Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 22, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1890
Page 1
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T 11 E [Dispatch- Democrat TEE UBO&T CIKTION I In Mendocino County T 11 E Dispatch- Democrat IS r .KCOG!>!££)• A*—— tss mm mum Of Mendocino 'County. VOLOMK XXI. UKIAH CITY, MENDOCINO COUNTY, CAL. Fill DAY MOKXIXK. AUGUST 22. NL'MJiPJ. 47 DISPATCH AXB DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY, VK1A H. • MKN11OV1S0 CO., CM... By JNO. BUCKING-HAM, SUBSCKl 1-VION K \TKS : One Year Blx Months .. Ihre<> Muni lift ?1» fttl | 1 Inch li inclit") HInehet 4 Inches Inches t, Indies *: lneh?N . if Inches *i Inches „M»I-- U H H cfllHrn)' r>n»* column AHVEUTIMNI! KATKs: Mulitlilv. * 'i - r .u Yi 'iirlv. *.-*' wi [S (hi IX) 'J I (Kl c, •.«;, ::o ixi . 7 '_>;• Rrt 00 i S 1 )0 «9 00 I H 7:. i") i '.I :,|| -is on ; it) .M Of) j 11 '.n't Ml fii \\ M Mi I Hi 1;'. !H> l -'O (M) i Thret! )ni*nih" x.une rot;- as for mie vi -nr. Twn 1 mouths lf.j times one m-mlli. I..-is than HIH- : hinntli %\ per hieh for firvt Di^erlicm. M) ••••nl--* . ]ivr Inch for inoU Hulioeuncnl hi«r*rt km l.-'mi) ; iitivpitl-feriji'iiiN ?l per Inch lor eiteh Infi-rHnn. J -'ppcltlcd po?*ltloii '_',"> ]ic (M'lH. extni, Th. 1 nUnv [ nn* net ttenres. \ Well stocked HARDWARE ESTABLISHMENT J. R. MATHEWS' i A Rare Opportunity CITY PHARMACY! North Hithi m'i.'nni't H OIIHC, Standloy St., Ukiah, Cal. ViH' 1 -tSll- I'l'OKI'SSK >N.\ 1. 0.\KT>S. ,/. <i. uiiiri:, j •llislrlvl Attorney mill Alt «'.y itl, j I'liloh City, Mendocino l'n„ I 'ill. OiTlci:— In Court House. Will practice in till suite and Federal Courts. l-lltf I J. M. MAS SOS, Aimriiey «i »<l « oiiiitclor »l Lnw. UklHli, Mendocino County, nil. Will practice In nil Courts of this Slut,. Of tin--In Masonic Mull huddling, corner (it School mill Perkins Streets, l-ltl. J. A . coo)'i:n, Attorney mid 4'onuKelornl l.nw. The Largest Assortment of Uuf I'ler 'v linrttunii', M.-rhniiif's Tuols, MnniiX llnni 'v anil Jhinl'i Axe*, lljirvey I'liiei- llnnd unit X hiiWH, rniniinr T HD I K, Tin* 1 in pf *r in 1 l'lmv, l'hnv i,i tttf Wm-UL) - - .\ \.^> \ - Tlie Km-keve Ci-nnliineJ llnrrntr niuJ Meo«ler, 'I'llt* ki-yeVtmip, I he JJin-keye Wind Motor, The Hritljre, lieneh A i'". .Superior ytoVt-H tint) I in Mia-*, '1'I H* Aiiitins tt Westhike MonnreU Oiis- \iUtu- Utiut:es, tnnl a limitlrt-i} mul uiie (liliiU* ormiiiieiilal initl imifdl, AT LOWEST BATES. T ia; s£, State Street, - • Ukiah, Cal. FINE DRUGS AND MEDICINES. Choice Perftimeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER.(— TMlliMfv Fi-osoriptioiiia \ Low ry.'uh city, I :K\. OFrlCK—In ndil Kulliiws* Duli llni?. Will promptly attend t <i fill hn»»lneHH Intrusted : lo his cnii* In niiy tit thcCourtJ *nf thlsstutc ! 1 -H! SMITH & HILL, Proprietor. fiQr m iuMi\\ 'I'urnnuts fur hire—Donlilc nnd j sluiile li.-itin .<i, mid SmUih' Horses. The hest of ; i.-iire i(ivt'ii in triuisilt'iit slur-}:, Temii* furnished ; M i-r wlliiiiiiTdt'iveM. Ymir pHtiuiin^i- is MO' Ih.-iti'd, mid ^Htisftiut'nii tiuiuuiited. *" '.> VIT. MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. H AS A LAKOK ANIiSKLErTS'JVMMv' OFTHK finest J^oudfj, hoth forelun mid domes tic. which he will make up at bedrock prices. A (loon F IT CJ UAKANTKKLI. Uhe hlin uu early cull, make your selections, and secure n perfect tit, wherebv von will he presentable nt nil tlmen. li-LTdf. Good Agricultural Land for $10 to $20 per Acre. The I'iicide linprovmcnt (,'impatiy ba« recently purchased twelve thousand acre- of Imid in I he heart oi Tehama county, for the purpose of promoting subdivisions and .settlement. This Ituid cuibructts lauds from Ilrst -dasK Saernmento Valley airrlenlture land, to land of fair averaue. quality, and is olt'ered at from ?10 to $-0 per iicrc. in ,-nbdi visions of |0. Kj. 12 i, UiO, IW) acrei". The terms upon which these lainis are otl'ered are especially allraetive. i'hey will b-j i-r)li| in subdivisions, a^ above indicated, by ttie payment of Interest only for I hree years at which tlmethe pureb-isi-r can be^ln the piiymeiit oi principal by paying tin; tirsl of live equal anninil Itis.all- meii!-. T:iu:i no part of th-j pi iiidpnl ii to be \>ab\ for three years, -mil tuen the pnrehasei Is to have live years tn which to pity live equal annual installments, Willi interest at the rule of seven per cent per tiuiiuiu, making payments extending over a period of eiiflit years. Intending purchasers are assured that this is an opportunity to purchase laud of fair average qualities ut ?W per aero, and i?ood agricultural laud at per acre, with other grades of land at prices to correspond bc'ween these ll^uros. The assertion is frequently made that iumtl it able for^eiieral rariiiliiK and especially adapted for fruit growing, can not be had In California for less thtiu from $u\) to $100 uu acre. An examination of the land suhjeer oi this ad- veriiHeinent will prove lo hmiie seekrs thai this is an opportunity for the of good agricultural land at .in a'-re, and for qualities grading down to fair agricultural laud ut fXiau ai.-re. on terms of payment which should make the disposition of lands to actual sef tiers :t result easy of aeeoinplisliineiit. The primary object of the purchase of this body of laud wai the breaking up of a large holding lor the purpose of promoting its settlement in rjimlh-r quantities mid lis devotion to diligent husbandry. i'or further particulars call upon, or adilress. \Y. H. MIl.l^. I.and Airent of ihe i', P. It. K., Fourth and Ti (Wjjseiid streets. San Francisco, i.'al. 1). K. .SANFiiItli J. M. SANFuKK. YEI.l. A SEA WELL, Attorneys ami ComiNi'lorM nl I.H»'. Ukiah t.ity, Mendocino i_'o.,<'al. OFKICK —In New Law Huildinu, west of Court i : ilouse. ! Will practice In all Courts of tliis State (l -7tf { NEW SHOP NEW PRICES T. I-. CAHOTUKltH, . Allorlicy Hint roililNPlor ill I.ilH'. | Uklnb City, C'nllfornlii. j Oftlce In Ni-w l .nv,* Hullilln^, west of Court I PraetUi'8 lu nil ritut.' unil Fodurnl Courts. | t-llf C. POAdK, Attorney HI I.IIM, liklnh City. Hpeclul ftttcntloli pair] to I'robate huslm'«s. Will practice In all the Courts. JAMKS £. PKMUKUrOS, Attorney HMA t'omiN«>lor ut T.IIW. I .HIIH I UK ^l,, M L-III I OI' I IIO t'ily. Will prftfillcu in »vU tin'Courts of this rftato. 1-71/. J. K. rilA. )f HKUS, Allitruffy nml ^'..mih.'liir al I^.H', Cov«lo, Mendot'luo Co., Cal. I'ractlcos In all the Courts of this Stat.'. 1C. .V. MOOIlt:, M. I).. Physician and Surgeon, I'klali City, Cnl. Ut-niRm In t>M Law llull.llnii. I'ornor of Hcliool anil lVrklus stieotf. J. 1.. MIS I), .V. /(., l*liyMlclnii null Niirircon, t'klnh City. Cnl. OKftcK—On wt'?it .slile of Court lf.iiist', in Iii'^er 'H builillutr. HKO . n: srorr, .v. n., t* li y H I r I » n II •• il N M r u e o n, VUlah City, Cal. OKPirK—At Cklali llotcl. I'J-'-'itf. WILL HOI BE mmn For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD&SON, Opposite the Post-Office. | Sat? Street, - - Ukiah Vily. i ' ' I.. KllWAHlj .-J. It. KIlWAUDH. EDWARDS BROS'. Meat Market, : jT£jP"We to inform the public that wc have opened a meat market in the building i cently ueinpled ny p.. Mark 1 * iV Co, where we : u il I col it In uu 11 y keep on band t he \ cry choicest J meals to be found in the market, i Meat deliwved ire*' u» all p:\rtsofthe city, kemember we are here to siav. EDWARDS BROS. ! H. It. HMlTil. K. i;. DONOHOK. I Smith & Donohoe | .'Successors to liuncati A .^mlth.) | Searchers of Records, Ofiice. with I'niiiily Assessor, L'Kl.lll 1!ITV, - IMLIIfOKSIA IIULFM & HI? Hi), A. BASCH, Willi.' SlriM'l, Iklnh, lliivi* llm Inru'ost unil ln'st Moi'k of STATE STREET, UKIAH. CAL. tfWFashionable Suits at the Most Reasonable Prices. Perfect Fit Guaranteed ! RAILWAY CnEVITIES. j No second ol.'iss riiiTiiim 's ni 'P nit) on the j (ireitt I0u„-lisli Midliui'l niihvny. Tliequi'vii nf Knirlitnil llrst roile on a niihvay in 1S42; the D.iUunf Weilitiatou in IS41). Then' nrn less tli.-tn 1(H) curves of loss than tlireu-eigliths «f u mile rmlim in America. 1 in KDK 1 I«I :1 tickets art" not pinceil on sula until llfteeu ininiitcs lict'orc the train's iiturtiiiK time. An English niihvay passcnsrei' curri;ip;c ] is nlioiit 30 feet ltmi;, 70 feet hi^h inside ; niul weighs from 20,000 to Aj.tlUO pounds. A red light warns of dimmer, a ^reen I liglit calls for cutition and u clear or | "white" light Indiaiti-.-. that the line it, \ .open. j The llrst, railway in the United .States : was built in Massachusetts in ITi'o, rnn- ' niug from the granite iiuarrles totlieXe- I pnuset river. It \vus run hy horse power. There is a railway clearing house in ri.oudon to which tickeis of different Hnr s • Ihre sent, for cross reckoninfcand settlement j where one line has the privilcire of selling : tickets over another. | Electric fans have heen placed in thu i kitchen ends of a few dinint; cars lately. ; These fatis serve the iloulile puroose of ; ventilating the cars ami keepinu odors j from the kitchen out of the dining room. ; Tlie term ''ballast,'' nieanirit; the broken stone or gravel forming the lied of a rail- j way, originated in the practice of usin^c the gravel ballast emptied from the ships in the Tyue for railroads in the vivinity of i Newcastle, Kngland. j Between Rome and Naples the llcil Cross | of Italy has been running a hospital train j composed of ten carriages, which are inspected at, various points of the line by I medical experts. It is r-ported to have ; fulfilled Its functions admirably. | A woman railroad contractor has turne'l I up lu Ohio. She recently graded ten miles j on the V.. and K. road of the Muckey sys: tent, and when that was completed signed ! o tweut>''live mile grading contract on thu . Cleveland and Wellington railroad. Her ' name is Fanny Williams. Kccni'ds of seventy and sevci.ty-flvo miles an hoiin.Ti Kaglish railroads are abundant, but according to a recent writer—vYilliam Ackworth, in "The l'ailways of Kiigland" ' -all attempts to pass t he eighty miie point i have been failures. Thai seems to be the : limit beyond which no engine can I ravel. A passenger t rain represents a cash value ; of from i*iR,0(W to ><lUti,(KKl. The ordinary : express train represents from ^.S'l.lliKI to JI!0,0(X). The engine and tender are valued *ll),.MKi, the baggage car 41.0UU, the postal ' car S.OOO, the smoking car $r>,000, two or! dinary piussenger cars *IO,000 each, three, I palace cars *15,000 each; tola!, Wil.000. j The projected railroad to the summit of ; Jtingfrau in Switzerland conteiu]ilates tlie boldest mountain engineering yet vetv- ( tared upon. Tlie line, which iy to consist 1 of a continuous series of tunnels, is in- i {.ended to rise in a distance of a little over j four miles from an alt it-ode of 2.H00 feet j above the sea lo the lofty height of bl.iJOO | feet, witli grades varying from 311 per cent, f to !>S per cent., or ptaclically perpendicular. Thai I, suleldffv. Railroad Routes. I "»ii?er it IIa\ i* JJetMi tint Wasn't. A Michigan Central railroad train wan hustling along toward Chicago at the rate of forty milea an hour, when a braiisy faced, middle aged man suddenly junifwd to his feet in the reclining: chair car and glanced hastily and defiantly around as thougli daring anyone to restrain him. FHnginK off his overcoat, and coinpreaBitiif hill llptt with the air of a man whose mind in made up, he rushed to the door, jerked it open, and screeched out, as he turned around and faced the other passengers: "Farewell, vain world!" Soma of tlie picsscngers glanced over th« tops of their newspapers toward him, others looked at him with languid interest, while the man nearest the door threw up his arms and yawned frightfully. The man stepped out to the car platform, thrust his head back into the car and agnln yelled out: "Farewell, vain world, I go hence." Nobody seemed to oare whether he went hence or to some other place, and a look of bluer disappointment came into the brassy face of the would be suicide. Re agaiu thrust Head Into the car and wildly shrieked out: "GooJ-by, forever!" "So long, my friend. Let us know whan you get there," replied the man who bad yawned &s he quietly closed the door and sat down. The desperate man on the platform flattened bis nose against the car window and gazed in moodily at the tranquil passengers. Waving them a final adieu he flung off his coat, threw up his arms and—sat down on the platform. Then he crawled up to the keyhole of the door to gaze through it on the horror and remorse stricken faces of the men and women who had deliberately permitted a human being to go to destruction. But there wasn't a Bingle horror stricken passenger tc look upon. Several of then) were giggling Immoderately, and the cold blooded, yawning passenger was Itidloatlug by signs to the others that the "farewell- vain-world" man had not gone hence, but was still in New York state. Finally he cisino sneaking back into the car with a combined look of sadness and madness on his careworn face, which grew Aniiiii!; tin' many mutes tlinl have hern fptiknn of, bv which lluinlioldl county roulil be wmiuM-tiM wit ii the i»»- rnili; wurlii, the most iltrpct, iici-ording to old pioneers iif tlie county, in tlie .Mini river route, lied Hluif wnulil bo tlie eastern terminus. Krom there the roule would take a tiorlliwext uourne to iho I!C-P Utim Fork of the Cottonwood; up that Btrenin to ii-s lietul in the lower gap nn Tiie Decline of English Panpei*inm. I .OIK I OU Dully New*. The i.'oni|i:ir.itivA returns oi pauperism in Ki;ulniut and \V'u!c* which have been presented to parliament, bring to light some striking fin-In. The total vinmhpr : • if person* in recepit oi pnroehlnl rt»lief in Now Year's day, 1800, wns 7H3,'M8, A number which is 2.78 per cent of the population. That, is to nay, out of every thirty-seven people one wns a pauper, the north okle of Hie North Yolla Kola | Terrible as this is it is a consolation to mountain; ll.em.-h southwest to the head ] nn '' thnt ,hp Proportion w smaller than of the north fork of Mad ttivor; nnd i'" " r '- v >' cilr ot »'« ™' ,>r >*' w,, '" !l1 them-eilovvt. Ma.l River to Rlue Lake, I ,>H, ' k to 183S - r " 1MB the ratio WM twfce o. a«roHH the Van lltuen at low m > and | !,s 6 -« venl "PP'.ving for assist- down U.ftt river, connecting with the K. ! ,,n ' e ' In ' ,Pe(l !t wn » » lwn . V8 ,n °re than •» It. A K. R. K. at llurnell's Station. Hoth ! I )er ,;onl,,p to H72 ' Vrn,n 1373 to 5t these routes would be direct, and the onlv ! *** '"" re t,m " 3 P" r <,pnt ' For lh,i " mi question would he, which would j rear-it re .nHinerl at -J .S pereent, and through the best paying country. Now j it occurs, jus!, here, after reading the able \ article in the Times on the subject uf a county highway, that the county should j build a railroad, instead of a highway, to I the county line o. Mendocino. .MenUm-i- : no county would, beyond doubt, meet j the road at her northern boundary. • This route would devel ip the best part of' Northern Mendocino and would come; within 4 miles oi a coal le<|ge 30 to 40 feet j wide and from ten lo fifteen miles in j length. This coal is brown lignite of a j superior quality; burns to white ashes , and does not eoke; will weld n two inch j bar of iron us quickly and perfectly as ! any other coal, having been tested by j many blacksmiths, and is the most perfect steam producing that can ii U only in the last two years it has been lower still. Big Prices for Prune*. The Santa RUSH bmiorrnt states that the price of prunes for drying in that vicinity ranges from >l\-£ to ?, cents a pound. There is big money in the fruit for the grower at these figures hut the drver is liable to come out at the small end of tlio horn. A Santa Rosa dryer has, however, contracted for 30J tons. Negro Hlshop Grant of the Texas Methodist Church snys: " rf yon newspaper men. the l.e-idaturas. Congress, lecturers and preachers would not inou- be | tion the negro a-,:nin for ten years, that found on the I'aciltc Coast, llesides this such a railroad wouldsecure all the travel from San Francisco to Knreka, and also the way travel—of both tlie enmities of Humboldt and Montloelno—to say nothing of the vast amount of freight oi all descriptions thatjwould naturally come gloomier when nobody rushed forward to ! """h " ruiito. It would bo a goun-t ask the cause of his desperation. Nobody ! of ininieuse revenue lo both counties, passed tae hat for his relief; nobodv la-gged „,„i „ „,i i I , ,i,„ . „ . , ,- , . ., ' him to confldetn them; no purse was made | • U "' «"« '»«««•« »' k »!'"« Ute np; nothing turned out as he nnd thought j " lo " 0 \ within tlie ii(mi|i|s n| ibrse two it would. ! counties. No d.nibl the clti/.ens oi'|he.-e HUuglug himself into the seat he had va- i sisler counties would take stock in the dated fhe man hissed out to the wretch lu would end the negro discussion, .lust leave us alone." As much sense as that uttered in the House would make Reed ilU/.y.—.l/lo. Persons wishing to subscribe ior the UisfAtcii-DcMiii'ii AT can do so throuifti any posluiasler. * Furniture and Carpets JiVBK liKOt'UUT III MKNPUCINU CO. UKIAH DAUGHTERS OF EVE. front of him, who was swaying to and fro I with rude and 111 concealed laughter: j "Laugh, now, darn ye'. Oh, laugh, why j don't ye? If yo had a single drop of the | milk of human kindness in your breast ye wouldn't see anything funny in the suicide ! pf a fellow being, and" "Tickets! Tickets!" cried the conductor, i appearing suddenly, and a minute later he ; \v:... saying to the man who hod saved him- \ r.elf from the death of a sitioldtc j ''Lookee here, my friend, this is the third j Umo within a month that, I have caught; ; you trying to deadhead It nver thi» read, j The last time you was trying to work the ! boat ticket and pocket book and dying wife I in make Everthing appertaining to a first- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be convinced. NORMAL SCHOOL. Terms Strictly Cash. (fcirOur undertaking department is thoroughly equipped. Orders in this line promptly attended. EM m VOll uuiiHi For Health and Pleasure THIS SVMMBR ? The firm Icrni.of iVmrHcholiiKlic inoiithn, Hill Infill lu IUKNKS*'IIAU., MONDAY,SKIT. 1, l.V.iU, niul H UM.! I'KC. HI , IWio. The xt-cniid term will open JAN. .*i, IMiI, ami contlinu- Twenty Weeks. Instruction will he jrlvt'ii in lhe ri 'iiiinry and (irainiiinr <iiaile.s, uml the ! iiiannuai* rfcliool ('onr.ic. j TERMS, IS PER MONTH, I l'<it/itl>lt' month/;/, i,i nch'niwf. I'lltil August 'Ir.xh, fiiltlress im 1 al Santtv Horn, J. S. AUSTIN, A. M. i'riiieipal. Do lot Smoke Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. THK- J. II'. HUDSOS, M. 1>. Physician and Surgeon, Ukiah, Cut. Office: Northwest cor, Stanillcy and Si-ho-cl ft«. f.uom* at A. <t. t^trvioin.r's. Stale «1. 1-litt I A bst i -u-ts iviade iill'ICoiiveyani'luK Done. • Alt.-nis for l -'il 'e AssoeluUou ot Ptii!auYlr.hin. i lteft-r hy pcrimsHion to: Itobt. Mettarvey, Suj perlor .I UI I KO; S. 1>. I'axlou. C'ounly Clerk; Tuo.s. j 1.. I'nrotlu'rs l->ti.: II. A. reatiody, Kdltor of ! lllsi-Alin. l'J-7t(. (;. T. J/.I.VO.V, .v. II. i • I*li>'eleiaiit ^III-KIHIII HIIII t..riieei»louisl. ! Ban KrHuclseo,(Jut. | Telephone No. .'HIS. M0 Hayes Street. I MukPH a sji.'elRlty of Diseases of K.-iaalen and} fib ttUeuses lit the Stoiuucliuiut Uinestlve Oijouv^ II'. II. IWllSJ/KAII, 1). I). K It K ST INT. Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., Cal. Mendocino County Abstract -:- Bureau! And Land Title (Mice, ; school rit., .uli. Christian Church, CICl.UI.CA.!.. Omrg—West of Jfxpross Ultlei 1 lstered. ! II.4W h'oleproprii'tors of Hurfee's .Self-Correet- lni;'.s >Ktem ot (ieUueiU!; I.'tnd 'I'lth's. Only coin ll'.tf. .V. PI'Kit V, Oas aibiiln. pli'tt* ahstraets of Meml ..i 'ino County 10-21 tf. j _ Searchers of Records, Insurance | and Loan Agents. Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Searcher of Records, l/'slah, Cal. Office with County Clerk. All business entrusted In my euro attended to promptly. -!-;tf. RICE 4 8ALTZELL, Proprietors. Q. A. OVEItMEVEK, 4 euhlalile null ColK'elor I'k luh City, cal. OKWCK—Opposite DisiMTCtt office. I'rouipt atteiitiuu given to all hushiesH en- ; Inisted to my euro. i F. .V. MAUDS, Architect and Builder, VUlah City, Cal. FUns, BneclileutloiiN and KKtlnuites uiiuie to order. Will contract for all kind* of httlldini.'s, to furulsh inuterbvl, i>v O U HTM l«c. Sniisfui'tlon ; tfusrauteeil. .'l-VJtf. FOR SALE! I A AMI 'JO 'kCKK 'I'llACTS "F IIU'II llOT- i U loin land (or sale in Utile Lake Viilley. HubdlvlsUuis of Ihe II. Norton HOME RANCH. K«»" leniif. Apply I-II. H. MI'Mt, Wllllts, nr H. t,. KOUTON, W CM. >«t., K. I f .. i al. Appledale Nursery, Sctiirs Valley, lake Co., Cnl. Otters fur the season of IKSihtchoice lot of At rsiiHonatile pi Ices. Trull urowers and nlliera ihmirhm trees lire invileit to call «'»! luopeul them al the NlirHery, iirsenil (or price lint. All stork I; III>aiHeeil |» lie irvti I 'rflin llisecls mill illseiise. Aililrvss K. I'.WttAV. l.nUetiort, Cr.l. :l -Jl II f PIANOS Ou.y Ko* Ciirlnliil'iaii'" |T .*3aii .l HI.* w*td. ilfllirieil. IkfM'd Irto.nn l ^ai .l immurl ilMatuljil wit!, i^l n*il ft «il cuvi-rmi nwl|ii| o I tirlct. f nil,* n*traniwl. t'ticu ]M «t bttutctuCH- ^. BragB8 t (>aklHiiil.t'f,IJ A WEAK MAN Cnu now cure IiJmiclf of (he? itcplorrthlo re«»li« of 4>»rl.v ttliiictc, mid |it*riV*<<n ,v riftinrty his VIROI MIKI rlliilliy hv the (ir^nt AiiMtnltuu Henicily. The reiutirlt.'Mplc Jure*, of ImoHi ^s ciiHcs of .\>rvmt« niul l*riv»*e 4'i»ii»|»knlitl«4 nri' evervu here ^liuripiutf out | <]UiiH.*.ery. Tin' Mcllchii-. n p'jyslr-lun'i' «lfl lo i unll'.'rlui: huiiuiiiiiy- heaifiiB' t'rvv |o thoxc | uffllcfctl. Atl.lro,, Dr. Mt n. TAYLOR, 1 j.urkct JiryL'i, but' Krmi.jltcf Tlio'irrcnt iniisH of snow in life Morn* this i vcur will K I V«» the waterfalls of the %o»*iniie a ! spUmrtur never eijuuli'il before. The Molel ilol n «iUe, fairest sjun lu infill- , fornin, invites you. It is nor expensive. Liver camped In the *iiiatjt i'tux Mutiiil>- ! nlii*? IV not, you have never lived. If vou want t"« seo mil tire's noblest lin mil work, . vhitKriind old hiiOH-i*r«HMWl MIIHMII*. j And Uicre an: I.»kvM,— Tidioc. U OIUILM*, hide- | pc -ndeiHv' WHther nnd others,—-where there arc the purest itlr and the best llshiiiK und bonilnjr ; In the world. Oi course you rt-ineiiihi-r ^niiln Monlcix, j I.onic llt'HC'li nnd Mniitit Itttrlmnt. l.ool;ln(r for SiirlnicN? Therenre the Cieysers, I Napa Soditi White Hiilphur. Httrllcll, Hymn, i .Klnn, Iltuhhuid, Klamath, i'niiKrcs«, l 'nsa HohleS, fillroy, l'aralso, rihastu Soda uml others. , AHK FOK TIIK SOl'THKRN I'AClKIC COMI'.lNY'f» 1'AMfnLKT. " tlA U FURS I\'» HlibUltYS.** KvorythltiK In CuUfitrnln Worth seeiuK is on the Hne» of the SOI Nmt\ PACIFIC ((HII'AW HH 'U 'li iJHAY, T. H.OOOIlMAN, i.lvn. Tmifm Mnnaijcr. (Icn. PUSH , Ayt. SAX KltANCISno, f?AJ.. RAILROAD LANDS! fnr Nnle mi KviiKoiialile 1'VI-IIIK. Km* l.anil .H In llenlral and Nortlu-ru California. Oregon, Nevada nr.d Ctnli, apply to or ad- dri-Ks W. II. MILLS, land At'l. C. 1". K. K. Kau r'rancisro. For l.irliitH in Southern California, antilv to or address JKHDM E M AIIJIEN, l.andAgt, .4. I'. It.Ii -IH Nun Franidseo. Wlien you buy a Piano or Organ of a traveling agent, you not only pay his expenses and wages, but a big profit on it besides. Save these expenses by buying your instruments of Sam L. Moore, Ukiah, who is agent for ihe leading makes and who, owing to his special advantages, is enabled to sell them at a small advanoe on wholesale prices. IffiCfc?: ..J.J.AlKIN nCCIPCV* T«-ir «™r >»v«., O .-Heun 1 tot. H llaUa tJSKidR'.lil Cut ctironto blwuniit, linth KMC* -'"k P»».prwiit*fL... ITPni'i loir. IJM I HI»Ih.nte. 1 /, iiulck'y cut «L alll>ilo«: 1-crl-oui Ilalilllty, W.akneu, l)«->ctoi OtM«HH. ,t«*l Itl, illliiion: 1-crl-oui UaliUlty, WUktieu, IWmti i;p.iHlll »».>,ii». All *:uMll4rnlln^ \ Ai«luill)'»hm4»J(-«»tdl^. H «ntv (arCUiaUw Ukiah Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST GRADES OF CIGARS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Only the choicest matcr ; «l used undSViiiTi. I..V.UOU cxeliisively cnii»loycd. Ci^iir Mviilcrs, do not f ill I*' ulvc our cijtars ti trial. Your put roils will I K* del Ivth ted «lth llicie. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BALER, Prop. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! Corner of sraO' mtil ^ti i t>nif»'»7i strict*, inl}ttin- /»// 'Kentucky Alahlrs, I'kutft Vily, I'ul. _ Mrriiitre ami wa^on making, NJOC I IH; and Kencfttl hlU'-kMiilthine done. Ancni for Ihe nevrhi^f Mower,Self immpln^ Utdu-s. Mitchell W IIKOU. ami other I'lirm machlnerv. Sacrsfl Heart Convent of Mercy! A BOARDING AND CAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Conilueli-il hy the Sisters of Mercv, I'klali, Mendocino Co., Cal. For further particulars ap- 'I'KUIDUKSS. ply to the MOTHKlt St' I'liiall. fill. WOOL ! roHTV (Hlj IIKAI) OI" Hlt.lll> Siniiilsli Merino Itaius i sale nt If per luail. K. M. HtA'lT. •lO-'.'in. Yorkville.Cal. FOB SALE. A Horse, Cart and Harness. mllK. IIUHHK If A NICK, (1KNTI .K AN 'IM.U., L the cart a KOIH I <ulintuiitliil_"Htiiekliiii,"Hii<i Ihe hrvni'ss l^< new. Ai)|il)' rlson's Livery .Stable. ut Whltluu A- .Mor- ClinCCRIDC forthe "MitNunciNo Dtn- 3UDOOniDC I»ATOD ANII URMOOMAT," ihe (IliBT LOCAL I'Al'KU |.iihlUheil lu tloluto- I in County All thelucal.ironeritl, and m^rliei r.ivn jlv«H »*uli vraA. ftiaiil ior MiU|.W co| j* Mrs. Hottfrliton. u real estale dealer at Spokane Kails, Wash., is siiid to have tn ado £.'50,u00 in four yearn. .Miss l''unnio Kdirar Thomas, whose pen now earns her a very handsome income, stiya that, she was working for only u week a lew years ago. Mrs. Oilniore, wife of the famous hund- imister, arranges most, of the music for the bund, mid in many ways assists her rnts- bund in his professiuual work. Miss Nellie lily is the author of an interesting volume called ''Around the 'World in Seventy-two Days," which contains u graphic description of her recent trip. Olive .Schreiner, the author of "An African Kami," has, it is said, a liking for raw meat. She takes her beefsteak just wurni euimgh to remove the effects of the ice box. One of (he most uutetl ot Ksuisiw belles is Miss Olark, of Leavenworth. She js u bloude, with blue eyes, a peachhlow complexion uud a beautiful lniuiilt, which reveals peurly teeth, Miss Helen Reed, who won the S.-iigent prize at Harvard for the best translation of an ode from Horace, Is a tall girl of the orunetta fype, with large, dark eyes. Her voice is low aud sweet. Miss Lillian Blanche Fearing, the only lady of the 181X1 graduating class at tlie Union Colleeje of Law in Chicago, is entirely blind. Utr mother has been hereon- slant companion dm-jug her course, aud read from the books to her, Mrs. Hechtman Is said to bu the oldest woman lobbyist In Washington. She hay interested herself io behalf of thousands of claimants other thau pensioners, and in all sorts of reforms of tlie general laws lookiug toward the relief of oppressed classes. Cora Myrtle Carpenter, of [, Mo., knowxi as "the child medium," H years of age, is creating a sensation in the west by her "inspired" lectures. She talks learnedly on subjects suggested by her audience, such as "I'rogression,*' "Why Was Jesus Called the Messiah?" etc. {da Lewis, ,-u Newport, is the only woman lighthouse keeper lu the country, and the last, it is said, to whom will be given a light by government. It is said also that no light on all the coast, is more perfectly attended to than is hers, and the government inspector always gives her an unusually high report. According to a pretty Ensll-di custom the Duchess of X'ortland was offered by Le:- husband a superb necklace of rara stones on the birth of her little daughter. She declined the gift, and asked to hava its money value given to build new alm.i- houses on the estate for the ben-.-ilt of sick or lull nn tenants. EQUIVALENTS OF BIBLE UNITS. A cubit was nearly 22 inches. A bin was I gallon and 2 pints. JSnekfel'ii rod WHS nearly 11 feet, A finger's breadth is equal to 1 lu^ll. A day's journey was ubout 211 1-5 mllei, A piece of silver or penny »as la cents, A uaud's breailLh is equal to ii u-S laches. A raits was less than a quarter of a glass. A talent of gold was $ll>,t>0U and of silver (A'IS.30. A shekel of gold was $S and a firkin was T ceuts. Au epluib or bath contuins " gallons and i pints, A Sabbath's titty's journey was about an English wile. A shekel of silver was about &0 ceuts uud a tartliinit was 7 ceul«, Mr. W. H. Bvoarley, of Detroit, reports that thu Hit of governors who have Indorsed the raising of a fund to-scud a tes: tlmmital trcn; America to tier old ally, I France, continues to grow, and how in| etudes nlnet'.veu state executives. j One person ont of every 80s lu the United ; Stare* is said to b* Insane; lu Scotland It is oue in every 5T4, sod in the agrluiiltui'al - districts ot Knglaod tUe propoitiou is on* roiul unil use indivi-liial efforts to the (in.jO'-t a sttiH-ess. Let the lunil, oi Isums, nlretuly sul>scribed, (.fL'HO.OC'O we believe it is) be handed ovfci to tlie county as ti [uml nu You'd bid hlin pause j wliicii to coninintK-ff a pniclii-al survpy of I the most direct ami fnumtilo route, to I lie northern line of when it is In railroad men get in anil put inonev anil brains into the concern, and exert all the inllueticc ttiey can wield to ptwli the rotnl through. We want u lu'innotttin-f . .. riiilwnv tio-.v, not .ii or It) lieiu-e.— racket on the passeugers, «xl 1 know from ' // v ,•,,,',;//,, //,„„,. /,„„„„/. " your disappointed look that you've been ! up to something now that ain't panned out j * * * well, so off ye go!" j A jerk of the bell, a sudden stopping of the train, a quick apiwarance of a brawny lirakenuiq, a slight scuffle near the door, and the gloomy passenger had Indeed gone (lying from the platform, and the train had gone on, leaving him alone In this cold and vaiu, cruel world.—New York Tribune. "Itnyal < mllprv of I'nelry nnd Art" is" the title of a suinpliiou.s Hnynl Quarto Volume of :>4J naiies li .'Voletl to seleelinns Iroiii ibe' ICnglisli literntiire, li.itIi prose am! poetry, nin.le tiv skilliul and sympathetic bands. Its value is on- bmieed by short lii'i ^ntpliies of faeh of the 40:1 wiindurd antliors, whose prDiluc- 1 1. m it cnntiims. A prominent feattire oi woiidcri 'iil heuiitv, inlerest and altrai-t- ivr -nesfi is lontui in its nearly A. A snjierh illustrations. The combined result it" nn "'; ino>:i*nsive vel elegant voiunie (retni!im» : .Mendocinocounty, AiKl • ^{...n and *4.rxf in elioicc MwlingN) •tltpil. then let liona tide i whi-h ititrodnees us to the. best ennipniiv ! the world has ever known. The work i« j sold by Mulwrri 'ition only, and irn rare nr- I tistie. as well as great liiernrv and histor- ; ic value, are nt <>nep rwoenw.(»\ and n\t- I iireciiiU'vi liv iment and »Hlj *>ril >»r nlikH, j making it a sure Hale for heuinner* »H ! well as more e.\|>erioin-ed eanviiHHPrK. I Kor t.'itns or tiaem-y apply to Th©.(. IV»\v! ing Coiri[iariy, 81.1 .Market St., San I'mu- j eiscii. ilt. County Artvertiaintr, Tower of Imagination. Mrs. Hrown—I dou't see how you could pay your good money for such a bottle ft/ Ink as you brought home today, [t hardly holds anything. Urowu— I guess you won't think so when you go in the parlor. I broke the bottle on the carpet.—Drake 's Magazine. Let Htm ltuve It. "1 waul a peuslou, sir." "Were you wounded in the late warf" I'XO." •'On what ground do you ask for a pension.*" "I was a census enumerator, sir."—Pitt* burg Chronicle. Im|ieri4tive. She cried: "Oil, ilorlluy. do not go) i cuunot live without you. While you're awuy the houis drag stajr; With Jeulouny I doubt you." Said he: "I'm very sorry, dear, That 1 canuot he trusted; But. go I must—that fact |s clear— r'or my suspender's busted." --Clothier aud Furnisher. A Uome Thrust. Spacer—Oh, well, 1 don't care whether you accept my jukes or not. 1 eau sell them elsewhere. Editor—I dare say you can. What has been done once can be done again, and all those jokes have been sold before.—lipoch. Not in tlie Treatment. Visitor (at lunatic asylum)—I see you give your patients amateur photograph) outfits to amuse them. Snpftrintendem—No, they bring them With then). —New York Weekly. The present, law allowing the Hoards of Supervisors of the several counties to lix | the price at which till county tulveriisinp ! shall be done, isone that is totally wrong, j and vicious in its tendencies. As nu il- j lustration we give tlie prices fixed by the j Supervisors of Orange county. 1 The Supervisors on Monday established j jr, a rate for the printing nnd advertising, the understanding being that the county officers get the printing done where they pleased, but tho price must not exceed that Met by the Board. The prices made are low till through, and in »o:ne eases the work cannot be done without a direct loss lo the printer. The rate for county advertising was put nt 5.)cents ner square for first insertion. 25 centH for each next live insertions, and 15 cents for each insertion thereafter. These nre just about half rates, and the papers of O.ange county should combine and refuse to publish any county advertising for any such price. Such act inn would, we believe, he entirely legal, nnd would foroe the Supervisors to pay a de- oont rate, The recent Editorinl Association meeting ut Santa Barbara took up thih very Real Estate. in oa I 00 I) E Wehlon to \V I; Marble- -Lot in l'ollio . J H Wonderly, ct al tn Ussl "edwumi Co—K of HW >4 o.*'seu I, s •* of ae \ of see '4, e of HW of see 5, and other lands, tp 33, r 18 L V Loivnes to K Snntt— S H of sw U of sec 11 sud ae U of se ^ of see 10. tp 18. r 12 10 (0 John MeVbee to J I» r llistt—Lot in llooiiville 630 00 B J Shay lo L Van Duseii—S of »e S» of sec W and mr % of m- !* of sett X* to lii, r U 42S 00 H H Jurvis ami J A Nichols to Fort UruW Itednrimd On—An undivided S int. vest in and to 9" 74-10(1 seres of lund in ii" >4 of sec 34, >p 19, r IT, lying southerly of the dividing line hi'turcu the water sl.fd of Laguu* uud Pudding ereek Agi-eed pure'money J 1) Sherman to It H aim A N Itatvles— Lot 3 uud «e »4 of aw % and e h uf sw h ot see 3. tp 14. r 14 10 00 Ft Bragg Kedwoial Co to H F Milliken - Lois 0. 7 and 8 of block 48 of Fort Bragg 830 00 .1 unil ill >. Taylor to A W Hilay and J A ibudin —E aud sw or o! seo 21, S hi of sec slid other lauds, tp '21, ... r |5 |2U3a acres) 3(100 00 matter, and il wn H the unanimous opinion > E „ M(11 . S( , ,„ L u Mf)|1ls _ Lo()) )u pj of those present that tho Legislature al ; Arena 1004 ii its coming session should pass a lnw fix- i \v H holly to Win Uerscr—An undi- ing tho price of legal Ante and county ] hi" interest in and lo lands ad- advertising at n uniform figure, and tnW-. jai *«>t to Muudovlnu Oily ft ing away from loenl boards nil power hi • the utalter of pries, only loHving them to ; designate tin official paper. If the papers j to E (* Johnson—he nr |L A UiliHoii mid II Sliugerland us Cluaidiau of est of Lauas MoFirlai'd, . ., .,, . , .. . Moive-lfiuoivsot laud in I'uttur in the Mate will take this matter np our ; >y„ vu i w 'arren togislatorK will go to Snerauientn pledged to this much-needed reform.— Medlanitt 10 00 An Oh,|*>rt Leaaoii, As we strolled along the beach When llio lisping tlilr woa low, Thus my lady's silvery speech: "Mr. Freshly, do you know You 're r .u oasis to nioF CHere I blushed liehiad aiy hana); You're thegreea spot." luurintired she "lu tills arid waste of sand." — Hrooklyu Illustrated Monthly. A M.iiulug Call. Mrs. Pattangill (to neighbor who ha* just dropped in)—No, Rlvlry, 1 can't say- no, railly, I can't—that I enjoy K°ln' to funerals, 'ceptin', of course, when it's one of my own folks.—Harper's Bazar. i Citriigtaplt, Who WoUMii.-f.' lihe uUjuKit4 h'.a tt«. Aud lie* Why, ha kissed tisr. fbere wivi no oue else by, An:! .ihe is«,'l Ids sister. She ndjiistml his He, Who notildn't have Ulsset' h«r| —' and Yiuuisher Annual Report of the Donahue Road, The first tinntinl report of the San Krnn- oisco and Northern l'ticillc Hailway Company was isHtied last Saturday. Tho main line extends from l'olnt Tihuron to ITkinli. it distance of 100 miles, aud with jour branches makes a total mileage of 185.73. Under the bond ot hnprovoinents the report shows that during the year 5.321,772 tons of new 50-jiound stool rails have lieen put in the main track at a cost of (>lQ3il!71.Un. There has also IxL'on expeu- of no qr of sec l.t, Ip 30, r 17 ........ 0 ft) vio Ibiidv to J iioiidv and Wm lletser—No qr ot set- 2:1. tp 17, r 17 f v r F uudA r 'eliK to J Uiiigln-53H) "el,- land in uu nor of Itauclio MunvlSOUil 00 J I' llasseit t" Hank ot UtaldshurB—B hf ol lot 1), sec 6, and sw qr ot »w qr ol see i) sad uw qr of aw qr of see 15 .Q hf ol lie qr in? see ii, and n hi of nw qr ol see •>.'!, tp 11, r 13 1100 Oil W 1' tlnook to Iliuk of Hesldsblirg— Lot;] uud n lit nl lota SI and 10 of tteo " ,' 7, {p 11. r 13 , 400 (Mj \ Juitics Mhafer to Hank of lies UU burg- Lots :>, 8. ii and 12 in see », Ipll, r III 470 Al j J II 'ih-viiiilus to Usiik of Healdsbnig— ' H hi' of uu qr ami s hi of »w qr or «eo 8, tp 11, r !« ..SOU (H) | 8 J| riarrartl W MrsHrsoe Atkins—.Lot ^ J in Foi Ulrsgg . . WO Oil | I 't 'i-thiont Queries, First Boarder—Why tto you always Iocs; tho door of your room wknu you go o.ut? Second Boarder—How does It happen (lint you know it Is always lockedr—Epoch. Cupid's Kiuplujinient, We laiou' thutLMpId imvt ,r mwra The smallest r.ljfii of auy elethes. Anil yet, in nil our love affairs, Wu keep Idni busy tying besus. —Ololliler and I'lii-ulnhsr. Illidly l-lll. "It's very kind of you, old fellaw, to cuius dowu to see me off." "Not al all, bolus, 1 am ouly tou glad m do It."— K|«)th. The Annual Hatb. The troinp uow seeks the poud er itte I Uy souu uu traveled pelh. And la Buu »»hsUersd seek IMk iste Agals ins yiMrty talk ilotlforrolliiigHtock,»»iillillii8H ,oxteiiH |.>nH| Mrs (Jrsui Vlkius to M-H HIIMH IUI- etc, iho sum of $!!!, 74R.ft'J. The prinei; i bine-- Lot in Frut Bras>g iMXI On pal extension wsis made from Siintu Uosu j G \V Burger t«4 It Uurgvr--. 181 *t »er«is to Selmstoistl, a distanco of six ami n half miles, at a cost of $10<!,2.i4.ri(i, The enrniugs of the road from March llllh to June 111), 18811, were- »s follows: 1' MIII passengers, 1)112(1,742.55 - freight, ^81,313,(17; mail servlee, $3352.90; oxpressago of laml i<<ji«eeiit to H MDVIIU . , U) f ()l§ t I 'llialliu sdmof istof Hnssu 0 Hlnk- r S ii» d. to Msi tin Oorbltl -Au nn- 1 m ilividutl l-S Inlerest in slid, tn sw. nr•>-'••< Jr e lit* ol m qr uml m qr of nw,' qr , sfiw • sSi fBl 2">. ip J1 r IS, suit sw nr i>l s« qr ut ' & t I A| J II J H ficwls oi si In Jl Jl iiaut>-Lnt S-17-Ti ftfl- misi -idlnnnoiiH 4128 4R • hitnl I 107and 108 Yorsio liiiutho :.. .> J. 1.^ Vr. .r, .'. ' 0 «*yn'ilds to P « Well. Lots 107 and ~ $220,20:1,50. Tho oiwmtlng ox|ieiit<e« for L wif. Yiisayu Haiitli .. , Uie sansii period were; Knr condiu-lliii/ j^jljj "j^ v *l'"* "swwSliJ- t'i ',4b0; uml -iteiwmN- of oars, *.W8 7i»; j '^"f "Jg*^,*""- •* WMnr exponsos. 110,015 .110; , ,, . . , _ leaving M a net enrulne for that ^rlod. 1 0 I^^IVM^^^* if77,91M.Oil. Tho arnas eHfuillgH tor l(ie J A J '•<'*•«; A. # j*>«j year ending June 30, \m, WBS.Wi.l.dil nnd tho total operating expenses for U;e same |icrlod »501,7d3.aH, 0. W. Tllldilll will wcl\4>Mw ^|HttM*« for Ulf L^Ai^fiMMiK^'f ?SS5< title suiUutvn*rmp Fori (JfaUl T .I M U U-MD*) ytmw* nit;

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