The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 14, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1894
Page 9
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"A Trip Around the World," or Tennyson's Poems, a elegantly bound, and a souvenire fit to grace your parlor or rnrr * ft r library can to secured IWt, V" We Solicit Your Ins Of the Famous Clothing •*• AND 1- Merchant Tailoring House (DOMING ANOTHER YEAR Q DFBOWNING Tbli Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST i -WILL VfSIT- OAHROLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, DSC. 13, Burke's Hotel •Qas day only every month. OoniulUtlon fist. HEftT MEN WILL FIGHT. Great Chicago Packers After the Sugar Trust OOHGBEBB THE BATTLE GROUND. Ue Cures Whea Other* Fall. ALL CHRONIC DISEASES Disease* of LUNQ8 and SB ART STOMACH Mid LIVER NERVOUS njasAssa D/8EA8E8 of WOMEN DISEASE*} of MKK CATARRH, ETC., ETC. Young and Middle Aged Men D8T MANHOOD • Beniluul Wi 01 Pkf - - ""iweUiw "ot TSanTy Powers, Drains, IAMOCS) or <U>M«t, VANICOCKL*' and ^. -b» Train ol «ri!t rMulUog front iCMMSS, BNNOM.. IN. XOUTBi •£... «0 , riuoloK »wue ol the loflowlng efle nousneu, BmlMlous. I'ltuplvs, Bl billty. Dlulnc n, Defectlro Mauior r, A WlffPower, Oonfoiion ol Moat. AMI vsn *o*l«ty. Sonuttl KxhHitlOD. ftln la lb« Back «W.. Mtghtlng the uvoet radunt bQp«i, rMd«f • dtifotf »*rris»e uuiiftuuy tail buitUsii » ftfl- vi« i swsupmg MMHiMiias to an anUmMjr graft, MO HATTCM WHO MA* fAILIOi WQIBIUlM BooRr. IlinM ooreifthQUittoii who U?« • *t»eo op TIONOUANAMTK W MAMMIAaC riam wV» sis aw •tiiuM* rtbioli io»e oouiewphtlngmsr at pby«io*l dbfoetn 01 . ..... ______ i would realtor raarrUgs s af poiunnoiu would do well to oall on its, . a «• i Dr. REMARKABLE CURES. fuioguH*tnsMoM>rl(WiMUi«aU in l imllJui'Mtytar uuilhsi titUmouUl dluvoitrteai who bad fsil«<Tta obuii u*, ipealvlliu, an* oiw %iMl(ty \ L, M, Olwie, Moot-lKud, lowa- Ourtdof osiarrh iu none ttud it. qarroil, " NMllOL l«n with'out r«li«i cured HotitonlouUimaB «(tw MMIMUni bun [Nollwii without relief, "™" w "« "•" Otftflf #t> (Kuw ito., Claim Free Sugar t* m Meeeetltr For Free Exportation at Meat Pkodnote to the European BtarkeU—Gold Balance) Be- celTe* Another Heavr Bboek bj Withdrawal of KZ.ISO.OOO. CHICAGO, Deo. 18.—A Post Washing- on special says: Word has reached here aat the vast cattle interests of the west, lepresenting an invested capital of not than |J500,(K)0,000, are about to grapple in a death look straggle with tho ngar trust and the direction of the fighting is to be lodged with P. D. Armour, Nelson Morris and Swift, the Chi cago kings of the meat trade. The United States is to be the battle ground, and unless the program mis* arries the encounter between these col oesal corporations will be the crowning sensation of the closing session 'of congress. Free sugar is a neceuitjr for free xportation of meat products to the great consuming markets of Europe. The imposition of a duty on sugar was promptly net by tho raising of an embargo against American beef by Germany and Denmark, and the spirit of retaliation it wing encouraged by other foreign mv ions with increasing heartiness. Baetllltr Again** Anerleea Meate. The merits of this question have been iretty thoroughly aired and mention is only required in this connection to em- ibatiBe the point that Germany has in- Heated clearly that she dots not propose o recede from the position ,takon with regard to American meats until the discrimination against the beet sugar interests of the German empire Is removed. Jenimn commercial intrigue Is fanning he flame of hostility throughout Kurope ;oward American meats and a renewal of the old vindicative warfare against ;Ue American meat products on the part of the old world nations la not only threatened, but felt to be Imminent. The American moat trade with faieign countries approximates »180,0<X),000 a real, and anything that thrsatssM its mighty business in a vital or Important way Instantly touches the pockets of one of tho most powerful fighting combinations In existence. a«g«v True* a OMBBOB statssy. The cattle raisers are in a state of perpetual warfare with tba great packing combinations, but when In the presence of a common enemy a oomnjnnity of iu terostaUat once formed and a united front presented, Therefore the cattle raisers, the cattle killers and toe meal distributors are pooling their Issues and remove the cause of irrita- that is disturbing their established trade. The duty on sugar being that oanae they will bombard the trust. Nolson Morris, who has toNB ahroad for several months, brings back word that the prejudice against American meats can only be removed by the repeal of the discriminating duty on sugar. Morris furnishes wore meat supplies to the armies of Buropo thai) any half down contractors In the world and bin relations with foreign governments are erase. qaently recognised as being mfl Close to give to bis oon&dential ooinmu nlostion on this subject almost tneitouii of official. He Is In touch with the very heart of Eurupoan inspiration—Hi money bags of nil the prinoiual nation of (be old world. *"" Uu» uf AoUou Agrood On. Korrii has also cauiea the word to be MM»d down the line thai if thediicriwt Mtlug sugar duty Is romoved he haj an thorlUvt! ftMurtuicea thai forww bar wltU Auiwioau u»e»t exnortera thus squarely defined, a line of action •was soon agreed upon. The details of the campaign have not been fully materialized, but the general materials have been subject of course to modification. The purpose is to go at the sugar trust in the senate at the first opportunity at the risk of blocking all kinds of legislation and forcing an extraordinary session. The theory upon which this proposition is based is that the meat interests are of more importance than sugar, the Nicaragua canal appropriations or anything else that can come up and that congress must protect them. In this fight the meat men feel that they can command , the aggressive support of the senators from' every western and southern state and put up a combination invincible. QjOLD BALANCE RAPIDLY QOINQ. B*eel¥«e Another Hewr Shook by Withdrawal of •»,1BO,000. WASHINGTON, Dec. 18.—The net gold balance In the treasury Wednesday received another heavy shock by the withdrawal or $3,150,000 from the subtreasary in New York, which leaves the true net balance $108,8f&,l75. Of the amount withdrawn only ft,800,000 is thought to for export. The full tide of gold ex- lortation seems to have set in and when t will cease is a ' problem which the reasury officials do not core to discuss, lo far this month and during the last of November withdrawals have been re- lorted every day in sums ranging from 4«,0i»8 to $8,100,000. Tuesday's report ias not yet been received, but Wednesday's returns of ft), 150,000 makes the total withdrawals tince Deo. 1 |1M,70»,«OH. Next Friday's report will show the balance still further reduced to |108,. »78,575 or lea«. The cosh balance in the treasury Is $156,A71,709. 80 far this month the expenditures of the treasury department exceed the receipts by $4,20*,680, making the total deficit since July 1MH, the beginning of the fiscal year, Kukele AppoluU Dank Itoeelvert. WABIUNOTON, Deo. Id.—Tho comptroller of the currency received a tele- iram announcing that the City National bank at Quanoh, Tex., had closed its doors. It was Cashier Brlce of this bonk who was arrested some tlnys ago on a charge of embeuliug between Ivft.UOO and fJO.OOO of its fuml&.WBa»lc liixum- Iner Gannon has been plttuadtu charge, The comptroller has appointed J. Leslie Thompson uf Sioux falls receiver of the Giticens' National bank of MuUisou, & D., wbiob closed Ita doors on Duo. 8. PROCEEDINGS IN CONGRESS. alleged fraudulent pensions, and the debate on the income tax appropriation was especially lively, but the motion to strike it out was defeated In committee by a vote of 54 to 1U7. To Restore the McKlnley B»te. WASHINGTON, Dec. !«.—Representative Broderick (Kan.) introduced a bill restoring the McKinley rate of duty of 910 per head on cattle over 1 year old entering the United States, in place of the present ad valorem rate amounting to about $Vt per bead. Mr. Broderick soys a syndicate was recently formed in the west with the intention of purchasing 50,000 head of Mexican cattle and bringing them across the border. "Many of these cattle are diseased," be said. "Their presence here cannot bet result disastrously to the cattle in this country, hence my bill restoring a f 10 rate." Xamhwtloiu Conflrmed. WASHINGTON, Deo. 111.—The senate confirmed the following' nominations: Postmasters—South Dakota: Frank M. Stover, Centerville. Iowa: Robert Barr, Adel; Rob^t flufshmidt, Lansing; T. F. Kelly, Adalr; Bayard T. Lindley, Panora, John P. Page, Mystic; Thomas B. Studebaker, McGregor; Homer L. Bwafhord, Hull. Idaho: H. O, Haver, Moscow. Nebraska! 0. E. Summers, Geneva; O. D. Sayrea, Chodron; Richard R. Mo- Mnlltn, Ponoa; Joseph W. Dupin, Sew ard. Archie M. Connor, to be collector customs for the district of North and South Dakota. Olvll Service Law Extended. WASHINGTON, Deo. 18.—The president ias Issued an order extending the civil lervioolaw and rales to the internal revenue service. The new extension will embrace ,518 storekeepers, 578 gangers, i.lWJ storekeepers' gangers and ISA clerks m the offices of the collector*, making D.471 in all. The new order goes into immediate effect. To AbolUh MM Death Penalty. WASHINGTON, Deo. 18.—Senator Mitchell (Or.) introduced a bill providing for the abolishment of the death penalty in the army and navy and to places where the United States has exclusive jurisdiction, except in oases of murder, rape, desertion to the enemy in time of war and aggravated mutiny. Florence says that Judge Rouse sentenced Oscar Rogers, convicted of train robbing, to be hanged on Feb. 8. The crime for which he has been sentenced o suffer the death penalty was perpe- •ated on Sept. HO last, when three men, •scar Rogers, Frank Arner and John )onovan, held up the eastbonnd over- ond at Maricopa station. Attempt to S»eure Con- »lder**lon of Ihe Hugitr Mill. WASHINGTON, Deo. 1H.—Senator Gray made an unsuccessful attempt tohavo considered in tho kauate Wednesday the bill reported from the finance committed striking out all the differential duties in favor of refined sugar and leaving all sugar dutiable at 40 per cent ad valorem There were a great many absentees, so that the defeat was not so decisive as to discourage further efforts of the same kind. The majority vote of 10 against taking UP the closure resolution which followed indicates, it is believed, the liu probability of changing the rules at this •ewion. Mr. Morgan again addressed the senate on the Nicaragua* bill and In concluding exprtasod his Intention ol soon Hiking that unanimous consent be given fixing a tiiuo for a vote on Ihe hill nptnt* In MM Horn*. WASHINGTON, Deo. 18.—Tba house W«dn«iday entered upon theconiidera tion of tho urgency denolouoy appraurla tioubUl, Tho UsU contained, two din puled items, the appropriation foi special pension oxtuuiuow and that tlw collection of the income tax. Thu former appropriation opened the door« for a d@b«to on tho oondoot of the poo ofljoe, fisueolally the praotloo o rnitr- Mils. WASHINGTON, Deo. J».— The senate passed bills granting pensions of $100 per month to Mary Palmer Banks, widow of Major General Nathaniel P. Banks Mrs. Katherlue Todd Crittendeu and fa Major General A. MoOlernand. re«»r lutroducee a IIIII. Deo. 18.— Senator Peffor introduoed a bill to authorise United States district attorneys to institute proceedings in equity independent of the directions of tho attorney general under the antitrust act. Cameron'* Turlflf Ai WMBINQTOM, Doc. 18.— Senator Cam erou Introduoed a bill for amendment to tho tariff law providing for a duty of ft ounta per squaw yard on hemp and jute tiwiwts and oarpating. Uauk at U*adwoo4. Deo. Itt.— The oomp- trollor of the currency grouted autliority (or tho orgauiaatiou of tho American National bank of Daadwood. B. D. lf«v« into M> WAjsamuTON, Deo. !».— Tho I'reslden aud Mrs, Olovolandhavo abandoned tbei couutry homo at Woudloy for tl»o swwon aud uiov»4 Into tUu White Houuo, H*d Klvor Urlil«« Mill. WAJUUNUTON, Deo. lt).—TUe souato j)ii>wo4 9, bill to uuthoriKo Uto oouatruo tiuu of a bridg* uoroai (ho Rad River tlw North at Draytou. N. P. | AHEAD OF ALL MAGAZINES 1 this country bas seen.—Albany Argus. IN THEi WEAK WOMEN and all mothers who are nursing babies derive great benefit from Scott's Emulsion. This preparation serves two purposes. It gives vital strength to mothers and also enriches their milk and thus makes their babies thrive. ioi is a constructive food thatJ?ro- motes the making of healthy tissue and bone. It is a wonderful remedy for Emaciation, General Qsbilit* Throat and Lung Complaints, Coughs, Colds, Anaemia, Serdfula and Wasting Diseases of Children. Sndfer PomfUtt nScotft EmttOtn. FIM. BOc.UKl|1. CURE ,*, THAT COUGH TAKB THI Worth American Review AHC ALWAYS FOUND The Bight Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time. The North A merlcau Review Is recognized on both aides <tf the Atlantic as the foremost Review in the English language, and no expenditure Is spared In maintain- ng it in IU.unrivalled position. The Review is the mouthpiece of too men and women who know moat about the great topics on which Americans require and desire to be Informed from month to month. Us list of contributor* forms a roll of the representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the Interest* of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and special attention. Among topics recently discussed are: "Woman Suffrage In Practice"; "The Renal* teuceol Women"; "WomenInFolltlct"; "Tfe* (Jew Aspect of the Woman <Juc»tlou" ana "Th» Modern Ulrl," by the author of "The Heanolv Twlui"; "The Future of Marriage"; "BvlUof Karly Marriage,.; "The Servant tttrlof tbe Future" " The Financial Dopeudoaoe of Women": '•Trmies-UiitoMi for Women"; "The Lack of Good Servmiu"; "AiBorloau Lite and Phfilooi DotertorutlOD"; "Good and Bad Mothen" "Tn« Tirauni of tlie Kitchen"; "The Amateur Nurse"; "Mark Twslu'n Defense of HsrrMt Sheller, "etc. oto." fY vv i i n SHILOHS CURE 1RRH REMEDY. ot*. A New Feature For 1895. Tho Review will publish In II ohtpten, b»- glnnlim with the Jauuaiy nainber, Ute Personal UUtory of the Second Empire a blitorloHl work ot uniurpaiied Impertanos, which will throw a Hood of UBW light upon tba oheqae'ed oun>or ot Nmiolooii 111, and Ihe In- llueucut whloh led to (tie oollaine ol bit Knplrej In lh« giKHnllo urugglo wllb nulled Uenuaai. ttMdor Wllholm I, iiml IiU Iron Clmuccllor. It • •i fasolnatlng as « ronianoo, belog richly anso- doUl and full ot Intoriunllou drawn trom soor- D«I hlilierto li\ueo,e«»U)lo, i>r«ieated In UM gnphloiind vlvsoioiu sdlo whloa "Tha Rag- lUhumn ot Hnru." by the nuiue author, baa uiado (amlllnr lo thouiamli ot reader*, 6O Cents a Copy; 95 a Year The North American Reuieui, 3 Boat 14th St., New York. LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blaokamithing, hona shoeing, plow frork aud general repairing. VWGON MfVKER A first class workman in wood is employee in the same build ing, and we are prepared to do all atylea of wagon and carriage work and repairing. U8 A CALL, JERHY LUCY, Proprietor, Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. iu aejl gumiu Iu donloruj uo p«dJUn|i ex uuuc^e <uy, baat side *'ne. $75 00 n wontl- Bulury aud eipir ; or (nrni 1 (ioiiiu' l 'ciou n>ade. A • J with a two osn t utRtuj) for uaale4 Ur«, Olifkm 8""^ nnd YPM°«

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