The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 4
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tmxm* LOCAL NEWS OF THE VV^EEK IN MALVERN ton* frtendi *ffl aittffeetatt hftttoi ttrMr *tttti mention** tt FndTJS fuv* Mfs. £«Tma Fletcher and Jane Lorraine went to Council Slats ta«t Thursday etentog *fc«#e Jane, who is ft student of Bsftk** School of Piano, stayed te ft fvettal. Preceding the feeftal *a*e and Carolyn Cook aad Sar- btf* Workman oi ofenwoed were featured in a radio broadcast tfom Kick la the Broadway th*- ater. Harrey B. Dolph came In from Newton last Friday and stayed ore* Sunday looking after Ms farming interests in this county a«d visiting his brother, J. W. Dolph, and sisters, Mrs. 8. 'S. Summers, Mrs. C. F. Davis, and Mrs. Eva Dnrhin. Mr. and Mrs. (3. F. Davis returned with him as fat as Des Molnes where they are •pending the week. Rubber Footwear, High Grade Etpert Hall. Shoe Repairing. — Fred adv. R. L. Hale was on the Omaha market last week with a couple of good bunches of fat cattle from his feed yards northwest of town. The first lot sold for close to the top, 16.60, but the others Bold a day later, brought but $6. Too much spread for one day on the same class of cattle. R. N. Albertson was In town Saturday greeting some of his old time Malvern friends. Mr. Albert•on was formerly in the drug business in Maivern where Steve Clem Is now located but has been < away a good many years. He was' in business in Long Beach, Calif. When the big earthquake came It shook their property pretty well to pieces so they moved back to Iowa and are now located at Sidney. He was enroute home from & business trip to Des Molnes. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dolph from north of Strahan were In town Saturday afternoon. _____ MPRES [THEATER MALVtRN. IOWA SATURDAY ' • mob. a Mid 8 .Bruce Oabott and Betty Furnace In MIDSHIPMAN JACK good two reel comedy, lOc and S5c Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riggins were guest* Sunday in the home of Ron. Elisha starbnck near Olenwood. at Randolph Feb. 2. Ladles free. adv. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nagel returned last Wednesday from a three weeks visit with relatives in Kansas City, Mai-shall, and other places in that vicinity, which was their former home They report fine trip and a good visit. Miss Bernlce Wilson came in from Lincoln, Nebr. Saturday. She has been taking advanced work in the State tlhiversity and this is the end of the semester. She may not return next semester. Mayo Bass was In Saturday and was telling us his experience in marketing. He sent two veal calves to the Omaha market last week and they kept them over one day before selling. They sent htm a bill for 68c tor corn along with his remittance. As they had never been up to eating corn be- Mri. C. O. ftfcltoft of tfte Ladies' Appatet Slop of 8fre«a*«fl*n nas fnst tetmn&ed troifi a spring fraying trip In New Yott City. While there »ne also attended tie tanrf-anriiftai contention oi the National Retail Dry Ocwds asto- cfstKm at which General Hngh S. Johnson, NRA admiirtstfatef, was one of the principal speakers. One of the largest crowds of the year attended the big closing out sale of the B. B. Kline estate last Thursday and 88 a Mile everything totd well. The horses and implements seemed to he in especially good demand. One team sold for $285. the oats in the bin brought 40 and 41 cents pet bushel and other things sold proportionately well. Edward Wear In has been a vefy sick young man the past ten days with an attack of pneumonia. Two nurses are in attendance and on last Thursday evening Dr. John Allen of Omaha was called in consultation With Dr. i. U. Parsons on the case. The crisis t was passed Sunday morning and j Mr. and Mr*, R. ft. Henderson, jantes and Jtafy were CoirtcB Staffs tisttots Sstntday. Mr. aM ms. B. B. MeFatl atd Clyde jee*«m aftd ton, iWnatd, Were in Sheiiandoah Friday. Madeline Shapwrtt retatrted fhtrirday ffom a several weeks visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. t. f. Shapcott, neaf Bffi- erson. Guests at the 0. M. Nelson home Saturday evening wefre Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanger and two children, Mr. and M>s. W. H. Maddocks, Fern, Ralph, Edna, and Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. Cnas. Wilhelm, Florence, -DOto* thy, and Buddy. Roy Scott from neat Henderson has been spending a week at the home of his sister, Mrs. Dale Hunt. Mat Sell has recently recover* ed from ait attack of the mumps and his brothers, Nathan and Calvin, and sisters, Jessie and Carol, since then he seems to be itnprov-1 are all confined to their home ing slowly but well with every indication now of complete r'ecov- ery. John Hasselqulst Is reported quite seriously ill at his home southeast of Malvern with little or no improvement the past few days. fore, he thought they must have) M rs> ghlrley Oreenlee of Paci- learned pretty fast after they got there to eat that much corn at one feed. New Spring Styles Arriving t —• Smart Coats, Dresses, Hats, and Accessories, personally selected in the New York market. — Ladies Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv. Ernest Irwln from southwest of Bmerson was In town Saturday and made us a pleasant visit. Mr. rwlii is quite a specialist In ex-i libittng grains and farm products and he says he is at work now on a special piece for the coming year. When he gets the corn section of it completed he has promised to bring it in to exhibit In our window. W. S. Wortman and son, Reed, from south of Hastings were in town Saturday. - O. C. Cole of East Deer Creek was in town Saturday attending the sale. John Taylor and Willis Patrick of Emerson were in Malvern Saturday afternoon attending the sate. L. B. Sell from over Qlenwood way was in town Saturday afternoon and called to advance his subscription to The Leader. Harold Peterson from east of Strahan was in town Saturday afternoon. E, O. Wederqvist, Strahan lumber, ' hardware, and grain dealer, was in Malvern Saturday attending the sale. January Clearance Sale—Coats, Dresses and Hats at big price savings. — Ladies Apparel Shop, fie Junction visited over night Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Gray. Clpnrnnco Sale of Cents — "Redfern," "Conde" and other fine makes, sizes 12 to 60. — Ladles Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv. C. E. Lakin of Emerson was in town Saturday greeting old friends and attending the sale. The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Hicks and daughters, Alice Marilyn and Emily Jean, of Logan spent Tuesday with their numerous Malvern friends. Rev. and Mrs. L. R. Bobbltt, Rev. Roy E. Gugeler, Mr. and Mrs, W. E. Kerns, and W. P. Wortman drove to Glenwood Friday evening where they attended the "Church Loyalty" meeting held at the Congregational church, It is an interdenominational movement with object of enlisting more of the church membership of the various churches in more active work in and for their church. A great many towns over this section have endorsed the movement and are putting on a seven weeks campaign preceding Easter to bring the church membership into closer fellowship and better working order. Make Old Shoes Like New with our expert shoe repairing.— Fred Hall. Shenandoah. adv. Miss Ida Ireland went to the Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs Wednesday for a few days treatment, W. A. Cape from north of Emerson was in town Saturday and stopped for a brief visit with The Leader man. Miss Marian Olsen of Polk, Nebr. and Herman Edlund of Marquette, Nebr. were visitors Sunday in the home of the latter's uncle, E. B. Edlund, Mr, and Mrs, Jimmie Pearson and Mr, and Mrs. Dick Klaal of Shenandoah and Dick Pearson of Kansas were dinner guests in the Edgar Perdew drove to Council Bluffs Sunday morning and brought Mrs. Perdew and the new son, Kenneth Dean, who was born Jan. 19, home from the Edmundson hospital. AU are getting along fine. This makes a quartet of sons in the Perdew household. THE BIO PARADE OF COMICS—Bigger, Better, and more comics in tbe Sunday Bee-News than ever before. Now, 16 pages of comics instead of 12. The Sunday Bee-News. 26tf. George Hilton bad a letter from bis folks in Chicago Sunday that contained some new pictures of Harry and Georgia Marie. They are attending the Senn high school in northwest Chicago and Harry is a member of the big and Guy Kibby Plays here ahead of Omaha. Added attraction, Eddie Piston Band, WEDNESDAY ONLY Charles Fttrrel Wynne Gibson In AGGIE APPLEBY, MAKER OF MEN Shorts, So uu4 10c. are moving this week into the house recently vacated by Mr. and For Week Ending Feburary 7 Green Cut String Beans m j. Tomatoes man Corn Milton Knight home north of ilvern Sunday, J. R, McClymond and Mrs. L. Miller drove to Norwalk Wednesday of last week where Mrs. Miller will visit her sister. She will also vjslt her son, Dr, Wm. Miller, and family in Des Molnes before she returns home. Mr. and Mrs. M. A- Summers and daughter, Jean, west to Emerson Friday afternoon and spent a tew hours visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mackey adv. with them now. Mrs. Winnie Moore of Olen- wood and her daughter, Mrs. 0. W. Brower, of near there spent Saturday afternoon with the former's sister, Mrs. Daisy Rimel. Those of our young people who attended the Epworth League Institute held in dlenwood Saturday enjoyed the program and felt that it was a very profitable meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Du Val and Alan were supper guests Thursday evening at the home of his brother, Harry Du Val, near Malvern and helped his brother celebrate his birthday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maddocks, of Silver City drove to Missouri Valley Friday to visit in the Clarence Maddocks home. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clay and four daughters made a trip to Shenandoah Saturday. The Ladies' Aid Society is to hold an all day meeting Wednesday, Feb. 7, at the R. K. Henderson home, with a pot luck dinner at the noon hour. All ladies who can go will be welcome. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Warren of Oreeley, Colo, spent last Wednesday^ here with her cousin, Frank Du Val, and wife. They were going from here to spend some time in Florida. W. H. Maddocks and son, Ralph, .drove to Mlllard, Nebr, Saturday to attend a cattle sale. They report it a good sale with small calves bringing $40 each. Mr*, and Mrs. W. H, Nagle, Carol and Charles were Red Oak visitors one day last week at the home of her sister, Mrs. F, Boggess. The ladles of the Aid Society were well pleased with the returns from the lunch served at tbe Dewey Van Orsdel sale and appreciate help rendered in any way. They took in ¥38.72 and cleared $27.70. Mrs. Fred Sell received the sad news last week of the death of her sister, Mrs. Hazel Owens, in a Council Bluffs hospital follow* ing an operation for appendicitis. The Owens family live near tbe Mount Hope church several miles north of Silver City, Mr. and Mrs. W, H, Nagle and children were dinner guests in Maivera Sunday of her sisters, Fanny and Sadie Clark. ffcdte who #m M tfre cnVrch MgM irtpfet **« pfofrtn* feftfrt it good time. Fe&, 18 wft shaft i* M &fil*- date and pftt on ft program for them, fh* comitfttee to ftttftftg* tof the ptogfafit fs Mrs. DTir Vai, Mrs. Ruse, and Mrs. Haddocks. Come to charcTi ftett Stntday at 16. ¥he chufeh tches! win fol^ low at 11. All afe wifcette. Big Crowds Attend Malvern Sale* One of the largest crowds of the season was in attendance at the sale at the Maivern dale barn last Saturday and there seemed to be a good demand for evefy^ thing sold. Sate begun at 1 o'clock and did not finish until after 6, and the crowd stayed. Callff's horses seemed to be in especially good demand and one extra good team sold for $286. Mr, Callff will be here with a*full County Mf». Cattef Rettrftu £^,^^t rfora 1.1. W. eafts? ttftnfn*a Friday tM& Caiifofntt whefre the has been visiting for *onte time with he* ««, CTatentfe, Aftd danghtef, Matgafet. She irent otrt about Christmas time. Jetifcie Jackson And Ernest William. WtJ Miss Jennie Jackson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R, 0. Jackson, And Ernest Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, both of Qlenwood, were married Friday, Jan. 26, at Attdttbon, ROT. Mr. Nickels, brother-in-law at the groom, officiating. they will make their , hoitte car load of horses next Saturday after March 1 on their farm near for this sate. i Bartlett. The Baptist Church attendance at Sunday school was splendid last Sunday but enough left who were of an age to attend church to have doubled the morning worship. How much these would have been helped and how much they would have helped those who were at church. Sunday morning the pastor will finish the sermon which he partly preached last Sunday on "Where is God?" or "The Omnipresence of God." Evening service at 7, till 8 o'clock. The Mission Circle meets Fri* day at 2:30 with Mrs. Chambers. The W. C. T. U. meets with Mrs. J. O. Laird Wednesday at 2:30. "The wets say the U. 8. treasury would profit by five hundred million annually from beer. That' means we would have to drink five billions' worth." Mr. White was pleased with the help and cooperation of the young people at the morning service. Presbyterian Church Henry Dale White, Minister Sunday school at 10. Morning worship at 11, Theme, '.'How th» BouVBf is Satisfied." < ,The congregation was delighted on Sabbath last with Miss Josephine Conboy's rendition of 'My Redeemer," by Dudley Buck. R.Q.T.C. high school b«nd. There are about 76 pieces }n the band and Harry has been chosen cornet soloist out of a bunch of 17 who play cornet, He was listed as soloist in a recent open program. Alan Duval, Max Dashner, Dale Morford, Kattterlna Anderson and the Rev, R, E. Qugeler representing the Malvern Epworth League attended the Mid»Winter Epworth League Institute for Methodist young people held in Glenwood Saturday. Greatly Reducefl Prices on all solid leather shoes. — Fred Hall. a<Jv. Joe Morse of Hastings' wag in town yesterday and called to advance the subscription of The Leader for bis mother, Mrs, p. B,. Morse. Edward Calitt was so we! pleased with the reception corded him at bis horse sale last Saturday that he 1» coming again next Saturday with a full car lemc of horses to sell at the sale See their ad in this issue. B. W. Saiyers had business }u Omaha Tuesday W, Q. Zanders is aoaouucing a closing out {arm, sale be *'U hold at bis farm Berth, of Present ; on Church Night There were more than 4ft people present to enjoy the church night supper and program Friday evening, We were, sorry that the pastor, Rev, Barnes, was not well enough to come and give hi| address as planned. Supt. Mitchell of the Silver City school came, however, aad gave ft talk, which was much enjoyed, by aU, His subject was "Mirrors of I4fe." A mixed quartet sang one number preceding tbe address by * Supt, Mitchell. vern on Tuewlay, Fob, 18- Watch Adams Family Enjoy a Reunion A group of about twenty people enjoyed a reunion BUftday at liome of and Mrs, U 0, Adams }a bgaor at Mrs, MUo 44- of near Dallas, go, Dftk. She beei called to KeUerton coypje o{ weeks 940 by tbe death oi her fftther, Mr. Those enjpyllng ttoe Methodist Eplseojml Church Roy B. Gttgeler, Pastor There was an increase in attendance at all the services last Sunday. U is true there was room for improvement and there is still a chance for a great deal of e* pension. These services furnish you opportunity to be with people who are striving to walk in the Christian way of life. They furnish an opportunity to make a conscious contact with Qod. Our life is unnecessarily made poorer when we neglect our church attendance. The W. F. M. S. will meet with Mrs, B. E. Bayes Friday, Feb. 2 at 2:80 p. m. Mrs. Fred* Durbin has charge of the program. Services next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and worship at 11 a, m. Vesper service at 6 p. m,; and the young people's meeting from 9:30 to S p, m. The sermon subject in the . The Men's Organized Conversa tional Bible class will for a time discuss the subject "The Bible on Money Questions." Aaotner otdet ca»* tfr* i»ift week fc**e»i tM JHM 6* It* cwx *•<**«*§ ft *tm« mm? to 16 fecttrt per w**t. Aft Mrt tfcft five most largely p*frtMteiS ties coats under tntt of del. S*alfft« P«t>. ffce dait tot tfc* fcidsf 'of tfce sealing for *W«tftin«lrt loans is feet to etose l»ft!>. II, fitit as art sealing and ftlift* atst %e first approved, Vb6 Waling closes eaHiet t&afi that, fft Ke- htaska tbe final date fof sealing is set at t*et>. 18, and Ink tttie may obtain oete. At any rate if you ate flinfing on sealing youf Cora, and there are tots yet WBO bate not, you would better attend to it as early as possible so as to be In on time. Marriage Ueettt«a Since our last report the following persons hate been licensed to wed in Mills County. Jan. 22: Albion Ellis, 21, Council Bluffs, and Helen Lewis, 18, Council Bluffs. They were married the same day by* Rev, E. B. Goodrich. Jan. 26: Thomas Hoden, 21, Council Bluffs, and Maureen Thomas, IS, Council Bluffs. They were married the same day by Rev. E. S. Goodrich. Jan. 29: Clayton Hall, 21, Council Bluffs, and Vera Mathews, 18, Council Bluffs. Jan. 30! Randal E. Relnert, 29, Council Bluffs, and Helen Niemoller, 20, Olenwood. Baby Chicks Leave Orders for Chicks Now. Reasonably Priced. ' We carry a full line of FEEDS Cod Liver and Sardine' Oil. Also Farm Seeds. Malvera Public Sale of Horses & Cattle I will offer at public sale at my home on the old Pat KJlmartin farm 6Vi milei southwest of Malvern and 5^ mijep northeast of Tabor on . , Commencing at eleven o'clock • 66 Head of Horses and Cattle as foliows * 3 r -~ ~ ,~ ' -v* „ - - ^ • . *.i > * ; ** A*n' ,^,7??.^* • _ Team geldingB, bay and black, 8 and 9 year* old, wt. ,„ JS8QO Team,, row?i» and horse, brown and black, i year* old, wt 2800 Black mare, 7 years old, wi •-••-•* ^^lf' aides the. &bave najnjtg ware; Mr. Mrs* JoAn MiQkftUflB oi L*« M,UMI DotftlhjF Ad^o^v 41 ; HP, and ssm- R« D. Adsw» ana KiHb Qt- Mr. »»4 Mn» ~ i«4 MM* ** " H*vSil» Kttoft werui.1- ol tfe» Q, 0. M, « U*i W#daB«jl*)f §»rV*l. iUftuJU. S»BHi*-P | !lUIPI.M- D?ar4o YOVB RICHIM*U m

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