The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 2
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tttfe «*tv£itft tfeAtim THE MALVERN LEADER AS ALL-COtrStf tWBBKLt fr»W§PAP»B Stop* Wfc*tt YHttf Tifflf* t* ft WUlltMAfi, Bntersd In th* Port Of fee at ilalvern, an Mtttftd data tttifl,_ tt*tt«r,, • ——••""••• feflni of Subscription: P*y*M« ill Ad***** 0*e copy on* year - - - **.»<> On* copy ta«* months .50 HATtONAL UBE^OCI™, OFflOtAL COtmtlT PAW!*:—All tie otfWal proceedings of ti>« Board of Supervisor* are pri&ted 1ft toll la this paper. Adv*f tiiing Rate* DISPLAY. 26 cents a column loch; 6 cents an Inch additional for composition. E*tra for guaranteed position. LOCALS. Classified - - - 6c a line SEND m«nt promptly of an/ clmtiBM In their nddres«<*. Under the new pSgial lawn, newspapers and periodicals must pay postage due for notices of Rny cWxcea In «''dres« fumlahed by the post ofttct. In addition. ther» £ also the problem of delay In delivery or »l' u ™ to Bet the paper. The beM plan ta to lend the change of ftddrcw In advance. _ . _ --. EDITORIAL A few days spent from the usual work shows In a most disconcerting way Just how easy it I» for the rest of the world to get along without us. Rumblings of revolt are being heard in Congress and wo may soon sec again that economic lines and not party lines divide our national legislators after the spoils ot office have been distributed and no longer can be used as a whip to keep timid officers in line. tie farther along the fcazatffotis provcments and »««**« ft a inroad ot modern progress. A»d he has made htt ttfe WOT* pay — perhaps too mtfeh. But what chiefly interests as are the methods employed By the fiery southern senator. He did the dirty wot* of sintteg the foundation of hfs political machine deep in the iatJd affd mire of the country constituencies of his state. He has teen as ruthless as is necessary tor Bt,ch wotk and advancement and has always been willing to fight as the frontier badmen fought — no holds barred and winner take all. grasped the rewards -wftft fts wfrch last as a *&v*ge caiwri- ft»t ehteftatt drttting the blood at Ms fallen *ne«r. A |*eearfet«i mtttttfe ot aM **d ha* Been H«t«y tt'i fcaot&ef matter to eolrtffer wftfeft ltd* has 1W»» freddmi- nant^-MS attralstlc OT f*t*&. It'* another matter td jftdg* *toifc«* trre eovM-efgn stat« m Louisiana wo%ld t>* better ot with or wfthotrt his font %. fee*. Bat an ttttaA adiMt tttst th* tCWgflen has gpiasMd Wit* on the great political cattta 1 * as only the greatest ol arti«tl are able to do. History c« treat 4«M ot at itctt t& t*t* tf *M tt* to Japan that £.***«•» X.te«WSt army than <M and T&* Bill. Voted Atita Ta* Reduced JPnftiishes CWeM fTewH Opinions Sot The Hoti^e beat the Senate to* B tate dispensaries with *n P J saB e of a tax bill. After only —"« -——- »--•- three or four days arguing orer substitutes and amendments, the Plumbing in the Comic Arts It's a poor comic artist indeed who hasn't drawn at least one picture showing o broken water pipe and .water flooding the bathroom two or three feet deep. IT'S NOT FUNNY. however, when your plumb- Ing breaks down, because ot faulty installation or material. It's not human to be Infallible, but you can be much more certain of protection from not only leaky pipes, but from serious drain troubles, poor service from equipment and other items which mean expense and repairs, by always hav- Ing a licensed plumber do )your work. Knowledge and j -experience — absolute requirements for a plumber's | license — make the difference between a good, serviceable plumbing job and an 'expensive (because of frequent repairs) and even dangerous job. , R. CARDWELL IJcensed Master Plumber Phone 08 •>:* Mulrern In spite ot the fact that the work is being done In the hardest and most Inefficient manner possible, CWA will accomplish a considerable amount ot important and valuable work for the country. When It Is considered that the money thus spent has a certain relief and recovery value In addition to the worth of that work the CWA seems better justified. We sometimes think that it will make no difference whether the nation has a 25 cent, a 50 cent or a BD cent dollar as long as enough people have enough of them to use. It might be predicted that when and It the depression is definitely ended neither the cheap money nor the hard money enthusiasts will have many controversial facts to definitely prove their theories. If you are among those who think that the heyday of county high school sports was five or ten years ago (or the time when you were in school) don't neglect seeing at least one evening of the county basketball tournament which is in session in Malvern this week end. It now looks as if there are fully seven good teams entered in the classic and there should be much good basketball In each game. Another staunch blow against the colorful political machine of Huey Long was struck when citizens of New Orleans elected Bemmes Walmsley mayor In preference to the Long candidate. While he admitted that he was especially weak in the New Orleans field. Long will feel the defeat deeply. Almost the last of his type, Huey Long has at least added much color — '• with deep splashes of red and bold strokes of a more somber pigment closely resembling mud— to the American political scene. Few, very few, national figures exist today who have climbed from obscurity up the shaky and sometimes slimy ladder which Long has chosen to ascend. As do all of his ilk, Long has done much in favor ot what President Roosevelt has publicized as the forgotten man. He has fought effectively and with some blows below the belt the large financial and monopolistic business interests. He has given his state some needed im- Honse last Thursday afternoon suddenly voted on the administration bill, H. F. No. 1, and passed it with but 13 votes against. Not the most optimistic member ever predicted such a re- Isult, nnd the more deliberate j Senate, after six weeks of serious and learned argument over taxation matters, discussion of every other plan of taxation, and action on some dozens ot proposed amendments, was still arguing over the bill when the news catne that the House had not only passed the bill, but had buck." "passed the S*tw*ky the" administration ittoW- hi * tote of 86 to 88, Behted that aptafttitfy one-sided vote toy a wee* oi t»ttt*t debate a«d, ft* o** tote, the tBost tertoo* ifcrnat to th* ptesfdwit'8 deaina^ tie* el eoi«|t*B* winch ha* oe> earred this session. . fie o*ty stttwtantial amendment to the Mil as passed was a provision timtttnfc th* operation oi the «**HttiUttS fan* to three years, a eoBcewfOB by the president to the otiectof* in the Sen^ ate. A 1«*8 important ameadittent gave power to the admintstfattofi to Isste currency hacked by the pnfchaseg 6t sfltef trow aathor- tied by the treasury. The amendment tot which a Many Senators were hopeful of such action, as it seemed the only way out. nnd tnx revision in this special session is now Just where it should have been expected to be four weeks ago •— sifted down to a question for conference com mittees to work out and report for final action. Friday forenoon, after an hour of steadying their nerves, the Senators voted to make the bll a special order of business for Monday. Jan. 20, at 10 a. m Members stated they could no Intelligently take It up at once because they had various amend monts they wish to offer to th House bill. These amendments, it may be expected, will cover everything already gone over and then some — such as allocation of the revenues raised under the act; machinery for making tax returns and enforcing the law; substitution of the gross tax feature for the income and'retail sales tax; changing of the retail sales tax from two per cent to one per cent. And some will wish to change the income tax schedules from the graduated scale of one, two, three, four and five per cent on each thousand dollars of net income up to $6,000 to make the same scale go higher and up to flO.OOO. Looking to tlio Election This week will see many rec- rd votes In the Senate on this ax bill. And that record will be precarious one in the next elec- ion. Income tax advocates will xamine the record on that schedule; business will be made about he two per cent retail sales tax if not their customers also). The orporatlons paying both taxes will doubtless haunt those who voted to heap on them an addt- two per cent net income „ r indl vidual constiiners' license of one dollar per year. It is generally predicted that the bill will Jiasi both houses In substantially tha form, though It may go to con ference committees for final ar "angement. Senator Fralley, chairman o he liquor control committee asked that the liquor bill passei jy the House be made a special order of business In the Senate mmediately after consideration of the tax bill. That means the lard liquor act will not be a January baby. Anto Taxes Reduced A new law Is now in force which reduces the amount of automobile license fees to be paid annually. After the third year of registration a car license will be reduced 25 per cent from the regular rate; after the fourth army of 1W4. a. HI w>fc<Ss»*ft «* th * orefgn ««««.»<*£*?» c. tad ft 8 tJOt uu*w" . BtAlff,, in his first speech in a year, warned Japan an* ny that war with the sovie we,™ certainly resnR• »« W? ntst revelations in A«a ana year, BO per cent; after the fifth year 75 per cent, nnd after that the car value tax levied will be removed, but with a minimum of $7.BO to be paid on any car. Refunds can now be claimed for 1934. It Is estimated this new law will reduce highway revenues about $1,200,000 a year, This concession to the used car owners helped smooth the feel Ings of those members who had to stand for a refinancing or re funding law, also passed las week, by which those countlei finding it necessary to extend .heir bond payments can do so to the extent of one year. By thl means such counties are saved any danger of a direct property tax to take care of their highway paving bonds. A lot of little bills, heretofore thought lost in the shuffle, are now being considered by the House. A few ot these also got by in the Senate Friday afternoon and Saturday, during the lull in the big tax racket. iClaims^agBinat'C , Juries and damages of one kind and another seem numerous. Many are allowed and appropriations made to pay them. Last week when the House finally got its steam roller working, it landed from 60 to 69 votes on every roll call. ,,• It must be said that Representative Arch McFariane, ot Blackhawk county, Cunningham of Polk, Lookingbill of Story, and large section of the Senate hac fought, to delegate the administration ot the stabilization tnnd to a board rather than io the Secretary of the Treasury» was opposed by the president and was eliminated. fhc r*at scare of the hill's struggle through the Senate had been the amendment proposed by Senator Wheeler to reme-netiie liver. The desertion of a large action of the Democratic sena ors from the presidential camp o back free silver came in spit of reminders by the democrat! eader, and the amendment wa defeated only by the aid of con servatlve Republican votes. Th vote, 43 to 46, showed a large; gain from all previous votes on ;he question and U appeared doubtful that it the measure should again appear that administration pressure could prevent passage by the Senate, The monetary bill was scheduled to be returned to the house Monday for swift concurrence in the Senate amendments, and for presentation to the president early In the week. The pronounced strength of the dollar in foreign exchange in spite of heavy pressure from American governmental agencies seemed likely to cause immediate devaluation by the president after the bill is finally passed. * * * * Val building program was sttl awaiting the approval of a no unfriendly House of Representa '"ft* navy indicated that add tlotial appropriations to abou 125000,000 would be asked o Congress In order that wot might Immediately be under -way At Tor*™, Arizona, one of th most highly publicised of desp tadoes at large was captured witn three other persons. John Dllllnger, leader of the . tie action of ife« ti«lrlfl get- ern*ent d*rtoi ttt# toft l«j moirtnB in «lrwrt«r|, «• eterte to- waf d the fofgettWk ttfft Utft *»- gerrte** t* fcfft tfctt he I* abW t* ****** to iimself nnder nofSial WSffcdftto&t has Been entfrtf? ftrtrtfd 1* tie* ot tna fftct Ifcal w« trave been faced wlifc t* *8<moiBle emergency. The people should keep in mind however that toatty »t those practices pfohabty win Sot 1» continued as a permanent policy. Every individual and every nftlt of government should assume a certain responsibility in Order to insure a permanent natlo*. when duties that woald normally be performed at home are shifted to the shoulders of the Federal Government, the government itself thereby becomes more remote. Immediately there is a tendency to transfer the performance ot local duties to those farther along «""«• ~ rJ •M-i»t,t»«n ntv cai ouues io IOUBB wvuo. ««/u& escape from the *»«*«««.City. ^ ltjeTUable Coflse . Ind., prison last year nnd alleged | M lnlw(jtt ln leader in innumerable middle- western crimes, was in custody western crimes, was jn CUBI™, ----- . after two firemen had recognized, in oar aany quence of a cooling interest in things that should be prominent members of bis gang at a fire In a hotel in Tucson. the men will be returned to the mlddlewest to face charges of murder and robbery in several natances. Gallagher of House gross Iowa started income tax the bill. Get a ft« Tooy 5«g book of fhcse eighteen sdvettiw- ljiegt4.(iotp(iayecao«ost»donofde»ler,whowUl6iveyou » postpaid, $e^-ft44«sse4 pomtA You will receive this & «,„ |) 8B «| th« Urge book o/entett»inios adveicisioj; illysiuiiotii by mail. frd Trioofll* CONOCO BRONZE GASOLINE ional ax. Those voting for the bill be- ieve the relief to property taxes will offset any inconvenience otherwise — and that was the main object of this special session. It is estimated by supporters of the bill that it will bring to the state an income ot about 118,000,000, which sum will go toward reduction of real property taxes to the extent of about 30 per cent. Gross income advocates claimed that one-half of one per cent in their bill would bring in fltty to sixty millions of dollars to relieve property taxes, Looking forward to the nexi election, it is remarked that most members in both houses can refer their constituents to some vote, at least, which agrees with j .almost any idea that can be ad- i vanced. Senate Liquor Bill Ready After ten days of consideration of the liquor bill passed by the House, the Senate committee on liquor control agreed at a meeting Wednesday night and reported in their bill Friday morning, The bill contains just about the provisions forecast in this correspondence • last week — a five- man commission, at individual salaries of J5.000 per year, and which they proposed to substitute for the original H, F. No, I, off to a big advantage Wednesday. But that is one reason why they have 108 members in the House —• so the other side can always be sure ot someone to catalog the disadvantages. The search for candidates to fill up the Republican state ticket with winning material still soes on *— very still. When we saw Ex-Senator Stewart of Sioux City here Friday did it mean governorship material or something else? No direct JN A 11 Washington By OtiiA 1>. Wenrin Sonic events of the past few weeks have combined to become significant indicators ot the political temper of the administration. Aakpcl by news correspondent* at a press conference what his attitude toward persons prqmi nent in the Democratic party practicing law before governmen agencies and engaging in lobbies President Roosevelt declared very positively that no persons should be, allowed to capitalize on supposed 'backdoor' entrance to, the White Howe.„*;,;,; ^4,- • ~- rt .The 'resignationa'of two cratic national commltteemen nod the treasurer of the Democratic national committee were announced.' The president announced support ot a bill to prohibit members of the official organizations of either party practicing law in Washington or acting in the interests of any persons in support of any legislation, He advocated extension ot the bill to include past officeholders, In Iowa » grand Jury brought in indictments for the Democratic Lieutenant-Governor and a bond broker, after the PWA and the Department of Justice had been investigating PWA- affairs in Iowa for several months. Secretary Jckes declared that the policy of the PWA was for strict prosecution of all Irregularities regardless of the personalities af- Of recent this office has been receiving numerous personal letters, telegrams and resolutions urging that CWA work be continued at least two or three months longer,. The advisability of taking such action is seldom questioned In Washington and there is little doubt but what additional funds will be provided. I expect to vote for such an act myself. But as one who Is greatly concerned over policies that affect the future ot this nation I am prompted to quote from the remarks ot Congressman Hatton W. Summers ot Texas during the discussion of an appropriation bill. Mr. Summers said; "Mr. Chairman, that law is stated most generally, I believe, that nature will not waste her energy. I believe we all appreciate the necessity — These remarks have been Inspired by the fact that the present emergency in our economic affairs will eventually pass over. When it does we fflttst be ttte- pared to continue carrying Our share of civic responsibility and not assume that Washington is the only source of blessings. In other words, regardless ot what steps may be required of the Federal government at present with which most of us are in complete harmony; yesterday, today and tomorrow that government is no more and no less than you and myself. Our own personal traces must not slacken, Jan. 26, 1934. WHEN YOU VISIT DAVENPORT MOTU. I of the doing now the extraordinary I think I do of most of things that are now being done deal with the,econpw^ sit^a, trig ot -those thing»-by ttw Qoy- ernment tends to have the peo* pie for whom those things are lone want their Government to Io many other things. This economics program Justified by necessity creates a mental attitude ot dependence, a lack of self-reliance, a lack of courage, a lack of determination to take care of heir own affairs. In the presence of a situation like that it seems o me the clear duty ot public officials and Members of Congress, of everybody, to hold to he people of the State all ot the government al responsibility which they have the government fected, In Washington it was an< information has leaked out as to who will be those five outstanding and competent men to head liquor control. JANUARY Malvern Cold Storage Co. Cimpbell ServiwSti. SilyenAutoCo. Stop Getting U THIS 85« jf M Use this bladder laxative, priye out the impurities and excess acids which caw&e the irvltatloii that wakes you UP. Qet a regular 26 cent no» <jt ^UKUTJ. W»4a from bucliu leaves, }untu«r oil, ete. Aftw four d»y* twt, U ao4 ed, go Itftek nua get your Thwy work »tt tb.0 bladder ur to oajtur oil on tbe mw t-U. tJladdw Jrreg«l«rUy U Aft lure's a«ftKM nlfUftl ttud to feel UeUw? fttter ou tUU nounced that the president urged all California Democrats to support the election of Hiram Johnson to succeed himself in the elections next fall, The .administration avoided positive commit^ ment concerning the candidacies ot other left wing Republican senators who supported Roosevel for the presidency aa did John son. » * * * The Chautea>!>» goverwwn ended its fight against detest by resigning the French governmen Saturday. The government re signed voluntarily as, public uproar over the Stavisky scandal had made their position" untenable, although no vote of dence bad been risked. Riots in Paris, iusvJriad by lie ladignation, at the frauds to investors and by yepaate Wfttpry articles frow tfce newspapers, were put down only whe» cavalrymen ^fled the lice in compelling order. It seemed, likely that JSdauard Herriot, tower premier, SSwSi A BLACK.-HAW'K HOTEL "HERE'S 0 DON BILL I WIND' faroiiy budget FEBRUARY !M$bfe«tb8*«BW*St s4]&ihl4*w«p«s«*. **»Ww &*1

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