Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 22, 1966 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1966
Page 5
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^NEW YORK (AP) - Otis Taylor, Kansas City's ileet flanker, has become ttie first player in flie American Football league tills season to pass tlio 1,000-yard • mark in his special- Taylor, a 6-foot-2, 211-pound product nof Prairie View in his second pro season, grabbed,nine passes for 133 yards against Boston Sunday and finished the day with 48 catches over-all for 1,058 yards. <7> I LIVER the most tractor for the money —by far! You get 50 hp ready to work for only $324]/ •F.O.B. Plant of Manufacture BREHM IMPLEMENT CO. JIM HELMES, Mgr. Woltonville Road 242-1119 POLISHING THE MAHOGANY insteid of his prose, Dkk Kleiner, NEA's Hollywood columnist, took on the role of a bartender in the new western, "Rough Night hi Jericho." Here, Oiclc (left) complete with sideburns aod sleeve garters, is shown with one of his "costars," George Peppard, others of whom are Deao Martin, Mei llofy and Warren Vandera. 11 Sick Trees Could Cost Family $1,100 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) The 11 sick sycamores surrounding their home could add upto a $1,100 bill for Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Policy. They're faced with the prospect of having the trees removed, at $100 apiece—even though the trees are on city property. • If they don't comply, Louisville can do the job and chai-ge the PoUeys for it. Even more annoying to the couple is the fact they live only two blocks off Southern Parkway, where the city—at city expense—is taking dead sycamores from yards. "We don't think this is fair," said Mrs. Polley. "If they remove trees in front of homes on the parkway, why can't they remove ours?" City Forester William Heffernan said it's the policy to remove or trim trees along the parkway at city expense, but on most other residential streets the cost has to be met by the property owner. He sited an 1892 ordinance putting the responsibility op the homeowner. The Polleys received one notice giving Ihem 10 days to take care of the trees. "We called and screamed we didn't have the money," they said. "They gave us an extension until fall. Now that fall is gone I don't know what we'll do." The problem isn't exclusive with them. Sycaniores all-over Louisville are being attacked by a fungoid disease which causes Ihem to die in stages from the top down. Spraying and trfm- ming has failed to check tiie disease. The lowest bid the Polleys received for trimming the trees was $200. "We can't see doing $200 worth of work on them and then having to take them down in a few months," Mrs. Polley said. Meantime, the sycamores just get sicker. New York City's first elevator- equipped office buildings were opened in 1868; they were the first in the world. ROW! Your DX Dealer has the GETAWAY CHASE GAME! '"'y $ y| 98 I WITH 8-6ALL0N PURCHASE FOR ACTIONI Complete with two acale-model care, jembte-controlled switches, almost 24 feeti of roads, 5 getaway routes on sturdy game board. Colorful build- ingaaddfun and variety to the chase. Rugged hatteiy•powered cars (bat« ieriea not indaded) diaae each other at Kale speeds up to 60 m.p.h.... switch from road to road by remote cootroL FOR CHRISTMASt GETAWAY CHASE is tha newest. m<^p exciting £amily-fun game of tha year! As many ai four people at a time can play ... the "good guys" in the police car, "bad guya" in getaway car. JReal adventure! MURRYI WHILE THE SUPPLY LASTS! SEE YOUR PARTICIPATIiWQ DX DEALER NOW! luNRAY DX OIL COMPANY Iteivii iy the cusfonMrs ivc fcM|i SM Bttiwir Chw* to istln OR etlltit Fottball •• ABC-TV Charge it ON YOUR DX CREDIT CARD CARR'S DX SERVICE FIHS DX SERVICE B09 Salem Road Mt. Vernon, ill. 1609 Broadway M». Varnen, M. D. HAUM DX Agtnt ^ Jacoby On Bridge Hand Wins 1931 Vanderbilt Cup By awald v James Jacoby Newspaper Enterprlsa Assn. Fred Karpin, the author of| "Psychological Strategy in Bridge" shows a hand which was largely responsible for the team of P. Hal Sims. Willard S. Karn, «AK<4S mwn Baat A 4 *AK«t02 • •S *J789 SOOTH (D) • A1E8T4 North-Sontb. vdlnerable Weal N«th Eaat SMth !• .im 2 4. Baa 2N .T. X>aaa SM.T. OUe. Paaa Past Paaa Opening lead—• 4 David Burnstine and Oswald Jacoby winning the 1931 Vanderbilt Cujp. When Sims and Kam held the North-South cards West overcal with one heart. Nortli bid a spade and East doubled. Sims, sitting South, ran out to one no-trump. Karn, North, bid two clubs which became the final contract. Willard played the hand beautifully and managed to make two clubs for plus 40. These were no part- score bonuses in those days. The bidding shown in the box took place at the other table. Oswald Jacoby sat West and his raise to two hearts was a classic example of the preemtive jump overcall which he had just Invented. You can't blame North for going to two spades. Dave Burnstine sitting East passed. He knew that two spades was not going to be the final contract. North and South were already in trouble and Dave wanted them to get into as much more trouble, so he made it a point not to indicate any strength. Of course, when Nortii-South reach three no-trump he doubled. Jacoby opened the four of spades. Dave returned the queen of hearts. South played the hand slowly and carefully but the best he could do was to take one heart, two diamonds and three clubs. The three-trick set netted 1,000 since the penalties then were larger than they are now. The team gain on the hand was 1,040 points and because they won this final match by only 770 points, it more than made up the margin of victory. Organize Branch Of LPS Church Uhder the direction of the Northern States Mission President Warren W. Henderson, assisted by his first counselor. Elder Ralph Belnap, a branch of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints was formally organized in Mt. Vernon, Sunday, Nov. 13th. District Pi-esident Ronald G. Hansen conducted the special rtieeting with the following officers sustained and set apart; Elder Eugene D. Wiley as branch president; Elder Arvel Anderson 1st counselor; Priest Clyde Duncan 2nd counselor; and elder Alan E. Wiley as branch clerk. Other officers were Sister Alta Anderson as Relief Society president and Sister Anita Wiley, primary president. The following schedule of regular meetings will be held at 2311 Perkins Ave., in a temp- arory meeting place now under lease by the church. The following schedule of regular meetings will be held at 2311 Perkins Ave., in a temporary meeting place now under lease by the church. Priesthood meeting Sunday 9 a. m. Sunday School, Sunday 10:30 a. m. Sacrament meeting, Sunday 5 p.m. • . Relief Society, Tuesday 10 a.m. Primary, Wednesday 4:30 p.m. There are now four full time missionaries serving in the Mt. Vernon area; Elder Michael Jcrfmson from Sierra Vista, Arizona, Elder Vester Hassen from Beaumont, Texas, Elder Arvel Anderson and his wife. Sister Alta Anderson of Price, Utah. David O. McKay is prophet and president of the church with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The church was organized in- 1830 at Palmyra, New York and now has a world wide membership of over two million. Divorce Granted ToRitaKarch Legal Notice STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. Illinois Lease Operating, Inc., Plaintiff vs. Alan J. Davis and SOHIO Petroleum Company, A Corporation, Defendants No. 86CHT7 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of a decree of sale entered by the Circuit Court of Jefferson Counly, Illinois, in the above entitled cause on October 27, 1966, I, Dewey E. Barton, Sheriff of said County, will on the 2nd day of December, 1966, beginning at the hour of 10:00 a.m., at the South door of the County Court House in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, sell at public vendue to the highest and best bidder, for cash in hand, the following described property, viz., An undivided 1/16 interest in the oil and gas leasehold estate, material, equipment and supplies used in the production of oil and gas as to the Whitson Lease No. 1115205, covering East five acres of SW »4 NW14 aj^d m 'Vi mVVt and mVt NWi/4, Section 21, Township 1 South, Range 3 East, Jefferson County, Illinois, together with oil rUns and subject to operating expenses from September 1, 1966, and said sale shall be without warranty of title and iio assignment shall be delivered without approval and confirmation of any sale hereunder by said Court. Dated at Mt. Vernon, Illmois, this 7th day of November, 1966. DEWEY E. BARTON, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Illinois. CRAIG & CRAIG Attorneys for plaintiff P. O. Drawer C Mt. Vernon, Illinois Telephone 242-3310 A-c 618. 11-22 Poor 01' Abe Lincoln Politicians Must Look Good To Be Elected IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS Clarence A. Kempter and Helen F. Kempter, Petitioners, VS. Kenneth G. Thompson, Karen Mary Thompson and Valerie Ann Thompson, Defendants. No. S6F.M Petition for adoption of a minor named Valerie Ann Thompson. PUBUCA-nON NOTICE The requisite affidavit for publication having been filed, notice is hereby given to you, Kenneth C. Thompson, that Clarence A. Kempter and Helen F. Kempter filed a petition in the office of the Oerk of the Curcuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, for the adoption of a minor named Valerie Ann Thompson; that summons was duly issued, returnable as provided by law, and that said petition is still pending. Now, unless you, the said defendant, file your answer, or otherwise make your appearance in said cause, held in tiie Courthouse in the City of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson, State of Illinois, on or before the 16th day of December, 1966, default may be entered against you at any time thereafter, and a decree of adoption entered in accordance with the prayer of ssiid petition. (SEAL) JERRY B. GOTT JOE FRANK ALLEN, Attorney for Petitioners Mt. Vernon City Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Phone 2444)025. 11-29 By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - This month's elections, says a topflight movie makeup man, confirmed the new rule for politicians: What you looit like is more important than what you stand for. Frank Westmore, member of the famed family of Hollywood makeup artists, cited the victories in major elections of vigorous, young-looking candidates: California's Ronald Reagan, Illinois' Charles Percy, Oregon's Mark Hatfield, etc. "This is the heritage of John F. Kennedy, who brought the nation's attention to tiie young look," argue Westmoi'e. "The Kennedy influence and the use of television for campaigning has completely altered politics in this country. "It's the women who have brought this about. They vote largely on a candidate's appearance, and they will naturally favor a handsome, clean-cut man over an older, less appealing one. Tliat's why Robert Taft could never have been elected president: He looked too much like a little old schoolteacher." What actors have learned about presenting themselves to the public can be adopted. by politicians, he declares — "and by businessmen, too, because older men are constantly being pressed by younger, more appealing men in business." Westmore's prlmaiy advice: Look to your hair, men. "The Kennedys have proved how hair can do wonders for a politician's image," he remarked. "Nowadays every politician should have his hair styled to bring out the best in his appearance. For instance, Richard Nixon. His problem is the wide jaw. That line could be softened if he would lower his sideburns a quarter of an inch or so and build out the hair on the side of his head." This matter of hair styling for men is not as fancy-dandyish as it sounds at first. Westmore re­ ported that the nation's barbers are now coming around to what he and other makeup artists have long been doing for actors: fitting the hair to the individual head. FOR AUTO, LIFE I FIRE WILBURN DAVIS 2600 Broadway : 242-3770 Offlc« — 244-lS4B-HoiiW STATE PARMi *lMinl»| Insurance CempmlM Hem«OftlM «r' " " " THANSKGIVING DINNER HOT MULLiD CIPBR ROAST TOM TURKEY iavory Dressing, Fluffy Whippid Potatoes, Brutsel Sprouft In twf> ter, Cranberry-Oranga Rallth aiMl Giblet Gravy. RtS. U. S. PAT. Off. ALSO Pumpkin Pie W/Whipped Cream ivr Hot Mince Pie Hot Rolls and Biscuits Coffee, Tea or Milk Adulfs—$2.75 Childran— $IJt Serving 12 Noon Till 9:00 P.M. HOLIDAY INN Benton, Illinois OPEN UNTIL 1:00 A.M. PER ANNUM SAVINGS CERTIFICATES • 12 Month Maturity Rita Karch has been awarded i divorce from Robert Karch In a decree issued by. Circuit Cburt here. 'Prohibition ended Dec. 5, 1S83, when whisky making went under fadtrtl «oatrol. STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) In the Circuit Coui-t of Jefferson County, Illinois. Edna Irene Capps, Plaintiff -vs- Lillie M. Anderson et al, Defendants NO. M-GH-129 IN CHANC!ERY NOTICE BY PUBLICATION Notice is given you, Lillie M. Anderson,, defendant, that this case has been commenced in this Court against you and other defendants, asking for division and partition of the premises described as follows, to-wit: Lot 21 in A. H. Polk's Second Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois, and for other relief. Unless you file your answer or otherwise file your appearance in this case in the office of the clerk of this Court in the County Courthouse at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on or before December 8, 1966, a judgment or decree by default may be taken against you for the relief asked in the complaint. JERRY GOTT. _ Circuit Clerk CRAIG & CRAIG Attorneys for Plaintiff P. O. Drawer C Mt. Vernon, Illinois Telephone A/c 618 242-3310. U-22 tmUCK MUVER KILLED GILLESPIE, ni. (AP)- Dennis Fitch, 45, of • Hillview, Dl., was killed Monday when his semi-trailer truck ran off Illinois 16, five miles north of Gillespie in MaCoupin County. • Illinois.State Police said the accident occurred as Rtch was attempting to pass another vehicle. The driver of the auto waa not, injured, state police 1 •lid. I • Automaticolly Renewoble, Redeemable Each Anniversary ;:dl^:; Issuance • Issued In Minimum Amounts Of $500, Or More In Mukiples . Of $100 " ' • Interest Paid By Check Each 6 Months Or Compounded To, The Principal • INSURED BY F.D.I.C. TO $15,000 NOW. Insurance Cbyeragf: May Be Increased To $50,000 Or More For A Family By Purchasing Certificates In Varying Rights And Capacities. BANK OF ILLINOIS Broadway At Eleventh P.O. Box 988 Mount Vernon, Illinois Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation TO: BANK OF ILLINOIS P.O. Box 988 AAt. Vernon, Illinois Enclosed Is My Check For $ To Purchase . Savings Certificates In The Name($) Of: I I Interest Compounded .< ? n Interest Pqyabla By Check i Name (s) ~. Social Security N«, . Name (s) , Social Security Now- I Name (s) ™ - Social Security So, . i Name (s) ; _ „ Social Security Koi. ' Address „ : „ „ City : ; state Zip

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