Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 24, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 9
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Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: In your column the other day you told a woman who is expecting her first child that she should not beg her husband to go the hospital with her if he does not want to go. You said he would probably faint and get in the way, and it would be better to leave him at home. Then you said, "Call a taxi." Please, Ann, don't give advice like that. I am a taxi driver and no fare gives us drivers heart failure like a woman alone Mho is on the way to the hospital to have a baby. Fve been driving a cab fori 20 years. I've had three women like that and each one took ten years off my life. The first onej begged me to let her sit in front. When she got a pain she grabbed hold of my arm—or the steering wheel. We almost hit a pedestrian. I drove the second lady two years later. She sat in back. Every three minutes she beat me on the head with her purse and said, "Can't you go faster?" Finally a squad car spotted me .speeding, which was a Godsend. They gave us the siren all the way to the hospital and we made it just in time. I 1 wasn't so lucky with the! third lady. She had her babyj right in my cab, five blocks from the hospital. I was a nervous wreck for three days. But she named the baby after mo so it wasn't all bad. From now on, Ann, tell your pregnant ladies to call an am-| bulance if their husbands won't take them to the hospital because ambulances have attendants who are set up for that stuff.-lIAC United Presbyterian Assembly Racism to be major topic in final church sessions COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPD-The issue of racism appeared almost certain to be a major topic of discussion as the 77th General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. headed into the final three I days. Much attention will center on tlie matter Tuesday niglit wlien vacy with a very special gentle^ man? I've been going with a fine man for two years. My sons (17 and 18 years of age) will not leave us alone together even for one minute. When Mr. Wonderful comes over (u,sually aboutithe commissioners" representing 9:30 p .m. because we both workjthe 3.3 million member denom- late) my sons begin to presslination will be asked to endorse their pants or wash their hair.|a statement condemning racism Sometimes they haul out their|and asking an end to state laws guitars and begin to practice.[banning interracial marriage. Or they will do research fori But it popped up twice during term papers which makes it nec-i Sunday's meetings and seemed essary to parade in and out of! much on the mind of those at- the library until 2:00 a.m.—ifitending the assembly. Mr. Wonderful stays that late.l The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Spike Wlien they have exhausted all;of New York, executive director other excuses they drag out polsjof the National Council of and pans and cook. I Churches' Commission on Re- My younger children go to bed ligion and Race, told the dele- at 8:00 and they are no prob- gales that Christian unity iem, but the older ones refuse should be discussed by the ma- to turn in until my guest has jor Protestant denominations left. Please tell me what to do. without waiting for doctrinal — LITTLE BROTHERS ARE differences to be settled, WATCHING ME He asked wliy cannot a single working agency of witnesses Dear Watched: Don't ask .vour,h(, formed to function while the sons-ORDER them to get their:,ijffg,.ci,(.cs are being resolved, pants pressing, hair washing, re-'sue,, joim ventures lead toward search and cooking fmished by understanding and rcla- 9:30. Tell them when you en -^Quj i,p ^^^^^ tertain you don 't want them; ' .' , _ .... , hanging around any more than! ..^i""'"' ^f*!""' ^'[f ti ,„,r vnii Closeness between Romans in t^ey have 'S' 'Catholics, and Protestants has ZrsoLarec ^mpeUngwithi;^^ '""r Tf' Mr. Wonderful and winning. If '^-^ff"'^'^ '^Y*^, ^^.^"^^^ '°;! they become too obnoxious Mr. iS'="'^'- ^"^'^ ""'^•^ Wonderful might .just drop you —and I wouldn 't blame him. Wilmore Jr. of Princeton, N.J., executive director of the United Presbyterian Church's Commission on Religion and Race, said the church's success in the racial problem has threatened the status quo in religion. "This is illustrated by the witness of tlie church and its willingness to shake up stmc- tures and gel at the heart of .planned together for joml action programs," Dr. Spike said. "We find how deeply kindred we are when we are following our common Lord into the same place of need, there to serve and witness." The Rev. Dr. Gayraund S. Confidential to RED EYES AND WET PILLOW: Sorry, Lollypop. If there aren't enough chairs in your house, ask your mother to buy some floor cushions. A 16-year-old girl should not be sitting on her boy friend's;coin and a long, seK-addressed, lap — even if they are going:stamped envelope. Dear Mac: Thanks. I will. steady. I t'nsure of yourself on dales? What's right? What's wrong? Should you? Shouldn't you? Send for Ann Landers' booklet "Dating Do's and Don'ts," enclosing Dear Ann Landers: Don't you; feel that a women of 40 whoi has been making a living for her children for 15 years is entitled to a few minutes of pri-'with your request 35 cents in New'spaper Syndicate. Arm Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of Redlands Daily Facts, P.O. Box 191, enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Copyright 1955, Publishers Salinger blasts Reagan as right wing extremist LAKEWOOD (UPI) —Former U.S. Sen. Pierre Salmger has charged that the Republican Party in California has been taken over by "right wing extremists" in view of "the prospective gubernatorial candidacy of actor Ronald Reagan." Salinger made the charge in an address Saturday before the Lakewood Democratic Club and at the same time urged the "Democratic Parly to remain a party of young people." The former presidential press secretary called upon the Dem Qcratic Party to take the lead in the fight against extremism "We cannot sit idly by and let someone else do this task," he .said. "The other major party is in a difficult position to wage this fight — because a segment of the party has been taken over by the vociferous extreme right." He accused Reagan of moving from one political side to the other. "Mr. Reagan, a turacoat Democrat, has made the swiftest transition in political history —from a partisan of Mrs. Helen Gahagan Douglas for United States senator in California m 1950 to a position to the right of Barry Goldwater in 1965." He said he recalled Reagan's participation in the campaign "as a fund raiser for Mrs. Douglas." overcoming racist tendencies," he said. Four petitions on racial matters will be brought before the assembly this week. The presbyteries of Lehigh, Pittsburgh and Northumberland, all in Pennsylvania, presented three petitions asking the commissioners to "direct its boards, agencies and investment group to explore the possibility of investing a portion of heir resources in the financing, construction and mortgaging of desegregated housing." Reject Delay Of Confession The presbytery of Birmingham. Ala., sponsored a proposal urging that the United Presbyterians withdraw from the National Council of Churches. It also asked the assembly to announce that Presbyterian ministers who participate in freedom m.arches and other demonstrations do so "as mdividuals and not as representatives of the United Presbyterian Church." .\ report was to be presented today by a special committee named to study segregated synods and presbyteries. The proposed new confession of faith received its first vote of confidence Saturday. The Rev, William T. Strong. Los .Angeles, moved to reject the report by a committee wliich had worked for seven years to draft the new confession. He called for appointment of a new committee to "carry out the terms of the contract of the Union of 1958." The motion was rejected by overwhelming voice vote. The new confession will be debated Tuesday afternoon. National Window Johnson dosing gullible citizens with syrup By Lyie C. Wilson President Johnson is dosing the gullible citizens with soothing syrup about his triumphs as a careful custodian of the public funds. LBJ saves the citi- ulate on the treasury boks. The time will come for an anguished decision. Shall the United States retire or repudiate its Redlands Daily facts Monday, May 24, 1965 - 9 zens' tax dollars like a sailor I Public debt? That will be thej saves his month's pay on a Sat -I ^''"''^Suray night shore leave. It is now a matter of just THE ALMANAC Today is Monday, May 24, the 144th day of 1965 with 221 to follow. The moon is approaching its new phase. The morning star is Saturn. The evening star is Mars. Queen Victoria of England was boiTi on this day in 1819. On this day in history: In 1626, the island of Man- Decision By Reason jhattan was bought from the Events will compel a decision; Jnd'ans for the equivalcm of about six wrecks before the gov-; by reason of ihe bare facts ofiS24 and the colony of New Am- ernment racks up another dis -ithe case. For example: The an -;Stcrdam was founded, graceful fiscal year deficit. LBJinual interest on Ihe public debt! In 1844, Samuel F, B, Morse proudly announced last month that the prospective deficit for is now the second largest single! sent the first public telegraph item of budgeted expenditure, message from Washington to this fiscal year had been re-i National defense, at more than Baltimore, duced by SI billion. The newjSoO billion, is first. The intcresli jf, jgfjo. astronaut Jtalcolm estimate was for a 1965 fiscal! ::harge estimated for this fiscal gp^jf carpenter successfully or- year deficit of only S5.3 billion.|,vear is S11.3 billion. Third high-ibjted the earth three times Only 35.3 billion! The grass -i ^«t i^/;o"'.bi"ed Healthy Labor; 1^^^ , hopper economists who havejf.nd WeLfare spendmg. &6.2 b.l-,^^.^^^ ^J^.^ been guiding the pobticians and j™^; . . ijurcd in a riot at a Peru- gulling the public over the past 30 years may destroy the .American way of life before they are chased out of Washington and into hiding in some dark ravine. Frankhn D. Roosevelt was the first president to. fall for the buncombe peddled I benefits I... _ t , • . ! IV The interest burden must ul- in • .'\rgentina soccer - match at Lima's National Stadium. A thought for the day: Russian novelist Dostoyevsky said T,i,„ I, , -lu ,—"Men reject their prophets They buy voles with promises,^, ^^,1 they love Its and services foriiheir martyrs and honor those by the big spender economists.;'^h'^^h tliey are afraid to la.x the ^^.j^^^^ they have slain." timately become too heavy to bear. The wretched choice will be retire or repudiate. The big- spending politicians have created most of this enormous debt. The Trend Continues I voters. They pay the resultant: Now You Know By United Press International The Young Women's Christian Association (YWC.A) was founded in London in 1855 by a group of Christian women who met as a prayer circle and determined to improve the conditions of working girls by prn- Ividing decent housing and good food for those living away from home, according to the World Almanac. •cnp ,„„„( m™, „i ,.• j'.''cficils by floating bonds, pass-i /wit h.l/ / 'i"g °n to your grandchildren 1955, the government spent h,i fn °l .i .n h ''i'^wl >he cos° of govern- 564.3 billion and ran up a S4.1 hll.n. nJ =Mntlh in f. n ^^^"^"5 rendered to us. billion deficit. Under the 19G5 ,h n n°i. 1^ • 1 ^Thal is the wav the politicians'Johnson - Humphrey admini.s- nniinrlrr /nr' ' n d ' ' themselves elected and re-: tration c c o n o my program, contmue to the present daj. \n j ^ .j-, f^fhcaded volers! spending in ihis fiscal year will press conferences. IDR would^^^ ^.^^^^ ^^^y ^,,^^1^^ S97 billion for a S5.3 billion hlt^^ c J n 1 i " , =1 • ' 'hev are being flimnammed. I deficit. holder, smi e his most charm-: ° . ,. , ' , . . „ ,, ;„„ cr^;i„ on,i ,11,, Ten vcars ago. in fiscal vcar This is economy.' ing smile and respond to ques-, •_ ______^ , lions about deficits and the public debt by explaining: "Don't worry. We owe il to aursclves." By that, FDR meant thul most of the government bonds floated to pay the deficit spending bill were held by American citizens. So we owe il to ourselves. The sordid implication; af FDR's airy complacency was that maybe we wouldn't need to worry about paying the debt. If: that wasn't the impUcation. then the remark had no meaning at all. The facts are, of course, that the United Slates steadily is ap-l preaching the moment of truth with respect to the vast public • iebt which continues to accum-i Factory Alignment SPECIALISTS 792-8051 CLARK MOESKAU, Electronics 1433 PARK AVE. 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