The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JULY 9,1948 BT.YTHEVtLI.E (ARK.)' COURIER NK\VS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE EUTVEN i GAD, 3 Wife .'THIS ?W4CH YOU'RE KEEReCT.AMOS.' BIG JUICY ST6AKS ARfc AS AS SHYSTeRS ^ ' THEY'RE FLOOOIK1G THE. PAINT ON5 -FIRST Ti He " 6E6H gliSV WHY, THE BULL Of- TH' WOODS DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE VOU ARE NOW O8S6.RVIKJ A GREAT HANDLER OF MEN AMP AN AMATEUR.' TH' 8UL.L LET& MOU THINK HE'S A STUPID GENIUS AM 1 IT'S MO FUN FOOLIN' HIM-*TH' OTHER GUV'LL BE IM HOSPITALS KE&ULAR.' )L)R. _^-X 'RESUM6 BAC- BttF STH6 ORDER. 7 OF WC DAY/ «/- CRAP GAME COIN' ON UNPER HIS NOSE. BUT A CLUB F LUSH / THUMBS .ATA HARP ARTHrN ULED: WO PAlh-iT Notice •* Gruillnr «' Liquor Permit Notice in hereby given Hint the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has Issued a permit,' No. 20S to Armorel P"llK Co. to sell and dispense vinous or sulrit- nou« liquors for beverage it retail on the premise* described as Armorel. Ark. Tl>ij permit, issued on the 1st day of July, 1943 and expires on the 30 day of June 1949. Armnie! Thus Co. By B. S. Burnley, Mgr. 7 J-9 jj WARNING In the Chancery Court, Chicl(u- sawba District, Mi-ssisslppi County, Arkfin.sM. Mabel Winkle, PU. vs. No. 10,510 In Winkle, Dft. The defendant. Ir» Winkle, h hereby warned to appear within thirty flays in the court named in th« caption hereof »nd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Mabi'l Winkle. D»terl this 7 day of July, IMS. HARVEY" MORIUS. Clerk By Betty Ball. D.C. Cl Coopei. ally, lor pU. Ed B. Cook, atty fttt liteni. Reid Courier News Want Ads. f ! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209'4 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 1172 Blytheville, Ark. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 THE ! ; CURTAIN SHOP j i Mr». N. J. Humphrey • ! Phone 815 108 So. First \ Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Political Announcements The Courier News has teen authorized to announce Ihe following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 27 and August 10 COUNTY TREASURER Prank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert 'V. Shippcn fcTATF, REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Autry H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dtikle" Speck For County Jnrlgc Poland Green Fielder Pecry For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABIE (Chlskasawaha Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Undscy Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! J You Are Cordially i ! Invited to Visit I The | Accessory Shop i Feminine Apparel i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte ', Hotel Noble BMj. J Bl.vtheville, Ark. Bitter Reprise C^i^JH, mi, Cfcw1»i M, Hu«; CMt.rb-Ird U NFA SFUVICF INC Tin: STOHYi "Now don't propoit to h«r lonljht! I said y*> to your ftthtr on i bttutiful July night Ilk* thli. tnd h. wg. ii handiom* « ( youl" FKECklJCg A HIS FRIENDS (HMX! Mixw MERJULL BUMtEl LET cue Of THESE PRUNeS , TR.Y £> STOP ME I'LL TAKE THC our oe HIM / LOYAL APPROVED ORDER Of JOLLY PRUNES swered, she said Quietly, smiling, "Won't you mix me a drink, Marcus, please?" "Certainly. I'm sorry I dklu'l suggest it." Sin ling get up and went to the bar. Mirliirn s[)oke HtlSCll.LA'S POP Mr MiNuttf and I thought perhjps \vu coufd st;yyesc sennet/ling-.. Soniedmes u Citin Is Handy By MICHAEL O'MAIXEY and RALPH LANS SO SHF WE-NT .'--WEIL, 3ALLANTREE, YOU CflN START SAYIMG PRAYSRS. was too busy to look behmd him. That was a break for me HEARD VOICES. 5 CREEP/ WASH TUBBS How Troulile SliirU LESLIE TURNK8 r jPHK motor died. A car door was slammed. Sterling gulped the , ', remnant of his drink. 13indle was ; \ arriving ahead of time, Sterling j ! waited impatiently for the door- ' bell. Instead, he heard the closing of the front door. Li^hl. quick steps in the ball. Then Miriam stood in Ihe door, looking in at him. "Nice U> find you cue," Miriam said. There was warmth in her smile, and her voice was low, sincere. The satisfied sparkle in her large gray eyes was genuine. She made a portrait of mature beauly between the drapes at Ihe doorway, tall, almost slender, aristocratic. Because her fur neckpiece was Ihrown back on her shoulders, there was a da7/.ling play of color find brilliance from Ihe strand of huge diamonds at her throat. Sterling got up tardily, late hi erasing a frown of annoyance. "I didn't expect you this early," he said lamely. "I'm glad it's early, m stop In and visit, unless that frown "Sorry I frowned, Miriam. Your necklace always does that lo me, you know, when you come in alone at night wearing il. "I've been facing YOU for almosl three years," Ma Miriam stood rigid. Klie had been unmercifully wounded. • "But darling, didirl Father give lit to m« Ui wear?" : "But when you're rnil at nighl alone, Miriam! But it bores you, doesn't it, to have me tell you what men will do for a. fortune like that.- i "Marcus;, please! It would have been nicer if you had noticed my 'gown. . . ." She half turned and dropped her bag on 3 small table incar Ihe door, then went to » chair facing the orx ki which :Slerling had been silting. Sterling worried his wrist watch . . . H minutes of Hi "You caught me just hi time," he said. "My bag's in the hall." "Going on a trip. Marcus?" "N'ot really a trip. You'll find "Ym; just reminded me, Marcus, ' that 1 knew I was marrying a ' poor man. Dirt I was carrying a mem rich in heritage. You had Hie name and the blood of your father, lie was proud of you. He expected great things of you, even if yo« were handicapped by the misfortune that swept away his resources while you were in college. He knew thai the bank he hod helped build would have • place lor you, his the a note I left for you on your't vanity mirror. Just going to Eklge- craft to be on hand for some early morning golf. It may le;id to business." "Karly morning golf or lale at night c;uds, Marcus, which?" "Pofsibly some of both. Miriam. Must you always be critical?" "Was my question critical?" • • • CTEHL1NG shrugged. "What ' J » ould you say? Lately you've developed a ten-ific desire to pin me clown." "You're referring particularly to hip morning, aren't you. darling? That's why you've been fidgeting since I came in here . . . why you're upset. Still worried that money you that t rrally .about needing asked me for." "I made it plain needed it, didn't 1? You've written checks for me before. You haven't forgotten that you married a poor man. have you. Miriam?" "But never before has rl been $10,000, Marcus. And never before did it have to be in cash. What am I to think? What sort of things do you have to pay in huge sums of cash? I've read about some o* them: blackmail, bribes, racketeering." "1 told you there was nothing disgraceful about H. Is H ton much lo ask you to help n>e save my pride in your eyes?" "Have you done » great deal toward preserving that pride?" When her question TVPII! iman- where you eould carry on name and get il back up to top again. He died with that confidence in you. My father had dial confidence in you loo, Marcus, and I hared it. I've never wanltd to give it up." • • • ,4 T the mixing b»r, Sterling hnd rt Vo grip his fists tn slop the trembling of his lingers. His watch showed that only 10 minutes was left before Harry Bindle would be at the front door. Miriam seemed in a mood to talk on and on. He still lo her husband, her hag open in front of her. The tense silence of Ihe momentary tableau was bvnkou when she snapped her baK shut. She hnd been unmercifully wmindcd. • • • ' CHE walked back lo her chair ° slowly, her bag clulchcrl umlcr one arm. She had not taken out her cigarels Her face was a frozen pnllor and in her eyes, turner! fully upon her husband, was a tragic mixture of torture and compassion. She bent down and picked up the drink Sterling hnd given her. He sal petrified, watching. I'm very tired, Marcus." she said gently. "I've had a hard day. I'll take my drink up wilh me. had to get her out up to her own room. What she was saying was being lost on him. Only one Ihing counted. She had BO intention of helping him. He grasped the glass he hnd intended for Bindle. The double dose would work fnsl. He convinced himself that it couldn't possibly he fatal ... not a dozen invisible drops in a still highball. He'd merely have to carry her tip to her room. Ihen tnko care of things afler he handled rjindle. He took a grip on himself ami manfiged to carry the drink to Miriam, holding one for himself in hif oUier hand. As, she took the glass from him, Miriam said. "Darling, you're actually trembling. I didn't intend . . .* "It's nothing," Sterling Interrupted, retreating to his own chair. He thought of cigarels. He had his case out. and lighter . . . got up. "Cigaret, Miriam?" Miriam was out of her chair, her untouched drink on the table beside il. Her eyes were lighted by a srnile he couldn't understand. "I'll get one of my own, Marcus." She moved quickly to the table near Ihe door and picked i>p her bag. Her back to Sterling, again scatcci, Miriam said, while searching in her bag, "What I've looked for most in yow, Marcus, te to quit running away from things. I've been hoping lo see you grow up with courage to face things." Something in Marcus Sterling snapped. "I've been • facing you for almost Ihrec years." he said. He had hurled it at her bitterly. He instantly regretted his words. Miriam slood rigid, her back I'm had Thanks. I'll drink il when ready for bed." When she turned away from him, she added, "Cnod night." Sterling watched her go, power- ess to get out of his chair. He mumbled, "Good night." He heard the door of her bedroom close before he got-to his feet. His clothes clung to his big body uncomfortably. His checks burned. He pnced nervously. He looked at his wnlch. Five more minutes. He went over to the radio and turned it on. There would be an announcement of 11 o'clock and tlien the news. 'Flint might be a Soort idea, lo have the news going on Hie radio, to prevent voices— his voice nnd Bindle's voice—from being distinguishable upstairs. He bnd already forgotten about the dmihle dnse rif sleeping drops in Miriam's drink. Miri.-un's voice cmiic down to him. lie went out into Ihe hall. Miriam was standing at the head of the stairway. "1 forgot about the cars, Marcus," Miriam called d«,wn. "Your cnr had Hie driveway blocked. and now my car has you blocked from gelling out. I'll throw you my keys. Here they are." A ring of keys fell at his feet. "Be careful about my keys" Miriani called. "Leave them bcsioVe the telephone. Thanks," Sterling watched her move away . . watched until she closed her door. He picked up the keys am p.nlmed them wilh the ring around one finger, fie wns bark at the radio just in lime lo hear the II o'clock "hing." He hurried back into the halt, moved quickly to the front door. He saw a tbick, shadowy figure coining toward the porrh, wailed for the first heavy footsie]!. He had the door open before Harry Binrilc's thick finger found the doorbell bulUm. (To Be Continued! Notice, of Granting of Liquor Permil Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner 'of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 228 to Elves A. Hill to sell' a,nd dispense vinous wr spirituous j liquors for beverage at retail on the! premises described as 111 S- Main St.. Leachvillf, Ark. This permit issued on. me 1st I d»V of .July I94S and expires on ] 'ht 30 day nf Jun? i<nn. Elves A. Hill Nnlice nf draining of Liquor I Permit ] Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of Ihe State of Arkansas, ha.s Issued a permit. No. 2H 10 Filmure G. Gipsou to sell anil dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on Ihe premises described as 110 Souih Second Slreet, Blytheville. This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 194S and expires on the .10th day of June. l<Mn. G. Glpson 7:2-8 WARNING OIIDKR Odis Talley Is warned to appear in the Municipal court of the City ol Elylhcville, Arkansas, within thiity days next after Hie tlnte hevcot. to answer a complaint filed against him tti said court by Tom A it'.lr. Goldie R l.tltle and S. G. Hhellon, partners, doing business as i Shclton Motor Company. i Dated this Ifith day of June, I9«. W I MAUN, Clerk Marcus Evrard. Attorney for plaintiffs. I 6,18-25-1,2-9) HOUCST JOHN ftlOHi IS THE MAMCi I'M OFFERING A CPECIM- RATE TO LOCM. MERCHANTS WHO UEED THEIK. LIOHTWHS ttOBS RECHMtGED Well CE-T IHERE m THE- TOUMV. LtT'SSEB...fHf LOPOEI5 TEN MILES MVOWD tHf: VILLASt OP FROMTOOTH CBP! Of f KONrooTH GftP. Mi ItWRtSSlUE tOOKIWG SIRWUCER FLIGHTS TKtf'* MUSIC TO MV EARS, FRED BARMAN THAT DRUMMER'S BREAKIN' US AT FARO, BOSS.' SHAU I CLOSE THE GAME.' UAN'T TO MAKE SOME EXTRA CASH TONIGHT. BILL, 1 ROLLIM 1 THE DRUMMER 'OULD BE A CINCH, THAT'S \OHftT YOU FRIENDS AGAIN THE TREATS ON ME. BCTi'S IM SOW; BUT.1CUR. SPHINX AMD THE ON6 IN -THIS B<X>K ONE ONLY THE FA.CS IS HA.VE PCOOF ORI&NALLV 1 MEAN SOME 5TINKEE TOOK MY FACE OFF" THVT QRTV, LOW DOWN THIEF' TRYIN' T I'M LYIM' MV THAT'S ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED SOMEONE STOLE MOJUMENT PACE on 30HINV' \NI) UKR miDDIKS Pressed for H EDGAR MARTIN

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