Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 15, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1890
Page 4
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653s""," i "Jti I' 14 E. S. AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, UKIAH, GAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF Roots, ta. Slippers & fc 1'IIR TUB HI-KIM; .%>•» KltMMKR TKAJll:. Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. ij Look at the Latest Styles ' They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low as Eeliable Goods can possibly be sold. TERMS GASH, AND CASH ONLY! If you want Credit, we can't Trado. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. ]).- or nn receipt o!' money order. All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. L jS!*^ a ^£™ CLL ' REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, Ukiah, Cal. SHE HAS LIVED 103 YEARS. Mr*. Aaenutli Millar, »r St.*... III*., and Her Ijiiuz w"d Hut *y f.tfe. The original of thin photograph is Mrs. Asenath Miller, of .it. Charles, Ills., and. on Aii«. l'i she will lie: KM years oM. Threa years ngo "die celebrated hernuelmndmlfh year Vv 11 reception, at which there were present over l/tM} (ICCCHI ... ami t he veooraMti lady shook liHiid.s tvifh each one, and the next mornhiir was .is lively as ever, rhotifih somewhat fatieued at nlxht. At luin re­ in:. HUr.TSELL. Ml£". ASKNA .lt! MlLLKtt. Caption she received pte-sents from nearly •ver> - one. us nil desin'rl to give xome son- Tenlr to one they had loved mid revered so long for her good actions. Mrs. A«enath .Miller was horn in Brim- fleld, Mass.. the 12th of -August, 1787, and removed with her father's familv to Cherry Valley, N. Y. She married Simeon JJarnura the 10th of .Tunis, 1804, by whom she had Keven children, only three, of whom are alive now. In 180o they removed to Shorcham, Vt., aud iu t30S or [HOB they went to Potsdam, N. Y., where. Mr. B.-vrnum died June 17, 1S25. In 1X27 she married Frederick Miller in Pot«d *iii, and in IS37 they moved to 11- linoi.s and .settled on a lartu in Camptnn. By this .second murriaue she had two children, both living, Simeon Miller, of Rogers park, and Kdwin Miller, of Chicago. Mr. Miller died in 1SCU. n>;r.l <*i. Mrs. Miller was born two yeary beforo "Washington wa.s inaugurated, and has lived through twenty inaugurations, and during the centennial visited Philadelphia and did us much sightseeing as a girl. During all of her long life she has been a busy woman, and no one can compute the amount of work done by her still useful hands, nor the good words she bus spoken, nor the kindly offices performed for other women sharers iu the hardships of early western life. She Is remarkably preserved, physically and mentally, and retains her faculties nlmost- unimpaired, and frequently makes the trip between St. Charles and Chicago, and often rides thirty miles in a day with little fatigue. She sews a great deal, and her favoritn pastime is the making of patchwork, ijuilts, a block of which shown the utmost, neatness and accuracy. At her reception were present forty blood relatives and live generations, besides many prominent persons from Chicago and nearby villages, and the unanimous expression was one of lender reverence toward her for her gentle cheerfulness, her many unheralded deeds of kindness, and her wise counsel, which has nl- ivays been anxiously sought by old and young and freely given. In appearance Mrs. Miller docs not seem to be over 10. and her active manner carries out the deception. She dresses In black silk or satin with line white lace at the neck and a pretty brooch, and over her still abundant snowy hair wears a lace cap trimmed with lilac ribbon. She Is well read, and quite up with the questions of tho day, though »be never took great interest In politics. She hopes that if the Wjrld's fair in Chicago is ever accomplished to visit that as she did the Centennial, and according to all probabilities she will jive to do so, as she Is perfectly healthy. SOME CURIOUS SEIZURES. The fuse of Dr. Bnrtaell. The Hev. Dr. Richard Lalor Hurtsell. who has been disciplined by the highest authorities of the Koman Catholic church, was born in New York, April 14, 1840. Mia early education was received in the parochial schools of St. Peter's parish and the College of St. Krancis X a v i e r. He studied theology in Montreal and completed his ecclesiastical education at tho College of the Propaganda in Rome in 1857, where lie took the degree, of; doctor of t heulogy in l&d'2. lie was ordained priest, in the game year by Mgr. Cleiueuti, urchblshop of Damascus. He alio obtained an audience and a special blessing from the holy father the same year before his return to the United States. Iu November, lHttU, he was appointed assistant pastor at St. Ann's church and continued to perform the duties of that office until 1 he was chosen by the archbishop to found ; the parish of the Epiphany. ; Some time ago Dr. Hurtsell was made j defender of the marriage tie, being the I first American incumbent of the office, i lie was an earnest friend of Dr. Mc- i Glynn in his trouble with the church j brought about by his devotion to the Henry i George laud tax theory and the Atiti-Pov­ erty club. It is for this that Dr. Burtsell j Is now disciplined. Archbishop Corrignn Issued the orders recently confirmed some time ago. An Klectrleal Crnsns. Fifty years ago ten months were allowed ' for the completion of the United States census. Notwithstanding the fact that since then the population of the country has almost tripled the present census will be completed In much less time. This is due partly to the better organization of the vast army of enumerators of course, but a I large saving * time will be accomplished, j after the returns are all in, In the compilation. It would not be far out of the way : LIGKT AND AIRY. Tj*Ht Summer's Gill. I saw her today in a crowded nlaee, My hoart- didn't throb oiul my blood didn't glow, As 1 lvX'Kcd wllh critical eye on the face 1 thought was at lUiKel's—n year atfo. Yet, perhaps If \vi. played at last year's ,{ame— If we sauntered IO.IW wh"re we used toga, Vrm to ami, hendi close -nhe'd And inethosam, As did her bifldi.ltc a year M^O. How w.ill nhe iook-l Iu her I'redi while gjwad lint this is the felly that naught condones; For ah* la the wlfo of Mr. flrown, And I. urn tfce hwrtrjnu of Mr*. Jniiea. —New York Evening Sun. If You Have -THE- SHERIFF'S SALE. CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS SCROFULA COUGH OR COLO Throat Afseiha DO YOU BEAD INTERNATIONAL! Or an*/ Dlsent* trh*** Throat tsnd Inn ^t arc Itiflnined, Lack of Strength or Xrrvm ( Pawir, you can be rtllevtd and Cured by — J _ J— CJ QnlV Inuuaturiiil. "You see," rumnvkeU the ivimiteur nngk'r, "wo l<:t'L tho hotel with u lunch hamper, two bottles of rye, HIHI nur fishing tackle.** "Hai'u pretty l'nir sport?" vuututxtl the Kill's t. "FuJrl (Jlorioun! Oulyjit thcslnrt some infnrnul trump wem to work tmd stole our" "Hamper, ehV "Oh, no, nut mo K-id .'is (h.-tt! Ouly our iishlQK tttcklttl"— American Ureter. Ho C'mistMttt'il. Uncle Dick—What is he, my th^nrt Aa your ftimrdian I reiilly think I ought to know "befort? 1 consent to an e-iiguyenieut. Kth*l (timidly)—Ji** is the son uf a tfreut man, eir, unci—- Unelu Dick—Marry him by ull meims, my dewtr. That in «n admirable profession. —Th» Uohloniaij. scoTrs. DISPAT0H»DEWI00RAT? EMULSION PURE CCD LIVER OIL With Hypophospfiltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. A»k for Srott'* EmulMlon, and let ,to rx~ plantation or tolicitallon indue« you i9 aoesjft a titbttltttt*. Sold by all Jjmgglsts. 8COTT 4. BOWNE,Chemists, N.Y. THE KLECTKICAL COCXTKl;. to call the census of 1890 an electrical census, for electricity is doing a large part of the work on it. Lightning has been harnessed to the figures, and they will be hustled into columns and added up with surprising liveliness. Thi» Is accomplished by means of an electrical counting machine. The operator sits at the machine and plays upon it as if it were a piano, each key pressed punching a hole in a card divided into small squares, each of which has a peculiar significance, as age, sex, color, married or single, etc. These cards are afterward passed under a press containing a pin \ for every square in the curd for tabula- I tlon. These pins are so arrauged that as the card passes under them the pins corresponding to the holes punched in it push through them, completing electrical circuits which register the results on dials, the data which the holes represent. it is said that a skillful operator on one of these machines cau compile the statistics obtained from 40,000 people In a single day, and t he,t the entire force at work Is grinding out the census at the rate of S.SO0.0OO names a day. A Soaside. Kpianun. ITtviitV 111 luuiil they widkeU i,U,a£ Beside the»>mtlt sea; Ttiey heard the wovelet's pnimnel- %onff— A wondrmix m"lo.iy. "Oh". IKIW 1 love you, love, fte i&id, '•How d,;ar you nre to ne*''' The rnr,i-,l^:, .h.H>[--.J her l.reuy heAd, Bui not a word .said she. "Wilt th.,u l- mine, my lore'-" said he, VVblle grasping lier soft hRQd, "Oh ! don't make Jove Jnst now," said she, "ily shoes are full of band.'' —Boston Courier. I'erslsteut. Mrs. Goodenough—You're the sixteenth trump that 's been around here today, and I can 't do anything for you. Mr. Ohadi.ih Toogood—Sorry, ma 'am, but if you 'll lent: e sleep in the baruover night I 'll be the rat tramp ter sx tor breakfast ter-morrer.— Puck. FOR TORPID LIVER. A torpid ltver deranges the whole ay «• t «iA, anil produce* Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. Ther* i* n» better remedy forthna common discuses than Tutt*« 1,1 vor Fill*, » H a trim it 111 prove. Price, asc Sold Everywhere. IF 1STOT, TOTJ DO ISTOT SIEIE j All the Local News, All the County News, All the General News, All the Court News, All the Supervisors' Proceedings, All the Real Estate Transfers, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisements. TYPEWRITER. MS To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Const!nation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, tako the safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S .1 Urlght Idea. Mrs. Solus—Mury, I hear a burglar down stairs, and there isn't a man in the house. For mercy's sake, what shall we do? Mary Let's burn n rug. They'll think it's Mr. Solus smoking. Nobody could tell the smell from one of his cigars.—Boston Transcript. To H Five Dollar IIUl. We two. that is before you went, Have, «eeu the towu to some extent. Have been out late o' nights together In every sort and kind of weather, Aud each, to serve his private ends. Have been, as friendship goes, good friends; Bo, Bill, rememberinR former times la answer to these balling rhymes Come, lool; me up, you'll find nie thinner, ABO , William, treat me to a dinner. —William It. McYickar ia Ufa BILE BEANS Cse tho HMALL Sine (40 little Beans to tho bOttlO). THKY AltE TUB MOST CONVENIENT. Sultnbto lor all A«eM. I'llcf of either »Uc,38c. i»fcr Bottle. KISSING" 7 -"- 10 '™^ im IWI IlllUilled for * eta. (copper* or ata&>l»>, J.f.SMITH ACO.W.koriof'BILKaBAHB.'-ST.LOUiJ MD. OUR FACILITIES FOR DOINO JOB PRINTING Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. WITH OUR How the Diggers Subilat. The Digger Indians wear all sorts of cast off obtained from the whites as gift* or from the sale of berries which they gather In the mountains. The women vtuh for the settlers and often learn to be ttlr eerriinte, and once in a while a "buck" v;ill cut wood or do some other work for tie white people, and there are a few who work at the lighter labors about the mines. A Wonderful IMfforonco In the Speakers, "There is a good deal of difference between an after dinner and a before dinner speech." "Think sof "Certainly. The after dinner Bpeech begins, 'Unaccustomed us I am to public, speaking,' etc.; and the beforo dinner speech begics, 'Madam, may I ask for a little bitef etc."— Boston Courier. ftlllgitlar Liquors Thnt Have lleen Seized by the Now York OiMiimit AiithftidtleM. The New York custom house occasionally affords lnteie» glimpses Inlo the vast foreign life of the United States. He- cently while calling upon a friend, who holds a responsible position In that circumlocutory institution, he showed me samples of a larue number of invoices of liquors which had recently been imported. Every one would pu7.7 .te the average man about town. One was a greenish yellow fluid called slivovitsch. it comes from Austria and the Balkan stales anil is made irom a small wild plum which grows in that district, li is fiery und to a Ynnkee palate very disagreeable, but is extremely popular with the Hungarians and \Vul- laks. A suggestion of I lie Holy Laud, was given by samples of honey wine, pussovcr honey wine and Jerusalem plum brandy. The first and second were sweet and odorous, but a tride insipid, in composition they are like the metheglin and honey mead used in England during the Middle Ages. The brandy was raw and almost vitriolic. The three stimulant* are consumed by the Slovaks und Poluks from Russia and (he Greeks and Syrians from Asia Minor. Specimens of pulque and ir sscal showed that Mexico ban noma in .iuenc* upon its ulster republic. The former is a beer made from cactus, and tastes sonunvbat. like that gaseous German horror w-sjss b!cr. It is far stronger, however, and is said to produce the most intense dr.iiik.niness known to erring man. The mescal is the distillate of pulque, and can tie described only by the wiitl atrocious. The Scandinavians show their love of the L'llherlimd by unceasing IniporiutiuitK of Christiania beer, Swedish punch and korn uraudtviu. "i'hc beer is light, pleasant and wholesome; the punch Is aromatic, savory, but so sweet as to bu insipid; the korn tiraudtvin is not corn brandy, as the name literally translated would Imply, but a whisky miulR from rye, outs and barley. It Is rich in fusel oil and consequently headache. From Hussin cvury now aud then comes vodka or wodky, an impure, reeking, strong alcohol; fror.i Central America wm« delicious cordials made out of pine- »|»ple, gtiuvn and buuunii', from China not less than oft.y xtimuluuttt, ruaaliiu (com tea wlmr, rosebud wino and almond beer iu heavy mlllor. whisky esd rica brandy, rrsiii Turkey some liquid for making uher- ))«, mtd from Broull Invnngiua, or orange jwei Bin. Over 6,000 different kind* of i •MniilMtt^ at * known and recorded tu the .OiisWB nou»«, or whtoh 9,800 wer* an- •CsBeralrip. Fanny Davenport has a lot of the most perfect emeralds, these stones being ones that she specially admires. When Cleopatra governed the world the Egyptian women suved all theirgold to buy emeralds for their daughters, for wearing them insured freedom from all physical Mis, made them hopeful, and forced them in this way to lie cheerful, happy women. Sometimes cabalistic characters were engraved on the emerald, much ofteuer it was left perfectly smooth. The 11. O. I. O. L. Many are the guises under which tender hearted women have hidden i -helr own good deeds, but. perhaps the queerest of them all is a secret, society of Hoston birth and home. It is known us the United Order of Independent Odd Ladies, and was organized forty-flve years ago, ull hough it has come into prominence as a secret society only lately. There are now twonty-lwo lodges with a total membership of about 1,300. The conditions under which women ure admitted to membership are briefly expressed in the constitution as follows: "Any acceptable white lady wishing to join a subordinate lodge must bo a believer in a Supreme Being and of Protestant faith und •emperate habits. She shall not be under IS nor over 60 years of age, and shall bt, of re- s p e c t a b 1 o standing In soul ety, having UM.mium ; |i "JL s »» lc known me Jit us of support and e x- empt from all infirmities which would pre- aim, mir.u. vent bar from gaining a livelihood." it 1 B really an admirably, organized society and does for its mem- »"«• UOVXTON. tiers all that, it claims to do. The raumbera Lave banded tbemfelves togatnei' for pur- poles of mutual relief and assistance in the trials which come with sickness and death and to care for und educate the orphaned children nf deceased slaters. Watchers for the sick ure every ready; medicine and medical treatment is always provided for needy member*. The posltiuu usually oncuplod by the supreme lodge in fi'u- tisnml societies is occupied Iu the United Order of Independent Odd Ladies by the Government lodge. Auioug the more prominent and hardest working of the government board are Mrs. S. J. Boynton, of Hyde P»rk, U)» riant worthy liidy governed; Mrs. M. J. Shilling, of Boston, right worthy ointplaln; Mr*. Al. J. Budell, ot MomarvlU*, rigUi worthy guardian. Ctipyrtdht, 1889. Tho equivalent, In English money, of $?,M0 was once offered ny an old lady in London for the return of a favorite cat which bed strayed or been stolen. People celled her a "crank," •nd perhaps alio was. It is unfortunate that one of the gentler sex should ever gain tbil title, yet many do. It is, however, frequently not their fault. Often functional derangements will apparently change a woman's entire nature. Xlon't blame such eufferers If they are " cranky." but tell them to use Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which is an infallible remedy for " female weaknesses. " Favorite Prescription" has cured thousands of poor, bed-ridden sutTeringr women of " female weakness," painful irrcc'.'.laritlos. ulcerations, organlu displacements and kindred aliments too numerous to mention, It is tho only medicine for women, sold by druggists, Under a positive «iiai-»ilt<se that it will, hi every case, give sat (if action or the price ($1.00) will he refunded. WoHM>'B BlSPRSSABY MEDICAL A8SOCU.- riOK. Proprietors, Buffalo, N, Y. A strictly first -cliisM nmcliino. Fully warm nt cel. Made from very bps'! iniilo- riitl, by skilled workmen, und with tho best tools that liavti ever been devised (or Hie purpose. Warranted to ile till Hint can lie reasonably expected of (lie very best typewriter ex(nnt. Cupiible of writimi 150 wonlf per minute—or unite--- iiccotdintr '.o the :il >:lity i-.i I lie operator. PRICE, - - SIOO.OO. If (here i« no njient in your town, ml- ilreMS (ho mnnui'ttelurers: THE PARISH MF'C CO., A/irnts iVo'ilrtl. I'tiri*!t. .V. I* VBVV! STKXOUKAPIIY and TYPi:- rI|JlJ!l WRITING l 'UKK. rirst-clnse 1'iu 'ilitieH and bent oi tciicherK. AdilreSH, Willi slmnp for return poatajjo. TlfK PARISH Mi"li. CO. I'lirisli, N. Y. I KVVIS A CO., I OKO. J. linnWN, I I Vijcmtanl.) r >Y VIKTfK OF AN KXKOTTION ISSl'Ell ) onl of t!ie .siipr-i l.-r Court of the Coumy oi Ninta 1'riu, of Hi,. ,si ; ,i,. ,,[' i•iillfnnilti, wherein A. Lewis A: !:»•>.. )dalnlills. Hinl lleo. J. Hrown, (1,-feiiditiit, II[.O:I a iudeiiient r.-ndered the'2nd I dnv of iX'tnber, A. li.' Isss, lor Hie siua o[ eleven i he.\idrc.l and six!e-eluht and sixty-six one him- 1 dredih-. (*l.l"S.<*i dollars, tiiited Slates cold • eoin, b"«ld.^ eost« and interest. I have this day i levied upon al) llic riidit. title, claim aud luter- ! e^t of Muil defendnni. lieo. .1. Hrnwn. ol, in and ! to the following ileserihed real estate, to-wlt: ! Heine; in the village of Covehi, tiounty of t Mendocino, stale of California: Comineuelue | at the soutlnvesi e<irner ol lot of II, Marks anil ! Main Oliver, thence eu-l :'00 feet to county road, : tin nee south .".U leet lo llie lainl Oi 'CUa..(. ltrown, \ Oii-nee west :yx) feel lo Main street, theneenorth I :;o feet to pidnt of beelnnlnit. together with all ; the here.lliaineiils and apimftenunees perinlu- 1 iiiL: thereto. Piiblii. notice is hereliy ^iveu that I will, ou ! The liili tlay of Soplcraber, 1590, t | ;ii -J {p 'clnfk P.M. of Htlil iluy, in {ront of the , i onrl Iti.n^c ilniM' HI" l ,')f l"u\iuly of Mi'tliJoetuo, I Ht rkhilv, M -li al public Hiietiint, for United . rttnlcs irul'l, alt tin- i-l^lii, title, elnim HU<! Intt'i -t 'st i»f *i.iid dt 'f.'iniaiil, i.;eo. J. tlrown, of, in | nml lo Un- tilimv iK^-rilit 'il property, or so inm-h s tliL'roof n-* limy he iHMt-ssnry lo mi He KUllli 'lcut (o ! Mit i^rv Mild jiiiJiMii<'i.i, u ttli tnu -rest uuil costs t.-iv.. lo ih>- liiuln'.M iiml MOrier. ; ljsueil litis mi) duv ol .Vu^iint, ls;)0. J. M. BTANnLEY, ^herltr. fly T. J. Wi-l.noN, Umler -Shuriir. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale anil Decree of Fore closure and Sale. oilmen aud sal Power Press Steam Engine We are prepared to turn out First-Class Work on Short Notice and at Reasonable Rates. AN NIK I*. 1MXON. Vd. A. M. ARMMTOX(i, Kt K\ Vcj'eiitfanttt. U 'N'OKR AND BY YIK'U'K OF of -title utid decree of fmeelos\ire turn Miie, issued out of the .Superior Coin t of the County uf Me\idoeiuo, Slate of Ctdifonil", on the J'.ith day of Julv, A. 1'. l^'.'O, in the above entitled i ttffjuu, u'heri'in Annie I". I)l\ou, the nbove I mnnetl plalutm*. ohiuIm *iI a jud^n .i 'nt nutl de- I eree of unvelosuve und snle against A. M. Arm' xiroiiR niu! K. A. irherwuyd, defiMttWudN, nn the day of March, A. U. l.M'O, fur the sum nf cieht hundred and seven- Icon and elulitv-etiztu one linudvcdlii^ (4817.vs) dollars, in United .stntc^ «idd euin, besides interest, eusts (Ji:i.. : .0), and m-eruinu interest nud custf.-, vvhicli said dei'vee was, cm the Vlth dav .July, A. |). r.-eorded in Jttd r 'u.ent itou); ;l of said foil rt, al t-ii^e'.!7'_», 1 am romuiaiided u\ sell all the eertnin PH. pii-ee or (iiireels of laud, siliiiite, lyiiiK and hetuw iu lht> eounty of Meii- duelufj, Slale of Califoi'iifa, and buumled and tleserihed as follows, to wit: The H\V 1 , *if the l ., and SK 1 ,' uf S\V ', See tlon VI, und the Nli 1 1 m' the N\V 1 , \\w\ the NW j », of the NKr 1 ., of .See IU. iu Tp J!» X. Ji iri W, M { 1) M. eomulniUG l>-0 acres, tom-lher with mid j singular the tenements tivreduuinenti mnl np- ; purtenances thereto lieluiiKinK "f iu anywise uppevl.uiiintf. Puhlle in it tee is hereby given that on Saturday, Ifac lGtli iluy of August, 1890, A t 2 o'clock i*. M,, of that day, in front of the Court House dnorol the County ot' Meudoeiue.. I will. In obedience to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above described property, or so niueh thereof as may be { neeesHury to satisfy said judnnient, with interest and costs. eu\, to the nlt<li"«l and l-est bidder, for cold coin of the L'liited St»U-s». Dated Julv 1SP0. .!. M. .STAXUI.KY, Shed ft". Uy T. J. WIJLIIUN, Under BiierPV. Ti-td Notice of Ailmhristrntor's Sale. IN TI!K PPPKHIOK f.'fU'KT OF TUK COUX- 1 tv of .Mi -ndoelnu. Stme of Calilornla, In" the matter ot the estate of C. H. Arthur, uree-^eil. Notie* 1 i^ hereliy eiven that tu pur- .smitH'c of an order of the Huperii^r Court of Mendocino county. State of California, made en the l.Mh of April, mo. In the mutter of (he estate MI'C. H. Arthur, ih-ceie-'ed, Ihe undersigned, lhn Admim^tiatoi'tie bonis non with tlie Will annexed. ui llie said i-sinie, will sell al publh; unction, to the hif;hest bidder, for cash, gold coin of the V'inted Scales, and imbjeet lo couilr* malioti by said .Superior Court, ou Sainrtla}', llie -30tli dny nf August. 1S99, At '1 o'eloeU i*. M.. iu front of the door of tlia Court lftniHe, in CkluhCity, Mendocino county, Cal., nil (he rteht, title, iiilecest und estate ot the said v;. \\, Arthur at the lime of his death, und ull the rtnh*, title and interest that tho said estate hiii by operation of IKW or otherwise acquired, other than or In addition to thftt of tlia said C. K. Arthur at the time of his death, in and too all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and beiui; in the said county of Mendocino, state of California, aud bouuded, and described as follows, to wit: of SW 1 -^ of .Section In. T 12 N. U If. W, M l> M. Terms and conditions of snle—cash, 10 per , cent of tin* purchase prier, iu e;old coin of thu i United Stales, pe.yabh: \,n day of the sole, hul- ance payable ou couJIrmal i<ii. of the stile by tha Jud«c oi this Court. Deed at oxpeunu ot pur- ci'ascr. Ukiah, Auprusr 7th, 18'.'0. Administratordc bonis non, with the Will an* nexed of the. estmu of C Jt. Arthur deceased. YKLL A .SKAWKU.. Attorneys for A dm. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale and Decree ol' clobiire and Sale. EUZAIIETH MAKDKN, 1 lIuiHtiff, I Fore- Dr. PIERCE'S PELLETS For Catni-rli I. «'. USillltM IIIIH NO IM'ilr. Try H. In^oi'seit liy llie .tfeillenl rneuU>'» I'resf.i'llM^I b.v Miili|FrHlic -lr <.o *M Leading; I'll} slelans. Camphor Chloral Liniment. OAKI,ANI>, February 7,1S90. "This niiiy certify ihut we have used the 0. ('.. Liniment iu our family, and have found H to be the nest and mod edeetive mediiine for neu- riilulu aud kindred di-»ease^ of any that we have tried. Wecuu unhe;dtutiiu,ly reeon.mend !l na a most powerful and useful reined v." K.'K. VUAJE, Pustoraf the KlvM M. K. Church. For all chronic en«es, In coiincction with C, C. UXIMJ-:NT,n-e"co.MPouxiiHCLPIIUP POY: DFK " f./r thoroimlily clcansin.e the blood aud toninx up the entire svsteiii. II IK put up oulv by 'IIn* 19. Itoiu' ll lUisli street. In lar^c bottles. Price fl per bottle. *i bullies for ih\ ser.t postpaid on receipt of price. TUB V. (/. TlX IM EXT CO., HIINII Misnt, H. V. FOB SALE ISY Aid. UKUUCIHIU •W. II. BONE, Oeiii'iiil Milliliter IIIKI Neerediry. CALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GET PRICES. Anything from a Visiting Card to a Three-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic style. £Flf you are going to Call on a Neighbor, Dun an Enemy, Marrv a Friend or Start a Circus, the pain will be greatly allaviated by patronizing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT i < i Steam iFrint-ing House. rurcly Vegetable and rertfeeUr If armies*. Unequaled ss a Liver Pill. Smallest, Cheapest, Eaaieat to Take. One Tiny, Suaar-coated Pellet a Doae. Cures Sl<nk Headache, Billou* Headacbe, CoiinUpailou, Iudlgeatlou, Billou. Al- lack*, and all derangement, of the Stomach lad Bowel*. 85 ueot. a rial, by drujtvifta. Lighting! Administratrix Sale ol' Itenl Estate, VOTICK IS HEIfKllYniVKNVlil \T IS PllU- I\ sllanee cd an order oi the .superior Cuuvt of the huid eountv ol Meu-toeino, Slate of Calltor- i ilia, iiiade on the llith day ol .Inly, lwio, in the mailer of the e ^lato of .1 T>. Wat'heii, deeeaseil. j the undei'Sluned. the Administratrix, will sell; at public auetiou, to llie highest htdder, I'm eaNh, aud «ubjeet to eoullriuatlon hy said Superior Court, on the il'th day of August, lHtiO. at one o'eloeU v. M., at Covelo, at 11. Murks' stove. In the county of Mendocino, all the I-IKIII. title. Interest an 1 estate of the snld deceased, at the lime of hid death, mid all the rilfhl, title and Interest, thnt the said estate has, by operation of law or otherwise, aciiuired other than or in ad dltlon lo that of the said J. U. Wntheii, deceased, at the lime of hirf death, iu and to all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lyilie;. and hclnu In the said count,- of Mendocino, State of California, and hounded and described as follows, lo wit •. All thai real estate Nituate In Mendocino county. Slate ol California, described as follows, to wll: Nw !:, of See I, und UK \\ of Se !., of Sec 5, In T22 N, r 11! IV, M Jl .M. Al »o all that real estate situate li> Trli.lty county, Stale ol California, described as follows, to wit': Se !.,' of Se i.-: of Sec 10, N w 1 ( of Sw \. and W li ol K\V ill Sec 11, also \V > j of ,\w !,„ Ne o'f theNW '.,of the Ne of Sec also lot No l ol'the Sw':i ot ihe sw !, of See 11, and the S hj of the He \\ of See 10, also s \j and Ne '; \*f Hsv !i and Nw 'of Su of See 10, all in Tp ft li SB, 11 M. Also sw Kof the Hw \-i of Sec ja, Hie VV cj of Nw \ und Sw M of the SW ;,, ol Sec at, in To 'SI N', K 11! VV, 111) M. Also Sw U of the N'w the N of the Hw y,, and the Se li of the jw j, of See ».|, tu Tp '^7 ti, 1112W.M DM. S !•.; of Se U and the 8w of llnj Sw H, and lot 3 ol See 11, In Tp fi S. K « K, II M. Also the one undivided half interest in all that real estate situate In Trinity county, state of California, known and described as follows, to wit.: The sUotthese cr, Sw'., of theSe !;,' and the Se 14 of the Sw of See 'Jl.uUo Ne V; of the Sw 14. Se of the N'w y„ aud \V !<; of the Ne of i Sec », iiW ol Ihe Se \i of Sec "0, and the \v \i ot U„ffs„/>.>1 ..11 t, ..... 1 .1 •> !3gW00DWORK. c tJiXpJ o " ~JM Aft/xCllMCMffiN' msmmm. ,SSA 90. 20 UNION SQUAREXY. MHf»,».. 6t.lOUIS.MU. tiALLf.S.V:' The N'cw Home Hewing Ma^hlnn Company, Piudiie t>.'partiiienl. |)!»trniullnsOffice, 7%"u ui• kct atreet, lllftorv llulldlntt. Hint I'rniieiiieo.CaJ. CijAl-J'ANT * CUNNINGHAM, 'Mi Aifuuu, UiUh, Cal. The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 20 New Montgomery, San Francisoo. aec s t bw 01 the Re }•< of .Sec «jo ai N w U of See 22, Tp -1 S, It a k, 1IJ| 1 1 ' M,t TKIOIH AKIJ pONDl'llONS Ol" HALtV, ('\fi!l — Ter.per cent oi the purclniHomonev to be mid to the HuetloiiWM' ou the dnv ui * a \\> balan. e coiiflriaalioii of '.ale by .aid Superic r Cuurt DeedatexpeiiHeof purchaser July llith, imo, KI.hKN WATI1KX. J- K. C»AMHBM. AtPy for Admw'™^ { 1 NIT 151> ST \TKS L A XI» O VV 1 0 f> H\ X F RANI eiseo, ctil., July l, iMiy. rs'oliec l« hereby I'lvuu that In mm pinee wllb the pnn IHIOIIH of Ihe Act ol C'euKrcMS of June it, p*7rt, cntilled "An Act for ihe. Kale of timber lauds lu the HtateHof i itllioi'iilu, uregou, Nuvuila and WiiHhliiKlim Territory," SYDSJ5Y U. .MITCIIJCLL, of Alameda, Ovmnty n( Ahuncda, Stat« of California, I'.u.v this day filed iu this oiueehls sworn wtatemeiit No , for Ihe purchase of Lot 3 of Heel ion No, W,tn Townslifn No. lf> norlh, KUM^V Nn. li went, M.D. M.. «nn will otl'er proof to nhcw that the liitul t -:iii);hi U www \»ihinhlo lor 'It* timber nr NIOIIC titan for agricultural iiurpns- CH, and to esinblish h^ elnim In .tafd la mi hefure the Keg .Ki .er mid Uccidver of lhh oflicc , t t H»t\ KriiuclMco, Cal.. on TL'ttSUAY, the Mild day of Beptember, 18R0. He naiiieK \\> wI1ne «Mc.>: P. HolherineJ, C. (i. Morrell, T. J. llniley* l'\ K. Bullev, all of Hfin Any ami all nemo it n oliiimtng ndvuiHely tUo ubove-(U*ei'Ibod Unt'a arc reuiiccteU |o (lie Ihoir eluiniN In thi^olllceoii ot before said 23d duy of JOUN r. blltfiUA.S; KegUter. JOHN MIXTO, 11. M. DAMKLb ami J. 11. Ill'NT, i tender and by virtue of an order of sale and decree oi foreclosure and sale issued out of tho superior Court oi the County of Mendocino, State of California, on the Hth dny of July, A. L>. IS'.IO, in the above entitled action, wherein IClizaheth Marden, the above named plnlntltP, (obtained H judirmeut aud decree of foreclosure and ciile aipiIuHt John A! In to, II. M. Daniels and I J. H. Hunt, defendants, on the nth day of July, j A. V- 18'10, for the *\\m of twenty-.six hundred I and twentv-one aud tidy-three, one hundredth** (•ii .ii'Jl.b:.; dnllarH In I'nited States KOW eohi, I besides Interest and eo«t» and counsel fees, judjjnicnt amounting in all to }'.!,78.i.6ft. And, whereas, ou the name dav in the name act low the unUl delendant J. U. Hunt recovered a iudymeut n«ulusst the defendant II, M. IbmieW for tlie Hinn oi lift eon hundred and thlrty-HOveu and twenty-ilve one hundredth.'- c ^l.^.- 1 ) dollars, hehldeti Interest, covts and COUUHCI feet*. luauluR in all Said sale to be made lor the satisfaction of both of the above judgments, uuwiun* iiiK to $-l ,t'J7.7::, besides Intercut aud eosu to accrue, which -aid decree WUB, on the 1-Ilh daV ol July, A. 1>. 1H'.»0, reconted in .hiiltfiueut Book So. v., of tmld Court at ptiKc 'J<J7, 1 am commanded to sell all that certain lot, piece or parcels of land Kiimite, lyitiK ou«l bet us hi thii eouutv of Meudoeiuo. State of California^ tvud l*oumieil and described as followe, to-wlt: The southwest ijuartcrof the northeast quarter of section three (3), the .south half of tho southwest nuucter of section two {'2} ami the casMmlf of tlie northwest quarter of Hcetlou eleveu (11) and the nortnwesi <piarter of tho north went quarter of section eleven <,tl j. all in township fourteen (11) north of" ran«e fifteen (U) wesl, Mount Diablo Meridian. containing two hundred and forty acres. Also, nil of that portion of north half of th»* northeast quarter of sect Ion eleven (II) tn township fourteen (11) north of ratine (Ifteun tl^) west, that lies Htmth of the county road, contain I ni; el^hteeu acres mure or h->s,together with all and slu^ubtr the teneiueuts, hereditament'* and appurtenance* thereunto belonging or in eny wise api»crtaininy. IMililic notice is hereby given that ou Saturday, the 23d day of August, 1890, at 2 o'clock I*. M. of that day, In (rout of th« Court House door of the county of Mendocino, f will, In obedience to sivkl order of mile and decree of foreclosure and t*ale, sell the above described property or BO much thereof ad may b.j necessary to sat tin! y said Judgment, with Interest and i.'osts, etc., to the hly;heat and best bidder for «,dd coin of the I'nJiud iSlatew, Dalod thU ii -lth day ol July, J ?90. J. M. STANKUCV,Sheriff. Hy T. J. \VKI.DON« lluder-rsnerln'. 43td Notice to Creditors* 01' J. a. HOLM AN, UKCEAHED. Notice 1H hereby Klven by the nudev>»Un«\ administratrix of the estate of J. s. llolman, de- i^eaaed, to the creditor* of and nil persona h;tv vlaims fiunlunt the Mild deceased to e.nhlhU them with the ueeertHury vouenern, within four months after the. i\xM pubiieatimi of this noltee, to the administratrix al her cestdene.t: In lhn town of WillitK, Mendocino county, the tjuvnu helne the i-lacM for tlie transaction of the business of said estate. Administratrix OI the Kstaie of J. M. 11OIU.HU, • (leeeaaed, Auuust -1.1890. Washing and Ironing! All PooliV. Waslioiise, <»r. < l.urel. nullisievei,..,,, N „., m,,,,,,. Notice of the Sate oi Real Estate Fndcr Execution. IU.U 2 g £1

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