The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 3
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MitVfllit LEAtm MA^feft^ t§WA, ftiftUAtlY i, PAGE THREE EMA1TCHESS the *tttb. atttdytef for E*amiftAtiori» Now OftJjL Methoties^Good And Bad The etams ate here and gen*. Who said thank goodneBst Ever* one Just «i»«ok tot & while, gate* tfiey had agti* of something. Aht- w~af very cold shiver* and cbflts and the thing sometimes called the brain was very hot, perhaps caused by overwork and too much friction. this inquiring reporter business is a hard life. One lanky senior Wwweted in a fiddle. It is d*" 1 *« tip to you (abd Mr. Hertz) to Playing, answer it for Ibe said that he had •written as much as he could. (Hope he hasn't writers' cramp) Everyone (that Is the girls) was scared of Home Be. One fair lady said that if it was as bad as general science she knew she Would get an P. (P, B. — Ah F Is a terrible thing, according to one who knows). The merry, merry funeral dirge was played with gusto when shrinking seniors trooped up to physics. There never were such long stairs. The first report was "Not bad," but soon they grew so mournful that ink would not be black enough to express it. The. Latin H test was easy. Al least the kids scrambled though in time to begin Monday's leg- son. That is promising but those returns are not out yet. There were some of those bright exempted pupils hanging around watching the others suf j fer. Isn't the*re something about cocks crowing before a fall? Be careful, Weeds! ' The answer is just in hot off the ole skillet! Someone wasn't exempt because bis grades were hot good enough. That is the old brains, don't you think? One of last year's grada was pretty much peeved because some were exempt from English Lit, and (according to him) it was nil last year, Could the students be getting brighter and brighter or was 1933 leap year? An angular darkish senior said he flunked something — not sure what-—perhaps he doesn't know either for he was almost gleeful Maybe his heart is not in bis work. Along with exams spring ward robes were making their debut Tbe latest style for boys is over ' " flannel underwear i»ve examination* by jrttre ttatfceoatic*, flirtrired t»e mitt by «ftr*tcbln* btrt f<i*iSat*e wit* a *tB* fwsetl «*« tfce fat* of his fcaird. CoAirenlent, tfitt eaaipmett » immediately retty of ase Afait ftttef tto ««** swipes the hand across it* ««*t ot his past week. fiofia Gftgeier, tfce Bennett, and Ootothy — were exempt from their examina ttohs. The class is pfottd of theif newly painted room and ate i ing theif best to keep it nice. Sixth and seventh grades pli. ed basketball last week. The set* enth Won by two points, but the sixth grade boys did some good ayifcg. A contest was held in feeding The captains ot tbe two sides were Mace! Msrtindale and Jim mie Bering, Jtmtnie'a side won Jtasel treated the class to candy popcorn balls, and apples. Juniors Are Elated Over Prospects fof Cliu* Ringi| Rings, but not around the 1 VoBey, are Uw- cause of the cheery junior smiles that shine through the rainy exam time. They aren't here yet but they are coming! That changeable class (theyf decided on at feast two rings) finally picked a winner. It is made of gold with a pink gold nlay which according to one and ill looks just like a set. Sur- Meanwhile, he regaled tts *!tfc „ brief recoUttttsg «* tfe* **P*>™ oi *1* tfrfet-lttfcgete* fello-W ettt- «en* who had, anfottanalety a ««*• termined antafdnisfii te th» f«*Iie« that He had seen * o* tswe oftlctais by bullets of dl»con- tetvted MU**tts stlmalated by the *tttrt*ltoHs of corn whts- AttW * *all day's drWng in the traveler feels de«- irft* f*Het when he crosses the border Into Tennessee and, although lie country seems more rttfgedj adtots on far better reads atfd bast far better kept farms and homes. in comparison with its northern neighbor, fen*e*see appear* positively progressive. AS one drives on sontb the roads and grades are So well constructed that he does not notice that the hills have become mountains nntn he climbs higher above a railroad which suddenly dtves into a tunnel and disappears. Real Ifttate Transfer* Gilbert C. Wlrth et al to Eltis- tene M. Wirth tq^g.JV) *i and V. C. Land in lB-tl-42 and 24-71-43. R. H. Mfntle to C. H. Spetman (Q. C. fU *190. 88 acres in 14-71-43. Onstav C. Speet to J. F. Roenfeldt (W. ».) $372.40. 8.82 acres in 10-73-42. Carl 8. Foster, Rec.. to Beulah Holt (Rec. Deed) $1700. 24 acres in 22-73-43. Frances Oarst to Ethel Grebe et al (8. W. D.) $1 and V. C. Vt'tt Lot 346, all Lots 347 and 348, Sarah A. Lee to Mae Stonder (W. D.) $860. Lots 373, 374, Pacific Junction. Jessie Stone to Gayle M. Stone (Q. C. D.) $1. Ft. Lot 8, Blk. 18, Glenwood. BfOttActt Dr. Emll's Adla Tablets bring relief from stomach patus between meals due to acidity. Indigestion and heartburn. If not your money Is refunded. Collins Drug Co.^ady mounting this Is a gold crest, an eagle with Malvern inscribed beneath, In other spots on its broad expanse are 1936, etc. It is the wonder of some how ong some ot these juniors will keep these treasures (that is, wben they get them), Fourth Grade The following pupils had 100 per cent in the six weeks spelling test: Anna Mary Ftacler, Babs Randerson, Elizabeth Trively, John Slothower. The fourth grade have taken several tests this week so have been very busy. Many ot the pupils are renewing their subscriptions to the Weekly Reader. It is a graded newspaper that they enjoy greatly. It comes to them once a week. /They are very proud of their newly decorated room and are being very careful to always have it neat and orderly.^ Jenior;,; ?'Dtd you ever take See J, E, Randeraon tor Ymir New Spring Clothes Hat* - Shoes The Ford V»8 for 1934 is no EXPERIMENT but a tried and Proven Product. See it and Ride in it NOW at SALYERS Auto Co. Phone 16 Malvern Get Ready For The Sports Classic Annual Mills County High School Basketbal Tournamer NOTE THE PAIRINGS CONSOLATION Saturday Friday FIRST ROUND Thursday JCHAMPIONSHIP Friday • Saturday Globe Range* $59.50 up DeLaval Separators $45 and up LANDIS Hardware LEADER Dept. Store Dry Goods Furnishings and Shoes The following people had a perfect spelling record for tho past six weeks: Betty Pickel, Peggy Hall, Joan Saar, Kenneth Adams, Junior Jackson, Everyone is anxiously waiting for next Monday as they will get new readers. Marjorle Herrick has been out ot school due to the mumps. The pupils will be glad when she can join them again. ,..., .. . WEr.'Hertv. »«p r ove that hot air rises," Jim Beckwlth: "Every day when I'm upstairs I can hear you talking." Mr. DIckersbach: "Well, son, how did you make out in the history test?" Elaine; "Not so good. But what can you expect? They asked me a lot of things that took place before I was born?" Go East, Young Man - - Go East F. A, W, Postmen, as I understand it, are prone to always tftke walks when ever they Have a vacation, Newspaper folk seem to have sim» ilar characteristics and after the stftunchest of resolutions not tQ write anything on my vacation, j suddenly find myself wjtb, type* •writer in band and pounding out copy as fttriously and with as wild an abandon of gramma? as ever was done at home. Perhaps the vacation part needs explanation. Common observation has shown that tbe lo» cftl situation Is well }n band; that i ybatever one may privately thlak of the methods, wucb, is being dQfte }B tbe middlewest to a 8* naacial way for pr to the law- irs; W 4 ttv%t, ia sfeort, Qur i»- 8ie4t«» AttestioB ya» wt o»ly not needed but quite useless. TMs gave rise to a hurried cou- ' fereftce v ub Ff a »^ » ut %*\3 termer, of JSniersoa, and the joint fiewUslan that we could best w^; ibe wttRtry by foiiowJeg tfc» nrefeat waUo^al tye&4 a»4 st«t«* fof, WBftfelBBtoB, Mvlce ft«4 Wftttoft ttm OaogressiaaB Oft* »• WevlR stveagtUew4 the Th.te tfesn, was tb.e s«u.attpu. Mr! DurWn and »e« were seated tkS line, So unvaried is this that the traveler feels a definite relief whea be suddenly cornea upon a slightly rolling coustry, mounts a small incline and winds-down a long hill to the delightful and oft-sung banks of the Wabasb. So doing we crossed easily into the confines of Attica where we put up for the evening at one of the tourist homes which, with antique shops, 811 the city. Moat notable feature of this p«rt of Ia4iaua that we could g .corn was the tendency of fcpu holders IQ place large basket-like affairs on top of tfeeir chimneys Made 1 of wire, tbe contraptions seemed to have PP (unction unti it was remembered that perhapi tfee country, like Str<Misburg 4 Qer ianny, abou»de4 wltfc sterfes an tljat the $;agea were A »eaijs o birth control. At Ter/e Hftute,, wfetcb, was th jirst pity of eoftsequuftoe we pajsed alter leaving Attics, the tQUpgrftphy of Jucltaa is tjefl- uitely changed to a move rolling type, This continue* vintil one threads tbrpviefc" 8¥ftus?Ule t In4.. au4 emerges <m 4 b '°*4 thjree* laas cement bigbway wblvb leada to ft b«ge steel bridge aorpsa tbe broad, but certtttftly ftOt beautl- fuU Ptvta river, tuuk, tusfey bQajea.ftfta v&T^^jsn < * td aUQtf BrtMfWft to ftn"* W»H" * »•' , jil..4 nannarniiv at the »We> M oi stRuuob o.I ami writer* iu ttee bearis t*,~-t.' ti«in>M» Ji*^ j * "__ r ^BMPjflplWi!'i- l| ii *''' ^^^ ^im Mulhollands Quality Mdse. at , LOW PRICES Consolation FINAL 7:00 7:00 7:00 Emerson Silver City - 8:00 Pac. Junction Malvern 9:00 Glenwood — Strahan Bye Henderson - - 9:00 8:00 8:00 Losers vs. Losers 9:00 CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL BACON QUICK Thursdayl Feb. 1 Friday Feb. GOOD FOOD Attractively Served at Reasonable Price* Malvern TEA ROOM In GOOD Brothers ' Seed tod Grain MALVERN Community Building Malvern BAKERY Phone, 30 Teams H, A* Deardorff Your Richelieu Store Phone 83 Sponsored by the Mills County Schoolmasters Club PIATT'S BARBER SHOP COX GROCERY HIGH QUALITY LOW PRICE Cash for Produce PHONE 9 CITY MARKET O, E, PAVIS PHONE 58 Buy 'Em by the Sack WAITER'S Hamburger Shop Ut 'Era Rip! Wo Will ^-^^F- * Sj^W^^w MAJLVEKN CUBANEBS COLLINS DRUG CO. The Rexall Stor Phone 20 Plenty of Seats but Come Early Games Start at 7, 8 and & tftfih evening Low Prkes to All Students 25e Adults 3Sc Student Season Ticket • m D-X GASOLINE Watch for Us Carl Hertz GOOD Insurance of All Kindt L, A, Tftttwlt ' ^ ShO M • . CAFE FRANK HERTZ Trtmftr MOTOR RaeaadliloaiM ifBi ^Wilp^^^**-*^** 11 ' m^flp Ntw Uw Prtctt Hi A»

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