The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JULY 9,1948 BT.YTHEVIT.LE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Wartime Freight Bill Scrutinized House Sub-committee Asks Justice Agents If Inquiry 'Blocked' WASHINGTON, July ». (UP) — A House Investigating Committee decided yesterday to ask the Justice Department whether It has investigated "possible criminal activities" by Army and Nayy officials who negotiated railroad rates during the war. "There Is a suspicion here of criminal activities and we want to _ know what the department nas jtdone about it," said Kep. George ~H. Bender, R., O. Bender is chairman of a House Executive Expenditures Subcommittee Investigating the government's wartime freight bill. The subcommittee heard a federal official testify that he began an Investigation of military rate PAGE N1NB Marshal Tito's Failure to Communize Yugoslavia Termed Main Reason for Blast from Cominform By B*fdan Radlts* Former Information Chief for Tito (Written for NBA Service) (Copyright, IMS, by NBA Service, Inc.) Premier Marshal Tito's failure lo communize his western country is the reason behind the Comlnform's spectacular blast against the Red regime in Yugoslavia. The Moscow-sponsored Communist International Information Bureau virtually condemned Tito as anti-Soviet and sympathetic to (he west. But (his condemnation hides the full story: Tito tiled lo make good In his mission to mold Yugoslavia Into a little Russia; he tried by tlie most ruthless methods he could muster, but he failed to make good against the stubborn, fierce nature of the Croats and Serbs, tile dominant peoples of Yugoslavia. Tito's fall from Soviet grace was not the great surprise to Yugoslav officials that they immediately claimed it to be. He has bi'cu teetering at least since March, when negotiating officials in the Spring! a sp |i t W nh| n the Communist party of 1945. But he said the investigation was called off by the attorney general. This statement was made Prank L. Barton, transportation expert in the budget bureau. Prom 1945 to 1947. he was employed by the Department of Justice. "We want to know whether such an investigation was begun and in Yugoslavia began to widen because Tito tried to insist his method of conununtzing—by way of the by | People's Front—was even better than the Marxist-Leninist method. But nil of Tito' spowcr comes from Russia itself. He claims to be Yugoslav, but Die Slavs are cynical. Tito (his pro-dictator name was Josef Broa) spent many years Dog, Dying of Broken Heart, Gets Plane Ride Into Her Master's Arms NEW YORK. July 9. <UPi — Samuel Schneider decided today to send the family's pet collie, Queen- whcther it was called off," Bender i in Russia, but even that would not said. "If it was called off, we want to know why and we want It prosecuted vigorously." The subcommittee devoted two days to testimony in which witnesses said that the railroads "gouged" the government during the war. Barton said the railroads set up a wartime super rate bureau which ^eliminated competition that might /(have lowered the government's freight charges. Sayn Competition Eliminated Barton said the super rate-making committee w as known as the "Traffic Executives Chalrmans Committee." He said It was established by the Association of American Railroads. He said the committee ostensibly was set up only to deal with emergency rate matters and pro- rgfti for SO crnt< uplece, potato** Jor s dollar for * little mor« than » pound. In Split, the biggest Advlutlo city, the people say that all over Yugoslavia "there has not been such a famine since the time of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.* 1 And on the farms, the itfftsants say of I he live-year plun: "They luke the children from mothers and the calv*s from cows, and give nothing In return." Thut was the method of communism followed by Tito, who had been built up by Russia «s the Stalin of Yugoslavia, the hero of "liberation," ih« "While Violet of the people." Tito did not fail to give communism to the peasants. He did full In keep them from looking toward tin: West. K*«4 courier Ntwi Want Adi. Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed He*t Price* Kirby Drug StoreS SPECIAL Beer Per Case Top Alf F*b«t nine Ribbon Bxlwvltrr KMbUr, in runs Ruiiell Marr Liquor Store 111 So. 2nd St. Phone SOT $3.75 J3.95 THE TOT SHOP Kverything for Children Up to 6 110 S. Second Phone 2308 Closed Wednesday afternoon SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales - Service - Parts Goodwill Used Cars Mu r.s fact account for th Croatian with rather than native, accent. When I saw him in his hunting clothes near Br.gniclc in l[H5. the summer before I broke a\v»y from Tito- slav.n, his closest bodyguards were four Russian NKVD -st'crcl police. The Yugoslav police were background. le, to California by air in a final effort to save the dog's life. Veterinarians said trie dog is dy- in the ranks of the young veterans ins of heartbreak at being seper-jwho fought under him in the Na- atcd from Schneider's 17-year-old ! tional Liberation War. His great son who is going to school In the I weakness is among the peasantry Western state. f who form the backbone of Yugo- Schneider said that his son, Ben-[ slavia. Jamin, got the dog as a puppy tr:»;e years ago. He fed it milk from a bottle. As the dog grew older, everywhere that Benjamin went Queen- he speaks ft live farming and the Communist Russian,' Party gram-collecting system. He hus lost into rest In giving up his | crops in return for promised Indus- " trial goods that have accumulated in warehouses and factories but never turn up on the farms. These unyielding peasants did not Hie I miss what happened in Itnly, nor j what the West's Marshall Plan In his precarious .spot under the might ofTcr against a famine thnt has caused white bread to disappear and chickens to sell for J12, Comin form's Tito cannot turn to the Yugoslav people. Virtually hifi only home .streni;th is blems brought up by federal agencies. But In practice, he said, it took over negotiations frequently when the government tried to get favorable freight rates from individual rail carriers. In effect, he said, the arrangement eliminated railroad competition "to the benefit of the railroads and the detriment of the government." Barton said that this arrangement permitted the committee to play one government agency against another to obtain rales favorable to the carriers. He cited as one instance the movement by rail of wooden landing barges. The maritime commission obtained a favorable rale for such shipment, he s aid. The Army and the Navy, less experienced in such matters, paid far higher rates for the same service, he said. Barton recommended creation of a single federal agency to eliminate such situations. He said that the railroad committee was given a "certain measure of freedom from the anti-trust. laws" by the attorney general. But I nv her." he claimed that the government had never- contemplated that the private committee should have so much authority. 3e was sure to go. The dog, Schn- He could go to the umkTground with his followers, thus paving the way for the Soviets to move In with force. Or he could formally apologize to Moscow and avoid corn- BIDDIE BANTERS by way out thl I left open by the Conilnfonn's months ago BMI-! manci for -cither a true' return elder said, even slept on the foot[ p i e te ouster, a of the boy's bed. However, five jnruin went to live with his brother in East Long Beach, Calif,, so that he could go to school there. Within a few da3 r s, Schneider said, Queenie began to lose weight. ____ ....... She refused to eat. The dog's wei- j missat and arrest of t\vo prominent ght dropped Irom 65 pounds to 40. i members of was cle- to Marxist-Leninist policy or a change of Communist leaders in Yugoslavia. The Internal split began last March and resulted in Tito's dls- SMITH PONTIAC CO. BI.YTHFVH U A K K one veteri- Schneider hureau after the Yugoslav Polit- * they disagreed with! T took Quennie to narian after another,' said. They gave her penicillin and: received "from Belgrade' hint that at I other drugs. But they didn't seem I least one ofthese Tito dissenters— (to do nny good." j Finance Minister Zujovich-Tsmi—' A few days ago Benjamin tall- ed up from California. The family held the telephone receiver to the dog's ear and Benjamin whistled and called lo the dog. For the" first time In weeks, the dog brightened up and barkecl. "When I told the veterinarians about that." Schneider said, "they told me the dog was just heartbroken, and dying from wanting j with totalitarianism in any form, to b« with him. So I'm going to The backbone of the population, send Queenie out to California ! the peasant is Yugoslavia's capi- jusl as fast as the airplanes can | talist on a small scale. His land Is I his love. He is resisting co-oper- his five-year plan. Reports I have I " has been executed. Since April, the Communists hnvc admitted complete failure to get the peasantry working actively for the five-year plan. And the peasantry—the Croats and the Serbs—are the key to the . whole situation. They arc a rough,! tough people who have never been subservient and never gone along BILL'S GIVING LUCK STOOY AGAIN I Minnie Lee Jones Studio Opening Summer Classes In PIANO Enroll Now 807 Chickasawba Tuition Reasonable Phone 2994 STUDEBAKERS T U D E B A K Chamblin Sales Co. £ R STUDEBAKE HCADqUAKTKKS FOR GDARANTEEr USED CARS & TRUCKS 1917 GMC 1 ton 1<M<; Kord \y t ton Stake 1911 Chevrolet '/, Ion 1911 Ford Vi ton And Miiny Others on Our 2 Lola TK NKKVICK IHVAKTMF.NT I'AU'rS AM) ACCESSORIES "Your Friendly Sftidebuker Dealer" R. K. & Ash Phone 2195 T U D E B A K E R RS WHEN BUILDING Buy the Best in Lumber from a GOOD LUMBER YARD! 100% HOME OWNED BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. Phone 2882 J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South W. H. Peas* Laney Sees 'Hot Time' It Democrats Put Civil Rights Plan in Platform LITTLE ROCK. Ark., July B. (UP) —On the eve of his departure to the national convention yesterday, Gov. Ben Laney predicted ft "hot time" J in Philadelphia if party leaders insist upon inserting President Truman's civil rights proposals in the platform. "When the platform is written and the extreme viewpoint is crammed into it," Laney declared, "that is the best way I know to develop action aside and apart from any effort at reconciliation." The governor said that J. Howard McGrath's statement last night that Mr. Truman's civil rights pro- grain should be Included in the platform was "ill-timed and continued to irritate the South." Laney said that party leaders' predictions that Mr. Truman would be nominated was "sweet music" the Republicans. to Read Courier News Want AQS, Newfoundland Abandons \ Commission Government ST. JOHN'S, Nfld., July 9. (UP) —Newfoundland voters will ballot July 22 on whether the old colony will join Canada or return to elective government. < Two members of tfte commission government, Dr. H. H. Pottle, commissioner for home affairs and education, and H. .W. Quinto, commissioner for public health and wel- [ fure, are stepping into the refer- [ endum compaign. They said they' plan a country-wide radio hookup later this week to support the confederate cause. Newfoundland's first referendum June 3 called for a choice of: 1, return to responsible government; 2, continuation of the commission form of rule which began in 1934; 3, confederation with Canada as a 10th province. Th c vote was inconclu s i vc bc- cjuise none of the proposals got a straight majority. The commission form of rule ran third and so was dropped from the run-ofl vote. SPECIAL! BEER M.95 Five Per Cent Case of 24 Bottles Oil NOW is the lime to install a Kresky Floor Furnace ; PHILLIP APPLEBAUM! [ Ijqu»r Store J I No Deposit on Baltics I I 110 So. 5th Fhoiie 020 Gatewood Grocery State Line Phon. 975 GAS GAS Reg., Gal. 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