported him for tho nomination, j l'"* 1 t! '" e > iln ' 1 WIIH therefore never with the exception of tho San Friuj- j >>>»II.V L'emocrntic by 27u0 or any otli 101- ciseo Call, were howling for di\is-i ion. ! majority. It comprises all the counties Pension a^eiils in the old soldiers. The\ Washington love are so fund oi vet- There were forty-six graduates Irom Lehigh university, Bethlehem, Pa., recently. The graduntes wore tun orthodox cap und gown. Nearly thirteen thousand volumes have already been offered to the university ot Toronto to replace the library recently destroyed by (Ire. The Methodist Episcopal church has decided to build u college at Kansas city, and has acquired property worth 11,000,000 ior the purpose. Ninety-tour American college* received In gifts during 1889 the «reut sum ot S3,CiJl,579, and the total of their preseut endowments is i&l,7i)S,449. At the fifty-fourth aunuul commencement of Franklin and Marshal) college, Lancaster, Pa., June 19, twenty-three graduates received diplomas.. For the first timo since its foundation a Jew, Prof elisor Julius Bernstein, hau been elected rector mugirtftcus of the Halle university. Up to within a iiompurutively short time no Jew was permitted even to teach there. It is a sign of thestandiuK of the graduates of the Harvard annex that the tench- era of Greek and Latin in three representative schools for youug women In Cambridge, Baltimore &ud K«w York aro fruits of its training. Noljody Wants It. ; Tho Republicans are having a hard | lime to find a man to take tho nomination | (or Congressman from tho first district, j Following are the proceedings of the j District Convention at Sacramento: j .S,\c:itAMKst'o, August 1-1—The first j Congressional District Convention found ! itself in un embarrassing position when it j met iu the afternoon. Frank Coombs was the Chairman and J. C. Hulloway mid John S. Enos, both of Sonoma, were the nominees. Holloway said he was an aspirant. Knot) tnndo a speech eulogizing himself' but denying that ho had congressional aspirations. He said ho thought it advisable that tho nomination bo given to Halloway, but did not withdraw his own name. Sovernl delegates inquired if KIIOH withdrew. Coombs said ho was in . doubt, but presumed not, as the with -1 drawal if there wus one, was very indefi- j nite. TUB Kansas corn crop has been greatly damaged by bad weather, aud will not reach 30 per cent of the uwerngo yield. From tho pros- cnt outlook, thero will be great suffering in Kansas next winter for want of fuel. The farmers thorp are too poor to buy coal or wood, of tho old Fourth District except Simla i erans that thev have almost swamped j . T1 '°/<»•"»"« ot Cooper union, founded „ , ,„ t., • , •, . I'II • i , , Peter Cooper iu New York city, was Cruz, banla Clara, Slamslaus, Merceu and I lbs pension olhce with business hi their • $47,280 i u igsy, und the oipeuditure tl 000 .Mariposa, Ir, IK84lhe Hepuhheau else- j efforts to gut at tho surplus. The disitbil-! h«s. Thero were 700 pupilB iu tfce scientific tors received a plurality of J;!',:! in the I Ity net became 11 law June 27th, 1880,1 doijartments und »00 In the art ci«sses,.all find for years past corn has been a of irrigation and the improvement j staple article of fuel, of the navigable watorwuyH of tho BUto the platform 1B clear nntl era phatio, being affirniattvnly in favor of both. It declares in favor of the Auftta'aliau ba ( "ot system, and op- potes all sohernen having for their obJMt.ihe division of the State, JSrery other m»tt«r of public iutsj?- Sixth District. Colonel Minkhiun's pin- 1 and from that date to tho present, the | m ^ Iuet ' 0Ufr,!e ' , . . 1 . n- 1 -11, 1 ' the first tune since Harvard college ridily was exactly 4t)l), showing that ho | pouslnn 0OV0 has received and acknowl-, wus ( omi d t . a tho quinquennial record of Its ran nearly 1010 votes behind his llckot. j edged i.W,000 applicants for pensions, j alumni Is Issued in English Instead of In Los Angeles, bis own comity, he snf- I The nclivitv of claim agents in Washing- j Latin. During its 'JM years of existence fered lhe greales, loss. Blaine received j ton, sending matter throng!, the mails to j^ofw^^^ .'ioiXi votes against liiS.S tor Cleveland, 111 pensioneis, and to those who are entitled . (s,oa7) ure still living. plurality ot i)Li; w'tiereas .Markliani re- j to pensions, urging them to ntalco npnli- 1 The Income of the Uulverulty ot Oxford <-el veil Ml" against .IKfiO (or Del Valle, a 1 cations under the disability law, incretis-! In 1880 was *:i3l,ooo. The university police plurality of only bH7. To be exact he ran ed the rc.ipts of the W i »«ton Cl.y \ ^^^Vt ^o^ The 1(4-1 votes bebind his licket lutho district, j postollu'i) tbirty-lliree per cent for ttie j university press is very pvofltublp, »7B,0OI) . and 3:'<i behind lu ids own county. If: i |iiarter ending JtuieSUth. One pension i having hiien turned over to the university IN view of tho fact that the South- \ thit* 1* an evidence- of exiraoidiniiry pop- j agent Invested five thousand dollars iu ! '" ,88B ' ' nlaritv w« fall to one It. The local senli-1 two cent stamps nt, one purebase, and j The trustees of Cornell university have * h. r-<« Angeles, S ( „, Diego and Sun ! another agent. who publishes a weekly , S^*^ X» ' lusteud of four years. Atth««nd of that period the ecliolorshlps will be given for the remaining two years of y>e course to the students who have done the heat uver- age work during the first (wo yean, The Enos snt still and never said a word. His friends shouted for roll-eall and Enus was selected by a vote of 73 to 14. Halloway made il unanimous and then Knos got up, thanked the convention nnd positively doelined the nomination. One delegate indignantly wanted to know what in bell KIIOH meant by monkeying, and moved that Htdloway '.i nomination j be made by acclamation. The motion j was carried, or would have been if Hal- ] loway had not peremptorily declined to j accept under any circumstances. j Tho convention adjourned lo find j another candidate. On reasembling after adjournment the THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The (Jrealesl Machine Ever Invented! ti /.tttfxt ami JV»;/Vcf\ Speed, efli»r of t.Di •< (f. ("M, fHTmttitCiit alitjiiiucni und did- (ildli ji <f ppt'ciultii. POWERFUL .V!AN'.FOLOER. ^ •tiffi'ia t ' 10 °' canc| l by a brush do vie J ia 10 seconds withnut aailins Write (or dttucti^tive uuttvioguu and jiriooR to Li:0. K ALEXANDER ,1 CO., llcnciiil Agents. 1 2IH Sroisetne Street. San l.'ranclsi'o, Blue Lakes, SMILE VEEIJISK, IANON, Lake County, Cal. PBOPKIBTOE. TilS PZSST HOTEL COMING TZIOM UKIAIJ. I'MMKlt liKSi . "Ill lives. I.11 11.1 (i»biMtr. Kirst-olni no pluix- c.pial 1,1 • I..- TriuiK.a." VJiW A.M> FI'I.KXPm IT t<tr oi n i-urk ot rciuttt- . , , . ,• • ,• ,. 1 Uoiilinc. linllJni.' noun body 01 the convention lotintl itselt \ Uiv.n: 1 in tho siiiun position ns before. W. W. I Kellogg and Kd Sweeney both declined j and the convention finally had to adjourn | to August 23d in San Francisco. Kuch \ member was constituted a com mitten of one to ennvns his territory lor a candidate. >N' THK SltOIlK OK 1UUB I.AKKS, IN l'U|f of N'- 'vmiiielKriiiuiil*. sMitiBs, luiiiuiiiicks, e't'e, ^ 'i'i»c -stiiiiiHi- parly l"'ii funking. JDHT'CU enjoy Addas.. I.''to Colllltv. I'al. VEROIER, llcrlliii 1'. o. orn StatBH show the largest gniiiH in population tho past ter. years, thoru is not muoh likolihood that the Ite- publicao Cor»{jress will hurry through tho re-apportionment bill. M\ the tieorcase is found in Repnl)- Bernnrdlno, which is understood to be largely in favor of Klate. division, may he Buflicl'eut tn raise Colonel Murkhuin'fl vote to tho projiortions of the rest of the ticket, but the MI mo causes m«y operate to decrease it olsowberp. paper, sent I.OOO.IJOI) copies of one IHDUO cdtit.iining urgent appeals for applications, it. is. Raid thai the income. 01' another iigent, from fees, ranges; irom $1701) to 42700 a day.— Vkkuyo Timet. schotarsuipu M» worth 1300 a y**r, An Sxhibit for the World's Fair. The monster redwood troo which will he placed on exhibition at tho World's Kair bus arrived in this city from i'lncer- ville. Three lint cars wore neeessaiy to haul the (red, which iveighs about 70,000 pounds. I'rior to being shipped to Chicago tho tree will be placed on exhibition at lhe Mechanic's l^nir. The section oi the Ireo was cut from n giant (112 feet in height. The piece of wood consists of sixteen seilinnii nnd when completed will form .1 sort oi hull, capable of accotn- uiodating 100 people .'50 electric lights will serve io illuminate the true inside and out,— 8. I'. Sxaminer. pISO 'K UHMMOV FOTt O VTA RlilL—Heat, Kasiout to use. Clioapeiit. Uehol'is immediate. A euro is turn, hor CoLI iu tho Head it huu no equal. THE" MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! The Leading Newspaper m Menodocino County, Cal. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, . - «2.50 PER YEAR.

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