The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1931
Page 6
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••:•; >AGi; SIX BRUSHING UP SPORTS Hy Lauf'd Great Track Mccl at Philadelphia Should Provide ; Talent for Olympics. HV CI.A1RK IIUiiCKV NKA. Service Siiurls Wrll.-r PHlIjADEIjPHIA.—The wind that fell from the University of ram- j sylvanla football sails las', fall In | the grand de-emphasis gMiire :iij- i pears lo be blowing un lire bic'-sl | Penn Relay Carnival in thu cntiro , history of the- event. Tlis r.ak' !• j scheduled to swirl over Franklin Field here April 24 and ^5 wh?r the cream of eastern Sn;cr-roU?h'l- ntc track and field performr-is fathers for the 37lh renewal of trv Practically all of the spord mans am! Jumping nliiMiuwi y.n-1 lieard nbotit during th? bsl eastern indoor campaign will be here I niake (heir 1931 outdoor debut'; The list will include Barney Hor- llngcr, Russell Chapman. Eiigsn- Record, George Hullwinkle and Oscar Sutcrineister. all ate champions In 1930, mid a formidable array of running, iinnphv; and weight tossing talent cnly slightly less heralded. From all Indications, Coach Lawson Robertson would Ilk; his ow. 1 . Pennsylvania athletes lo jrab the lion's share of the glory attached ta the contests. Robbie has n.\:u:;i seven relay teams and in;!r for 11 of the (lozcn-or-sj s;rcbl events.' Furthermore, Pcnn's Irack and field artistry this year is suc'i that she may fulfill Robertson's wish. * » » Pennsylvania's biggest cantllibl? -for honors, will l>e one Tierinrd Ii;r- llnger, who would qualify In any section as a line one-man track team. They are asking Barney (o go to Franklin Field Friday, April 21. and; put.the shot,-hurl the disais. throw the Javelin, pole vault, bro.ul jump, high Jump and run the 100- meter dash, 110-meter hurillss. -100- meter dash ami 1500-meter run Then, providing he survives, he wil; be asked to hurry home and lr\- lo regain the 15 or 20 pcunrts lost in the ordeal so that he may return the following dny for some l!;;'.it exercise in the special shot putting event. This labor orgy Dsrlinger will indulge "in on the fiist day of tho games is called a decathlon even!. I can think of a much mere flttlin term for It than that. At any rate, its primnry,requisites nre a stout heart- find intestinal stamina, plus' no little'skill in running, jumping and .weight heaving. Barney must "have all of these for'he won the . championship in 19M and 1030. ' ..A Perm qunrtct Is favored to win the four-mile relay, an event in - which the Red and Blue triumphal last.year. Bill McKnlll, Roland Ritchie and Carl Coan, three-quarters of that winning combination, arc ready to defend the title, and juds- !ng from Coan's ssns.itionaal running on the indoor track, it will have to ba a tremendous lead that he can't overcome on the last lej. Another of Robbie's groups Is favored to win the' one-mile college relay championship which Harvard captured a year 'ago. Tho Quake/ four negotiated an indoor mile h. the world record time of 3:17:8. However, the Crimson runners will •permit no loafing en route on the part of the Quakers, as two of theL- quarternillcrs—Gene Record and . Captain Vernor Munroe— mat VIC KRAuT R&I.IEP 18 IN A Row To <S£T' A PEP.FEcT-3oo6.WC; JSTetT-'lo iOOVAROS. SN'-ll SW •' '• PWV.CD I'M few _ THURSDAY, APRIL ;V.'., 1X1 ' t-'w Rulh Hurt, Tom Zacharv Shuts Oj| Ro!v ins, Indians Defeated. };e champion Athletics may not _ e fpfn dcin'-f so h(>t In tli(^ Am- | irican league race to date but they did open thc-lr season at home yes- lerday with n bang by defr.'atin'; the Wnshlneton Senators aiKl I bounuliiR the hitter out of the , league le.ul while the Y:ink?es stay- ' on lop. 'I't:c St. I.ouh Car<linals hcltl to Ihrlr teat! In the National rlrcnil ! by wtnnhiR their first game at home but the Braves v.orc close on their |UT!S v.-itii a shutout ivisi over the nediitrs. The Athlpllas got only seven hits oil the pitfhlni; of (lie NaLi but thf-y only nnc 1 ,? thcin count for six urns to the ScnatoiT,' one. Grove' wnl tlvt route l>efore tlie lioinc folks. C'ronin and Cochrane hit . The Chicago White Sox socked out 14 liils against the pitching; of Cleveland hurlcrs to. win 10 to 2. rkhiodl and Appllng of the Sox hit the ball hard and Vesuilk got Hires lilts for Cleveland. Caraway was the winning pltclvr. The Cards showed (heir wares at home by coining; from behind to win :i thrilling game from the Cin- nii) you KNOW THAT— Maurice J. McCarthy. Jr., will bv taken to Gicat Fnila, Montana, on business this year and may not compete in the major lournair^nts . . . last year he won (he Metroiwlilan Amateur crown for the second straight y/ar ... he beat Gcory Vo>i. Him i:i u M-lio':i; inateh during the national amateur ai Mnion last your . . . and lie was looked upon -as a fa\wilu in the amateur of 1331. . . . Rrnlc Movers Is a voliejuall ccach for the ladies at the San trandsco Stock Kxchangc Institute. . . . Oidlime stars will play ball in SValtle June 14. . . . Amos Husie, who live.s on a ranch nc.'ir iscattle, will pitch put nf ihr game, with Duydale, formerly of the Sc-natois, catching. Marines TV/ICC • IVos 1 Beat Barons Pels.Cm:: and ic for Firs!. The Nashville VQ] S shoved Travelers down into a lie for first place with (lie Prlkaus from New Orleans, and the Oax yesterday In (he Southern Ir-a'j:ir>. The Vols won a close game from Ihc Travelers 5 to a with Mils lead holding the Pebbles at the crucial moments. IKO Moon piti-liKl for the Pebbles but could not mutch the cinna'.t Reds. 3 to 2. The Cards', performance of Mit;lp:id despite the scored one run in the sovcnth and fact that each pitcher gave up 11 ISKW^ cue in the eighth to eke out their win. The vcleran Tom Zuchary llm- ilcd the Brooklyn Dollars to four singles and the Boston Braves wen a shutout victory over the Brooklyn aggregation, <1 lo 0 Rabbit Maranville. anotlicr vet, was active in the Uraves' victory with three hits. The New York Giants, playing for the first time before the home won the fight mvnv. You r.vnlrl fiilnk Mr. .larch-, had i Ml Sir- r-red li n"'! in 5 ?'F\lTf^ ! '""•' r ~ n T -"' n '' r vr " 1r ™ «'<• 81 lfr\ !"•"""•• • ••'""•"'''• nf ' b " """"• »-in..*^-JLl UF • '"" '"* >"« e'i-.n..i-:, In Coli'm- T'tc Vcnrs Tercet | The years are forgetful, nr.d 11-rlnr- it is !u.-t r- ";el!. Not only; are !',> yc»rs forgetful, but IhV rrmrtimrs er^ntric people known; PP f|.;ht fans nl'o Invr- short me- 1 ivm-:r.i. Pn-liaps Hint's Jusi us wil. t-o. At. !e-j.'t. In .lu: .Jacob-;.! FifiJit y?ars aso. Joe i:'.ina!:er of tl-c 1 p-<:'ut ]u-n.v;".-?lr:l!f chnin- plon of tlie world. Mnx Schmelin<;; went lo Co!n:nlnis, Ga., with Ills! li-ht-heavywoicht champion, (he vrner.ibli- Mil:.? MeTtaio. Mike! wi.s to IHit Younir then a promising light-hravywelsljl. j rt the tnlk: ^-!(1 !>tt»:u'.ed a Inu- oxhili">on l-ont il?nlr drew ^r) nil,) ^ilin^fions. but Jon r^'lrrrni"; tb^l hft i-^;|iii""J n i-..i-« f,.r.,,, sinan to Sinn. pM ,, (p .,,|. ,, ,.,,„„., ,, nv tn s. On?h no! H" r rali fir. ShannoT I ' effects: u?n ^nvs! ohn "Rhnnno nnl-'n P"d Rnx w [th HOW THEY STANE Sniitlu Little Roc!: .. New Orleans . Atlanta Mumphis .... Birmingham .. NnslnlUn Americ .lor Sees the Forests j "listen, vniisr- "uvs! Let's cet Mr. Jacobs, once on the scon.?' rrln' out .tliere. This ain't a fu- «f the battle, did not like the way i iii-rnl — vr-t — aivl I'm no-ma pet. things loc-ked. The Gnargians were Uow Trtlin out r>r vi»<> bin!'; it T Nnw York Washington Cleveland St. Louis r ,,i; Chicago j Philadelphia Detroit Eostcn W. S 5 5 5 . 4 . 3 . 3 . 3 W. . 6 5 . 5 . 3 . 3 . 3 for fi!rihllng. n litMe inr'.les in the r.cin'.ilxirhoo;! sou:r- lir.-c previous. .Toe v.cis tnld. and 'dine of ll-o ?nljd citizens of Ci>h::n- lvl -, cvrn tco'-i inliK-, In slin'V Joe- th» very live* nln-r? the :-.menities tin-.l l)-i:n condiicfod. Mr. Ja-cV.-; (i'<- ivatch . It ii!<l bannered that JtfrTiino -'fracturrt!'- his hand n : rtiv liofcre the flsht WAS .to orcur. j However, the nrpinotr-.s of th^ tn f rrl it n p ith Prd Snv tans, won 5 to 4 over the Phillies | cr. from Philadelphia. Mitchell hnl the Pliillics' hits scattered while liils. Sluinnf of tiic V'o'.s liit a honv'r to aid tlie Vols' cause. The Marines won over the llarons S to 4 and 2 to 0. In tlie ojxMier the Mobile team got 11 hits oft three Enroll pitchcis to coj» by a cue score margin. Abernathy lilt a homer. Owns limi'.eii the Barons to two hits in the ni-'blcap of scv- LMi innings and shut thorn out with ease. Caldwell was the losing hurl- .420 .333 .333 Pet .750 .714 .G2o -COO .SCO .375 .280 .250 Himhie Critz's homer upset Denge. The Chiraso-Piltsburgh name in '.he National league ami the St. l-oii's Detroit, game in tho American league were postponed on ac- eount ot rain. The Yankees won over the Boston Red Sox but lost the mightiest 'jalter in their lineup and possibly in the league when Babe Ruth, tho Sultan of Swat, injured his left leg chasing a fly ball. He wil probably be out of the game abcut thre^ weeks. The score of tlie Yanks' victory was 7 to 5 The lossj of the Babo for even a comparatively short time will be a severe blow to the Yanks who are at present setting the league peace. \ation:\l 0 -e rf Itl (r, 5 11-lklnlT IMVMIC! v^"- Din i\lr\fT. K^inno nnv put life in the nrd Sox yet j .!"•« Mrr-iv(hv .it? nil for oancellnKJ 1 '-'" 1 ' 1 - l r " : :';ir' a! hk "IOYM T n37»rl ir ^ bittinr? wc ""' I'cr'on nf anything Pcnn can send lo the I marks. Record also hojies lo recover his breath in time to win trr special 120-yard high hurdles title. This would constitute some kind o: a record. match insfslcd Hint n fommittee r-f - jtfiVilcInK"! ex-'nine Mifce-t ailing oirmbrr and tl-.-v ennld find r.nlh- Ini v.-rcii3 with the McTigi 1 .? in.iul- er When t'l- repoil w! nro;md [lint Joe and Mike were Irvine to run Oiit ef the match, thrr^ to put wli'i piiin In hiflplr'rr^. He to third and thTo il-npw at srcnnrt tn Ji'iimv Rposn. Ho f.'nis a wnkiu«s nt. third in the ""'•son of .To. 1 P«\vrll. who isn't as f:"t as !•» u^i-d lo I:,?. B'H I think .Ino nuts his fore- li^ritl l'i his hand when he looks at hh nltfh<-r«. The stuff is full of i-'K^rt'Mntirs. Johnson P'nv como t'-iroiiTh. Go-nrv: may show im- St. Louis ] Boston 7 ! New York fi Chicago 4 Pittsburgh 3 rhil:\dfl]ihia 3 Cincinnati Brooklyn W.. L. Pet .833 .CGI .571 .42.1 Women Qualify For Tournament To Start May 3 The Memphis Chicks won over Lhe Chattanooga Lookouts with Hurry Kelly choking otC n rally, 3 lo 2, Wiulzer, who hurled ycoJ ball, got crccllL for the win. The Chicks Lcored two runs in (he flr.^t anrl OTIC S» l>ic fifili antl held the Lockouts IK? rest of the way. CoJci weather caused postponement ol the Atlanta-New Orleans game. Draft Schedule for Missouri Ball League HAYTl. Mo.—A schedule fcr the first half of the season'was agreed ii!»n at a meeting of the Scui'i'enst Jlissctiri Baseball association hor.- last night. Representatives of all ten teams were present. While the Cull schedule was not made public, opening games to br played next Sunday were announced as follows: Sieelo at. Lilbouni, I'ascola at Demon. Cooler at dcll. New Madrid at Braggadocio, and Hayti at Hollnnd. Qualifying rounds for the nnnu- al women's spring handicap tournament of tile Blytheville country club must bo completed by Sunday May 3rd. according lo an announcement by club officials Handicaps for the tourney will j be based on cards turned in nt the .1251 caddy house for two rounds, of the nine hole golf course. All women members ot the club tire urged to participate in tlie tournament. Mrs. Roscoc Crafton won the handcap tournament last year, defeating Mrs. Ernest Roe in the finals. relays. Captain Dale Letts. \\!n ranks amon^ the country's best at ! .any distance from a quarter to a I " n ' :ln!:( ' s : mi!e, Is the backbone of the M ! d- I Hmr >' Eri!n u '-" l!l( ' referee. The', way contingent. " ' f^' 1 ' populace, to start with, was: The list of favored cntran!.; f.->c= ! y''" r!lv s '-''Hi!cio-.i<; of F.7t'.?. staff. ' ins that is why Joe. wh n n to i>lck a winner, snid ho t the Cubs would win in the Ts it advisable (o set the ball on a l(T on short oar three holes where an iron is required? * • • T believe it is far better to p!ay the ball trom a favorable spot en the tecins surface than to «; the ball up on a wocdcn tec. No doubt you kiio\v that in an iron .shot. IV.r --.•.vmj i.*uiii}/iu. u|j|x.;irs ir.c en best in the 100-yard dash. Gcor", Bullvlnkle, ths cod-lh-cr-oll-train-'rl ' City College o! New York's r'?- 1 ures to repeat his 1930 victory Tr. the three-quarter-mile snpct'il rr.c- 1 And Joe McCluskey. a not-so-h-.:=ky i Fordham Iwo-mtter. is touted n; a I winner In the running-juaip:n»- swimming event, which will jpTc-aV i on the program as the 3803-iii»"er i steeplechase. tuvnoii m:t to be rlassic. It will he ifneinter.-'d "tl'.c- bat'Jo of the four dreUions" j K^rrlrack rnipnia I Tilers is nlniost n sermon in the ... >^.,v,n; 1,1 n,u :u.j; crci^'.tjlls > H wen: t!ic lip.ii. 10 r.-.'.in:!-!. and ! rare Ertle. alter Icr-kjir; ar.-uno: the rincfk'o where «at .<r.;i-,» vcrv ear- way some SPs Inrn out — I mean How often have yen rc.i:! of tl 1 .? plater that yutlflr-nly t-">iv,c his ov»'n. bratlnff hlp.h- GAMES TODAY Southern league Memphis at Nashville. Little Rock at Chattanooga. Mobile at Atlanta. New Orleans at Bmninsham. American League Chicago at Cleveland. St. Louis at Detroit. Washington at Philadelphia. New York at Boston. National League Boston at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at New York. Chicago at Pittsburgh. .Olnr.hmatl nt St..Ixiuis. I r.os'.-lookin? men. called it a" draw.; rrlced thoroughbreds? Asaln also. 'Whereupon, the carti^'.-looXinu , there is nil army of runnrrs with nTcn becn-nr- even mor.-> cnnost- j irreproachable blood lines who nev- Mookin!! than that, A drir.r.nftra- !cr .'ecm ready for the races. | lion (hat n:t»ht liavr- bun called i The thrce-vear-old \V,nr cost the i hostile ensued. Mr. E-l> t!:oir:ht • stable S45.000 as n it nil over car^uliy. n-I'.ifiriiicrr-d . v,-r\rl:usr I'.c was a sen of About Irccf. and <!fri:''d that ! Man o' War. As n two-ycar-o'.d Oh well, after all maybe S'.ribliivj War couldn't going. H: didn't did win, at that. (manage lo win a race until last 'fall. Tills year he is exporter! to , Set Record l.cavinjr | Pohcr- teok Kirry Mike tn r.o time ai'.'l , ,-.ict- In all of the bi» flakes, in- t!">ir hpt^l. They whatever a', the hotel. j'"tting «lwl if lifli.-vd tn ho a iworid recoid In phprkiur: cut. An'have done? I ::ulo:ncbr,> cavrird tiirrn lo At-! —— ~ jbnta. HITC. Mr. Ertlo tl-.ourht the 1 ms SIX SONS JDIX NAVY r.qht a!l over again and finally con-' TOLEDO. Ore. 'UP) — One of htncr-d himself that the bDiit BcaVs claims to fame is 1.1 draw after all It wasn't until 11 1 -? fact that he has six sons in RITZ THEATER Last Time Today © \EA ball must b; lilt a downward b]c-.v and turf must be Liken to be accurate. If the ball is t.;cd. i: it V'- nwt impossible to take turt. if s'.ijhtly i-ilscd ball plve« vou .To? nndlcludin; the Krnlucky Derby. Will War .ricirionly flash Into winning ?;• confidence, tho 1 form, or will 1\« fade n-.n as 'so wil i help you. The Haig nick; many other hijh-prircd yearlings] bit of earth with the cr.;l . HOME THEATRE Last Time Today TIFFAMY She wanls — \4^/ l'o\yei- Over ML-II V^ I — She scfs — Dangeroirs I.ovc VICTOR McLAGlEH. MAR.LENE DIETRICH Money' Mornfs Marriage Ultra Modern Drama of Wnii] Who Get the Luxuries]Their, 1 HusS;nd"s Qn'c Afforix Lavblij RavUKing) Fashion . cub and rests his bail on to;i Y IS TUB NAMF. OK A TIIWX Y, <UPi—Y is the lull 111:1-,- , a lown in France, which r'.i'r,-,* world record. It Is located - G Qtiramount (future Afso Conu'dy &' News Adm.—M;ttinco—JO & 30c Nigiit—If) ;uid 'I0o. i ALL-STAR^CAST' June Collyctj "I'tLJoydl Mughcs : Owen Moore) Dorothy Christy' Directed ty Phil R««n Coming—"TRADER HORN" Also Conic<ly & Travel Talk Night— !^hV£,&^ s,!sr., ft sa^S itS'fil? 11 and 14Ui - Alim - M ;S^^ N i f.r..r.ids that his previous r.p'.nlor.s ; man and has teen sent lo tho mv- iwtully deslroyed rturii-r- r>. ' j.rr.d br-cn so n.i;.-h cliKv.vnvk. nn,-i[nl li-.i:niii K school nt Sun llir, : n. Greal \Vnr, " ' -4h--*CjVWKRaBBR^BP^D "i iTTIII ••llllMHi ll^lll 1 otul Priced Less Hart Schaffner & Marx White and Solid Colors $1 .50 Interwoven Sox Underwear, Shirts and Shorts Each NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. > inumu%at3Muajaw

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